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Translation Guide by BabyRyoga

Version: 0.4 | Updated: 03/26/2012

Tales of Xillia - テイルズ・オブ・エクシリア
Translation and Script
Authored by babyryoga at yahoo dot com
Version: 0.4


A. Introduction

I.      Document History
II.     Brief Q and A
III.    Notes

B. Game Script - Jude's Story

=====Chapter 1=====

I.     Opening
II.    The Noctilucent Royal Capital: Il'fan
        a.  Events
         001 "The Natural Cycle of Liese Maxia" (リーゼ・マクシアの循環)
         002 "Gossiping About Jude" (ジュードの噂)
         003 "Spirit Arts Failure" (精霊術失敗)
III.   Laffort Research Facility
        b.  Skits
         001 "A Dangerous Girl" (危険な少女)
         002 "A Reason For Being Here" (ここにいる理由)
         003 "Spirit Maxwell" (精霊マクスウェル)
         004 "Any Proof You Have" (自分である証明)
         005 "Strange Sympathy" (おかしな気遣い)
         006 "Milla's Objective" (ミラの目的)
         007 "Jude's Grappling Arts" (ジュードの格闘術)
IV.    Ilart Port, Ilart Road
        c.  Events
         004 "The Fruit Vendor" (フルーツ商人)
         005 "Secret Flavor" (秘伝の味)
         006 "Monster Mashing Mishap" (魔物退治の誤算)
        d.  Skits
         008 "Prohibited Weapon" (禁断の兵器)
         011 "Wanted" (指名手配)
         009 "Mercenary Alvin" (傭兵アルヴィン)
         014 "Is Milla really...?" (ミラは本当に……?)
         148 "Outer Appearance, True Colors" (外見と内面)
         015 "The Elemental Four" (四大精霊)
         013 Maxwell, Alienated From the World" (世界に疎いマクスウェル)
V.     The Fruit Pavilion Village: Ha'miel, Gully Road
        e.  Skits
         016 "Catalysis" (元素の触媒)
         133 "Fruity Infatuation" (フルーツの誘惑)
         132 "Echo" (山びこ)
         017 "Mysterious Girl" (謎の少女)
         010 "La'shugarl and A'juelle" (ラ・シュガルとア・ジュール)
VI.    The Kijil Tidefalls
        f.  Skits
         170 "Advice From the Mercenary" (傭兵の助言)
         186 "Huge Monsters" (巨大モンスター)
VII.   The Birthplace of the Spirits: Ni'akelia, Ni'akelia Shrine Road
        g.  Events
         007 "Something Delicious" (おいしいもの)
         008 "Maxwell's Folklore" (マクスウェルの伝承)
         009 "An Offering to Milla" (ミラへのお供え)
         010 "Shrine Road Monsters" (参道の魔物)
        h.  Skits
         018 "Maxwell's Home" (マクスウェルの里)
         019 "Granlost" (大消失)
         012 "Alvin's Weapon" (アルヴィンの武器)
VIII.  Ha'miel and Ilart Revisited
        i.  Events
         011 "Ivar the Attendant" (巫子イバル)
         012 "The People of Ha'miel" (ハ・ミルの人々)
         013 "Ah, Piggits" (ああ、ブウサギ)
        j.  Skits
         023 "MANA Storage" (マナの貯蔵)
         021 "What did you do?" (何をしていたの?)
         022 "Ivar the Retainer" (巫子イバル)
         020 "Hao's Egg Theory" (ハオの卵理論)
         024 "Nice to Meet You..." (はじめまして……です)
IX.    Samangan Port
        k.  Events
         014 "Tipo's Family!?" (ティポの家族!?)
          -223 "Suspicious Sailors" (不審な船員)
          -224 "Information on the Toy Merchant" (ぬいぐるみ商人の情報)
          -225 "The Stuffed Toy Merchant's Whereabouts"(ぬいぐるみ商人の行き先)
         015 "Wanted Poster" (手配書)
         016 "The Gloomy Woman with a Sheath" (陰のある女)
         017 "The Elite Bounty Hunter" (スゴウデの賞金稼ぎ)
         018 "A Delivery to the Inn" (宿屋への届け物)
         019 "The Shadows Behind the Scene" (暗躍する影たち)
          -212 "Let's Get Lodging" (泊まっていこう)
         020 "Fell Arms Beasts" (魔装獣 (話り部)
X.     Samangan Woods, Samangan Road
        l.  Skits
         025 "A Chance To Start Over" (再起動の可能性)
         134 "Charm Point" (チャームポイント)
         169 "Restraints" (束縛)
         029 "Smokeshrooms" (ケムリダケ)
         135 "Liliale Orb" (リリアルオーブ)
         030 "The Tribe of Monster Manipulators" (魔物を操る部族)
         028 "Elise's Enigma" (エリーゼの謎)
         027 "The Framework of Spirit Arts" (精霊術の仕組み)
         136 "The Flavor of Smokeshrooms" (ケムリダケのお味)
XI.    The City of Meetings and Separations: Karaja'schall
        m.  Events
         021 "The Growing Threat of War" (わき立つ戦雲)
        *022 "Onyx Feathers"(漆黒の羽)
         023 "The Melancholic Merchant" (ゆううつな商人)
         024 "The Fugitives" (逃亡者たち)
         025 "Cute Pink Things" (ピンクかわいいもの)
          -222 "Why Not Try Talking to Them?" (話しかけてみたら?)
         026 "Traveler's Charm" (旅のお守り)
        n.  Skits
         032 "Rowen, the Steward" (執事ローエン)
         138 "Tipo, Pretty!" (ティポ、プリティ!)
XII.   Kurama Road, Burmia Ravine
        o.  Events
         027 "Life While in Captivity" (監禁生活)
        p.  Skits
         031 "Milla's Friends" (ミラの友達)
         026 "Elise's Spirit Arts" (エリーゼの精霊術)
         137 "When I Grow Up" (大きくなったら)
         140 "The Benefits of Tea Time" (ティータイムの効能)
         033 "The Tyrant King, Nachtigal" (独裁王ナハティガル)
         034 "Minor Spirits" (微精霊)
         035 "Elise's Future" (エリーゼの将来)
XIII.  Return to Karaja'schall
        q.  Events
         028 "The Mystery of the Ravine" (峡谷の謎)
         029 "The Shape of the World" (世界の形)
          -199 "Have You Seen the Great Windmill Yet?" (大風車を見た?)
          -200 "Lets Report Back" (報告しよう)
         030 "The Military's State of Affairs" (軍の内情)
        r.  Skits
         166 "A Natural Talent to Fight" (戦いの感覚)
         036 "Saving Milla and the Others" (ミラたちを救え)
XIV.   Taras Road, Gandhara Fortress
XV.    The Mining Port Town: Ru'ronde
        s.  Events
         031 "Tipo Regains Lost Ground" (ティポ復調)
         032 "Clayn and Drossel" (クレインとドロッセル)
         033 "The Mineral Collector" (鉱物コレクタ)
        t.  Skits
         040 "Jude's Hometown" (ジュードの故郷)
         042 "Where They Are Now..." (今頃みんな…… )
         041 "The Conductor" (指揮者)
         043 "Life in the Capital" (都会の生活)
XVI.   Voltea Woodland Road, Felgana Mines
        u.  Skits
         044 "Leia's Bo Staff Arts" (レイアの棍術)
         045 "Impressions of Ru'Ronde" (ル・ロンドの感想)
         046 "Needless Concerns" (気遣い無用)

=====Chapter 2=====

XVII.  Reunion at Ru'ronde
        v.  Events
        w.  Skits

C. Game Script - Milla's Story (coming soon)

D. Misc Translations

  I.     Battle Book (coming soon)
  II.    Misc Translations
           IIa. Menus
           IIb. Tactics
           IIc. Auto Item
           IId. Grade Titles (coming soon)
  III.   Liliale Orb Related (coming soon)
          IIIa. Character specific trees
             IIa-1. Jude
             IIa-2. Milla
             IIa-3. Alvin
             IIa-4. Elise
             IIa-5. Rowen
             IIa-6. Leia
          IIIb. Skills (coming soon)
          IIIc. Arts (coming soon)
            IIIc-1. Jude
            IIIc-2. Milla
            IIIc-3. Alvin
            IIIc-4. Elise
            IIIc-5. Rowen
            IIIc-6. Leia
  IV.    Gear
           IVa. Items
           IVb. Key Items
           IVc. Accessories
           IVd. Armor (coming soon)
           IVe. Weapons (coming soon)
           IVf. Materials (coming soon)
           IVg. Attachments (coming soon)
   V.    Battle Victory Quotes (non-story specific)(coming soon)
           VIa. Solo Victory Quotes
           VIa. Post-Fight Chats
  VI.    Enemy Data
 VII.    Master Chat Index
          VIIa. Skits (Long Chats)
          VIIb. Chats (Short Chats)
          VIIc. Fighting Chats
E. Other Info

  I.     Special Thanks (coming soon)
  II.    Copyright Information

A. Introduction:

I. Version History

0.4 - Misc. corrections, covers up to the end of CH1. Added items, key items,
accessories, tactics, menu translations, and auto item settings sections.
Re-worked the way chats (short chats) are handled; I bought the official guide
book which contains a master list of where each occurs and what triggers it.
I'm in the process of cataloging this list to allow for easy integration in to
the script. I haven't worked chats without a number into the system yet, but
eventually all of them will have a number, and there will be an index that
lists them all at the end of this guide. Started to fill in some Post-Fight
Chats as well.

0.35 - Misc. corrections, covers up to before leaving for Gandhara Fortress.

0.3 - Misc. corrections, covers up to Burmia Ravine.

0.2 - Better formating and organization, misc. corrections, covers up to when
you arrive in Samangan. Note: From this point on, I will focus on ensuring
that new additions to the script are less rough, meaning updates won't cover as
much new stuff.

0.1 - Initial version, covers up to arriving in Ni'akelia

II. Brief Q and A

Q: Why translate a game that is likely to end up with an official localization
at some point in the future?
A: I consider this to be an experiment of sorts, to test the feasibility and
effort required to put forth a translation of adequate quality. Even if the
localization is announced before I can finish this, I will continue to work on
it, providing the time frame for finishing up is still a healthy length of
time before the local version is set to be released.

Q: How much material will this translation cover?
A: I plan on doing all the important dialogue, skits, tutorials, and any sub
events I find along the course of a normal playthrough, and I will probably
also throw in equipment/ability/etc lists at the end. I might put in random
NPC dialogue as well at a later time, but don't expect a detailed breakdown of
when and where. If I add it, it will probably be random lines clumped together
by area. Unfortunately, I will probably miss anything voiced (IE. "battle
chats") that isn't in the text script my first time through, I will try to work
on adding them in later on. I will be starting with Jude, then working on
filling in parts of the script that are unique to Milla. At some point, I may
separate this into two guides to make things easier for anyone that chooses to
do a Milla playthrough.

Q: How will the translating process work?
A: Basically, I am gathering the Japanese script as I play through. First, I
will do a rough translation as I continue to play and finish gathering the
script, which will probably be updated once a week, if possible. This should
be more than sufficient enough to play through the game, but will be subject
to some errors. If I have trouble translating a particular segment, i'll
do my best to write something in that fits logically and contextually, then
move on so that 1.) I don't get frustrated or burnt out, and 2.) steady
progress is maintained. From time to time, I will be going back and making
amendments to parts that were a bit sketchy the first time. After the whole
story is complete, I will work on corrections, rewriting lines to fit better,
and various makeshift localization-type things.

Q: Can I contribute in some way?
A: I could use help in the form of audio dumps or youtube etc. clips of the
voiced stuff I just mentioned. Further down the line, clips of any missed
skits or events, along with when and where they occur, will let me add them
in without having to do another playthrough. If you have a suggestion or
something that might help, don't hesitate to contact me. Also, since I am
using Jude for my playthrough, details and clips regarding any skits, dialogue,
or sub events that are unique to a Milla playthrough will be appreciated.

Q: How good is your Japanese?
A: Not my native language, and this is the first project of this magnitude I
have taken on. I won't improve if I don't learn from mistakes, so feel free
to contact me about any missed puns, cultural references, or notes you feel
that I would find interesting. In some cases, especially before the script is
finalized, I might make a bit of a guess if I come across something I don't
entirely understand, as I stated before. Part of the update process includes
double and triple checking old material, as well as conferring with other
Japanese speaking friends for second and third opinions, so everything should
be worked out by the time this is complete.

Q: Will you do any translation projects in the future?
A: If this goes well, I can see myself work on something else. Perhaps an
older untranslated game, or something current/upcoming that is less likely
to end up with an official localization.

III. Notes

1.) The "chat" system
The Tales series is known for its "chats", or conversations that take place
amongst the members of your party to build character. Tales of Xillia revamped
the system a little, and now features "long chats" and "short chats". For the
sake of continuity, I will use the term "skits" to refer to the long chats,
as that is the official term used in the North American localization of the
Tales series. Short chats are lines that come up briefly while navigating the
map, which I will refer to simply as "chats". These come in two forms: as
events (sometimes story related) that happen once (there are a few that repeat
if you don't progress the story), and as random events, which can be repeated.
I will include the ones that only occur once in the main script, around where
they should occur in any playthrough. I will include all the rest in a separate
section at the end of this guide. Also note that the numbering system that I
use for this is based on the order in which they appear in the Official Guide
Book. The game itself does not track these, although there is in fact a list
with titles that aren't referenced anywhere else within the data files of the
game. I opted not to base the numbering on this system nor to use the titles
due to the fact that it is incomplete - titles are missing for many, and many
of the titles are infact linked by code to the wrong Short Chats. My best
guess is that this was to be a feature of the game that was not completed in
time, thus it isn't in a form suitable for use in this guide. There are
"fight chats" that occur as spoken conversaion between characters in major
fights, but I won't be adding these until I play through the game a second time
to fill in Milla's script. Finally, at the end of every battle, there will be
either a victory quote from a character that participated in that battle, or
a chat between several characters. Both can be triggered by various factors,
including story related events, so I will include the ones that are story
relevant in the main script, just as with the short chats. The rest will appear
at the end of the guide, along with all the solo quotes.

2.) Proper nouns
If there is an official romanization, I will use that. If there isn't, I will
just come up with something that sounds about right, and go with that. Names
are subject to change at any time if I see fit, as there isn't really a
correct nor an incorrect way to translate them, much of the time. If you know
of an officially licensed product that has english romanizations of town or
uncommon character names, let me know. The only one I have thus far is the
official complete guide book, which doesn't provide very many.

3.) Speech styles
Most characters have specific ways of talking. For the most part, these are
hard to deal with when it comes to working out a script in English, thus I
won't be stressing too much over them. I don't want every character to sound
stale and boring in my script, so i'll work in a bit of personality when
possible, and revise retroactively as well. Newer additions are more likely
to be rough and stale. During the big rewrite after the main story is finished
I will try to get some consistent, character-defining patterns in.

4.) Characteristics of the Japanese language
Another thing that is a bit of a challenge to work in. For the most part, if
it is useful information, I will find a way to make it work. If it isn't, i'll
scrap it or change it to something fitting. Most honorifics including stuff
like suffixes that go on names (ie: -chan, -kun, etc) will be discarded. The
exception there will be -sama, which will be likened to a title (that may
change, based on the character who is speaking and or who they are speaking
about). I also tend to write backchanneling in the vast majority of the time,
which usually accounts for stuff like "yeah", "hmm", "um", etc. On a similar
note, there will be a lot of lines that look like questions when translated into
English, but those lines are really closer to statements. If it doesn't end with
a "?", then it shouldn't be considered a question.

5.) Localized terminology
A mixed bag, here. The only North American versions of Tales games I have
played are Symphonia and Vesperia. I tend not to obsess much over games these
days, so I don't memorize small details like the names of recurrent Arts,
equipment, etc. When it gets to the point that I include a list of Arts in
this guide, I will probably just translate it with my own made-up skill names
based on what the characters mean. Something like "Majinken", which ends up
being "Demon Fang" in most localizations and "Demon God Fist" when taken
literally is likely to end up as "Demon Fist". Once again, this might be
something that is changed to be more literal or even follow the official
localization at some point. For now, i'll handle it my own way.

6.) This guide and chronology
The numbering system was explained previously, but this is by no means the
order in which long chats and events will appear in the guide. Typically,
these will appear as they appear in the game itself, and are ordered as such
in the table of contents. In the event that I add something I didn't get to
experience in the game myself (IE. via a clip on youtube), I will find a
suitable place to stick it in. Events will be numbered in the order I come
across them in my playthrough. For events that have multiple parts, I will
tend to have the entire dialogue clumped together where the event first starts.
One thing to note here is that I obviously can't have the dialogue in it's
entirty until I come across it in the game, so some events might have work in
progress status. Japanese titles are included where events or long chats can
be experienced out of order, so it should be easy to figure out what is
happening in your playthrough. The last thing to note is skits numbered in the
200s that appear under events in the Table of Contents are subskits, which are
shorter than normal skits that pertain to that event in some way. Viewing them
may or may not be essential to start/progress the event in question.

7.) Character ecoding
If for some reason the Japanese characters found in this guide are coming up
as giberish, Try fiddling with your browser's character encoding settings.
Either Shift-JIS or UTF-8 should work, although sometimes which one will show
up better is a bit ambiguous from browser to browser.

8.) Notes
From time to time, I will include notes that explain certain things about the
game, or address translation issues. It should be self-explanatory, but when an
asterisk appears somewhere in a line, a translation note will follow at the end
of that dialogue.

B. Game Script

Chapter 1

I. Opening

Milla: A spirit... has died.
Milla: No doubt, the power of JIN* is at work. But I need to be sure...
Milla: I see. Has it been 6 years already? It's been quite a while.
Milla: Off I go. To Il'fan.
Narrator: People hold their dreams in their hearts, and pray to the skies.
Narrator: Living in Liese Maxia, people and spirits coexist by the following:
Narrator: Through the spirits, the dreams of people are realized. Through the
          dreams of people, the spirits retain their sanctity.
Narrator: In such, the Master of Spirits, Maxwell guards over all existence.
Narrator: In an world unthreatened by evil. Unless... it exists in people's
(Jude is rushing through a crowd of his peers)
Jude: Oops, excuse me!
Jude: So sorry!
Jude: Gotta hurry...
*JIN is written "黒匣", "Black" and "Cube".

Choose a Protagonist

Jude (ジュード)
A young man who left behind his family to attend medical school in the capital.
He is kind-hearted, and above all else, gets straight to the point. Awaiting
graduation, he is on the verge of setting off into society.

Milla (ミラ)
A mysterious girl who acts as a medium for the four elemental spirits. Calm and
collected with a vast array of knowledge, her identity and mission are... ?

Choose Jude?

II. The Noctilucent Royal Capital: Il'fan (夜光の王都イル・ファン)

Jude: Oh.....!
Jude: Are you ok? Submit this data to the Student Affairs Division, alright?
Student: You really got my back this time, Jude.
Student: Will this be ok?... Residency training with Professor Haus!?
Jude: Think nothing of it. That taken care of, you should hurry.
Student: Uh-oh!
Student: Hey, thanks! You should make haste, too.
Jude: Yep.
Jude: Oops, I really gotta go!

Map Movement Tutorial
While moving on the map, press the R1 button to display your current objective.
From the menu, you can also view a summary of events up until now.
L1 Button: Fix camera position
Select button: Initiate chat/skit
Start button: Pause
Square button: Location map
Triangle button: Menu
Circle button: Confirm
X button: Cancel
Right stick: Control camera
Left stick: Move character

Event List updated.
Note: Throughout the course of the game, notifications
will appear in the bottom left corner after story events and sub events,
informing you that the Event List, accessible through the menu, has been
updated. You will also be notified when obtaining key items, new party members,
Grade titles are completed, and when other various things occur or change.

<Upon exiting the Student Affairs Division Building>
Jude: Being late is no laughing matter. Hmm, Professor Haus should be...

<By the Patient Ward Reception Desk>
Jude: Professor Haus. Taking your leave?
Haus: Running A bit late, eh?
Jude: Forgive me.
Haus: Oh well. No worries...
Haus: All else aside, unbeknownst to the others, I have a special task to take
      care of at the Laffort Research Facility.
Jude: Impressive. An assignment directly from Olda palace?
Haus: Well then, take care of things in my absence.
Haus: Since only patients who made an appointment in advance will come in today,
      you should be capable of seeing them by yourself.
Jude: Huh......
Jude: Oh, yeah. Would you please sign this Course Credit Request for me?
Haus: How is your graduation thesis coming along?
Jude: I can present a first draft by the end of Sandora*.
Haus: A bit late, huh. Straighten up!
Haus: After all, when you graduate, I will invite you to be my head assistant.
Jude: Yes sir!
Haus: I'll be back around 5:00**.
Jude: Gotta work hard
*Written with the characters "火霊終節", it is the cycle of the fire spirit on
the Liese Maxia calendar.
**"5th bell"

Obtained Course Credit Request Form

<In Examination Room #5>
Ede: For Spirit Arts to be failing at my age... Ow...
Jude: There you go, all better.
Jude: There seem to be a great deal of injuries related to Spirit Arts
      failing today.
Jude: Ede, there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with your brain's GATE*.
      What happened?
Ede: Even though my MANA seems fine... I feel like the spirits are gone...
Jude: The spirits... gone?
Ede: Nevertheless, thank you, doc. I have work to do.
Ede: I should be in good spirits for my wife's birthday celebration, too.
Puran: Doctor Jude. That was the last of today's patients.
Jude: Puran, it's prohibited for students to examine patients. Is this really
Puran: The professor is to blame as well. For him to think that emergency cases
       wouldn't also come in today...
Puran: You are naive for believing him, Doctor Jude.
Jude: If I had as much MANA as the professor, I bet I could even treat 10
      patients all at once, eh?
Puran: If you only work on developing your GATE*, you will never learn the
Student: Hey! Has anyone seen Doctor Haus?
Jude: Now that you mention it, he should have been back by now...
Jude: Did something happen?
Student: The doctor's research has been chosen to receive the Hao Prize!
Jude: Really!? The highest honor a researcher can attain!
Student: As it is, they would like to contact him right away, but he didn't
         tell anyone where he was going.
Jude: If that's the case, i'll go inform him. He told me where he was going.
Student: It always seems like you are doing favors for me. I'm really grateful.
Jude: It's nothing. Well then, I'll be on my way.
*GATE is written "霊力野" meaning "spiritual ability"

Jude: Hmm...
Jude: With no reason to leave town...
Jude: And no business at the port...
Jude: I'll cross through the Central Plaza. If I head to the district where
      the medical research institute is, i'll find Professor Haus in the labs

While moving around the map, use the square button to expand the mini-map and
view the location map, which will display the entire area.

<Back in the Student Affairs Office building>
*Sub-Event 001 "The Natural Cycle of Liese Maxia" (リーゼ・マクシアの循環)*
Doctor on Bench: What are spirits? Historically, invisible beings reside all
        throughout the world.
Doctor: The MANA produced by a human's GATE is used by these spirits in order
        to produce Spirit Arts.
Doctor: They are also the driving force behind Liese Maxia's natural cycle.
Doctor: In other words, the union humans share with spirits is the foundation
        of the modern world as we know it, but...
Doctor: Exactly when this relation began is unclear.
Doctor: Before the emergence of Spirit Arts Science, did the relationship
        exist? What was the world like back in those days... ?
Doctor: Ah, no good. The sun has set on another day, and I don't have the
Jude: But, the sun is always setting here in Il'fan.

<In the hallway in the back of the Student Affairs Office building>
*Sub-Event 002 "Gossiping About Jude" (ジュードの噂)*
Nurse: When all is said and done, Doctor Jude is hardworking, eh? Completing
       work outside of his training with the utmost detail.
Med Student: He's a nice guy. You could say he likes to help people.
Nurse: ...but he intends to work here, right?
Med Student: Under Professor Haus' personal recommendation. It's already been
             decided that he is to become the professor's head assistant.
Med Student: Frankly, i'm jealous.
Nurse: As I thought, being a nice guy has its advantages.
Med Student: When you say it like that...
Nurse: But, don't you feel the same? In all honesty.
Med Student: Well, I don't know... I get the feeling that it's all for show.
Nurse: I see what you mean.
Med Student: I'm not saying he's a bad guy, but sometimes I can't tell what his
             true intentions are.
Nurse: Yeah, yeah. He isn't necessarily bad, right?
Jude: ......

*Chat 001: Nearing the lights in the Central Plaza area*
Jude: The florescent flowers are pretty today, as usual.
Jude: I've gotten used to them now, but I was certainly amazed the first time
      I came to Il'fan.

Saving Tutorial
You can save by coming in contact with a "memory encampment*" and pressing the
circle button, or selecting save in the menu. You can also save at any time with
the quick save feature in the pause menu. Since you can only have one quick save
at a time, be sure to make use of save points frequently. When you come in
contact with a save point, you will also recover 50% of your max HP, and any
status abnormalities (including death) will be removed.
*Literal, refered to as "save point" after the first time.

*Chat 003: Getting closer to the Laffort Facility*
Jude: How about that, winning the Hao Prize. Professor Haus is impressive.
Jude: I have to let him know right away.

<When approaching the injured man>
*Sub-Event 003 "Spirit Arts Failure" (精霊術失敗)*
Injured Man: Owwie...
Angry Man: To fail at Spirit Arts and lose your footing like that, how many
           years have you been at this job, again?
Injured Man: I conjured up the perfect foothold, but it vanished without
Angry Man: Artisans make no excuses! You young ones lack discipline.
Angry Man: Let me show you how it's done. Just use your arts to fix the air
           in place like this, and...
Angry Man: Huh?
Injured Man: Hey, nice job there, chief.
Angry Man: G-get back to work if you aren't injured.
Angry Man: We need to make sure all the tree lamps are up to code by the end
           of the day.
Injured Man: Yeah, yeah.
Jude: Working can be tough...
Jude: Nevermind that, though. Why are so many people failing at Spirit Arts?

<At the entrance to the Laffort Facility>
Guard A: Entry at this hour is prohibited.
Jude: I actually came here to retrieve someone. Professor Haus from the Talim
      School of Medical Sciences.
Guard B: Haus... Haus... If you mean that doctor, he should have already left
         for home.
Jude: Is that the visitor exit log you have there?
(Jude looks at the log and compares the signature with the one on his form)
Jude: Huh... ?
Guard A: Are you satisfied?
Jude: There's really no way to get in, huh?
Guard B: We don't make the rules, we just enforce them.
Jude: So it's like that...
Jude: What to do...
Jude: Those guys are just doing their job...
(Jude notices florescent flower lamps all around flicker and burn out)
Jude: What was that... Could really be spirit related afterall?
Jude: Wha!
(Jude drops his form, which lands on the water below, which is solid as Millia
uses her Spirit Arts to walk over it)
Jude: H-hey...
Milla: I don't want to hurt you, so keep quiet, alright?
Jude: Just ahead are the research labs. What exactly are you...
Jude: *Gasp*, *Cough*
Milla: All I wanted was for you to keep quiet...
Milla: Well? Will you keep quiet now?
Jude: *Cough*, *Cough*
Milla: Coughing... I suppose i'll let that slide. Why are you here?
Jude: ... ok to speak?
Jude: I was just retrieving something I dropped...
Jude: What do you intend on doing? The security guards will be here shortly.
Milla: Which is why i'm in a hurry. It would be nice if you hurried home.
Milla: Before they treat you as suspicious and capture you.
Jude: Wha...

III. The Laffort Research Facility (ラフォート研究所)

Jude: She's gone. Already moved on?
Jude: That visitor exit log was strange...
Jude: In any case, I've got to find the professor and let him know he won.

<Spotted by a guard>
Guard: A kid?
Jude: Um, I must have wandered in... Excuse me!
Guard: Huh. Normally I would take you to security, but since you apologised
       so sincerely, i'll keep quiet.
Guard: Well, come along. I'll show you to the door.
Jude: Actually, I believe that Professor Haus might still be in the labs...
Guard: What, you're one of the doctor's acquintainces? If you mean who I think
       you do, he might still be here.
Guard: Yes, indeed. Would you like to contact your family first, just in case?
Jude: None of my family lives here. Everyone is back in my hometown.
Guard: I see... i'm relieved to hear that.
(The guard draws his weapon)
Jude: Wha!
Guard: Don't worry, behave like an adult and i'll end this without pain.
Jude: What, why?
Jude: Perhaps, the professor too...
Guard: I'm not letting you escape, boy!

Battle Operations Tutorial. View the explanation?
Move the left stick right or left to move forward or backward.
Hold L2 and move the left stick to freerun. Movement is fundamental to fighting
properly. If you use the freerun, you can move about with total freedom.
Press Square to guard.
While guarding, damage is reduced, and you will not be knocked backwards. When
under heavy attack, but sure to use Square. Hold square and move the left stick
left or right to side-step forward or backward. Stepping is useful for
distancing yourself from, or closing in on an enemy. With the right timing,
you can also step to evade an enemy's attack.
Press Circle for a normal attack.
Moving the left stick while attacking will change the form of your attack. You
can continue to attack based on the number remaining on the Asault Counter (AC).
Hold R1 and move the left stick to switch targets.
Press R1 to target a nearby enemy. Holding R1 and moving the stick will let you
freely change between targets.
Press X to unleash a Special Arts
Special Arts will consume both the Assault Counter (AC) and Technical Points
(TP). You can continue to use Special Arts as long as (AC) and (TP) remain.
*Jude Victory Quote 001: After winning first battle*
Jude: I somehow managed to defeat him, but... It was pretty clumbsy.

Note: At this point, the game will display hints and information about other
battle mechanics from time to time as you win battles. Information on these
messages will be in the Battle Book portion of this guide, while tutorials that
occur in battle will continue to appear in the main script.

(Upon starting the next battle with a soldier blocking the ladder)
Character-Specific Battle Operations Tutorial. View the explanation?
Hold Square and move the left stick to evade enemy attacks.
[Jude's Concentration Evasion] If you successfully backstep to evade an enemy
attack, you will instantly appear behind the attacker. For a brief moment, you
can catch the enemy off guard and attack at will.

<After climbing the ladder>
Jude: Whoa... This place is huge. I wonder where Professor Haus...
Jude: I'll just have to search the rooms one by one.

*Chat 004: After climbing the ladder into the second area*
Jude: This place is not normal. What the hell do they have going on in here?

<Jude watches a girl walk into a room on the second floor>
Jude: Over there?

<Laffort Research Institute Block 2, Lab 8>
Jude: The girl from before...
Jude: Ahh!
Haus: I was... deceived... Hel... p... me. My MANA is... already...
Jude: Pro... fessor?
Jude: ......!
Girl in Red: Hey hey, now. Are you the trespasser I heard about?
Girl in Red: You saw it?
Jude: What's going on here? Why the professor!?
Girl in Red: Hah.
Jude: You...!
Girl in Red: That face!
Girl in Red: I can hardly resist myself.
Girl in Red: When people fall into dispair!

Boss fight: Girl in Red

<After the fight>
Girl in Red: Ahahaha! Now, it's about time for you to die!
Jude: Die... No...
Jude: What... there must be something...
Girl: Why the hell are you so calm?
(Enter Milla)
Jude: It's her...
Girl in Red: Oh-ho. I see, the intruder was you!
Girl in Red: This guy bores me, so i'll settle for killing you!
Jude: Run!
Girl in Red: I'm gonna mess up that face of yours!
Milla: That would be a problem.

Boss fight: Girl in Red
*Post-Fight Chat 001: After fighting the Girl in Red*
Ifreet: Roaaaaaaaaar!
Jude: Is that Ifreet!?
Milla: It is. The great spirit of fire.
Jude: To summon the Four Greater Spirits is unheard of...

Milla's "4 Great Elemental Spirits"
The Master of the spirits, Milla, can harness the power of the 4 elementals
in battle. Ifreet, Sylph, Undine, Gnome can be summoned as Special Arts.

<After the fight>
Jude: W-whoa.
Milla: I told you to go home. It couldn't be that this is where you live, could
Jude: No, that's not it... sorry.
Jude: Um...
Milla: This is... JIN's influence...?
Jude: JIN...?
Milla: Maybe the disappearance of those minor spirits is related?
Jude: Huh, I don't get it... disappearance of minor spirits?
Milla: You should leave quickly. There is no guarantee i'll be there to save
       you again, next time.
Milla: The JIN must be somewhere else...
Jude: H-hey, wait up.
Jude: I'm out of options. I don't have the professor to escort me out of here.
Jude: Is it ok if I go with you?
Milla: Haha. So be it, certainly. If you come with me, I can save you next time
       as well. You're amusing.
Jude: Jude Mathis. That's my name.
Jude: What about you?
Milla: I'm Milla.
Milla: Milla Maxwell.

Milla Joins the party.
Obtained Control Room Key Card

*Skit 001 "A Dangerous Girl" (危険な少女)*
Jude: W-what's this. Now that it's over, i'm trembling...
Milla: Not unreasonable. You were almost killed.
Jude: What was with that girl... I'm just an ordinary civilian, but...
Milla: I don't think she was just a regular soldier with La'shugarl's military.
Jude: Why would someone who isn't a soldier be in a militarized institution?
Milla: I wonder. But that's besides the point. You and me are in the same boat,
       are we not?
Jude: That might be the case but...
Jude: ...did you kill her?
Milla: Well... I went easy on her, however, humans are fragile. But, I did tell
       the Great Four not to overdo it.
Jude: Great Four?

*Skit 002 "A Reason For Being Here" (ここにいる理由)*
Milla: Jude, have you finished up here?
Jude: Hm?
Milla: You had to have some reason for coming to a place like this, right?
Jude: ...Professor Haus never made it back, and I was worried, so...but, I was
      too late...
Milla: He passed away while tied to one of the devices back in there, huh...
Jude: Indeed... the professor was so thrilled to be commissioned by the Olda
Milla: ...I see...
Milla: Yeah... that's right.
Jude: ?
(Milla starts to walk off)
Jude: Hey, wait up!

<Outside Lab 8>
Milla: Hm? This light...?
Jude: Our Liliale Orbs are shining.
Milla: Liliale Orbs... when I set off, I was forced to bring it with. What is
Jude: Well, it's an item used to fight against monsters.
Jude: When I left from home, it was given to me in case of need.

View tutorial?

A Liliale orb is an item that consumes GP in exchange for character growth.
As you win battles and level you, you will acquire GP. Liliale orbs are
hexagonal, and composed of different sections, each with nodes that
correspond to attributes such as Strength (腕力), Stamina (体力), Agility
(敏捷), Intelligence (知性), Spirit (精神), and Dexterity(器用).
Choose a node to develop:
Moreover, as you spend GP, any subsequent adjacent nodes become selectable,
and are joined by a line. Liliale orb node abilities such as HP, TP, and skill
sets come with an SP cost.
Choose the next orb to develop:
Special Arts and Skills are sealed within the segmented area between nodes.
If you connect the nodes surrounding an area, you can learn the ability
sealed within that segment.
Select the nodes surrounding an area:
Learned the following ability: (varies)
Capture the entire area of any 3 sections of the hexagon, and the outermost
segment will expand by one. Closer to the edge exist Key Abilities that can
be learned. As you acquire and apply GP to each character's Liliale orb, they
will gradually grow strong.

