Ex Dungeon?

  1. I think I'm almost at the end of my first round of Xillia and was wondering where and how I can get to the Ex dungeon. At least, I think there is one...

    User Info: Hellomeatballs

    Hellomeatballs - 9 years ago

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  1. You have to first finish the Fell arms quest from that storyteller grandpa. If I remember correctly there are several parts to the Fell arms quest you have to clear. Then go and beat the main storyline, you'll get a golden key after you beat the final boss. Use that to access the EX dungeon in the Faizabard marshes zone.

    User Info: yunaleska

    yunaleska - 9 years ago 2   1


  1. First you must have talked with the story teller at Sapstraph seahaven And then you must clear the game (You can still use get to the EX-Dungeon in the file you cleared, next you must defeat all Weapon/Fell Demons Here is a guide/locations ( www.justpushstart.com/2013/08/tales-of-xillia-guide-the-six-devils-beasts/ )

    After you have defeated them talk to the man back at sap seahaven. Then go to Fezebel Marsh and walk to the end of it there you will find a portal to Magnus Zero! Where you will face Golden Mage Knight.

    User Info: AlbelTheGuru

    AlbelTheGuru - 8 years ago 0   0
  2. After collecting all of the fel arms you go back to Sapstraph Seahaven and talk to the storyteller that initially gave you the fel arms quest. You then can go to Fezebel Marsh and go to the end to see a Green portal

    User Info: iiKontaii

    iiKontaii - 8 years ago 0   0

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