How do I solve transcribe lexicon/retreive elder scroll?

  1. I've travelled throught the ruins of Aftland (sp?) through Blackreach and entered the tower of Mzrul (?) and have inserted the blank lexicon into the control panel and only the two right side buttons are working and after numerous button combinations nothing seems to be working. What am I missing/failed to do? Is there a certain order in which things need to be done? can someome please give me a brief walkthrough as I'm tcompletely baffled and have already spent a few hours trying to solve this quest. Thank you for your time.

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  1. You may need to load a save prior to pressing any of the buttons.

    Activate the Lexicon Receptacle, so the Blank Lexicon rests on top of it. The two pedestals to the Receptacles left, the only ones currently active, open and close the Oculory lenses. Press the taller of the two pedestals (right of the one with the lens chart on it) three or four times, until the pedestal with the blue button to the left of the middle one starts to glow. Move to this new pedestal (at this point, the Blank Lexicon may be glowing blue). The two pedestals to the left of the Receptacle, the taller of which is now active, control the ceiling lens array. Press the button of the taller, left pedestal twice, until the button on the far left, smaller pedestal begins to glow. Now press that button, and a large set of lens crystals descends from the ceiling and stops. and the Elder Scroll will be revealed. Pick up the transcribed Lexicon and the Scroll.

    From UESP. (Skyrim:Elder Knowledge)

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  1. Place the Lexicon on the left pillar first. Then, press the third button a few times, until the Lexicon opens and button two lights up. Press button two until the overhead lenses are seen directing light onto the sphere, then the first button lights up. Press this button to reveal the scroll.

    User Info: Odahviing1947

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