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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by Berserker_Blade

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Guide and Walkthrough by Berserker_Blade

Version: 1.08 | Updated: 09/30/2013

X. Walkthrough (Continued)

Barnauer Highroad


    • Basil
    • Elixir
    • Apple Gel x3
    • Panacea Bottle x3
    • Jet Black Feathers x6
    • 3500 Gald
    • Buzzard Talon
    • Fruit Salad (Small)
    • Blue Lavender
    • Pointy Talons X10
    • Pineapple Gel
    • Magic Emblem
    • Mysterious Jewel 17
    • Meadow Crystal (Item Bag)
    • Devil Wings attachment
    • Warrior Above
    • Elixir (Fort Gandala: West)
    • ''Omega Elixir (Fort Gandala: West)


Your wyvern will you drop in the middle of the field. Like every transitioning point in this game, there's only a few things to note. One, if you go southwest and drop down the cliff, you'll find a small tunnel leading to Mysterious Jewel 17. Look at the pic below for the location.

Mysterious Jewel 17

Next, if you head east from the Wyverns, you will head to Fort Gandala: West. There, you will find an Elixir. Secondly, if you go southeast from the entrance, examine the back part of the three boxes and you'll find Aifread's treasure. It contains Omega Elixir.

After your findings in Fort Gandala: West, continue to move forward towards the southwestern branch in Barnauer Highroad. The moment you enter from the southeast branch, hug the wall to your right, you should end up where the low-land meets with the vertical cliffs. At that area, you should find one of Aifread's Treasure, Devil Wings attachment. From there, go north towards the northwest branch. Again, just like last time, hug the wall on your right side. Continue to move forward and you should see another of Aifread's treasure on the side. It contains a skill tome: Warrior Above. Lastly, if you are doing a sidequest in Fennmont, be sure to find a meadow crystal. It's on one of the item bags found throughout the Barnauer highroad. After that, you are finally in Fennmont....



    • 500 Gald (Laforte Research Center)


    • The Runaway: Conclusion
    • A message to the Fortress
    • Doing Research for a Report
    • Professor Haus' Research
    • Year-End Sell-Off
    • Poetries and Dictionaries: Conclusion

Before you pursue to the lab, let's complete some sidequests.

The Runaway: ConclusionTalk to the little girl in pink near Samsara's Trading postCutsceneNone
A message to the FortressTalk to the woman at the central plaza near the Barnauer Highroad entranceDeliver the letter to her father to the soldier in Fort Gandala: WestHalo and 6800 Gald
Doing Research for a ReportGo to the Talim Medical School: Student Services and talk to the medical student near the doorObtain Monster Fluid from random item bags in Xagut Floodmeadow or in Arklund QuagShiba's Dog Tail and 6800 Gald
Professor Haus' ResearchGo to the Talim Medical School and head to the teaching wingCutsceneNone
Year-End Sell-OffGo to Samsara's Trading post on the 2nd Floor and talk to the young womanObtain Meadow Crystal from random item bags in Barnauer HighlandsTiara and 6800 Gald
Poetries and Dictionaries: ConclusionGo to Sharilton and talk to Driselle in Lord Cline MansionCutsceneNone

Once you have done your business, it's time to head back to the Laforte Research Center. Just go to the area where you found the Lance of Kresnik. After the cutscene, go upstairs and examine the door. After that, you need to look for Agria. She's near the Samsara Trading Post. She is on the left side. YOu cannot reach her. Instead, just stand right next to the rail and a cutscene will occur.

Boss: Agria

The start of the battle, she will be accompanied by two Auj Oule Spies. Defeat them before attacking Agria. Anyway, Agria have several fire-elemental moves. First, she loves to use attacks that targets her surroundings. Blazing and Flame Ring are examples of her dealing her foes around her. She also have Grand Fire and Fire Drill to attack one of your allies. When her health is close to zero, she will summon fire-elemental enemies. Also, did I mention that she's an item-whore? She will use items when her health is low. Lastly, when she is in overlimit and you got caught with her Pyro Helix, she will unleash her mystic arte: Pyro Storm.

Okay, she's not hard to beat, she's weak against water. Again, send Rowen in the battle field and use the strategy used against Pterobronc. Also, link up with Leia and perform a knock-down attack and steal her healing items. This will make your life a lot easier. Since this is the first time that someone use a mystic arte be sure to avoid her arcane arte.

After the battle, head to Orda Bridge and fight against several Rashugal soldiers. From there, you will enter another dungeon....

Orda Palace


    • Sharp Pincers x6*
    • Holy Bottle*
    • Fruit and Cheese (Small)
    • Red Sage*
    • Geode x7*
    • Dark Cape
    • Earth Cap
    • Lemon Gel
    • Pineapple Gel
    • All Divide*
    • Rune Circlet
    • Melange Gel*
    • Jet Black Feather x8
    • Finesse Ring*
    • Pearl x10*
    • Party Hat Attachment
    • Absolute Defense


    • Wither the Wyvern (After Orda Palace)
    • The Library of Orda Palace (After Orda Palace)
    • Leia's Failure: Part I (After Orda Palace, missable)

Go up the second floor and fight against the two Sentinel Scorpions. From here on out, the floor format on this dungeon look like this figure on the bottom.

                           |   |
                           | 3 |
                === ****
                 2 |***
                ===  ****
                           | 1 |
                           |   |

On the 2nd floor is the Garrison Room. Garrison 1 contains an Earth Cap. Garrison 2 contains Red Sage, Geode and a Dark Cape. Garrison three contains Sharp Pincers, Holy Fruit Bottle, and Fruit and Cheese. After that, head up to the 3rd floor and fight the two Guardian Mares. The third floor is the library archives. Library archive 1 contains Lemon Gel, Pineapple Gel, All Divide. Library Archive 2 contains Rune Circlet and Melange Gel. Finally Archive room 3 contains, Jet-Black Feathers, Finesse Ring, and Pearls. If you are getting off from Library Archive #3, go east at the north end of the next room. Look to your left and you should find an Aifread's treasure stuck on the wall.