Exit tutorial?

Jude: ...and that's basically it. I too, am just starting to develop my orb.
Milla: Ah, I see. A tool to awaken hidden potential. A must have for weak
       beings like humans.
Jude: You really talk as if you aren't human...

*Skit 003 "Spirit Maxwell" (精霊マクスウェル)*
Jude: Milla Maxwell... The same name as the Master of spirits, a little
Milla: It's the same because i'm the real deal.
Jude: Hm?
Milla: The Master of spirit, Maxwell, and myself are one and the same.
Jude: What!? But just an ordinary human...
Jude: girl... is all I see.
Milla: Of course. I conjured my own body, afterall.
Jude: Conjured... your own!?

*Skit 004 "Any Proof You Have" (自分である証明)
Jude: Maxwell, Ruler of Elements. The King of Spirits, eh?
Milla: You don't believe me?
Jude: Even if you share a name with a spirit, that doesn't mean you are one.
Milla: Well then, how do humans prove they are who they claim to be?
Jude: Well, for example, there are ID cards. I have a student ID, myself.
Milla: I see. Unfortunately, in my case, that method is impossible.
Milla: I know of no such entity who issues ID cards to spirits.
Jude: Will I be safe going with her... I wonder.

*Skit 005 "Strange Sympathy" (おかしな気遣い)*
Jude: Professor Haus... he me he had high hopes for me but...
Jude: For things to turn out like this...
Milla: ......
Jude: W-what is it?
Milla: I'll pat you, Jude.
Jude: Huh?
Milla: I read in a book, that when people are feeling down, they will feel
       better if you pat them.
Jude: ... Which book was that?
Milla: "Magic Hands, The Pupil as a Mirror"
Jude: ...That's a book on nursing a child, isn't it? I'm not an infant!
Milla: Uh-huh. So, patting you won't work?
Milla: This is hard, huh...
Jude: Haha, it so happens I feel a little better. Thank you, Milla.
Milla: Hm? Either way, it seems like you've cheered up.

*Skit 006 "Milla's Objective" (ミラの目的)
Jude: Hey, Milla. Are you trying to get us further inside?
Jude: Weren't we on our way out of here?
Milla: Sure.
Jude: Shouldn't we make a break for it? This place isn't normal...
Milla: I'm well aware of the dangers, but there is something I need to find.
Milla: I feel bad for you, but you'll have to come along.
Jude: Yep. It was me who said I would go with you.
Milla: *chuckle*
Jude: ? What is it?
Milla: Nothing... When I finish my business, I will definitely lead you out.
Milla: Don't worry.
Jude: Thank you.

*Skit 007 "Jude's Grappling Arts" (ジュードの格闘術)*
Milla: Jude, it seems like you have some knowledge of fighting.
Jude: I learned a bit as self defence when I was a child.
Milla: Hmm, but, I heard that no matter how many techniques you posess, there
       are many instances where things will not be the way you expected in a
       real fight.
Milla: You seem surprisingly confident.
Jude: Hmm. The childhood friend I practiced with would come up to me and say
      "It's time to duel!".
Jude: It's probably due to having fought with her.
Milla: Hmm.
Jude: I always got wailed on, though.
Milla: I see... I reminded you of your painful past, huh.
Jude: Huh? It's not like I was being bullied!
Milla: That's what everyone says, isn't it?
Jude: Eh, that... wasn't being bullied, was it?

<In the Block 3 Lab>
Jude: What's this...
Milla: As I thought... a JIN weapon.
Jude: "The Lance of Kresnik"...? Like the sage.
Jude: Hey... what are you doing?
Milla: Hmph, to brand that thing "Kresnik", that must be human "irony".
Milla: Here goes! That which threatens spirits and mankind, I will destroy!
Jude: The Four Greater Spirits... Milla really is the spirit Maxwell...?!
Jude: You're... the one from before!?
Girl in Red: No Forgiveness...! For Vermin like you...!
Jude: *gasp*! My MANA... is... fading...
Milla: You fool! What are you thinking? You'll be affected too!
Girl in Red: Mwahahaha! Writhe in pain... and, DIE!!
Jude: My GATE...is being directly...
Milla: My plans may have changed a bit, but...this shouldn't be... a problem.
Jude: You're trying to stop it...? Why are you willing to go that far...
Jude: Milla, below you!
Milla: Eh...
Milla: You guys, you'll be dragged in!
Jude: H-huh? The Four Greater Spirits?
Jude: "...Take... Milla and... run."
Jude: Hm? Wha, their final effort!?
(Milla falls into the water, Jude drops as well)
Jude: Ahhhhhhhh!

<After the fall>
Milla: *pant* *pant*
Jude: You can't swim, can you Milla. Are you ok?
Milla: *clears throat*, I can't get by like Undine does, huh.
Jude: As I suspected, you lost the power of the Four Greater Spirits.
Jude: Hey, what do you intend to do, now?
Jude: Without their power, you won't be able to break that device.
Milla: Their power, huh...
Milla: If I can get back to Ni'akelia, one way or another...
Milla: I'm in your debt, Jude. Thanks.
Milla: You should get going back home.
Jude: Uh...

<Back in town, at the top of the stairs>
Jude: Milla!
Milla: Not smart, Jude! You should have prentended you were not involved.
Guard: You're with her!?
Jude: Wai- Milla, you've never used a sword before?
Milla: Well, until now I relied on the power of the Great Four to swing for me.
Milla: Now that their power is gone, it's different...
Guard: Prepare yourselves!
Jude: Oh, great!
(Battle with guard)
Jude: *pant* *pant*, What I am getting myself into...
Milla: Once again, you've saved me, Jude.
Jude: In any event, I think it would be best if you left Il'fan, quickly.
Milla: I do just that. See ya later.
Jude: The roads leading into town are frequently checked by guards.
Jude: I think the docks is your safest bet.
Milla: Hmm, is that so?
Jude: ...You don't know where the docks are, do you.
Jude: Follow me.

*Chat 008: Milla is party leader for 10 seconds or longer on way to port*
Milla: The town where Spirit Arts are cultivated, Il'fan...
Milla: Even for the master of spirits, it is unimaginably beautiful.

*Chat 009: While walking to the port, after 1 minute passes*
Milla: Unacceptable, in your debt again.
Jude: Don't worry about it. You helped me out, so i'll see you to the docks.
Jude: The docks are on the other side of town from here. First, lets cut
      through the Central Plaza.

*Chat 010: See Chat 009*
Jude: To get to the docks, we'll need to pass by the front of the Talim

*Chat 011: Pass through the Central Plaza*
Jude: Coming from the Central Plaza, turn right at the first corner.

*Chat 012: See Chat 011*
Milla: Achoo!
Milla: Urg. If only Ifreet were here, I could dry off in an instant.

<At the docks>
Guard: You two over there, halt!
Jude: huh... What!?
Ede: Doc? Talim resident Doctor Jude?
Jude: You're... Ede?
Jude: What is the meaning of this?
Ede: I can't believe the doc is a pimary suspect...
Ede: ... Jude Mathis. We've come with an arrest warrant. For that girl over
     there, too!
Ede: In accordance with the special military ordinance, we have been given
     permission to retaliate. We don't want resistance.
Jude: H-hey, wait a second.
Jude: S-surely we caused a bit of trouble, but that isn't a felony in itself!
Milla: It seems like there is no use arguing.
Jude: C'mon, Ede!
Ede: Sorry but, it's my job.
Milla: Jude, I can't let myself get captured.
Milla: It's unfortunate to come to this, but I will resist.
Ede: ... Hostile intent confirmed. Retaliate!
Milla: Farewell, Jude. Sorry for the trouble i've caused you.
Ede: Well, Doc. Resist, and the extent of your crimes will increase.
Jude: I... I'm just...
Alvin: The military sure is tough, eh? Taking on women and children is
Jude: Y-you are?
Alvin: Oops. We will talk later. The beauty you came with is leaving without
       you, right?
Jude: But I...
Alvin: The military has resorted to evoking a special ordinance to put a
       warrant on you, right?
Alvin: They will treat you like an "S Rank" offender. If you get captured, all
       that will be waiting is capital punishment.
Jude: No way!
Alvin: Alley oop!
Jude: Waaaaa!
Alvin: Don't say anything, you'll bite your tongue.
Sailor: Hey, who are you guys!?
Alvin: You got me beat. Seems like the military is after some dangerous
       criminals or something.
Alvin: Hey now. Do a couple of nice kids like these look like criminals to you?
Jude: Um...
Alvin: It's Alvin.
Jude: Hm?
Alvin: My name. I take it you are Jude?
Jude: Y-yeah. This is Milla.
Alvin: You really stuck it out till the end.

IV. Ilart (イラート)

<On the ship, at a later time>
Alvin: That captain is gonna cut us a break. Just how long did he intend to
       interrogate us?
Milla: He had no choice. We have no ID cards.
Alvin: Speak for yourself.
Jude: ...Off to A'juelle. A foreign country...
Alvin: Hey, look. We are passing the last of Il'Fan's SPIRITUAL FORCE*.
Alvin: In any case, a medical student, eh? A bit of a shock.
Jude: Hey, can I ask you something?
Jude: Why did you help us? In that kind of situation, it would be normal to
      just do nothing.
Alvin: Just trying to earn some cash.
Milla: How exactly does a thing like saving us get you cash?
Alvin: People like you who are being chased by the military are in an extremely
       risky position.
Alvin: I figured if I helped you out, I could shake you down for some cash.
Jude: But, I'm pretty much broke.
Milla: Unfortunately, me as well.
Alvin: For real? Well, if you have anything of value, i'll take that instead.
Jude: I've got nothing. You know how it went down, back there.
Milla: I probably don't have anything that would fetch a good price.
Jude: Hey, Alvin, what is it that you do?
Jude: You look like a Soldier of some sort, but I feel like something is a
      little different about you.
Alvin: Oh? You're on the right track. I'm a mercenary.
Alvin: I help people, when cash is involved. Truly wondrous work.
Milla: Hmm. That is truly admirable!
Alvin: Hrmph, well, that's life. I guess I'll look for some jobs in A'juelle.
Milla: Sorry we couldn't help.
Alvin: I guess it was Volunteer work... I hope we arrive in A"juelle quickly.
*霊勢 "reisei", spirit and energy/vigor/etc. You find out exactly what this
means over the course of the game, but it should be somewhat apparent from
watching what happens in this scene.

<At Ilart Port>
Jude: Call it a foreign country if you will, I feel very little has changed.
Alvin: Hm? Yep, if though it's A'juelle, it's mostly the same around here.
Jude: Exciting. Ah, looks like there is a map over there.
Jude: I'm gonna take a look.
Alvin: Making the best of a bad situation, eh?
Milla: He put it behind him this fast? He's not as childish as he appears.
Alvin: You got him wrapped in all this, yes? Involved in your affairs.
Milla: I'm certainly owe him a lot. But when it comes down to it, it was of
       his own volition.
Milla: I told again and again to go home, and yet...
Alvin: Hah. Well you must have reached him in some way. No matter how you cut
       it, that bravdo screams adulthood.
Milla: From here, to the north...
Alvin: Psh, just like that? Gonna leave so soon?
Milla: Not quite...
Milla: Alvin, being a mercenary, you must be pretty confident fighting.
Alvin: Yep, count on it.
Milla: Could you teach me a thing or two about swordsmanship?
Milla: As of now, I no longer command the power of the Great Four. I can't
       command a sword, either, it's been rough making it this far.
Alvin: Great Four...? Not sure I get the gist of what you are saying.
Alvin: Honestly, You wanna hire me, but you aint got cash...
Milla: Is it unreasonable?
Alvin: How bout bringing in some bounties while training?
Jude: What do you mean?
Alvin: I got ya.
Alvin: There should be some here at this port. Let's have a look.

Initiate a Sub-Event by speaking with characters displaying a 「!」 above
their heads. Clearing Sub-Events will earn rewards such as Gald and Items.
Make sure to actively search for Sub-Events upon arriving in a new town.

*Skit 008 "Prohibited Weapon" (禁断の兵器)
Milla: When the Lance of Kresnik was activated, a extensive amount of MANA was
       focused on this thing.
Milla: This must be the "key" to operating that weapon...
Milla: Need something?
Alvin: What are you planning over there with such a grim look?
Alvin: Can't we just chat without something specific being involved?
Milla: It's not that... I'm just a little uncomfortable with someone sneaking
       up on me while holding their breath, like that.
Alvin: What's with that? Do I seem like a shady guy to you?
Alvin: Do you find faults in that "Jude" chap like this, too?
Milla: Hmm, I didn't intend to, but it might have be taken that way.
Alvin: Young men are delicate. Exercise some caution, ok?
Milla: Well! That kindness seems uncharacteristic of you.
Alvin: Hah, as it turns out, my tagline* is "The Kind-Hearted Mercenary".
Milla: Ah, a nice tagline, but you won't live long like that.
Alvin: Haha, you said it.
*the word used here is "catchphrase", which seems a little strange.

<Upon talking to the woman in the center of the port>
Alvin: Yo! Got any requests that need taking care of? Just leave it to us.
Woman: Oh, you guys are mercenaries? Thank god.
Jude: "Requests"?
Alvin: Yep. These type of "requests" tend to involve fighting monsters,
       from time to time.
Milla: Ah, I see. So if we take some of these requests from here on as jobs,
       you'll take the reward as payment for training.
Alvin: You got it. Shall we align our interests?
Alvin: Alright then, let's hear it.
Woman: Recently, some unusual monsters have made the lake to the west of here
       their home.
Woman: Since that lake is a source of water for this area, we are a bit
Woman: So, we are looking to hire someone that will exterminate the monsters.
Alvin: The reward?
Woman: Of course, we will pay with money.
Alvin: Hear that?
Milla: That's acceptable. Monster extermination should be convenient, to my
Woman: Please take care of it. They are a stubborn bunch of monsters, so watch
Alvin: Lets not waste any time, an introduction to swordplay can be tiresome,
       as one would expect.
Alvin: Just the basics.
Milla: If you would.

<Time passes>
Alvin: Ok, come at me.
Alvin: Well, that'll do.
Milla: Much appreciated.
Jude: Well then, shall we go?
Milla: Wait, Jude. What do you intend to do from here on out?
Milla: You know it's ok if you don't come with me, right?
Jude: ...Y-yeah...
Alvin: We crossed over international boarders. The La'shugarl military will
       pursue us, but don't you think it will take a bit of time?
Milla: What are you trying to say?
Alvin: Just that there is still a while to think about things.
Jude: ...Sorry. I'll have an answer by the time Milla is ready to head out.
Milla: Alright, understood.
Milla: Now then, how about we take care of this request?
Alvin: You just tried to help out a little, and were treated like a criminal...
Alvin: That can be worrysome for a kid of your age, eh?
Jude: ...but, I took care of something my own way, so...

Note: Although shops were excessable in Il'fan with a little exploring, it is
likely that you will first run into them here. The first time you do for each,
there will be a brief tutorial message explaining the basics. See the
appropriate section of this guide for these tutorials.

*Skit 011 "Wanted" (指名手配)*
Jude: Let's see...
Alvin: What's up?
Jude: For the time being, I thought I would re-summarize the notes for my
Alvin: *snicker* Resorting to study at a time like this, unheard of.
       Diligence, what's the use?
Jude: Indeed... An S rank offender would surely have been expelled from
Alvin: Don't let it bother you. If the chance comes, i'll testify to the
       military and school on your behalf.
Alvin: It won't take them very long to figure out that you had no ill-intent
       if they investigate
Jude: Thank you, Alvin.
Jude: ...But, Alvin, aren't you probably wanted as well?
Alvin: Oh yeah. We did run together, eh?
Jude: If you manage to get caught, i'll testify for you.
Jude: I'll tell them that "Alvin isn't as suspicious as he looks".
Alvin: Hah, thanks a bunch.

<On the Ilart Road>
Milla: Whoa, my Liliale Orb is glowing?
Jude: Mine as well!
Alvin: You two have Liliale Orbs too?
Alvin: Well then, how bout we try a Link?
Jude: "Link"?
Alvin: Liliale Orbs give the power to observe another ally's consciousness.
Alvin: With that power, our consciousnesses will become linked, allowing us
       to coordinate our attacks.
Milla: Hmm... but, how do we do it?
Alvin: Lets give it a shot and find out. Concentrate your thoughts on your
       Liliale Orb!

Battle operations tutorial. View the explanation?
Press the D-Pad Left to link.
Press the D-Pad in the direction of the ally you
want to link with, to combine abilities and attack together.
Surround a nearby enemy!
When you close in on an enemy, your partner will flank the target's rear, and
initiate a pincer attack. Attacking the enemy from behind will cause frequent
critical hits and increase your AC. Any enemies that try to attack you from
behind will be intercepted by your partner. Since this can prevent attacks to
the rear from landing, you will avoid critical damage. You can also change
the way your partner moves based on Battle Tactics.
Use a Pincer attack on the enemy.
Use Jude's Demon Fist (魔神拳) and an icon will flash briefly. Press R2 as it
does! As you continue to attack while linked, the Link Arts Gauge to the left
will fill up. The gauge is broken down into 5 sections by lines. As each
section fills, an icon will flash, and you can use Link Arts with your partner.
As the link arts icon flashes, press R2 to unleash a powerful Link Arts
attack. After you unleash Link Arts, the next area of the gauge will start to
fill up.
*Post-Fight Chat 002: After finishing the first battle on Ilart Road*
Alvin: Camaraderie! Cooperation! Conquest! Such tactics are the difference
       between man and monster, are they not?
Milla: Hmm. Well put.
Jude: Yep. The fact that we aren't in this alone is always reassuring.
Alvin: A cute remark, Jude.

<In front of the lake>
Jude: Look! Those must be the monsters we're after!
Milla: Definitely, they seem different than the rest of the monsters infesting
       this area.
Alvin: Ok, lets grind them into dust!

Battle operations tutorial. View the explanation?
Attack with Link Arts to fill the Link Arts Gauge all the way to the max!
When all 5 sections of the Link Arts Gauge are filled, you will enter a state
of Over Limit for a brief period!
Use Link Arts to enter Over Limit!
While Over Limit persists, the AC of the linked pair will not decrease, and
they will not be phazed by enemy attacks! Additionally, Link Arts may be used
an unlimited number of times!

<After the fight>
Jude: Are you ok, Milla?
Milla: Yes, a real fight is the best kind of training.
Alvin: Alright, lets report back to Ilart Port.

<Back at the port>
Alvin: The requested monster extermination has been carried out in full.
Woman: My deepest gratitude. We have been saved, thanks to you.
Alvin: Well, That's how I handle things.
Alvin: Wherever troubled folk may be, I'll get things done for them.
Jude: As expected, Alvin. You're used to it, huh?
(Milla collapses)
Jude: Huh?!
Jude: No fever...
Jude: How do you feel?
Milla: Like I have no more strength.
Jude: Hey...have you been eating properly?
Milla: I've never eaten before.
Jude: Not even once?
Milla: By the power of Sylph, I... from the atmosphere. By the power of Undine,
       I... from the water...
Alvin: What are you babbling about?
Jude: She gains nourishment through the power of spirits.
Jude: From now on, you need to eat properly, ok?
Milla: So... this is what hunger feels like.
Milla: Hehehe, it's very intriguing...
Alvin: Well, Lets rest at the inn for today.
Alvin: Now that you mention it, i'm also pretty hungry.

Auto Item now available! Based on the situation, auto-controlled characters can
use items in battle to support you (selectable from the battle menu). Proper
configuration can be advantageous and make battles go by faster! You can set
which items will be used beforehand. First, try experiencing the effect for
Obtained Item Ball

*Skit 009 "Mercenary Alvin" (傭兵アルヴィン)*
Alvin: *siiigh*
Jude: That was a pretty long sigh.
Alvin: You guys aren't actually A'juellian spies, are you?
Jude: What, isn't that a little out of the question
Alvin: Things like the military coming after you with special ordinances have
       got me thinking, you seem like spies involved with the A'juellian army.
Jude: It's a misunderstanding!
Milla: Why would you be concerned about something like that? Don't tell me...
       you are one of La'shugarl's...
Alvin: You've got it wrong. If you are A'juellian officials, even if it were
       for no pay directly...
Alvin: I'm thinking I could find some juicy work with military connections.
Milla: I'm sorry to disappoint you. I'll reward you for your help.
Milla: I just need you to wait a little longer.
Alvin: Oh, I understand. To compensate, i'll have to bill you for the time I
       spend waiting as well.

<At the inn>
Innkeeper: Welcome!
Alvin: There's three of us. For the time being, would it be possible for us
       to just get some grub?
Innkeeper: I'm sorry. The chef is only on hand for dinner.
Alvin: You've gotta be kidding!
Jude: If that's the case, could you let me use your kitchen?
Innkeeper: I can see that your colleague is about to collapse. You can use it
           if you'd like.
Milla: I'm starved half to death*. That seems like it would be impossible,
Milla: Now I see. As I experience it for myself, I feel like it's an
       appropriately worded expression.
*Milla says that her stomach and back are clinging together, which is part of
a Japanese children's song and idiom. IE your stomach is so empty that it
inverts to the point where it's touching your back.

<After cooking>
Alvin: It's... Delicious!
Milla: I concur!
Milla: This thing called eating is rather fun.
Milla: Humans should cherrish it more.
(After eating, Milla falls asleep at the table)
Jude: I wonder, if by any chance, this is the first time she has slept as well.
Alvin: ... It seems as if when she said she hasn't eaten before, she meant it.
       What is she?
Jude: She said that she's Maxwell. Do you know of Maxwell, Alvin?
Alvin: Did you say Maxwell?
Jude: I did. For me, this is the first time i've gotten a good look at
      a materialized spirit.
Alvin: The master of spirits, wielder of the 4 elements, eldest of all spirits,
       Maxwell is called various names, but...
Alvin: This girl is the spirit Maxwell? It's a lie...
Jude: That she is a spirit that great?
Alvin: Right. I don't believe it.
Alvin: When I was a little brat, I was brought up being told the story of
       Maxwell at my bedside.
Jude: What was that thing Milla tried to break called again...?
Alvin: Tried to break? What was it?
Jude: Ah, yes. If i'm not mistaken, she kept saying "JIN".
Jude: Some kind of machine back at the research labs.
Alvin: ...Psh.
Jude: I wonder if we should try asking her...
Alvin: You already put your neck on the line and followed her this far for the
       sake of curiosity, eh?
Alvin: ...
Alvin: Well, time to think.
Jude: Mhmm. Thanks Alvin.
(After sleeping)
Jude: Good morning, you two.
Milla: Good morning. I'll get straight to the point, Jude. We have to talk
       about what happens next.
Jude: Ok.
Milla: I've decided to return to Ni'akelia.
Jude: Ni'akelia? Is that where you live?
Milla: More accurately, where I am enshrined.
Milla: When I return there, I might be able to resummon the Great Four.
Alvin: Is she seriously Maxwell?
Milla: It's time for you to decide, Jude. Won't you accompany me to Ni'akelia?
Jude: Hm?
Milla: It's your own fault that you ended up in the situation you are in now,
       but the truth is that it is also my responsbility.
Milla: I'll put in a good word for you with the people of Ni'akelia.
Milla: Surely they will be able to do something about your problem.
Alvin: Ooh. You've been doing some thinking.
Milla: Uh-huh. I've been reflecting on everything you told me about other
       people's affairs.
Jude: Milla, have you had enough practice with the sword?
Milla: Mhmm, don't worry.
Alvin: For the time being, it seems like she has gotten used to swinging it
Jude: I'll go with you.
Milla: Alright. That puts me at ease.
Alvin: Are you thinking about a little more sword practice?
Milla: Yeah, probably.
Alvin: Well then, when you finish the required preparation, let me know.
Jude: Are you coming too, Alvin?
Alvin: Hey, I already took the boat here with you, didn't I?
Jude: Milla.
Milla: Hm?
Jude: Thank you.

<By the exit>
Alvin: Well then, shall we go?
Jude: Milla, if i'm not mistake, you said we go north from here?
Alvin: How long will it take?
Milla: Not even half a day's distance if flying by the power of Sylph.
Alvin: I'm not familiar with that of that unit of measurement.
Alvin: But it would be nice if there was a place to rest along the way.
Jude: It looks like there is a village on the map, I wonder if it's ok to rest
Milla: At any rate, standing around here won't get us anywhere.
Milla: We should probably go.
Alvin: Alright, alright.

*Skit 014 "Is Milla really...?" (ミラは本当に……?)*
Alvin: Were you serious when you said Milla is Maxwell?
Alvin: She certainly is a little different, but seems like nothing more than
       an ordinary girl.
Jude: It's for real... I think.
Jude: When we first met, she was accompanied by the Four Greater Spirits.
Alvin: Wha- The strongest of all spirits, the ones who command the four
Jude: Mhmm.
Jude: Ifreet of the fire, Undine of the water, Slyph of the wind, and Gnome of
the soil...
Jude: It was the first time I saw them myself, but there was no mistaking that
      they were the Four Greater Spirits.
Alvin: If what you are saying is true, that's definitely not something that
       any old girl can do.
Jude: Yeah.

*Sub-Event 004 "The Fruit Vendor" (フルーツ商人)*
Fruit Vendor: I heard you can get your hands on a fruit called a "parange"
              around these parts. You guys know something about that, right?
Fruit Vendor: If you bring me a nice one, i'll buy it from you.
Fruit Vendor: You'll bring me a parange? I'm request your services.
Fruit Vendor: Ah, I see. I figured the only way would be to look for myself.
Fruit Vendor: Oh! This one ripened nicely! As promised, i'll buy it from you.
Reward: Dog Face (purple), 1200g

*Sub-Event 005 "Secret Flavor" (秘伝の味)
Copycat Chef: By the master's command, I must learn how to cook a food called
              "Cider Rice".
Copycat Chef: I have no clue how to get my hands on any... if you could,
              would you lend me your cooperation?
Chef: I Appreciate it! Once I eat some, I should be able to make it as if it
      were my own.
Chef: Erm, cider and rice complementing each other, just what kind of food
      could it possibly be?
Chef: Ah, this is "Cider Rice"!
Chef: ... Now I see! There is lightly-seasoned miso blended in together with
      the cider and the rice!
Chef: Thank you. Thanks to you, I grew as a chef.
Reward: Buddha's Eyebrows, 1200g

*Sub-Event 006 "Monster Mashing Mishap" (魔物退治の誤算)*
Client: Once again, monsters are nesting over by the lake to the west.
Client: Additionally, I hired a mercenary to exterminate the monsters, but it
        looks like he was captured by them.
Client: So, won't you head to the lake and free the mercenary for me?
Client: Such is my request. Thank you, once again.
Client: Is that so? Aa, That poor mercenary will probably be eaten, now.
(after beating the monsters)
Mercenary: You saved me! I was nearly eaten.
Mercenary: You guys seem very skilled, but make sure you aren't caught off
           guard like I was.
Client: You saved the mercenary! Thank you very much.
Reward: Belt Dagger Attachment, 1800g

*Skit 148 "Outer Appearance, True Colors" (外見と内面)*
Alvin: Oops! My scarf is getting crooked.
Jude: That scarf is your favorite, isn't it.
Alvin: Yeah, probably. It's from the Fis'che Marge brand special custom order
Jude: I don't know that brand, but it suits you well.
Alvin: You better make a big deal about the things you wear. A man's
       character can be understood from his outer appearance.
Jude: But I belive that one's interior is more important than their exterior.
Alvin: Your true colors should be reflected in your appearance. Like mine are!
Milla: Do you think there are people that try to conceal their ugly interior
       by obsessing over their outer apperance?
Alvin: Hahahaha... people who can't see through that sort of thing are
       lacking in the interior department themselves, aren't they?
Milla: So your saying they are bad for being tricked.
Jude: I have doubts about the true colors of someone who say things like that.
Alvin: Uh-oh, looks like i've stirred up some trouble for myself.

*Skit 015 "The Four Great Spirits" (四大精霊)
Milla: Pft... this thing called walking is hard work. My legs are getting
       weighted down, it seems.
Jude: Milla, you're a surprise princess.
Milla: I don't know about "princess", i'm just used to flying through the sky
       via the power of Sylph.
Milla: My only experience with walking was on the surface of water, via the
       power of Undine.
Jude: ... That would be impossible for a princess, wouldn't it.
Alvin: You use the powers of the Four Greater Spirits so brazenly, don't blame
       me when they punish you for it.
Milla: Honestly, you're just saying that because I have a little bit of power.
       You are nagging me like a "sister-in-law" would.
Milla: There are times where they also treat me like a child. It has been
       all too annoying.
Jude: The Four Greater Spirits...
Alvin: Branded like a sister-in-law!?

*Skit 013 Maxwell, Alienated From the World" (世界に疎いマクスウェル)*
Jude: Compared to the DUSKCLOUD* of Il'fan, A'juelle's sky is radiant.
Alvin: You bet. The SPIRITUAL FORCE of this area is actually stable.
Milla: "DUSKCLOUD", and "SPIRITUAL FORCE", what do they mean?
Alvin: My, the great Maxwell doesn't know about those, either?
Milla: One of the words defined by humans that I do recognise is the thing
       called "pride".
Milla: Pride is the area where humans are furthest beyond helping, you know.
Jude: Milla, Do you know anything about the geometric patterns of Liese Maxia's
Millia: You're asking *me* that? All nature is established based on the power
        of the spirits.
Jude: "SPIRITUAL FORCE" is the balance of the power in those spirits.
Jude: If it is skewed in one direction, nature takes different extremes.
Jude: As a result, the nights are very long in Il'fan, hence the SPIRITUAL
      FORCE there is called the DUSKCLOUD.
Millia: I see...
Millia: Thanks, I understand perfectly. You are clever when it comes to
        explaining things.
Jude: You are very welcome.
Alvin: Hehehe, Anyway, Jude and I are different kinds of people. He has
       his straightforward honesty, and I have my pride.
*"Yoruiki", the characters here are "夜域", evening and area.

<Chat: While traversing the northern Ilart Road>
Alvin: The way you swing that sword is getting quite diverse.
Milla: Uh-huh, somehow or another I have a knack for sword's play.

V. The Fruit Pavillion Village Ha'miel (果?園の村ハ・ミル)

Jude: Fruit as far as the eye can see. Such a sweet fragrance, isn't it.
Alvin: The sweetness of wine, as well. I bet there's an orchard nearby.
Old Lady: Ah, it is unusual for this village to have visitors.
Jude: Miss, are you one of village's residents?
Old Lady: I am the elder, here.
Milla: Does this road extend to Ni'akelia?
Old Lady: Hearing the name Ni'akelia makes me feel quite nostalgic...
Alvin: What do you mean?
Old Lady: The name of a forgotten village. Whether it even exists anymore or
          not, I can't say.
Old Lady: When I was a child, I heard that it lies beyond the Kijil Tidefall.
Jude: The Kijil Tidefall?
Old Lady: It's a huge waterfall.
Old Lady: If you are looking for Ni'akelia, you'll need to pass over its
          rockwalls, with treacherous cliffs and sharp inclines.
Alvin: Alright then, it looks like we should find a way to rest here a little.
Jude: That's the case.
Old Lady: Well, we have no inn here in this village...
Old Lady: I have an empty room in my house, so feel free to use it if you wish.
Jude: Much appreciated, miss.

*Chat 015: When walking through a part of Ha'miel with a scenic view*
Alvin: Won't you look at that, ya nerd*. We're pretty high up.
Jude: Yeah... we've come quite long way, huh...
*Alvin frequently calls Jude an "honor student".

*Skit 016 "Catalysis" (元素の触媒)*
Alvin: So, um, how exactly does Maxwell take on the apperance of a human?
Milla: Sprits are primarily made up of a cluster of MANA. In that form, they
       cannot act within the human world.
Milla: In order to materialize in this world, we need to interact with a
       catalyst that corresponds to an attribute.
Milla: For example, the elemental Ifreet interacts with flame in order to take
       his form, here.
Jude: Does Maxwell have an element?
Milla: The human body actually contains some of each element. The catalyst I
       use to materialize is whichever one is most suitable.
Alvin: What happens if you are separated from your catalyst?
Milla: We gather elements to make a new catalyst, and wait for it to grow.
Jude: Like making a baby from the elements...?
Milla: It's troublesome, but to catalysize a human, time is necessary to
       allow for the flesh to evenly grow.
Jude: So even you are the "master of spirits", it doesn't mean you're
Milla: Not in the human world, anyways.
Alvin: I'm just glad you didn't catalysize as a middle-aged man!
Jude: I don't really care...
Alvin: Even if it were a monk?
Jude: ...it's not really important.

*Skit 133 "Fruity Infatuation" (フルーツの誘惑)*
Jude: This nice fragrance is due to the napples. They are deliciously sweet
      and sour.
Milla: *slurp* Is that right?
Alvin: Ahh, they are perfectly ripe.
Milla: *sluurp* Infatuating...
Jude: Milla, you are drooling all over the place!
Milla: *sluurrp* ...why... *sluuuurrrrrp* ...can't I stop...
Jude: ...She's in a fruit coma, eh?
Alvin: Don't sneak a bite, because the number of reasons to pursue you will

<In front of a tree, midtown>
Jude: Wha'cha looking at?
Boy: Waaa! Get away from me!
Alvin: With that kind of reaction, people are sure to be interested, eh kid?
Jude: Hey, something strange is glimmering.
Boy: You can't look! I saw it first.
Milla: Hrm, it looks like a puzzle.
Milla: This seems difficult.
Jude: is it a shell?
Boy: W-what's going on?
Jude: These letters resemble our alphabet, but are different. They look to be
Alvin: "I am called Aifreid. An adventurer who traverse to the ends of the
       world, seeking treasure".
Alvin: "I have at long last somehow managed to arrive on foreign soil.
       However, I will not be able to return to where I came from".
Alvin: "I have sealed various treasures found through these lands in ARKS".
Alvin: "For them to be found by another adventurer like myself, is my wish"
Milla: Impressive, Alvin.
Boy: But, even though you read it to me, I don't understand the meaning...
Jude: Aifreid was a pirate, who pillaged throughout Liese Maxia ages ago.
Jude: But I learned that he set out on a mission to find the ends of the
      world, and was never heard from, again.
Alvin: And so it seems he left behind treasures in boxes.
Boy: Captain Aifreid's treasure!? I wanna look for it, too!
Milla: But... Don't you think it will be difficult to find if you can't read
       the clues?
Boy: You're right... I'll study more, so that one day I can go searching!
Boy: The story of Aifreid's treasure will be our little secret.

