IS the qualogs fury sword a good sword for the rest of the game?

  1. Hey i just upgrade qualogs fury sword to +3 and im wondering if tis a good sword to use for the rest of the game, so far i love it, and also how do i get more demon titanite easily. Also if ur super kind what armor set and shield would go best with it, my strength is 27, dex is 16, end is 16 (those are only important ones for equipment right?) i am willing to put in a lot of work to upgrade stats too. I could do with new armor right now I'm using Havel's armor and i love it but it is slow.

    P.S. i know my stats are bad for this sword but tell me how to fix it and honestly id glady restart tthe game to start my stats over again if you guys woud tell me what i should do

    User Info: gaberothzilla

    gaberothzilla - 2 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    If you guys ould tell me how to reshape those stats from the beggining*

    User Info: gaberothzilla

    gaberothzilla - 2 years ago


  1. Wow! 16 end and havels armor? You must tank more than dodge right? I've never used to fury sword to endgame but if you upgrade it to +5 its very possible and looks like it would be pretty easy. If I were you I'd level up your Dex and endurance (I believe furysword has some Dex scaling).

    Armor wise it depends on if you are dodging or tanking. If you want heavier armor with high defense similar to havels I would suggest: Smoughs Set, Iron armor, or the Paladin Set. If you're wanting a lighter set I'd say the gold hemmed robes, xanthous armor or the crimson robes.

    Hope this helps! Praise the Sun! \[T]/

    User Info: Phear_The_Phish

    Phear_The_Phish - 2 years ago 0 0

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