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by Berserker_Blade

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Guide and Walkthrough by Berserker_Blade

Version: 1.08 | Updated: 09/30/2013

    ########    ###    ##       ########  ######      #######  ########
       ##      ## ##   ##       ##       ##    ##    ##     ## ##
       ##     ##   ##  ##       ##       ##          ##     ## ##
       ##    ##     ## ##       ######    ######     ##     ## ######
       ##    ######### ##       ##             ##    ##     ## ##
       ##    ##     ## ##       ##       ##    ##    ##     ## ##
       ##    ##     ## ######## ########  ######      #######  ##

              ##     ## #### ##       ##       ####    ###
               ##   ##   ##  ##       ##        ##    ## ##
                ## ##    ##  ##       ##        ##   ##   ##
                 ###     ##  ##       ##        ##  ##     ##
                ## ##    ##  ##       ##        ##  #########
               ##   ##   ##  ##       ##        ##  ##     ##
              ##     ## #### ######## ######## #### ##     ##
                              Tales of Xillia
                             FAQ and Walkthrough
                                Version 1.08
By: Black Murasame63 (c)2013

E-mail address: Suikofreak@gmail.com

I. What's New

September 30, 2013

1.07 I partially completed the skillset and did the coliseum. I finally corrected the pics and added some more.

Version History

September 23, 2013

1.07: I completed the linked arte list and completed the Lilium Orb. Hopefully, I'll get started with the post game content.

''September 19, 2013

1.05: I completed the Mysterious Jewel sidequest and completed the individual artes for all the playable characters. I started working on the skills as well. Please don't mind the mess on Lilium orb because I'm experimenting the layout. It's in progress.

August 30, 2013

1.00: I completed the main story. However, I do not have the optional sidequest for the mysterious jewels. But, I will have them ready as soon as possible. Now, it's time to cover the loose ends in this FAQ.

August 26, 2013

0.90: I underestimated the amount of content found in Chapter 4. Anyway, I managed to complete all of Milla and Jude's focused segments. From there, I need to complete the remaining sidequests as well as the final dungeon and the walkthrough is complete. I also completed the moveset for Jude and Milla. I should be done with the walkthrough by the end of this week.

August 20, 2013

0.75 Hopefully I got most of the e-mails with the corrections. I thank all of you for informing me. Not much going on here other than finishing the walkthrough up to chapter 3. We are almost to the end.

August 16, 2013

0.50 Wow, you guys are awesome. I really appreciate that this faq is helping you guys immensely. As for the the people who giving me the correct info and additional stuff, I'll have it by the next revision. I need to sort out all the e-mails and write out the corrections. Anyway, I written the walkthrough all the way to Orda Palace. Again, I thank you guys for support.

August 14, 2013

0.40: Whoa, a surprise update. Anyway, I realized that the huge ASCII for the lilum orb list for Jude doesn't look good on mobile devices. So, I changed it to the proper format. Speaking of Lilium Orb, I completed Lilium Orb #1 for all of the characters. Also, I updated the sidequests and the walkthrough all the way to Kanbalar. Finally, I updated the arte list by adding Rowen's movelist.

August 12, 2013

0.35 Got the walkthrough up to the end of Labari Hollow. Unforunately, I don't have the sidequests for chapter 2 set up yet. However, I got the lilium orb started. Right now, I only have Jude set up. I should have everyone orb 1 set up really soon.

August 9, 2013

0.25 Initial Release

II. Copyright

All trademarks are property of their respective owners. No section of this guide can be used without my permission. This includes, but is not limited to posting on your website, making links to my guide, including parts of my guide in your own, or making reference to any material contained within. If you do, I'll send a pack of bloodhounds after you.

(c)2013 Black Murasame63

- Thanks to Michael Sarich for this Copyright -

III. Contact Info

Anything to suggest to improve the faq infrastructure will suffice. Also, if you found errors or want to add anything in the FAQ, please send me an email to the link below you. If I approve your suggestions, you'll be definitely be credited for the next revision.

E-mail address: Suikofreak@gmail.com

The following sites below are allowed to post my FAQ to their website. The two sites I mentioned are the only ones that can post my FAQ.

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Be sure when the adminstrator of the respective site upload my FAQ. You must let me know once you uploaded the faq. For everyone else, sorry guys. These are the only two sites that I allow them to post my FAQ. Also, any E-Mail that does not contain any constructive criticism whatsoever or just simply trolling, I will not bother reading it, and it will be deleted.

IV. Introduction

Hey, everyone. I'll admit that I struggled to find motivation on my last FAQ. So, I decided to try again in FAQ writing. This time, no more procrastination on my end and I will strive for writing an exceptional guide. With that being said, I intend to keep spoilers as minimal as possible.


 /Initial Stats                         \
|Level 2                                  \
|                                          \
|P. Attack: 197    P. Defense: 203          |
|A. Attack: 141    A. Defense: 161          |
|Strength: 54      Vitality: 42             |
|Intelligence: 37  Psy: 44                  |
|Agility: 60       Dexterity: 43            |
|                                           |
|Innate Ability: Snap Pivot                 |
|                                           |
|Character Skill: Restore                   |

He is a medical student at Fennmont. He life will turn upside down when he gets involved with Milla Maxwell.

