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How many solarii are there in the ally with regroup with sam? Enemy/Boss
What relics contain society? Build

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What are cheat codes for Tomb raider on ps3? Tech Support 1 5 months ago
Multiplayer trophy? General 1 1 year ago
Can you free roam after completing the game? General 2 3 years ago
How do I make the game upgrade my weapons/skills? Build 1 4 years ago
Why will the "square button on the ps3 controller not respond? Tech Support 1 4 years ago
Can't install tomb raider anniversary!? General 1 4 years ago
How do I get past chasm monastery ? Main Quest 1 5 years ago
Shantytown bug? Tech Support 4 5 years ago
Do enemies respawn? General 1 5 years ago
When do i get the fast travel skill? General 3 6 years ago

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