• Trophies

    There are 32 Bronze Trophies, 10 Silver Trophies, 3 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

    *There are 7 secret trophies. show

    Accessory Shop MagnateUpgrade the Accessory Shop to level 100.Bronze
    Armor Shop MagnateUpgrade the Armor Shop to level 100.Bronze
    Arte Tuning AdeptUse Rowen and manipulate 150 spells in battle. Press the prompt button during a spell.Bronze
    Black BeltJude at level 99 and complete both Lilium Orbs.Silver
    Career ThiefLink with Leia. Steals 150 items whiile the enemy is downed.Bronze
    Charge AdeptUse Alvin's Charge 150 times in battle. Press the Arte button after using an arte.Bronze
    Combo ArtisteObtain at least 100 combo hit during a battle.Bronze
    Deft BreakerLink with Alvin. Break 150 enemy guards.Bronze
    Elongating Staff AdeptUse Leia's Elongating Staff 150 times. Backstep during an enemy attack.Bronze
    Enemy SageSeen 275 different monsters.Bronze
    Exposer of Rieze Maxia (secret)Complete Chapter 3 of either story.Silver
    Food Vendor MagnateUpgrade the Food Vendor to level 100.Bronze
    Forger of ChainsPerformed 450 chain link artes during overlimit in battles.Bronze
    Genius TacticianRowen at level 99 and complete both Lilium Orbs.Silver
    Graduate ChannelerElise at level 99 and complete both Lilium Orbs.Silver
    Grandmaster-to-BeLeia at level 99 and complete both Lilium Orbs.Silver
    He Who Acts With Conviction (secret)Complete Jude's StoryGold
    Item FanaticOwn 700 different types of items (incl Armor, Weapons etc)Bronze
    Item Shop MagnateUpgrade the Item shop to Level 100.Bronze
    Jet Black BuzzardExchange 459 Black feathers in Sharilton.Bronze
    Leader of LinksUse 1350 link artes in battles.Bronze
    Loot LordOpen 800 random treasures in game.Bronze
    Lord of SpiritsMilla at level 99 and complete both Lilium Orbs.Silver
    Lord of Xillia (secret)Obtained all other trophies.Platinum
    Mercenary LegendAlvin at level 99 and complete both Lilium Orbs.Silver
    Monster ExterminatorParticipate in 800 battles.Bronze
    Obsessive Skit ViewerView 220 skits in game.Bronze
    Pirate KingOpen 50 of Aifread's treasures box in gameBronze
    SadistKill 1350 enemies using their weaknesses.Bronze
    Scholar of Rieze Maxia (secret)Complete Chapter 1 of either story.Silver
    She Who Upholds Her Conviction (secret)Complete Milla's StoryGold
    Skilled BinderLink with Milla. Binds 150 enemies by stunning them.Bronze
    Skilled DelegatorAI uses 400 items automatically during battles.Bronze
    Snap Pivot AdeptUse Jude's Snap Pivot 150 times in battle. Backstep during an enemy attack.Bronze
    Soul DrainerLink with Elise. Use Teepo Drain 150 times. Easiest to active if enemy is thrown up in the air.Bronze
    Sous ChefBattle 800 times with food consumed.Bronze
    Specialist in Rare MonstersDefeat 75 rare monsters.Bronze
    Spirit GuardianLink with Rowen. Use Auto Magic Guard 150 times. Rowen will activate it as long as enemy cast a spell either on him or you.Bronze
    Spirit Shift AdeptUse Milla's Spirit Shift 150 spells in battle. Tap the Circle button during a spirit arte.Bronze
    Sub-event SuperheroComplete at least 90 of 102 subquest throughout your run.Silver
    Teepo Switching AdeptTurn Teepo on and off 150 times in battle by pressing L3 while controlling EliseBronze
    Traveler of Rieze Maxia (secret)Complete Chapter 2 of either story.Silver
    Treasure TreasurerOpen 300 chests in game.Bronze
    Weapon Shop MagnateUpgrade the Weapon Shop to level 100.Bronze
    World's Greatest Warrior (secret)Defeat the Golden Swordsman in Magna Zero (Bonus Dungeon)Gold
    Yeoman HealerLink with Jude. Once Jude restores you 150 times after you have been down by an attack.Bronze

    Contributed By: kane99sg and KloneOrtega.

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