PS3- Missing Spouse/Follower? - Kilkreath Catacombs (I KNOW- this type has been asked many times D: )

  1. So I know this question has been asked many times and Ive found several different answers that haven't solved the issue. So before I completely lose hope on finding my spouse/follower (Yeah- not having my spouse as a follower if I do another run through) Im going to lay out my specific details and what I have tried thus far.

    So my spouse is Marcurio. Also was my follower.

    Where I last seen him? Kilkreath catacombs! Ya know- that place that once you go in and beat the 'boss' and leave, you can NEVER get back into. Requires a key to get into an iron door but there is no key.

    Anyways, he was there and helped me in the final battle and everything but when I left he wasn't with me. I really didn't think anything of it. Waited 3 days at the Bee and Barb and he wasnt there. Wasn't at my home in Windhelm or Whiterun. That was around level 24 or 25. Im now at level 38 and he's still nowhere to be found.

    I've tried getting arrested and going to jail twice in Riften, once in Solitude, once in Whiterun, and he never reappeared with me after serving time. (Apparently that old trick was working really well for a lot of people whether ps3, xbox or PC)

    Hes not at the temple of Mara. He's not hanging around Meridias Temple or Kilkreath Ruins.

    As a shot in the dark, last night I went back to an old save and told him to go home, then went back to my present game and still no luck, although Im not surprised.

    And I only just got recruited to the Dark Brotherhood so that whole punching that one guy Na zir (I think thats the guy) likely isn't going to work at all.

    Ive also traveled to Solsthiem and he's not there.

    (All ideas off of other threads regarding missing followers)

    So I guess my last idea is to buy/build a new house, move the kids and hope he might show up.

    Any other last resort ideas?
    Also if any of you have lost your follower in Kilkreath Catacombs in the Dawnbreaker quest- did your follower just ever re appear one day? Or were they never to be seen again?

    ps- never got an inheritance letter so Im assuming he's alive somewhere.
    Doesn't appear anybody can give me a quest involving him that might spark his appearance unfortunately because that was my other idea.


    User Info: sammyjo_ras

    sammyjo_ras - 3 years ago


  1. Marcurio is very much bugged in the sense that a lot of the time he permanently despawns. I have had him disappear every time I use him and unfortunately there is no way to get him back. I understand this thread is three years old and probably you have since started a new playthrough but I must suggest you don't use him or at least don't give him your best gear to carry. Cheers and hope that you find someone who works for you. (My spouse is usually Filingar, the blacksmith from Shor's Stone. His interactions are hilarious.)

    User Info: ObsidianElf

    ObsidianElf - 5 hours ago 0   0

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