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by Berserker_Blade

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Berserker_Blade

Version: 1.08 | Updated: 09/30/13

X. Walkthrough (Continued)



    • Miracle Gel*
    • Treat*
    • Herb x3*
    • Mysterious Jewel 19*


    • The Inventor King
    • Rumors of Elympions: Part I
    • The Spread of Spirix
    • From Position of Authority
    • A Bold New Recipe
    • Hunt Down the Shadow Stalkers
    • The Cycle of Elympios
    • Mysterious Jewels: Sub-Event

After waking up, be sure to check out the drawer right by the bed in Balan's Apartment. Then go to the commerical district. After the cutscene, go back to Balan's home. You will need to go to Helioborg Fortress after that. Be sure to grab Mysterious Jewel 19 from the drawer near the hallway window on the first floor of Rodo Apartments.

The Inventor KingTalk to the man near the hallway window on the second floor in Rodo Apartments in TriglephObtain a Navi Metal from any mechanical enemies. You can find it in Helioborg Fortress if you have troubleKrona Symbol
Rumors of Elympions: Part IGo to the 1st floor in Rodo Apartments in Trigleph and speak to the crowd on the west wing of the apartmentCutsceneNone
The Spread of SpirixGo to the 1st floor in Rodo Apartments in Trigleph and speak to the little girl on the east wing of the apartmentCutsceneNone
From Position of AuthorityGo to the sea port in Trigleph and talk to the two men.CutsceneNone
A Bold New RecipeAfter leaving the apartment, go to your right and speak to the old manPresent the Croquette Parfait to the old manPipe attachment and 11400 Gald
Hunt Down the Shadow StalkersAt the port in Trigleph, talk to the man near the entranceExterminate a group of monsters at the eastern end of the Torbalan Highroad (South Region)Mystery Mask attachment and 11400 Gald
The Cycle of ElympiosGo to the central plaza at commercial distict after the incident in Helioborg FortressCutsceneNone

Torbalan Highroad


    • Monocle
    • Black Egg x9
    • Specific Plus
    • Hourglass
    • Red Rosemary
    • Jet Black Feather x6
    • Fine Wood x8
    • Fruit Yakisoba (Small)
    • Pineapple Gel
    • 11400 Gald
    • 5000 Gald
    • Mysterious Jewel 20 (Veywind Eye)
    • Monocle (Accessory)
    • Hunter's Monocle attachment


Even though you are in a whole new world, the field layout remains the same. You'll find treasures throughout the area. Be sure to look on the sides for tunnels. There are three notable things in this Highroad. In the south region of Torbalan Highroad, be sure to head north and examine the tree and you'll find Aifread's treasure, Monocle (Accessory). In the north region of Torbalan Highroad, go north and examine the trees, you'll find another of Aifread's treasure, Hunter's Monocle attachment.

Here's an interesting note about one particular enemy in the central region of Torbalan Highroad. There's a large insect on the east end of the area. It may not be a part of the elusive Devil Arm beasts, but defeating it will reap you an important item, Mysterious Jewel.

Optional Boss: Veywind Eye

Yikes, this boss hits extemely hard and it got extensive range as well. Get too close of its head and you might get hit by its slash arm or a cross breaker. If you get hit by cross breaker, you will get stun as well. It can use its tail and utilize it as an extension of its body. If that's not enough, it will use Stone Powder to petrify your allies.

This boss will deplete your allies health very quickly due to its enormous strength. Fortunately, since the boss have a large stature, you can perform attacks where you can fully connect all the hits like Lightning Strike, Force Wave and Etc. Alvin will be a vital team member in battle becauce Veywind Eye likes to block a lot. Despite of Veywind Eye exceptional physical strength, he's actually fairly easy if you know what to do. Don't forget that Veywind Eye drops Mysterious Jewel 20 as your reward.

Anyway, just continue to go forward until you hit Helioborg Fortress...

Helioborg Fortress


    • 5000 Gald
    • Pineapple Gel
    • Hero's Hat
    • Resistance Symbol
    • 7000 Gald
    • Miracle Gel
    • Heavy Treat
    • Syrup Bottle
    • Griffon Claw x7*
    • Croquette Bun (Medium)
    • Life Bottle
    • Red Chamomile
    • Elixir
    • Strange Core
    • Specific Plus
    • Jet Black Feathers x7
    • Mysterious Jewel 21
    • Giant Fish Fin x5*
    • Spirix Casting
    • Black Pearl x6*
    • Harold Mask attachment
    • Widened Limits


At the start of the dungeon, you will get a Spirix Casting. Enter the dungeon, and you'll find 5000 Gald. Enter the room on your left and you'll find three Giant Fish Fins from one of the bookshelfs and a Pineapple Gel. After the cutscene, you will end up at Sector 1. Go northwest and you'll end up at sector 3. At sector 3, you'll find a treasure that contains a Miracle Gel. Continue to go Northwest and you'll end up at Sector 5. At Sector 5, you'll notice that there's the save point. However, that's not the intended destination. Instead, go southwest and it'll lead you to sector 6. On Sector 6, go to your left and you'll find a Heavy Treat. Backtrack all the way to Sector 3 and head southwest to sector 4. On Sector 4, go to your right and examine the right-hand corner. You should find Aifread's Treasure stuck between two walls. Grab it and it contains Harold Mask attachment. Then run all the way to the opposite end leading to sector 2. You should see another small room along the way. However, before you go in, be sure to grab the Resistance Symbol. Anyway head back to door and enter the door in sector 4.

