Does anyone knew the old duplication glitch where you would select soul gems to drop then cancel it to duplicate them?

  1. Old glitch that was in orginl game

    User Info: Sirsqually

    Sirsqually - 1 week ago
  2. This is the PS3 board, but are you really asking for a PS3 glitch?
    What you described seems to be a glitch that can only be done on computer, since it requires quicksaving and loading.
    On PS3, there is the classic Whiterun gate glitch.

    User Info: Sage5

    Sage5 - 1 week ago
  3. no I have never played Skyrim on PC. It was in the original version which is why I asked here.

    User Info: Sirsqually

    Sirsqually - 1 week ago

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