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Trophy Guide by barticle

Version: 1.04 | Updated: 07/10/12

Binary Domain Trophies Guide - Ver. 1.04 - 10/07/12 - by Barticle at hotmail.com
 ______            ____   ____            _____    ____          ____
  |    \ | |\   | |    | |    \ |    |     |   \  |    | |\  /| |    | | |\   |
  |____/ | | \  | |____| |____/ |____|     |    \ |    | | \/ | |____| | | \  |
  |    \ | |  \ | |    | |   \       |     |    / |    | |    | |    | | |  \ |
 _|____/ | |   \| |    | |    \ _____|    _|___/  |____| |    | |    | | |   \|

  01 INTRODUCTION    03 TROPHY LIST          05 FARMING            07 CONTACT

------< INTRODUCTION >-------------------------------------------- [Section 01]

This is a guide to the PS3 trophies in the 2012 game Binary Domain* produced by
Toshihiro Nagoshi and developed by Sega's Team CS1 who are best known for making
the fantastic games of the 'Ryuu ga Gotoku' (Yakuza) series. Unlike the Yakuza
games (which are all PS2/PS3 exclusives), Binary Domain was also released on the
Xbox 360 and I think the achievements there are essentially identical to the PS3
trophies so you should be able to use this guide with either platform.

Most of the trophy requirements are pretty straightforward so my main aims here
are to collate and share any additional information and helpful strategies for
achievement along with the locations of the shop terminals (see trophy #28), the
Secur-Coms (#41) and nanomachine pick-ups (#42). I'll try to avoid unnecessary
SPOILERS in this guide but many of the trophies relate to specific storyline
events (including secret optional ones) so mentioning these is unavoidable; I've
also described some item locations in relation to story events.

This guide is designed to be viewed using a monospaced (non-proportional or
fixed-width) font, preferably Courier New. Some sections of the document will
display incorrectly if you are using a proportional font like Times New Roman.

*In Japan the game is also called Binary Domain but the title is transcribed
phonetically into katakana characters as "Bainarii Domein".

------< OVERVIEW >------------------------------------------------ [Section 02]

= Campaign =

The majority of the trophies in the game come from the single-player campaign;
these are covered individually in Section 04 below.

The single-player campaign can be played on four difficulty settings:-

 Cakewalk (Easy) / Rust 'Em Up (Normal) / Survivor (Hard) / No Mercy (Ex Hard) 

Initially only the first three are available and you need to beat the game on
Survivor in order to unlock No Mercy. Since there are trophies for completing
the story on both Survivor and No Mercy, the minimum number of playthroughs
required for trophy collecting is two.

These two trophies are the only ones which require you to play on a certain
difficulty setting; all others can be achieved on any diff.

After beating the game you'll unlock the Chapter Select function which allows
you to replay any chapter (or to enter the campaign at any point).

The campaign story spans six numbered chapters which are further divided into
subsections, for example Chapter 1 is split into 1-1, 1-2 and 1-3. During play
you can view the structure of the story under the Load Chapter option off the
pause menu. This shows all the chapters you've played so far, your completion
times on each difficulty setting, the number of "Secur-Coms" to collect (for
trophies #40 and #41) and how many you've found already. You can also enter a
chapter to view the same information for each subsection of that chapter.

If you're thorough about checking around every corner, down every dead end and
behind every object then you should find all the Secur-Coms (plus several handy
caches of ammo and medkits) but if you want to play it safe you should use the
complete list of locations later in this guide (see trophy #41 in Section 04).
Any Secur-Coms you happen to miss can be picked up easily using Chapter Select.

There's a trophy for acquiring every nanomachine perk in a single playthrough of
the story. There are a few stray ones to collect in Chapters 1 and 2 but these
are pretty obvious and you can get all the others by buying all available perks
at every shop terminal you find. Check trophy #42 for a full list of perks and
locations for the ones to collect.

You also get a trophy for visiting every shop terminal. This doesn't have to be
in a single playthrough but that would be the most effective way to get them all
so you should follow the chronological list of locations below (see trophy #28).
This will also give you opportunities to buy all the nanomachines you require. 

There are four trophies (#22 to #25) for achieving fifty each of certain combat
bonuses. Although you cannot view your totals, they seem to carry over between
playthroughs and you can farm them in Chapter Select replays too. I suspect the
same also applies to the trophy for getting ten team-mate revives (#26).

There are several trophies that require you to build a high level of Trust with
your partners (see trophies #34 to 39, #14 and #16). Trust does not carry over
between playthroughs so these will require a combination of specific character
selection, careful dialogue choices, tailored gameplay and, probably, some
farming (see Section 05). 

All other trophies are either a) trivial, b) unmissable as you play the story or
c) able to be picked up using the Chapter Select function.

I would recommend using this guide in conjunction with CassyChan's excellent
walkthrough which is also available here on GameFAQs/Gamespot. This will guide
you through the entire single-player campaign with Secur-Com, shop and nano
locations plus handy tips on gaining Trust with your partners as you play.

= Online =

The game also has several online modes - seven different multiplayer games plus
a co-op survival mode called Invasion.

The game does not require an online pass so if you rent it or buy pre-owned you
will be able to play online without having to pay for the privilege.

The six trophies for online play are covered in Section 06 of this guide. (Three
of them are pretty tough.)

------< TROPHY LIST >--------------------------------------------- [Section 03]

This section simply lists the standard trophy set for the game, prior to the
release of DLC (if any). In total there are 42 bronze trophies, four silver,
three gold and (of course) one platinum.

          # | Trophy Name             |   Type   | Hidden | Chapter #
          1 | Platinum Trophy         | Platinum |        |
          2 | Hit and Run             |  Bronze  | Hidden | Chapter 1
          3 | Yearn for Refuge        |  Bronze  | Hidden | Chapter 2
          4 | Bad Ground              |  Bronze  | Hidden | Chapter 3
          5 | Refuse and Resist       |  Bronze  | Hidden | Chapter 4
          6 | Intelligent Artifice    |  Bronze  | Hidden | Chapter 5
          7 | Denying Destiny         |   Gold   | Hidden | Chapter 6
          8 | Seek and Destroy        |  Bronze  | Hidden | Chapter 1
          9 | Water Slider            |  Bronze  | Hidden | Chapter 1
         10 | Aquatic Chase           |  Bronze  | Hidden | Chapter 2
         11 | Fugitive                |  Bronze  | Hidden | Chapter 3
         12 | Runaway Truck           |  Bronze  | Hidden | Chapter 4
         13 | All Members             |  Bronze  |        |
         14 | A Private Moment        |  Bronze  | Hidden | Chapter 4
         15 | Big Bo Rescue           |  Bronze  | Hidden | Chapter 5
         16 | Comrades in Arms        |  Bronze  | Hidden | Chapter 6
         17 | Jumper                  |  Bronze  |        | Chapter 2
         18 | Spider Killer           |  Bronze  |        | Chapter 2
         19 | Hacker                  |  Bronze  |        | Chapter 4
         20 | Jackpot                 |  Bronze  |        |
         21 | Transport Takedown      |  Bronze  |        | Chapter 4
         22 | Smash Master            |  Bronze  |        |
         23 | Multi-Kill Master       |  Bronze  |        |
         24 | Headshot Master         |  Bronze  |        |
         25 | One-Shot Master         |  Bronze  |        |
         26 | Lifesaver               |  Bronze  |        |
         27 | A Friend Indeed         |  Bronze  |        |
         28 | Shop Master             |  Bronze  |        | All
         29 | Spendthrift             |  Bronze  |        |
         30 | Assault Shooter Killer  |  Bronze  |        |
         31 | Tactician               |  Bronze  |        |
         32 | Weapon Crafter          |  Bronze  |        |
         33 | Craftsman               |  Bronze  |        |
         34 | Big Bo: Max Trust       |  Bronze  | Hidden |
         35 | Faye: Max Trust         |  Bronze  | Hidden |
         36 | Charlie: Max Trust      |  Bronze  | Hidden |
         37 | Rachael: Max Trust      |  Bronze  | Hidden |
         38 | Cain: Max Trust         |  Bronze  | Hidden |
         39 | Shindo: Max Trust       |  Bronze  | Hidden |
         40 | Data Collector          |  Bronze  |        |
         41 | Data Retrieval Complete |  Silver  |        | All
         42 | Skill Master            |  Silver  |        |
         43 | Rust Crew               |  Silver  |        | All
         44 | Survivor                |   Gold   | Hidden | All
         45 | First Victory           |  Bronze  |        |
         46 | Still Alive             |  Bronze  |        |
         47 | Resistance Hero         |  Bronze  |        |
         48 | Battlemaster            |  Bronze  |        |
         49 | Veteran Soldier         |  Silver  |        |
         50 | Challenge Master        |   Gold   |        |

------< CAMPAIGN TROPHIES >--------------------------------------- [Section 04]

This section details the trophies that are available when playing through the
single-player campaign.

 1 Platinum Trophy [Platinum]

   As always the plat is awarded for achieving all other trophies in the game.
   For the sake of neatness I've included it in this section but you'll need to
   pick up all the online trophies for it too. (see Section 06 - and good luck!)

 2 Hit and Run [Bronze / Hidden / Unmissable]

   The story is divided into six chapters and you get a trophy for completing
   each one. You get this trophy for completing Chapter 1 on any difficulty.

 3 Yearn for Refuge [Bronze / Hidden / Unmissable]

   You get this trophy for completing Chapter 2 on any difficulty.

 4 Bad Ground [Bronze / Hidden / Unmissable]

   You get this trophy for completing Chapter 3 on any difficulty.

 5 Refuse and Resist [Bronze / Hidden / Unmissable]

   You get this trophy for completing Chapter 4 on any difficulty.