Inside the Military Research Wing: 1st floor passageway, there are two rooms. If you go south, you'll find 7000 Gald. After obtaining 7000 gald, head back to the passageway and run all the way to the dead end. You should find Specific Plus at the end of the passageway. Then take the elevator to the 10th floor.

On the 10th floor of the Military Research Wing, run all the way on the eastern end of the map and look at the left-hand corner. You'll find Widened Limits. Then go inside the room at the archives room. You'll find a merchant as well as Croquette Bun (Medium) You'll also find seven Griffon Claws in one of the bookshelves. Anyway, move forward and you'll encounter another cutscene. You should see a syrup bottle nearby. Since the electricity is down, you have no choice but to take the stairs.

On the 11th floor of the Military Research Wing, you should see a treasure chest containing a Life Bottle. At the 11th floor warehouse, there should be a Red Chamomile behind the boxes. On the 12th floor of the Military Research Wing: passageway, go forward. Be sure to check out the archives room where you will find an Elixir from the treasure box. On the 13th floor, there should be only one open room available, and that should be the Labratory room. You should be able to find a Strange Core. There should be a savepoint in that room as well. However, don't go inside just yet. You still need to explore the remaining floor above you. Anyway, leave the laboratory and head up to the 14th floor. You should be able to find seven Jet Black Feathers before going up to the 14th floor. There should be only one room on the 14th floor. It's a very basic puzzle. Be sure to line up the box so that you have space to move the box back. You should obtain Mysterious Jewel 21 as one of the treasures.

Helioborg Fortress Puzzle

 ======= ======= =======
|       |#######|       |           |
|       |#######|       |           |
|       |#######|       |           |
|       |#######|       |           |
 ======= ===|=== =======            |
         ===|=== =======            |
        |   |   |       |           |
        |   |   |       |           |
        |<--    |       |           |
        |       |       |           |
         ======= =======            |
         =======                    |
        |#######|                   |
        |#######|                   |

After obtaining most of the treasures here in Helioborg fortress, it's time to go back on the 13th floor and fight the boss.

Boss: Volt

Obviously, it's a lightning elemental type. He has all sorts of moves that will deal damage to your allies. Volt has Thunder Volley, which is a slow moving projectile. He also do an electrical discharge where Volt unleashes six bolts of lightning to anyone within close proximity. He bounces around like a ball and produces lightning every time Volt touches the ground. He also shoots forth lightning from the sky occassionally. Lastly, he unleashes Banishing Volt to strike down anyone within the battlefield. Yeah, lots of awesome moves, but they are all lightning elemental.

Volt should be very easy to take down because he has two weaknesses, Water and Earth. Rowen should be a vital member of the group for this battle. You can use Glacial Core. However, I suggest that you use Freeze Lancer because he can throw out multiple ice projectiles at once. If you plan to use Rowen for the entire battle, just attack from a distance. If you like to go up close, then use any water or earth based attacks and Volt should fall very quickly.

After the battle, you'll end up at Sector 3 at the Helioborg Fortress. It's time to move on and head to Rusalle Highroad.

Helioborg Fortress: The Devil Beast Attacks


    • Melandetta, the Death Bringer (Rowen)

Optional Boss: Melanbron

Basically, go to the 13th floor where you fought Volt. You'll trigger a sidequest which is also part of the Devil Beast sidequest. Anyway, if you let Melabron use Thunder Clad, then it'll increase its strength. It will use dig to act as a defense mechanism. It uses electroshock skull to attack from a distance. It can use thunderblow to attack its surrounding foes. It also uses Thunder Stav to hit 3+ thunder attack to anyone who is within its attack range. Finally, it uses Thunder Blessing which is a wide 180 lightning Arc which inflicts fire/wind damage against your aliies. A lot of Melanbron's attacks has a slow start-up, so use it to your advantage. Melabron's weakness is water, so Rowen is a vital part of the team on this one. Use water elemental attacks like Blue Moon Burst, Sharp Current, Splash Beam and etc. to deal damage against Melanbron. You should be able to survive this battle.

Rusalle Highroad


    • Treat
    • Heavy Treat
    • 6000 Gald
    • Pot au Feu (Large)
    • Jet Black Feather x4
    • Guardian Symbol
    • Lemon Gel x3
    • Miracle Gel
    • Red Saffron
    • Migrant Plume x7
    • Meadow Crystal x6
    • Mysterious Jewel 22 (Graddic Claw)
    • Rare Boots
    • Collar Attachment
    • Musét's Knife (After Dimensional Beach)
    • Omega Elixir (Temporal Crossroads)
    • All-Divide (Temporal Crossroads)


You know the drill, there are treasures throughout the field. Be sure to check for tunnels on the side. There's two Aifread treasures, a rare monster and a pathway to Tatalian Abyss. The first Aifread treasure lies at the central region. There should be a huge rock pillar near the center. From there, go northeast and look at the wall. You should be able to find a Collar Attachment. The second Aifread's treasure is located at the North Region of Rusalle Highroad. Head over to the save point towards Tatalian Abyss. At the save point, move EAST towards the trees. You should see Aifread's Treasure on one of the trees. It contains a Rare Boots. In the same area, you get to fight the Graddic Claw near the Tatalian Abyss entrance.