Party Hat attachment

It contains Party Hat attachment. Anyway, head on the 4th floor and fight the butterflies. After that, go inside the Audience room and turn to your left. Go up the end of stairway and shift your camera west. You should see another of Aifread's treasure between the two columns.

Skill: Absolute Defense

This treasure contains a skill tome: Absolute Defense. After that, go forward. You will fight an important boss...

Boss: Nachtigal

This man is a monster. He has exceptional range and strength. Even if you were able to blindside him with Jude's Snap Pivot, he can attack you from behind. He has Destruction, Grave Worm, Shadow Lance and Terra Pike as his basic attacks. He also have Searing Arc which has an absurd amount of range. He has Massacre Arc to stab and throw your ally around. One of his most dangerous attack is Apocalyspe Toll. If you get caught by that attack, there will be a mark that counts down. When the Gauge is empty, it means severe damage to the inflicted allies. If that's not enough, he will start casting Air Pressure and Dark Vistor. When he activates his overlimit, he will begin to use Tyrant's Spear. If you get caught with Tyrant's Spear, he will unleash his mystic arte, Demon's Lance. You need to think carefully on approaching Nactigal.

He is weak against Water and Earth. You have so many options against him with having two types of weaknesses. Rowen is practically your best bet against Nactigal because he has Earth and Water magic. Also, if you have Freeze Lancer, spam that move like there is no tomorrow. Freeze lancer is an earth AND water elemental attack. This can cause severe damage against Nachtigal. Also, you have your link artes with earth and water elements. By now, you should have learned an arcane arte so you can unleash your mystic artes. Have Elize and Leia on standby in case your allies have fallen against some of the most painful attacks in battle. Other than that, you can win the battle.

After the battle, go behind the teleporter and go forward. After the cutscene, head out to Orda Palace. You will need to go to Fezebel Marsh. Unfortunately, your Wyverns flew away so you cannot fast travel anywhere else for now. Also, this marks the end of Chapter 2!

Wither the WyvernGo to the location where you dropped off your Wyverns in Barnauer HighroadCutsceneNone
The Library of Orda PalaceHead to the 3rd floor of Orda Palace at the Library Archives. Go to the left corner of the room and trigger a cutsceneCutsceneNone
Leia's Failure: Part ITalk to Nurse Prinn at the examination room in FennmontGrab a harmonica Grass in Arklund QuagPsychic Ring

Arklund Quag


    • Treat
    • Lemon Gel
    • Red Chamomile
    • Croquette Bun (small)
    • Jet Black feather x5
    • Syrup Bottle x2
    • Specific
    • 4000 Gald
    • Mysterious Jewel 18
    • Devil's Tail attachment

There's really not much to see here except for two Aifread's treasure. It's located in the central region at northeast corner. It contains Mysterious Jewel. The second Aifread's treasure is located on the northwest region of Arklund Quag. It's on the east side at it's on the tops of the trees. Lastly, if you are doing the sidemission, Doing Research for a Report, then you can get the monster fluid from the item bags.

Fezebel Marsh

    • Booster
    • Apple Gel x5
    • Orange Gel x5
    • Life Bottle x5
    • Pineapple Gel x5
    • Lemon Gel x5
    • Panacea Bottle x5
    • Exceed

After the briefing, go forward. From there, you will fight a series of battles. After a long grueling battle, go forward and you'll find another save point. There will be two treasure boxes that will contain all of the essentials, like the one you see above. Anyway, head forward and you'll fight three of the chimeriad.

Boss:Jiao, Presa, and Wingul

If you remember your first bout with them, then you should already know their patterns. However, each of them now unleash their arcane arte. For Jiao, he uses Sundering Fang and he unleashes Resounding Surge as his Mystic Arte. Wingul uses Infernal Torrent as his arcane arte, and he unleashes his mystic arte, Lightning Nova. Lastly, Presa uses Dragonmare Head as her arcane arte. Her range with her projectiles shoots fairly far. Anyway, if your allies gets caught with her arcane attack, then she will unleash Dragonhead Brood as her mystic arte.

Again, go after Wingul first because he has high agility and strength. When you defeat Wingul, go after Jiao, and lastly Presa. What matters is that you have all the essenital elements such as wind, earth and fire to use against those three. Also, have your healers at safe distance at all times.

After the battle is over, go forward. You'll fight the leader of Chimeriad.


Gaius is an exceptionally dangerous boss, even in Moderate difficulty. This man's moveset is badass personified. His range such Demon Fang, Sonic Thrust, and Tiger Blade have monsterous Range. He has Savage Beckoning which is a glorified version of Steel or Coil. They do considerable fire damage against his oncoming foes. Then you have his Swallow Fury. Once you get caught with his Swallow Fury, then he will spam it until your ally dies or in severe damage. If your allies dies during the move, Gaius will automatically target another of your ally regardless of range. He also have Inceration Wave. It has a very slow start up time. So, you have more than enough time to get away from the beam. At any moment, he will use his overlimit and use Blade of Heaven. If you get caught, he will unleash his Mystic Arte, Absolute Domination.

Gaius is resistant against light, so don't use any light elemental attacks. Because he has no weaknesses, this battle can be extremely grueling. Most of his attacks will do significant damage against your allies. You have to let your healers prioritize on healing. Alvin is a great person to use as support because he can destroy Gaius' guard with ease. This will give you numerous opportunities to do devastating attacks. You really need to use all of your available skills against him or you can forefit the match and beat the crap out of you. However, you wouldn't want that, right? If you decided to forfeit, you'll miss out significant amount of EXP as well as the item Exceed.

After this battle, Jude and Milla will part ways. Note: after they are reunited at a certain point of the story, you can actually go to their respective dungeon and grab any items from there.