 6 Intelligent Artifice [Bronze / Hidden / Unmissable]

   You get this trophy for completing Chapter 5 on any difficulty.

 7 Denying Destiny [Gold / Hidden / Unmissable]

   You get this trophy for completing Chapter 6 on any difficulty.

 8 Seek and Destroy [Bronze / Hidden / Unmissable]

   [This is the first of five trophies for completing specific action stages in
   the campaign story.]

   A lot less exciting than it sounds from the name, this trophy comes from the
   lame stealth/swimming section early in Chapter 1.

   Follow Big Bo and the convenient gates with red lights, hold the X button to
   "sprint" while swimming and follow the other on-screen prompts to dive under
   obstacles and avoid the surveillance drones when they try to scan you.

 9 Water Slider [Bronze / Hidden / Unmissable]

   The next action stage is some way into Chapter 1. You and BB escape down
   what is essentially a giant flume ride. Just steer left and right to avoid
   taking damage on the pipes at the sides and press O as necessary to avoid
   overhead obstacles by laying flat. Pretty simple really.

10 Aquatic Chase [Bronze / Hidden / Unmissable]

   In Chapter 2-4 you'll fight through a metro station* to a flooded platform
   and some giant yellow jetskis. Hop on yours and keep riding until the game
   tells you to stop. Steer to avoid barriers and, later, mines (or to roadkill
   stray robots in the water). Try to maintain speed and anticipate obstacles.
   The steering's pretty sensitive so use it lightly. The game will park your
   ride automatically at the end of this sequence and then the trophy will pop.

   If you struggle here you could consider temporarily reassigning your skills
   (see trophy #42) to enhance your defence.

   *Cue: Operation Metro flashbacks. The horror.

11 Fugitive [Bronze / Hidden / Unmissable]

   After leaving the tranquility and luxury of the cafe plaza at the start of
   Chapter 3 you'll soon find yourself in a standard on-rails shooting mission
   with your weird-ass pimpmobile being hounded by various foes. You're stuck
   with a classic LMG with high rate of fire, small box magazine and slow reload
   time so try to use short accurate bursts and focus your attention on the
   airborne robots and funny-looking Transformer/Batmobile car-bots that will be
   shooting at you. Press X to take cover by ducking inside the sunroof when you
   are injured or need to reload (or both).

   After a cut-scene there'll be a second (very short) playable section and then
   you'll hear the ding.

12 Runaway Truck [Bronze / Hidden / Unmissable]

   As you might've guessed from the trophy title, this one involves a truck -
   specifically it's the truck you ride out of the resistance HQ near the end of
   Chapter 4. It's another on-rails mission where you'll be shooting out of the
   side and rear of the truck; in both positions you can hold L1 to aim and
   break cover. You're using your standard primary weapons so you can use d-pad
   left/right to toggle between them. Most of the enemies are robots hanging off
   flying machines so aim for their hover-packs since that gives you a larger
   and generally weaker target. When prompted you can press O to resupply ammo
   or *hold* the left stick left/right to balance.

   The second phase of the sequence is a boss battle against the mighty Tsar
   Runner. It's important to focus on defending your truck throughout the fight,
   especially when playing on the higher difficulties.

   At first it'll fire pairs of missiles (which helpfully fly pretty slowly and
   have glowing red warheads) and you'll need to shoot these down. Later in the
   battle it'll start firing batches of multiple missiles from both launchers so
   it's vital that you start shooting these as quickly as possible, partly to
   maximise the time you have to destroy them and partly because you can cause a
   chain-reaction where hitting one missile will make nearby ones explode too.

   When the Tsar Runner pops a wheelie (did I mention it's a giant transforming
   motorbike-bot?) you'll need to shoot at the small cyan "drive unit" (i.e. the
   obligatory weak-spot) on the underside of the behemoth to cancel the attack.
   Similarly when it's in robot form you'll see it wind-up ready to use a punch
   or hammer attack with its fist/s and you must shoot at the weak-spot on its
   face to stop it from hitting you. It usually attempts this two or three times
   in a row so be ready for consecutive attacks.

   Keep defence as your priority but when you have a spare second or two focus
   your fire on the gold armour on the Tsar Runner's forearms and then continue
   to shoot the vulnerable cyan areas beneath until the limb catches fire. After
   you've done both arms you can turn your attention to the head.

   Don't worry about wasting ammo since an ammo box will appear whenever your
   supply starts to run low (there will be an on-screen prompt to pick it up)
   but do get in the habit of reloading frequently so you're always ready to
   repel the next melee attack or wave of missiles.

   Complete the stage to receive the last of the five action stage trophies.

13 All Members [Bronze]

   Over the course of the story a total of six characters will be available to
   select as your squad-mates. Big Bo is available from the start of the story
   and you'll rendezvous with Faye, Charlie and Rachael at the end of Chapter 1,
   with Cain near the start of Chapter 3 and finally with Shindo on the way out
   of the monorail station in Chapter 4.

   Pick each of them for your party at least once to get this trophy. On several
   occasions you'll get matched with people automatically - this doesn't count.

   You might want to focus on picking the same characters wherever possible in
   order to maximise their Trust during your playthrough. You can get this
   trophy afterwards using the Chapter Select which unlocks after you've beaten
   the game once. (NB: You can pick both Cain and Shindo in Chapter 5-2.)

14 A Private Moment [Bronze / Hidden / Missable]

   [This is the first of three trophies for unlocking missable story events.]

   You get this for unlocking a special cut-scene at the end of Chapter 4-3 /
   start of Chapter 4-4. On the basis of multiple playthroughs of the story,
   CassyChan believes that the requirement for this is that you have Faye's
   Trust (see trophy #39) at a "Very High" level, i.e. with three full bars. 

   In theory you shouldn't be able to get this with Chapter Select as you'd need
   to play through enough of the game to earn that Trust but I got it when I
   reloaded Chapter 4-4. The pause screen showed only 1.9 bars of Trust for Faye
   so I'm assuming it's either bugged or it uses her Trust from the end of your
   previous playthrough...?

15 Big Bo Rescue [Bronze / Hidden / Missable]

   On the rooftop in Chapter 5 you're forced to make a choice - you can either
   proceed with the main time-sensitive objective or take a minute to rescue
   Bo from a predicament. You should have plenty of time so head back through
   the little room and try to shoot him free, aiming for the obvious weak spot.
   Collateral damage seems not to affect Trust here so don't worry about that.

   If you skip or fail this task you can easily come back to it (it's in Chapter
   5-4) using the Chapter Select which unlocks when you beat the game.

16 Comrades in Arms [Bronze / Hidden / Missable]

   You'll receive this trophy for earning a certain outcome in a cut-scene at
   the end of the story (Chapter 6-2) after the stage in the "chapel" chamber.

   It involves Big Bo and you need his Trust (see trophy #39) to be above a
   certain level for the event to trigger. In my case his Trust was Very High -
   I know this because I unlocked the trophy for maxing his Trust (four full
   bars on the pause screen display) just two minutes after this one.

   After testing different values, CassyChan confirms that you must have Bo's
   Trust at a Very High level (into the fourth bar) to get this scene/trophy.

17 Jumper [Bronze / Unmissable?]

   [This is the first of three trophies awarded in certain boss battles.]

   There's a battle against a Grand Lancer (which some of you will remember from
   the demo) quite early in Chapter 2. You'll need to strip its armour using the
   Sticky Bombs or RPG found opposite the vending machine inside the building to
   the right. Continue to fire on the exposed areas and eventually one of your
   squad-mates will radio HQ for technical advice.

   It seems there's a weak spot (natch!) on top of the GL's head so you'll have
   to get up close and personal. Climb to the top floor of the RPG building -
   mindful of enemies on the other side of the street (and destructible cover on
   your side) - and press O quickly when prompted to make the leap of faith.

   You'll need to keep shooting at the Lancer while retaining your balance with
   the left stick but the trophy should pop as soon as you complete the jump.

18 Spider Killer [Bronze / Unmissable?]

   You face the Spider in a large open area during Chapter 2.2 and you'll need
   to employ some standard boss-battle strategy. There are vulnerable "drive
   systems" on each of the titan's legs but each is protected with a prominent
   white armoured shroud. So grab some RPG's and use them to shoot off the
   armour and then use your assault rifle to destroy the bright blue sections
   that are revealed. You get the trophy for destroying all its legs.*

   You'll need to scout around for rocket ammo. There are some crates behind the
   wheeled APC (which also makes for good hard-cover), various useful items
   behind some large crates (ditto) in the far left corner of the area and yet
   more pick-ups on a single crate in the far right corner. Also the convenient
   enemy "Whirler" hover-bots just happen to be flying overhead carrying rocket
   crates which they'll drop if you shoot them.

   *It's impressively functional even with only one leg remaining!

19 Hacker [Bronze / Unmissable?]

   Near the end of Chapter 4 the French robot Cain will hack into a Mobile Gun
   howitzer robot and give you remote control of it via your PDA (iPhone apps
   2080-style!). You can aim and rotate using the right stick and fire with R1,
   you can also move with the left stick and zoom aim with L1 although you don't
   really need to do either. Enemies will appear in a 180-degree arc centred on
   the truck so be sure to keep rotating left/right to check for new arrivals.
   Both guns fire simultaneously and hold five rounds each so fire all five
   shots if you want to force a reload (or just press R2 as usual). Pressing
   Square gives a stomp attack which might be useful against the red Rapid
   Shooter bots that attack from short range.

   You'll face a range of robotic enemies - up to and including another Grand
   Lancer - and you need to kill them all to pass the stage and get the trophy.

   (You can also get a trophy here for taking down a dropshop - see trophy #21.)