In dungeons and on the field exist special boxes that contain "Aifreid's
Treasure". These items are unique and useful in your adventure, so be sure to
search for them!

Obtained Stained Glass Orb*
*"謎の宝珠" literally means "Mysterious Orb", which is rather vague. The data
files on the game disc list it as "Stained Glass", which is way more

<Chat: While walking through the western section with the parenge trees>
Alvin: Oo, parenge are growing.
Alvin: I really dig the wine they can be made into.

<Chat: Around the parenge trees>
Alvin: Jude, have you tried watching the women from below as they climb up?
Jude: ... That sort of thing is what old men do, Alvin.

<Chat: Jumping off the top of a parenge tree>
Alvin: Ooo, that was quite a drift, just now!
Jude: Mhm. It's an addictive feeling, isn't it.

*Skit 132 "Echo" (山びこ)*
Jude: What great scenery. It seems like if you shout, an echo will come back.
Alvin: Why not give it a shot? You should do that sort of thing while you're
       still young.
Alvin: When you get to be my age, it can be a little embarrassing to try.
Jude: Ah, you're right... I wonder if it will work.
Jude: Hi-hoo!
Alvin: (Hi-hoo...)
Jude: Alvin...
Alvin: (Alvin...)
Jude: Isn't that embarrassing for you?
Alvin: (Yeah, kind of...)

<After staying at the elder's house>
Jude: Good morning. Wha'cha up to?
Milla: Just watching people pass by.
Jude: Hmmm...
Jude: Hey Milla, can I ask a question?
Milla: Hm?
Jude: What exactly is "Jin"?
Jude: Why did you try to destroy that machine back in Il'fan?
Milla: That is something that doesn't belong in the hands of people. So from
       the hands of people it must be separated.
Jude: Why is that?
Milla: I feel as if you don't need to know the reason for that.
Jude: ...You think I won't believe you, huh.
Milla: No, that isn't it.
Milla: What would you humans do if you saw a baby playing with a knife?
Jude: Um, take it away from the baby, right?
Milla: Why is that?
Jude: Because it's... you know, dangerous.
Jude: The baby doesn't know the correct way to use it, and will probably injure
Milla: Exactly.
Jude: But we aren't babies!
Jude: If I understand what I am dealing with, I can think carefully as to not
      make a mistake with it...
Milla: To me, you are the same.
Jude: ......
Milla: I protect the world. Therefore, I must destroy the Lance of Kresnik.
Milla: That is my mission.
Jude: Mission...
Milla: Relax, Jude. When we arrive in Ni'akelia, it will be of no concern to
       you anymore.
Milla: What is it?
Alvin: Somehow or another, it seems as if our leisure time has ended.
Jude: As expected, they have come to pursue us...
Alvin: Well now, it seems the international man hunt came quickly afterall.
Milla: There is no way they would simply let us go. Lets get out of here
       before they start searching.
Alvin: Indeed. There is an exit at the west side of the village. The Kijil
       Tidefalls are also in that direction.

<Near the western exit from town>
Jude: There are soldiers here as well.
Alvin: How should we handle this?
Milla: By force.
Jude: Ok. I think it would be best if we made our move before they all gather
Alvin: A simple strategy.
Mysterious Girl: H-hey...
Jude: A little girl?
Mysterious Girl: Um.... Wha'cha... doing?
Milla: Hmm, deciding how to deal with those annoying soldiers.
Jude: ... That was blunt.
Mysterious Girl: Those guys... are annoying, aren't they?
(The girl's doll floats over to the guards standing by the path leading out)
Guard: Whaaaa! What's this?
Guard: He...
Alvin: That's...
Jude: What was that? A stuffed toy?
Huge Guy: What's going on here?
Huge Guy: HEY, girl. You weren't supposed to leave our hut.
Huge Guy: La'shugarl goons act as they please.
Jude: Uh... she left...
Huge Guy: The girl, where did she go?
Jude: Towards the plaza...
Huge Guy: What? Damnit!
Huge Guy: You guys are outsiders. Begone at once!
Alvin: I don't quite get it, but it looks like our work has been done for us.
Jude: So, lets get out of here fast.

*Skit 017 "Mysterious Girl" (謎の少女)*
Jude: Hey, what about that girl from Ha'miel...
Alvin: Ah, the one who had the weird doll. What was her deal?
Jude: Maybe not... of concern to us?
Alvin: Uh-huh. Adults don't concern themselves when they aren't involved.
Jude: But... the way she manipulated that strange doll... and the way that
      big guy chased after her... it wasn't normal at all.
Alvin: Strange things happen. That child, you guys, myself.
Alvin: But it's normal for people to only take something seriously once they
       are involved themselves.
Jude: ......
Alvin: Well, just because it didn't seem normal doesn't mean it will end
       in misfortune.
Alvin: Look at Milla's case. I don't feel like it ended misfortunately.
Jude: Yeah, thats right, huh.

*Skit 010 "La'shugarl and A'juelle" (ラ・シュガルとア・ジュール)*
Alvin: I wonder if my chances to gain connections to the A'juellian army have
       somehow slipped away...
Milla: Alvin, why are you showing that level of interest in A'juelle?
Alvin: The A'juellian army cares not about personal status, but rather the
       success one has achieved due to their own abilities.
Jude: La'shugarl is extremely different, huh?
Milla: Oh? Is that so?
Jude: Yep. La'shugarl is of ancient heritage, and the ruling class has
      generally descended from nobility.
Alvin: They have traditions. That may sound nice, but a mercenary who flows*
       like I do has no taste for a country like that.
Jude: But, a place like A'juelle is always engaged in religious conflict.
Jude: Thus it is a dangerous place to attend to one's studies.
Milla: Interesting. The circumstances are different based on the person.
Alvin: You, stay out of this!
Milla: Hah, I have no interest in interfering with human society's petty
*I guess he is refering to the way he roams about freely to find work.

VI. The Kijil Tidefalls (キジル海瀑)

Alvin: So, on the other side of these Tidefalls is Ni'akelia, land of the
Alvin: They probably won't follow us that far.
Jude: We've done a bad thing for the villagers in Ha'miel, huh...
Jude: Despite how well they treated us.
Alvin: La'shugarl's troops came. Escaping is a victory for us.
Milla: How they handle it is up to them.
Jude: They probably protected us up till the end, so that way of talking is...
Milla: Are you concerned about them? If so, you can turn back, Jude.
Milla: We've only been together a short time, but you have my gratitude.
Jude: Why are you being like that?
Milla: ...do you want me to be more sentimental?
Milla: That is how you humans say it, right? It's a bit difficult for me.
Milla: I have no time for sentiment or pity.
Jude: ...Because you have a mission?
Milla: Exactly.
Jude: But doesn't one need to become snetimental before they can truly
      understand what the right thing to do is?
Milla: Can't people do the right thing regardless of sentimentality?
Jude: I really don't know. That's not what this is about... If we don't do
      something, then...
Milla: If that's the case, what are you gonna do?
Jude: Hm?
Milla: Do what you must do.
Milla: In that, you might learn the answer.
Jude: What I must do...
Alvin: And don't think that it is necessarily the same as what the Great
       Maxwell must do, ok?
Alvin: Her circumstances are far from normal.
Jude: Hey, Alvin, what about you? Do you have anything you must do?
Alvin: ...Well now. If I said I did, that might confuse you more, Jude.
Jude: Eh?
Alvin: I've already decided for myself.
Jude: ......
Alvin: So then, what will you do? Return to the village?
Jude: Nope.
Alvin: Well then, lets get going.
*Note: This conversation is a bit confusing, choice of word in particular.

*Chat 016: Upon reaching a scalable ledge*
Jude: Can we climb here?
Alvin: You're a young guy, just do it before thinking twice

*Chat 018: While walking through the central region*
Alvin: Awesome. There are huge rocks growing in the ocean and piercing the
       surface like spears.
Jude: Geographical marvels can occur where SPIRITUAL FORCE directly impacts.

(Further into the Kijil Tidefalls)
Jude: Pretty soon we will be at Ni'akelia. What kind of place is it?
Jude: Is it nice there?
Milla: Mmm-hmm, to me it is.
Milla: It's a tranquil place where one can meditate and sharpen their wits.
Jude: Ooo, exciting.
Alvin: lets take a quick breather and rest our feet, over by that bed of rocks.
Milla: We are almost there, should we really be resting?
Alvin: Sure. Ni'akelia isn't going anywhere, right?
Alvin: Hm? Take a load off.
Jude: Ok. That's more like it.
Jude: Hey Alvin, nice of you to watch out for us.
Alvin: Just making sure you guys don't get moody on me.
Jude: We might appear to be moody...
Jude: But we will be fine. My forte is to not overthink or overdo.
Alvin: I see.
Milla: *gasp*
(Milla is grabbed by a pink-haired woman with a tail)
Jude: What's that?
Jude: Who are you?
Tailed-woman: Now, I wonder how attached you are to this girl?
Alvin: Release her.
Alvin: I don't know what business you have, but she is an important client of
Tailed-woman: Don't get any closer. Or I don't know what i'll do.
Jude: Alvin, listen closely.
Jude: Can you shoot the rocks to the upper-right?
Jude: If you can hit them, we might be able to save Milla.
Alvin: Should I take the shot?
Jude: Eh?
Jude: Yeah.
Tailed-woman: Oh ho? Just gonna watch as I kill her? You're appalling!
(Alvin shoots)
Milla: That was really reckless, don't you think?
Alvin: I got results, didn't I?
Jude: It's coming!

(Boss fight with Greater Demarche)

Battle Operations Tutorial. View the explanation?
After unleashing Link Arts during Overlimit, you can connect Link Arts into
other Link Arts, with careful timing that varies based on the Arts used!
In the midst of executing Link Arts, if you change partners at the correct
time, you can connect with a Link Arts Chain!
*Post-Fight Chat 003: After defeating the Greater Dimarche*
Alvin: Our Combination Arts decided the outcome!
Jude: I had no idea I was capable of something like that...
Milla: If we can master them, they will become a powerful weapon.

<After the fight>
Alvin: That monster camoflauged itself as a rock. Nice job noticing.
Milla: Did you guys think about what would have happened if the monster went
       over to you instead of that woman?
Jude: That would have been ok, too.
Jude: In that case, Alvin would have ended up in that woman's blindspot.
Alvin: Incredible. To come to that conclusion at a single moment's notice....
Milla: Quite an accomplishment. Not something that just anyone can do.
Jude: (Mumbles to self) Something... only I can do...
Milla: Thanks, Jude and Alvin.
Jude: That's right, what about that woman?
Alvin: Hey nerd. If you waste time worrying about bad eggs like her, it will
       get dark.
Alvin: Let's make haste.

*Chat xxx: While walking to the next area*
Alvin: The sea is breathtaking. How about it, wanna go for a swim with me?
Milla: If you want to jump in, I won't stop you, but I've heard that there
       are monsters in the sea as well.

*Skit 170 "Advice From the Mercenary" (傭兵の助言)*
Milla: Alvin, the way you fight is rather dirty.
Alvin: It's pronounced "powerful". On the battlefield, economical techniques
       can be fatal.
Alvin: Courage. Strength. Vigor. More Vigor*. Intuition. These are the five
       secrets of battle.
Milla: Hmm, you have me convinced.
Alvin: Well yes, this is coming from an active mercenary, afterall.
Jude: Hey Alvin, how long have you been doing the mercenary thing?
Alvin: For as long as I can remember. At about your age, I was already an
       experienced veteran.
Alvin: I might not look it, but I am a seasoned wise man.
Milla: I see. Advice from a man of experience. I'll be sure to remember it.
Jude: ......
Alvin: Don't give me that look. You have your specialties, and I have mine.
Alvin: You can leave the physical labor to me!
Jude: O-ok...
*He says number 3 and 4 are vigor. There might be a joke I am missing, here.

*Skit 186 "Huge Monsters" (巨大モンスター)*
Milla: But wow, I was surprised to see that monsters as big as that one
Jude: There are monsters that grow that big due to a GATE-related mutation.
Alvin: ...is that written in a book?
Jude: Yep.
Alvin: Sheesh, you are way too level-headed, nerd. It's rather boring.
Milla: Aren't you also extremely level-headed?
Alvin: Well, It's not like that was the first time i've seen something of that
Jude: Alvin, you've been all around the world and seen a lot, eh?
Alvin: Nevertheless, that whopper of a monster was the first one of that sort
       i've picked a fight with head on.
Milla: Hehehe, aren't you glad you got to experience something fresh?
Alvin: Yeah, yeah. I'm grateful.

<Nearing the exit>
Jude: Hey, that girl from before... was she an acquaintance of yours?
Alvin: Oh, yeah. I guess I somehow know her from somewhere or another.
Milla: It seems like the business of being a mercenary incurs the hatred
       of others.
Jude: Nevertheless, she was a beautiful person, huh.
Alvin: Ah, so you like her? Jude, your taste is in older women, eh?
Jude: I don't know for certain, maybe.

VII. The Birthplace of the Spirits Ni'akelia (精霊の里ニ・アケリア)

Milla: We've arrived.
Jude: This is...
Alvin: Wow, on the outside, it seems like a common village.
Milla: Excuse me. Where is Ivar?
Old Man: Hm? Ivar went after mistress Maxwell...
Old Man: Mistress Maxwell?!
Milla: Yes. I have returned.
Old Man: Whaaa... coming out here to greet me like this.
Alvin: Well. Looks like she's the real deal.
Jude: How wonderful, Milla.
Alvin: We both doubted it a little, eh?
Milla: Don't be nervous. Just go about things as you would normally.
Milla: You said Ivar isn't here?
Old Man: Y-yes! You came back slower than usual, so he was worried...
Milla: I see, quick to act as always.
Milla: Pardon me for keeping you from your work.
Milla: I will hurry to the shrine and resummon the Great Four.
Milla: But as it is, it appears my shrine attendant is absent. If it's not
       too much trouble, can you give me a hand?
Jude: Hm? What can we help you with?
Alvin: Something directly related to the ritual, possibly?
Milla: It's nothing too difficult.
Milla: This village has 4 small shrines, each with it's own Lifeforce Stone.
Jude: You want us to gather all of the Lifeforce Stones from the shrines
      you mentioned?
Milla: Yep.
Alvin: If that's all, why not ask the villagers to do it?
Milla: Did you see the one from before?
Milla: Aside from the priestess, I don't have too much contact with them.
Milla: To ask them would be entirely out of the question.
Alvin: Hmph. Well, physical labor is a man's role.
Jude: That's the spirit, Alvin.
Milla: Jude, i'm sorry. After the ceremony, we can speak with the villagers
       about your situation.
Milla: I want you to wait just a little longer.
Jude: Ah, alright.
Jude: Well then, Let's look for the Lifeforce Stones. They are in the village,
      aren't they?
Milla: Yes. Retrieve them and bring them to the Shrine. The Shrine is just
       beyond the village's exit.

*Chat 023: When you collect A stone*
Jude: Got it. This is a "Lifeforce Stone", right?
Milla: Thats right. Gather 3 more of the same.

*Chat 024: When you've collected them all*
Jude: Milla. We've gathered all 4 of the Lifeforce Stones.
Milla: That took quite some time. Well then, lets head for the shrine further
       within the village.

Obtained Soil, Fire, Water, Wind Lifeforce Stone.

*Chat 021: Loiter in the village for 1 minute*
Alvin: Ni'akelia sure is far out in the remote countryside.
Jude: One might say that it's rustic.

*Chat 022: Loiter in the village for 2 minutes*
Jude: ... The buildings changed.
Milla: Yep. Their appearance is based upon the element of the spirit, wind or
       fire, that was used to build them.

<Chat 022: While walking through the center of the village>
Jude: The mountains over there on the other side of the village look a little
      different to me.
Milla: Those are the Ni'akelia Spirit Mountains, A sacred grounds where the 4
       SPIRITUAL FORCES are regulated.

*Skit 018 "Maxwell's Home" (マクスウェルの里)*
Jude: This is Milla's birthplace. It's unexpectedly normal.
Milla: A nice, calm and quiet place, don't you think?
Jude: Y-yeah.  It is, isn't it.
Alvin: Quite a big letdown to me. I thought it would be a little more
Jude: That's rude.
Milla: Hm, what do you mean, Alvin?
Alvin: Oh, nothing. Just wondering if the parents of the mighty Maxwell
       live here.
Milla: You probably shouldn't expect spirits to have parents.
Alvin: Well then, how were you born?
Milla: I took the form you see now 20 years ago. Accompanied by the Great
       Four, I appeared at the shrine in this village.
Alvin: For what reason?
Milla: You're extremely interested in me, aren't you.
Alvin: No. You might say that Jude is ordinary and boring, I don't think
       he has any interesting stories.
Milla: ... Jude. Are you seeking trouble yet?
Jude: Pft... I'm not gonna talk about that kind of thing!

*Sub Event 007 "Something Delicious" (おいしいもの)
Young Boy: Hey there. Once, I ate a fruit called a "napple".
Young Boy: It was very tasty, so I was wanted to give one to lady Maxwell.
Young Boy: I wonder if anyone could get one for me.
Milla: Hrm. If I got one for you, would you simply give it back to me?
Milla: That isn't very efficient...
Young Boy: But, my mom told me not to leave the village.
Young Boy: There aren't any napples here.
Jude: It'll be ok, right? We will bring you a napple.
Young Boy: Napples sure are delicious. I bet lady Maxwell would love them
Young Boy: Wha, a napple! Thanks, lady Maxwell.
Young Boy: This is, Realllllly good!
Milla: Mhm. They are, aren't they. *slurp*
Young Boy: Reallly Realllllly good and...
Young Boy: ... Gokun!*
Jude: Milla.
Milla: Ah... that's right.
Milla: Therefore, it's ok if you eat it.
Young Boy: But, I wanted to give it to...
Milla: Just a small piece will be... fine.
Young Boy: Thanks, Lady Maxwell!
Young Boy: In exchange, i'll give you this!
Reward: Snot
*one of the Buddha's "5 pungent roots", traditionally considered to consist
of onions, garlic, scallions, ginger, and leeks. Certain sects of Buddhists
abstain from eating these.

*Sub-Event 008 "Maxwell's Folklore" (マクスウェルの伝承)
Elder: Welcome home, mistress Maxwell.
Milla: Everyone is in good health, I take it?
Elder: That is correct. By the hands of mistress Maxwell.
Alvin: Wow, Milla is truly the center of attention around here, eh?
Jude: It's pretty uncommon for people to worship Maxwell, these days. It was
      popular back in ancient times, though.
Milla: I don't know about this village, but it seems like spiritual worship
       in the world as a whole has declined.
Jude: Indeed. It's probably due to the fact that people have began to accept
      spirits as a real part of nature, as the usage of Spirit Arts has become
      more and more practical.
Alvin: Long ago, spirits were greater than people?
Jude: That's right. According to legend, it's said that Liese Maxia was
      created by Maxwell.
Jude: The first human to serve under Maxwell was called Kresnik, the sage
      of creation.
Milla: Right. The people of this village are direct descendants of the same
Alvin: Hahaha, absurb legends like that are something you hear a lot of in
       the backwater countryside.
Elder: Don't be disrespectful! This is the village that mistress Maxwell
       descended from 20 years ago, accompanied by the Great Four.
Elder: Since then, it is where she has eaten, slept, and grew up.
Elder: By that miracle alone, this village's folklore is truth. There is no
       evidence that suggests otherwise!
Alvin: Is this the same old crone who taught Milla how to starve to death?
Jude: Hey, that's enough...
Jude: Come to mention it, there's the 6 noble houses of La'shugarl, the
Jude: There were 6 followers of Maxwell and Kresnik, weren't there?
Elder: Hah, the "RIKUKE" folklore is what you should be suspicious of. Those
       fools know nothing of the secrets this world has to offer.
Milla: ...
Elder: That was not like me... please forgive my arrogance.
Jude: Milla?
Milla: ... it's nothing, forget it.
*Rikuke(六家) is a play on Rikukei(六卿), the 6 ministers of the 6 Zhou dynasty
Chinese ministries.

*Sub-Event 009 "An Offering to Milla" (ミラへのお供え)*
Devotee: Oh, this is horrible! I've run out of precious articles to place in
         the shrine as offerings!
Devotee: The thing I use is considerably rare, so would you mind helping me
         search for more?
Devotee: The shrine offering is, an insect's husk.
Devotee: It is a sacred symbol of the cycle of death and rebirth.
Devotee: As rare as it might be, please bring me a nice one.
Devotee: This is problematic. It has been a tradition passed down for ages to
         place those type of articles in the shrine as an offering.
Devotee: My, this is a perfect specimen in shape, color, and condition! I will
         leave for the shrine to offer it up immediately.
Devotee: Thank you very much. With this, lady Maxwell will be pleased...
Devotee: And of course, i'll be able to preserve this village's customs.
Reward: Hair Spike, 1800g

*Sub-Event 010 "Shrine Road Monsters" (参道の魔物)*
Aged Man: Ever since Lady Maxwell left on her journey, fiendish monsters have
          started to appear on the Shrine Road.
Aged Man: The villagers are unable to supress them. Would you be willing to
          lend a hand?
Aged Man: A flock of the monsters in question is infesting the Ni'akelia
          Shrine Road Northwestern Section.
Aged Man: Please do your best.
Aged Man: Erm, the villagers will have to find a way to deal with it
          themselves, as I expected...
Aged Man: Thank you so much.
Aged Man: We will be able to visit the shrine safely from now on.
Reward: Elven Ears, 1800g

*Skit 019 "Granlost" (大消失)*
Alvin: Right now, Arts that use the power of the Four Great Spirits can no
       longer be used, right?
Jude: Right. Ever since the "Granlost" of 20 years ago.
Jude: The power of the Four Great Spirits faded without warning, causing
      a panic all throughout the world.
Alvin: And... When Milla took the form of a human was...
Milla: 20 years ago.
Jude: It couldn't be that the Granlost was caused by...
Milla: Yep, me.
Milla: It's because the Great Four were made exclusive to me, in order to
       care for my well being.
Alvin: ... For real?
Milla: I have no need to tell lies.
Milla: Although, right now even I can't summon them. I suppose I can't
       prove it.

*Skit 012 "Alvin's Weapon" (アルヴィンの武器)
Jude: How about that weapon you have there, Alvin...
Alvin: Ah, well said. It's a very nice sword!
Jude: Actually, I'm not talking about the sword.
Alvin: Hmm? Do you mean this, then?
Jude: Thats the one, quite an unusual piece. It produces the power to fire
      through the use of fire family spirits, right?
Alvin: Well, something like that.
Jude: Fascinating, i've never seen something like that before. Where did you
      buy it from?
Alvin: Uh-oh. This is the type of thing kids like you want, eh?
Alvin: You can look at it all you want, you'll never get your hands on it.
Jude: I'm not a child, though!
Alvin: I know, I know. It was a joke!

<Upon reaching Milla's Shrine>
Milla: Right in here.
Jude: This is where you live, Milla?
Milla: Live, huh? I never thought of it like that, but I guess that's
       what it's come to now.
Alvin: There's nothing here, huh. Don't you get bored?
Milla: For the sake of my mission, I don't have any problems with it.
Milla: I just do things like read books people have written if need be.
Alvin: Pshaw.
Milla: Well now, lets get the ritual started.
Jude: Do you have everything you need?
Milla: Mhm. Thanks for the hand back there.
Jude: Milla!
Milla: ......
Ivar: Mistress Milla!
Milla: Ivar, huh.
Ivar: Mistress Milla. I was worried about you.
Ivar: Is this the 4 Spirits Revival Ceremony? Why are you performing it now?
Ivar: Don't tell me that...
Ivar: Lord Ifreet?! Lady Undine?!
Ivar: Mistress Milla, what the hell is...
(Shortly after)
Ivar: That's...
Alvin: Since you couldn't summon them, does that mean they died?
Ivar: Don't be foolish. A Greater spirit, "dying"...
Alvin: Hmm? Is that supposed to be common knowledge?
Ivar: Greater and lesser spirits are both the same. Rather than die, they
      become a fossil. From that, the next incarnation inherits their
Jude: ...so you say. But people have never witnessed it first hand.
Alvin: Ah! That's right.
Ivar: Hah. Their exist doesn't end with death, they merely pass on to
      The Realm of Dead Spirits.
Jude: ...
Jude: But, you see, the Four Greater Spirits were probably captured by that
Ivar: Idiot! There is no chance that humans could capture a greater spirit.
Jude: The Four Greater Spirits didn't react to the resummoning ceremony either,
Jude: It might be unheard of, but if there is no other possibility, it has to
      be the case.
Alvin: If an egg in an empty room were somehow able to break on it's own, the
       cause must be within the egg...
Alvin: They call it "Hao's Egg Theory". Isn't that right, nerd?
Milla: Could it be that JIN has the power to capture the Great Four...
Milla: Back then...
Milla: My power as Maxwell parted from me.
Jude: Milla...
Ivar: Well then! You bastards can get the hell out of here! This shrine is
      on holy grounds!
Ivar: The one who tends to mistress Milla's needs is her attendant, the one
      and only me!
Milla: Ivar, You as well. You should head home, already.
Ivar: Eh?
Milla: This is the case, truth be told.
Milla: You are making a scene.
Ivar: Wha...
(More time passes)
Ivar: It's because you bastards don't have your shit together that this
      happened to mistress Milla.
Ivar: Damnit! If only I had gone with her!
Alvin: This cat's got a real short fuse.
Ivar: Hey jackasses! Are you listening?
Jude: Huh? Oh sorry, I wasn't.
Ivar: Grr!
Ivar: Listen up. The one who takes care of mistress Milla from here on out
      will be myself. There will be no more dilly-dallying.
Alvin: Are you going to stay here a little longer?
Jude: Yeah.
Alvin: Ok then, i'll run off ahead.
Jude: Do what I must... My own hands...
Jude: Ah, Milla. What's going on? Aren't you taking a break?
Milla: Lets cut the chat here, Jude. Did Ivar already head back to the
Jude: Mhm.
Milla: I see. Well, we can go see if the villagers can do anything to help
       out your situation.
Milla: What is it? Worried that the village won't be able to relate?
Jude: No, that isn't it.
Jude: Milla... what will you do now?
Jude: Will you return to Il'fan to destroy Kresnik's Lance?
Milla: Yea.
Milla: I've been thinking about the Great Four, and the ones over there
       that sucked away our Mana.
Milla: Kresnik's Lance is a weapon that is used to gather MANA, I assume.
Milla: They might not use it again right away, but I'm concerned about
       their lust for MANA.
Jude: I'll bet... well, are you gonna do it alone?
Milla: Cut to the chase, Jude. What are you trying to say?
Jude: ... Milla, how do you manage to stay so strong?
Milla: You seem to have some interest in me, huh.
Jude: !
Milla: So strong, huh. I hadn't thought of that.
Milla: I have something I must do.
Milla: So, for the sake of accomplishing my goal, it is the only attitude
       to maintain.
Jude: But, won't it be impossible based on only your current abilities?
Jude: You will probably die.
Milla: Yet still, I must. It has already been decided.
Jude: ... You are strong afterall, Milla...
Milla: Hmm. Then we have reached an agreement? Back to the village, then?
Jude: Milla!
Milla: Hm?
Jude: It's ok if I go too, right? With you...
Milla: You would be willing to give up your normal life to do so?
Milla: And have no regrets in doing so?
Jude: Yes... The truth is that I have a few...
Jude: But, no matter how much I regret I hold, I still won't be able to
      change the past.
Jude: And because of that, I've decided that right now, i'll do anything in
      my power to help you out.
Milla: My, you sure like to get involved in other people's affairs.
Jude: I-is that so?
Milla: I even tried to leave the shrine late by myself, so that no one else
       would be dragged in.
Jude: Did you now?
Milla: Yes. On our short journey, I learned that you guys are the type who
       would be considerate of me like that.
Milla: You're quite tricky.
Milla: Anyhow, let's head to the village.
Milla: Since I was discovered by you, there isn't any point in trying to
       run off in a hurry.
Jude: Alright.

*Chat 026: While leaving*
Milla: Alvin isn't with you?
Jude: Right. He wanted to return to the village ahead of us.

<When arriving back at Ni'akelia>
Alvin: Yo. A bit late. And you have Milla with you, as well.
Alvin: You've decided what to do from here on out, huh.
Jude: Yep. I've decided to go with Milla.
Alvin: Somehow, your outlook on things has changed. Don't you have any
Jude: I do. But, i've already decided to lend Milla a hand.
Alvin: Hmmmmm...
Milla: You've been of great help up till now, Alvin.
Milla: That's right, I almost forgot.
Alvin: Hm? You mean my payment?
Alvin: If that's what are you talking about, one of the old guys in the
       village said he would pay.
Milla: Someone in the village, eh?
Alvin: Yea. He said "As a thanks for protecting the great Maxwell."
Milla: Hmm. The Elder, most likely. Money is of little need for him.
Millia: Alvin, that isn't my money to spend.
Alvin: As long as you tell him "thank you", it should be ok, right?
Alvin: He has his own sense of pride. It would be rude not to thank him.
Milla: ...You really think so?
Alvin: That's how it seems.
Alvin: Well then, I told him to wait, so he is waiting right now. Let's go
       on over.
Jude: He's in the village, right?
Milla: Mhm. Let's go try to find him.
Alvin: When I get my payment from him, my work here will be done.
Alvin: If there's anything you want done while i'm here, best take care
       of it now before we finish up.

<At the inn>
Elder: Mistress Maxwell! And you two as well. I've been waiting for your
Milla: Be at ease.
Milla: Anyway, I heard you are preparing to give Alvin his payment.
Elder: That's right. We may not be able to fight, but we will be glad to lend
       our strength to mistress Maxwell in any way that's possible.
Elder: We gathered up all the money we could as a village some time ago.
Milla: ... I see.
Alvin: Good to hear.
Milla: I'm grateful for the pride you folks take in helping out on my behalf.
Milla: Well, there you have it Alvin. Thanks for helping out where you could.
Jude: Indeed. Thanks.
Alvin: Uh-huh. See ya later.
(Alvin leaves)
Jude: ... A bit anticlimactic.
Milla: Mercenaries are men of the moment, most likely.
Jude: You're probably right.
Ivar: Mistress Milla!
Ivar: Must you go off once again?
Milla: Yes. Take care of things in my absense.
Ivar: I will accompany you as well!
Ivar: I can't leave the task of watching over mistress Milla with some random
      guy I don't trust.
Milla: Ivar! Tell me your mission.
Ivar: Uh, um. My mission is to watch over mistress Milla.
Milla: Is that all?
Ivar: ... To remain here and protect the people of Ni'akelia...
Milla: Do you understand? I will have Jude with me to carry out my mission.
Milla: You only have one mission to worry about.
Ivar: However, It's his fault that mistress Milla's Great Four...
Milla: That was my own mistake. On the contrary, if Jude were not there...
Milla: I would not have been able to make it back to Ni'akelia.
Jude: Milla...!
Ivar: But!
Milla: You have something you must do, Ivar. Do you trying to abandon your
Ivar: ... No.
Milla: Well then, let us depart, Jude. Hopefully, there isn't an embargo on
       ships at the port.
Jude: ...on the way back to the port, we can stop at Ha'miel briefly.
Milla: Ok, then. We will set our sights on Ha'miel, first.
Jude: Are you ok with that?
Milla: It might be helpful in determining the movements of La'shugarl troops
       that are here in A'juelle.
Milla: For all we know, we might be sleeping on a brilliant plan to slip back
       into Il'fan.
Jude: Right, to the port, via Ha'miel.
Elder: Mistress Maxwell, have a safe journey.
Milla: I will.
Ivar: Mistress Milla. T-take care!

<As Jude and Milla walk away from Ni'akelia>
Fiery Coat: That Maxwell...
Fiery Coat: Presa. Are you certain that she is powerless?
Tailed-woman: Affirmative.
Black Shroud: Considering the possibility that she has already hidden THE KEY
              somewhere, she could prove to be quite troublesome.
Tailed-woman: My apologies. I didn't mean to make light of it.
Huge Guy: If we let "her" come to know Maxwell, we might be able to force her
          to spill the beans on the location of THE KEY.
Fiery Coat: That's fine. This time around, it might be convenient to let "her"
            do as she pleases.
Black Shroud: Agreed. Turning our eyes in La'shugarl towards them while we
              quietly advance is a good plan.
Fiery Coat: Any word from Agria?
Black Shroud: There is talk that, having lost THE KEY, they might move
              towards developing a new one.
Fiery Coat: ... We can't ignore that now, can we.
Black Shroud: Jiao, you have done enough to handle the situation with the kid.
              Do whatever it takes and find THE KEY.
Huge Guy: But what about...
Black Shroud: If the La'shugarl military has already withdrawn from the area,
              there is no reason for you to handle it directly.
Tailed-woman: Since the data is safe, it's only natural to shift our
Huge Guy: Understood...
Black Shroud: Presa, sneak into Il'fan and cooperate with Agria.
Tailed-woman: Hmm? Is it ok to leave Maxwell unattended?
Black Shroud: It is. She is merely a pawn to be used to find THE KEY.
*Note: Another vague and confusing conversation, most likely because I don't
know the complete story behind these characters yet. I'll fix it later.

VIII. Ha'miel and Ilart Revisited

Milla: Hmm...
Jude: What is it, Milla?
Milla: Just thinking about what we will do if we can't take a ship to Il'fan.
Jude: Oh, yeah...
Alvin: Traversing through the mountains might be a bit rough, so we should
       probably stick to roads as we travel through A'juelle.
Jude and Milla: Alvin!?
Alvin: From Samagan port, couldn't we head towards Karaja'schall
Jude: What's up? Why would you...
Alvin: That retainer guy, Ivar insisted that I help you out.
Alvin: He was worried about you two.
Alvin: On top of that, he offered compensation for my talents, in spite of his
Milla: *chuckle* So that's it. Having you with us is reassuring, Alvin.
Jude: Yep. Thanks.
Alvin: Thank your retainer and the people of the village. So, what's the plan?
Milla: First we are headed to Ha'miel to check for La'shugarl military action.
Jude: We aren't sure what comes after that.
Alvin: If that's everything, take this with you. It'll be handy to bring along
       just in case we need it.
Alvin: Alright, let's go.

You are now able to make use of the World Map!
While moving about the map, press R3 to bring up the World Map, and you can
instantly return to areas you have previously visited. Places you have been to
before may have new events to experience!!!
However, there are places that cannot be visited in this manner, based on
events that come up. Progress the story, and you will be able to visit them
once again.