Tulea Field (Jude's Side)


    • Peach Pie
    • Jet Black Feathers x5
    • Red Saffron
    • 4000 Gald
    • Swordsman Eyepatch attachment
    • Omega Elixir

At the start, Muzét will direct-tether with Jude. Gameplay-wise, Jude will have access an attack called Muzét, which is a tetra-elemental attack. The attack has an exceptional start-up time. It comes out almost instantaniously. It can do wonders against bosses and enemies with multiple weaknesses. Anyway, you cannot use the area map. However, you still have the mini-map available, so you cannot get lost. Tulea Field is very straight forward. There's not much to see here. Again, there's two of Aifread's treasure in this area. The first Aifread treasure is in the south region of Tulea field. It should be located southwest from the save point. You should see Aifread's treasure stuck on the pine tree. Grab it and you'll get Swordsman Eyepatch attachment. The second Aifread treasure is in the north region. Near the entrance to Kuhkar Ice Caverns, head southwest and hug the wall. Aifread's treasure is latched from the rock; you'll get Omega Elixir.

Kukhar Ice Caverns (Jude's Side)


    • Aqua Cape
    • Mushroom Powder x7
    • Life Bottle x2
    • Treat
    • Jet-Black Feathers x11
    • Gothic Plate
    • Takoyaki Ramen (Small)
    • Monster Fluid x5
    • Rosy Cheeks attachment
    • 10000 Gald

At the first T-intersection go left. Up ahead, you'll find seven Mushroom Powders. Then, continue to move forward and jump down the cliff. On your left, you'll find two life bottles. After the cutscene, you will reunite with Elize and Alvin. Also, you'll have your mini map back. After you got your map back, proceed to the central region of Kukhar Ice Caverns. After going down the cliff, the path path splits into three. Take the path to your right. At the inner-curve, one of Aifread's treasure is attached on the wall next to the three ice pillars. You'll recieve the Rosy Cheeks attachment. Anyway, if you continue to move east, you'll find a Treat. After that, go straight and along the way, you you should find five Jet black feathers as well as a Gothic plate. Near the entrance to the next area, you'll find Takoyaki Ramen (Small). At the lake side area, you are going to fight a boss...

Boss: Aqua Dragon x2

Woo, another tandem bosses. Anyway, these bosses can be a pain in the butt if you are not careful. First, they have coral blade, which they use their blade like scales to attack their foes from their front and back. Mental Scratch inflicts a status effect on your allies. Then they have their splash breath to shoot out water cannon projectile to your allies. Also, they have a defense mechanism where the aqua dragon lunges forward to break themselves from being comboed to death. Perhaps the most threatening attack is Spiral breath. They latch their bodies together and shoot their splash beams in a circular fashion. The beam covers most of the battlefield, so you need to be careful.

The main tactic in this bout is focus on one of the Aqua Dragons and beat the crap out of it. If one of them falls, then the remaining Aqua Dragon will fend for itself. Even so, they have a glaring weakness: fire elemental attacks. So, individual fire attacks Arc Fire, Abyssal Inferno, and Phoenix Plunge will work effectively. Also, linked artes such as Inferno Dance will do wonders against the Aqua Dragons. It also helps that Elize uses Negative Gate to keep the two aquadragons in place.

After the battle, go forward. At the north region of Kukhar Ice Caverns, go west and get five Monster Fluid. Then go east and you'll find six Jet Black Feathers. Lastly, be sure to get the second Aifread Treasure by going to the northeast corner of the figure 8 shaped road. Look at the walls and you'll obtain 10000 Gald. After that, exit and you'll go to Xailen Woods/Xailen Temple

Sillea Tundra (Milla's Side)


    • Red Jasmine
    • Lemon Gel
    • Red Sage
    • Seaweed Salad (Small)
    • Pearl x8
    • 4000 Gald
    • Omega Elixir
    • Heart Eyepatch Attachment

At the start of the area, you are in the south region of the Sillea Tundra. There's really not much to see here other than the two Aifread Treasures. The 1st Aifread's treasure situates in the south region of Sillea Tundra. Go to the northwest corner and examine the tree and you should find a Heart Eyepatch attachment. In the north region of Sillea Tundra, near the save point towards Nala Lava Tube, go southwest and hug the wall alongside the large boulder. You should see another of Aifread's treasure. It contains an Omega Elixir. Anyway, by then Rowen and Leia should meet up with you.

Nala Lava Tube


    • Specific
    • Life Bottle x2
    • Spicy Chicken Roll (Small)
    • Flame Cape
    • Silver Ore x20
    • Monster Fluid x5
    • Iron Leggings
    • Gothic Cardigan
    • Apple Gel
    • Saffron
    • Red Savory
    • Miracle Gel
    • Jet Black Feather x4
    • Might Ring
    • Garnet
    • 10000 Gald
    • Wall of Soul

At the start of Nala Lava Tubes, go forward. After making a left turn at the intersection, look for a small tunnel near the second T-intersection, it should lead to two Life Bottles. Anyway, go west at the intersection and you should find a Miracle Gel at the end of the path. Anyway, go north. Hug the wall on the right side and go north on the third T-intersection. You should see one of Aifread's Treasure Wall of Soul. Continue to go north and you should find a Red Savory at the end of the path. Go back to the intersection and climb the vines. After the cutscene, you'll fight Exodus soldiers. After the battle, look at small tunnel on your left. It should contain a Flame Cape. Proceed to the central region.

At the central region, go north at the furst T-Intersection. At the second T-intersection, go north and you'll find a Specific at the end of the path. Go back to the first T-intersection and go west. Continue to go forward. Along the way, you'll find a small tunnel on the left side of the corridor. It contains a Iron Leggings. At the next T-intersection, go south and you'll find a Gothic Cardigan. Go north and you'll find spicy chicken roll (small). Climb up the vines and you'll find the second of Aifread's treasures, 10000 Gald. Continue to go north towards the lake area. Go forward and you'll fight the fire Teagle.