Boss: Graddic Claw

This boss sort of resembles the Eggbear boss from Tales of Vesperia. Anyway, he's giantic for starters with high physical strength, but slow as molasses. He pounds the ground and does significant damage. He uses Assault claw as his spcial attack. Then Graddic Claw uses Wild Voice to deal damage to your ally from a distance. For mobility, Graddic Claw uses Rush Bumper to deal damage. If Graddic Claw is close to death, he will use Wild Pressure to do a full body slam to his foes.

Really, this battle should not be hard for you despite of his HP and physical defense. Use any long-range attacks to deal damage to Graddic Claw. Use Snap Pivot to evade his attacks. Just do whatever you can and you should be able to defeat this boss with ease. You'll get the elusive Mysterious Jewel 22 as your reward.

At this point, you can go Tatalian Abyss or go to the Dimensional Beach. After the event at the Dimensional Beach, go to Trigleph and rest up. At this point, you can do a few more sidequests before you set off. At the Dimensional Beach, you now have access to the Temporal Crossroads. You can go back to Rieze Maxia and finish off all the sidequests available.

Rumors of Elympions: ConclusionGo to the 1st floor in Rodo Apartments in Trigleph and speak to the crowd on the west wing of the apartmentCutsceneNone
The Otherworld Reactor PlanGot to the 3rd Floor in Rodo Apartments in Trigleph and speak to the old man in room 303CutsceneNone

Tatalian Abyss (Optional)


    • Copper Ores x20
    • Ancient Corals x8
    • Sapphire Shells x5
    • Hair of the Sacred Beast x5
    • Strange Cores x2
    • Red Sage
    • Jet Black Feathers x10
    • 10000 Gald
    • Dranduo, the Howling Beast (Dranzort)
    • Mysterious Jewel
    • Superhero Belt Attachment
    • Pink Emerald (Item Spawn)


The Pink Emerald is located in one of the item spawning points. At the start of the dungeon go southwest at the first T-intersection. You should be able to find seven Magical Ores. From there go forward; you should be able to see a small cutscene. Before entering to the next area, you should be able to find 20 Copper Ores. Climb down the ladder and examine the wind stone. After you destroyed the wind stone, jump down the cliff and break the Earth Seal. From there you will enter to the first basement floor of the Tatalian Abyss.

On B1 of the Tatalian Abyss, touch the wind stone. Go north and head west at the intersection. Along the way you'll find eight Ancient Corals and five Sapphire Shells. Then go south and go east at the next intersection. At the southeast corner of the map, Aifread's Treasure is near by. It's latched on a wooden box. Grab it and you'll get Superhero Belt attachment. Anyway, go up the ladder and you'll find five Hair of the Sacred Beast. Jump down the cliff and you'll break the earth seal.

On B2 of the Tatalian Abyss, go the southeastern most point of the map. This should lead you to the wind stone. On your way there, there should be a small cliff on the left side and it should two Strange Cores. Then, go northeast and climb the cliff, you'll find a Red Sage. After you obtained the Red Sage, jump down the cliff and destroy the earth seal. On the B3 of the Tatalian Abyss, make left turn at the intersection and then go east at the next intersection. Immediately after the narrow corridor lies the the second Aifread's treasure at the left-hand corner. It should contain a Mysterious Jewel. Destroy the wind stone and grab the 10000 Gald from the treasure chest. Then go south. On the right hand corner, you should be able to find ten Jet Black Feathers. Anyway, climb the cliff and you'll find three Dragon Ashes. Jump off the cliff and destroy the earth seal. From there, go north and climb the cliff on the right side. Walk the wooden planks and you'll find a Blue Sephira. Enter the room, on the bottom floor, you'll fight the boss at the end of this area. WARNING: you are going to fight a devil beast!

Boss: Devil Beast Dranzort

Dranzort loves to use its tail in battle. It'll spin 360 degrees and attack its foes within range. It can also attack a single foe with a simple tail whip. It can also dig through the ground and attack. There's a couple more attacks to watch out for like Spit Bomb, which is a fire attack. Lastly, there's Shock Howling which inflicts damage as well as stun.

Well, it's like the enhanced version of the regular dragons found in the Abyss. Its weakness is Wind, so, Whirlwind Snap, Slyph, Tempest Pirouette, and Wind Blade will do the trick. It shouldn't take too long until it falls. Anyway, as part of the Devil Beasts, you'll get Milla's Devil arm: Dranduo, the Howling Beast.

After the battle, you cleared out the Miasma. This ends the sidequest, the gathering miasma.

The Gathering MiasmaTatalian AbyssDefeat the monster who produces the MiasmaDranduo, the Howling Beast

Last Minute Sidequests

You got tons of sidequests to wrap up before taking on the final boss. I made the Fort Gandala, the Devil Beast and the Mysterious Jewel a separate section. Scroll down for more info....