He is the second main protagonist to use his fists as his main weapon. If you are familiar with Senel from Tales of Legendia or any fist users, then you should have no problem using Jude. Most of his artes are useful in most situations. For instance, he have his healing artes like Healer or Recovery Ring for you to use. His offensive artes is exceptionally useful because it focuses on swift yet powerful strikes. Talon Storm, Swallow Dance, Demon Fist, and etc. are all examples of really good non-elemental attacks. Also, his elemental attacks are awesome as well. Aqua Sweep can knock-down enemies real easily. Also, Cerberous Blast can deal significant damage against enemies who are weak against earth. He also have support artes that can strengthen Jude's offensive capabilities like Coil and Steel. Because he is the main character, he have the most link artes in the game. No matter who he chooses as his link, he has tons of options of unleashing link artes.

Other than his offensive capabilities, he is exceptionally agile. Naturally, his overall agility is the best out of all the characters. With his exceptional agility, he can free-run and not get hit at all. If you played Tales of the Abyss, you know what I'm talking about. His innate ability is snap pivot; when he backsteps at the right time, he goes behind the opponent and pummels the crap out of them. Although the timing can be fairly difficult, attacking from your opponent's blindside is a great way to punish attacks. It also helps that his skills revolve around his quick movements. For instance, he has moving assault where Jude can sidestep and attack his opponent at the same time. He also have assault step to damage your opponent while he performs a front step. As a support character, he has restore where he picks up his ally from being knocked-over. It also works when you are incapacitated in battle. It's really good for enemies who like to stun them to he floor. His only drawback is that his innate ability is fairly difficult to pull off. Overall, beginners and veterans alike will enjoy using Jude because his moves are straight forward and his stats are well-balanced. Anyone who likes using Snap Pivot will be well-rewarded by seeing the blindside animation and beat the crap out of your opponents.


 /Initial Stats                         \
|Level 2                                  \
|                                          \
|P. Attack: 176    P. Defense: 173          |
|A. Attack: 165    A. Defense: 156          |
|Strength: 50      Vitality: 38             |
|Intelligence: 50  Psy: 42                  |
|Agility: 50       Dexterity: 50            |
|                                           |
|Innate Ability: Spirit Shift               |
|                                           |
|Character Skill: Bind                      |

She is the incarnation of Maxwell who is capable of controlling the four spirits. When she finds out that the number of spirits are declining, she investigates why the spirits are disappearing.

Milla Maxwell's playstyle is quite unique from all the tales characters. She has regular magic artes and the short-range version. Her spirit artes are mainly for area of effect attacks like Rock Triad, Arrivederci, and cyclone. Her short ranged attacks like Flare-bomb, Wind Blade, and Lightning are used for single enemies. Her spirits artes are used in a typical fashion with an incantation time while her magi artes are quick hits. They can be used depending how you press the arte button. Then you have her physical artes which is great to use. Her attacks like Whirling Assault, Sigil Spear, and Shimmer Spin are awesome to use. They do decent damage and they can transition to magic artes very easily. Also her summon artes count as a physical artes. She can unleash Undine, Gnome, Effeet, and Sylph instantly and have great area of effect. Her aerial combat is excellent. Most of her Magic artes are capable of doing aerial attacks. For instance, she can launch her opponent in the air and do several follow ups with Lightning or Wind Blade. Unfortunately, her flexible attacks do come with a hefty price. Most of her attacks consume substantial amount of TP. Mashing the Arrivederci or Cyclone version of Wind Blade can eat up so many TP that your TP meter is almost zero. Also, her summons cost a whopping 40 TP per use can takes it toll as well. You really need to equip an accessory where TP consumption is cut by half or set up certain skills where Milla's TP is not used when she casts Spirit artes from her magic artes. Like Jude, Milla also benefits of having all sorts of link artes from the other characters. So, don't be afraid of using Link artes.

Her stats and her special attacks focuses primarily on Strength and Intelligence because her playstyle easily transtions from physical to magical attacks. When she acts as a supporting character in battle, her skill is bind. She will randomly bind your opponent by giving you free hits. Great skill to use if you love your combos. She has so many skills to use depending your play style. I do implore you to take full advantage of her aerial skills because this is Milla's primary strengths. Having her to utilize aerial attacks will definitely aid you in battle. Overall, her "Magic Swordsman" playstyle is awesome because her attacks are not compromised. She can transition from a mage to a physical attack in manner of seconds. However, I do want to note that her TP consumption is quite steep. Other than that, she is a really fun character to use.


 /Initial Stats                         \
|Level 4                                  \
|                                          \
|P. Attack: 266    P. Defense: 247          |
|A. Attack: 136    A. Defense: 149          |
|Strength: 97      Vitality: 64             |
|Intelligence: 32  Psy: 60                  |
|Agility: 62       Dexterity: 60            |
|                                           |
|Innate Ability: Charge Artes               |
|                                           |
|Character Skill: Breaker                   |

Alvin wields two weapons: A broadsword and a gun. With a unique combination of weapons, he can dish out significant damage against his foes. Alvin's unique ability is that he can charge his base artes. It's mainly an altered version of the arte with more damage and hits. Best of all, the TP cost remains the same. For you to use his charge artes, you must perform a base arte. After you perform the base arte, hold the "X" button and watch him glow. After he charges his attack, you can hold it until you perform his artes. Even if he gets hit after his charge animation, he will not lose the ability. Initially, he can charge his attack one at a time. However, as you go through the Lillum orb, you will find abilities that will make him hold more charges. While the benefits of executing charge attacks are great in battle, he is vulnerable during his charge animation. While Alvin is charging up for his attack, someone can interupt his charging animation. It's best to use ranged attacks like Demon Fang before you perform your charge animation.