Boss: Fire Teagle

She will be accompanied with two Tiny Teagles. Anyway, she have several attack such as fire spin which as wide fire attack. She will also use its claws to inflict fire damage. Also, the Fire Teagle will charge forward to get out of a combo. She will call out additional enemies to assist her. Also, because you don't have Alvin to assist you, Fire Teagle loves to block.

Obviously, her weakness is fire so use Blue Moon Burst, Freeze Lancer, Tidal Wave, and Etc. Also, have Leia be the primary healer while Rowen and Milla take the offensive charge. You won't have to worry too much about this boss once she dies.

Anyway, after the Fire Teagle, move forward to the north region. At the North region, there should be a tunnel at the northern corner of the wide part of the map. It contains Saffron. Anyway, continut to move forward. At the T-intersection, go west and you should find an Apple Gel at the end of the path. You should be able to find a tunnel at the right side and you should find five ''monster fluids. At the last intersection go south and you'll find 20 Silver ores. After that, exit to Xailen Woods.

Xailen Woods


    • Red Basil
    • Jet-Black Feather x5
    • Sephira
    • Full-Frame Glasses attachment

If you are entering Xailen Woods from Kukhar Ice Caverns, Aifread's treasure is very close. After jumping off the cliff, hug the wall on the right side and you should be able to see it from the distance. You'll get Sephira. The second Aifread treasure is west of the intersection close to the Nala Lava Cavern. There should be a medium sized rock. Look behind it and you will get Full-Frame Glasses attachment. After that, head over to the entrance and you will be reunited with your other members of the group.

Xailen Woods: Devil Beast


    • Vicehein, The Howler (Alvin)

After a certain point of the game, you can fight Schweiss at the large intersection in Xailen Woods.

Optional Boss: Schweiss

This is perhaps one of the tougher Devil Beasts out there. First off, Schweiss is extremely agile and physically powerful. He can run anywhere on the battlefield and get rid of your ally as quickly as possible. Also, his attack range is very extensive. He can use its antlers and its tail to attack with exceptional range. It can thrust its body forward as a way to get himself out of the attack from your allies. Next, it uses Thunder Rain to shoot lightning from various angles. For example, the lightning bolts can be used forwards or backwards, inflicting fire/wind damage to your allies. Close to death, it'll start using Expanding Field. Honestly, I don't know what this does. Anyway, this boss is weak against fire. So, use Inferno Dance, Sunburst, Rowen's Fireball and etc. to do significant damage. This boss uses physical attacks to kill you. So, be on your toes at all times.

Xailen Temple

Treasures: None


    • Jiao's Demise (Missable)
    • The Two Generals (Missable)

Before you rest up on the second floor at the temple, be sure to go outside and talk to Presa, Agria and Wingul for the sub-events. After that rest up. If you are playing as Jude or Milla, be sure to talk to either of them on the first floor.

Jiao's Demise (Missable)Talk to Presa and AgriaCutsceneNone
The Two Generals (Missable)The skit, "A chat with Wingul" is indicator that a new sidequest is available. Talk to WingulCutsceneNone

After the cutscene, go north of the temple and head to the exterior of the castle. You will be walking on the rooftops. Don't worry, it's a really linear path. After seeing several cutscenes, you'll fight three Spirix Sentries. They are actually normal enemies, so don't fret too much.

Kanbalar: Revisit

Treasures: None


    • History of Auj Oule: Conclusion
    • Sisterhood: Part II
    • Jiao and Wingul
    • Monsters in the Cave

The party splits up after the event. Be sure to talk to Rowen southeast corner of Castle Gaius: Central Hall. Then talk to Elize in front of the Central Hall Entrance. Then Talk to Milla or Jude outside the castle gates. Before you head to the throne room, be sure to finish some of the sidequests in Kanbalar.

History of Auj Oule: ConclusionThe skit "Where did I hear Kanbalar before" is an indicator that the final part of the subquest is now available. Go to the inn and talk to KarlaCutsceneNone
Sisterhood: Part IIBefore talking to Gaius, turn back and you'll initiate a conversation with MusétCutsceneNone
Jiao and WingulBefore talking to Gaius, talk to Wingul to initate the sidequestcutsceneNone
Monsters in the Cave (Jude only)Talk to the old man at the second floor in Kanbalar innExterminate the Fire Teagle in Nala Lava TubesCensor Bar attachment
Monsters in the Cave (Milla only)Talk to the old man at the second floor in Kanbalar innExterminate the Aqua dragons in Kukhar Ice CavernsCensor Bar Attachment

When you are ready, talk to Gaius. After that you will fight a single battle while you are on the airship.

E.S.S Zenethra


    • Radio
    • Zenethra Map
    • Treat
    • Miracle Gel
    • Blue Sage
    • Holy Bottle x2
    • 3000 Gald
    • Rotten Bone x15
    • Apple Gel x2
    • Orange Gel x2
    • Sacred Helm
    • Rare Metal x8
    • Bee's Nest x11
    • 3000 Gald
    • Syrup Bottle x2*
    • Holy Bottle x2
    • Dark Bottle*
    • Heavy Treat*
    • Croquette Parfait (small)
    • Blue Savory
    • Red Verbena
    • Jet Black Feather x11
    • Jasmine
    • Resistance Emblem
    • Amulet
    • Venemous Stinger x8
    • Pineapple Gel
    • Elixir
    • Everbloom x7
    • 4000 Gald
    • Omega Elixir
    • Reverse Doll
    • Bizzare Clump x5
    • Life Bottle
    • Specific

There are tons of treasure to get. Fortunately, Aifreads treasures are nowhere to be found. Anyway, there's the merchant and a healer available at the start of the dungeon. When you get inside the ship, you are greeted with the exodus soldiers. After the battle is over you will get the Zenethra Map and a Radio. The radio will tell you that the enemy is planning to send more reinforcements. Anyway, at the central dock, you'll find a treat and Miracle Gel on the sides. Then go west inside the central hall. Unfortunately, you can't go go to the central deck since there are lasers surrounding the door. Your objective is to destroy the generators. At the same room, you'll find Blue Sage and two Holy Bottles. Head southeast towards the starboard area 1.

