Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Cheats


  • After-Credit Sequences

    Beat the game on any difficulty and let the credits run all the way through. When they finish, you'll start another mission. This mission takes place on a plane the resembles Air Force One, wherein you must fight your way through a hoard of baddies, save the V.I.P. and escape the plane in less than 2 minutes.

    Also, when you finish the game, you unlock the Arcade Mode.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Air Force One MissionFinish The Game
    Arcade ModeFinish The Game

    Contributed By: girandhistacos.

  • Arcade Mode

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Arcade ModeTo unlock Arcade Mode, beat the game once through on any difficulty level. Arcade Mode itself is split into two options - Full Challenge or Level Chal

    Contributed By: NeoFatality.

  • Cheats Menu

    Complete the indicated task to unlock the given item.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Cheats MenuComplete the game on any difficulty.

    Contributed By: Sour.

  • Collect All Intel Pieces

    Cheats are unlocked not by inserting passwords, but by acquiring the thirty Intel Pieces strewn throughout the game. The more of them you collect, the more cheats you can access. On the left are the number of Intel Pieces collected, and on the right are the cheats that are unlocked, with an explanation of what each does

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    "A Bad Year" Enemies explode into tires when shotCollect 15 intel pieces
    "Cluster Bombs" One frag grenade thrown equals five in explosionCollect 10 intel pieces
    "CoD Noir" Play the game in black and whiteCollect 02 intel pieces
    "Infinite Ammo" Just what it saysCollect 30 intel pieces
    "Photo-Negative" Game colors become inverteCollect 04 intel pieces
    "Ragtime Warfare" The game feels like an old silent movieCollect 08 intel pieces
    "Slow-Mo Ability" Game plays at 40% normal speedCollect 20 intel pieces
    "Super Contrast" Game's contrast increases.Collect 06 intel pieces

    Contributed By: NeoFatality.

  • Multiplayer Perks

    All these perks are obtained by a certain rank in multiplayer mode.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    3 Frag GrenadesRank 41
    BandolierRank 32
    Bomb SquadRank 14
    ClaymoresRank 23
    Dead SilenceRank 44
    Double TapRank 29
    EavesdropRank 35
    Iron LungsRank 26
    Last StandRank 8
    MartyrdomRank 17
    OverkillRank 38
    Sleight of HandRank 20
    UAV JammerRank 11

    Contributed By: EmpPlayer and BluesSoul617.

  • Multiplayer Weapons

    Unlockable multiplayer weapons are based on your rank you receive. As you gain in rank, you will gain the ability for more and more weapons.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Assault Rifle (G3)Rank 25
    Assault Rifle (G36C)Rank 37
    Assault Rifle (M14)Rank 46
    Assault Rifle (M4)Rank 10
    Assault Rifle (MP44)Rank 52
    LMG (M60E4)Rank 19
    Pistol (Desert Eagle)Rank 43
    Pistol (Golden Desert Eagle)Rank 55
    Pistol (M1911)Rank 16
    Shotgun (M1014)Rank 31
    SMG (AK-74U)Rank 28
    SMG (Mini Uzi)Rank 13
    SMG (P90)Rank 40
    Sniper Rifle (Barret)Rank 49
    Sniper Rifle (Dragunov)Rank 22
    Sniper Rifle (M40)Rank 04
    Sniper Rifle (R700)Rank 34

    Contributed By: XCommander.

  • Using Golden Weapons

    Golden weapons are considered as special camo that you obtain when you fully complete their respective weapon challenges. You can use them by choosing that gold camo of the respective weapon. Note: The gold weapons are not enhanced, stronger, or more powerful in any way, it's simply Skin

    Unlockable How to Unlock:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Golden Ak-47Complete all Assault Rifle challenges.
    Golden Desert Eagle (Not Skin)Reach Lv. 55
    Golden DragonuvComplete all Sniper challenges.
    Golden M1014Complete all Shotgun challenges.
    Golden M60Complete all LMG challenges.
    Golden Mini-UziComplete all SMG challenges.