20 Jackpot [Bronze]

   Each time you exit the shop interface on a vending machine after buying
   something it'll trigger a basic roulette game with three possible outcomes:
   LOSE! (red), WIN! (green) and JACKPOT!* (blue). You get nothing for a loss
   but with a win or jackpot you'll get a prize such as a bosonic charge, some
   grenades, a first aid kit or an ammo box. The first time you hit a jackpot
   you'll receive this trophy.

   You can maximise your chances on this by only buying one item at a time. Exit
   the store after each purchase and go back in if you want to buy more.

   You should have no trouble getting this one. I got at least five jackpots
   during my first playthrough of the story.

   *The Japanese words shown above the English text are (respectively) Hazure
   (meaning miss/failure), Atari (hit/success) and Ooatari (big success). Also
   the Japanese kanji character on the trophy icon is Un which means "luck".

21 Transport Takedown* [Bronze / Missable]

   You get this for destroying all four engines on an Iron Whale dropship, for
   example the one in the shootout at the end of Chapter 4-5. Don't confuse this
   with the Iron *Raptor* gunship boss you face in 2-4!

   (Thanks to CassyChan for detailing a correct location for this. I'd convinced
   myself that the trophy was both mislabelled and bugged! heh.)

   Immediately after taking control of the hacked Mobile Gun artillery unit in
   Chapter 4-5 look out for the dropship arriving to the right of your truck and
   unload your guns onto it. Focus fire on each engine in turn until it catches
   fire. If the Iron Whale escapes before you get the trophy just reload the
   checkpoint from the pause menu.

   Although you can miss this trophy while playing through the game it's a
   simple matter to pick it up later through Chapter Select.

   This video by the legendary PowerPyx shows that it's also possible to take
   one down in Chapter 1-3 using your assault rifle! http://youtu.be/L7jyaK1p5BQ

22 Smash Master [Bronze]

   [This trophy and the following three relate to in-game combat bonuses. I got
   two of them through Chapter Select after completing the game and it seems
   that all of them can be obtained that way or over multiple playthroughs.]

   You get a "Smash!" bonus of +50 Credits for killing a robot with a melee
   attack (get close and press Square). Do that fifty times for this trophy.

   You'll usually need to soften your target first so shoot it until it's lost a
   significant amount of armour/limbs and then whack 'em, or whack 'em twice but
   take care as your melee attack has a slow "reload" and if you're close enough
   to strike them they are also close enough to strike you and they can hit you
   pretty hard. It's safer to go for ones that have lost a leg and are crawling
   slowly towards you, especially if all the other nearby enemies have already
   been killed.* When they're on the ground you'll usually need to aim downwards
   to target your prey with the right stick.

   Watch out for nearby team-mates too. If you hit them by mistake you'll lower
   the Trust you're trying so hard to increase!

   Dan's Muscle Regeneration nanomachine perks increase melee attack damage so
   they would prove useful here. You might want to pack some perks that boost
   your defence too (see trophy #42 for a list).

   Melee kills will often impress your buddies sufficiently to gain Trust with
   them. I found kills on the red humanoid Rapid Shooter bots to be particularly
   effective in this respect, if you can catch them!

   This trophy can be farmed - see Section 05.

   *(okay, technically robots aren't alive so let's say "killed" in quotes)

23 Multi-Kill Master [Bronze]

   You get a "Multi Kill" bonus (600 Cr) when you kill four or more enemies at
   the same time - do that fifty times for this trophy. "Double Kill" (200 Cr)
   and "Triple Kill" (400 Cr) bonuses don't count.

   Hand grenades and your bosonic pseudo-grenade-launcher thing should be good
   for this so remember to buy and equip the Weapon Harness perk to increase
   your grenade capacity, restock with frag 'nades when you find a supply (or a
   shop terminal), upgrade the damage and charge cap on your launcher and always
   use the bosonic charge pick-ups or floor-mounted devices to recharge.

   Watch out for groups of four or more enemies together and maybe weaken them
   all with a few rounds of gunfire each before chucking a grenade.

   The traditional FPS exploding red barrels don't feature in the game but there
   are several exploding yellow gas cylinders around so make good use of them.

   This trophy would be pretty hard to get (or slow at least) without making a
   special effort. King_Ubu recommends replaying Chapter 4-5 to farm multi-kills
   with the hacked Mobile Gun. After clearing the initial battle you'll take
   control of the howitzer-bot. Turn to face the truck you arrived in and you'll
   see a dropship approaching from the right of the tunnel. The side hatch will
   open and you'll see six infantry-bots inside. You can either zoom (L1) and
   shoot them in there or wait until all six have disembarked and then quickly
   blast them on the ground. After 5-10 seconds (sometimes a little longer) a
   second dropship will appear over the left side of the tunnel with another set
   of six robots for you to destroy. The game saves your bonuses automatically
   so you can reload the previous checkpoint immediately and you'll restart back
   in the Mobile Gun so you can repeat this process pretty quickly, picking up
   two Multi Kill bonuses each time.

24 Headshot Master [Bronze]

   You get a "Head Shot" bonus of +50 Credits for shooting off a robot's head. 
   Do that fifty times for this trophy.

   You don't need to kill them for it to count. If they're otherwise relatively
   undamaged there's a good chance they'll remain alive sans head but they might
   get a little confused... (see trophy #31).

   I guess it would help to use a sniper rifle or to upgrade the accuracy stat
   on your assault rifle. Use controlled bursts if using an automatic weapon.

   This trophy can be farmed - see Section 05.

25 One-Shot Master [Bronze]

   You get a "One Shot" bonus of 50 Credits for killing an enemy with a single
   shot. Do that fifty times for this trophy.

   You can pick up these when using a sniper rifle in a counter-sniper role or
   when shooting down those lightweight Watcher recon drones that separate into
   three smaller parts. You can also get it on the annoying little Needle Bugs
   you encounter a few times, for example in the warehouse maze in Chapter 3-3.

   If your comrades get a one-hit kill you'll get the points for the kill but
   not the bonus so don't let them steal your kills!

   I got this from replaying Chapter 3-3 (once) after beating the campaign so
   clearly you're not required to get this in a single playthrough.

   azidahaka recommends farming this during the battle against the flying Iron
   Raptor boss outside the sewage plant in Chapter 2-4. Instead of equipping the
   Stinger missiles, head over to the right side of the area where you'll see a
   gun turret on the roof of a blockhouse. Using this you'll get one-hit kills
   on the many small airborne drones. If one of them gets behind you and starts
   shooting at you just dismount the turret (press X), take it out with your
   rifle and get back on the turret. You can also use the turret to take out the
   slow snaking incoming missiles from the Iron Raptor and ultimately, once you
   have finished farming kills, to take out the engines on the boss itself. In
   sustained fire hold the right stick slightly up (assuming you have vertical
   look inverted) to compensate for muzzle rise.

26 Lifesaver [Bronze]

   You get this by reviving team-mates a total of ten times. When the little ECG
   waveform under their name turns red they are down and need reviving. (If the
   name tags aren't displayed press Select to toggle them on.)

   Each character including your own can carry a supply of first aid kits. The
   standard carrying capacity is three but this can be boosted by equipping the
   Medi-Pouch perks. Medi-Pouch I gives +1 and Medi-Pouch II gives +2 and these
   can be stacked together to give +3 (and a total capacity of six).

   When you're down you can either use one of your medkits to revive yourself or
   answer positively if a team-mate has a medkit and offers to use it. In the
   same way a fallen comrade can either be healed by you or they can use one of
   their own health packs to heal themselves.

   Here are a few tips for getting this trophy:

   o Equip the Medi-Pouch perk/s and ensure that you have a full supply of first
     aid kits by buying them from the shops and collecting them when you find
     them (flashing orange boxes) during play.

   o Since team-mates are capable of reviving themselves (and each other) you
     should avoid replenishing their supply of medkits when you're shopping. If
     you die on purpose and then accept when they offer to revive you that will
     deplete their supplies. You can check medkit counts on the pause screen.

   o Play on a harder difficulty where the enemies will do more damage.

   o Avoid giving your partners any nanomachine perks that would improve their
     health, armour, recovery rate or evasion ability.

   o Cease fire to give the robots more time to injure your team-mates.

   A slow and somewhat sinister way to farm revives is available to you in the
   laboratory sequence in Chapter 3-4. With the room flooded with toxic ozone
   gas, you and your partner need to shelter in the ventilation rooms every so
   often to stay alive. Simply run into a shelter and press the button at the
   back to close the door before your buddy can get in! They'll be stuck outside
   and will eventually collapse to the floor while you watch. You can then open
   the door, revive them, duck back into the shelter and repeat the process. You
   are limited by your current medkit supply though as there's no shop available
   in that room and unsurprisingly your partner's Trust might drop a little! ;)

27 A Friend Indeed [Bronze]

   You'll find vending machines throughout the game (see next trophy). To get
   this trophy you need to buy one of the nanotechnology-based "skills" for any
   one of your team-mates. Pick the Shopping side of the shop interface and
   browse through the items marked "Nanomachine".

   Each item can only be used by one specific character so check the descriptive
   text on the right. The ones that say "(For Dan only)" are for your character
   so you'll need to buy one of the others.

   (You'll get the trophy immediately after purchase but remember to equip the
   nanomachines on the character otherwise they won't do anything. From the
   pause menu pick Status, select the character and then press Triangle. Pick
   the upgrade from the right and fit it into the little grid (I like to call it
   the Tetris Grid for obvious reasons) in the centre of the screen.

   Similar upgrades can be stacked, so for example you might equip Big Bo with
   Giga Strength II (health +15%) and Giga Strength III (health +20%) to give
   him an overall combined buff of +35% on health.)

   See trophy #42 for a full list of nanomachine upgrades available.

