Can I even save Solaire now?

  1. I didn't start the game with the old witches ring. So I think I would have to pass the point of no return to get the sunlight maggot to trade for the ring. Is there anyway to get the ring without triggering Solaire's hollowfication? In order to join the covenant I need that bloody ring.

    User Info: Zack_attack180

    Zack_attack180 - 2 years ago

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  1. Actually, you don't even need the ring for the Chaos Servants. Just "talk" with the pale Spider girl found right after Quelaag, and you'll get the option.
    (By the way, she is located behind an illusory wall. Answer "Yes" to the eggsack-guy found behind)

    Saving Solaire requires you to pay 30 humanity to the Chaos Spider girl, allowing you to open the shortcut in the Demon Ruins, which can be found right before the Demon Firesage. In there, you will find a special Chaos Bug which will drop the Sunlight Maggot. Note that the ring has no real effect on gameplay, as it only allows you to speak to the girl, while the Sunlight Maggot will be extremely useful in the Tomb of the Giants.

    User Info: FourKings

    FourKings - 2 years ago 1   0

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