At Starboard area 1, you'll find 15 Rotten Bones. Anyway, go up the stairs and you'll end up at Starboard Deck. In that room, you'll find a Sacred Helm. After that, go back and go forward. You'll find 3000 Gald along the way. After obtaining the 3000 Gald, go west and it'll lead you to the starboard port bar. If you go further east, it'll lead you to you'll find Blue Savory in Starboard area 2 and Red Verbena in Starboard stateroom. Anyway, backtrack to Starboard port bar. If you look at the right side, you'll find a treasure box containing two Apple Gels.

Once you teleport on the other side of the ship, look on the left side. It should contain a Resistance Emblem. At Port area 1, go west and go up the stairs. It should lead you to six Black Feathers. Go east and you'll find another 3000 Gald and a Croquette Parfait (small). On Port area 2, go west at the intersection towards the first room on the very left. At the end of the hall, you'll find two orange gels. In Port Stateroom #1, you'll find a Jasmine. In port stateroom #2, you'll find an Amulet. At port Stateroom #4, you'll find Jet Black Feather x5 and the hidden item Syrup bottle on the bookshelf. Finally, at port Stateroom #3, you have to perform a basic level puzzle to get the 4000 Gald. Here's the solution to the puzzle.

|**T**             |                  |   ||
|*****             |          ___     |___||
|                  |         |   |         |
|__________________|         |___| ___     |
|               / \               |   |    |
|                |                |___|    |
|                 ----------------------   |
|                                       |  |
|                                 ___  ___ |
|                __________      |   || C ||
|               |**********|     |___||___||
|               |**********|               |

After that, go forward. At the port engine room, destroy the generator. Along the way, you'll find an elixir. Also, on your way to the port side lounge, you'll find a room that leads to the port deck. It contains eight Rare Metals and 11 Bee's Nest. Also, there's another room that contains seven Everblooms and Reverse Doll''.

At the portside lounge, you will teleport to Starboard area 3. At Starboard area 3, turn east and you'll find a Phoenix Ribbon and enter the room in Starboard Stateroom #4, you'll find a Heavy Treat hidden inside on one of the bookshelf. Go to Starboard area 2 by going west and you'll end up in Starboard stateroom #2. There's only an item bag. On the other side of the Starboard area 3, there should be door that leads to the starboard deck. The item contains five Bizzare Clumps and a Life Bottle. Lastly, there's starboard room #3. Again, like the previous puzzle, just push the blocks to the other side to get the Omega Elixir. Here's the solution for the the puzzle.

| ___           ___       |         **T**|
|| C |-------  |   |      |         *****|
||___| ___   | |___|      |              |
|     |   |  |            |              |
|     |___|  |            |____          |
|            |                 |         |
|            ------------->    |_________|
| ___                                    |
||   |                                   |
||___|                                   |
|              __________                |
|             |**********|               |
|             |**********|               |

After getting the omega elixir, go to the starboard engine room and destroy the generator. After destroying the two generators, go back to the central Hall. At the central deck, you'll find a Specific on the west side of the area. Finally, at the end of the road, you'll fight another boss.

Boss: Gilland and Celsius

Gilland is the long range attacker of the pair. He has numerous elemental projectiles like Stalagmite, Poison Shell, Scatter Bolt, and Incendary arc. he also have Squall Shot to cover a wide range of area. Whenever he unleashes his overlimit, he can use Merciless Trigger as his Arcane Arte. Fortunately, he cannot use Mystic Artes. So, it's just going to do big damage against your allies. Secondly, he has Banishing Ray which is a light elemental beam which he swings his gun at a 180 arc. This can do significant damage to your allies across the screen. Lastly, he has heal shot where he can heal his ally instantaniously.

Celsius on the other hand perfers a close range combat. She has Swallow Dance, Ice Raid, Ice Claws, and Tri-Blade Thrust. Note that Tri-Blade Thrust can inflict a three hit combo even if you are down. She has several long range attacks like Frost Spear Slide which leaves a trail of icicles within its path. Ice Blade Deluge is when Celsius summons blades of ice and inflicts moderate damage to your allies. When she is close to death, she will begin to use Ice Calamity which is an Ice Barrier. After a short period of time, the block of ice will shatter into pieces leaving shrapnel of ice pieces flying all over the place. This can do heavy damage to your allies. Lastly, when Celsius begins to use her overlimit, she unleashes her arcane arte, Ice Prison, where she grabs one of your allies and inflict heavy water damage against you. Also, when Gilland and Celsius team up, they'll unleash their linked arte, Perfect Exile, which is a wide range beam attack.

In this battle, you need to focus on Gilland first before taking on Celsius. Gilland can heal very quickly. Since he wields a gun, he can interupt your physical and magical artes. Also, Gilland is weak against Earth. So, use any earth based attacks to overwhelm him. After you defeat Gilland, go after Celsius immediately. She's weak against fire so use any fire-based attack against her. Killing Gilland first is a top priority in battle. So, do what you can

After the battle is over, Milla and Jude will split off once more for plot reasons. This marks the end of chapter 3.

NOTE: Before we start at chapter 4, I'll start out at Milla's side. If you are playing on Jude's side, click to this link, Hamil and Fennmont (Jude Only)

Spirit World (Milla Only)

NOTE: EVERYTHING IN THE SPIRIT WORLD IS MISSABLE!!! FIGHT EVERY MONSTER, FIND EVERY TREASURE, AND DO THE SIDEQUESTS IMMEDIATELY!! Fortunately, you won't be finding any of Aifread's Treasure during your time in the spirit world. = P

Kijara Seafalls: Spirit World


    • Jet Black Feathers x5
    • Sharp Pincers x11
    • French Toast (Large)
    • Apple Gel x3
    • Blue Rosemary
    • Paladin's Cape

After your conversation with the four Spirits, continue to move forward and climb up the vine to the western beach. Continue to move straight and climb up the vines. when you get to the top, be sure to go south to grab the Jet black feathers x5. Now, head up to the rock plateau and move west. You should see a save point, but before that, turn right at the intersection. You should see an itembag and at the end of the path, you should find a treasure chest that contains three 11 Sharp Pincers. Right now, there's nothing noteworthy in Nia Khera. So, head towards the central region of Kijara Seafalls.