His stats focuses on Strength and defense. Because of this, he can withstand heavy hits from his opponents. Like most physically brute characters, Alvin movements and attacks are much slower than everyone else. However, don't let that deter you from using Alvin. He can also deal heavy damage as well. Aside with his broadsword artes, his gun artes deal a lot of damage as well. Some of his artes where he shoots from his gun can range from quickshots or delayed shots. As a support character, his character skill is Breaker. Alvin can destroy the opponent's guard by unleashing a powerful slash. This can be useful in battles where the enemies like to guard like there is no tommorrow. Overall, despite his usual weakness as a powerful yet slow character, his unique playstyle is what stands out from all the others.


 /Initial Stats                         \
|Level 10                                 \
|                                          \
|P. Attack: 272    P. Defense: 226          |
|A. Attack: 285    A. Defense: 319          |
|Strength: 63      Vitality: 45             |
|Intelligence: 69  Psy: 78                  |
|Agility: 56       Dexterity: 55            |
|                                           |
|Innate Ability: Teepo Switching            |
|                                           |
|Character Skill: Teepo Drain               |

Elize is your token healer in the game. Her healing artes consists of healing in a group like Healing Circle, Pixie Circle, and Nurse. She also have the usual recovery artes like Recover and Ressurection. She also have couple offensive artes like Negative gate and Dread Wings. Suprisingly, she also have several physical artes in her repertoire. With the exception of Pow Hammer, her physical attacks involved using Teepo in battle. Her innate ability involves Teepo in battle. She can summon her doll at will. For instance, when Teepo is flying around, Elize's physical capabilities increases. When Teepo is on Elize's back, Elize's magic capability increases. Also, during Teepo off, Elize can attack from medium range. It's interesting that her physical artes involved knocking away from opponents. This can be used to cast offensive magic artes from the distance.

Her character skill is Teepo Drain. While you are pummelling your enemies, Elize can siphon the enemy's HP and TP. This is a valuable tool to use because you have more options to manage your TP meter. Her primary stat is Mind which gives her the option to have so much defense against magic attacks. The only setback for Elize is that she have poor physical defense and her offensive magic artes are limited. Overall, Elize is a fine example of contrasting abilities. There are several options for her; from healing to Dark magic to defensive physical artes, it's surprising that Elize is an interesting take on the healer role.


 /Initial Stats                         \
|Level 13                                 \
|                                          \
|P. Attack: 278    P. Defense: 290          |
|A. Attack: 375    A. Defense: 345          |
|Strength: 79      Vitality:  59            |
|Intelligence: 119 Psy:  85                 |
|Agility: 69       Dexterity: 86            |
|                                           |
|Innate Ability: Arte Tuning                |
|                                           |
|Character Skill: Auto-Magic Guard          |

His innate ability is Arte Tuning. After he casts magic, he can do several follow-up attacks. For example, after casting fireball, press the arte button four more times to unleash more fireballs. Other Magical artes like Splash or Diffusional drive can expand area of effect with the left stick. Most of his magical artes is interactive; so it's never boring to cast magic. His physical attacks on the other hand is another story. He can throw his knives at medium range. His close ranged-artes, not so much. Why use physical artes when Rowen has ways to attack his opponents. As the token offensive magic user, he has plenty skills that will improve his magic casting. For instance, the skill conductor can quicken his casting time after tuning. Also, there's a skill where Rowen cannot get staggered while he is casting. By the time you are halfway through the game, Rowen is already a powerful ally.

His character skill is auto-magic guard. When the enemy is about to cast a magic attack, Rowen will automatically raise the magic barrier. Best of all, you can still move around and attack while you are protected against magic attacks. His primary stat is intelligence. Naturally it makes sense because he is the offensive mage of the group. Overall, don't expect Rowen to kick ass at close range. Instead, utilize his Tuning artes and take advantage of his diverse elemental magics. Rowen is an awesome character to have around.


 /Initial Stats                         \
|Level 17                                 \
|                                          \
|P. Attack: 424    P. Defense: 477          |
|A. Attack: 334    A. Defense: 317          |
|Strength: 101     Vitality: 82             |
|Intelligence: 70  Psy: 95                  |
|Agility: 139      Dexterity: 74            |
|                                           |
|Innate Ability: Elongating Staff           |
|                                           |
|Character Skill: Item Steal                |

She have several physical artes to use as well as her healing artes. In contrast to Elize's group healing artes, Leia uses healing that targets a single ally. She also have some support artes like barrier and sharpness to buff your character's stats temporarly. She also have a unique arte called Elemental Impulse where she embues elemental properties onto someone's weapon. This will help your ally to attack the enemy's weakness regardless of what move you used against the enemy. Leia can be a great use in numerous boss battles because of her Elemental impulse. Next, she is really good using items in battle. She has several passive skills which drastically improves her item using capability. For example, two of her skills removes cooldown time after using an item and she can increase the effect of using items. Her innate ability is elongating staff. Like Jude, back step at the right time and her staff becomes much larger; giving you extensive range in her attack. Finally, most of her physical artes have aerial properties. Compared to Milla's aerial artes, Leia's moves are much easier to pull off because her attacks sends her enemies airborne. Even attacks like Darting Claw and Cerberous Strike have aerial properties. Use that to your advantage.