Leia's Failure: ConclusionThe skit "Hard News to Prinn" is an indicator for the next part of the sidequest. Talk to Nurse Prinn at FennmontCutsceneNone

Nia Khera

Musét's AttackTalk to the lady near the Kijara Seafalls entranceCutsceneNone
Those Who Live in Shadows: ConclusionTalk to the elder at the Assembly hallCutsceneNone


The Shape of Our World: ConclusionThe skit "The Naturalist in Sharilton is an indicator for another sidequest. Talk to the old man at the central plazaCutsceneNone
Taking Over Fort GandalaClick to this link Fort Gandala: Sub-EventDefeat the GolemsSpirit Negation


Jude's Substitute: ConclusionThe skit, "Just go home already" is an indicator for the next part of the subsquest. Go to the clinic at LerondeGo to the Leronde Mines and head to the corridor at shaft 4 near the save pointSpirit Symbol
The AspirixisThe Skit, "Left it at the clinic" is an indicator that a new sidequest will commence. Go to the Clinic in Leronde. (Be sure to finish Jude's Substitute first)Head over to Old Vicalle Mines and head to the large open area on area 2. Talk to the young boy near the tunnelNone
Memories of Leronde: ConclusionThe skit, "Let's give it a taste" is an indicator for the next part of the sidequest. Go to the Leronde InnExamine the chicken on the tableNone

Lakutam Seahaven

The Edge of the WorldHead back to the docks where you saw the sub-event the first timeCutsceneNone

Xian Du

Mother and Child: ConclusionThe skit "A Lonely Homecoming" is an indicator that the next sidequest is available. Go to Alvin's houseGo after Isla in Labari Hollow at the bridge.Gun Belt

Labari Hollow

What Lies in MemoryGo to Labari Hollow. You must finish Mother and Child and Reawakened MemoriesGo to the north region of Mon Highlands. It lies on the other side of the silent caveNone


Gaius, Our KingThe skit "The Vacant Throne is an indicator that another sidequest will commence. You must complete The History of Auj Oule before taking on this quest.Go to the front gates of Castle: GaiusNone

Fezebel Marsh

Love Fevered Vision: Part IThe skit "A Land Rife with Memories" is an indicator that a new sidequest is availableGo to Fezebel Marsh via Arklund Quag and watch the cutsceneNone
Love Fevered Vision: Part IIGo to Trigleph and watch the skit "A Dialouge between Worlds"Go to the commerical district in ''Trigleph and watch a cutsceneNone
Love Fevered Vision: ConclusionGo to Sharilton and watch the skit "Let's Go Visit Driselle"Speak to Driselle at Lord Cline mansion and watch a cutsceneNone

Helioborg Fortress

The origins of SpiriteAt the entrance of Helioborg FortressCutsceneNone
The Devil Beast AttacksAt the location where you fought VoltExterminate MelanbronMelandetta, the Death Bringer


Sisterhood: ConclusionThe skit "This is a Big House" is an indicator for the next part of the sidequests. Go inside the Rodo Apartments and take the elevator to the 3rd floorCutsceneNone
Balan's BetThe skit "Let's talk to Balan" is an indicator that another sidequest will commence.Locate the Light-Leaf Clover in the Rusalle Highroads. Look at the pic below for the object.None

Location for the Light-Leaf Clover

Fort Gandala: Sub-Event


    • Spirit Negation

Note: If you are interested with grabbing the treasures here from the other side of Fort Gandala, then check out Fort Gandala.

To initiate the sidequest, you must go to Sharilton and talk to Driselle outside the lord Cline Manor. After you agree to go on the sidequest, warp over to Fort Gandala via Talys Highroad entrance. After the cutscene, enter the Fort. The second control room is located north at the save point facing towards the Talys Highroad. Enter the room and grab the booster. After grabbing the booster, head to the main area and fight the golems.

Optional Boss: Gandala Defense Golem #1 and #2

You are going to fight the golems two at the time. Gandala Defense Golem #1 is a fire elemental type monster. It has Flare Drop kick which does a severe fire attack on any allies within range. Also, it does Fire Crush. It'll create a ball of fire and punches it with all of its might. Similarly, Gandala Defense Golem #2 is a water-type. It has an Aqua uppercut which inflicts water damage to your allies. It has Aqua Crush which is a water elemental version of Fire Crush. Anyway, aside with elemental differences, it shares several moves. For instance, the Golem extends its arms and spins around to inflict damage to its foes. When it tries to get out of a combo, it does an attack called Struggle Booster which thrusts its body forward and damage anyone whoever crosses its path. Even if you defeat one of them, another Golem will pop out. You need to take down all four golems to win.

This battle shouldn't take too long. Exploit their elemental weakness and stand on your ground. They will do significant damage, but their attacks are way too slow to be a threat.

After the battle is over, you can now fully explore the entire fort. If you are Milla, now's a good time to grab the remaining Aifread treasures in this Fort. Anyway, after the battle, go back to Sharilton and talk to Driselle. She will give you Spirit Negation as your reward.

The Devil Beasts: Sub-Event

Somewhere around 15-17% of the game, you met a crazy old man in Sapstrath Seahaven who tells you about the Devil Beasts. Throughout your journey, you happen to cross paths with them and die in a miserable death. You are close to the end of the game, so, you should be able to take them on. If you win, you get their Devil Arms. There are six Devil Beasts throughout Rieze Maxia and Elyimpios.

BossLocationDevil Arm
FolzamBermia Gorge: Northwest RegionFolzex, the Grudge Bearer (Jude)
DranzortTatalian Abyss: DepthsDranduo, the Howling Beast (Milla)
SchweissXailen Woods: Devil BeastVicehein, the Howler (Alvin)
GatregaXagut Floodmeadow (Optional)Tregatoria, the Bellowing Demon (Elize)
MelanbronHelioborg Fortress: The Devil Beast AttacksMelandetta, the Death Bringer (Rowen)
RopardeOld Vicalle Mines (Optional)Padvent, the Incantor (Leia)

After you finished off all six of the Devil Beasts, you can go back to Sapstrath Seahaven and talk to the guy. Unfortunately, if you want to break the seal of the Devil Arms, you have to beat the game first and head to the post game dungeon.

