Where can I find Fire Shield?

  1. one of my friend told me about this Drake area (not the dragon on the bridge) and he said to me that there is a Fire Shield ...but my friend hasnt given me a clear desciption on how to get there from the starting point of dark soul Conayaro - 10 years ago - report


  1. Ok this area is easy to find however you need the Master Key and i would recommend not going with any souls on you so spend them. Starting from the bonfire at Firelink Shrine there's a dude in silver-ish armor, left of him there are stairs going down, and then more stairs going down but these are close to the edge so be careful, these lead to an elevator. The elevator takes you down to the New Londo Ruins. Take the stairs from the elevator until you find an Undead, then go through the doorway into the opening and take a right and you'll see stairs and another doorway, so go through there till you find a gate, open it with the Master Key. You'll see a small thin bridge, cross that and dont fall. Take the path to the left of the bridge and walk all the way south to another bridge. From here you'll see a undead looking dragon, follow the path to it, the key here is he does wake up but only when you touch the items infront of him, there you'll find that Fire Shield called the "Dragon Crest Shield", and a Sword called the "Astora's Straight Sword" which has magic as well as physical attack. Key here is that you will die so pick both up quickly and let yourself be killed, then just go back down and reclaim your souls if you went with any. Hope these instructions were clear enough. Priminoid (Expert) - 10 years ago - report 1   0
  2. Well the Master Key is one way of getting it ... the another way is to go through Blight Town and take the exit at the water wheel (a bunch of ladders up to the top), and an even easier way is to go through Darkwood Basin ... there is an entrance guarded by a black knight, and a bonfire. Kill him, take the elevator and if your strong enough kill the thunder dragons, or just run to the left, up the ledge and eventually you'll come across the undead dragon guarding the shield, however i dont know if he'll wake up from this approach. Priminoid (Expert) - 10 years ago - report 1   0
  3. I want the shield 2, but i dnt have masterkey, wut key does it take? Old_one_slayer - 10 years ago - report 0   0
  4. There are three good shields against fire. The Havels great shield from anor londo, the black knight shield (best fire defense but average stability) which is a rare drop of one of the black knights, and the great shield of atorias which is any standard shield ascended with the soul of sif. Cezovic (Expert) - 9 years ago - report 0   0
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