Her character skill is Item Steal. Obviously, she steals items after your character knocks down the enemy. It's certainly useful for finding materials or healing items. Her key stat in her lillum orb is Stamina. Unfortunately, her stamina stat does not seem to stand out as much as the other characters. The problem with Leia is that her overall capability is average. For example, Elize can cast healing magic as quickly as Leia, but Elize can accomodate with a small group. Even though Leia has an easier time to pull off aerial combos, Leia's combo potential is limited. Despite her setback, Leia is still a great character to use. Her item capabilities and her support magics can go a long way.

Basic Controls

|Field Controls|

X: Confirm
O: Cancel
Triangle: Main Menu
Square: Map

L1: Center camera
R1: Open Map
L2: Not Used
R2:Not Used

Left Stick: Move Character
Right Stick: Adjust Camera
Start: Pause

Battle Commands

|Primary Commands|

X: Artes
O: Regular Attack
Triangle: Battle Menu
Square: Guard

L1 + D-pad: Change Leader
L1+O: Perform secondary artes (Arte Sphere Required)
L1+ X: Perform side attack
R1: Change Target
R3: Switch Character

Left Stick: Move Character
Right Stick: Arte Short cut
D-Pad: Change character link
Start: Menu

VIII. Double Raid-Linear Motion Battle System (DR-LMBS)

In contrast to Tales of Graces F's battle system, DR-LMBS resembles Tales of Vesperia's battle system with significant differences. DR-LMBS revolves around two characters performing in tandem on the battle field in a form of "linking." If the last quote left you really muddled, let's talk in detail about the notable features found in this battle system. = 0


Linking consists of two characters pairing up together in combat. The character you are controlling is the master while the AI controlled character is the slave. Having your character linked up can produce a variety of actions. For example, you can unleash a powerful attack using link artes by looking at the sword icon after finishing an arte animation. Another example is that you can let your slave character perform their own characteristic skills. It can range from binding the enemy to stealing items. Also, while you are pummelling the crap out of your enemies, your partner can assist you by attacking the enemy from the rear. Loads of teamwork involved in this game.

TP and Assault Counter

Techincal Points (TP) makes its return from Tales of Vesperia. So now, your attacks cost TP and you must keep track how much TP you consume. Also, the assault counter makes its debut in Tales of Xillia. It's similar to the chain capacity (CC) from Tales of Graces F where your attacks are connected as long as you have points remaining in your assault counter. In contrast to CC where you need to defend to replenish your meter, assault counter instaneously replenish its meter after you stop doing your action. Finally, if you are able to land a critical hit, you can exceed the maximum AC meter.

Link Chain Chance

If you look at the bar on your left, that's your overlimit meter. If you fill the bar to the top and perform a link arte, you will unleash your overlimit. During your overlimit, all of your hits are unlimited meaning that your combos will continue to connect before your overlimit meter runs out. Also, this is your opportunity to chain multiple link artes. For instance, if you link up Milla with Jude and did Final Gale, you can do a follow up by doing another arte and it'll do the link arte for that particular move instead. (Example: Final Gale ------> Cerberous Strike [Igneous Crush]) However, you cannot repeat the same arte twice. You need to pull off a different arte in order for the link chain chance to keep going. Fortunately, you can link up with different characters by pressing the directional pad during the link arte animation. From there, you can continue to pull off your link artes. Lastly, if you have an arcane arte and you pull it off during overlimit, you can unleash a mystic arte. There's lot to do during overlimit. Please use this as a tool to win your battles.

Character Switching

In most Tales games, you would need to switch your reserved party members from the menu. In Tales of Xillia, you can switch your characters during battle. When you have your fifth or sixth character in your party, you can switch by pressing R3 and pick one of the directional buttons. From there, you successfully made a switch and you can resume kicking ass against your foes. IMO, this is one of the most essential features in Tales of Xillia.

Lillum Orb

Lillum Orb

This is Tales of Xillia's way of developing your characters. If you are familiar with FFX's Sphere Grid, then you have some idea what the Lillum Orb system is. Basically, whenever you level up, you will recieve Growth Points(GP). You will spend your points on the Lillum Orb by connecting a dot to another one. The ones found on the line are generally stats. However, the orbs that are in-between the lines are special skills. If you connect the perimeter like you see the figure above, you will unlock the content inside the square. This can range from artes to support skills. In order for you to promote your lillum orb to the next level, you will need to activate a special node like the figure above along with two other nodes on the edge of the lillum orb. Once you fill all three nodes, you will unlock another layer of the Lillum Orb.


In Tales of Xillia, all shops will sell the same types of merchandise. This time, you will need level up your purchasing license in order for you to buy more stuff. For example, you want to buy the latest weapon but your weapon level is below the requirement. You can do this by selling items to the merchants. Another way to level up is to sell all of your materials. Lastly, if you ran out of materials, you can use your gald to raise up your purchasing stats.


You will find all sorts of encounters found in Tales of Xillia. You have your standard ambush and pre-emptive strikes. You also have encounters where they bundled the adjacent foes on the field and you have to fight them all at once. A new type of encounter to look for is when the screen says warning. When you have that, your foes are stronger than usual. So, be on the look-out whenever you are in the battle field.


