How do I beat the Oni Stalker?

  1. I'm almost at the final boss of the game and this boss keeps wiping the floor with me. I'm stuck on the 2nd phase of the boss battle and have defeated the storm-guard archers, and when I try to aim for his weak point which is in the back, he keeps turning around and goes back to swinging that big spiky club of his around!

    How do I defeat this boss?

    User Info: KojimaMGfan83

    KojimaMGfan83 - 8 years ago


  1. Just keep at it, you just have to be a bit quicker than the first part of the game, but you're doing it right, just not fast enough. Otherwise as soon as you roll just immediately start strafing around him and shoot with the shotgun as soon as you think you'll hit his back, eventually you'll get it right and be prompted to press triangle.

    User Info: SymphonicRain

    SymphonicRain - 8 years ago 2   0
  2. Equip your rifle (submachine gun). Dodge roll and amble past his attacks. There is a split second before he turns around (it helps if your reticle sensitivity is set to max (10)) where you can shoot him in the back. Every time he rears back and swings his kanabo into the ground it will get stuck. This will give you an extra couple seconds to hurt him.

    There are multiple phases to this boss (either 3 or 4) and between them each is a button press and/or quicktime event. The first time archers start appearing, they will continuously respawn, so keep your cool and use the time between respawns to line up a shot. Make sure to loot their corpses for ammo. After this, there are only a set amount of Solarii. Bear in mind that the Stalker gets slightly faster in each phase. Good luck!

    User Info: darkdaxterVZ

    darkdaxterVZ - 8 years ago 2   0

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