*Sub-Event 011 "Ivar the Attendant" (巫子イバル)
Jude: What are you up to?
Ivar: Gathering understanding through watching these chickens. I am listening
      to their troubles.
Jude: To the troubles of chickens!?
Milla: Yes. Ivar can hold conversations with animals and monsters.
Ivar: I live to serve and protect the inhabitants of this village, under
      Mistress Milla.
Ivar: Chickens, for example, are an important member of such.
Ivar: Ah yes, I see.
Ivar: This one is stressful about another chicken stealing it's favorite
      place to lay eggs.
Ivar: I understand! Don't worry, I feel your pain.
Jude: He is...really talking to them.
Alvin: A unqiue Spirit Art. We can call it the "Animal Aid Art".
Alvin: Being able to hold a conversation with and employ monsters is a rare
       skill, even in A'juelle.
Ivar: Holding a conversation is not all I can do. With this ability, I can
      control animals and monsters at will.
Jude: Wow, Ivar. I'd like to hear a detailed report sometime.
Ivar: Pft, why do you continue to annoy me.
Milla: By the way, Ivar. You hired Alvin to guard us, huh.
Milla: Thanks for your concern.
Ivar: Hired Alvin? Me...?
Jude: ...?
Alvin: Uh-oh, Hey Mr. retainer! That chicken is laying an egg!
Ivar: Whoa, it is!
Ivar: Mistress Milla! I must attend to the chicken turf war.
Ivar: The job of keeping peace and harmony in Ni'akelia can be left to none
      other than myself!
(After the event)
Jude: That Ivar sure is a diligent guy, don't you think?
Alvin: Yeah, I guess so. Very different from myself.
Milla: ...

*Skit 023 "MANA Storage" (マナの貯蔵)*
Alvin: Well, tell me this. How the hell could the Four Greater Spirts be
Milla: The bodies of the Great Four are composed of clumps of MANA.
Milla: The Lance of Kresnik is probably a machine that can absorb MANA, and
       store it, I think?
Jude: Store MANA!? That's just...
Milla: It's probably possible. The Great Four really were captured.
Jude: ... Then we gotta save them.
Alvin: It's ok to be enthusiastic about it, but being too eager will only lead
       to your death.
Alvin: Keep in mind that we are dealing with an unknown enemy using an unknown
       force capable of sealing the Four Greater Spirits.
Jude: ...

*Skit 021 "What did you do?" (何をしていたの?)*
Jude: Now that you mention it, Alvin, where did you go after leaving Milla's
Alvin: That's an Adult Secret.
Jude: ... You are probably trying to cover it up, somehow.
Alvin: Oh, you really want to know? What I did?
Jude: If you don't wan't to talk about it, it's ok.
Alvin: If it's ok, why bring it up?
Jude: Do you not want to talk about it?
Alvin: Do you not want to hear about it?
Jude: ... It seems like it's probably for the better that I don't hear it.
Alvin: Then it's probably for the better than I don't say?

*Skit 022 "Ivar the Retainer" (巫子イバル)*
Alvin: Well, at any rate, that retainer sure is a work of art.
Milla: You mean Ivar? His short temper is a weakness, but he has potential.
Jude: I bet he looks after you a lot, Milla.
Milla: Of course. He sweeps up the shrine with zeal.
Milla: He even designs and fashions my clothes.
Jude: Really!?
Alvin: Heh. You've got some good taste, Mr. Retainer.
Milla: Doesn't he? It's very easy to move around in them, so I am pleased.

*Skit 020 "Hao's Egg Theory" (ハオの卵理論)*
Alvin: If an egg in empty room were somehow able to break on it's own, the
       cause must be within the egg... eh?
Alvin: Hao's Egg Theory. I might have said I agree with it, but I reall can't
       even begin to comprehend...
Jude: 500 years ago, Dr. Hao used that theory to explain the framework behind
      Spirit Arts.
Alvin: Ah. I heard the ancients would use Arts without knowing the logic behind
Jude: That's because people couldn't conceptualize spirits that had not yet
      materialized into physical form. But Dr. Hao...
Jude: He considered that something must exist that converts the MANA produced
      by our GATE into Arts.
Alvin: Those are spirits.
Jude: This hypothesis was eventually proved by discovering materialized
Alvin: Thanks to understanding the contents of the egg, Spirit Arts Science as
       we know it today began to thrive, is what you are saying.
Jude: Right. However, there is much that we still don't know about spirits.
Alvin: Aint that the truth. Like Maxwell being a girl right now for instance.
       I bet your Dr. Hao wouldn't have been able to imagine that.

<While walking back through Ha'miel>
Male Bully: Get the hell out of here!
Female Bully: A plague on our town! Because you're here!
Mysterious Girl: *shriek*
Doll: Cut it out. Please don't do such horrible things-
Male Bully: You can...!?
Jude: Are you ok?
Elder: It's the fault of you guys as well, that they made a mess of our town!
Milla: The La'shugarl military did this, huh.
Alvin: That you guys would lash out is childish.
Elder: Concerning ourselves with outsiders is just asking for trouble. Get out
       of here, immediately!
Jude: But, miss chief. This totally isn't like you.
Milla: We will go ask the villagers about the movement of the La'Shugarl
Milla: I don't intend to stay here for very long. Keep that in mind.
Jude: Right, understood. Thanks, Milla.

<Jude follows the girl to the basement of the hut on the outskirts of town>
Jude: Don't you wanna talk for a bit?
Jude: It's ok, I won't be mean.
Jude: Hello there.
Jude: We met once before, didn't we?
Doll: Hello-!
Doll: My my, mister- You're fairly timid, huh-?
Mysterious Girl: T-Tipo. Our names.
Tipo: She goes by Elise. So, I call her Elly.
Tipo: Be good to us-
Jude: Ha, haha... nice to meet you... two.
Elise: H-hey, are you um... ok?
Jude: Yeah. Just a little surprised is all.
Jude: You can call me Jude.
Tipo: Jude! Thanks for helping out before-
Elise: ...Thank you...
Jude: What happened? You can tell me if you'd like to.
Tipo: Well, lets see- The scary group of foreigners came...
Tipo: Big Poppa was fighting with them-
Jude: Ah, That guy...
Elise: ... but, he went off somewhere else...
Tipo: Right, right. And then the foreigners were bullying the villagers-
Jude: "Big Poppa", is he one of your friends?
Elise: Nope...
Tipo: He's the bad guy who locked Elise up in here-
Elise: ... He came here with me during Riviere*...
Tipo: He did, he did. And we went outside, and everyone threw rocks at us.
Tipo: So- very awful-
Jude: ...
Elise: Jude?
Jude: Ah, sorry.
Jude: Elise and Tipo, are you two waiting here for other friends?
Elise: ... We don' have any friends...
Jude: Well then, I'll be your first friend.
Elise: ...Hm?
Tipo: Ah...
Tipo: Woo-hoo~ a friend! Jude is our friend!~
Jude: ...
Jude: Elise. Would you like to talk to my friends?
Elise: ... What for?
Jude: You had to deal with those villagers being mean to you.
Jude: We will see if there is something that can be done about it with them.
Tipo: Sure! Jude is our friend, so I believe Jude-
Tipo: Right, Elise?
Jude: Thanks. Elise. Well, give me a second.
Jude: ... Will you go with me?
*"水霊盛節" another one of these things that has to do with the calendar of
Liese Maxia.

<Jude returns to Milla and Alvin with Elise and Tipo>
Jude: Ah, Milla, Alvin!
Alvin: What's with the kid...
Milla: Jude, we weren't able to find out anything particularly useful. There is
       no longer a need to be here. Let's leave, right away.
Jude: Hold a second, I have information about this kid.
Alvin: There's no mistaking that the villagers were shunning Elise.
Milla: Mhm. That's based on the attitude of the elder. Unless the man called
       "Jiao" returns, it's not likely to change.
Jude: But, Elise told me that big guy "Jiao" isn't even a friend of hers.
Alvin: If Jiao doesn't keep her locked up, she is shunned and persecuted.
Alvin: ... It can't be helped.
Jude: I wonder if we can bring her with us...
Milla: What will happen if we leave with her? Have you been thinking about what
       we were talking about before?
Milla: You understand my goals, correct?
Jude: ... Yeah.
Jude: ...
Milla: ...
Milla: ... It should be fine.
Jude: Really?
Milla: ... Jude. Remember what I said at the Kijil Tidefalls?
Jude: Eh?
Milla: It's ok to do something, if it is what you must do.
Milla: And I told you to remember what I said.
Jude: Yeah, I remember.
Milla: I have no intention of withdrawing what I said.
Milla: Should I treat this as your way of answering to what I said back then?
Jude: Y-Yeah.
Milla: Go speak with Elise.
Jude: Ok.
Alvin: You went easy on him.
Milla: If she becomes burdensome along our journey, I won't hesitate to leave
       her behind, even if it means that she will lose her life.
Milla: It shouldn't have any bearing on my mission. Originally, I intended to
       go about it alone.
Alvin: ......

*Skit 024 "Nice to Meet You..." (はじめまして……です)*
Jude: Come to think of it, I haven't introduced Elise yet.
Elise: I am... Elise Lutus.
Alvin: Hrrrm. Would you look at that. 5 years from now, she will become quite
       the looker.
Alvin: I'm Alvin. See ya then.
Elise: That's not... I...
Tipo: Ah- he's flirting with you-! Alvin is a playboy-
Milla: ... So, why exactly can this stuffed toy speak?
Elise: Eh...? Tipo has always spoken...
Tipo: I have-
Milla: Am I strange to you?
Tipo: That might be it~
Milla: I seeee. There is definitely something unheard of about being
       refuted by a stuffed toy.
Alvin: Unheard of, she says...
Jude: Is Milla really one to speak?

*Sub-Event 012 "The People of Ha'miel" (ハ・ミルの人々)*
Female Bully: For soldiers to come to this remote village...
Male Bully: Of course, there's no denying that they came here in order to take
            that girl into custody.
Female Bully: To use such Arts at that age is not normal.
Elder: We excused Jiao from the annual land tax during the year of the drought.
       It was the least we could do.
Male Bully: That Jiao is an outsider! Misfortune always comes from outside.
Female Bully: The source of our village's decline is outsiders comming for our
              local specialties, parenges and napples.
Female Bully: They take them without permission and grow them on other land.
Male Bully: Our Hamil is a village that is the result of our ancestors'
            trailblazing and reclamation of barren land, long ago.
Male Bully: It's only a place for people who can cooperate with each other,
            ones that we can trust.
Elder: And that's the bottom line.
Elise: ...
Jude: Elise, right now...
Tipo: Their true intentions, right-?
Jude: ...
Elise: ... But, that old lady gave me an egg to put in my rice gruel for
Tipo: And that man, he patched up a hole in our hut with a plank-
Alvin: Those things were also their true intentions, I believe.
Milla: That's right. They believe that if you don't help each other out, it
       will be difficult to survive in a remote region such as this one.
Jude: Well, why did they throw Elise out?
Alvin: It seems essential that they turn away outsiders, in order to protect
       their own families.
Alvin: Life isn't always pretty.
Milla: Sometimes you have to prioritize.
Jude: ...
Elise: ...

*Sub-Event 013 "Ah, Piggits" (ああ、ブウサギ)*
Piggits: *squeel*~
Elise: Waaa!
Tipo: Somewhat cute-!
Alvin: Oh. Piggits. They are delicious!
Elise: You eat them!?
Alvin: Naturally. The ears, especially, are a delicacy.
Alvin: After cutting away the outside fur, quickly boil them, slice thinly,
       and serve with vinegared miso.
Alvin: They have a crispy and crunchy texture, a virtuous taste.
Milla: Virtuous Taste you say... *slurp*.
Alvin: How about a little taste testing. There are two of 'em here, so it
       should be ok to take an ear from each.
Piggits: *sweat, squeel*!?
Jude: Wait a second. Of these, only one is a piggit. The other is a rappig.
Alvin: Rappig?
Jude: Uh-huh. A pig that looks like a rabbit and closely resembles a piggit.
Milla: They look the same...
Pigbunny: *squeel*
Jude: They might look similar, but they are completely different biologically.
Jude: Piggits are rabbits that look like pigs. Rappigs are pigs that look
      like rabbits.
Elise: ... Now that you mention it, their colors are different, huh.
Tipo: Yep. Piggish-pink, and rabbitish-pink-
Jude: You catch on quickly! Nice job, Elise.
Milla: Is... that so? I can't really see the difference.
Jude: There are a few distinguishing points. I can easily spot them because I
      have studied biology.
Milla: Hrm, insightful.
Alvin: Troublesome runts. Are they similar to eat?
Jude: I'm telling you, they aren't the same. The ear of a rappig is toxic.
Alvin: Seriously... !?
Jude: Every year, many people confuse the ears of a piggit with the ears of a
      rappig and die when they eat them.
Milla: A truly wretched lot.
Alvin: I had no idea... Well, I don't think i'll be eating piggit ears anymore
       out of fear.
Piggits: *squeeeeel*~

<At Ilart Port>
Jude: Excuse me, when does the boat to Il'fan depart?
Sailor: I'm sorry.
Sailor: Due to an administrative blockade affecting the capital region, all
        boats headed to Il'fan are on hold.
Milla: Is there any other way?
Sailor: For a while, the only ships leaving from here will be going to Samangan
Sailor: Would you like to ride a boat to Samangan Port?
Sailor: Please wait for the ship to embark.

<Alvin exchanges messages via a bird>
Jude: A letter? That's something you don't see every day. Using a bird as a
Alvin: Mm, so it isn't.
Alvin: It's to a person I love in a far away foreign country. A gorgeous
       woman who appeared right before my eyes.
Jude: Wow, so you have a wife.
Alvin: Hah. The expression on your face, nerd. Do I look like i'm married?
Jude: Eh, i'm wrong?
Alvin: That you are.
Jude: Ah, looks like we are already departing.
Alvin: Indeed.

IX. Samangan Port (サマンガン海停)

Tipo: Waa... !
Elise: Our first time... at sea...
Jude: Mhm.
Alvin: What was that kid doing in that village...
Milla: Probably being held captive, huh?
Jude: Maybe the opposite. I wonder if by some chance she was being kept there
      for her own protection.
Elise: *screams*
Jude: Elise!?
Elise: Ahhhhhhh. Look at that, Tipo!
Tipo: The sea is dreadful- If you fall in, you'll die-
Jude: She's not a bad kid.
Alvin: It looks that way.
Jude: Do you suppose we would be able to find some nice people to adopt her?
Milla: The search is yours alone. That's what humans call "responsibility",
       isn't it?
Jude: Yes...
Jude: I probably made her mad, huh...
Alvin: Hm. Isn't that the same mood she is always in?
Alvin: What's rather surprising to me, is that I think she is in complete
       denial of Elise.
Jude: Why is that?
Alvin: She's thinking one-sidedly. She doesn't want anything getting in the
       way of her goal.
Jude: Milla isn't really that cold.
Alvin: I wonder if she isn't...
Alvin: By the way, I heard something. It seems a big incident occured at the
       research facility in Il'fan.
Jude: Did you hear that from Milla?
Alvin: Did you two take something from there? It's a government research
       facility, and they even dispatched troops to pursue you.
Jude: Actually, I don't really know either.
Alvin: Is that the truth? If you are hiding something, i'll find out shortly.
Alvin: Hey! Shut up about Milla for a second.
Jude: I'm sorry. I really don't know.
Alvin: What's with that? It could be that she doesn't trust us.
Jude: I don't think that's it.
Jude: Just wait a bit, i'll have a talk with her.
Alvin: Hm. If not even you know, it's fine.
Alvin: You shouldn't press her too hard for answers..
Jude: But...
Alvin: If you pester her too much about it, she will probably just get mad.
Alvin: So then, let's pretend like I never asked.
Jude: Ok... I got it.
(Jude and Alvin meet back up with the others)
Jude: Milla, Elise.
Milla: Ah, seems like we are gradually pulling in to the port.
Alvin: Ok then, how many La'shugarl lookouts are there?
Tipo: Milla is our friend, our friend~
Milla: ...
Jude: Heh heh... looks like you've made a few friends.
Jude: It's ok. There is nothing to worry about.
(After arriving at the port)
Alvin: Not as tight as I thought...
Jude: The soldiers were deployed. We can ease up a little...
Milla: A bit strange... Before, there were troops all over A'juelle.
Alvin: They had more important matters to attend to than chasing after you
       guys, eh.
Milla: How convenient. We can head towards Il'fan undetected.
Jude: ... Sorry, Elise. You'll have to wait a little longer before we reach
      a big city.
Jude: Then I think we will be able to find some nice people to look after you.
Elise: ...eh, but, I...
Tipo: What do you mean, Jude-?
Alvin: He said that to the little lady rather abruptly, huh.
Alvin: Surprising that he didn't ask her about it, first.
Milla: Not worthy of concern.
Alvin: She's just a kid...
Milla: Hm?
Alvin: Oops.

<Chat: While walking>
Alvin: My... Tipo. Aren't you especially cheery?
Tipo: Huh-? It's in my blood!

*Sub-Event 014 "Tipo's Family!?" (ティポの家族!?)*
*Sub-Skit 223 "Suspicious Sailors" (不審な船員)*
Milla: Be careful, Elise. The sailors here will stare at you.
Elise: Is that right? I haven't been paying attention to them.
Alvin: They are probably lolicon, lets try talking to them to be sure.
Alvin: Hey you, our princess may be cute, but do me a favor and don't stare.
Sailor: I'm sorry, but that's not it. I noticed the stuffed toy that kid is
        carrying with her.
Tipo: You mean me-?
Sailor: Aha! As I thought, it can even speak!
Jude: Have you seen a stuffed toy that can speak somewhere else before!?
Sailor: Yes, one that was the splitting image of that one, in fact.
Elise: Maybe that one is a member of Tipo's family.
Milla: Where did you see it?
Sailor: A little while ago, a traveling merchant was selling them at this port.
        He was headed to a town west of here.
Alvin: A town west of here... Karaja'schall eh?
Elise: There are other Tipos aside from this Tipo?
Milla: It sounds like there might be.
Tipo: If I have a family, I want to meet them-.
Sailor: Hmm. Toys these days really can do it all, huh...
Sailor: It would've been nice if I had bought one of them for my daughter.
(Continued at marketplace in Karaja'schall)
*Sub-Skit 224 "Information on the Toy Merchant" (ぬいぐるみ商人の情報)*
Alvin: Come to think of it, the merchant selling toys like Tipo is probably
       in Karaja'schall.
Jude: How about we try asking the town people if they have ever seen a stuffed
      toy that talks?
Tipo: Yay-, my hopes are high-
Tipo: Hey-, have you seen any guys like me-?
Girl: Wow, A talking stuffed toy! It's the same as the one I saw before~
Jude: So, you've seen a talking stuffed toy before?
Girl: Mhm! The toy merchant who was here before was selling them~
Elise: Where is that toy merchant?
Girl: He was a traveling toy merchant. He isn't here now.
Girl: He told me he was going to some port next, but...
Alvin: Can you remember which port it was?
Girl: Um... uh...
Tipo: Are you serious-. How annoying-!*
Girl: Ah! That's it! Annoying Port!
Milla: Annoying Port...?
Milla: Oh. You mean Ilart Port!
Tipo: Woot, Nice going, me-!
Girl: How lovely that toy is. I wanted one too~
Girl: ... But they wouldn't buy me one.
*Tipo says "イラッとする", "iratto suru", which means to get annoyed or
irritated. Then the girl keeps saying "Irattosuru Port", since it sounds so
similar to "iraato", which is Ilart.
(Continued back at Ilart)
*Sub-Skit 225 "The Stuffed Toy Merchant's Whereabouts"(ぬいぐるみ商人の行き先)*
Elise: She said the talking stuffed toy merchant came to Ilart Port, right?
Tipo: Thats what she said-
Alvin: She did. Do you see any peddlers around the port?
Peddler: Look over here everyone! Let's get started.
Peddler: The extremely rare, moving, talking stuffed toys!
Stuffed Toy: Good evening-!
Stuffed Toy: I am Hyappo-! Let's be friends, everyone-
Crowd: Oooooo...
Man: How did you do that? Ventriloquism?
Peddler: Not quite. As some proof...
Peddler: How about speaking together?
Stuffed Toy: How about speaking together-?
Crowd: Ahhhhh...
Boy: Thats cool! I want it!
Girl: Mama-! Buy me one-!
Woman: No, it's too expensive...
Stuffed Toy: Don't mention that, buy me- 'cause i'm cheap-
Peddler: This little runt just says whatever he feels like...
Peddler: But he wasn't lying. Today I am selling them at a special price!
Woman: Oh, is that so? In that case, i'll take one please.
Man: Hey, over here, two please!
Stuffed Toy: Thanks for you patronage-!
Peddler: Maybe I should buy one myself.
Elise: Those toys, they are the same as Tipo!
Tipo: They must really be my family-!
Jude: But, just now...
Alvin: Yeah, let's go check it out.
(After the crowd leaves)
Peddler: Alright, today went superb.
Man: Let's hurry. The boat is leaving.
Alvin: If you don't escape quickly, the customers you cheated will return, eh?
Peddler: What's this, who are you guys...?
Elise: Cheated... what do you mean?
Jude: The reason the stuffed toys spoke is because there was an echo crystal
      put inside them, right?
Alvin: An echo crystal is a mineral that can record sounds.
Milla: I see. With the echo stones, they conspired before hand to put on a
Elise: So that means...
Tipo: They aren't my family-...
Man: The sound was real. I wasn't cheated!
Alvin: So says the accomplice.
Jude: However, the sound of an echo stone fades quickly, and it can't be used
      a second time.
Peddler: Pft, what are you gonna do about it?
Peddler: Are you gonna play hero of justice over such a small matter!?
Jude: "Small matter" you say... you were tricking children!
Jude: Including Elise...
Elise: Jude, I'm already fine...
Tipo: Please stop-
Jude: Elise...
(After the swindlers leave)
Jude: ... That was unfortunate, Elise.
Elise: Not really... getting mad on my behalf made me happy.
Tipo: Any everyone else too, looking for my family. Thanks-
Milla: Don't worry about it.
Jude: That's what friends do.
Tipo: That's nice of you to say-
Elise: In the end, something good came out of it.
Elise: Guys, the stuffed toys like Tipo wanted to give you this.
Elise: It must be because they thought Tipo was cute!
Tipo: And I am-!
Milla: ... Huh.
Jude: How did you...
Reward: Echo Crystal

*Sub-Event 015 "Wanted Poster" (手配書)*
Elise: This wanted poster... Jude and Milla!?
Tipo: Wow- You guys are villianous-!
Alvin: A blessing in disguise. From now on, we probably don't need to worry
       about being captured.
Jude: ... It's no good.
Alvin: My, at an age where self-consciousness matters, are we?
Jude: You're wrong! I'm inconsequential, but this isn't Milla at all.
Milla: Yes. Certainly no good. The figure that I grew into presently...
Milla: The outer appearance was modeled to be advantageous in dealing with
       half of all humans... in other words, men.
Milla: But if I am really as uncharming as the one in this poster, I need
       to reassess my strategy.
Alvin: What a vivid imagination you have...
Milla: Jude, answer me honestly. From a guy's point of view, i'm attractive,
       aren't I?
Jude: Er, Milla, I think you...
Jude: are incredibly pretty.
Tipo: Yes- Sexy-! I want Elly to look like Milla when she grows up-
Elise: Tipo!
Jude: Have some confidence, Milla.
Alvin: What is definitively attractive to you?
Jude: Well, to have a nice smell, to have a bit of "swing"...
Milla: I see. A valuable opinion, i'm gracious.
Alvin: Hah, it seems Jude is merely a boy...
Jude: T-that's just what is commonly accepted among men!
(Continued ------ )

*Sub-Event 016 "The Gloomy Woman with a Sheath*" (陰のある女)*
Woman: I have a secret request... will you hear it?
Woman: I'd like to obtain a "bee's stinger"... for what use... don't ask.
Woman: So... it seems we have nothing to do with each other, then.
Woman: This is it...the stinger that I wanted...this is all I need...!
Woman: ...I can't say what I will use it for. But, this stinger...
Woman: If it becomes known that such an item is an indispensible good luck
       charm when closing the gap in affection between yourself and a man of
Woman: The other rival girls will copy me...
Reward: Hair pin, 2600g
*You'll have to think about this one, it's a triple entendre.

*Sub-Event 017 "The Elite Bounty Hunter" (スゴウデの賞金稼ぎ)*
Bounty Hunter: I'm a bounty hunter. People call me "The Elite Bounty Hunter"...
Bounty Hunter: How about it, wouldn't you like to work on a job togther with
Bounty Hunter: If we combine forces, i'll tell you the reason I am called "The
               Elite Bounty Hunter".
Bounty Hunter: The game this time - extermination of monsters that have been
               attacking travelers on the road.
Bounty Hunter: They have made their nest within Samangan Woods. Go there with
Bounty Hunter: Don't worry, cause' if things get too dangerous, i'll come and
               help you out with my eliteness!
Bounty Hunter: Is that how it is. Well, This elite hunter doesn't need a
               partner, anyways.
Bounty Hunter: You did well, you guys! It's unfortunate, but my turn never
Bounty Hunter: Now then, i'll tell you the reason they call me "The Elite
               Bounty Hunter". It's because...
Bounty Hunter: I come from a small town called "El'ite"!
Bounty Hunter: ...
Bounty Hunter: Psh... Everyone I tell my feat to usually has the same
               magnificent reaction...
Bounty Hunter: Eh!? Could it be that this time I found some guys who noticed
               that such a place...
Bounty Hunter: ... Well, it's fine. Men from El'ite make no concern of minor
               details. Hahaha!
Reward: Sunglasses (classic), 2600g

*Sub-Event 018 "A Delivery to the Inn" (宿屋への届け物)*
Sailor: I'm in a bit of a bind. I forgot to deliver a piece of cargo.
Sailor: If you guys are headed west, could you deliver it for me?
Sailor: The address is located at the inn in Karaja'schall. I hope it's not
        too much trouble.
Sailor: No good, huh... I'm in trouble. It was marked for express delivery.
(At the inn in Karaja'schall)
Inn Attendant: Oh boy... it finally came. My parents sent me this package...
Inn Attendant: It contains details about the groom they picked for me.
Inn Attendant: Even though i'm not really interested in getting married yet,
               they are demanding a grandchild as soon as possible.
Inn Attendant: ...Ah, i'm sorry. Thanks for the trouble you went to in order to
               deliver this.
Reward: Sunglasses (standard), 2600g

*Sub-Event 019 "The Shadows Behind the Scene" (暗躍する影たち)*
*Sub-Skit 212 "Let's Get Lodging" (泊まっていこう)*
Alvin: Oh yeah. The inn here is a bit different, the bedding is especially
Jude: You just remembered something "freaky", huh.
Alvin: OK! Off to get lodging we go.
Jude: I wonder if it's ok to be that carefree about it...
(While spending the night at the inn)
Distressed Girl: Please, make it quick!
Alvin: ...
Jude: What is it?
Alvin: Hmm, that girl...
Alvin: Isn't she a nice one? C'mon, what do you think, Jude?
Jude: Cut it out...
(two men come in and whisper)
Thug A: ... , Katt ...
Thug B: ... you say, ...out of here.
Distressed Girl: A-as expected, cancel it. I'm so sorry.
Alvin: ...
(Alvin walks out after the men and the girl)
Jude: Alvin??
Thug A: There's a reason they use bitches like you, isn't there?
Distressed Girl: Please, overlook it this one time! I beg you, please!
Thug B: Out with it! Who sent you?
Distressed Girl: *groans*...
Thug A: What's your problem?!
Alvin: Hey. She's had enough, ok?
Thug A: Idiot, Katt is one of *those* girls, get my drift?
Alvin: ...
Jude: Alvin!? What's going on here!?
Thug B: Damnit, another one. Let's go.
Alvin: Strange name you have there, Katt.
Katt: You guys have no idea what "they" will do to you! Why did you help me?
Alvin: Thats...
Jude: He can't turn his back on a pretty girl, that Alvin.
Alvin: Heh heh heh, what are you babbling about, Jude.
Alvin: Putting that behind us, go take her back to the inn and treat her.
Jude: Roger that, Alvin.
Alvin: No matter how I look at it, that girl definitely wasn't an outsider*...
(In the morning)
Jude: Hey Alvin, have you seen Katt?
Alvin: In her case, she probably bailed before dawn.
Sailor: Heeeey, over here! Pull her up.
Jude: Did something happen over there?
Sailor: This was no accident... it's too vicious to be.
Jude: It's Katt!?
Sailor: Someone you know? Unfortunately, she is already...
Jude: How did this... was the it two guys from before?
Alvin: No, ...you're mistaken. It wasn't them.
Jude: Alvin, do you know who the culprit was?
Alvin: I'm sorry, could you leave the two of us alone? I need a minute, here.
(The sailor leaves)
Alvin: It's not entirely clear to me, but Katt was probably a member of the
       Garbage Brigade.
Jude: Garbage Brigade?
Alvin: A group of unorthodox female spies the Octau Tribe of A'juelle uses.
Alvin: The Garbage Brigade are the kind of filth that would go to any length to
       ensure that their girls get the information they need.
Alvin: It's one of A'juelle's most infamous stories.
Jude: Wow, that's...
Alvin: It doesn't look like the thugs from yesterday figured out that Katt was
       from the Garbage Brigade.
Alvin: It's likely that some old friends were hiding amongst the shadows. Only
       they would go this far.
Jude: ... Who do you mean?
Alvin: The members of the brigade, that is to say, her own family. They must
       have noticed that she was about to be discovered and finished her off.
Alvin: I was nearly sure about it myself the other day, but I didn't help
       her... It's partially my fault.
Jude: It wasn't your fault, Alvin.
Sailor: Hey, are you finished yet?
Alvin: Yes. Sorry about that.
Jude: Alvin, will you be ok?
Alvin: In life, things like this happen. You shouldn't worry about it too much.
Alvin: Thinking too much about things like this will gradually have it's toll
       on your studies.
Alvin: ...
*Alvin uses the word "カタギ" here, which is Yakuza slang for a normal citizen,
IE non-mobster.
(To Be Continued -----)

*Sub-Event 020 "Fell Arms Beasts" (魔装獣 (話り部))*
Storyteller: You travellers over there. Will you hear my story?
Alvin: I'm sorry, but we are in a hurry. Maybe another time....
Storyteller: How cold. It would be nice if someone would listen, and entertain
             this old man...
Jude: What kind of story is it?
Alvin: Hey, hold it a second. If you stop to listen to an old man like that
       one, he is liable to ramble on forever.
Storyteller: So that's how it is, huh. If you are on a journey, it is of your
             best interests to listen...
Storyteller: Becasue it very well might just save your lives one day.
Milla: ... Sounds interesting. Do tell.
Storyteller: Now we're talking. Without futher ado, i'll recite the "Legend of
             the Fell Beasts".
Storyteller: The time was several decades ago. There was a young man from one
             of the tribes of the north, named "Toril".
Storyteller: Toril posessed the power to manipulate monsters at will, an
             ability of unusual power that allowed him to draw out hidden
             potential from within the monsters he controlled.
Storyteller: However, he was not satisfied with his own genius, and began to
             dabble in the Forbidden Arts.
Storyteller: He bagan to make alterations to the GATE of monsters, in order to
             create ones strong enough to fight each other.
Jude: Alterations to their GATE? That's...
Storyteller: Toril had done it. After 20 years of research in the matter, he
             had created 6 beasts.
Storyteller: The GATE of the 6 beasts grew explosively, and they began to
             use previously unknown Spirit Arts, as if out of instinct.
Storyteller: The bellicosity of each one was personified into each of 6
             different types of weapons, and thus the "Fell Arms" came into
Storyteller: Incidentally, the 6 beasts were given the name "Fell Arms Beasts".
Alvin: I've been a mercenary for a long time, but i've never heard that story
       before. Why is that?
Storyteller: Hehehe... naturally, it's because you are too young.
Storyteller: 20 years ago, Toril was dragged into a great war for the
             leadership of the 6 Fell Arms Beasts.
Storyteller: However, the battlefield was suddenly struck by a giant tsunami,
             and everything was completely washed away.
Storyteller: Toril, togther with all of the knowledge of the Secret Arts
             created by the Fell Arms Beasts.
Alvin: My oh my, what a sloppy story, eh?
Storyteller: ... I haven't finished my story yet. The Fell Arms Beasts did
             not die.
Storyteller: Rather, upon the death of Toril, the Fell Arms Beasts were freed,
             and they still live today, somewhere within the world.
Jude: You said that the Fell Arms Beasts were strong enough to fight each
      other, right?
Storyteller: Exactly. In the 20 years that their fight continued, the extent
             to which their powers grew... is said to be unimaginable.
Storyteller: So then, even if you happen to by chance come across one of these
             monsters whom were cultivated as weapons, you musn't try to fight
Storyteller: Hehehe... that's the moral of my tale, and the secret to long
(To Be Continued -----)

X. Samangan Woods, Samangan Road

*Skit 025 "A Chance To Start Over" (再起動の可能性)*
Alvin: Wanted posters have circulated all around the port.
Milla: Mhm. But do those things really fuction as wanted posters?
Jude: Milla, did you tear the wanted posters down?
Milla: Yes. Due to that, I don't think we will end up getting caught, but...
Milla: Is the artistic intuition of humans different from my own? Hmmmmm...
Jude: In any case, since you tore them down, we probably don't have to worry
      about being captured at the port.
Alvin: No good. No matter how many we tear down, new ones will just be put up.
Jude: Milla?
Milla: Well... even though these wanted posters don't resemble us, we can't
       be caught off guard. Let's get out of here quickly.
Jude: Right.
Milla: ... I see. With that KEY and a little bit of time, I could probably be
       reborn again.
Milla: Gotta hurry onward...

<On the road just outside of Samangan Port>
Milla: A checkpoint?
Alvin: Well, naturally. It was a little too easy getting here.
Jude: What should we do...
Tipo: What's over there-?
Jude: Over there are the woods.
Alvin: We could smoothly escape through there, and exit near Karaja'schall,
Milla: Well then, we musn't hesitate.
Jude: People rarely tread there. What about Elise?
Milla: You should have been expecting something like this.
Jude: ....
Elise: ... I'll be fine... So...
Tipo: Please don't fight- You're friends, right-
Jude: Elise...
Milla: Even Elise agreed to it, so there is no reason to complain.

*Chat 030: After climbing the vines*
Elise: You know this area... pretty well, don't you.
Alvin: Actually, it's my first time entering the woodlands. Well, anything
       adds to my experience...

<Chat: Liliale Orb)
Milla: Alright, this should do it. My Liliale Orb is growing favorably, huh.
Jude: No indecision in your choices... As impressive as ever, Milla.