Mysterious Jewels: Sub-Event


    • One-Hit Kill Skill

To initiate this sidequest, you will have to go to Xailen Forest Temple and examine the mysterious object at the altar. You will need to obtain 23 Mysterious Jewels. Let's summarize the locations for your convenience. Also, sorry for the awkward wording when I described the Mysterious Jewel location. It's for me to differentiate the jewel's location.

Mysterious Jewel 1HamilYou should get this item after you obtained your first Aifread Treasure
Mysterious Jewel 2Nia KheraIt should be located at the residence right where you obtain the Earth Temporal Stone
Mysterious Jewel 3Nia Khera SpiritWay/Milla's ShrineAifread's Treasure
Mysterious Jewel 4Sapstrath Highroad: RevisitAifread's Treasure
Mysterious Jewel 5ShariltonExamine the drawer near the living room in Lord Cline's Mansion
Mysterious Jewel 6Culmar TrailLook at the pic
Mysterious Jewel 7Talys Highroad (Jude's Side)Aifread's Treasure
Mysterious Jewel 8LerondeGo to the inn at room 203 and examine the drawer
Mysterious Jewel 9Voltea WoodsAifread Treasure
Mysterious Jewel 10Old Vicalle Mines (Optional)Look at pic
Mysterious Jewel 11Lakutam HighroadIt's located at the central area, at the southeast
Mysterious Jewel 12Xian DuGo to Alvin's house. It's southeast in the central district. Examine the Drawer
Mysterious Jewel 13Xagut Floodmeadow (Optional)Small tunnel at the north region of the Floodmeadow
Mysterious Jewel 14Royal Hunting GroundAifread's Treasure
Mysterious Jewel 15Mon HighlandsAifread's Treasure
Mysterious Jewel 16KanbalarExamine the drawer at the residential building
Mysterious Jewel 17Barnauer HighroadLook at the pic
Mysterious Jewel 18Arklund QuagAifread's Treasure
Mysterious Jewel 19TriglephExamine the drawer at the end of the hallway at the first floor of Rodo Apartment
Mysterious Jewel 20Torbalan HighroadFight Veywind Eye
Mysterious Jewel 21Helioborg FortressHelioborg Fortress Puzzle
Mysterious Jewel 22Rusalle HighroadFight Graddic Claw
Mysterious Jewel 23Tatalian Abyss (Optional)Aifread's Treasure

After gathering all 23 Mysterious Jewels, you will fight two bosses.

Optional Boss: Crimson Servant and Azure Servant

Sheesh, these bosses like to do instant death on your allies. Chaotic soul unleashes multiple projectiles to your allies. Crimson Servant uses Chaotic Soul to shoot projectiles at a straight line creating a pillar while the Azure Servant likes to use it as a homing attack. Azure Servant likes to use Negative Gate to inflict fear to your allies. Crimson Servant on the other hand likes to use Dark Soul to unleash a flurry of blades against your ally. Both of them like to spam on Tail Rush to stab your ally to death. When they are being comboed to death, they like to teleport out of danger.

Expect to see lots of dying here in this battle. They will do what it takes to bring you down. So, I suggest that you bring Elize along and use Dispel. If not, use Panacea bottle to prevent yourself from instant death. I hope by now that you have Leia's Multi-item ability. This will be vital considering the nature of the bosses. Anyway, the weakness for the two bosses are the opposite element. Crimson Servant with water and Azure Servant with fire. Exploit their weakness and hope that you do not get caught with their tail rush attack.

After the battle is over, you gain one new arte for Jude, Blunt Fang.


At this point, your characters should be strong enough to take on the coliseum. You get lots of cool stuff if you manage to go through a series of battles. However, if you are struggling, you can always adjust the difficulty to easy.

Beginner SingleTen Gallon Hat attachment and 5000 Gald
Beginner GroupTop Hat attachment and 10000 Gald
Advanced GroupSkill: Vigor Shared and 30000 Gald
Advanced Single: JudeSkill: One with Beauty and 15000 Gald
Advanced Single: MillaSkill: One with Skill and 15000 Gald
Advanced Single: AlvinSkill: Terra Infusion and 15000 Gald
Advanced Single: ElizeSkill: Death Defiance and 15000 Gald
Advanced Single: RowenSkill: Flash Casting and 15000 Gald
Advanced Single: LeiaSkill: Gift of Life and 15000 Gald
Grand Master: JudeTeepo Mittens and 50000 Gald
Grand Master: MillaFangirl and 50000 Gald
Grand Master: AlvinSquid on a Stick and 50000 Gald
Grand Master: ElizeFoxtail and 50000 Gald
Grand Master: RowenPointing Stick and 50000 Gald
Grand Master: LeiaGimme-Dat and 50000 Gald

Coliseum General Tips

1) Obviously, don't be on the edge of the battlefield for too long because you are in the risk for falling off the ledge.

2) Use attacks that can hit at a wide range. For instance, Jude's Shattering Demon Fist, Milla's Gnome, Alvin's Demon Inferno, Rowen's Tidal Wave, Elize's Negative Gate, and Leia's Crescent Flash

3) It also helps when you use attacks with significant knockdown effect. For example, Jude's Beast or Elize's Teepo Roar.

4) There are two enemies to lookout for in Advance Single. Red Dragon and Unicorn. Both of the enemies have attacks that are capable of knocking you out of the ring. For instance, Red Dragon uses its fire-breath to blast you across the screen. Unicorn on the other hand uses its Hind legs to knock you over. When they appear in the ring, immediately go after them and ignore everyone else. Encountering the Red Dragon or the Unicorn are one the reasons why some players die frequently in the coliseum.