    Contributed By: Ivajosh10.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Cheats


  • Killstreak Rewards

    Unlock certain kill-streak rewards by obtaining a certain amount of kills before dying.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    AC130 (be the gunner of AC130)11 Kills
    Attack Helicopter07 Kills
    Care Package (drops ammo/Killstreaks)04 Kills
    Copycat(Steal your killer's class in killcam.)Die 4 times in a row without a kill
    Counter UAV (scrambles enemy Radar)04 Kills
    Deplyable Sentry Turret05 Kills
    Emergency Airdrop (Drops ammo/Kilstreaks)08 Kills
    EMP (Disables Electronics)15 Kills
    Final Stand(Get back up after being wounded)Die 4 times in a row without a kill
    Harrier Airstike (choose drop location and defending Harrier)07 Kills
    Helicopter Gunner (be the gunner of a chopper)11 Kills
    Martydom(Drop a live grenade just after dying)Die 4 times in a row without a kill
    Nuke Drop (kills everyone on map/ Wins Game)25 Kills
    Painkiller(Big health boost when you spawn)Die 3 times in a row without a kill
    Pave Low (Armed Helicopter)09 Kills
    Precision Airstike06 Kills
    Predator Guided missile05 Kills
    Stealth Bomber09 Kills
    UAV (Show Enemy Location)03 Kills

  • Multiplayer Weapons

    Unlockable multiplayer weapons are based on your rank you receive. As you gain in rank, you will gain the ability for more and more weapons.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Assault Rifle (ACR)Rank 48
    Assault Rifle (AK-47)Rank 70
    Assault Rifle (F2000)Rank 60
    Assault Rifle (FAL)Rank 28
    Assault Rifle (M16A4)Rank 40
    Assault Rifle (M4A1 Carbine)Rank 04
    Assault Rifle (SCAR-H)Rank 08
    Assault Rifle (TAR-21)Rank 20
    Launcher (Javelin)Rank 50
    Launcher (RPG-7)Rank 65
    Launcher (Stinger)Rank 30
    Launcher (Thumper)Rank 14
    LMG (AUG-HBAR)Rank 32
    LMG (M240)Rank 52
    LMG (MG4)Rank 16
    LMG (RPD)Rank 04
    Machine Pistol (G18)Rank 22
    Machine Pistol (M93 Raffica)Rank 38
    Machine Pistol (TMP)Rank 58
    Pistol (44. Magnum)Rank 26
    Pistol (Desert Eagle)Rank 62
    Pistol (M9)Rank 46
    Shotgun (AA-12)Rank 18
    Shotgun (M1014)Rank 54
    Shotgun (Model 1887)Rank 67
    Shotgun (Ranger)Rank 42
    Shotgun (Striker)Rank 34
    SMG (Mini-Uzi)Rank 44
    SMG (MP5K)Rank 04
    SMG (P90)Rank 24
    SMG (VECTOR)Rank 12
    Sniper Rifle (Barret .50 cal)Rank 04
    Sniper Rifle (M21 EBR)Rank 56
    Sniper Rifle (WA2000)Rank 36

    Contributed By: Jazie0107.

  • Pro Classes and how to unlock them.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Bling Pro (Two secondary weapon attachments)Get 200 kills using a weapon with 2 attachments
    Coldblooded Pro (No red crosshair or name when targeted)Destroy 40 Enemy Killstreak rewards while using cold blooded
    Commando Pro (No fall damage)Get 20 Melee Kills using Commando
    Danger Close Pro (Extra air support damage)Get 100 Kills with explosives while using danger close
    Hardline Pro (Death Streaks require one less death)Get 40 killstreaks while using Hardline
    Last Stand Pro (Use equipment in Last Stand)Get 20 kills while in Last Stand
    Lightweight Pro (Quick aim after sprinting)Sprint 30 miles using Lightweight
    Marathom Pro (Climb obsticals faster)Run 26 miles using Marathon
    Ninja Pro (Foot movement is silent)Get 50 close range kills using Ninja
    One Man Army (Swap Classes Faster)Get 120 kills using One Man Army
    Scavanger Pro (Extra Mags)Resupply 100 times while using Scavanger
    Scrambler Pro (Delay enemy claymore explosions)Get 50 close range kills using Scrambler
    SitRep Pro (Louder enemy foot movement)Destroy 120 enemy devices using SitRep
    Sleight of Hand Pro (Faster Aiming)120 kills using Sleight of Hand
    Steady Aim Pro (Longer breath duration for sniper scopes)Get 80 hip fire kills using Steady Aim
    Stopping Power Pro (Increased vehicle damage)Get 250 kills using Stopping Power

    Contributed By: Ikasnu.

  • Unlock extra Custom Class slots.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Custom Class slot 06Enter 01st Prestige
    Custom Class slot 07Enter 03rd Prestige
    Custom Class slot 08Enter 05th Prestige
    Custom Class slot 09Enter 07th Prestige
    Custom Class slot 10Enter 09th Prestige

    Contributed By: Ikasnu.

  • Unlock Modern Warfare 2 Museum

    Museum is selectabe from mission select after Campaign is completed

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Modern Warfare 2 Gallery ExhibitionComplete Campaign

    Contributed By: cheese_ninja.

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