Solaire went hostile? How do I save him?

  1. I'm following Alex's HTML walkthrough & I followed his optional instructions for how to save Solaire (he said to use the alternate route to lost izalith which requires chaos servant +2). When I touched the door that only opens for a chaos servant +2, Solaire was standing right on the other side and he was immediately hostile! Now Alex has been wrong a few times in his guide (e.g. wrote left when he meant right), so is he wrong on this or is it a glitch?

    User Info: johnmgd

    johnmgd - 6 years ago

    This says pretty much the same thing as Alex's guide. I did NOT progress past the centipede demon's lair, I went back to the bonfire in Eingyi's room after killing it. Do you have to be chaos servant +2 before killing the centipede demon then immediately go to the shortcut after killing it?

    User Info: johnmgd

    johnmgd - 6 years ago

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  1. Yes you have to be chaos servant +2 even before going into Demon Ruins so after killing the fire sage rest at the bonfire before the cenipede demon. Given that you have followed Solaire's path before getting there (talk to him twice before the Helkite bridge, Talk to him twice in anor londo (inner, befoe killing ornstien/smough), Then talk to him at the sunlight altar) kill the centipede demon follow the cavern off to the left then talk to solaire and warp back (via homeward/ homward bone) to the bonfire before the centipede demon cavern then enter the short cut before the demon fire sage and kill the nine chaos bugs (those annoying jumping things) before going into the lost izalith and he should then be sitting by the entrance to the short cut (by the door that disappears after you touch it)

    User Info: Cezovic

    Cezovic (Expert) - 6 years ago 2   0

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