<In the forest>
Milla: These woods seem deep.
Jude: We need to make sure we don't end up separated from each other.
Elise: Aa...
Alvin: What's that? Over there...
Jude: A warning of sorts... any further, and we will be trespassing on their
Alvin: Doesn't seem like that warning will have any effect on Milla.
Tipo: It looks like we can go through here-! Hurry up you two-
Alvin: It seems that us men are the only ones who are timid, here.

*Chat 031: After crawling through the bushes for the first time*
Alvin: Whew, i'm not fond of enclosed spaces.
Alvin: It's 'cause i'm too tall and slender.

<After running into the plant monster>
Jude: Oof!
Alvin: This thing has a wide attack radius... We'll all be eating some damage.
Milla: How troublesome.
Jude: Elise, you can't come over here!
Milla: We can't fight while protecting you, don't get in the way!
Alvin: Jude!
Jude: Ow...
Milla: I told you so!
Elise: ... *whimpers*...
Jude: This is, healing us all at the same...!?
Tipo: Keep your chin up! We're here to help-!

*Post-Fight Chat 004: After Elise takes part in her first battle*
Tipo: Total Victory-!
Jude: That was amazing, Elise!
Elise: I haven't stopped shaking, yet...

<After the fight>
Alvin: Being able to use Arts like that at your age is unheard of.
Milla: Elise really saved us, there.
Elise: *whimper*...
Jude: Elise, you don't have to be scared anymore.
Elise: It's not that...
Tipo: We're getting along with each other- It's nice when friends get along
      with each other-
Elise: I... I can help out without being in the way, so...
Alvin: ... it's just as she says. How 'bout apologizing to each other for
       Elise's sake?
Milla: Apologizing would make no difference to me, because i'm not angry...
Tipo: You're lying. Jude and Milla need to get along better-!
Elise: Because... I'll do my best... !
Milla: So suddenly i'm the bad guy, huh... Ok, I understand.
Alvin: Pft. Got anything to say to Elise?
Jude: Just as we were starting to worry. Thanks, Elise.
Tipo: I knew friends would be fun-!
Jude: Milla also knows she can rely on Elise's arts, right?
Milla: Thanks Elise. I'll count on you from now on.
Tipo: So then, Let's go-!
Alvin: Together with that kind of Arts user, huh... how fortunate for me.

<Chat: Elise levels up>
Tipo: You did it-! One step closer to becomming an adult-
Elise: Tipo, don't shout so loudly. It's embarassing...

*Chat 032: When nearing the passage on the west side of the northeast section*
Elise: It looks like we can pass through over here.
Alvin: But Mistress Milla will probably get entangled a bit here and there, eh?

*Skit 134 "Charm Point*" (チャームポイント)*
Alvin: Be alert. There are lots of tiny bugs around here.
Elise: Wouldn't Milla get bitten by bugs, dressed like that?
Alvin: I bet that bouncy strand of hair chases them away, huh?
Tipo: Wow-, it's like a cow's tail.
Milla: Don't confuse my charm point with a cow's tail!
Alvin: Your charm point!? I'm surprised to hear that you think that...
Milla: This strand was tied into place for me by Sylph.
Milla: She said "Since you're a girl now, lets spruce things up a little".
Elise: Having your hair tied by the Great Spirit of the Wind must have been
Milla: Yes. I'm rather pleased with it.
Milla: If I swing it around quickly, I can let loose a surprise attack to
       strike my foes.
Alvin: I knew it, you really do use it to chase bugs away!
*A "charm point" is a katakana phrase for someone's most distinguishing or
attractive feature.

*Skit 169 "Restraints" (束縛)*
Alvin: When enemies suddenly stop moving... it's because Milla is a restrictive
       girl, huh.
Jude: That's some kind of technique she uses, isn't it?
Alvin: Ooo, A casual response!
Jude: Your behavior is getting more and more inappropriate, Alvin.
Jude: You should quit behaving like that.
Alvin: Uh-oh! I've been caught in a verbal restraint by Jude.
Alvin: Not a fan of restrictive love, are you.
Milla: But, there are also people who truly feel that to be restrained is to be
       loved, right?
Alvin: A sudden profound statement... are you speaking from experience?
Milla: No, I read it in a book. If i'm not mistaken, the title was "The Evening
       Games Men and Women Play".
Jude: Milla, what kind of books have you been reading!?
Milla: Something similar was also written is a book called "The Art of Being
       on the Bottom".
Jude: I think that relates to... a different hobby altogether.
Milla: Is that right?
Jude: W-well, I don't know for sure...
Alvin: Nevermind restrictive, mistress Milla has too much freedom*.
*I think Alvin means that she has too much time on her hands.

<Chat: Walking through the forest>
Alvin: Whoa-boy. A city slicker like me is no match for a place like this.

<Upon stepping on the mushrooms>
Jude: *cough, cough*, is everyone ok?
Elise: Where...*cough, cough*... where is everyone?
Milla: It's this smoke. Just hang in there for a second.
Alvin: *cough, cough*! My eyes sting! These are tear-inducing spores.
Jude: I bet these are "smokeshrooms".
Jude: When their smoke gets into your mouth or eyes... *cough, cough*! You are
      unable to stop crying... for a while.
Tipo: But they aren't bothering me. I must be the strongest-!

<Chat: Jumping down>
Tipo: Parachute-!
Elise: My skirt is being blown around...

<Near the exit>
Jude: These wolves again...
Milla: Seems like this time they are interested in us.
Tipo: They are coming from all over the place.
Alvin: You are...
Elise: Big poppa...!
Jiao: Ahh, it seems you've introduced me to your friends.
Milla: I see there is someone else besides Ivar who can speak with monsters.
Jude: You are Jiao, correct?
Jiao: Hm? I didn't expect that you guys knew my name.
Alvin: We learned it from the people of Ha'miel. 'Sup? What kind of business
       do you have here?
Jiao: I've been found out. Well then, i'll be returning to the village with
      the girl.
Jiao: I took my eyes off her for a while and she slipped away from the village.
      I've been worried.
Tipo: No! We are with Jude, now-
Jiao: Wha...
Jude: You left Elise alone, and what do you think happened?
Jiao: ... I'm sorry for doing so.
Milla: What sort of relationship do you have with Elise?
Jiao: I know that where she was before Ha'miel...
Jiao: Is where she was brought up.
Jude: So then, you've come to take her back to her hometown?
Jude: ...Not to... Keep her locked up in Ha'miel again?
Jiao: It's of no concern to you guys! Now then, hand the girl over!
Jiao: ... You leave me no choice!
Alvin: Here he comes!

(Boss fight with Jiao)
*Post-Fight Chat 005: After fighting Jiao*
Alvin: Nobody likes an overly persistant man. Right, little princess?
Elise: Um...
Tipo: What about one who is too laid back-?
Alvin: Quiet, you. If you give me a cheeky attitude, i'll remove your cotton.

Alvin: Whoa, this guy is a real hard ass.
Jiao: ...Why are you doing this, girl. Do you really think you'll find peace
      of mind with them?
Elise: ...Because they said they said they are my friends!
Tipo: We won't be lonely anymore!
Jiao: ...Elise.
Jude: Milla! Alvin!
Jiao: Let's be honest.
Jiao: Those aren't your real intentions for going with them. ...Forgive me.
(Alvin raises his firearm)
Jiao: Enough of that, already.
Jude: Cover your faces!
Jiao: What's this!?
Jiao: Won't be lonely, huh...
Jiao: Perhaps it will be better off for you to be with them...

*Skit 029 "Smokeshrooms" (ケムリダケ)*
Tipo: That was great-! Those somethingorother-shrooms-.
Elise: They put out a lot of smoke. What kind of smoke is it?
Jude: It's composed of the spores of smokeshrooms.
Jude: More sophisticated mosters will wait for their prey to get close by...
Jude: Then they will throw rocks to set off the spores, which disable their
      target's senses, allowing them to be captured easily.
Jude: Due to this, smokeshroom spores also can travel great distances and
      reproduce in new places.
Jude: Cooperative relationships where they each help one another out like that
      one are called "symbiosis".
Elise: I... see.
Tipo: You sure are a smarty, Jude- Just like the monsters who use smokeshrooms-
Elise: Um, do humans and spirits also share a symbiotic relationship with each
Jude: They do. Spirits feed on the MANA produced by humans, and in return,
      help out the humans by performing Arts.
Jude: It's surely symbiosis. You understood well, Elise.
Elise: ...
Tipo: She's small, but super! Elly is the smartest of all-

*Skit 135 "Liliale Orb" (リリアルオーブ)*
Tipo: Liliale Orbs sure are pretty-
Milla: Where did you get your Liliale Orb, Elise?
Elise: Um... I noticed that it was inside Tipo.
Tipo: Someone had dropped it- It was pretty, so I ended up...-
Jude: Eating it!?
Jude: Well, it's a good thing you did. If you guys didn't have it, you would
      have been injured by monsters by now.
Milla: Nevertheless, it continues to be beautiful while acting as a tool for
Milla: The human who invented something like this must be pretty amazing.
Alvin: ... Excellent things as well as dangerous things are both made by
       Humans, eh?
Milla: That's right. Such a duality is what makes humans human, isn't it?...

*Skit 030 "The Tribe of Monster Manipulators" (魔物を操る部族)*
Alvin: The way that Jiao fellow manipulated those monsters was quite something,
       wasn't it.
Milla: Ivar can also use monsters, but probably not as well.
Alvin: In A'juelle, it seems there is a tribe that uses Secret Arts in order to
       manipulate  and communicate with monsters.
Elise: Secret... Arts?
Tipo: Monsters sure are bothersome- It would be nice if they just communicated
      directly, like me-
Alvin: Hey now... if monsters were able to exchange words with us, don't you
       think it would be more difficult to defeat them?
Elise: Well that's... true, I suppose...
Tipo: But you could win by arguing with them.
Milla: Hmm, you mean you could get past them by negotiating.
Tipo: But even if they could somehow talk, speaking in Monsterese would still
      be a problem, wouldn't it.
Alvin: If that were the case... couldn't you just have someone who understands
       Monsterese translate for you?
Milla: Hehe. That sort of translating is exactly what the Secret Arts are.
Alvin, Tipo, Elise: Oh yeah...

<Chat: Walking near flowers found in the area>
Elise: Pretty flowers are blooming here.
Tipo: It would suit you if you made them into a hair ornament-

*Skit 028 "Elise's Enigma" (エリーゼの謎)*
Alvin: Whoa-boy. Looks like your past has somehow managed to catch up with us.
Elise: Um... I'm sorry...
Elise: It's my fault that you guys were attacked by big poppa.
Tipo: Don't blame Elly-
Alvin: I'm sure 'pops had his own reason for attacking us. You shouldn't let it
       bother you.
Alvin: Don't worry. I won't let that guy take you away.
Elise: Thank you.. very much.
Tipo: Alvin is a good friend-!
Alvin: ... 'cause doing that wouldn't help me get rich, would it.
Elise: Eh?
Alvin: Oh, nothing, just saying that being with such a skilled Arts user is
       bound to help me out in some way.

*Skit 027 "The Framework of Spirit Arts" (精霊術の仕組み)*
Jude: Your Spirit Arts are powerful, Elise. Your GATE is definitely developing
      faster than most people.
Elise: I don't know about that...
Tipo: It's true-! You're probably jealous-!
Alvin: He's jealous for sure.
Alvin: Having a powerful GATE to produce MANA is the most essential talent a
       Spirit Arts user has.
Elise: Um, the MANA produced by someone's GATE is given to the spirits, and
       the spirits use their Arts in return, right?
Alvin: Do you know where that GATE is located? It's a section of your brain.
Elise: In... my brain!?
Alvin: It seems from time to time, spirits will accidently eat someone's GATE
       along with the MANA.
Alivn: When you use Spirit Arts too much, before you know it, the inside of
       your head will become empty...
Elise: P-Please don't eat me!
Jude: Alvin, knock it off with the weird threats.

*Skit 136 "The Flavor of Smokeshrooms" (ケムリダケのお味)
Tipo: Smokeshrooms grow around here, don't they.
Jude: Mhm. It seems like this area's specialty.
Elise: Are they tasty?
Jude: Yes, contrary to what you would believe from looking at them. Putting
      then in a stew is the best, i've heard.
Tipo: Oooh-, I love stew-!
Elise: How about if you cooked it with rice?
Jude: It should be ok. Sounds flavorful.
Tipo: It would be good in soup too-
Elise: You could boil it in an earthenware pot, huh.
Tipo: No, too bitter-!
Jude: Elise... you're a bit of a glutton, surprisingly.
Elise: That's... um...
Tipo: She's having a growth spurt, so let it be-

XI. The City of Meetings and Separations:
Karaja'schall (出会いと別れの街カラハ・シャール)

Jude: Whew, looks like we made it to Karaja'schall.
Alvin: All thanks to that little detour.
Tipo: Do you think big poppa will come after us-?
Milla: He can't really pursue us in the midst of a city.
Alvin: ...Ah! This shop has quite the collection of interesting goods.
Milla: Antiques, huh? ... Hmmmmm.
Keeper: Welcome! Feel free to take a good look.
Alvin: What's with those guys, they make it seem as if it's unsafe around town.
Keeper: Yeah. I understand that some spies broke into the military's research
        facility at the capital.
Keeper: The king's imperial guards are personally conducting an inspection for
        any suspicious characters that may be lurking about.
Keeper: It's quite troubling news indeed...
Jude: Ah, erm... uh...
Elise: ... This cup is pretty.
Tipo: But something like this is expensive, isn't it-
Keeper: Ah, what you have there is a rare piece I happened to come across that
        is emblazoned with the crest of Ifreet.
Girl: Ifreet's crest! So Ifreet must have fired it up himself.
Milla: Hmm. That couldn't be.
Milla: He's the type of guy who sticks to a specific system adamantly. This
       extravagant pattern isn't something he would agree with.
Old Man: Hohoho, how intriguing. She speaks as if she knows the Four Greater
         Spirits personally.
Old Man: If I remember correctly, the actual crest of Ifreet is way more
         geometrically compliant.
Old Man: What's this? It seems that this cup was made 10 years ago?
Keeper: So, what does that mean?
Old Man: That is strange indeed. Hasn't Ifreet been unsummonable for the last
         20 years?
Keeper: Uh...
Girl: Aw, too bad. I guess Ifreet didn't make it afterall...
Girl: But, that doesn't change the fact that it is a very lovely cup. I'll take
Keeper: O-ok. I'll reduce the price a little bit for you.
Girl: *giggle* Thanks to you guys, I bought something nice.
Drossel: I'm Drossel K Schall. Nice to meet you.
Rowen: I am called Rowen, her family's steward. Pleased to make your
Drossel: As thanks, would you mind joining me for some tea?
Alvin: Oh, that would be nice. As long as we wouldn't be intruding.
Drossel: My house is in the southwest section of the town. I'll be waiting for
         you guys.
Milla: We really don't have all that much free time to spare...
Alvin: Well, as long as we are in town, it would be convient to make some new
Jude: That's for certain. It seems like we might not be able to stay at the
      inn, with the imperial guard out and all.
Milla: Well then, I suppose we can ask about the state of the town over some

<Chat: Various, while walking through town>
Elise: My stomach is getting empty...
Tipo: If you don't eat properly, you can't grow into a plump body-

*Chat 033: When arriving at the Central Plaza in Karaja'shall*
Elise: Wow, it's my first time being in a town this big.
Tipo: But having too many people is annoying-!

*Chat 034: After passing by the armor vendor in the Central Plaza*
Elise: Hmm? You are a bit fidgety, aren't you Milla...?
Milla: Mhm. It seems that I am a bit excited about being invited to a tea party
       for the first time.

<Chat xxx>
Jude: That guy is... some kind of merchant, probably?
Tipo: Wanna check it out-?

*Sub-Event 021 "The Growing Threat of War" (わき立つ戦雲)*
Jude: Compared to A'juelle, the weather in Karaja'schall is rather calm.
Old Man: I take it you came here from A'juelle?
Jude: ... Yes. We came via Samangan Port.
Old Man: Is that right? You made it here ok. The inspections must have been
         troublesome, right?
Jude: Well, not really...
Man A: Before, we could trade freely with A'juelle, however..
Man A: Recently, certain restictions have become tighter. Trading as a whole
       has gotten way more difficult.
Man B: Apparently, the roads leading into Il'fan are being blocked due to
       a development at Gandhara Fortress.
Man B: There are indications of a large-scale need for Spirit Arts users.
Man A: It could mean a war is brewing... don't you think?
Old Man: That's a possibility.
Jude: You mean a war between La'shugarl and A'juelle!?
Old Man: You probably know this, but, the king of La'shugarl has gradually been
         tightening his tyrannical grasp on the country.
Old Man: Conversely, the current ruler of A'juelle is a hero who has worked
         to unify the strength of all the clans.
Old Man: Thus, they are two different countries that have reached a similar
         level of strength, through different ideals. It's no wonder that they
         would inevitably collide with each other.
Man A: There have been several minor disputes since then, but the last full
       blown war was, if i'm not mistaken, the battle at Fizerbard of 20 years
Man B: Would there be any chance for trade to take place?
Old Man: There would be no chance at all.
Old Man: During the last war, people who were greedy enough to try ended up
Man B: ... I'd bet. With inspections getting more strict, it will probably
       dry up.
Man A: It has been diminishing. That doesn't mean that it has been decided
       that there will be another war.
Jude: A war, huh...

*Sub-Event 022 "Onyx Feathers" (漆黒の羽)
Trader: You guys have something rare, don't you.
Trader: There, that's it. Those black feathers. I'd be glad to take them off
       your hands, if you'd like.
(Trade/Don't Trade)
Trader: For you guys, I can offer some nice trades.
Trader: This is called an OYNX FEATHER. It's something that the most esteemed
        collectors value very highly.
Trader: If you collect them and bring them to me, I will trade you various
        items for them.
Merchant: Hey, did you hear me? It seems the Onyx Wings have made an apperance
          once again.
Trader: Ooh, you mean that organization of chivalrous thieves who steal money
        and distribute it amongst the poor, the "Onyx Wings"?
Merchant: What do you mean, "chivalrous thieves"? Those Onyx Wings bastards
          fucking attacked the Lark Company's wagon.
Merchant: I heard everyone present there at the time was murdered. Those
          bastards are down-right villianous rogues!
Trader: ... How dangerous.
Trader: You guys should be careful, too.
(Continued next time you talk to the trader)
Trader: Oh! You've brought me some onyx feathers! Much appreciated, let me
        take them off your hands.
Trader: Would you like to trade the onyx feathers i've gathered from you so
        far for an item?
(Trade/Don't Trade)
Page 1
25 - Blue Sage (ブルーセージ)
25 - Blue Savory (ブルーセボリ)
25 - Blue Rosemary (ブルーローズマリー)
15 - Blue Lavender (ブルーラベンダー)
15 - Blue Vervain (ブルーベルベーヌ)
15 - Blue Camomile (ブルーカモミール)
15 - Blue Basil (ブルーバジル)
15 - Blue Saffron (ブルーサフラン)
15 - Blue Jasmine (ブルージャスミン)
Page 2
25 - Omega Elixir (オメガエリクシール)
20 - Reverbious Ore (リヴァヴィウス鉱石)
20 - Fruit of the Great Tree* (大樹の実り)
20 - Horn of the Saint's Stallion* (聖馬の角)
20 - Tail Feathers of the Sun Bird* (陽鳥の尾羽)
20 - Aquatic Jelly (アクアティックゼリー)
20 - Aromatic Silver Baking Powder (銀の香燐粉)
50 - Strange Core (ストレンジコア)
50 - Indigo Gemstone (菫青石)
*Some of these names are rather generic sounding versions of mythical things;
IE, the world tree, A unicorn, and A phoenix. All 3 have different ways of
being written in Japanese, but i've never seen any of the 3 here used to mean
those 3 things before.
(To Be Continued -----)

*Sub-Event 023 "The Melancholic Merchant" (ゆううつな商人)*
Merchant: Arg... My cargo has been damaged again.
Merchant: Not only did it suffer a serious blow from the inspection, but
          monsters also attacked. It's a lost cause...
Merchant: If you could, i'd like you to exterminate the monsters on the
          highway... but that's probably unreasonable, huh.
Merchant: You'll do it?
Merchant: According to what i've heard, the monsters in question have taken
          up residence in the northern section of the Samangan Road.
Merchant: But if you guys happen to die, I can't afford to have a funeral for
          you... so please do your best.
Merchant: Arg... just as I thought. I didn't expect you to help, so I don't
          really mind...
Merchant: You did it! Now it seems as if I won't have to worry about monsters
          attacking my cargo anymore.
Merchant: ... But, once I pay your reward, i'll have a deficit...
Merchant: It's a lose-lose situation. Arg, commerce is such a pain...
Reward: Glasses of Grief, 3000g

*Sub-Event 024 "The Fugitives" (逃亡者たち)*
Young Boy: ...
Young Boy: Um, hey you guys...
Jude: Hmm? You mean us?
Young Boy: Oh... no, it's nothing...
Milla: Hold on. If you have something to say, you should go ahead and say it.
Young Boy: Um, well...
Young Boy: ... you see...
Milla: We can't hear you. Speak a little bit louder!
Alvin: Erm, hold it! Perhaps this boy...
Young Boy: I said...!
Young Boy: You two look like the criminals from the wanted poster, I think!
Jude: !
Alvin: I knew it!
Milla: No way! You mean, he somehow saw through those hideous...!?
Jude: I'm quite shocked.
Alvin: You can feel bent about it later! For now, lets get out of here!
(To Be Continued .....)

<While heading into the southwest section of town>
Drossel: I've been expecting you.
Jude: What an amazing mansion...
Milla: La'shugarl troops!
Alvin: Hold it...
Milla: Those troops just now...
Rowen: ... I see the young master has returned.
Young Man: I've returned home. Are these friends of yours?
Drossel: I'll introduce you, Brother!
Drossel: ... oh, but I haven't asked everyone their names yet.
Young Man: Hahaha. It seems like you've been treating my sister well.
Clayn: I am Drossel's brother, Clayn K Schall.
Rowen: Master Clayn is the lord currently charged with governing all of
Jude: The lord of this town...!?
Clayn: Rather than standing around talking out here, let's head inside the
(Inside the mansion)
Clayn: I see, so you were wasting money once again, and these ones helped you
       do it, right?
Drossel: Honestly, "wasting money"... It was just a little collaborative
Tipo: Right-?
Clayn: Hahaha...
(Rowen whispers to Clayn)
Clayn: ... Understood. Please attend to our guests.
Rowen: Right away, master.
Clayn: I'm very sorry, but I need to step out for a second.
Alvin: Me too, for a little bit.
Jude: Alvin?
Alvin: Nature calls. Wanna come with?
Drossel: Hey, hey. You all are in the middle of a trip, aren't you? I'd like
         to hear about it.
Elise: Um... I...
Drossel: I've never been away from this town... so, i'd like to hear about
         distant places.
Elise: I haven't really been outside much, either. But...
Tipo: Jude and Milla took Elly and myself along-
Tipo: We crossed the ocean, and went through the woods- Waves and mushrooms
      were neat-
Drossel: You and Elly came across the ocean? How nice... I haven't seen the
         sea yet.
Milla: You should be weary of it. It has squids that camoflauge themselves as
Drossel: Squids that camoflauge themselves as rocks!?
Elise: And um... shells and fish, too...
Drossel: Oh, if you mean the shells they make pretty accessories out of, i've
         seen those at the marketplace.
Elise: Pretty accessories...
Drossel: Are you interested in them? If so, i'll give you some as a present.
Drossel: As proof of our friendship.
Tipo: Wowww- Living shells are creepy, but dead ones are pretty aren't they-
Milla: Is exchanging presents what people do to prove their friendship?
Drossel: Yeah. In order to form trust.
Tipo: Getting something for free sure feels nice-
Milla: I see...
Rowen: Hohoho. It seems like the young mistress has made some nice friends,
Rowen: Please, make yourselves at home. We have all kinds of sweets for the

<When talking to Milla>
Jude: Enthusiastic, aren't you. Are you fond of antiques?
Milla: No. What's intriguing to me right now is...
Milla: How illogical it is for humans to go as far as to try and incorporate
       the abstract concept of beauty into every aspect of their lives.
Jude: ... That's something quite difficult to think about, huh.
Milla: Of course, i've been thinking about more simple things as well. For
       example, how we ended up where we are presently...
Milla: From being hidden amongst the trees of the forest, to being here. This
       goes with out saying, but we can't be here for too long.
Jude: Mhm. The Schall family is amongst the RIKUKE, the 6 houses of high-class
      nobility, so being here is risky.

<When talking to Rowen>
Rowen: I have been in the service of Master Clayn for two years now.
Rowen: He may still be young, but he respects the freedom and equality of his
       subjects, as any fine gentleman should.
Rowen: ... His only flaw is that he is overly sweet when it comes to Mistress

<As you try to leave>
Tipo: What's going on-!
Clayn: Sorry, but I had to return home for a moment.
Clayn: ... It's come to my attention that you two are the ones who infiltrated
       Il'fan's research facility.
Jude: What do you mean...
Clayn: It's useless to play dumb. Alvin told me everything.
Jude: Alvin!?
Milla: ... Are you going to turn us over to the military?
Clayn: Not quite. I'd like for you to tell me about what you saw at the
       Il'fan research facility.
Clayn: ... La'shugarl has changed quite a bit since Nachtigal ascended to the
Clayn: Not even the RIKUKE have been made aware of exact what he is trying
       to accomplish...
Milla: The military has been forcefully draining mana out of people in order
       to develop a new weapon.
Clayn: Experimentation on living human beings? No way, he would go that far!?
Clayn: I want to believe it's a lie, but... the fact of the matter is, the
       pieces add up.
Milla: So the person heading the experimentation is... none other than the
       King of La'shugarl, Nachtigal himself?
Clayn: It seems that way...
Milla: ...
Clayn: ... I don't intend for Drossel's friends to get captured.
Clayn: That being the case, I suggest you distance yourselves from this town
Jude: Thank you, Clayn.

<Chat: Leaving the mansion>
Elise: Drossel's house sure is massive.
Jude: Mhm. Probably even bigger than the school I attended.

*Sub-Event 025 "Cute Pink Things" (ピンクかわいいもの)*
*Sub-Skit 222 "Why Not Try Talking to Them?" (話しかけてみたら?)*
Elise: There sure are a lot of other kids in Karaja'schall's central plaza.
Jude: There are some who are probably just like you. Why not try talking to
Girl A: The way it was pink was cute, huh-
Girl B: Yep! Beyond-cute-!
Girl A: Nothing else is *that* pink and cute, huh-
Girl B: Yep! Not even close-!
Jude: What's wrong, Elise?
Elise: Um...
Tipo: You're worried about talking to those kids, aren't you-
Milla: You need not worry about those two. You should go talk to them.
Elise: Hey... what kind of pink and cute thing are you talking about...?
Girl A: You've been listening in, haven't you! We won't talk to that kind of
Girl B: No way we would-!
Tipo: Why are you so stingy-
Girl A: It spoke! What is that weird thing!?
Girl B: It's beyond weird-!
Elise: He's not weird... he's Tipo.
Girl A: Tipo...?
Girl A: Anyways, we won't let someone like you see our cute pink things.
Elise: That's kinda...
Tipo: Disappointing-...
Girl A: However, if you are someone who truly loves pink...
Girl A: And you complete the Pinkest's Proof, we will consider it.
Elise: Pinkest's Proof?
Girl A: It's a collection of rare pink things. Let's see...
Girl A: First up, bring us "Peach Cherry Blossom Pedals". We'll go from there.
Girl B: Right on from there!
(Upon bringing back "Peach Cherry Blossom Pedals")
Elise: I brought the thing you told me about.
Girl B: Ok- show us the cute pink thing you found-
Girl A: ... Psh. You still have a ways to go, as you are still just a Pinkist
Girl A: Next up, bring us a "Pink Elephant's Tusk".
Elise: A Pink Elephant's Tusk... ?
Girl B: It's cute, but also somewhat frightening-
Girl A: Aw, are you already giving up? If so, feel free to quit.
Girl A: If you if take the path of the pinkist too lightly, you'll go down in
Girl B: Down to the ground in flames-!
Milla: A rather unrelenting road...
Jude: Hang in there, Elise.
Elise: Understood. Next is A "Pink Elephant's Tusk", right?
(To be continued .....)

<Heading back into town, Alvin is exchanging messages with a carrier bird)
Alvin: Yo.
Jude: Alvin!
Tipo: Alvin, you're horrible-! A jerk, A moron-. In short, a jerkron*-!
Milla: Why did you sell us out to Clayn?
Alvin: Sell you out? That would be bad for my reputation.
Alvin: The Lord of the Schall family is known for disapproving of the current
       administration's agenda, so...
Alvin: I figured it would be for the best to exchange some information with
       him. All I did was arrange for the trade to happen.
Alvin: I take it you learned something significant?
Milla: It seems that the one who is orchestrating this whole mess is...
       Nachtigal, the King of La'shugarl.
Milla: If Nachtigal isn't defeated, he will probably build a second, and even
       a 3rd Lance of Kresnik.
Jude: Defeat the king... ?
Milla: Yes. It will probably send the country into chaos, but this is something
       that we can't overlook.
Jude: Yeah... sacrificing the lives of people while forcibly draining the MANA
      out of them can't just be left alone...
Guard: You guys... are the ones from the wanted posters!?
Alvin: Hmm, maybe we've been out in the open for too long.
Rowen: The southwestern wind number 2**... it's a nice wind, isn't it.
Jude: The Steward?
Rowen: I'll handle this one.
Guard: Hey Gramps! Look over here! What are you planning?
Rowen: Oh, i'm sorry. I'm a little spooked, here...
Rowen: Huh? The two of you towards the back. Isn't that a gap in your
Rowen: From that position, neither of you would be able to assist your leader
       in a timely fashion.
Guard: Bastard... cut your infernal yapping!
Rowen: As for you. Shouldn't you be a little closer to their front?
Rowen: That way, I can't just simply disable the two of them behind your back.
Guard: Hrmph.
Rowen: That's a good boy.
Guard: Ugh, What the...
Rowen: Well then, i'll be taking my leave.
Rowen: Ok, everyone follow me.
*"バホ", a combination of バカ(stupid) and アホ(idiot). Tipo starts using this
word he made up here and continues throughout the game.
**I avoided likening this to the mythical southwest wind diety, Lips. Xillia
purposely tries to avoid classical allusion again and again, to give Liese
Maxia it's own signature. It sounds very generic or plain at times, though.
(Scene continues)
Tipo: That was great, Rowen-! You sure walloped those scary guys!
Rowen: Well, I don't know about walloped. I just made sure they will be held
       up for a bit.
Jude: Thanks for saving it. Was it... Mr. Rowen?
Rowen: Just Rowen will be fine.
Milla: Ok then, Rowen. I take it you have some business with us?
Rowen: Oh my, being straight forward, aren't we.
Rowen: Actually, I have a request for you folks.
Alvin: For a troupe of wanted criminals? That doesn't sound like something
       that will be fun and games.
Rowen: Some time ago, the King of La'shugarl visited our estate, decreeing that
       some of this town's citizens be forcibly drafted, by order of his
Milla: What? You say Nachtigal came here himself?
Rowen: Correct. The carriage that was pulling away from our residence just as
       you folks arrived was Nachtigal's.
Elise: So that man was... the King of La'shugarl...
Alvin: But, for what reason would the King need to draft town's people...
Jude: You don't think it's... for human experimentation?
Rowen: The young master, fearing for the safety of the drafted citizens, went
       to bring them back.
Rowen: However, Nachtigal is not the type of man that would stand for
Elise: Is Drossel's brother... in danger?
Rowen: Would you be so kind as to grant me your assistance? I would like to go
       lend Master Clayn a hand.
Tipo: We'll save Drossel's brother-! Right? Elly-
Jude: Of course. It isn't just Clayn who i'm worried about, but the town's
      people as well.
Alvin: Oh man, If you play with fire, you're bound to get burned. You know
       that, right nerd?
Milla: We'll be fine.
Milla: We can't just let them be used by Nachtigal like that.
Alvin: Sounds like it's decided, then.
Rowen: My deepest gratitude.
Rowen: The citizens were taken away to Burmia Ravine. Let us make haste!

*Sub-Event 026 "Traveler's Charm" (旅のお守り)*
Young Girl: *sniff*... daddy forgot to take his Traveler's Charm with him when
            he left for his job...
Young Girl: It's a rough job that takes several months to finish. So, I made
            him a charm that grants the protection of the Four Greater Spirits.
Young Girl: Please, couldn't you deliver the charm to my daddy?
Young Girl: Daddy said he was headed to Ilart Port to board a ship.
Young Girl: I'll wait here like a good girl should, so make sure you tell him
            to return home safely, ok?
Young Girl: But I put everything into making it, so that daddy could return
            home safely... *sniffle*.
Daddy: This is the charm my daughter made! Ah, thanks so much for delivering
       it to me.
Daddy: I got anxious when I heard that this trip was scheduled to be a long
       one, but this makes me feel so much better.
Daddy: I need to finish this job quickly, so I can return home to my cute
Reward: Item Ball Plus

<Chat: Back at Ilart Port>
Milla: Hm, i'm sensing that thing called hunger. Lets go eat soon.
Jude: Even though we just finished eating!?

*Skit 032 "Rowen, the Steward" (執事ローエン)*
Alvin: However, to directly defy King Nachtigal was a foolish thing for the
       Lord of the Schall family to do.
Rowen: I tried to stop him myself, but alas, my attempt was met with
Tipo: Hey! Don't go speaking badly about Drossel's brother like that-
Elise: Clayn is a good person...
Rowen: Oh, but of course he is. There is no other gentlemen among the RIKUKE
       who cares for his subjects as carefully as the young master does.
Rowen: ... It's quite possible that no other person anywhere is truly as kind
       as he is.
Rowen: Two years ago, when I had no where else to go, he granted me a place to
       stay and fill in as his steward.
Jude: He must be important to you, Rowen.
Rowen: Yes, very.
Tipo: On top of that, he is way cooler than Alvin, huh-
Alvin: Eh? What kind of trash are you spitting out now?
Tipo: @$#%@$@%@$%@$%$#%$#%~~!?
Jude: It's ok. I'm sure that Clayn is safe.
Rowen: That is for certain. We will surely help him out before it's too late.
*I don't know if this is mostly gibberish, or if it actually means something

*Skit 138 "Tipo, Pretty!" (ティポ、プリティ!)*
Rowen: Elise and Tipo are always together, aren't they?
Tipo: Because Tipo and Elly are friends-
Elise: Aside from that... Tipo is extremely cute.
Jude: Er... cute...!?
Elise: ... isn't he...cute?
Tipo: Aren't I-?
Rowen: O-of course you are. I don't quite understand what does it, but you are
       very "cute".
Elise: I don't know what there isn't to understand. Tipo is just... Tipo.
Jude: Um... his horns! His horns are extremely cute aren't they!
Elise: ... those are his ears!
Tipo: For shame. The two of you are horrible when it comes to treating a little
      girl properly.
Jude and Rowen: We're sorry.