28 Shop Master [Bronze]

   There are a total of 38 red and white Ammunition Transit Japan shop terminals
   through the campaign. You need to access all of them to get this trophy. Note
   the wording there - you only need to interact with them all, you don't need
   to actually make a purchase from every one.

   You don't need to get them all in a single playthrough either but, unlike the
   Secur-Coms, there's no indication given of how many are in each chapter or
   how many you've accessed so far. If you follow this list as you play through
   the story you'll be able to locate all of them. If you reload a checkpoint or
   die and continue it would probably be a good idea to re-visit a shop if you
   accessed it since the last autosave.

   Remember to buy all available nanomachine perks at each shop you visit. These
   are required for the Skill Master trophy (#42).

   Here's a full list of locations in chronological order. (I'm using the terms
   "shop terminal" and "vending machine" interchangeably for a little variety!)

   Chapter 1
   o After grappling up with Bo (oo-er) he'll introduce you to the first shop
     terminal and insist that you use it so you can't miss this one!

   o After your first encounter with the red Rapid Shooter robots you'll stop at
     a room with a large window that reveals several enemies on a gantry beyond.
     The terminal is on the wall to the right of the window and exit door.   

   o When Big Bo prompts you to pick up a sniper rifle in an area with a couple
     of wrecked cars there's a vending machine on the right side

   o Soon after that sniper section you'll enter a road tunnel with some low
     sandbag walls. The terminal's positioned prominently in a large alcove on
     the right side of the tunnel.

   Chapter 2
   o The first one in this chapter is directly in front of you after exiting the
     first building at the start.

   o During the fight against the Grand Lancer you'll need to enter the building
     on the far right side of the intersection. You'll find a shop terminal on
     the middle floor.

   o In the large open area where you're faced with a big blocked gateway there
     is a shop terminal opposite the entrance, near one of the white minivans
     and in front of the civilian robot.

   o After seeing the Spider for the first time (and avoiding the falling rubble
     it causes) you'll enter a building. Follow your team up the stairs to the
     next floor and the shop terminal will be right in front of you.

   o You'll start the battle with the Spider near an armoured vehicle with some
     convenient missile ammo boxes behind it. From there dash right across the
     street to a large open-sided building with a staircase inside. The next
     vending machine is at the top of the first set of stairs.

   o After meeting Yuki you'll be free to explore a small corner of the Shibuya
     underground before she takes you to meet the mysterious Mifune. There's a
     shop terminal on the left side of the street just before you rejoin Yuki.

     (If you get too close to Yuki the game will jump straight into a cut-scene
     but don't worry - you'll still be able to access the terminal afterwards.)

   o The next shop is in the vestibule between Mifune's surveillance room and
     the casino floor. You can access it after meeting him.

   o When you reach the jetskis (on the left) you'll see there's also a vending
     machine (on the right).

   o At the start of the Iron Raptor boss fight you can follow your team-mates
     downstairs to pick up a Stinger missile launcher. There's a shop terminal
     in the same room on the left.

   o After the Iron Raptor battle you'll enter the sewer network. Take a left
     where the initial access corridor leads into the actual sewer and you'll
     find a vending machine right there.

   o The tunnels lead to a large round chamber. After crossing that there's a
     shop on the left inside the next room.

   Chapter 3
   o In the cafe plaza at the start of the level there's a shop terminal next to
     the large blocked exit where Big Bo is chillaxing.

   o During the big shoot-out immediately after the car-chase sequence, you'll
     find the next terminal on the left side of the tunnel area, towards the
     front (the opposite end to the Mobile Gun howitzer robot) and behind the
     bus timetable panels.

   o On the corridor with the crimson patio parasols and benches there's a shop
     terminal on the left wall.

   o After exiting the elevator in the food factory there'll be a terminal right
     in front of you.

   o After riding the conveyor and taking another elevator up you'll see another
     shop terminal to your front left.

   Chapter 4
   o After a longish sequence with no shopping opportunities you'll reach the
     monorail terminal. Fight along the platform, head downstairs, fight down a
     corridor and take the stairs on the left. When you reach another railway
     platform you'll find a shop terminal immediately to your left.

   o After/during the boss battle with the aptly-named Gorilla robot, you'll
     find a vending machine next to the turnstiles. As you first enter the area
     it's immediately to your left after passing the turnstiles.

   o After liaising with Shindo and his crew you'll follow a large staircase
     down to a room with a single domestic robot crossing a diamond-patterned
     mosaic floor. The shop terminal is to the left of the exit.

   o When you reach a big red and white door marked "G5" there's a vending
     machine in the corner to the right.

   o In the second Gorilla fight you'll follow it down a short lift-shaft. When
     you land there's a shop in front of you and slightly to the left.

   o Following the Gorilla down the corridor you'll find another shop next to
     the second ladder, after passing the second forklift truck.

   o Yet further into the Gorilla rematch you'll be led to a large warehouse
     full of containers. There's a shop terminal in there, right behind you
     after you drop down into the room from the gantry.

   o There's a shop terminal in a side-room inside the resistance HQ. Exit the
     sickbay, head right, take the corner to the right and the door's on the
     right-hand side.

   o Before getting in the big blue truck, stop to use the shop terminal in the
     far left corner of the garage. Don't go too close to the truck in case it
     triggers the next scene.

   o As you might've guessed, there's an action stage in the truck. You start on
     the front side door before relocating to the rear door, using a crate as
     cover. Break cover and you'll find a shop terminal inside the truck itself.
     It looks inactive but it isn't! (thanks to CassyChan for this location)

   o Another vending machine can be found in the area where you face a couple of
     Mobile Gun howitzer units supported by infantry. From your starting place
     just take the corner to the left and you'll see it positioned against the
     wall to your left.

   Chapter 5
   o After a brief skirmish in the reception area you'll move into the lobby
     for a battle against a massive boss. There's a shop terminal on the higher
     level that runs around the perimeter of the area.

     (Following the boss battle you'll move deeper into the building along
     various corridors. You'll see a few conventional vending machines selling
     drinks here but you can't use them.)

   o A little while later you'll take the emergency stairs up to the floor that
     houses that R&D department. You'll pass a reception counter on the left
     (there's a Secur-Com on it - see trophy #41) and just a few metres later
     there's a shop terminal on the left-hand side of the corridor.

   o After passing a large cafe you'll proceed to the right into a medium-sized
     room with three vending machines down the right wall. Two of them are food
     machines again but the first one is a shop terminal you can use.

   o After taking a large circular passenger elevator up to the R&D floor you'll
     see another shop terminal right in front of you.

   o Following another shopless stretch in Chapter 5-4, once you get back into
     the corporation corridors you'll find a shop terminal just ahead of you and
     to the right.

   Chapter 6
   o Your second firefight in Chapter 6 will continue through several rooms in a
     row and end in a chamber with a "strange door" to your left. Opposite this
     on the right wall is a shop terminal awaiting your custom.

   o After various events in the "chapel" room you'll receive a new objective
     and exit through a short passage with a shop terminal in it. It doesn't
     have the usual circular banner above but it's still accessible.

29 Spendthrift [Bronze]

   You get this for spending a cumulative total of 10,000 Credits on the vending
   machines. It doesn't need to be on a single shopping spree.

   You should get this very early in the game. I was quite conservative at the
   start of my first playthrough - buying only nanomachines and upgrades on a
   single weapon stat - but I still got this right at the start of Chapter 2.

30 Assault Shooter Killer [Bronze]

   The V-501 "Assault Shooter" drone is the standard green infantry robot (see
   #01 under Data Files \ Enemy Data off the pause menu for a pic). You need to
   kill one hundred of them to get this trophy.

   You'll face loads of these fellas so you should get this trophy pretty early.
   For reference I got it during Chapter 2 on my first playthrough.

31 Tactician [Bronze]

   Evidently the humanoid robots all have their IFF* systems built into their
   heads. Consequently if you shoot the head off one when there's another active
   enemy bot nearby the headless robot will shoot (or in some cases melee) his
   colleague instead of you. Get fifty kills this way to earn the trophy.

   They're fairly scarce but you can also use chaff grenades to achieve the same
   effect; for best results save them for large groups. One spot you can find
   these grenades is the first shop terminal you come to inside the sewage plant
   in Chapter 2; you can resupply each time you pass it.

   Bizarrely I got this trophy while controlling the Mobile Gun howitzer in
   Chapter 4 so I must've got a clean headshot with one of the artillery shells!

   *IFF = Identification Friend/Foe.

32 Weapon Crafter [Bronze]

   Back to the shop terminals again (see trophies #27 and #28), you can also buy
   a range of upgrades for each character's main gun, incrementally increasing
   stats such as ammo capacity, damage, effective range, accuracy, etc.

   You simply need to buy one upgrade to get this trophy. It can probably be for
   any character but since I was the one doing all the hard work I decided to
   buy one for my character first. :)

33 Craftsman [Bronze]

   You'll get this one for fully upgrading any single category on a weapon. You
   can buy upgrades from the shop terminals but the successive levels for each
   stat will only unlock as you play through the game so you can't just go to a
   shop in Chapter 1 or 2 and get this instantly.

   If you buy an upgrade and a pink Sold Out label appears that means that the
   game won't let you buy any higher levels on the current stage. If you check
   on several successive terminals and it still says Sold Out then you've maxed
   out that stat.