  • Jude

When you are using Jude for single battle, be sure to use your arcane artes for two reasons. One, it does significant damage and second, it does considerable knockdown damage. Shattering Demon Fist will have the widest range in Jude's arsenal. Savage Roar on the other hand will do a number of hits and he stays in the save spot after his attack animation finishes. Obviously, don't try to use snap pivot on the edge of the ring because you are in the risk for ring out.

  • Milla

Be sure to use your summons in battle. They will prove useful throughout your bout. Spirit-Shift artes will also be useful as well considering its instantanious casting time.

  • Alvin

Demon Inferno and Dark Radiance are two useful artes in battle. Not only they deal significant damage and have a powerful knockback.

  • Elize

The first thing you do is cast Revive on yourself before taking on your foes. This will act as a safety net in case you die in the coliseum. Once you use it up, feel free to cast it again. Anyway, use Teepo Roar to knock back enemies. As your offense, use Negative Gate, Dread Winds, and Dark Visitor.

  • Rowen

Be sure to use Basic magic artes like Fireball, Splash, as well as Wind Lance and use its tuning attack to optimize your survivibility in the coliseum. If you equip the skill Queued Spellcasting, you can use it to resume your spells in case the situation is unfavorable. Tidal Wave is a must in this battle because it can hit everyone on the battlefield.

  • Leia

Not much to say here, other than using her physical artes. Crescent Flash seems to be an effective move against your opponents and have some knock-back effect. If things gets messy, use Soulstroke Spin to get yourself out.

For the most part, you should be able to do fine with your playstyle.

Temporal Crossroads


    • Lemon Gel x4
    • Pineapple Gel x2
    • Omega Elixir
    • Heavy Treat
    • Specific Plus
    • Fruit Yakisoba (Large)
    • Syrup Bottle x2
    • Life Bottle x3
    • Hourglass
    • Croquette Bun (Large)
    • Golden Outfit (Endgame)
    • Tremorous Fist (Endgame)
    • Spirit Surge (Endgame)
    • Medical Outfit (Endgame, Jude)
    • Spirit Hairstyle (Endgame, Milla)

Note: Once you pass the point of no return, you will not have any opportunity to stock up on items or find anyone to steal from. So, I suggest you turn-off auto item from your allies because item management will be the key in this dungeon.

Before taking off, I suggest you do one last adjustment. In your skill list, I suggest to equip everyone with HP and TP surge as well as their overlimit abilities. Also, I suggest to equip their optimal skills; for Leia's case, multi-item will be a great use because this will help you manage your items. Lastly, for the sake of conservation, turn off auto items for everyone but Leia. Anyway, let's move on. Once you make that decision there's no turning back. The first boss you;ll fight is Wingull.

Boss: Wingul

This is your third bout with him and no matter how strong he is, his boss pattern remains the same. So, just do the same strategy like you did last time.

After defeating Wingul, your party will split up. Milla and Jude will split up as well, but the items they get remains the same. Anyway, it's a straight line and you'll find most of items you see above. At the end of the path, you'll fight Gaius and Musét.

Boss: Gaius (Jude Only) Musét (Milla Only)

Depending on what your protagonist you choose, you'll fight one of them. Their battle strategy remains same like you did the first time. However, they are much stronger than before. Playing defensively will be the key in this battle because you want to save everything for the final battle. I suggest that you control Milla in this battle that way when you die, there's a chance that Jude will revive you with his restore skill. Remember, if you plan to use your items, you really need to keep a close eye on it.

After the battle is over, continue to move forward until the end of the path. This is where you will fight the final boss...

Final Boss: Gaius and Musét

Both of them are powered up. They also gain several new moves. Gaius gains Eradication Sweep which is a 180 arc attack and light of Ruin which he rains down spears of light. Musét now gains Binding Sphere and Gravity Well. Because they are together in battle, they gained three Link artes: Twin Lance, Wyrm Wrath and Flight of Kings. Each of them do severe damage to your allies. I want you to focus on this particular Link arte called "Flight of Kings". This move will be spammed to death against you. Once you are caught by that attack, you WILL die against this attack. Next, Muset loves to use her items in battle. At a certain point in battle, she will use her healing items to restore her HP as well as Gaius. Lastly, if Musét dies, she will revive herself with Angel Cry.

At the start of the battle, it's only Jude and Milla. Gradually, your characters will come in and start the battle with their Mystic Arte. When all your characters are present in battle, time to kick ass. Your first priority is to steal all of Muzét restoration items. So, link up with Leia and knock Musét down with your knockdown attacks like Aqua Sweep. Once you are able to steal her items, it's time to take the offense. Gaius is weak against Darkness while Musét is weak against light. So, exploit their weakness with your elemental attacks. Be sure to have Leia's item capabilites ready because this will prove useful in battle. Have Elize prioritize on healing and less on Spirit Artes. You can link up with Rowen and cushion Musét's magic attacks. Don't forget to use Alvin's Breaker to destroy Gaius's defense. Lastly, use Milla and Jude's special abilities to overwhelm Gaius and Musét. Once one of them falls, everything else will set in.

After you beat the final boss, you have a clear data. You'll also gain a Golden Key, Skill Tome: Tremorous Fist, Spirit Surge and your only in-game costume for Jude. You beat the game, now pat yourself in the back. You still got your post game....