<Chat: Heading back into the main section of town>
Alvin: I town as large as this one is pleasant, as I expected...
Alvin: It's because all kinds of people are enjoying themselves all together.

<Chat: When entering a field area with Rowen>
Rowen: I can't fight on an empty stomach...
Rowen: That being said, when I eat too much, I get sleepy and can't fight

XII. Kurama Road, Burmia Ravine

<After heading out of town towards Kurama Road>
Rowen: We are in a hurry. Allow me to clear the way.
Battle Operations Tutorial. View the explanation?
Push the R3 button to enter party member substitution mode.
First, push the D-pad in the direction of the character you want to sub out.
Next, choose the character you want to bring in to the battle.
You can switch party members mid-battle and use different configurations to
respond to any circumstance that arises.

<Back in Ha'miel>
*Sub-Event 027 "Life While in Captivity" (監禁生活)*
Alvin: So this is where Elise was locked away...
Jude: What was it like living down here?
Elise: Um, well... I don't really know what to say about it.
Tipo: Was it a short time, or a long time- we can't really say...-
Jude: What do you think you would have done had we not came, Elise?
Elise: Big Poppa would have eventually returned and smoothed things over with
       the villagers.
Elise: He probably would have told them to let us continue living here.
Alvin: That "poppa" guy just does as he pleases, doesn't he...
Alvin: Forcing a child to live by themself in a place they don't know, is
       pretty severe no matter how you cut it.
Milla: There are lots of barrels down here*.
Tipo: Don't drink from them-! There is a strange juice inside that makes you
      get dizzy and feel faint-
Alvin: This is parenge wine, a type of luminescent liquor that glows.
Alvin: As it continues to ferment, the glow and taste both become more mild.
Alvin: After 10 years, it ferments into a high-grade wine that sparkles like
       the light of the moon, called "Moonlight".
Jude: That's a very detailed explantion.
Alvin: Yeah, I suppose so.
Milla: Hmm, it's certainly a mild drink... it's rather tasty, too... *hic*
Alvin: HEY, don't just drink as you please!
Milla: Don't worry about it... *hic*!
Milla: I can handle... *hic*!
Milla: I think i'm getting sick from this stuff...
Elise: She over did it!
Tipo: That's why I said, it makes you get dizzy and feel faint, but-
Jude: She is completely wasted, huh.
Alvin: Yeah... she has an unexpected weak point.

<Chat: In the basement>
Jude: These barrels are full to the brim, aren't they.
Tipo: Don't drink from them-! There is a strange juice inside that makes you
      get dizzy and feel faint-

*Skit 031 "Milla's Friends" (ミラの友達)*
Elise: Milla, I already asked Jude...
Elise: You're going to Il'fan to help out your captured friends, aren't you.
Milla: Friends... ? Oh, you mean the Great Four.
Elise: Aren't they... your friends?
Milla: Hmm, I wonder if they are? They exist to help me accomplish what I need
       to do, but...
Tipo: So then, they are your friends-! We are the same, aren't we-
Elise: We will also help you... Milla.
Tipo: *cheers*
Milla: *chuckle*, you guys are encouraging.

*Skit 026 "Elise's Spirit Arts" (エリーゼの精霊術)*
Alvin: Hey, princess. Where did you learn how to use Spirit Arts like that?
Elise: Eh... ? I didn't learn them...
Tipo: Elly is just able to use them-
Alvin: I ask because they are at a level that exceeds your age.
Milla: What about me? I used the Great Four's Arts at an even younger age.
Alvin: ... Mistress Maxwell is a special case.
Alvin: But, it appears that Princess Elise uses Arts out of intuition.
Jude: She surely has a lot of talent.
Tipo: That's Right-! Jude understands-
Milla: She might have talent but the fact of the matter is she is still very
       young. In a fight, you should always consider protecting yourself first.
Elise: O-ok...
Jude: Milla is taking an interest in Elise's concerns.
Alvin: Your right, she is. The impossible has come to be.
Milla: Hmm. Now that you mention it, i'm glad to help. Do you hear that, Elise?
Elise: ... Yes!

*Skit 137 "When I Grow Up" (大きくなったら)*
Jude: Elise, what do you dream to be when you grow up?
Elise: Um, I want...
Tipo: Elly doesn't want to grow up-
Rowen: Oh, and why is that?
Elise: Because... when I grow up, people will laugh if I still carry Tipo
       around with me.
Jude: They won't laugh. Besides, Tipo is your friend, isn't he?
Alvin: Exactly! You can grow up without worrying about that.
Elise: Really... ?
Rowen: Really really.
Tipo: I'm glad for you-, Elly-!
Tipo: Now you can say what you really mean, that when you grow up "You want to
      become a bride".
Elise: Wha! You musn't say things like that, Tipo!
Jude: Wow, who's bride do you want to be?
Alvin: *Ahem*
Rowen: *Cough*
Elise: I, I don't know yet!
Jude: Aw... she ran away.

<Chat: Walking on Kurama Road>
Rowen: Hohoho, even though i'm old, I still have some growing to do!

*Skit 140 "The Benefits of Tea Time" (ティータイムの効能)*
Milla: The enemy can strike at any time, from any direction, so be on guard.
Elise: Understood...
Rowen: How about a brief rest stop for some tea, everyone?
Milla: This probably isn't the best time to be drinking tea, is it?
Rowen: I wouldn't say that, since we will be using the best of my tea leaves.
Milla: Well... just for a little. We have to remain on the lookout, though.
Elise: It's tasty...
Tipo: A blissful flavor...
Milla: Aside from the taste, the smell is wonderful as well.
Rowen: Indeed. I call it, "Rowen Original Blend Tea", with the peels from
       dried fruit scattered within.
Milla: *chuckle* It's wondrous. After no more than one cup, all my fatigue has
       been lifted.
Tipo: I feel somehow motivated-!
Rowen: Hohoho, tea and foolish chit-chat can have that effect on someone.

<Upon arriving at Burmia Ravine>
Jude: Wow, these rock formations are truly a sight to behold...
Rowen: It's because Burmia Ravine is where the boundaries of La'shugarl's most
       Prominent SPIRITUAL FORCES meet.
Tipo: You don't suppose, you could go climbing here-? That would be tiring-
Jude: ... Look out!
Elise: Kyaa!?
Alvin: Troops are...
Milla: They are probably positioned in a way where they can't be seen...
Milla: Have a look, Alvin.
Alvin: No good, we're in a bad spot.
Tipo: Waa- Do something-!
Milla: If we could somehow create an opportunity...
Jude: I'll draw their attention. Meanwhile, take care of the snipers.
Milla: ... You're going to lure them out? That's risky.
Jude: I'll be ok. For sure.
Milla: ... alright, then i'll leave it to you.
Jude: Ok.
(Scene continues)
Jude: Aha!
Sniper: How did you dodge from so close...!?
Sniper: *grunt* Why you!
Sniper: Wh...
Milla: Haaaa!
Sniper: Ooof...
Milla: You did it.
Alvin: It's said that to shoot from such a spot is an old mercenary's secret.
Milla: This is... the same presence I felt at Il'fan... ?
Jude: This is...
Clayn: Ugh...
Rowen: Master Clayn! ... They went forth with the human experimentation, as
       we expected, huh.
Alvin: Get too close, and you'll lose an arm.
Jude: That divice looks a lot like the one that killed Professor Haus back at
      the research facility!
Milla: They are building a JIN weapon here as well?
Milla: I didn't expect that they would be able to simply start construction
       on one at the drop of a pin like this...
Jude: Milla?
Milla: ... So this is the reason they stopped chasing us, huh. They aren't as
       dumb as I thought.
Rowen: ... This magical circle they developed doesn't close off the area
Rowen: My theory that they would drain excess spiritual power through a hole
       in the ceiling seems plausible.
Rowen: We should be able to assault the core responsible for invoking the
       barrier from the top of valley.
Jude: Will we really be able to save everyone?
Milla: ... Lets go, Jude.

*Skit 033 "The Tyrant King, Nachtigal" (独裁王ナハティガル)*
Alvin: We don't know the exact scope of this experiment, but you were saying
       that Nachtigal is directly involved?
Rowen: I don't know for sure. The previous king definitely would have been on
       the forefront of something of that magnitude, though.
Milla: The previous king?
Alvin: Even though Nachtigal is from a noble family, he had to work his way
       up through the military by proving himself in combat.
Alvin: Most recently, it looks like he was involved in a power struggle over
       supreme authority.
Rowen: And the previous king was...
Milla: What is it Rowen?
Rowen: Oh, nothing. At any rate, Nachtigal's current reign has almost evolved
       into a complete dictatorship.
Rowen: The last person who stands in his way is Master Clayn, with popularity
       and the resources of Karaja'schall behind him.

<Chat: Ascending to the top>
Tipo: What's with this place-. It's a strange spot-!
Rowen: This is where the boundaries of many different SPIRITUAL FORCES colide
       with each other. You might say it's La'shugarl's most prominent "strange
Alvin: This is quite the difficult climb. Are you ok little lady?
Elise: Yes... i'll pull... through.

<Upon reaching the top of the Ravine>
Jude: Whew...
Jude: The core is running! But, to reach it from this height...
Alvin: How should we handle this?
Rowen: Time is of the essence. The excess spiritual power is flowing upwards
       from the magical circle.
Rowen: If we maintain our balance, we should be able to ride the current of
       power safely down to the bottom.
Milla: In other words, you're saying we jump?
Alvin: If we do that, I should have one chance to take aim...
Jude: .....
Jude: ... Let's do it. We gotta save them.
Milla: Ok. There's no other way.
Rowen: Heh heh, you're somewhat brave.
Rowen: Although you don't look the part.
Rowen: Are you going to wait here, young lady?
Rowen: Don't let go of my hand, ok?
Rowen: Alright then, off we go!
(Scene continues)
Jude: I saw it! Alvin!
Alvin: It's hard with this turbulence...
Jude: This is your only shot!
Alvin: ... Don't remind me.
Rowen: Young master!
Clayn: ... ugh.
Elise: Are you awake?
Clayn: It was inexcusable of me... to ignore your warning and run ahead. As a
       result, this...
Rowen: Above all, you are safe.
Milla: Is Nachtigal here?
Clayn: I came here to question him as well, however, I was captured by the
       imperial guard.
Milla: I see...
Tipo: Save it for later, we gotta get out of here-!
Alvin: That's right. Overstaying our welcome would be pointless.
Milla: Look out! From above!
Jude: Wh, what is it... !?
Milla: It's coming, Prepare yourselves!

(Boss fight with Nameless Mutant)
*Post-Fight Chat 006: After fighting the Nameless Mutant*
Milla: What a troublesome monster that was.
Tipo: But it was so pretty-
Rowen: Unlike any monster that could be born from nature.
Jude: Could it be that, it was born from...

Milla: HAAAAAaaaaaaaa!
Jude: No, don't!
Milla: What the hell is your problem!?
Jude: Can't you feel them?
Jude: The minor spirits!
Milla: ... Huh!?
Rowen: Ah, these are...
Tipo: Wow, Amazing!
Milla: ... Thanks, Jude.
Jude: Eh...?
Milla: I lost control of myself, I was about to desroy those minor spirits.
Jude: Ah... don't worry about it...
Rowen: Well then, let us return to Karaja'schall.
Rowen: These people have had a large amount of their MANA sucked away, and are
       extremely weak.

*Skit 034 "Minor Spirits" (微精霊)*
Tipo: Minor Spirits! They sure were pretty, huh Elly-
Elise: Mhm. Is this your first time seeing them?
Rowen: Hohoho, even I had not seen a collection of minor spirits like that one
       before now.
Tipo: Then, it was with us, wasn't it-!
Rowen: Yes. With you folks.
Elise: Rowen... thanks for holding my hand when we jumped, before.
Rowen: It was the least I could do. We are friends, after all.
Elise: Yes, we're... friends.
Tipo: Oh boy~ even though he is old, Rowen is Elly's friend~!
Alvin: You sure are good with kids.
Rowen: I wouldn't say that. I've just grown accostomed to dealing with young
Alvin: On top of that, you have a good personality.
Rowen: Well said.
Alvin: ... Don't you think?

*Skit 035 "Elise's Future" (エリーゼの将来)*
Jude: I'm sorry Elise. We got you into another dangerous situation.
Elise: It's... ok.
Tipo: Don't be so reserved-, We're friends.
Alvin: Oh, really? Being with Milla is bothersome, even for me.
Jude: ... Isn't that the truth.
Jude: Hey, Elise.
Jude: I decided to find a place around here where you can settle down and
Elise: You don't have to worry about...
Alvin: bringing that up abruptly again, huh. Have you already found a place for
       her to settle down?
Jude: Well... not yet, but...
Tipo: That's irresponsible-!
Alvin: Well, well. What will you do?
Jude: ... i'll find one some way. I promised Milla I would.
Alvin: Promised Milla, huh...

<Chat: Walking back from Burmia Ravine>
Milla: Jude, exercise some caution when trying out new moves.
Jude: I will. Until I get used to them, I make sure I have enough space.

XIII. Return to Karaja'schall

Drosell: Brother!
Clayn: I'm fine. Get these people to the hospital, first.
Town Woman: *moan*
Guard: R-right away!
Clayn: Among the drafted citizens, it seems no one's life is at risk.
Rowen: You all have our deepest gratitude.
Drosell: I too would like to express my gratitude. Thank you so much.
Jude: I'm glad that everyone is safe.
Milla: Well then, we need to be going.
Tipo: Wha! We're already leaving-?
Alvin: From here, we'll have to pass through Gandhara Fortress.
Rowen: Gandhara Fortress... that must mean, your destination is Il'fan?
Milla: That's right. I have unfinished business there.
Clayn: How do you intend to get through Gandhara Fortress?
Milla: We'll probably have to force our way through.
Clayn: As one would expect, that could prove to be difficult, don't you think?
Clayn: I can try to arrange to have you carried through in concealment.
Jude: Will it be ok for you to cooperate with us? We are currently being
      pursued by the military, you know...
Clayn: From the start, I didn't intent for my Karaja'schall to submit to
Clayn: Some time ago, I protested the military being here, and their withdrawl
       from Karaja'schall was arranged.
Milla: Based on that, it probably couldn't be helped that your relationship
       with the military has deteriorated.
Alvin: ... Well then, we'll take you up on that offer.
Alvin: It's several times better than just barging in the fortress without
       a plan.
Milla: Is that so... I see. Are you sure it isn't too much trouble?
Clayn: Just leave it to me. Consider it my thanks for what you've done for me.
Clayn: It will take a bit of time to ensure that the arrangments will work out
Clayn: Until then, you can stay with us.
Clayn: Rowen, you will go with them. With your aid, it will probably be much
Rowen: I accept.
Jude: Thank you very much.
Tipo: Yay. We can have a long chat with Drossel again!
Drossel: *giggle* That's right.
Clayn: You're probably already tired for today. I'll go have your rooms
Clayn: If there is anything I can do for you while you are resting here, let
       me know.
Milla: We're in your debt. Thanks for everything.

*Sub-Event 028 "The Mystery of the Ravine" (峡谷の謎)*
Milla: It appears that we have halted it's opperation.
Jude: This device is just like the one back at the Research Facility in Il'fan,
      isn't it?
Milla: It's the same kind of machine in the sense that it sucks away MANA from
       a person and puts it to another use.
Milla: In this case, apparently it fused the MANA it sucked from the town's
       people with minor spirits, in order to create some kind of creature.
Rowen: You mean the butterfly-like monster from before?
Milla: Not quite, that creature was probably born as the result of a failure.
Milla: Because of our intervention, the minor spirits that were used probably
       started running wild.
Rowen: That a failed project would give birth to a monster of that calibur...
       this is a dreadful contraption, indeed.
Elise: ...
Alive: What is it, Elise?
Elise: Um... I still can't believe that we jumped from such a high place.
Tipo: We should have died, huh-
Rowen: We totally should have.
Alvin: "We totally should have"? The one who said to ride the rising energy
       down into the circle was you.
Alvin: Shouldn't you be a little more confident about the success of your own
Rowen: Not really... I had considered that if it were to fail, there would have
       been grave consequences.
Alvin: That's a nice way of saying you risked our lives!
Jude: Thinking about it in that way now, i'm getting frightened...
Milla: But it turned out ok, didn't it? Because we succeeded.
Rowen: Yes, the end result turned out all right.
Alvin: You two are much more dreadful than this device is.
Jude: Probably...

*Sub-Event 029 "The Shape of the World" (世界の形)*
*Sub-Skit 199 "Have You Seen the Great Windmill Yet?" (大風車を見た?)*
Rowen: Have you folks seen Karaja'schall's famous great windmill yet?
Jude: Come to think of it, we haven't had a chance to see very much of
      Karaja'schall yet, with things as crazy as they have been.
Rowen: You should make it a point to see it at least once. I recommend viewing
       it from the town plaza.
Scholar: Hmm, For A windmill of this scale to maintain stability while it
         turns, I would expect that some considerably grand Spirit Arts are
         at work.
Rowen: I am a servant to the Schall house. Is there something I might be able
       to help you with?
Scholar: Ah, you mean Lord Schall's steward. Allow me to explain myself.
Scholar: I've been conducting a survey on the Spirit Arts behind the rotation
         of this windmill.
Milla: The rotation of the windmill? What are you saying?
Alvin: You're up, professor Jude.
Jude: Let's see, Karaja'schall's great windmill rotates due to a breeze caused
      by Spirit Arts.
Jude: Spirit Arts from around the city are incorporated, and amplify it...
Jude: And the amplified breeze supplies the windmill with the energy to rotate.
Scholar: ... What he said.
Milla: Oh. Lots of forces are at work, huh.
Scholar: What a detailed explanation.
Scholar: If you don't mind, would you like to assist me with my survey?
Jude: Survey... so, you are a scholar?
Scholar: I'm a researcher who studies the link between Spirit Arts and how they
         cause changes in SPIRITUAL FORCE.
Scholar: In this case, the link between Karaja'schall's massive ussage of Arts,
         and the powerful and variable SPIRITUAL FORCE found at Burmia Ravine.
Scholar: If I could observe these two places simultaneously, I think I could
         collect some useful data.
Milla: Hmm, sounds interesting.
Jude: Well then, shall we help out a little bit?
Milla: It should be fine.
Scholar: It would be a big help! Ok then, go to the peak of Burmia Ravine and
         use this special Art for surveying the SPIRITUAL FORCE of the area.
Scholar: My search will determine how the growth of Liese Maxia has been
(Continued at Burmia Ravine peak)
Jude: Should we use the SPIRITUAL FORCE survey art around this area?
Alvin: Here is fine. This area is appropriate.
Rowen: Here is ok? Then, allow me...
Alvin: Huh, was that it?
Rowen: Yes. It's an Art that uses the surrounding minor spirits to record any
       variation in SPIRITUAL FORCE over a fixed period of time.
Milla: It will take a bit of time to get the results though, as you might
Alvin: What a troublesome climb for something so simple.
Jude: That's how it goes when it comes to research.
Alvin: Said the nerd.
Jude: Just stating the truth.
Milla: We've completed our objective. Lets return to Karaja'schall.
*Sub-Skit 200 "Lets Report Back" (報告しよう)*
Jude: Lets return to Karaja'schall and report back to the scholar.
(Back at Karaja'schall)
Jude: We completed the Art at Burmia Ravine.
Scholar: Thanks, you saved me a lot of trouble!
Scholar: With this, we will be able to record data regarding similarities found
         in both Karaja'schall and Burmia Ravine.
Jude: But, it must be a bit difficult to think about the influence Spirit Arts
      that people use have on SPRITUAL FORCE, right?
Scholar: True, but the time when Burmia Ravine's geographical features went
         through the most drastic changes overlaps with the time when the great
         windmill was constructed.
Scholar: I'm also conducting a study bent on pointing out that Il'fan's
         DUSKCLOUD expanded due to a related phenomenon.
Jude: Ooooh, so that's your theory?
Scholar: It's difficult to prove, but the detailed data i'm trying to gather
         through this survey will probably have some merit.
Jude: You bet. If we can understand what causes changes to occur in SPIRITUAL
      FORCE, it would be the Spirit Arts Science breakthrough of the century.
Rowan: So much enthusiasm. You certainly take pride in your studies, Jude.
Milla: Yep. That's Jude in a nutshell for you, eh?
Alvin: Guys who love to study like that come off as strange, to me.
Jude: We truly enjoyed helping you with your research.
Scholar: The pleasure was all mine. If I end up learning something, i'll be
         sure to let you guys know.
(To be continued ---)

*Skit 166 "A Natural Talent to Fight" (戦いの感覚)*
Alvin: Hrm... we're all getting some nice combat experience.
Milla: Yep. I think i've got a good grasp on the basics of swordsplay.
Milla: Incorporate your blade into your movements, and your swings will come
       out as if by second nature.
Alvin: Erm, those sound like the words of a master, don't they?
Milla: Oh, do they now?
Jude: To me, fighting still seems a bit frightening...
Alvin: With that kind of attitude, you won't be striking with your full
Jude: I can't help it... I can only do what i'm capable of doing, after all.
Alvin: If you can surpass that way of thinking, you'll become a full-fledged
Alvin: ... but I bet you'll always be scared, huh.

<Upon speaking with Clayn in his mansion>
Clayn: It's been a long day, hasn't it? You should rest.
Clayn: Alright then, i'll show you to your rooms.
*Don't Rest*
Clayn: Your rooms have been prepared, you can rest anytime you'd like to.
(After nightfall)
Rowen: Are you unable to sleep?
Jude: Ah, Rowen. Yea, a little bit...
Rowen: What seems to be bothering you? You can always confer with me, if you
       need to.
Jude: Ok. Thanks.
Rowen: It isn't about Elise, is it?
Jude: Well, um, it is...
Rowen: I heard the details about how she became a part of this journey from
       the young mistress.
Jude: Elise has been talking with Drossel then?
Jude: It's because Milla makes no concern over the things that Elise tries to
Jude: In addition to that, it would probably better for her if she were not
      dragged further into this mess.
Jude: Rowen, it wouldn't be possible to leave Elise here with the Schall
      family, would it?
Jude: For one, she would have a good friend in Drossel.
Jude: Also, she would have Clayn and yourself to take good care of her...
Rowen: Jude, you really go above and beyond for the sake of other people.
Jude: Milla and Alvin are being bothersome, saying that i'm too soft. But I
      can't just turn my back on her.
Rowen: Heh heh. I understand. Please leave it to me.
Rowen: I will speak with the young master and mistress and fill them in.
Rowen: Therefore, you should get some sleep. When you stay up too late, your
       worries become apparent, one by one.
Jude: Yeah, that's probably true. Ok, i'll head back in. Thanks, Rowen. Sweet
Rowen: Very good. Sweet dreams to you, as well.

(Upon talking to Clayn in the morning)
Clayn: Word from my contacts from Gandhara Fortress still has not arrived.
Clayn: Since you're in a hurry, I could send Rowen over to confirm that the
       arrangement has been secured.
Clayn: Ok, lets do that.
Clayn: It will be fine. Surely, everything will go fine and word will come
(Scene continues)
Clayn: Ok then Rowen, you have your orders.
Rowen: At your service.
Drossel: Rowen, how long will it be before you return?
Rowen: Let me see. If I go by horse, it should be about a day before I make it
Drossel: In that case, we won't have to say our goodbyes until tomorrow, right?
Jude: With any success, we might be able to leave by then.
Drossel: Ok then, Elly, Milla. Let's do some shopping~
Tipo: Shopping? Oooh, Let's go!
Drossel: We're in agreement, then~ Let's leave right away.
Milla: Wait a second, don't I have any say in this?
Drossel: I promised Elly that we would go shopping.
Drossel: Since you'll probably be leaving tomorrow, our only chance is today,
Milla: I suppose that's right. Ok, you can go.
Drossel: And, we're off!
Elise and Tipo: We're off!
Milla: So then, why am I being dragged along? It's not neccessary that I go
       along too, is it?
Alvin: It should be fine, right?
Jude: It should be interesting for you do to the things a human girl would do
      from time to time.
Milla: Hmm, I see. But I shouldn't be strictly confined to acting as one gender
       generally does.
Milla: I only look like a human girl because I chose this form...
(Scene continues)
Clayn: For the sake of peace and happiness, I must make a resolution.
Clayn: As I thought, the king has run rampant, playing with the lives of my
       people. I cannot allow this kind of behavior anymore.
Alvin: ... Are you going to stage a rebellion?
Jude: ... There will be a war?
Clayn: Under Nachtigal's dictator ship, an invasion of A'juelle seems to be
Clayn: Furthermore, he would probably sacrifice countless more lives before
       satisfying whatever sinister motive he has planned.
Clayn: As it is right now, he stands as a threat to life in both A'juelle
       and La'shugarl.
Clayn: I am the Lord of this region. It is my duty to protect the lives of the
       people who live here.
Jude: ... Duty... that which you must do...
Clayn: Yes. Such is my mission.
Clayn: Would you lend me your strength?
Jude: ... You want my...
Clayn: We are comrades, with the same goal of toppling Nachtigal in common.
Rowen: Young master!
Jude: Clayn!
Alvin: There you are!
Rowen: We must treat him immediately!
Jude: Y-yes.
(Scene continues)
Rowen: This wound...
Rowen: Please! Do whatever you can to save the young master...
Clayn: ... Rowen, it's useless to ask him to overdo it.
Clayn: It seems like this will be as far as I go. I leave this nation... in
       your hands.
Rowen: That won't possible! It's way beyond my abilities...
Clayn: I don't think it's impossble... especially for you...
Rowen: Young... master...
Guard: Lord Clayn!
Guard: ... What the!?
Rowen: Continue with your report.
Guard: Y-yes sir! La'shugarl troops have invaded the region. They are currently
       attacking citizens all over town.
Alvin: Seems like things just got a whole lot worse.
Jude: Milla and the others are still in town!
Rowen: We will go and ensure that the Young Mistress and company are safe.
Rowen: Please forgive me for leaving the Young Master like this...
Rowen: And leave the safety of this region to me.
Guard: Aye aye!
Jude: Let's go!

(In the center of town)
Jude: Milla and the others are...!
Rowen: Young mistress!
Alvin: These meddlesome bastards!
Rowen: Hold it! Now is not the time. Fighting now would just be a waste.
Rowen: You guys get back, too. To fight after you've already achieved your
       goal would be barbaric.
Rowen: All you would be doing is wounding your fellow countrymen and women.
Rowen: For now, let's return to the mansion.
Jude: Alright...

(Back at the mansion)
Alvin: ... Is everything good to go?
Rowen: Yes. It will be a bit informal, but the funeral arrangements have been
       taken care of.
Jude: Why did it come to this...
Rowen: The arrow used to attack the young master was of a special variety
       that only the imperial guard carry.
Rowen: That, in combination with the timing of the invasion... there is only
       one conclusion to arrive at...
Rowen: That it was all part of a plan to turn La'shugarl into a complete
Alvin: So, this is the treachery of Nachtigal...
Jude: ... They must have taken Milla and the others somewhere, huh...
Rowen: Probably Gandhara Fortress.
Rowen: With only one unit of troops, attacking multiple towns within a short
       period of time is tactically infeasible.
Rowen: For instance, the raiding party would consider that Samangan Port is
       still under the influence of the Schall family, thus they would not
       follow up with an attack there.
Rowen: All facts considered, we should expect that they will return to Il'fan.
Rowen: And the only place for a reserve of troops to be stationed between here
       and Il'fan is Gandhara Fortress.
Alvin: Oh-ho, return to Il'fan... like hell they will.
Jude: We've gotta go save them!
Alvin: Must you be in such a hurry? This is a fortress we're talking about. It
       probably won't be an easy task.
Rowen: No, our best chance is probably tonight.
Rowen: The morale of their troops couldn't exactly be called high right now.
       Additionally, they marched all the way there after the battle without
       any rest.
Rowen: We can expect numerous gaps in their defenses. Thus, we will be able
       to unexpectedly slip past their front lines.
Jude: Oh yeah, we also have some allies on the inside, don't we.
Rowen: Let's head out soon.
Alvin: Just who exactly is he...? That old man...

*Skit 036 "Saving Milla and the Others" (ミラたちを救え)*
Jude: I can't believe that Milla could be captured...
Alvin: It isn't as weird as you think, is it? Our enemies are the same guys
       that were able to capture the Four Greater Spirits.
Jude: Milla was just as powerless as the time when the Four Greater Spirits
Rowen: We must hurry. In addition to Milla and the others, we can't allow any
       more sacrifices to be made!
Alvin: Are you paying attention to me? I was just saying that we will be dealing
       with some formidable foes, so...
Rowen: We will be fine. It shouldn't be a problem for the three of us. Besides,
       we have your fighting ability to rely upon, Alvin.
Alvin: Ah, so you are the type who lavishes others with praise to flatter them.
Rowen: It depends on the person. It encouraged you, right?
Alvin: It depends on gender. That praise wasn't coming from a girl.
Jude: Well, all the more reason we need to save the others. Surely they will
      praise you.
Alvin: Oh really? In that case, time to get a bit serious.

*Sub-event 030 "The Military's State of Affairs" (軍の内情)*
Woman: Hey, are you the person who stood up to those soldiers from before? That
       was refreshing to see!
Man: You are from Lord Schall's estate, if i'm not mistaken...
Rowen: That is correct. I am the Schall family's steward, Rowen.
Man: You really hit the nail on the head. The military exerting violence upon
     the people of the country they are protecting really looked foolish.
Man: Not to mention, kidnapping women and children.
Women: You certainly chased away those soldiers with your shouting like it
       was no big deal.
Jude: Their morale is low. I guess there are a lot of troops that are opposeed
      to Nachtigal's dictatorship, huh?
Rowen: The fact of the matter is that a division that is unhappy with
       Nachtigal's tyranny is probably likely to have low morale.
Rowen: But the biggest reason those soldiers from before retreated was simply
       that they were not given the order to kill us.
Jude: You mean to say that if they were given the order, they would have
      complied even if they didn't agree with it?
Rowen: The will to carry out orders one doesn't agree with is part of what
       defines them as "soldiers".
Alvin: When you become an adult, you'll see that everyone is that way. Your
       job is serious business.
Jude: Being a soldier is also a job... huh.

XIV. Taras Road, Gandhara Fortress

<Chat: Talas Road>
Alvin: Damn wind. My hair is getting messed up.

<Upon reaching Gandhara Fortress>
Jude: A castle of iron... is this Gandhara Fortress?
Rowen: It was build under the pretense that it would protect and offer safety
       to the trade roads.
Rowen: But as you can already see from its appearance, that isn't the case.
Alvin: Now what? How do we contact our inside men?
Rowen: Follow me this way.
Rowen: Jude, tap on the wall of this ventilation shaft once, then twice, then
       twice again, if you would.
Rowen: If you hear the response, three taps, followed by one tap, then that is
       the signal that everything is going according to plan.
Jude: The signal came.
Rowen: Let's go.
(Scene continues)
Guard: Hurry up... !
Rowen: Thank you for your troubles. You've helped us a great deal.
Guard: Word of what happened at Karaja'schall has been going around the
Guard: I can't believe they would go that far.
Alvin: Now is not the time for consolation, we are still in a hurry. Can you
       give us a summary of your report from the inside?
Guard: Heh, my apologies. The young mistress and her companions are being held
       in a prison on the second floor.
Guard: But we have a bit of a problem.
Guard: Everyone who was captured has been outfitted with leg shackles to prevent
       them from escaping.
Alvin: How is that a problem?
Guard: Once those particular shackles are attached, the band is set with a
       mechanism that will explode if it goes out of a certain range.
Jude: That could be a problem...
Jude: Ok, let's get them out of there first, then we will figure out some way
      of dealing with the shackles and escaping from here.
Rowen: It would be inefficient to search for the one with the key to release
Rowen: We should probably try to seize control of the command center that
       governs the entire fortress.
Guard: We haven't looked in to the location of the command center... i'm sorry.
Jude: Don't worry about it, you've done enough. Thank you very much.
Alvin: You should work on ensuring that we will have a way to get out of here,
Rowen: Could you please?
Guard: Understood.
Guard: I will secure a carriage in preparation.
Guard: For now, take this. It's a key used to operate the elevator.

Obtained Elevator Key.

<Upon being spoted by guards after navigating the vents>
Rowen: These guards had the key to the control room. With it, we can enter.
Alvin: As it turns out, we didn't need to go looking for they key afterall.
Rowen: Such is life.
Alvin: Always quick to speak, gramps.

Obtained Control Room Key.

<Upon entering the Control Room>
Milla: Nachtigal!
Milla: I'll put an end your foolish ambitions, here and now!
Nachtigal: A young lass like you is the master of the spirits...?
Nachtigal: Don't make me laugh!
Milla: Ugh...
Jude: Milla!
Nachtigal: With power of The Lance of Kresnik, A'juelle too will come under my
Jude: That means Karaja'shall will...!
Jude: Why must the town's people suffer one horrible thing after another...
Nachtigal: Step back! A youngster like you has no business with me!
Jude: King Nachtigal!
Nachtigal: I'll be damned if I let trash like you keep me from reaching my
Rowen: Haaa!
Nachtigal: Grrr.
Nachtigal: Ilbert, it's you...!?
Jilland: Rowen J Ilbert...
Jude: Ilbert?
Jude: The same musical conductor "Ilbert" that I learned about in History!?
Alvin: I didn't think he was just any ordinary old man, but...
Jilland: You, who turned your back on your country and your military, what
         is your business here, after such a long time?
Rowen: Young mistress, it is my business to ensure you remain safe, no matter
       what. I was worried about you.
Nachtigal: Hrmph. You've certainly fallen on hard times, Ilbert. It suits you
           well, to be in their company.
Jilland: Your majesty, this way please! We need not waste any more time here
         dealing with these peons.
Milla: Don't run away from me!
Jude: Milla!
Jude: Get out of our way!

(Fight with guards)

Jude: Ugh.
Elise: Tipo! Wake up!
Alvin: He isn't talking, eh. Has he been completely wiped out?
Jude: The door won't open! Milla already...!
Rowen: Everyone, over here!
Rowen: We have no time. I will start performing an Art that will allow us to
       cut into the system and gain complete control over this fortress.
Rowen: If we can pull it off, not only will the door open, but we should expect
       to disable the shackles as well.
Drossel: But, to take over the control system of such a gigantic fortress with
         a Art... can you really do it?
Rowen: I can't do it alone.
Rowen: Therefore, I will conjure up a magical circle. Everybody, concentrate
       your MANA into the center.
Rowen: Here we go!
Jude: Urg, even with all five of us, we aren't producing enough MANA...
Jude: If we don't... if we don't hurry then...!
Elise: Milla will... Milla will be in danger!
Elise: Tipo, wake up! I beg of you!
Drossel: We did it!
Alvin: Wait! Jude!
Tipo: Good morning-! How i've missed you, Elly-!!
Elise: Tipo!