   Unless you're an exceptionally selfless gamer you'll probably want to focus
   on upgrading your character's gun, the SOWSAR-17 SBMOD. The other characters
   may come and go but you always play as Dan so it makes sense to do this. Here
   is a summary of the stat levels and upgrade prices for his assault rifle.

                     | Lvl 2 | Lvl 3 | Lvl 4 | Lvl 5 | Lvl 6 | Lvl 7 | Lvl 8
              Rounds |  2000 |  3000 |  5000 |  7000 |  9000 |   -   |   -
           Firepower |  1000 |  2000 |  3000 |  5000 |  7000 |  9000 | 10000
               Range |  1000 |  2000 |  3000 |  5000 |  7000 |   -   |   -
            Accuracy |  1000 |  2000 |  3000 |  5000 |  7000 |   -   |   -
        Rate of Fire |  3000 |  4000 |  5000 |  7000 |  9000 |   -   |   -
         Shock Burst |  4000 |  5000 |  7000 | 10000 |   -   |   -   |   -
      Bosonic Charge |  3000 |  4000 |  5000 |  7000 | 10000 |   -   |   -

   So if you really wanted to save your credits and just upgrade one category
   for the trophy you should pick Range or Accuracy as the total cost is much
   cheaper for those two. Money isn't a major problem though (especially if you
   farm kills where possible) so you can spend it sensibly on upgrades, just
   make sure you retain sufficient working capital to buy each new group of
   nanomachine perks (for trophy #42) as they appear in the shops.

34 Big Bo: Max Trust [Bronze / Hidden]

35 Faye: Max Trust [Bronze / Hidden]

36 Charlie: Max Trust [Bronze / Hidden]

37 Rachael: Max Trust [Bronze / Hidden]

38 Cain: Max Trust [Bronze / Hidden]

39 Shindo: Max Trust [Bronze / Hidden]

   These six trophies are awarded for maximising the Trust of your partners.

   Each of the six partner characters has their own individual Trust stat. The
   stats for your current party are shown on the pause menu - the cyan squares
   next to the characters' faces on the left and the cyan bar next to their pics
   on the right. You can view all characters by selecting the Status option.

   You'll notice that the bars consist of four segments (which correspond to
   "Low", "Normal", "High" and "Very High"). Your targets for these trophies are
   to fill all four segments for each individual character. (You'll also notice
   that the blue squares on the pause screen are less accurate and effectively
   "round up" the Trust to an integer value, so for example you might have 3.7
   segments on Faye's bar but you'll see four full squares for her on the left.
   Therefore, although four squares is always "Very High", it's not necessarily
   the maximum Trust level possible so remember to check the bar display.)

   So how does Trust work? You can raise (or lower) a character's Trust by your
   actions when they're in your party. You can raise it by performing well, by
   healing fallen comrades and by praising/scolding them as necessary in combat;
   also by acknowledging and then following orders you're given. It will go down
   if you act rashly, perform poorly, ignore them, tell them to advance when it
   is dangerous to do so, fail to evacuate promptly (sometimes) or hit them with
   friendly fire* (including melee attacks). Trust also changes with dialogue
   choices you make in conversation between fights. Generally you will want to
   agree with them or say what you think they want you to say and never ignore
   them. Hold L2 to see a list of valid responses.

   (If you don't have a headset/mic you'll be limited to the conversational
   options on that L2 pop-up menu which will usually be things like "Cover Me!",
   "Regroup!" and "Fire!" during combat and two or three basic responses when
   someone asks you a question. With a headset you're free to use the list of
   over 70 commands recognised by the game (see Options \ Voice Recognition
   Settings \ Recognized Word List off the pause menu) so you'll be able to do
   things like praise your comrades - although half the time they'll think you
   are being insincere or inappropriate, or it'll mishear what you said...)

   When an event causes a character's Trust to increase this is indicated by
   cyan upwards arrows next to their name marker. Similarly when it goes down
   you'll get red downwards arrows. (try shooting one of them to see!)

   When a character has high Trust they are more likely to obey your commands,
   to suggest tactics and to advance on the enemy. Conversely when they have low
   Trust they'll be reluctant to follow orders, talk less and hang back.

   Trust doesn't carry over between playthroughs so to get these trophies you'll
   need to focus on maxing-out one or two characters at a time. Whenever you're
   given the choice you should pick them for your party. It's kinda sad but you
   need to try to impress them. :) Go for melee kills (where safe) and multiple
   kills (where possible). Push forward and generally try to kick ass. There are
   several spots where you can farm (semi-)infinite spawns (see Section 05).

   (Daring feats of ass-kickery should be easier when playing on the lower diffs
   and using nano perks (see trophy #42) to increase your health, defence and
   melee attack power and also after upgrading your weapon stats.)

   After meeting Yuki in Chapter 2 you'll be free to wander around the Shibuya
   underground district where a somewhat shabby yakuza in a red basketball vest
   will offer to sell you something cool for 500 Credits. It turns out it's a
   Trust Enhancement nanomachine park for Dan that gives a +5% modifier to your
   Trust gains so this is a sound investment, plus you'll need it for the Skill
   Master trophy (#42) anyways.

   You can also gain Trust for a seventh character who joins you in Chapter 5
   but luckily there's no trophy for him (as you wouldn't have much time).

   *Your (apparently professional) team-mates have a terrible habit of straying
   across your line of fire suddenly and without warning so try to stay either
   in front of them or at a safe distance to the side and keep an eye on them!

40 Data Collector [Bronze]

   You get this trophy for collecting half the Secur-Coms (that's twenty).

   (see next trophy for more info and full list of locations)

41 Data Retrieval Complete [Silver]

   Scattered throughout the single-player campaign you'll find a total of forty
   collectibles called Secur-Coms (or "Security-Com" in the trophy text). These
   look kinda like futuristic iPads and you can collect them by approaching and
   pressing O when prompted. Each one you find will add to the background info
   available under Data Files \ IRTA Reports off the pause menu.

   To check the number of Secur-Coms available in a chapter (and how many you've
   collected so far) go to the Load Chapter screen off the pause menu. If you're
   past Chapter 1 you'll need to highlight the current chapter. You can also tap
   X to select it and then browse the sub-chapters (e.g. 1-1, 1-2, etc) and see
   how many Secur-Coms are available/found in each.

   To receive this silver trophy you'll need to collect all forty Secur-Coms in
   the game. A complete list of locations is given below. 

   You do not need to find them all in a single playthrough and after beating
   the story you'll unlock the Chapter Select feature which lets you replay any
   chapter or sub-chapter you want (on any available difficulty) and it even
   shows you how many Secur-Coms are outstanding in each. You can quit back to
   the title screen immediately after finding the Secur-Com/s you need because
   the game will auto-save each time you collect one.

   Chapter 1-1
   o At the very start of the story you'll follow Big Bo through a wrecked train
     carriage. After he kicks the door out and you exit you'll see your very
     first Secur-Com on the boot/trunk of the white car in front of you.

   o After a couple of firefights you'll encounter your first Grand Lancer (a
     big white robot) and, since you have no heavy weapons, you have to simply
     run past it. Look out for the broken section of railings immediately to the
     right of the robot - the second Secur-Com is down there.

   Chapter 1-2
   o Following a firefight along a gantry, Big Bo will head left and mention an
     elevator. You should instead go to the right, taking the short staircase up
     to a platform where you'll find the Secur-Com on the floor to the left
     behind some big crates. You should find some grenades around there too.

   o As you and BB work through the industrial complex you'll enter a large room
     where you first encounter the red robots. The right-hand side of the room
     is blocked by a couple of pipes with raised platforms on either side. After
     you've cleared the room you'll need to walk down the left side, across the
     rear, back down the right side and up the stairs with yellow railings to
     the gantry next to those pipes. The Secur-Com is on the floor up there.

   Chapter 1-3
   o In the section of freeway with the wrecked cars and snipers you'll see a
     large white cabin on the right with a shop terminal in front of it. There's
     a Secur-Com on the ground on the far side of that building.

   o After your encounter with the scavengers you'll be met by a large wheeled
     APC full of hostiles. After dropping down to street level you'll find the
     final Secur-Com of this chapter in the corner of the area (behind you and
     to your left).

   Chapter 2-1
   o During your first firefight look out for a curved staircase on the left
     side of the street adjacent to the sandbag wall and sniper rifle pick-up.
     The Secur-Com is at the top of those stairs.

   Chapter 2-2
   o After your explosive entrance through a large blocked gateway you'll move
     through a couple of rooms and then head outside again. Before you leave the
     building check for the small elevator lobby in the far left corner. There's
     a Secur-Com on the floor to the left side as you face the two doors.

   o You'll start the battle with the Spider near an armoured vehicle with some
     convenient ammo boxes behind it. From there dash right across the street
     to a large open-sided building with a staircase inside. Head up those
     stairs (past a shop terminal) and then take the ladder up to the next level
     where you'll find another Secur-Com in the corner of the floor.

   Chapter 2-3

   Chapter 2-4
   o There's a large circular bar in the centre of the Spiral casino. Once you
     become free to move there you can hop over the bar and collect it. (Press
     X to take cover by the bar then left stick up + X to vault over it.)

   o The battle against the Iron Raptor is in a large open area outside the
     sewage plant. There's a two-storey tower over to the right side and there's
     another Secur-Com on the top level behind some little metal boxes. You'll
     find some medkits and a sniper rifle up there too.

   Chapter 2-5
   o At the start of the sewer tunnel system where you encounter the little red
     scurrying Creeper bomb-bots there's a large pipe on the right-hand side
     curving from the wall into the floor and marked with a big "05". Your next
     Secur-Com is on the opposite side, leaning against the pipe.

   o On the solo portion of the mission you'll fight through a corridor into a
     room with several large terminals and flashing red lights. The Secur-Com is
     on the floor on the right side between two banks of terminals.

   Chapter 3-1
   o You'll begin the chapter in a large terrace cafe. Head clockwise around the
     hub and you'll come to a counter with a Secur-Com behind it.

   Chapter 3-2
   o During the big firefight in the road tunnel you'll find the next Secur-Com
     on the road behind one of the big wheeled APC's.

   o While fighting through the section with all the big emergency shutters
     coming up you'll proceed from a corridor with raised planters containing
     mossy rocks, up a staircase to the right and onto a new corridor with large
     red patio parasols. At the top of these stairs check to the left and you
     will find a Secur-Com behind the column.