= D

XII. Character Artes

Regardless which character you use, if you use a particular arte a number of times, you'll gain additional effects. Please note that individual characters have their own effect.

1 Normal Star100Critical rate increased by 3%
2 Normal Stars200Arte power increased by 5%
3 Normal Stars400Link gain rate increased by 20%
1 Golden Star1000Reduces the cost of TP by 66%
2 Golden Stars2000Arte power increased by 20%
3 Golden Stars400025% chance on not consuming any AC while using it continously
MASTERED999950% chance on not consuming any AC while using it continously

Martial Artes

NameTP CostLocationAerialNote
Demon Fist6XIncreases speed after 100 uses; Pierces enemies after 400 uses
Healer5XArea of Effect increases after 200 use; Recovery time decreases after 100 uses
Recovery Ring13Orb 1, Node 4XArea of Effect increases after 200 use; Recovery time decreases after 100 uses
Cerberus Strike9Orb 1, Node 1XIncreases attack speed after 200 uses
Soaring Vortex12Orb 1, Node 1XArea of Effect increases after 200 Uses; ignores enemy defenses
Steel8Orb 1, Node 3XIncreases physical strength for 10 seconds; Increases attack speed after 200 uses; Increases Strength and defense after 400 uses
Palm Strike7Orb 1, Node 5XIncreases attack speed after 100 uses; small chance to inflict stun after 200 uses
Aqua Sweep16Orb 1, Node 4OKnocks most enemies to the ground; Area of Effect increases after 200 uses
Swallow Dance10Orb 1, Node 2OIncreases attack speed after 200 Uses; Enables downed enemies to stand after 400 uses
Talon Storm14Orb 1, Node 5XIncreases attack speed after 200 Uses
Cyclonic Surge16Orb 2, Node 5OIncreases the chance of Inflicting Paralyze after 200 Uses
Whirlwind Snap12Orb 2, Node 1OExtends the pulling distance after 200 and 400 uses
Beast14Orb 1, Node 8OIncreases the chance of destroying enemy guard and penetrate after 200 uses
Rising Falcon15Orb 1, Node 6OAdds an extra hit after 200 uses
Mirage Blitz9Orb 2, Node 3OBest used on the ground; Increases attack speed after 100 uses; Increases the chance of inflicting stun and destroys penetrate after 200 uses; Inflicts damage during backstep animation
Raging Blast18Orb 2, Node 4XIncreases the chance of inflicting burn after 100, 200, and 400 uses
Dragon Shot18Orb 2, Node 1XAdds an extra hit after 200 uses; Enables downed enemies to stand after 400 uses
Sun Spark10Orb 1, Node 6OIncreases damage and extends range after 200 uses
Phoenix Plunge18Orb 2, Node 5OExpands the upward motion during knockdown after 200 uses
Blunt Fang17Obtain One-hit Kill SkillXIncreases the chance of inflicting instant death after 100, 200, and 400 uses

NOTE: You must equip the skill Second artes in order to use the extension artes. Also, hold the arte button once more after executing the move. For Reaper's Toll, press the arte button twice.

NameTP CostLocationAerialNote
Immaculate Healer0XDuration of healing allies increases
Twin Demon Fist0X
Cerberous Blast0X
Coil0XStrength and Defense increases after using Coil once
Reaper's Toll7X

NOTE: You must equip the skill Milla Sync in order to use Spirit Artes

NameTP CostLocationAerialNote
Wind Blade6XReplaces Demon Fist
Grave9XReplaces Cerberous Blast
Aqua Protection6XReplaces Coil
Flare Bomb7XReplaces Palm Strike


NameTP CostLocationAerialNote
Savage Roar30Orb 2, Node 2XHold the normal attack button during overlimit to trigger a mystic arte
Shattering Demon Fist30Obtain Tremorous FistXHold the normal attack button during overlimit to trigger a mystic arte

Mystic Arte

NameTP CostLocationAerialNote
Final FuryDuring overlimit, hold the normal attack button while performing Savage Roar to trigger Final Fury
Tiger Blade SigmaDuring overlimit, hold the normal attack button while performing Shattering Demon Fist to trigger Tiger Blade: Sigma; Must have a clear save file; link up with Milla during battle

Martial Artes

NameTP CostLocationAerialNote
Shimmer Spin8Orb 1, Node 2OArea of Effect increases after 100 and 400 use; Increases attack speed after 200 uses
Whirling Assault12Orb 1, Node 5XIncreases attack speed after 200 uses
Sigil Spear10Orb 1, Node 8OIncreases attack speed after 100 uses; Adds two extra hits after 400 uses
Blade Torrent12Orb 2, Node 4OEnables downed enemies to stand after 100 uses; Increases attack speed after 200 uses
Binding Sphere15Orb 1, Node 6OArea of Effect increases after 100 uses; Adds an additional hit after 100 and 200 uses
Condemnation14Orb 2, Node 1OIncreases attack speed after 200 uses
Death Knell16Orb 1, Node 6OArea of Effect increases after 100 and 400 use; Increases attack speed after 200 uses
Efreet40Story EventX
Undine40Story EventX
Sylph40Story EventX
Gnome40Story EventX

Note: Hold the arte button and you will see a casting animation

NameTP CostLocationAerialNote
Wind Lance10X
Rock Trine9Orb 1, Node 1X
Splash12Orb 1, Node 1X
Flame Ring24Orb 1, Node 3X
Arrivederci26Orb 1, Node 4X
Bolt Strike25Orb 1, Node 5X
Divine Streak38Orb 2, Node 3X
Sunburst48Orb 2, Node 5X
Cyclone36Orb 2, Node 5X
Thunder Blade35Orb 2, Node 1X
Shining Prism45Orb 2, Node 5X

Note:Tap the arte button to unleash magi artes. Also, the cost of TP is based on the spirit arte you equipped. For example, if you equipped Arrivederci and released the arte button early, the attack will be Wind Blade instead. Be aware that the TP cost is the same.