<After following Milla>
Jilland: Your majesty, this way!
Nachtigal: Tsk...
Jude: Milla!!
Jude: Wh...!
Jude: Those shackles...! Milla! Milla-!
Alvin: There you two are! Are you safe?
Jude: Milla needs...! Elise, hurry and treat her! Fast!
Rowen: ...
Tipo: Wah-, blown to a pulp-! I can't look-!!
Jude: Milla! Open your eyes, Milla!
Jude: Why...?
Jude: Why did this have to...!?
Alvin: It's probably no use trying to comprehend that.
Guard: Over here, the escapees are this way!
Alvin: Anyways, we've done all we can here.
Alvin: Let's get back to Karaja'schall.
Guard: Initiate emergency protocol! Activate the Golems!
Rowen: Quickly now!

<Back at the mansion>
Rowen: The young mistress is getting some rest. She has certainly been through
       a lot.
Alvin: She must be suffering quite a bit, as one would expect, returning home
       to hear that her brother is gone.
Rowen: When she was kidnapped, it seems like she heard about it. She has been
       expectedly calm, but...
Elise: Jude! How's Milla?!
Doctor: It's very fortunate that you knew enough about medical care to stop
        the bleeding with Arts at an early stage.
Doctor: That being said, her strength is completely exhausted right now. The
        next few hours will be critical.
Doctor: Everyone try to get some rest, please.
Doctor: Later on, I...
Jude: You should get some rest too, doctor.
Jude: If you keep using Arts in that way, you'll really wear yourself out.
Doctor: What are you saying? I'm the doctor here...
Rowen: ... Leave it to him.
Rowen: Doctor, come this way please.
Elise: Milla...
Tipo: Milla, you're gonna die, aren't you-?
Jude: ... She will be fine. She'll definitely recover.
Jude: So, get some rest.
Elise: I... will help too.
Jude: Thanks.
Alvin: I'll be getting some rest, i'm a layman when it comes to this stuff.
Jude: Ok.
(Scene continues)
Jude: Hmm.
(Scene continues)
Jude: Ah, Rowen. Doctor.
Rowen: It seems like she has made it through the hard part.
Jude: Yes, she is already breathing calmly, so I think she will be ok.
Doctor: That's enough for today. You need to get some rest.
Jude: Ok. I'll let Elise and Alvin know how she is doing, then get some rest.
Jude: Ah, there you two are.
Elise: Thank goodness...
Tipo: Yay! Now will we get a chance to say thanks to Milla! Elly-.
Elise: Yep...
Jude: Where is Alvin?
Drossel: Now that you mention it... he hasn't come back yet.
Jude: Well then, i'll go look for him.

<At the Inn in town>
Jude: Alvin! Milla is...
Alvin: I knew it. She pulled through, huh.
Jude: Uh, yeah. How did...
Alvin: It's written all over your face.
Alvin: Hey, do you know the nickname for this town?
Jude: Nope.
Alvin: It's, "The city of meetings and separations".
Alvin: People who are starting off on their journey get the provisions and
       necessities for their trip here.
Alvin: Alternatively, people who are ending their journey come here to get rid
       of things they no longer need.
Alvin: The name they picked, is most suitable for this town, don't you think?
Jude: What are you saying?
Alvin: That person you saw before, is my next client.
Jude: Eh... you can't come with us?
Alvin: To brush off my own goals and risk death, would that be normal?
Jude: ... But Milla's mission hasn't been...
Alvin: Hey, what is my mission?
Jude: Eh... I don't know... something like that.
Alvin: I don't know, myself. But, does that sound strange to you?
Alvin: To live one's life for the sake of a mission, without looking back...
       is that the way people typically live?
Jude: ...
Alvin: What is your mission?
Jude: I want to help Milla regain her power... I think it's the right thing to
Alvin: That's fine then, isn't it? Go and do that.
Jude: ... Together with Alvin, too...
Alvin: When you guys leave, i'll drop by to say my goodbyes.

<Back at the mansion>
Jude: The second story window is open.
Jude: Milla came to, didn't she.
Drossel: Uh, well...
Jude: ... Whats wrong?
Doctor: ... Be strong as I tell you this, please...
(Scene continues)
Jude: That's...
Jude: Milla!
Jude: Milla... your legs...
Milla: Hmm. They won't move. I can't feel any pain in them, either.
Jude: ...
Milla: Jude, where is my sword?
Jude: What are you saying? You need to get lots of rest!
Milla: There is no longer a reason to be here. I must get to Il'fan as soon
Jude: You're still going on about that!?  It's already over!
Milla: What do you mean it's over? You don't get to decide that.
Jude: Why are you being like this!?
Jude: It's just not right. Now. you have no power at all.
Jude: You have to accept reality for what it is...
Milla: Jude, do you remember the people of Ha'miel?
Jude: ...
Milla: They were forced with something they didn't want, but they didn't have
       the power to oppose it.
Jude: Yeah... if those people had the power, they probably wouldn't have let
      things play out in that manner.
Milla: Well then, what exactly is power? Striking those who come to attack you?
Milla: The ability to control the Four Greater Spirits? You probably mean the
       ability to walk with my own legs, right?
Milla: Those things are not power.
Jude: ... You aren't going to give up, huh.
Milla: I must push on forward. Because, it's my mission to do so.
Jude: ...Even with what that body has become?
Milla: That's how I am.
(Scene continues)
Milla: Jude. Good morning.
Milla: What is it?
Jude: Well, let's see.
Jude: Long ago, my father had experience in treating patients who could no
      longer move their legs.
Milla: Really?!
Jude: Yes... really.
Jude: Therefore Milla, come with me to my hometown, Ru'ronde.
Milla: ... Why? Despite the opposition I got from you yesterday...
Jude: Yeah... I wonder why myself. I don't understand very well.
Milla: What do you mean by that...
Jude: What I do understand is that even if you can't walk, you will surely
      act rashly.
Milla: *chuckle* You truly are...
Milla: Meddlesome.
Milla: Ok then. I'll leave it to you, Jude.
Jude: Ok. We can go to Ru'ronde by boat. Let's head towards Samangan Port.
(Scene continues)
Milla: Drossel, you have my gratitude.
Drossel: I'll be praying that things go smoothly.
Rowen: And with that, be careful on your journey.
Rowen: I'm truly sorry that I can't offer more than to see you off from here.
Milla: Don't worry about it. You have things you need to do.
Milla: With how busy Drossel will be now, she will probably need your help.
Rowen: Indeed.
Elise: Jude... Milla...
Jude: Elise, stay well.
Jude: You'll be with Drossel and Rowen, therefore you'll have some close friends
      and won't be lonely, right?
Elise: Y-yea.
Milla: Well then, let's go. You have my thanks for helping us in various ways.
Jude: We'll be going. Thanks for everything, guys.
Tipo: Everyone's being so cold-. We should be going with them-
Elise: Jude... Milla...
Alvin: ... He's come to terms with it, huh...
Alvin: Even better than I thought...

XV - The Mining Port Town: Ru'ronde (鉱山と海停の街ル・ロンド)

*Sub-Event 031 "Tipo Regains Lost Ground" (ティポ復調)
Tipo: Milla-! Jude-!
Elise: You've come home!
Jude: Not quite... just visiting for a little bit.
Elise: Oh... is that so...
Tipo: Short lived joy-... Don't give us false hope, jerkron-!
Milla: Hmm, Tipo's condition has improved, right?
Elise: Yes. It's thanks to everyone helping his recovery.
Tipo: But, everyone is scattered in different directions now-
Elise: I-it couldn't be helped, Tipo...
Tipo: Neither Rowen nor Drossel will play with me at all-
Tipo: I'm so bored-
Elise: It's hectic around here because Drossel's brother died.
Elise: It's not right to complain about that, Tipo!
Tipo: I understand that, but, it's impossible for me-
Jude: Have you met with Alvin since we left?
Elise: ... Nope. He left for good to do his next job.
Tipo: What a cold-hearted guy, huh-
Jude: He had no choice. Jobs are important for adults.
Tipo: Well, Jude will play! Because he isn't an adult-
Jude: T-that's...
Elise: Bad Tipo!
Elise: Jude can't play because he has to get Milla's injury treated.
Milla: ... Elise, i'm sorry we left you feeling lonely.
Elise: It's no sweat, because I have Tipo.
Tipo: ... Elly is an adult too, being able to bluff like that-
Elise: Knock it off, Tipo!
Milla: *chuckle*, It looks that way.

*Sub-Event 032 "Clayn and Drossel" (クレインとドロッセル)*
Drossel: Oh, Milla. Jude.
Milla: You seem to be more cheerful than I expected.
Drossel: Yeah, i'm perfectly fine.
Drossel: I'm actually taking it better than I thought I would, myself. Even
         though Clayn is gone...
Milla: ...
Drossel: Even now, it feels just like when Clayn hasn't returned home from a
         trip in several cycles*.
Drossel: Clayn has been very busy, always traveling about from place to place
         ever since mother and father passed away, and he succeeded them.
Jude: Clayn really gave it his all for the people of the city, didn't he.
Drossel: Yes. Therefore, I always kept in mind that he would return home sooner
         or later.
Drossel: "I'm home, Drossel", he would say, and bring back some candy as a
Drossel: He knew very well that if he brought me candy to eat, my spirits would
         quickly be lifted.
Drossel: Because one of my favorite things is when I would get to eat candy
         together with him...
Jude: Drossel...
Drossel: I'm sorry, my mind is all over the place. Clayn isn't going to come
         home ever again.
Drossel: ... Surely if I give it a little more time, I think my heart will
         come to that realization.
Milla: The human heart isn't something that can easily be suppressed, is it.
Drossel: Yeah, for sure. But i'd like to believe the final gift Clayn left for
         me is time to cope.
Drossel: The last time Clayn said his farewell to me, it was as if he was trying
         to say that there would be nothing to worry about.
Drossel: That while he is gone, I would be taking over for him.
Jude: You're pretty strong, Drossel.
Drossel: *giggle* I hear that a lot.
Drossel: When our parents passed away, Clayn warned me that I would have to be.
*Another one of those date things. I think it's implied that there is one cycle
for either each element, or each of the four big elements.

*Skit 040 "Jude's Hometown" (ジュードの故郷)*
Milla: Your hometown, huh... i'm looking forward to seeing what type of place
       it is.
Jude: It's just your common run-of-the-mill town. Long ago, it flourished due
      to the mines, but not so much as of late.
Milla: Since you are a human, you probably have parents there, right? They
       must resemble you closely, huh?
Jude: Well, I wonder...
Milla: Aren't you glad you'll be seeing your family again?
Jude: Eh...
Jude: My mother and father both live only for their work... I don't really
      like it.
Milla: Hmm, There was something I read in a book. There are people that have
       a Father Complex, or a Mother Complex...
Jude: ... I think that's different.
Milla: Then, it must be a good ol-fashioned family feud.
Jude: ...What the hell have you been reading, Milla!?

*Skit 042 "Where They Are Now..." (今頃みんな…… )*
Jude: I wonder if Elise misses us...
Milla: She is with Drossel and Rowen. There's probably nothing to worry about.
Jude: What about Alvin's next job? I wonder what it's like, hopefully something
      that isn't too dangerous.
Milla: Isn't that a little too much to hope for when it comes to mercenaries?
Milla: *chuckle* You really seem to only worry about other people.
Jude: That's not what I mean. It's just...
Jude: I just think all of us would be better off together...
Milla: There was no other way. Everyone's priorities are not the same...
Milla: Cheer up. Our paths will all definitely cross again.
Jude: ... Yeah.

<Halfway to Samangan Port, rain begins to fall>
Jude: It's starting to come down. Let's rest here for today.
Milla: Ok, i'll leave it to you.
Milla: Your cooking is always delicious, Jude.
Milla: It's something I would never be able to match.
Jude: You shouldn't say that... With a bit of practice, anyone can do it.
Milla: I suppose everyone has their own focus.
Jude: Heh heh, are you saying my focus is to make food for you?
Milla: Better put, to do things I can't do for myself right now.
Milla: Even simple things like making food, and preparing my bed.
Jude: ... I'll always do those things for you.
Milla: *chuckle*
Milla: Jude.
Milla: This is for you, Jude.
Milla: As my thanks.
Milla: I want you to have this. To express my gratitude.
Jude: Wow... thanks.

<Further along the road>
Jude: I think we'll make it to the port before the day is over.
Milla: Good.
Jude: Milla!
Jude: Are you ok!?
Milla: Yes, but I think we have a problem here.
Milla: H-hey...
Jude: Hold on tight.

*Skit 041 "The Conductor" (指揮者)*
Jude: When I fight alone, I realize how valuable it is to have allies to fight
Milla: Yeah. Getting backup from Rowen was especially exquisite.
Jude: Well, that's because he is the legendary strategist known as "Ilbert the
Milla: Just like the type of "conductor" who waves around a baton... huh.
Jude: Yep. He was able to command crushing defeats over the armies of three
      different countries simutaneously on the same day.
Jude: That battle, known as "The Miracle of Aurage*", was the turning point in
      the establishment of La'shugarl as it is known today.
Milla: I was under the impression that he was no ordinary person, but I had no
       idea that he was a renowned millitary strategist.
Jude: Just the fact that we were traveling with someone so famous is a bit
Milla: Ahem... what about traveling with the master of spirits, like you are
       right now?
Jude: Eh, did you say something?
Milla: ... oh, no, it's nothing.
*Aurage is "風霊盛節", the cycle of the Wind Spirit on the Liese Maxia calendar.

<At Samangan Port>
Jude: I'll go see where the ship is. Wait here for a minute.
Ivar: Mistress Milla. At last, i've caught up with you.
Milla: Ivar? What are you doing here?
Ivar: I got worried when I saw you on a wanted poster, and came as quickly as
      I could.
Milla: What about your mission to protect Ni'akelia?
Ivar: The people of the village also came to the conclusion that it would be
      best if I went to lend you my power.
Milla: You fool! That sort of thing isn't for you to decide!
Milla: I don't need...
Ivar: Mistress Milla? What has happened to you?
Ivar: ... Your legs...
Jude: Milla!
Ivar: That is the meaning of this. Huh!?
Milla: Cut it out, Ivar. This wasn't Jude's fault at all.
Milla: It's the result of a bad judgement call I made.
Ivar: If I were with you, you wouldn't have had to make that call in the first
Ivar: Listen up. First and foremost, it is my duty to watch over my mistress,
      without any other concern. That is why I am called your attendant.
Ivar: I take pride, and command respect in doing so.
Ivar: I took your word for it that you would be fine, and let you do as you
      pleased, and left you in the care of people I don't know, and made a big
      mistake in doing so!
Ivar: So then, Mistress Milla, let us go.
Jude: Wait a second! We might be able to heal Milla's legs if we go visit my
Ivar: If that's the case!
Ivar: I'll be the one who takes her.
Ivar: I've been watching you, and you lack the qualifications required to
      fulfill the duties of an Attendant. You're a fake, and i'm going to put
      you in your place!
Jude: You can take her there if you'd like to, but i'm going as well.
Ivar: Hrmph.
Milla: Ivar! Calm yourself...
Ivar: It's gonna get dangerous, so please stay where you are, Mistress Milla.

(Boss fight with Ivar)
**Jude Victory Quote 002: After defeating Ivar*
I have my own responsibilities, too...

Ivar: So, you're a little better than I expected, you fake.
Jude: Call me a fake all you want. All I want is to lend Milla my strength!
Ivar: I'm telling you to mind your own business!
Ivar: Mistress Milla!?
Jude: Milla!?
Milla: This is going nowhere. You two can argue all you want.
Milla: I'll go by myself.
Jude: We're sorry... Milla...
Jude: Since it is upsetting you, we will stop now. Therefore, we can be on
      our way soon.
Ivar: Pft...
Milla: Ivar, i'm going to entrust this to you. I want you to keep it safe, and
       make sure no one else gets their hands on it.
Milla: This thing holds about the same level of importance as my own life.
Milla: The lives of the Great Four are dependant on that, as well.
Ivar: Something of that much importance.... leave it to me!
Milla: I will. So then, go back to Ni'akelia at once.
Ivar: Huh?
Milla: Your mission is to protect Ni'akelia.
Ivar: M-mistress Milla! But I...
Milla: How many times must I tell you?
Ivar: Grr...
Ivar: Take Milla and go quickly.
Ivar: But don't forget! The one who is her true attendant is none other than
Jude: Ok, I understand. I'll definitely see to it that Milla is able to walk
Ivar: You better!

<Upon arriving in Ru'ronde>
Leia: C'mon, we aren't there yet! Go, go!
Girl: Ahh, a person's in the way!
Leia: Eh?
Leia: Kyaaa! Out of the way, Out of the way!
Leia: Nooo wayyy~~!!
Leia: I'm sorry. Are you... ok?
Jude: Leia... I'm home.
Leia: How... Jude? eh... eeeeehh?! What are you doing!?
Jude: No, what are YOU doing...?
Leia: Ah, um, these kids said that they wanted to have a foot face, so...
Leia: I thought that it wouldn't be a fair match unless I forced a handicap
      upon myself...
Jude: But it looked like you were the one having the most fun with that
      "handicap", Leia...
Leia: M-maybe so... What are you up to, Jude?
Milla: Someone you know, Jude?
Jude: She is my childhood friend.
Jude: Let's see, Leia, this is Milla. I'm not sure what else to say beyond
      about her beyond that.
Leia: Nice you meet you, Milla.
Leia: H-hey, her legs!
Leia: Get to the head doctor ASAP, and let him know we have a patient on the
Boy: Roger that-
Leia: You're on the way home, right? I'm going too. Here, use this!

*Sub-Event 033 "The Mineral Collector" (鉱物コレクタ)*
Collector: I am a collector with a burning passion for collecting minerals...
           In other words, a person with a determination to collect stones.
Collector: With Ru'ronde being known as a mining town, I undoubtedly expect
           to find some rare stones here.
Collector: Care to give me a hand with my search?
Collector: Right now, i'm looking for a "Lump of Quartz". It's a rare beauty
           that I would do nearly anything to get my hands on.
Collector: That's unfortunate... but, I won't let this dampen my determination!
Collector: Magnificent! My collection is complete, thanks to you!
Collector: Oh man~, my love for rocks is certainly stone cold!
Reward: Circular Glasses, 4200g

<At the Mathis Institute>
Old Man: Ah, Jude. How was the captial city? Did you have fun there?
Young Man: Hey, who is that girl you have there?
Young Man: Doctor, is it time for our examination yet?
Erin: I'm sorry everyone, due to an emergency case, examinations will continue
      later on this afternoon.
Leia: Sorry, guys! See you later on-~
Old Man: Heh heh, Leia is surely a natural for this kind of work.
Leia: I'm already a fantastic nurse, aren't I?
Erin: Bring her over here.
Milla: Thanks for seeing me.
(scene continues)
Erin: She will be fine. Have a bit of faith in your father.
Erin: It seems like something awful happened, would you like to talk about it?
Jude: Sure... Well, I wonder where I should begin...
Erin: Just take your time.
Jude: Let's see, It started back in Il'fan, when my professor...
Man: Doctor! Doctor!
Erin: What happened?
Man: Grandpa was fixing the roof, when he fell... he is unconscious right now.
Erin: I understand. I'll go right on over.
Erin: Looks like I have to go for a bit. I'll see you later on.
Leia: Eh...  hold it a second, auntie!
Erin: We can talk when I get back, Jude.
Jude: yes, that will be fine. Get over there, quickly.
Leia: You look like you are going to cry.
Leia: There's nothing to cry about, ok?
Jude: What's with that? You know perfectly well I haven't cried in ages.
Leia: You're such a bore. I didn't think you would get even more flustered over
      some sympathy.
Leia: Hmm, you've been doing some growing up over in the captial, havent you.
Leia: Doctor Dillack.
Jude: Dad...
Dillack: Come over here.
(Scene Continues)
Dillack: The patient isn't merely suffering from an injury in her legs. Due to
         complications from her illness, her immune system has also weakened
Dillack: Do you expect me to be able to fix even the most unreasonable injuries?
Dillack: ...
Dillack: Answer me! You should know better from what you've learned at school.
Jude: I'm... sorry.
Dillack: Have you told her just how bad her condition is yet?
Jude: I told her... I said if we go to see my dad, he might be able to heal her.
Dillack: You didn't tell her then!
Jude: Why should I have had to? You can heal her. You've done it before in the
      past, haven't you?
Dillack: Have I now? Jude.
Dillack: The GRAVITY CONTROLLER* isn't as easy to treat patients with as you
         think it is.
Dillack: Give it up.
Jude: But...
Dillack: Jude!
Dillack: You're getting on my nerves. This isn't out of bitterness. It's just
         too much for an ordinary person to endure.
Dillack: More importantly, what's going with your school? You need to let us
         know when you plan to return home!
Dillack: Are you listening to me?
Jude: So, that's your answer, huh dad?
Leia: Jude!?
Jude: I understand, loud and clear.
Erin: ... what happened here?
Dillack: ...
Jude: (The details of the treatment from before might be in the clinic's
      records... if dad won't lend me a hand in this, then i'll havta...)
Jude: (I'll check the reference room.)
*"医療ジンテクス" would more literally translate as "JIN-tech treatment" or
something of that sort, but the master item list in the data files refers to
it as "Gravity Controller". I feel like it's more appropriate to use that
since JIN is still much of a mystery at this point in the story.

<In the reference room>
Leia: Is this what you're looking for?
Leia: As I thought. I knew you would look for it, even without the head doctor's
Jude: Thanks, Leia.
Jude: My dad is just as amazing a doctor as I expected. I've never heard of
      anything like this kind of treatment before, even at school.
Jude: It looks like it uses a special kind of stone to administer treatment...
      but what was used to administer the stone isn't written anywhere.
Leia: Hmm...
Jude: If only I knew the details of which device is used to apply thetreatment,
      we could cure Milla...
Leia: I've only heard stories before, but I think the patients in the past
      ended their treatment after only 8 seconds with it.
Leia: After that, they just decided to give up on walking. It looks like it was
      an extremely painful treatment.
Jude: Too much for an ordinary person to endure, huh...
Leia: Maybe we should give up.
Leia: It might be hopeless for anything other than causing her anguish.
Jude: She can take it. I know she will, regardless of the pain...
Leia: ...!?
Leia: Look at this, Jude.
Jude: What is it?
Jude: This is... the GRAVITY CONTROLLER!?
Leia: That it.
Leia: I've seen it several times before while helping clean up this place.
Jude: I'll go to where Milla is. I'm gonna try it out.
Leia: Uh, hold on a second. I'm going too!

<In the room where Milla is resting>
Milla: Hm...?
Milla: What's doing on?
Jude: Shhhh!
Jude: My dad can't find out that we are here.
Milla: Why is that?
Jude: Because right now, we are going to treat you with the GRAVITY CONTROLLER.
Milla: But, the doctor from before said it would be impossible.
Jude: Leia, give me a hand.
Leia: Ah, ok.
Leia: Keep quiet, Milla. Try and relax a little.
Jude: How is it, Milla? Does it hurt?
Milla: Far from it, I don't feel anything. My legs aren't even twitching.
Jude: There must be some reason it isn't working.
Milla: I can't feel any MANA being emmited from this stone.
Milla: Your father said that the GRAVITY CONTROLLER uses mana from a fossilized
Jude: A fossilized spirit!? Such a thing really exists!?
Leia: That's right. The records mentioned a special stone, it probably meant
      a fossilized spirit...
Milla: Moreover, it's said that if it isn't used soon after being mined, the
       mana in a fossil will quickly fade.
Jude: If that's the case, we might not be able to apply the treatment...
Leia: Oh... but, I heard that long ago, Fossils could apparently be mined from
      the Felgana Mines.
Jude: Is that true, Leia!?
Leia: Hey, c'mon~, keep it down. You'll just get us caught by your dad.
Jude: Milla. It looks like you'll have to come with me to the Felgana Mines...
Milla: Can I place my care... in your hands?
Leia: Yes.
Milla: I'm in your debt.
Leia: I know we're in a hurry, but take care of her for a moment, Jude.
Jude: Where are you going, Leia?
Leia: I need to prepare. I'll meet you at the road out of town.

<Near the town's exit>
Leia: Had to make sure i'm perfectly prepared!
Leia: These mines have been closed off, so let's go with our game faces on-!

*Skit 043 "Life in the Capital" (都会の生活)*
Leia: Hey, hey, Jude. What was it like, living in Il'fan?
Leia: I bet it had a capital-esque feel to it, huh? Were you able to make a lot
      of friends?
Jude: Not really... it was relatively normal.
Leia: What's with that, why so blunt-!?
Leia: I was looking for a few details, Jude, not to be completely shut out in
      the cold, you know.
Jude: Aren't you playing the victim, again?
Leia: Ok, that's it. I'm gonna give you till the count of 10 to speak up!
Leia: Onnnne, Twwwwo, Thrrreee...
Jude: Well, I got to know one of the nurses at my school, Puran, pretty well.
Jude: However, when I was going to meet with my professor one day, I was
      attacked by a girl wearing all red.
Jude: I was unable to return to school after that, but I met Milla as a result.
Jude: Oh, if we're talking about friends, there is also a little girl named
      Elise that we got to know...
Leia: Oh-ho! I think I understand now-!
Leia: I'm glad you were able to make friends with sooooo many girls!
Jude: You're the same as ever, aren't you, Leia.

XVI. Voltea Woodland Road, Felgana Mines

*Skit 044 "Leia's Bo Staff Arts" (レイアの棍術)*
Leia: What a surprise~! Jude, you've gotten quite skilled.
Jude: You as well, Leia. You are just as relentless with your Bo Staff as
Leia: Heh heh heh. It's been while, shall we see who's better?
Milla: Oh yeah. Jude said that he learned how to defend himself together with a
       childhood friend. Was it Leia?
Jude: Yep. It started off as rehabilitation for Leia...
Leia: That's right. We went through some pretty rigorous training together, with
      my mom as our teacher.
Milla: I see. But, bullying someone isn't very admirable.
Leia: Howzat now?
Milla: You didn't hold back, and wailed on Jude, didn't you?
Jude: You weren't... bullying me, right Leia?
Leia: No way-! I definitely didn't MEAN to bully Jude!
Jude: Whaa...
Leia: ... Oh, i'm sorry!
Milla: ... A-ha, so Leia didn't intend to be cruel.

*Skit 045 "Impressions of Ru'Ronde" (ル・ロンドの感想)*
Milla: Ru'ronde is as just as Jude said, a run-of-the-mill backwater town.
Leia: Ahaha-. It most certainly is a backwater town, isn't it~
Leia: But even then, Ru'ronde is quite a famous place!
Milla: Oh really? Famous for what?
Leia: Famous for the Roland family Inn!
Leia: A wonderful soul-soothing lodge with a hospitable family-like atmosphere
      and great food!
Milla: Hmm, great food you say...
Jude: She's just hyping up her own family business.
Jude: It's certainly family-like, alright. Family-like in the sense that if you
      don't finish all your food, you'll get a mother-like scolding.
Jude: And if you try to sleep in, you'll get thrown out of bed, so it probably
      isn't exactly "soul-soothing"...
Leia: That's enough out of you-, you're bad for business.
Jude: But, i'm being honest.
Milla: The best thing Ru'Ronde has going for it is that people like the two of
       you are born and bred out of it.

<In the first area of the mines>
Leia: Ah, over here, over here! This is where we can mine.
Leia: Let me see-, If i'm not mistaken, a FOSSILIZED SPIRIT has a certain
      shape and sound.
Jude: Wow, you know your stuff.
Milla: How unusual. It appears as if work here was abandoned midway through.
Jude: Leia, do you know anything about that?
Leia: Nope. Most likely, the mine was closed off because it was thought to be
      too dangerous, following an accident that occured.
Jude: I wonder if it's safe to be here...
Leia: Even if it isn't, it's our only shot. YEA!
Jude: You're putting on your game face, eh...
Leia: But, I don't get this fired up for just anything!
Leia: Of course, this will be a contest to determine which one of us can find
      what we need the fastest!
Jude: Erm...
Jude: Be careful, though. If something happens to you...
Leia: You always say something like that right away, Jude.
Milla: ...
Leia: You should be more worried about Milla right now than me, right?
Leia: Ok, then. As I thought, this looks like it will be convient for us to use.
Jude: Wait here for a second, Milla.

While in the Felgana Mines, you can use the mining set to smash rock, and
break through walls. When you approach a breakable rock or wall, push the O
button to begin mining, and you will swing the pickaxe after a fixed period of
time. Until the pickaxe is swung, press the O button rapidly to build up
power, as a certain level of power must be reached in order for the target to
break. If you don't break it the first time, you can try again as many times as
it takes. A FOSSILIZED SPIRIT might be within a rock, so try searching!

*Skit 046 "Needless Concerns" (気遣い無用)*
Leia: ... We haven't managed to find a FOSSILIZED SPIRIT yet...
Leia: Hmm...
Jude: Leia, you should probably go back to town. You have to take care of that
      frail body of yours.
Leia: It can take a lot more now. This isn't like when I was sick, as a child.
Jude: But it wasn't THAT long ago that you were sick...
Leia: Oh boy, here we go again with Jude's complaints...
Jude: C'mon, why do you have to be like that!?
Leia: Despite how I thought that it would be a good experience for you to go to
Leia: You still never stop with your goody-two shoes I-told-you-so attitude.
Jude: Honestly, Leia! Take me seriously.
Leia: I'm not listeninggg.

<After breaking a wall>
Jude: This is it...
Leia: Jude! Did you find something?
Leia: ... Whoa. What's this?
Milla: That seems like a FOSSILIZED SPIRIT. There's no mistaking that color.
Leia: But it's... a little too small...
Jude: There is wind blowing from the inside.
Jude: Which means it isn't a dead end, huh...
Jude: Leia and Milla, you guys wait here. I'll go on alone, for a moment...
Leia: Mwahaha, there's no way I will lose to you, Jude!
Jude: It's really dangerous in there, Leia.
Milla: Therefore all of us should go, right? Let's move on quickly, Jude.
Leia: Yeah. If you went alone, Jude, then there really wouldn't have been
      a reason for us to come along, right?
Jude: ...
Jude: At any rate, be very careful.
Leia: *chuckle*, Thanks.

<After entering the 3rd section of the mines>
Leia: *pant, pant*
Jude: Leia, I knew you would...
Leia: Hey, hey. By the way, what exactly is a FOSSILIZED SPIRIT?
Milla: The way a Sprit establishes itself in this world once it loses it's
       MANA is in the form of a stone.
Jude: Not now...
Leia: It feels like you are saying that once they have lost their MANA, they are
      dead, so to speak...
Leia: But, I never really hear about something like the death of spirits. Does
      it happen a lot in a city like Il'fan?
Jude: Well, I don't think it happens very much, but...
Leia: Hmm, I wonder how many spirits have died over the years...
Milla: I heard that the majority of them died before I was born.
Leia: What do you mean by that?
Jude: There will be plenty of time to talk about it in detail.
Jude: But for now, we need to hurry on forward.
Leia: You meany. Nyaaa-
Leia: Uh, hey now... you don't have to be angry about it, right?
Jude: Did you guys... hear something just now?
Leia: Like what?
Jude: Listen, just as I thought! Something is resounding.
Jude: That sound... where is it coming from...
Jude: Over there... It's a FOSSILIZED SPIRIT!
Leia: You did it, Jude! Let's head over there quickly.

<Nearing the next area>
Leia: What's that... ? It's the same sound as before...
Milla: It seems like this is the place.
Leia: It's... moving?
Jude: It's a FOSSILIZED SPIRIT fragment...
Jude: Which means that, before, we heard...
Leia: But, there is no way a stone could be moving on it's own...
Jude: It may sound impossible, but if there is no other possibility, it must
      be the reality of the situation.
Milla: "Hao's Egg Theory", huh... Do you think that applies here?
Jude: I really should go on alone from here on...
Leia: Jude, take care of of Milla for a second.
Jude: Hey, wait!
Milla: Leia?

<In the next area>
Leia: Wow... What could... this wonderous place be?
Jude: The sound got louder, then quieter...
Milla: Be on your guard.
Leia: Amazing...
Milla: Fall back, Leia.
Leia: Eh?
Jude: Watch out!
Leia: Jude... !
Milla: Jude, Look at it's head!
Jude: Leia, don't get too far ahead of us!
Leia: But, I can... grab it, Jude.

(Boss fight with Hammer Zarm)

Leia: We did it! I'll grab the FOSSILIZED SPIRIT before it's too late!
Jude: Hold on, I...
Leia: I can do it!
Leia: Got it...
Leia: See?
Jude: Leia! Look out!
Milla: Jude! Leia!
Milla: Uggggh...
Milla: *wince* ... I won't let you do as you please, with them.

(Boss fight with Hammer Zarm)
*Post-Fight Chat 007: After defeating the Hammer Zarm for the second time*
Leia: W-we won...!
Jude: If Milla hadn't helped us, it might have taken a turn for the worse.
Milla: ...... *wince*

Jude: Milla, you used the GRAVITY CONTROLLER, didn't you...
Leia: Milla... !
Milla: Acting so recklessly was all I could think off...
Jude: Does it hurt, Milla?
Milla: Haha... more than I could have possibly imagined, but... I'm somehow
Leia: I'm sorry, it's due to my clumbsiness.
Milla: But, thanks to you, I was able to get the FOSSILIZED SPIRIT.
Milla: Rather, I should be expressing my gratitude. Thank you, Leia.
Leia: Milla...
Jude: Let's go back to town.
Jude: I'll get the wheelchair.
Jude: Good, it doesn't look broken.
Jude: Even after this, Milla will still need someone to support her in carrying
      out her mission...
Jude: It's what I must do...
Jude: Ok!
Milla: Urg... Unfortunately... it seems like I have reached... my limit.
Leia: Milla!?
Jude: It's ok, she is only sleeping.
Leia: Jude, i'll push Milla's wheelchair on the way back.
Jude: O-ok... why do you insist on it, suddenly... ?
Milla: Well, Milla is truly great, so...
Jude: Hm? I'm not sure I quite understand.
Leia: That's ok!
Leia: I just decided I want to be more like Milla, is all!

=====Chapter 2=====

XVII.  Reunion at Ru'ronde

To be continued...

D. Misc Translations

IIa. Menus


ITEM (アイテム)
ARTS (術技)
LILLIAL ORB (リリアルオーブ)
SKILL (スキル)
EVENT LIST (イベントリスト)
LIBRARY (ライブラリ)
SYSTEM (システム)

IIb. Tactics

On the far left are various criteria. For each one, you can select from a list
of parameters for each character to obey.