Unfortunately, there is no cooking in this game. Instead, you will have to buy your food from shops. Bleh.

X. Walkthrough

NOTE: All directions given during this walkthrough is always facing NORTH. Items that are bolded indicates Aifread's Treasure. Lastly, * right next to the name indicates a hidden item

The Spirits

After seeing the beginning cutscenes, you will have to choose one of the two protagonists. Once you made your decision, please continue on.

Fennmont: Jude's Side


    • Life Bottle*
    • Orange Gel x3*


    • Rumor About Jude (Jude Only; missable)
    • The Cycle of Rieze Maxia (Jude Only; missable)
    • Spiritual Arte Failure (Jude Only; missable)

You start at Talim Medical School; this is Jude's starting point. Be sure to grab x3 Orange Gel from the lockers. Head out of the school and head over to the other room because you cannot leave the medical school just yet. Talk to the professor and head over to examination room. After the cutscene, Jude will change to his regular clothes. Be sure to examine the monitor screen to get you a ''life bottle. Anyway, you will need to go to Laforte Research Institute. But before that, you will need to finish some sidequests. They won't give you anything, but they will give you 1 point towards your sub-events.

Rumor About Jude:At Talim Student teaching Center near the lockersConversationNone
The Cycle of Rieze MaxiaGo to the Talim Student Center and look for the man near the corner at the entrance LobbyConversationNone
Spirit Arte FailureGo to Fennmont research district; it's one room away from the Research facility Look to your rightConversationNone

Fennmont: Sewers


    • Cape
    • Orange Gel x2
    • Apple Gel x3
    • Life Bottle
    • 400 Gald

If you chose Milla, she will start at the sewers near the Laforte Institute. At the sewers, you are going to find all sorts of items found on the sparkling areas. Anyway, after looking at the controls at the tutorial, head to the stairs on your right and you will find a cape. Go straight and you will fight your first battle. Continue to go forward and you will find two item bags along your way. Defeat the soldier guarding the ladder and you will proceed to Laforte Institute.

Laforte Research Institute


    • Orange Gel x2
    • Apple Gel x3
    • Chamomile
    • Life Bottle
    • 400 Gald
    • 500 Gald
    • Key Card

At the right side from the entrance, you will find a treasure box that contains two Orange Gels. Head up the stairs and you will find a save point. Continue to go straight and you will find an item bag. Also, if you go further down, you will find a treasure box that contains three Apple Gels. Obviously, there's no other doors to open because you don't have a key card. Before you enter the door, grab the life bottle from the chest and enter the door. Depending which protagonist you choose, you will fight the crazy girl in red. If you are Jude, you going have to hold out until you see another cutscene. If you are Milla, you can proceed to kick her ass with Milla's uber spirit powers. After beating her, you will recieve the Key Card and head over to the door up north because the door on the eastern end is the exit. Before that, head south from the room where you fought the girl in red and you'll find Chamomile. (Thanks, Salatrin)

Once you enter the door, run over to the other end of the room and you will find a treasure that contains 400 Gald. From there, head over to center of the room and run up the stairs. At the end of the road, you will find a treasure chest that contains 500 Gald. Finally, head over to the door at the south end of the room and the next scene will follow. After the opening cutscene, you need to fight a soldier. However, Milla will no longer have uber powers. From there, you need to head over to the port. All the roads leading to other roads are blocked, so there's no point of exploring there.

Aladhi Seahaven


    • Legendary Flavor (After the mandatory sidequest)
    • The Monster Lies (After the mandatory sidequest)
    • Fruit Seller (After the mandatory sidequest)

At the port, you will need to the lady near the pillar. You can tell because she have a green exclaimation mark above her head. Alvin will tell you general info about sidequests. Anyway, once you accept her request, head out of the port.

Legendary FlavorRight near the stairs in Aladhi Seahaven.Buy Soda Rice. Buy it at the food Vendor at the inn.Bushy Eyebrow attachment and 1200 Gald
The monster liesAt the same area in western Aladhi trail where you fought the monster at the lakesideExterminate MonstersSheathed Dagger attachment and 1200 Gald
Fruit SellerTalk to the merchant near the innYou can find a porrange in Hamil. But you can only get it after a certain Story eventShiba Dog Muzzle and ''1200 Gald

Aladhi Trail


    • Apple Gel x4
    • 600 Gald
    • Boots
    • Wood Chunk x10
    • Weird Fragment x5
    • Item Sphere
    • 2000 Gald

After you left Aladhi Seahaven, you will be introduced with another game mechanic tutorial with "links". Once that is over, head westward and continue to move straight. Along the way you will find treasures such as two apple gels, 600 Gald, and a pair of boots. At the end of the road, you will encounter a pack of monsters. This battle will talk about overlimit. Do what you can against those monsters. From there, go back to Alashi Seahaven and talk to the lady. After that, go to the inn and rest. By then, the path blocked on the eastern path in Aladhi Trail has cleared out and you can proceed to go to the next area.



