Dex/int build need help (PvE)?

  1. hello

    i need help with the following:
    1) wich armor and rings would be more suitable? i wanna maintain the fast roll. right now i use crown of Dusk, dingy robes, blood-stained skirt and gold hammed armpieces (however they are called)
    as for rings i have ring of FaP, and bellowing dragoncrest ring

    2) wich weapons would be best to use? right now i use Great scythe and balder side sword both +15.
    maybe i should get a weapon to upgrade trough another path? (fire, lighnting? magic? idk i don't have much experience with this)

    4) as for spells i use crystal magic weapon, homing crystal soul mass, dark bead and crystal soul spear
    3) any advice you could give me would be really nice.

    User Info: Duskwalker

    Duskwalker - 9 months ago

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