What do you think of my build?

  1. I recently started playing dark souls, and I wanted to know if I should change something
    Here it is: mugenmonkey.com/darksouls/550130
    I'm in Anor Londo and kind of stuck with knight Lautrec (I have died 4 times now), any suggestions?

    User Info: HubertttM

    HubertttM - 5 months ago


  1. The build isn't bad (well it's ok, I won't tell you to change cause it's YOUR game). if you find yourself dying to quickly maybe go for a temp heavy armor, you are close to the giant smith (get dat giant armor).

    For Lautrec specifically, scrap the evil eye ring, not worth the time, use the chlorocanthy ring or steel protection ring, Focus just on him, he's the only prick you need to kill, Keep that magic user behind a pillar or yourself by a pillar so his spam spell misses you, Lautrec is (well he isn't easy but) fairly weak, a good combo on him is gonna make him near death. try to not let him Estus, you kill him and you're done, even if you die right after. your mission was to kill him as a phantom so TASK ACHIEVED.

    Praise that sun friend

    User Info: chymick

    chymick - 4 months ago 0 0
  2. In general the build is fine. Nothing spectacular it it's okay. The crimson robes offer great protection with minimal weight. However, it has no poise. I definately recommend you using the wolf wing for +40 poise. It will help a great deal.

    For the Lautrec fight especially the extra poise will help a lot. It may let you get away after a hit without getting combo struck.

    As chymick already said you might even consider wearing heavy armor for this fight. You should however not get the giants set. You get can the Havel Set in Anor Londo for free after an illusionary wall.
    When you exit the bonfire kill the silver knight near the staircase and there will be a door to the left. In there as the illusionary wall. Havels Armor has the best magic resistance in the game so the mage during the Lautrec fight will be no problem.

    During the fight itself you can only heal with blessings, miracles and humanity. Seperate the 3 guys by going up the stairs. There you can often fight them 1 on 1 or have them behind each other. Only Lautrec needs to die and you win.
    Once you beat him you get the Ring of Favour and Protection from him. It's the best ring in the game but breaks when you switch it out for another. So just put it on and stick with it through the game. Invest into Endurance so you can remain a fast roll.

    If you do so you will be golden. I don't like Quelaags though. Maybe you should look for a decent quality build weapon. Longsword, Claymore etc.

    User Info: Toothy_Serpent

    Toothy_Serpent - 3 months ago 0 0

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