At the central region of Kijara Seafalls, Shift your camera to your left and you should see a treasure box inside the small cavity. The treasure contains French Toast (large). Surprisingly, you can still talk to the locals. Anyway, One you get to the top, there should be another treasure box that contains six Giant Fish Fins. After jumping down the plateau, don't forget to grab the three apple gels at the south end near the entrance towards the East Beach. At the East Beach, climb up the rocks and go to your right, you should find a Blue Rosemary. Continue to move forward. On your left side near the Galia Trail entrance, there should be a path sticking out. There's a treasure chest that contains a Paladin's Cape

Galia Trail: Spirit World


    • 4000 Gald
    • Fruit n' Cheese (Large)
    • Land Crab x22
    • Lemon Gel x2

At Galia Trail, go all the way east towards the cliffside. You should see 4000 Gald on the right side. Continue to go forward until you see a large T-Intersection. Go to your left and you should be able to find a treasure chest, Fruit n' Cheese (Large). After that, go to the East region of the Galia Trail. At the east region of the Galia Trail, go south and walk around the perimeter on the right side. You should be able to find 22 Land Crabs. Continue to move forward after that. You should be able to find two Lemon Gels right near the entrance towards Hamil.

Hamil: Spirit World


    • Bizzare Clump x2*
    • Black Egg x3*
    • Pineapple Gel*
    • Apple Gel*
    • Lemon Gel*


    • In Dreams: Part 1 (Milla only, Missable)

You have a very limited time while you are in the spirit world. Go to storage shed where Elize lives and trigger the sidequest. Be sure to follow Efreet to the western orchard before doing anything else. While you are in the storage shed, head down to Elize's room and you should find a Bizzare Clump on one of the baskets. You can go to the resident's home and find three Black Eggs on the cupboard. After that, you find the mayor's house and rest. After you rest up, be sure to check the drawer and you should find a Pineapple Gel in your room. Then find Lemon Gel and a Apple Gel hidden inside the mayor's home.

In Dreams: Part 1 (Missable)In Hamil: Spirit World, go to the storage shed. Efreet will run offFollow Efreet at the western orchard and exterminate the enemyNone

Aladhi Trail: Spirit World


    • Melange Gels x7
    • Jet Black Feathers x7
    • Miracle Bangle
    • Panacea Bottle x3
    • Blue Lavender
    • Dingy Puffballs x3
    • Veggie Sticks (Large)

At the north region, go forward. There should be a rock quarry that splits the area into two. Go on the west side and examine the treasure box. It contains four Melange gels. After that, walk on the perimeter on the right side of the area. You should be able to find three Melange Gels and six Jet Black Feathers. In the south region of Aladi Trail, walk on the outer perimeter and you should find a Miracle Bangle right by the Aladhi Seahaven entrance. If you want to get all of the treasures, then go west at the T-intersection and you should find three Panacea Bottles. Also, if you walk up north near the western entrance of Aladhi trail, you should find a miracle Gel. At the west branch of Aladhi Trail, go all the way west and you should find a Blue Lavender. Then go south towards the lakeside and you should be able to find three Dingy Puffballs. At the lakeside, you should find a Veggie Stick (Large).

Aladhi Seahaven: Spirit World


    • In Dreams: Part 2 (Milla only, Missable)

At Aladhi Seahaven, talk to the two guys near the port. After that, talk to the woman at the eastern side of the inn. If you did the order correctly, you should see the Innkeeper with a Green Exclamation Mark!!! Rest up and you'll trigger the second sidequests. After the cutscene with the four spirits, warp back to Nia Khera.

In Dreams: Part 2 (Missable)In Aladhi Seahaven: Spirit World, rest at the inncutsceneNone

Nia Khera: Spirit World


    • 1000 Gald*


    • In Dreams: Part 3 (Milla only, Missable)

At Nia Khera, the four spirits will no longer accompany you. In the mean time, there's more exploring to do. Go to the Assembly Hall in Nia Khera and rest. Do this sidequest before stepping out to the Nia Khera Spiritway!!!! There's another door you can enter. That house has 1000 Gald if you look at the drawer.

In Dreams: Part 3 (Missable)In Nia Khera: Spirit World, go to the Assembly HallcutsceneNone

Xagut Floodmeadow: Spirit World


    • Blue Jasmine
    • Red Verbena
    • Miracle Bangle
    • Savory

At the Floodmeadow: south region, go the central area where the intersection meets. You'll find a Blue Jasmine. Then go east towards the swampy waters and you'll find Red verbena. Lastly, go all the way north at the southwest region of the floodmeadow and you'll find a Savory.

Nia Khera Spiritway: Spirit World


    • All Divide
    • Lemon Gel x2
    • Fruit Salad (Large)
    • Lemon Gel

After you are reunited with the spirits, head up north and walk along the perimeter. You should be able to find an All Divide. Then go southeast towards the very edge and you'll find two Lemon Gels. In the southwest region of the Nia Khera Spiritway, take the left path. You should able to find Fruit Salad (Large). Keep going west towards the very edge of the area, climb the small cliff and you'll find an elixir. From there, you can move to Milla's Shrine after obtaining the elixir. I have to warn you, a powerful enemy is nearby.