   Chapter 3-3
   o In the second chamber of the food factory (the "shipping area") cross over
     the first conveyor by the bridge. As you come off the bridge keep walking
     ahead (to the right side of the room) and you'll find a Secur-Com behind
     the grey electrical substation thing that's under the next staircase.

   o After taking the elevator up you'll find the next one in the warehouse
     maze. It's behind an L-shaped set of shelves on the far side of the room,
     near the exit and pretty much opposite where you entered.

   Chapter 3-4
   o During the bit with the toxic gas there will be several rows of hydroponic
     tanks. Pass right through the room, sheltering in the ventilation rooms as
     necessary, and go to the far end of the rear side of the final row of tanks
     where you'll find the Secur-Com between the last two tanks. You can collect
     it after you've stopped the gas if you like.

   o Before leaving the roof check in the far left corner. There's a Secur-Com
     behind a column, to the left of a doorway on the left side.

     (If you've been finding all the Secur-Coms so far this is the point at
     which your total reaches twenty and the Data Collector trophy will pop.)

   Chapter 4-1
   o At the start of the chapter, as you progress into the second carriage of
     the monorail train you'll find the first Secur-Com in the corner to the
     right of the door as you enter.

   o After a brief excursion you'll drop back into the train then progress into
     the second carriage. Then before you enter the third carriage you'll find
     another Secur-Com in the second niche on the left in the connecting area
     between the two cars.

   Chapter 4-2
   o After reaching the station you'll take the stairs down to a long straight
     corridor with planters along the centre. Instead of exiting this down the
     staircase on the left, run all the way to the far end where you'll find a
     Secur-Com on the floor in the back-left corner.

   o Back onto railway platforms (is this a platform game? haha!) you'll need
     to advance through two trains onto a third platform. Before taking the
     stairs up and out, stop to check the little gated enclosures on the third
     platform. There's a Secur-Com in one and you can jump into it to collect.
     From the perspective of the stairs (looking down to the platform) it's the
     farthest enclosure on the left.

   o Immediately after exiting the station, with the street in front of you,
     head to the far right where you'll find a Secur-Com on the ground in front
     of a large shuttered doorway.

   Chapter 4-3
   o In the first area of the underground parking lot (just like Kamurochou!),
     head to the far right corner. There's a Secur-Com on the floor in the
     corner of the bay there.

   o During the Gorilla rematch you'll follow the beast along a large corridor
     passing a couple of forklift trucks. There's a Secur-Com behind the second
     one you come to.

   Chapter 4-4
   o Once in the resistance base, exit the sickbay and head to the right (past a
     table with a shogi set - too bad it's not playable like in a Yakuza game!).
     There's a table in the far left corner of the room with a couple of guys
     standing next to it talking. The Secur-Com is on that table.

   Chapter 4-5
   o The final Secur-Com of Chapter 4 can be found in the area where you face a
     couple of Mobile Gun units supported by infantry. From your starting point
     just take the corner to the left, hug the wall (past a shop terminal) and
     you'll see it in the corner ahead of you.

   Chapter 5-1
   o The first Secur-Com of this chapter is in the Amada corp's reception area
     and you can collect it during or after the fight against the new Shinobi
     ninja-bots. It's on one of the round cyan coffee tables.

   o Proceeding from reception into the lobby will trigger a boss battle. After
     a couple of objectives you'll find yourself thrown onto the balcony of one
     of the higher floors. Follow this round to the right until you see some
     small trees - the Secur-Com is on the floor right behind them.

   o After heading up the emergency stairs you'll arrive at the floor that's
     home to the R&D department. You'll see a long narrow reception counter on
     the left and the Secur-Com is on top of the counter next to the computer.

   Chapter 5-2
   o You'll eventually reach the laboratory with rows of lab benches. From there
     head left into a room with a large interior window on the right revealing
     a third room with two cranes and several rentacop-bots. Once you get into
     that next room turn right and proceed to the end where you'll find the next
     Secur-Com in the far left corner, next to the exit.

   o After taking a large circular passenger elevator up to an R&D floor you'll
     come to a large hangar space with yellow-lit stairs where you'll reunite
     with the fourth member of your posse. Take the stairs down, cross the room
     and go up the stairs there. You'll find a Secur-Com behind the octagonal
     workbench on the right.

   Chapter 5-3
   o Once you've dropped down into the tunnel network follow the path to the
     right, then left, then right and left again and you'll find a Secur-Com on
     the floor in a dead-end.

   o When you reach the second set of tunnels with large piles of garbage at the
     sides you will find a Secur-Com behind the third pile on the right.

   Chapter 5-4
   o After leaving the scrap area you'll fight down one corridor, through a door
     and then down another with little partitions along the side walls. Then you
     will come to a T-junction with a box in the middle. The way forward is to
     the right but if you quickly check to the left you'll find a Secur-Com
     tucked behind a narrow column on the right wall.

   o Following completion of the boss battle and main objective on the rooftop
     you'll have to evacuate the area promptly. Move as fast as you can, using
     the charge launcher on your rifle to clear a barrier quickly. Immediately
     after climbing a ladder and dropping back down (facing the stairs), run a
     little to your right and you will find Chapter 5's last Secur-Com on the
     right behind the structure.

   Chapter 6-1
   o Your second firefight in Chapter 6 will continue through several rooms in a
     row and end in a chamber with a shop terminal on the right and a "strange
     door" to your left. Continue straight across the chamber, down the stairs
     and turn around. The penultimate Secur-Com is down by the right side of the
     stairs (as you face them from the bottom of the steps).

   Chapter 6-2
   o After various events in the large "chapel" room you'll exit through a short
     passage with a shop terminal on the right. The final Secur-Com is on the
     floor behind it.

42 Skill Master [Silver]

   For this one you're required to collect every unique nanomachine "skill" in a
   single playthrough of the campaign story. You'll be buying most of these from
   the vending machines but you'll also need to find six elsewhere.

   I've compiled a full list of nanomachine perks and shop prices below. Under
   that is a list of the six non-shop locations/sources. There are twelve unique
   perks for each person apart from your character (Dan) who gets twenty-four.

   Most of the shop upgrades are unavailable at the start of the game. They're
   drip-fed to you gradually, unlocking as the story progresses, so make sure
   you check the inventory at every shop you find.

   For reference, this trophy popped for me after buying the last few perks I
   found in the first shop in Chapter 5-4.

    Healing: Vitals Boost I (free pick-up)
             Vitals Boost II (1000 Cr)
             Vitals Boost III (2000 Cr)

     Health: Physical Enhancement I (800 Cr)
             Physical Enhancement II (free pick-up)
             Physical Enhancement III (3000 Cr)

    Defence: Shot Protection I (800 Cr)
             Shot Protection II (1200 Cr)
             Shot Protection III (2000 Cr)

             Bulletproof Skin I (free pick-up)
             Bulletproof Skin II (1500 Cr)
             Bulletproof Skin III (3000 Cr)

             Protective Coating (3000 Cr)

    Evasion: Avoidance Booster I (1000 Cr)
             Avoidance Booster II (1500 Cr)

     Reload: Quick Prompt (1000 Cr)

   Recovery: Auto-Repair I (free pick-up)
             Auto-Repair II (2000 Cr)

      Trust: Trust Enhancement (500 Cr from yakuza in Chapter 2)

   Capacity: Weapon Harness (800 Cr)

             Medi-Pouch I (500 Cr)
             Medi-Pouch II (1000 Cr)

      Melee: Muscle Regeneration I (free pick-up)
             Muscle Regeneration II (1500 Cr)

   If you got the "Dan Marshall Pack" as a pre-order bonus then you should've
   unlocked Physical Enhancement I, Protective Coating and Quick Prompt from
   that but presumably/hopefully they still count towards the trophy. (I didn't
   receive my download code until the day after I beat the game - thanks Zavvi!)

             Big Bo
     Health: Giga Strength I (300 Cr)
             Giga Strength II (400 Cr)
             Giga Strength III (600 Cr)
             Giga Strength IV (800 Cr)
             Giga Strength V (1000 Cr)

      Melee: Power Boost I (300 Cr)
             Power Boost II (500 Cr)
             Power Boost III (1000 Cr)

    Defence: Armor-Clad I (300 Cr)
             Armor-Clad II (500 Cr)
             Armor-Clad III (800 Cr)

   Capacity: Medi-Pouch (500 Cr)

     Health: Physical Enhancement I (300 Cr)
             Physical Enhancement II (400 Cr)
             Physical Enhancement III (600 Cr)

    Defence: Bulletproof Coating I (300 Cr)
             Bulletproof Coating II (600 Cr)
             Bulletproof Coating III (800 Cr)

    Evasion: Avoidance Booster I (1000 Cr)
             Avoidance Booster II (1200 Cr)

     Reload: Quick Prompt (1000 Cr)

   Recovery: Auto-Repair I (400 Cr)
             Auto-Repair II (600 Cr)

   Capacity: Medi-Pouch (500 Cr)

    Healing: Vitals Boost I (300 Cr)
             Vitals Boost II (400 Cr)
             Vitals Boost III (600 Cr)

    Defence: Bulletproof Skin I (300 Cr)
             Bulletproof Skin II (600 Cr)
             Bulletproof Skin III (800 Cr)

    Evasion: Avoidance Booster (1000 Cr)

   Recovery: Auto-Repair I (400 Cr)
             Auto-Repair II (600 Cr)

   Capacity: Medi-Pouch I (500 Cr)
             Medi-Pouch II (1000 Cr)

      Speed: Rescue Advantage (1000 Cr)

     Health: Physical Enhancement I (300 Cr)
             Physical Enhancement II (400 Cr)
             Physical Enhancement III (600 Cr)