    • Apple Gel*
    • 300 Gald*
    • Napple*
    • Life Bottle
    • Wild Bird Egg x3*
    • Mysterious Jewel 1

After you talk to the elder of the village. You can move at the western end where the boy is examining the purple diamond-shape object. These odd shaped treasure box is called "Aifread's treasure". They are scattered throughout your journey; so, be on the look out. Also, this is the first treasure, Mysterious Jewel 1. You will need to collect all 23 in order for you to complete the sidequest: Mysterious Jewels: Sub-Event. Next, go to the Hamil residence west of the mayor's house. Examine the basket of fruits and you will get a Napple. This will be important for the upcoming sidequest.Once you are done with your exploration, head over to the elder's house and rest for a bit. After you rest up at the elder's house, head to the western exit of the town. You will see another cutscene. Once that's over, proceed to the next area.

Galia Trail


    • 900 Gald
    • Orange Gel x2
    • Life Bottle
    • Bandage Attachment
    • 2000 Gald
    • Stun Bracelet
    • Pudding Cake (small)

At the start of the trail, you will find a merchant near the save point. Southwest of the merchant, you will find a treasure box that contains 900 Gald. Continue to move forward. Before you head to the next area, head southwest and you will find a bandage attachment on the top the tree. You may need to adjust the camera to see it. At the next area, move west and you will find a pudding inside the treasure box.

Kijara Seafalls


    • Meatsauce Pasta (Small)
    • Jasmine
    • 700 Gald
    • Bronze Helm
    • Melange Gel
    • Heal Bracelet
    • Jet Black Feather x6
    • Life Feather
    • Apple Gel x3
    • Pet Dragon Attachment

Guardian Emblem

Head west towards the water and you will find Meatsauce Pasta. Continue to go forward and climb up. At the intersection, head to your left and you will find 700 Gald. Then, continue to trek forward. Before jumping to the sand, go forward and you will find a Jasmine at the end of the path. Once you have the treasure, continue west towards the next area.

At the central region of Kijara Seafalls, head west accross the rocky corridor. Be sure to shift your camera to the right and you should see a diamond-shaped treasure stuck on a rock. It contains a Pet Dragon Attachment, yay. Continue to go to the end Right around the rocks, there should be an item bag nearby and a treasure that contains Bronze Helm. After gathering all the items on the west, don't forget to grab the three apple gels at the south end; otherwise climb up the rock quarry. One you get to the top, there should be another treasure box that contains a Heal Bracelet. Once you have that, continue to go south as you trek the plateau. Then, drop down the plateau once you hit a dead end. Afterwards, shift your camera to your right and you should see a treasure box inside the small cavity. The treasure contains six Jet Black Feathers. At the end of the path, you will find another save point. There, you will fight a boss...

Boss: Greater Demon

This boss will teach you how to utilize your overlimit using arte chain links. Well, this boss uses its tentacles to attack you from a distance. Also, it will plow its tentacles to the ground to create a ripple effect. After the ripple effect ends, the tentacles will shoot up from the ground. Depending on the health, this attack can hit two to six times. Next, Greater Demon curls its body up and builds up power. You can tell when the bubbles are surrounding it. Then, it unleashes an aquatic laser. By the time the boss's health is 50 percent, it'll begin to grab your allies and slams them to the ground three times. Also, Greater Demon does a vertical jump and pounds to the ground to attack your allies within its surrounding area. Lastly, when Greater Demon is close to death, it will unleash a bubble attack where a dome of water surrounds the user while it damages anyone within the vicinity. As one of the earlier bosses, it does numerous attacks but the damage is moderate.

In this battle, you better know how to use link artes chain because it has so much HP. Its weakness is fire so use any link artes like Hell Pyre or Aerial Fire to do significant damage against the boss. Because of its large stature, it's best to stay close to the boss. Since your healing is limited, please make use of Guardian Field or Healer. Other than that, you will do fine.

After you beat the boss, continue to move forward and climb up the vine to the next area. Continue to move straight and climb up the vines. when you get to the top, be sure to go south to grab the life bottle. Don't forget to shift your camera around and there should be another Aifread treasure chest stuck on the rock. It contains Guardian Emblem. Now, head up to the rock plateau and move west. You should see a save point, but before that, turn right at the intersection. You should see an itembag and at the end of the path, you should find a treasure chest that contains three Apple Gels. You should have all the treasures, so get out and proceed to the next town.

Nia Khera


    • Temporal Fire Stone
    • Temporal Water Stone
    • Temporal Wind Stone
    • Temporal Earth Stone
    • Sandwich*
    • Mysterious Jewel 2*
    • Apple Gel*
    • 500 Gald*


Before you head out to the shrine, you will need to grab the elemental stones. The first stone is the earth stone. This one is really easy to get. It is right near the entrance via Kijara Seafalls. If you are currently facing north, tilt your camera to your left and you should see a small shrine with the temporal wind stone. Approach it and grab the Temporal Wind Stone. Once you obtained the temporal wind stone, head over to the other bridge accross from you. Along the way, you should find the Temporal Fire Stone. Once you are on the other bridge, jump off the edge and grab the Temporal Water Stone. Jude will tell you that they have all the stones and now it's a good time to walk to the shrine. However, before that be sure to go through all of the houses and rummage the drawers to find hidden items. I do want to tell you that the house near the earth stone contains a key item for your sidequest. Be sure to grab the Mysterious Jewel. Once you are done, head over to the southwest exit and head to Milla's Shrine.