Milla's Shrine: Spirit World


    • Mystic Emblem

Boss: Muzét

She may have a small amount of HP, but it's a grueling battle nevertheless. Many of her physical artes are exceptionally quick and do significant damage. She likes to use Sharpened Petals after she gets knocked down or tries to break out your combo. She also have Sharpened Roots to do 3+ ground damage against your allies within rage. She does Illusionary Charge as an attempt to escape danger or a lunging attack against your allies. Muzét uses regular magic artes like Dark Visitor and Gravity Well to do some magic attack against you. If her health is close to 33%, then she will begin to use Soul Absorption which depletes all TP to foes surrounding Muzét. She will use Sharpened whip which inflicts a quick 6 hit combo. If that's not enough, she uses Elemental Hymns which is a multi-elemental attack. If you get caught with that during her overlimit, she will unleash her mystic arte, event horizon.

Perhaps this your first encounter with her. If this is your first battle with Musét, then listen up. I hope you have Aerial Dash Equipped because you will be using it a lot. You are fighting against Musét with Milla alone. Rushing in is extremely risky because of Musét's Sharpened Petals. If you really have to confront Musét up close, then do aerial attacks. Attacks like Lightning, Wind Blade (Cyclone Version), Particle Rondo and Cloud Pierce will work well against her. This will give you an opportunity to get away before she unleashes Sharpened Petals. Just because she is weak against light, it doesn't mean that you spam on Light elemental magic attacks. She is agile enough to move away from Divine Streak and Shining Prism. If you are feeling very frustrated, then you can use Undine and shoot her aquatic beam towards Musét. It does a lot of damage and it's fast enough to attack from a distance. Just keep an eye on your TP and assess the situation carefully.

At the end of the battle, Musét will retreat. This isn't end of Milla's trip at the Spirit World. You need to go the Hollowmont. Click the link for the next segment of Milla's playthrough: Nia Khera Hollowmont

Hamil and Fennmont (Jude Only)


    • None


    • Soldiers Who Use the Spyrix (Missable)

After a series of long cutscenes, you'll fight a boss battle immediately. For the sake of the plot, I set up a spoiler box. Please highlight if you want to look up for general strategy for this boss...

SPOILER! Highlight to View

Boss: Alvin

This battle is similar to the Gaius fight. Regardless of the outcome of the battle, the game continues on. However, if you are the type of person who wants to win the fight, then keep reading. Knowing Alvin, he have loads of strength and fairly good range with his sword and gun. He's going to perform most of his artes against you. What sucks is that Alvin can use overlimit without a partner, and he can unleash his Terminous Pride against you. Anyway, the battle is a lot like the Ivar battle back at Sapstrath Seahaven. If you can time your backsteps correctly, you can do significant damage against Alvin. If you plan to heal, be sure to do it at a safe distance or while Alvin is doing an attack. When he is doing his long range attack like Squall Shot or Cross Cleave, it's best to do free-run to avoid his attack. In conclusion, it's more on evasive manuevers and attack when your foe is wide open, So, don't crack under pressure.

After the battle is over, you need to go to Fennmont. What's awesome is that you now have access to free travel. Before that, be sure you have one sidequest here in Hamil.

Soldiers Who Use the SpyrixIn Hamil, go to the Western Orchard and examine the area where the incident happenedCutsceneSpirit Fossil Husk

Fennmont: The third visit


    • Psychic Ring


    • Those Who Act in Shadow: Part II
    • Homing Instinct
    • Sustaining Anxiety (Missable)

After arriving in Fennmont, do your business. You have several sidequests to do before moving on to the story. If you are ready, go to Fennmont Seahaven and talk to Wingul.

Those Who Act in Shadow: Part IIThe skit To the Talim Medical School indicates that another sidequest is available in Fennmont. Go to the Talim Med school and talk to Mr. Eldin at the lobbyCutsceneNone
Homing InstinctIf you have done the previous sidequest, Whither the Wyvern, then go to Xian Du at the Northeast corner of the Central District where you first met the WyvernsCutsceneNone
Sustaining AnxietyGo to the inn at Fennmont and restCutsceneNone

After looking the cutscene, you'll fight another boss....

Boss: Muzét

This boss is pain in the ass. Many of her physical artes are exceptionally quick and do significant damage. She likes to use Sharpened Petals after she gets knocked down or tries to break out your combo. She also have Sharpened Roots to do 3+ ground damage against your allies within rage. She does Illusionary Charge as an attempt to escape danger or a lunging attack against your allies. Muzét uses regular magic artes like Dark Visitor, Roche Waltz or Diffusional Drive to do some magic attack against you. If her health is close to 33%, then she will begin to use Soul Absorption which depletes all TP to foes surrounding Muzét. If that's not enough, she uses Elemental Hymns which is a multi-elemental attack. In this battle, she might use Event Horizon against you. (Honestly, I got hit by Elemental Hymn so many times in this bout, and not once she used Event Horizon against me)

Since you are fighting Muzét with a group, the battle should be managable. Whenever you hit Muzét, you have to instinctively block or evade because she will use it numerous times. Since she is weak against light elemental attacks, it's best to use Divine Streak or Sunspark. Unfortunately, light magics are uncommon elements. So, use Leia's Elemental impulse to embue your weapon to light elemental. Also, when she uses Soul Absorption, be sure to move far away as possible since she depletes your TP like mad. This battle you need to react quickly when she does her sharpened petals.

After the battle, go to Milla's Shrine for the next area...

Milla's Shrine (Jude's Side)

When you enter the area, you will be greeted to yet another boss!

Boss: Ivar and the Wyvern

For the most part, Ivar's boss pattern remains the same as the previous bout except that he hits much quicker now. Also, he has an arcane arte called "Crushing Eagle". It's an earth-based attack which pulsates a shockwave beneath Ivar's Knives. If anyone is caught by the crushing eagle during his overlimit, then Ivar will do his Mystic Arte, Shimmerfang Impact. The Wyvern on the other hand is annoying. While Ivar is hacking away with his speed, the Wyvern will move around and troll your allies. For example, Elize is in the middle of her healing spell and the Wyvern just suddenly rushes towards her. The Wyvern will also do poison dragonspit which can do damage to your allies.