   Recovery: Auto-Repair (600 Cr)

   Accuracy: Aim Focus I (1200 Cr)
             Aim Focus II (1000 Cr)

    Defence: Bulletproof Coating I (300 Cr)
             Bulletproof Coating II (600 Cr)
             Bulletproof Coating III (800 Cr)

    Evasion: Avoidance Booster (1000 Cr)

     Reload: Quick Prompt (1000 Cr)

   Capacity: Medi-Pouch (500 Cr)

   Recovery: Auto-Healing I (300 Cr)
             Auto-Healing II (400 Cr)
             Auto-Healing III (600 Cr)

    Defence: Shell-Proof Coating I (300 Cr)
             Shell-Proof Coating II (500 C)

             Multi-Layer Plating I (400 Cr)
             Multi-Layer Plating II (600 Cr)

             Mailed Shroud (100 Cr)

      Melee: Melee Impact I (300 Cr)
             Melee Impact II (400 Cr)
             Melee Impact III (600 Cr)

   Capacity: Medi-Pouch (500 Cr)

     Health: Vitals Boost I (300 Cr)
             Vitals Boost II (400 Cr)
             Vitals Boost III (600 Cr)

    Healing: Auto-Repair I (400 Cr)
             Auto-Repair II (600 Cr)

    Defence: Bulletproof Skin I (300 Cr)
             Bulletproof Skin II (600 Cr)
             Bulletproof Skin III (800 Cr)

    Evasion: Avoidance Booster (1000 Cr)

      Melee: Muscle Regeneration (1000 Cr)

   Survival: Survival Extension (1000 Cr)

   Capacity: Medi-Pouch (500 Cr)

   That's a total spend over everyone of 71,100 Credits I think.

   Here's a breakdown of the six locations where you'll need to pick up extra
   nanomachines (in addition to the ones you buy from the shops) - they're not
   too hard to spot. They're all in the first two chapters of the story and
   they're all perks for Dan.

   Chapter 1
   o After grappling up and entering the building at the very start of the
     chapter it's on a crate in the red corridor. [Vitals Boost I]

   o Following the water slide and a firefight up the rainy freeway, it's on a
     large girder right in front of you. [Bulletproof Skin I]

   Chapter 2
   o On the lid of a large dumpster on the left behind a car, immediately after
     exiting the first building at the start of the chapter. [Auto Repair I]

   o You can buy one for 500 Credits from the yakuza in the red basketball vest
     in the Shibuya underground district in Chapter 2-3. [Trust Enhancement]

   o When you reach the jetskis you'll see a large storage cage at the back of
     the area. Inside you'll find ammo, grenades and a nanomachines pick-up in
     the front-right corner. [Muscle Regeneration I]

   o When going to rescue the other squad there's a pick-up on a desk to the
     right just before you enter the side room with the pump control. [Physical
     Enhancement II]

43 Rust Crew [Silver]

   This is awarded for completing the story on Survivor mode (Hard diff).

   I think you can do this using the Chapter Select function if you want but it
   would be safer to start a new game and play through from start to end.

   The general advice for the higher difficulties is pretty obvious. You take
   more damage (and/or have less health) so make good use of cover and evasive
   rolls (hold left stick and tap X). When you're injured stay in cover until
   your health has regenerated fully and watch out for any enemies rushing or
   flanking you. Buy and equip nano perks (see trophy #42) to boost your health,
   heal rate, defence and evasion. Restock with medkits (for you and your team)
   whenever you come to a shop terminal and try to keep an emergency stash of
   several thousand Credits for this purpose. Remember you can also use perks to
   increase the medkit carrying capacity of your character and his squadmates.

   Don't worry when the trophy doesn't pop after the scenes following the final
   boss battle. You have to sit through the (unskippable) end credits and one
   last cut-scene before you get the trophy.

   Beating the game on Survivor difficulty unlocks No Mercy mode (Ex Hard diff).

44 Survivor [Gold / Hidden]

   This is awarded for completing the story on No Mercy mode (Ex Hard diff).

   To unlock the No Mercy option you need to complete the game on Survivor.

   To save time on your second or third playthrough you can skip most cut-scenes
   by pressing Start then X. Sometimes there'll be a sequence of several scenes
   and you'll need to repeat this action a few times.

------< FARMING >------------------------------------------------- [Section 05]

There are several points in the story where you'll face continually spawning
enemies. You can (ab)use these to farm specific types of kills (e.g. melee kills
and multi-kills), to farm credits received from kills (and combat bonuses) and
to farm Trust with the partner/s currently in your party.

You could be facing waves of enemies for several minutes so think about your
ammo reserves - either use melee attacks (press Square), use the same type of
gun as the robots so you can resupply from pick-ups or do your farming near a
shop terminal where you can restock on ammo.

Before my pre-order had even arrived, CassyChan has posted about an excellent
spot to do this. In Chapter 2-5 you leave your two partners at a giant elevator
and set off alone to rescue the other two characters. Once you've got them you
will head back to the lift and press the button to summon it. This will trigger
a cut-scene followed by a continuous supply of the light brown "Simian" jumping
monkey-bots to farm. Just stay on the bridge and gantry where you entered the
chamber and they should keep coming. They arrive in groups and Cassy recommends
using melee attacks to get Smash bonuses (for trophy #22). That will conserve
your ammo too. The robots are so close together you'll also get double and
triple kills which will impress your new partners and boost their Trust stats.
The monkeys drop bosonic charge ammo occasionally and this will roll down the
ramp. You can collect this and use the charge blast on Dan's primary rifle to
get multi-kill bonuses (for trophy #23) by blasting groups. If you get injured
just run around to evade (hold X) and collect any bosonic charges while you're
at it. The supply of robots isn't truly infinite but it should last at least 10
minutes which is long enough to gain more than one full bar of Trust.

(Remember the characters swap so after Rachael blows the door at the start of
2-5 you should pick the two you *don't* want to boost Trust for.)

I found a handy spot on Chapter 2-4. Instead of waiting downstairs for Yuki to
unlock the door in the metro station I went through the turnstiles to the left
and around the corner to the right. The little corridor there gives good cover
against enemies in the main room and there's a service elevator which delivers a
single green Assault Shooter robot every few seconds, helpfully preceded by an
alarm signal. You can get melee kills on each arrival or aim for headshots to
make them shoot at the other robots. The robots continued to spawn there for
some time but the supply did dry up eventually.

There's a big shootout after the car chase at the beginning of Chapter 3. You'll
reach a stage where your team tells you to press a button to open the exit door.
Instead you can stay there and face continued waves of Assault Shooters, some
with shields. There's a shop terminal on the left side of the tunnel so if you
stay near that you can resupply with ammo, grenades and medkits as required.
This should be a good spot to farm partner revives in addition to kills.

There are a couple of scenes in the tunnels in Chapter 5-3 where you have to
fend off swarms of scrap-bots while your partners open a door. This is a good
opportunity to get headshots and melee kills (or sometimes both on the same one)
and you can also get double/triple/multi-kills since you have several targets in
a confined space (and they helpfully drop ammo for your underbarrel launcher).
These bonuses all boost your Trust so this is a good spot to work on your Trust
level with Shindo. I found that I could also hang around in the connecting
tunnels and a few enemies would continue to spawn after fights - where there's
only one or two at a time it's pretty easy to get headshots and melee kills. The
section where you leave the garbage tunnels can be farmed too if you don't have
Shindo to max Trust already by then.

You can farm one-shot kills during the Iron Raptor boss fight in Chapter 2-4
after the jetski sequence (see trophy #25 for details).

You can farm multi-kills using the hacked Mobile Gun unit in Chapter 4-5 (see
trophy #23 for details).

------< ONLINE TROPHIES >----------------------------------------- [Section 06]

Of the fifty trophies available in the game only six relate to online play in
multiplayer and co-op. However don't make the assumption that having so few will
make it easier - on the contrary, the gold trophy (#50) will take a *LOT* of
time and effort (and a substantial amount of boosting) to achieve.

There are seven multiplayer versus modes (or "rules") in Binary Domain (see list
under trophy #48) and an online-only co-op mode called Invasion.

The game does not require an online pass so if you rent it or buy pre-owned you
will be able to play online without having to pay for the privilege.

I'm writing this at the end of the fortnight which saw the game released in
Japan, America, Europe and other territories and yet sadly the online population
is tiny with very few games available. A significant proportion of players are
Japanese so you might improve your chances of getting games by playing when they
would be active, i.e. evenings and weekend daytimes on Japan time.

You can check the current date and time in Tokyo (and therefore the rest of the
country) here: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/city.html?n=248

45 First Victory [Bronze]

   You get this for winning one multiplayer match in any mode.

   You're most likely to find an active game in Team Deathmatch mode. In order
   for it to register as a victory for this trophy your team has to win two
   rounds out of the three that constitute a full match.

46 Still Alive* [Bronze]

   The requirement here is that you "clear a stage" in Invasion - the co-op wave
   survival game in which up to four players face a series of fifty rounds, each
   with different numbers and types of enemies.

   You don't get this trophy for completing a round so I think you need to clear
   all fifty rounds on any one of the three available maps (which are referred
   to in the game as "stages").

   (Clearing fifty consecutive rounds is also the ultimate requirement for the
   Invasion category of the online challenges which are required for the final
   online trophy.)

   Completing an Invasion stage will require an organised team of four dedicated
   players with a pre-planned strategy and ideally headsets for communication.