The Myth about MaxwellTalk to the old man in the middle of the villageTalk to himnone
Offerings to MillaTalk to the lady near the Temporal Wind StoneGrab an Insect Husk from the butterfliesBedhead and 1600 Gald
Incoming MonsterTalk to the old man near the exit towards Nia Khera SpiritwayExterminate monster in the Northeastern Section of Nia Khera SpiritwayElf Ear Attachment and ''1600 Gald
Something TastyTalk to the little boy near the entrance via Kijara SeafallsGrab a Napple. You can find it at the residence in the western region in Hamil where the baskets areDrippy Nose

Nia Khera SpiritWay/Milla's Shrine


    • 800 Gald
    • Jet Black Feathers x5
    • Yakisoba Noodles (Small)
    • Leather Cape
    • Sage
    • Panacea Bottle
    • Mysterious Jewel 3
    • Framed Glasses


This trail is straight forward. There several treasure boxes that are layed out throughout the field. Be sure to check out the ledges and grab the treasure box on top. There are two Aifread Treasures to look out for. The first one is located in northeast region of Nia Khera Spirit Way. Just go up the cliff on southwest end of the area and examine the treetops. You'll get Framed Glasses. The second Aifread treasure is located on the southwest region. I had this pic for quite a while now. Here's the location...

Aifread's Treasure: Mysterious Jewel 3

(Thanks to nightsongthebard, woaini_mr.yang, dupree and littleangelfox for mentioning this. Looks like I forgot to mention this on the FAQ)

Once you are in Milla's Shrine, just watch all the wonderful cutscenes. After you are done, head back to Nia Khera. Alvin will leave your party for a bit. After you meet up with Alvin in Nia Khera, head over to the inn and talk to the old man near the rack of scrolls. After speaking to the old man, you need to backtrack all the way to Hamil.

Ivar the Shaman (Missable)After the event in Milla Shrine take the northwest exit towards Xagut Floodmeadow and talk to IvarCutsceneNone

(Thanks alessandrocatella and annonymous for the sidequest. I missed this sidequest on my playthough)

Hamil/Aladhi Trail


    • Porange

At Hamil, you will see a cutscene with Elize on it. If you are Jude, you run after Elize; if you are Milla, head over to the elder house. After your talk with the Elize/Elder, you'll meet up with the rest of your party members. Before you head out, be sure to grab the Porange at the basement at the house near the entrance to Kijira Seafalls. This is for one of the sidequests. After that, head over to Aladhi Seahaven and talk to the guy who will take you to Sapstrath Seahaven.

Sapstrath Seahaven


    • None


    • Anticipated Reunion (Part I)
    • Those Who Act in Shadow (Part I)
    • A Special Delivery to the inn
    • Wanted Poster (Part I)
    • The Amazing Bounty Hunter
    • Femme Fatale
    • Devil's Arms (coming soon)

Not much to see here other than new sidequests. So, exit and move to the next area.

Anticipated Reunion: Part IThe skit, "The Suspious Sailor" is the trigger of the new sidequest. Talk to the sailor near the pier.Talk to him to initiate the side quest.None
Those Who Act in Shadow: Part IThe skit, "The best inn" is a trigger for the new sidequest. Talk to the innkeeper.Character backstoryNone
A Special Delivery to the InnTalk to the sailor near the pier at the portDeliver it to the innkeeper near the fireplace in ShariltonSunglasses Attachment and 2600 Gald
Wanted Poster: Part ILook at the poster at the center of the areaExamine the posterNone
The Amazing Bounty HunterTalk to the bounty hunter near the exit of Sapstrath SeahavenExterminate the monster in Sapstrath Deepwood, in the north regionAviator Sunglasses Attachment and 2600 Gald
Femme FataleTalk to the woman right by the innFind Poison Stingers located in random item bagsHairpin Attachment and 2600 Gald

Sapstrath Highroad


    • Panacea Bottle x2
    • Melange Gel
    • Sword Emblem
    • 1500 Gald
    • Jet Black Feather x6
    • Elixir
    • Orange Gel
    • Soda Rice (Small)
    • Mysterious Jewel 4

Unfortunately, you cannot explore much of the area because the military is blocking your path. So, you have no choice but to move south. At least you will find a Soda Rice before entering the Sapstrath Deepwood.

Sapstrath Deepwood


    • 1500 Gald
    • Mystery Liquid x6
    • Orange Gel x3
    • Mabo Curry
    • Apple Gel x2
    • Life Bottle
    • Jet Black Feather x6
    • Verbena
    • Hard Coat
    • Supple Ivy
    • Wind Cape
    • Panacea Bottle
    • Rabbit Ears Attachment
    • Elixir x2

After the first battle in the area, Elize will fight alongside you. Afterwards, by the time you hit the first intersection, I suggest to go south. It'll lead you to the north region of the area. Anyway, you will find 1500 Gald in that area as well as six Jet Black Feathers. This is also the place where you fight a set of monsters for Amazing Bounty Hunter sidequest. Anyway, once you have done your business there, be sure to head back to the intersection and go west to the second area. When you arrive to the second area, jump down the cliff and you will begin to encounter smokeshroom spores for the rest of the dungeon. After your smokey encounter with the mushrooms, go west and crawl through the narrow branches. Go up the small cliffs and you should be able to find Mabo Curry (Small) along the way. Continue to go up the vines and you will find another of Aifread's treasures, Rabbit Ears attachment. Once you have done so, I suggest to explore the southern part of the forest. There's not much to see there except you can grab two orange gels on top of the cliff and get the Verbena at the east side of the area. South from where you got Verbena lies another treasure. It contains a Hard Coat. (Thanks Marshall) Once you have those two treasure, go back to the North Region and climb on the vines on the east side. It should lead you to a treasure which contains six Mysterious Liquids. From there, continue to move forward. You should be able to find Supple Ivy and a Panacea bottle''. At the end of the path, there's a savepoint. You know what happens beyond the save point....