Seriously, go after Ivar first. Ivar is weak against Wind, so Whirlwind Snap, Cyclonic Surge and Tempest Pirouette will work well against Ivar. The Wyvern on the other hand, is weak against earth. Air Pressure and Scylla Strike will do. The Wyvern is more likely going to be derpy throughout the battle since it stands around occassionally. Just take out either Ivar and the Wyvern and you'll survive the battle.

After beating Ivar, enter the Shrine and go behind the curtain and you'll end up at Nia Khera Hollowmont.

Nia Khera Hollowmont

At this point, this is where Milla and Jude's side begin to merge. Depending which protagonist you choose, some of the treasures will be different from one another.

If you are playing as Milla, you are going have to wait after a certain event to retrieve Aifread's treasures as well as the rest of the treasures at the Hollowmont.


    • Specific
    • Everbloom x10 (Jude Only)
    • Platinum Guard (Jude Only)
    • Hourglass (Milla Only)
    • Jet Black Feather x4 (Jude Only)
    • Jet Black Feather x5 (Milla Only)
    • Red Lavender
    • Platinum Cloak (Jude Only)
    • Creamy Beef Bowl (Small)
    • 4000 Gald
    • Psychic Ring (Jude Only)
    • Intelligence Ring (Jude Only)
    • Father's Memento (Jude Only)
    • Angel Wings Attachment
    • Dark Seal

After climbing the very first vine, look at the rock at the right corner. Behind it lies Aifread's Treasure, Angel Wings Attachment. After that, climb up the cliff. After climbing the small cliff, you'll find a small tunnel on your left. It leads to a treasure that contains a Specific. Continue to move forward. Before climbing the vine, there should be another tunnel in front of you. If you are playing as Milla in the spirit world, then there's should be only one treasure, the Hourglass. If you are playing as Jude, you'll get 10 Everblooms as well as Platinum Guard. Climb the vine and there should be another treasure on your left side. If you playing as Milla, you get Five Jet-Black Feathers while Jude recieves Four Jet-Black Feathers.

At the Half-Point, climb the vine and you should see another tunnel ahead of you. At the end of the tunnel contains a Red Lavender. Climb up the second vine, you should see a treasure on your right side which contains a Platinum Cloak. Unfortunately, Milla cannot get the Platinum Cloak because it does not exist in the spirit world. Anyway, after climbing the vine, there should be a tunnel in front of you. After crawling through the tunnel, you should see a treasure in front of you. It contains Creamy Beef Bowl (Small). If you shift your camera to your left, you should see one of Aifread's treasure, the Dark Seal. If you are playing as Milla, you can't see it at all. Anyway, proceed forward and you should find 4000 Gald along the way.

When you get to the summit, Jude will fight two bosses and enter the Temporal Crossroads while Milla will fight Maxwell immediately!

Boss: Agria and Presa (Jude Only)

The two bosses should have the same pattern as the previous bout. This time, Agria and Presa can unleash their Linked Arte, Raging Mist. This battle is a battle of numbers because Agria can summon monsters at any time. This can be a distraction for you. So, focus on Agria and then Presa. Finish off any monsters you see on the battle Field.

Temporal Crossroads (Jude Only)


    • Apple Gel (Max Quantity)
    • Orange Gel (Max Quatity)
    • Life Bottle (Max Quantity)
    • Elemental

When you are at the Temporal Crossroads, be sure to follow the Green Orbs and run to the blue orb on the other side. When you are in the second area, go forward until you see the Red Orb and go forward. At the end of the path, you should see three orbs on each end. The orbs contain, Apple Gels, Orange Gels, and Life Bottles. Best of all, you will gain the maximum amount for each of the items. Once you are done, jump down the blue pillar. From there, you will fight an important boss.

Boss: Maxwell

This is where the two paths will merge. However, until Milla joins in, the first bout is a scripted battle. Maxwell will do all sorts of cheap stuff like of time stop for a long period of time and he casts Sunburst. Anyway, if you are playing as Jude, it's best not to waste your items until Milla comes in. Anyway, this boss strategy will start at the second bout.

Maxwell have four elemental modes: Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. Each of them contain different movesets. Each of the elements will have a glorified version of Milla's spirit shift artes such Flare Bomb, Grave, Aqua Protection, and Wind Blade. He will change his elemental mode often, so read up the individual elements for reference.

    • Fire Mode

He has Flame Vanguard which is a powerful close range fire attack. He casts Sunburst as an all range magic attack. Be sure to use Magic Guard to block its attack. During fire mode, Maxwell is weak against Water.

    • Water Mode

He casts Diffusional Drive to hit a large area against you. During Water mode, he will use Soul Absorption which depletes a significant amount of TP to anyone surrounding Maxwell. Be sure to stay far away from Maxwell during Soul Absorption. During Water mode, Maxwell is weak against Fire

    • Wind Mode

This mode is a evasive type. He will use Wind Cloak when Maxwell is overwhelmed against the enemy, he will teleport himself out of danger. He uses Trinity Drive and shoot wind projectiles to your allies. He also uses Cyclone to damage against your allies. During Wind mode, Maxwell is weak against Earth

    • Earth Mode

He will use Binding Sphere which creates 6 spheres around him. If you let it drop, it'll do significant damage as well as being in a stunlocked position. He has Sonic Breaker to attack anyone who is within Maxwell's proximity. He has Roche Waltz to interupt anyone's attacks from any part of the battlefield. During earth mode, Maxwell is weak against Wind

Regardless which mode he uses, any of his attacks acts as an arcane arte. If you get hit with any of his attacks during his overlimit, he will unleash his mystic arte, Meteor Storm. You are going to do all what you can to reduce elemental damage. Equip Fire, Water, Earth and Wind Guard from your skill list to have some protection against elemental artes. Also, it helps to use Magic Guard to reduce magic attacks. During any mode, use the elemental attacks opposite from Maxwell. Rowen will be useful in this battle since he has auto magic guard as well his arsenal of attacks. The key of this battle is being adaptive during battle.

After the battle, you will transport to another world....