   King_Ubu posted a load of useful co-op mode tips on the PS3Trophies.org forum
   which you can view here: http://preview.tinyurl.com/invasion-tips

   Stone Cold Snake subseqently put together a very comprehensive Invasion guide
   in this thread: http://preview.tinyurl.com/invasion-tips2

   *An appropriate title for a survival mode trophy but hopefully also a little
   reference to Portal? :)

47 Resistance Hero [Bronze]

   For this trophy you need to clear all stages in Invasion mode so I think that
   means you have to survive all fifty rounds in games played on all three maps:
   'Shibuya Station Square', 'Outside Agro-Center' and 'Underground Warehouse'.

48 Battlemaster [Bronze]

   You get this for winning one match in each of the seven multiplayer modes:-

   - Free For All
   - Team Deathmatch
   - Team Survival
   - Operation 
   - Demolition
   - Data Capture
   - Domain Control

   Even this simple trophy will probably require a little boosting with other
   players since it's rare to find active matches in some modes.

49 Veteran Soldier [Silver]

   You achieve this trophy by reaching Level 50 in multiplayer.

   I'm writing this a couple of weeks after the Japanese release date and I've
   already seen some Japanese players online at Level 50 so this is definitely
   achievable, although who knows how many hours per day they've been playing?!

   Please note that, apart from the short list of challenges (see trophy #50),
   you do not receive XP from playing the Invasion co-op mode.

50 Challenge Master [Gold]

   The requirement for this trophy is to complete all the online challenges -
   and there are a LOT! You can view them (and your progress) from the Online
   menu by pressing Square and selecting Challenge. There's a full list below -
   it takes long enough just to re-type it, let alone complete it all! :6

   With the exception of the final Invasion category, you can only make progress
   on these challenges in the multiplayer ("versus") modes, not co-op mode.

   I've included this list really just so you can see how ridiculous some of the
   challenges are. :\

   If you're commited (you should be!) to getting this trophy you should take
   the time to become intimately familiar with this list and keep checking your
   progress so you don't waste time, for example once you have the required 100
   kills with the SOWSAR-17 switch to a different gun (or class), once you have
   the 30 FFA wins switch to a different game mode, etc.

   Every completed challenge earns you experience points too so a good awareness
   of these will also help you level-up faster.

   You can purchase new equipment from the respawn screen using points earned in
   play (e.g. 200 pts for a kill, 100 pts for an assist, etc). These points
   carry over between lives and between rounds so you can "save up" for the more
   expensive stuff. Several of the challenges require you to buy (and use) these
   weapons. Any item you buy will only be available during your next life.

   The two standard weapons for each class are faction-locked to the two sides -
   the Ministry of Homeland Affairs (cyan) and the Resistance (magenta). 

   o Weapon \ Assault Rifles

     - get 10 / 30 / 50 / 80 / 100 kills with SOWSAR-17 (cyan team)
     - get 10 / 30 / 50 / 80 / 100 kills with Akagi-74 (magenta team)
     - purchase once / get 5 / 10 / 25 kills with RAOW-R8
     - purchase once / get 5 / 10 / 25 kills with Raiden-80

     The assault rifles are available to the Soldier class.

     The RAOW and Raiden can be bought for 500 pts each.

   o Weapons \ Submachineguns

     - get 10 / 30 / 50 / 80 / 100 kills with HIG-PDW44 (cyan team)
     - get 10 / 30 / 50 / 80 / 100 kills with Akagi-77 (magenta team)

     The SMG's are available to the Scout class.

     Judging by the promotional artwork, the SMG's are also available to the
     Ninja class added by the "Multiplayer Pack" pre-order bonus.

   o Weapons \ Sniper Rifles

     - get 10 / 30 / 50 / 80 / 100 kills with Jugland R93 (cyan team)
     - get 10 / 30 / 50 / 80 / 100 kills with Yamato-50 (magenta team)
     - purchase once / get 5 / 10 / 25 kills with RAOW-SR1

     The sniper rifles are available to the Sniper class. (duh!)

     The RAOW can be bought for 650 pts.

     (The "Multiplayer Pack" pre-order bonus adds the Hoga Type-69 sniper rifle
     to your game but this is not included here.)

   o Weapons \ Light Machine Guns

     - get 10 / 30 / 50 / 80 / 100 kills with M-489 SAW (cyan team)
     - get 10 / 30 / 50 / 80 / 100 kills with Akagi-78 (magenta team)

     The LMG's are available to the Heavy Gunner class.

   o Weapons \ Shotguns

     - get 10 / 30 / 50 / 80 / 100 kills with HIG-S8 (cyan team)
     - get 10 / 30 / 50 / 80 / 100 kills with Yamato-51 (magenta team)
     - purchase once / get 5 / 10 / 25 kills with RAOW-S7

     The shotguns are available to the Striker class.

     The RAOW can be bought for 650 pts.

   o Weapons \ Handguns

     - get 5 / 20 / 50 kills with Soldado 38P (cyan team)
     - get 5 / 20 / 50 kills with Shinano-80 (magenta team)
     - purchase once / get 5 / 10 / 25 kills with LE-18

     The LE-18 machine-pistol can be bought for 200 pts.

     (The "Multiplayer Pack" pre-order bonus adds the Yamato-0 revolver to your
     game but this is not included here.)

   o Weapons \ Grenades

     - purchase once / get 5 / 10 / 25 kills with frag grenades
     - purchase once / throw 5 / 25 / 75 stun grenades
     - purchase once / get 5 / 10 / 25 kills with sticky bombs
     - purchase once / get 5 / 10 / 25 kills with remote bombs
     - purchase once / get 5 / 10 / 25 kills with directional mines (Claymores)
     - destroy 5 / 10 / 25 enemy directional mines
     - purchase once / throw 5 / 25 / 75 smoke grenades

     These can be bought for between 100 and 300 pts each.

     The Equipment Slot perk increases your grenade capacity by one so that
     would be useful when working on these challenges. To set-up your perks
     press Select on the Online menu and pick the Skill Settings option.

   o Weapons \ Special Weapons

     - purchase once / get 5 / 10 / 25 kills with HEMWL-3.8 launcher
     - purchase once / get 5 / 10 / 25 kills with Nagato-79 launcher
     - purchase once / get 5 / 10 / 25 kills with Orochi G6 minigun
     - purchase once / get 5 / 10 / 25 kills with Ikazuchi M6 launcher
     - purchase once / get 5 / 10 / 25 kills with bulletproof shield
     - take damage 50 / 100 / 250 times with bulletproof shield

     These can be bought for between 1000 and (ouch) 5000 pts each.

   o Match Score \ Match Results

     - win Free For All mode 5/10/30 times
     - win Team Deathmatch mode 5/10/30 times
     - win Team Survival mode 5/10/30 times
     - win Operation mode 5/10/30 times
     - win Demolition mode 5/10/30 times
     - win Data Capture mode 5/10/30 times
     - win Domain Control mode 5/10/30 times

   o Match Score \ Personal Results

     - blow up 5 / 10 / 20 enemy supply points (Demolition mode)
     - defuse 5 / 10 / 20 bombs (Demolition mode)
     - obtain enemy data 5 / 10 / 20 times (Data Capture mode)
     - recover data 5 / 10 / 20 times (Data Capture mode)
     - take control of a point 5 / 10 / 20 times (Domain Control mode)

   o Match Score \ Awards

     - receive Most Kills title 5 / 10 / 20 times
     - receive Most Assists title 5 / 10 / 20 times
     - receive Most Headshots title 5 / 10 / 20 times
     - receive Most Teammates Saved title 5 / 10 / 20 times
     - receive Best K/D Ratio title 5 / 10 / 20 times
     - receive Most Valuable Player title 5 / 10 / 30 times

   o Match Score \ Skill

     - get 5 / 20 / 50 one-shot kills
     - get 5 / 15 / 30 double kills
     - get 3 / 5 / 10 triple kills
     - get 1 / 3 / 5 multi-kills
     - get 5 / 25 / 75 / 150 / 250 kill assists
     - get 5 / 20 / 50 assault rifle headshots
     - get 5 / 20 / 50 SMG headshots
     - get 5 / 20 / 50 sniper rifle headshots
     - get 5 / 20 / 50 LMG headshots
     - get 5 / 20 / 50 shotgun headshots
     - get 5 / 20 / 50 handgun headshots

   o Match Score \ Variety

     - use 5 / 15 / 30 first aid kits on yourself
     - use 5 / 15 / 30 first aid kits on others
     - get 5 / 20 / 50 melee kills
     - get 5 / 15 / 30 revenges
     - get 3 / 5 / 15 critical condition kills

     First aid kits can be bought for 150 pts each.

     The Strike Upgrade perk boosts "close-range attack power" (melee?) by 20%.

     The "critical condition" thing is when you're damaged into a man-down state
     and can only use your sidearm until you either bleed out or get revived.

   o Match Score \ Invasion (co-op mode)

     - clear 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 consecutive rounds

     Surviving all fifty rounds on any co-op map will also give you the Still
     Alive trophy (#46).

------< CONTACT >------------------------------------------------- [Section 07]

I welcome feedback, corrections and contributions on this guide. Contributions
will usually be reworded but will always be fully credited to the submitter so
be sure to tell me the name you want me to use.

You can email me at barticle at hotmail.com - obviously changing the "at" to an
@ and removing the spaces. It would be helpful if you include "Binary Domain"
somewhere in the subject line to get my attention.

------< THANKS >-------------------------------------------------- [Section 08]

I would like to thank the following:-

o CassyChan for the farming tip; the Takedown, Private Moment and Comrades info;
  details on the truck shop and the sneak preview of his excellent guide :)

o PowerPyx for the alternative Iron Whale location video

o azidahaka for the one-shot kill farming location

o King_Ubu for the multi-kill farming location and Invasion tips

o Stone Cold Snake for the Invasion tips

o Berny18 and diddydead for helpful forum posts

o Loscil and Luke Hess for super sounds

I will be happy to give credit and thanks to anyone who makes a contribution.
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