NameTP CostSpell UsedAerialNote
Flare Bomb9FireballO
24Flame RingOModerate damage to a single foe
48SunburstOHeavy damage to a single foe
Wind Blade10Wind LanceO
26ArrivederciOUnleash a 3 hit combo
36CycloneOUnleash a 5 hit combo; knocks the enemy down after the final hit; cancellable
Lightning9Bolt StrikeOAdds an additional Hit after 200 and 400 uses
24Thunder BladeOAdds an additional Hit after 200 uses; spreads the lightning bolts out further
Aqua Protection12SplashOArea of Effect increases after 200 Uses
Grave9Rock TrineOAdds an additional Hit after 200 and 400 uses; While she is airborne, Milla unleashes her arte to the ground
Radiant Rondo38Divine StreakO
45Shining PrismOUnleash a 4 hit combo; Milla becomes airborne


NameTP CostLocationAerialNote
Cloud Pierce30Orb 2, Node 2OHold the normal attack button during overlimit to trigger a mystic arte
Overdrive30Obtain Spirit SurgeO

Mystic Arte

NameTP CostLocationAerialNote
Elemental MasteryDuring overlimit, hold the normal attack button while performing Cloud Pierce to trigger Elemental Mastery
Tiger Blade: SigmaDuring overlimit, hold the normal attack button while performing Overdrive to trigger Tiger Blade: Sigma; Must have a clear save file; link up with Jude during battle

Martial Artes

NameTP CostLocationAerialNote
Demon Fang6XPierces enemies after 400 uses; Enables downed enemies to stand after 400 uses
Tiger Blade9OIncreases attack speed after 200 uses
Sonic Thrust8Orb 1, Node 3X/[O]Aerial-Enabled after 100 uses
Variable Trigger10Orb 2, Node 3X
Tornado Drive12Orb 1, Node 6O
Arc Fire10Orb 1, Node 4XEnables downed enemies to stand after 200 uses
Guardian Field15Orb 1, Node 2XHeals a small amount of HP within the vicinity. Slightly recovers additional HP after 400 uses
Punishing Shot14Orb 1, Node 6XAdds an extra hit after 200 uses
Moonlight Cleft16Orb 2, Node 4X
Squall Shot17Orb 1, Node 8X
Terra Rupture13Orb 1, Node 5XExtends the pulling distance after 200 uses
Homing Shot12Orb 2, Node 3O
Dragon Swarm20Orb 2, Node 1XIncreases attack speed after 200 uses
Pulse Shot18Orb 1, Node 5XEnables downed enemies to stand after 200 uses
Dark Radiance24Orb 2, Node 5X/[O]Aerial-Enabled after 100 uses
Demon Inferno26Orb 2, Node 5X
Cross Cleave28Orb 2, Node 5X

Note: After performing a martial arte, hold the arte button to charge your attack. The next time you perform your artes, you'll unleash a special attack

NameTP CostLocationAerialNote
Fierce Demon Fang6XIncreases area of effect after 400 uses; you can use the martial artes version to increase arte usage
Tiger Rage9O
Sonic Barrage8Orb 1, Node 3X/[O]
Variable Blast10Orb 2, Node 3X
Cyclone Drive12Orb 1, Node 6O
Arc Blaze10Orb 1, Node 4XEnables downed enemies to stand after 200 uses
Guardian Grove15Orb 1, Node 2XCan move around during the attack animation, increases attack speed after 200 uses; you can use the martial artes version to increase arte usage
Punishing Beam14Orb 1, Node 6XEnables downed enemies to stand after 200 uses; you can use the martial artes version to increase arte usage
Twin Moonlight Cleft16Orb 2, Node 4X
Storm Shot17Orb 1, Node 8X
Terra Fissure13Orb 1, Node 5X
Homing Cannon12Orb 2, Node 3O
Dragon Swarm20Orb 2, Node 1X
Sweeping Shot18Orb 1, Node 5XEnables downed enemies to stand after 200 uses; you can use the martial artes version to increase arte usage
Devil Flare24Orb 2, Node 5X/[O]
Abyssal Inferno26Orb 2, Node 5X
Muzzle Roar28Orb 2, Node 5XAdds an extra hit after 200 and 400 use; you can use the martial artes version to increase arte usage


NameTP CostLocationAerialNote
Hell Fryer30Orb 2, Node 2XIncreases attack speed when this move is used as a charged attack

Mystic Arte

NameTP CostLocationAerialNote
Terminus PrideDuring overlimit, hold the normal attack button while performing Hell Fryer to trigger Terminus Pride; Alvin's weapon becomes fully charged

Note: When Elize uses taunt (L3), she can switch stances. Teepo Off will float around Elize. During Teepo off, Elize's physical capability increases. Teepo on is when Teepo latches on to Elize. During Teepo on, Elize can attack from a distance. Her overall magic capability increases during Teepo on