Boss: Jiao

Jiao seems to take several moves off from Asch from Tales of the Abyss and Yuri from Vesperia. For instance, he has Wolf Strike and Lone Wolf Charge. Both of those moves have knockback effects. Then he also have Rending Quake for his token earth elemental attack. If that wasn't enough, he has Gilding Charge which he lunges forward and throws your ally for big damage. When Jiao is halfway down to his health, he will begin to unleash a powerful attack called Devil's Maw, which is a potent earth attack which damages your allies surrounding him. For the most part, he cannot get stagged while Jiao performs Devil's Maw. He also summons wolves and eagles throughout the boss battle. So, watch out for your surroundings.

Jiao can be menancing if you are not careful. However, his large stature makes him an easy target for doing magic attacks. Also, his weakness with wind makes it easier. So, if you control Milla, you can use Wind Blade, Wind Lance or Arrivederci to attack him from the distance. You can also use Jude's Soaring Vortex to launch Jiao to the air. The most threatening part of the battle is his minions. While you are clearing out his monsters, he can get you pretty easily with his brute strength. So, watch your back at all times.

After the battle, you can freely explore the rest of Sapstrath Highroad. Don't forget to re-enter the forest because there is one more Aifread's treasure. At the battlefield where you fought Jiao, go to the northeast corner of the area where a bunch of purple flowers are. Just look at the branch and you'll find two Elixirs.

Sapstrath Highroad: Revisit

After you got out of the woods, head up north to the northern region of the highroad from your current location. You will find awesome treasures lying around. Explore the plateaus on the west and the eastern area. There should be four hidden tunnels total. They should contain Verbena, 2 apple gels, elixir, and a Sword Emblem. Also, on the western pleateau, there should be another of Aifread's treasure. Just look up the treetops and you will find a Mysterious Jewel 4. Also, this area is also the site for monster extermination for one of the quests in Sharliton, so remember it well. Anyway, continue to move west to Sharilton.



    • Mysterious Jewel 5


    • Rappig, Rappig (Nia Khera)
    • A Life in Shackles (Hamil)
    • The People in Hamil (Hamil)
    • The Sad Salesman
    • The Runaway: Part 1 (Missable)
    • The Clouds of Battle Begins to Stir
    • Pretty in Pink
    • Jet-Black Feather Merchant
    • Anticipated Reunion (Part II and Conclusion)

The guy right by the vendors is trading in some quality herbs in exchange for your Jet Jet Black Feathers. While you are welcome to trade in your Jet Jet Black Feathers, I suggest to hang on to them. The reason why I said that is because one of the trophies requires you to have 459 Jet Black Feathers in your possession. So, for now, you can put it off and move on to the main segments of the game.

Several people informed me that you can only carry 255 Jet-Black Feathers in your inventory at one time. It's best to give your feathers to that man and let him hold the feathers. DO NOT SPEND IT ON HERBS. Thanks jebz, troysanime, and grieverpdk for telling me this)

Anyway, if you let him hold on the feathers, not only you will gain titles but you'll be rewarded with special items

Arte Sphere and 10000 Gald100 Black Feathers
Hats and 20000 Gald200 Black Feathers
Blue Saphira and 30000 Gald300 Black Feathers
''Classy Lady Garb and Casual Outfit and 40000 Gald400 Black Feathers
Sub quest completed459 Black Feathers

After the cutscene, go to the Mansion which is south of your current location. At the living room, examine the drawer right across from the parrot. You will find two Mysterious Jewels. Anyway, if you are Milla, just talk to Rowen and Jude. After that, head out the door and look for Alvin. He is hanging around at the market.

Rappig, RappigTalk to the pigs in the middle of town in Nia KheraTalk to the pigsNone
The people in HamilGo to Hamil via fast travelNostalgia purposesNone
A life in ShacklesGo to the basement where you first meet Elize in HamilCharacter background informationNone
Anticipated Reunion (Part II)Talk to the girl next to item shop near Sharilton. The skit "The Toy Peddler's Destination" is a signal for the 2nd part of the quest.Talk to the girlNone
Anticipated Reunion (Conclusion)Talk to the merchant near the equipment peddler in ''Aladhi Seahaven.Talk to the merchantEchore
Travel ProtectionTalk to the little girl at the corner near the MansionPresent the charm to the little girl's father in Aladhi SeahavenItem Sphere Plus
Pretty in Pink: Part 1Talk to the twin girls in PinkPresent the Pinkberry Blossom to the girls. You can find it in one of the sparkling spawning point in Bermia GorgeNone
Military SecretsTalk to the group of merchants at the Central Plaza towards the entrance to Talys HighroadTalk to the merchantsNone
The Runaway: Part 1Talk to the little boy at the central Plaza.Talk to the little boy. This will initiate the sidequestNone
The monster liesTalk to the merchant right by the Central PlazaExterminate Monsters. The monsters is at Sapstrath Highroad: North region at the northwest corner of the areaEmo Glasses attachment and 3000 Gald