*Target (ターゲット)*

Aim for nearby enemies (近くの敵を狙え)
Target the closest enemy.

Focus attack (集中攻撃)
Target the same enemy as the player(1P).

Disperse attack (分散攻撃)
Target a different enemy than the player(1P).

Protect allies (仲間を守れ)
Enemies attacking an ally with low HP will be given targeting preference.

Aim for dangerous enemies (危険な敵を狙え)
The enemey with the highest level will be given targeting preference.

Target multiple enemies (多くの敵を狙え)
Tie multiple enemies up with attacks.

Thin the enemy's numbers (敵の数を減らせ)
The enemy with the lowest remaining HP will be given targeting preference.

Defend against enemy's Arts (敵の術を防げ)
Enemies that use Arts will be given targeting preference.

*Basic Behavior (基本行動)*

Entrust (任せた)
This character will do nothing automatically.

Fight with Arts (術技主体で戦え)
Use Arts as primary form of attacking.

Prioritize recovery (回復支援優先)
Fight while being mindful of the remaining HP of allies.

Devote yourself to recovery (回復支援専念)
Completely devote yourself to aiding allies in recovery.

Defend yourself (身を護れ)
Completely devote yourself to guarding against enemy attacks.

*HP Consumption (HP消費)*

Relentless assault (特攻しろ)
Act with no regards to HP.

Endure as much as possible (なるべく耐えろ)
Distance yourself from the enemy when your HP drops below 25%.

Endure a moderate amount (ほどよく耐えろ)
Distance yourself from the enemy when your HP drops below 50%.

Don't strain yourself (無理はするな)
Distance yourself from the enemy when your HP drops below 75%.

*TP Consumption (TP消費)*

Fight with all your power (全力で戦え)
Act with no regards to TP.

Save some spare energy (余力を残せ)
Stop using Arts when TP falls below 25%.

Preserve TP (温存しろ)
Stop using Arts when TP falls below 50%.

Economize TP useage (節約しろ)
Stop using Arts when TP falls below 75%.

Don't use Arts (使うな)
Don't use Arts, without any exceptions.

*Auto Link (オートリンク)*

Link at will (ガンガンリンク)
Actively link with an unlinked party member.

Link in moderation (ほどよくリンク)
Occasionally link with an unlinked party member.

Link in minor battles (ザコ戦でリンク)
Only link during minor battles.

Link with other characters set to auto (オート同士でリンク)
Link with characters who are set to operate automatically.

Don't link automatically (リンクしない)
Never automatically link with another character.

*Instructions While Linked (リンク時の指示)*

Entrust (任せた)
This character will not act in any special way while a slave.

Use Arts vigorously (術技主体で戦え)
Use Arts as primary form of attack while a slave.

Prioritize Recovery (回復支援優先)
Be mindful of the remaining HP of allies while a slave.

Logistical Supporter (後方支援優先)
Prioritize guarding your partner's back while a slave.

*Auto Item (オートアイテム)*

Use Auto Item (使う)
Use items based on the parameters set by Auto Item.

Don't use Auto Item (使わない)
Don't use any items.

IIc. Auto Item
You can select an item to be used, and then choose a parameter by which to use
that item. When the condition is met, computer controlled allies will use that
item, providing the Auto Item section under their tactics is set to "Use Auto
Item" (使う).

Two party members are dead (2人以上が戦闘不能)
Use item after 2 or more party members have died.

Two party members have HP below 20% (2人以上のHPが20%以下)
Use item when 2 or more party members have HP below 20% of max.

Two party members have HP below 40% (2人以上のHPが40%以下)
Use item when 2 or more party members have HP below 40% of max.

Two party members have HP below 70% (2人以上のHPが70%以下)
Use item when 2 or more party members have HP below 70% of max.

Two party memebrs have HP and TP below 20% (2人以上のHPとTPが20%以下)
Use item when 2 or more party members have HP and TP below 20% of max.

Two party members have HP or TP below 20% (2人以上のHPまたはTPが20%以下)
Use item when 2 or more party members have HP or TP below 20% of max.

Two party members have TP below 20% (2人以上のTPが20%以下)
Use item when 2 or more party members have TP below 20% of max.

Two party members have TP below 40% (2人以上のTPが40%以下)
Use item when 2 or more party members have TP below 40% of max.

Two party members have TP below 70% (2人以上のTPが70%以下)
Use item when 2 or more party members have TP below 70% of max.

Three party members are dead (3人以上が戦闘不能)
Use item after 3 party members have died.

Three party members have HP below 20% (3人以上のHPが20%以下)
Use item when 3 or more party members have HP below 20% of max.

Three party members have HP below 40% (3人以上のHPが40%以下)
Use item when 3 or more party members have HP below 40% of max.

Three party members have HP below 70% (3人以上のHPが70%以下)
Use item when 3 or more party members have HP below 70% of max.

Three party memebrs have HP and TP below 20% (3人以上のHPとTPが20%以下)
Use item when 3 or more party members have HP and TP below 20% of max.

Three party members have HP or TP below 20% (3人以上のHPまたはTPが20%以下)
Use item when 3 or more party members have HP or TP below 20% of max.

Three party members have TP below 20% (3人以上のTPが20%以下)
Use item when 3 or more party members have TP below 20% of max.

Three party members have TP below 40% (3人以上のTPが40%以下)
Use item when 3 or more party members have TP below 40% of max.

Three party members have TP below 70% (3人以上のTPが70%以下)
Use item when 3 or more party members have TP below 70% of max.

All four party members have HP below 20% (4人以上のHPが20%以下)
Use item when all four party members have HP below 20% of max.

All four party members have HP below 40% (4人以上のHPが40%以下)
Use item when all four party members have HP below 40% of max.

All four party members have HP below 70% (4人以上のHPが70%以下)
Use item when all four party members have HP below 70% of max.

All four party members have HP and TP below 20% (4人以上のHPとTPが20%以下)
Use item when all four party members have HP and TP below 20% of max.

All four party members have HP or TP below 20%
Use item when all four party members have HP or TP below 20% of max.

All four party members have TP below 20% (4人以上のTPが20%以下)
Use item when all four party members have TP below 20% of max.

All four party members have TP below 40% (4人以上のTPが40%以下)
Use item when all four party members have TP below 40% of max.

All four party members have TP below 70% (4人以上のTPが70%以下)
Use item when all four party members have TP below 70% of max.

Death (戦闘不能)
Use item when a party member has died.

HP below 20% (HP20%以下)
Use item when a party member's HP falls below 20% of max.

HP below 40% (HP40%以下)
Use item when a party member's HP falls below 40% of max.

HP below 70% (HP70%以下)
Use item when a party member's HP falls below 70% of max.

HP and TP below 20% (HPとTPが20%以下)
Use item when a party member's HP and TP both fall below 20% of max.

HP and TP below 40% (HPとTPが40%以下)
Use item when a party member's HP and TP both fall below 40% of max.

HP and TP below 70% (HPとTPが70%以下)
Use item when a party member's HP and TP both fall below 70% of max.

HP or TP below 20% (HPまたはTPが20%以下)
Use item when a party member's HP or TP falls below 20% of max.

HP or TP below 40% (HPまたはTPが40%以下)
Use item when a party member's HP or TP falls below 40% of max.

HP or TP below 70% (HPまたはTPが70%以下)
Use item when a party member's HP or TP falls below 70% of max.

TP below 20% (TP20%以下)
Use item when a party member's TP falls below 20% of max.

TP below 40% (TP40%以下)
Use item when a party member's TP falls below 40% of max.

TP below 70% (TP70%以下)
Use item when a party member's TP falls below 70% of max.

Someone has a status abnormality (誰かが状態異常になった)
Use item when a party member is afflicted with a status abnormality.

Someone's state is changed (誰かが状態変化になった)
Use item when a party member's state is changed. (IE debuffs)

A specific person has a status abnormality (何らかの状態異常)
Use item when a specific person is afflicted with a status abnormality.

A specific person's state is changed (何らかの状態変化)
Use item when a specific person's state is changed.

Status abnormality or state change (何らかの状態変化または状態異常)
Use item when a specific person's status or state are affected.

Link disable status (状態異常「リンク不可」)
Use item when someone is afflicted with "link disable" status.

Spirit contamination status (状態異常「精神汚染」)
Use item when someone is afflicted with "spirit contamination" status.

Poison status (状態異常「毒」)
Use item when someone is afflicted with "poisoned" status.

Special Arts seal status (状態異常「術技封印」)
Use item when someone is afflicted with "Special Arts seal" status.

Skill seal status (状態異常「スキル封印」)
Use item when someone is afflicted with "skill seal" status.

Petrified status (状態異常「石化」)
Use item when someone is afflicted with "petrified" status.

Magic using enemy is present (魔法を使う敵がいる)
Use item when an enemy that uses magic is present.

IV. Gear

IVa. Items

All Divide (オールディバイド)
Reduces damage dealt by all enemies and party members by 50%.
When used again, damage dealt will return to normal.

Apple Gummi (アップルグミ)
Recover 30% of max HP.
Has a very familiar apple taste, it's the 1st item you should bring on a trip.

Atari Stick (あたり棒)
A winning popsicle stick.
Can be traded for another Ice Candy at the snack food cart in Karaja'schall.

Basil (バジル)
Increases spirit by 1 point.
One of the most commonly used herbs in a variety of dishes.

Blau Liquid (ブラオリキッド)
This explanation is a DUMMY!*
*I don't think this item is obtainable in game.

Blue Basil (ブルーバジル)
Increases spirit by 2 points.
A somewhat-rare blue colored basil.

Blue Camomile (ブルーカモミール)
Increases intelligence by 2 points.
A somewhat-rare blue colored camomile.

Blue Jasmine (ブルージャスミン)
Increases dexterity by 2 points.
A somewhat-rare blue colored jasmine.

Blue Lavender (ブルーラベンダー)
Increases strength by 2 points.
A somewhat-rare blue colored lavender.

Blue Rosemary (ブルーローズマリー)
Increases SP by 2 points.
A somewhat-rare blue colored rosemary.

Blue Saffron (ブルーサフラン)
Increases agility by 2 points.
A somewhat-rare blue colored saffron.

Blue Sage (ブルーセージ)
Increases HP max by 20 points.
A somewhat-rare blue colored sage.

Blue Savory (ブルーセボリー)
Increases TP max by 20 points.
A somewhat-rare blue savory.

Blue Vervain (ブルーベルベーヌ)
Increases stamina by 2 points.
A somewhat-rare blue verbena.

Camomile (カモミール)
Increases intelligence by 1 point.
An herb famously known as a representative of horticultural therapy.

Cocktail Bottle (カクテルボトル)
This explanation is a DUMMY!*
*I don't think this item is obtainable in game.

Dark Bottle (ダークボトル)
For a fixed period of time, enemies will vigorously come attacking.
A curious liquid that conceals the power of demons within.

Deny Bottle (ディネイボトル)
This explanation is a DUMMY!*
*I don't think this item is obtainable in game.

Elixir (エリクシール)
Revive, completely restore status, and recover HP and TP to max.
A nostrum said to be a miracle drug that will grant eternal youth and longevity.

Gelb Liquid (ゲルプリキッド)
This explanation is a DUMMY!*
*I don't think this item is obtainable in game.

Grun Liquid (グリューンリキッド)
This explanation is a DUMMY!*
*I don't think this item is obtainable in game.

Hazure Stick (はずれ棒)
A losing popsicle stick.
No matter how many you collect, you'll never be able to trade them in.

Holy Bottle (ホーリィボトル)
For a fixed period of time, weak enemies will run away.
A curious liquid tht conceals the power of saints within.

Hour Glass (アワーグラス)
For a fixed period of time, enemies will cease to move.
A mysterious tool that can overturn the most critical of situations.

Ice Candy (アイスキャンディー)
Recover 10% of max HP.
Once it's gone, you can get another one.

Jasmine (ジャスミン)
Increases dexterity by 1 point.
A prosperously cultivated herb, used in tea and as an incense.

Lavender (ラベンダー)
Increases strength by 1 point.
An aromatic herb that is loved far and wide.

Lemon Gummi (レモングミ)
Recover 60% of max HP.
Overflowing with citrusy lemon goodness.

Life Bottle (ライフボトル)
Recover from death.
Also restores 30% of max HP and 15% of max TP upon application.

Link Bottle (リンクボトル)
This explanation is a DUMMY!*
*I don't think this item is obtainable in game.

Liqueur Bottle (リキュールボトル)
Prevents all status abnormalities and state changes from occuring.
An all-purpose prophylactic medicine that is useful in battle.

Miracle Gummi (ミラクルグミ)
Recover 60% of max HP and TP.
Its flavor and ingredients are both miraculous.

Mix Gummi (ミックスグミ)
Recover 30% of max HP and TP.
The ratio to which the ingredients are mixed is a trade secret.

Omega Elixir (オメガエリクシール)
Everyone revives, completely restores status, and recovers HP and TP to max.
A miraculous medicine of complete healing.

Orange Gummi (オレンジグミ)
Recover 30% of max TP.
Has a standard orange flavor, it's the 2nd item you should bring on a trip.

Panacea Bottle (パナシーアボトル)
Recover from all status abnormalities and state changes.
A useful cure-all for in battle.

Pine Gummi (パイングミ)
Recover 60% of max TP.
Filled with the pervasive rustic flavor of tropical pineapples.

Poison Bottle (ポイズンボトル)
This explanation is a DUMMY!*
*I don't think this item is obtainable in game.

Red Basil (ブルーバジル)
Increases spirit by 3 points.
An extremely rare red colored basil.

Red Camomile (ブルーカモミール)
Increases intelligence by 3 points.
An extremely rare red colored camomile.

Red Jasmine (ブルージャスミン)
Increases dexterity by 3 points.
An extremely rare red colored jasmine.

Red Lavender (ブルーラベンダー)
Increases strength by 3 points.
An extremely rare red colored lavender.

Red Rosemary (ブルーローズマリー)
Increases SP by 3 points.
An extremely rare red colored rosemary.

Red Saffron (ブルーサフラン)
Increases agility by 3 points.
An extremely rare red colored saffron.

Red Sage (ブルーセージ)
Increases HP max by 30 points.
An extremely rare red colored sage.

Red Savory (ブルーセボリー)
Increases TP max by 30 points.
An extremely rare red savory.

Red Vervain (ブルーベルベーヌ)
Increases stamina by 3 points.
An extremely rare red verbena.

Rosemary (ローズマリー)
Increases SP by 1 point.
An herb with a strong deodorizing effect.

Rot Liquid (ロートリキッド)
This explanation is a DUMMY!*
*I don't think this item is obtainable in game.

Saffron (サフラン)
Increases agility by 1 point.
An herb that is used as an amber colored dye.

Sage (セージ)
Increases HP max by 10 points.
An herb that has been used in tea since ancient times.

Savory (セボリー)
Increases TP max by 10 points.
An herb that is often used while cooking vegetable beans.

Seal Bottle (シールボトル)
This explanation is a DUMMY!*
*I don't think this item is obtainable in game.

Specific (スペシフィック)
The party recovers 30% of their max TP.
A wonder drug for clutch situations.

Specific Plus (スペシフィックプラス)
The party recovers 60% of their max TP.
An extremely expensive wonder drug.

Stone Bottle (ストーンボトル)
This explanation is a DUMMY!*
*I don't think this item is obtainable in game.

Strong Treatment (ストロングトリート)
The party recovers 60% of their max HP.
An extremely expensive therapeutic medication.

Treatment (トリート)
The party recovers 30% of their max HP.
A somewhat-expensive therapeutic medication.

Vervain (ベルベーヌ)
Increases stamina by 1 point.
An herb with a refreshing scent that resembles lemon.

Violet Liquid (ヴィオレットリキッド)
This explanation is a DUMMY!*
*I don't think this item is obtainable in game.

IVb. Key Items

Aged Man's Alcohol (老人の酒)
A bottled brand of sake.

Amulet Charm (お守り)
A charm that a little girl made for her daddy.

Arts Ball (アーツボール)
Set up to 8 Special Arts.

Bargain Pot (掘り出し物の壺)
A pot emblazzoned with a dubious version of Efreet's crest.

Battle Book (バトルブック)
A book containing battle-related tutorials.
A user's guide for when you have forgotten battle-related controls.

Booster (増霊極)
A device developed in A'juelle. It affects spirtual strength by forcing the
amount of MANA secreted by the brain to be increased.

Card Key (研究所のカードキー)
An unusual card-shaped key for use at the Laffort Research Facility.

Clover of Light Leaf (光葉のクローバー)
A clover thought to have been extinct decades ago that shimmers with a hue like
the sun.

Control Room Key (制御室の鍵)
A key that is required to gain entry to the control room of Gandhara Fortress.

Credit Request Form (単位申請書)
A notification of completed departmental units for student residents of the
Talim School of Medical Sciences.

Digging Set (採掘セット)
A set of mining equipment that Leia secretly snatched from her father's room.

Elevator Key (エレベータの鍵)
A card key used to operate the elevator at Gandhara Fortress.

Empty Shell (精霊の化石の抜け殻)
The fossil of a spirit anihilated by the power of JIN. The mana within can be
drawn out to summon the fossilized spirit.

Fire Lifeforce Stone (世精石・火)
A medium of the "fire" attribute that can be used by spirits to bridge the gap
between the human realm and the spirit realm.

Golden Key (金色の鍵)
A key of radiant gold color that opens the gate to Magna Zero.

Golem Derangement Device (ゴーレム撹乱器)
A special device used to weaken the defenses of a golem by altering SPIRTUAL

Gravity Controller (医療ジンテクス)
A device that makes use of applied JIN technology to administer medical
treatment using the mana within a fossilized spirit. Found in the reference room
of the Mathis Institute.

Gunbelt (ガンベルト)
Only through possession of this, can Alvin learn the skill "Charge Armor".

Item Ball (アイテムボール)
Allows tactics to be set to establish how Auto-Item will function.

Item Ball Plus (アイテムボールプラス)
Increases the number of Auto-Item arguments that can be set.

Item Book (アイテム記録)
A book that contains records of items stolen from and dropped by enemies.

JIN Cube (黒匣の外装)
A cube containing fallen spirits extracted from fossils. It can also be used
to control the previously fossilized spirits.

Kresnik's Key (クルスニクの槍のカギ)
A key used to activate the Lance of Kresnik, developed at the Laffort Institute.

Leia's Memo (レイアの覚え書き)
A memo Leia wrote from memory detailing her reasons for accompanying the group
on their journey. Only Leia and Milla know its contents.

Letter To Daddy (父への手紙)
A letter written by a girl, addressed to her father.

Father's Memento (父の形見)
Alvin's Father's favorite gun. Years ago, it came in to the possession of

Milla's Pendant (ミラのペンダント)
A pendant with a glass sphere insert that Milla made in Karaja'schall.

Monster Book (モンスター記録)
A book that records facts about and the weak points of monsters you have

Musee's Knife (ミュゼのナイフ)
The physical manifestation of an object with the power to cut through Musee's

Napple (ナップル)
A red fruit that grows on shrubs as a local specialty of Ha'miel. It is popular
due to its exquisite balance of sweet and sour.

Onyx Feather (漆黒の羽)
A black feather that can be found in various places throughout the world.
From what kind of animal it comes, nobody knows.

Package to the Inn (宿屋への荷)
A sealed package that can be carried with one hand.

Parange (パレンジ)
A fruit with the nickname "Candle Fruit" that is a local specialty of Ha'miel.
It is commonly used as an ingredient in Wine.

Rondau Dictionary (ロンダウ語辞書)
A dictionary used for translating the language of the Rondau tribe of A'juelle.

Soil Lifeforce Stone (世精石・地)
A medium of the "soil" attribute that can be used by spirits to bridge the gap
between the human realm and the spirit realm.

Soul of Light (魂の光)
Obtained through Maxwell's fission, it contains a record of all the information
within Milla's soul.

Secret Arts Book "Single Slash Certain Death" (絶技の書「一刺必滅」)
Only through possession of this, can Jude learn the Special Art, "Apex Fang".

Secret Arts Book "10,000 Quake Demolition Fist" (絶技の書「万震崩拳」)
Only through possession of this, can Jude learn the Arcane Art, "Shock Wave
Demon Fist".

Secret Arts Book "Sparkling Spirit Sprint" (絶技の書「霊煌疾走」)
Only through possession of this, can Milla learn the Arcane Art, "Overdrive".

Special Talent Book "Lone Mosquito Thorn Attack" (異能の書「独攻蚊刺」)
Only through possession of this, can a character of choice learn the skill,
"1 Damage".

Special Talent Book "Complete Arts Rejection" (異能の書「総術拒絶」)
Only through possession of this, can Rowen learn the skill, "Anti-magic".

Special Talent Book "Quadro-loader" (異能の書「四重充填」)
Only through possession of this, can Alvin learn the skill, "Charge Breaker 2".

Special Talent Book "Spirit Bulwark" (異能の書「精神防壁」)
Only through possession of this, can Milla learn the skill, "Energy Coat".

Special Talent Book "Ground Walker's Fortitude" (異能の書「踏地不屈」)
Only through possession of this, can Jude learn the skill, "Glory".

Special Talent Book "Rare Experience Augmentation" (異能の書「経験稀増」)
Only through possession of this, can a character of choice learn the skill,
"Happiness Sing".

Special Talent Book "Treatment Experience" (異能の書「治療経験」)
Only through possession of this, can Elise learn the skill, "Healer Prize".

Special Talent Book "Absolute Defense" (異能の書「絶対防御」)
Only through possession of this, can a character of choice learn the skill,
"High Guard".

Special Talent Book "Spirit Participation" (異能の書「精神参加」)
Only through posession of this, can a character of choice learn the skill,
"Image Training".

Special Talent Book "Limit Preservation" (異能の書「極限維持」)
Only through possession of this, can a character of choice learn the skill,
"Limit Keep".

Special Talent Book "Life-risking Support" (異能の書「懸命援助」)
Only through possession of this, can Leia learn the skill, "Sacrifice".

Special Talent Book "Over-arousal" (異能の書「過剰挑発」)
Only through possession of this, can Jude learn the skill, "Second Appeal".

Special Talent Book, "Sky Warrior" (異能の書「天空武士」)
Only through possession of this, can Leia learn the skill, "Sky Soldier".

Special Talent Book, "Motion Extender" (異能の書「波及増動」)
Only through possession of this, can a character of choice learn the skill,
"Exceed Link".

Special Talent Book, "Death-Defying Defense" (異能の書「瀕死防御」)
Only through possession of this, can Elise learn the skill, "Survive".

Special Talent Book, "Lower Art Chantless" (異能の書「下術無唱」)
Only through possession of this, can Rowen learn the skill, "Tetraspell".

Special Talent Book, "Boy's Cooperation" (異能の書「少年協調」)
Only through possession of this, can Milla learn the skill, "With Jude".

Special Talent Book, "Beauty's Cooperation" (異能の書「佳人協調」)
Only through possession of this, can Jude learn the skill, "With Milla".

Survey Spirit Art (調査用精霊術)
A document detailing how to perform a special Spirit Art used to survey an area.

Stained Glass Orb (謎の宝珠)
An orb that possesses a mysterious beauty. Its proper usage is not entirely

Transceiver (通信機)
A device carried by Jilland's soldiers on Elenpios.

Warship Map (艦内地図)
A map carried by soldiers on Zilnitra detailing the insides of the ship.

Water Lifeforce Stone (世精石・水)
A medium of the "water" attribute that can be used by spirits to bridge the gap
between the human realm and the spirit realm.

Wind Lifeforce Stone (世精石・風)
A medium of the "wind" attribute that can be used by spirits to bridge the gap
between the human realm and the spirit realm.

Wing Boots (ウィングドブーツ)
Mysterious boots that allow for increased dash speed while moving on the map
while they are equiped.

World Map (ワールドマップ)
A world map that keeps records of the places you have traveled to.

IVc. Accessories
Note: The names of these appear in english within the game data, so in most
cases I have opted to use the names given by the game rather than a direct
translation of the japanese item names.

Alexandrite (アレキサンドライト)
HP and TP max up 25%.
A stone that reinforces the vitality of its wearer.

Amethyst (アメジスト)
Darkness resistance up 50%.
A talisman that offers divine protection from darkness.

Amulet (アミュレット)
Completely guards against every status abnormality.
A sacred amulet capable of preserving one's health.

Aquamarine (アクアマリン)
Water resistance up 50%.
A talisman that offers divine protection from water.

Aqua Cope (アクアマント)
Water resistance up 30%/defense up.
A silk mantle woven by the arts of a water spirit.

Black Onyx (ブラックオニキス)
HP max up 30%.
A stone that boosts the life force of its wearer.

Blue Sephira (ブルーセフィラ)
Doubles the amount of Gald obtained from battle.
A sea-green statuette of a goddess that grants more Gald in battle.

Boots (ブーツ)
Agility and defense up.
A pair of cloth shoes that is a common staple of the working class.

Boo-Boo Sandals (ブーブーサンダル)
Agility and defense up/footsteps state change
A pair of pig slippers that echo with the sounds of laughter.

Cope (マント)
Physical and magical defense up.
A cloth mantle that is indispensable for a journey.

Cope of the Blue (ザ・ブルーマント)
A mantle that absorbs water, wind, and darkness attirbute attacks, but doubles
the damage its wearer receives from fire, soil, and light attribute attacks.

Cope of the Red (ザ・レッドマント)
A mantle that absorbs fire, soil, and light attribute attacks, but doubles the
damage its wearer receives from water, wind and darkness attribute attacks.

Dark Cope (ダークマント)
Darkness resistance up 30%/guard up.
A silk mantle woven by the arts of a darkness spirit.

Dark Seal (ダークシール)
Damage taken is doubled, but EXP earned is multiplied by 1.5.
A person equiped with this must always take part in battle.

Demon's Seal (デモンズシール)
Afflicted by all status abnormalities except "petrified", but double EXP earned.
A person equiped with this must always take part in battle.

Dexterity Ring (デクステリティリング)
Dexterity up 10%.
A ring that strengthens its wearer's dexterity.

Dexterity Ring EX (アートリング)
Dexterity up 15%.
A ring of fine quality that strengthens its wearer's dexterity even more.

Diamond (ダイヤモンド)
Light resistance up 50%.
A talisman that offers divine protection from light.

Earth Cope (アースマント)
Soil resistance up 30%/defense up.
A silk mantle woven by the arts of a soil spirit.

Elemental (エレメンタル)
All elemental resistances up 30%.
A talisman that offers divine protection from all 6 attributes.

Cope of the Elements (エレメントマント)
All elemental resistances up 15%/guard up.
A silk mantle woven by arts of each attribute, in part.

Emerald Ring (エメラルドリング)
Special Arts consume 2/3rds of their normally required TP.
A ring that relieves some of the mental duress from summoning spirits.

Evasion Ring (クイックリング)
Agility up 10%.
A ring that strengthens its wearer's agility.

Evasion Ring EX (アジリティリング)
Agility up 15%.
A ring of fine quality that strengthens its wearer's agility even more.

Exceed (エクシード)
AC up 1.
A secret treasure that amplifies its wearer's ability to take action.

Fairy Ring (フェアリィリング)
Special Arts consume 1/2 of their normally required TP.
A ring that reduces the mental duress from summoning spirits by half.

Feat Mark (フィートマーク)
Physical attack up 5%.
A crest that amplifies offensive capabilities.

Feat Symbol (フィートシンボル)
Physical attack up 10%.
A coat of arms that allows one's offensive capabilities to climb greatly.

Fine Boots (ファインブーツ)
Agility and defense up.
Expensive leather shoes with improved durability.

Flame Cope (フレアマント)
Fire resistance up 30%/defense up.
A silk mantle woven by the arts of a fire spirit.

Garnet (ガーネット)
Fire resistance up 50%.
A talisman that offers divine protection from fire.

Golden Leggings (ゴールドレギンス)
Agility and defense up.
Extravagant leg armor fashioned from precious gold.

Holy Bangle (ヒールバングル)
Recover 5% of max HP upon defeating an enemy.
A bangle that grants its power to the person that lands a finishing blow.

Holy Symbol (ホーリィシンボル)
Recover 3% of max HP at fixed intervals in battle.
A sacred crest that heals bodily injury during battle.

Hunter Monocle (ハンターズモノクル)
When the person equiped with this defeats an enemy, the chance that enemy will
drop an item increases by 30%.

Intelligence Ring (インテリリング)
Intelligence up 10%.
A ring that strengthens its wearer's intelligence.

Intelligence Ring EX (ウィズダムリング)
Intelligence up 15%
A ring of fine quality that stengthens its wearer's intelligence even more.

Iron Leggings (アイアンレギンス)
Agility and defense up.
Leg armor forged from iron to protect the bottom of one's feet.

Knight's Symbol (ナイツシンボル)
Critical rate up.
The symbol of a swordsman which increases the accuracy of attacks.

Krona Symbol (クローナシンボル)
Completely guards against every status abnormality and state change.
A holy crest signifying immortality of body and mind.

Leather Boots (レザーブーツ)
Agility and defense up.
Leather shoes suitable for traveling long distances.

Leather Cope (レザーマント)
Physical and magical defense up.
A leather mantle that can endure the longest of journeys.

Light Cope (ライトマント)
Light resistance up 30%/defense up.
A silk mantle woven by the arts of a light spirit.

Link Charm (リンクチャーム)
Protects against "link disable" status 50% of the time.

Link Check (リンクチェック)
Completely protects against "link disable" status.

Link Long (リンクロング)
Increases the amount of time Over Limit is active.
A secret gem that strengthens the bonds between allies.

Link Up (リンクアップ)
Link Arts Gauge fills more quickly.
A secret gem that allows allies to breathe in unison.

Mental Bangle (メンタルバングル)
Recover 3% of max TP upon defeating an enemy.
A bangle that grants its power to the person that lands a finishing blow.

Mental Symbol (メンタルシンボル)
Recover 3% of max TP at fixed intervals in battle.
A sacred crest that heals mental exhaustion during battle.

Mind Charm (マインドチャーム)
Protects against "spiritual contamination" status 50% of the time.

Mind Check (マインドチェック)
Completely protects against "spiritual contamination" status.

Mind Mark (マジックマーク)
Magical attack up 5%.
A crest that amplifies magical capabilities.

Mind Ring (ハートリング)
Increases spirit by 10%.
A ring that strengthens its wearer's spirit.

Mind Ring EX (ソウルリング)
Increases spirit by 15%.
A ring of fine quality that strengthens its wearer's spirit even more.

Mind Symbol (マジックシンボル)
Magical attack up 10%.
A coat of arms that allows one's magical capabilities to climb greatly.

Miracle Bangle (ミラクルバングル)
Recover 5% of max HP and 3% of max TP upon defeating an enemy.
Produces raw life force as it's wearer slaughters legions of foes.

Misty Mark (ミスティマーク)
Reduces cast time by 20%.
Makes it possible to chant Spirit Arts at a rhythmic pace.

Misty Symbol (ミスティシンボル)
Reduces cast time by 30%
Grants the realization of a menacingly fast chanting technique.

Monocle (モノクル)
When the person equiped with this defeats an enemy, the chance that enemy will
drop an item increases by 15%.

Moonstone (ムーンストーン)
TP max 30% up.
A stone that reinforces the mental strength of its wearer.

Opal (オパール)
Wind resistance up 50%.
A talisman that offers divine protection from wind.

Paladin Cope (パラディンマント)
Physical and magical defense up.
This magnificent mantle is a favorite among the bodyguard knights of kings.

Persia Boot (ペルシアブーツ)
Agility and defense up.
Cute boots shaped like the paws of a cat.

Pico Pico Sandals (ピコピコサンダル)
Agility and defense up/footsteps state change.
Sandals that mimic the footsteps of an adorable duck.

Piyohan (ピヨハン)
A ring carved into a chick that reduces the rate its wearer will faint by 50%,
however, fainting from fear is excluded.

Piyononn (ピヨノン)
A chick charm that completely protects its wearer from fainting, however,
fainting from fear is excluded.

Poison Charm (ポイズンチャーム)
Protects against "poisoned" status 50% of the time.

Poison Check (ポイズンチェック)
Completely protects against "poisoned" status.

Protect Mark (プロテクトマーク)
Physical defense up 5%.
A crest that amplifies defensive capabilities.

Protect Symbol (プロテクトシンボル)
Physical defense up 10%.
A coat of arms that allows one's defensive capabilities to climb greatly.

Rare Boots (レアブーツ)
Agility and defense up.
Ultra-lightweight luxurious boots fashioned from a rare ore.

Resist Mark (レジストマーク
Magical defense up 5%
A crest that amplifies magical defense.

Resist Symbol (レジストシンボル
Magical defense up 10%
A coat of arms that allows one's magical defense to climb greatly.

Resume Ring (レジュームリング)
A ring that may sometimes save its wearer from death.

Reverse Doll (リバースドール)
A carved, sacrificial statue. It will allow the person holding it to recover
from death one time only.

Risky Ring (リスキーリング)
TP consumed by Special Arts is reduced to 1, but damage taken is doubled.
A ring that sacrifices defense in order to negate almost all mental exhaustion.

Ruby (ルビー)
Soil resistance up 50%.
A talisman that offers divine protection from soil.

Seal Charm (シールチャーム)
Protects against sealed statuses 50% of the time.

Seal Check
Completely protects against sealed statuses.

Sephira (セフィラ)
Obtain 1.5 times as much Gald from battle.
A statuette of a goddess that grants more Gald in battle.

Silver Leggings (シルバーレギンス
Agility and defense up.
Highly sought after leg armor made from silver that looks beautiful.

Stamina Ring (スタミナリング)
Increases stamina by 10%.
A ring that strengthens its wearer's stamina.

Stamina Ring EX (タフネスリング)
Increases stamina by 15%.
A ring of fine quality that strengthens its wearer's stamina even more.

Stone Charm (ストーンチャーム)
Protects against "petrified" status 50% of the time.

Stone Check (ストーンチェック)
Completely protects against "petrified" status.

Strength Ring (マイトリング)
Increases strength by 10%.
A ring that strengthens its wearer's strength.

Strength Ring EX (ギガースリング)
Increases strength by 15%.
A ring of fine quality that strengthens its wearer's strength even more.

World Check (ワールドチェック)
Protects against all status abnormalities 50% of the time.
A charm that shows some effect in warding all status abnormalities.

Thieves Cope (シーブズマント)
Physical and magical defense up.
A black mantle that thieves perfer to wear.

Wind Cope (ウィンドマント)
Wind resistance up 30%/defense up.
A silk mantle woven by the arts of a wind spirit.

ZXceed (ゼクシード)
AC up 2.
A secret treasure that greatly amplifies its wearer's ability to take action.

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