Age of PC Warden?

  1. So, did it ever specify how old the Warden you play as is? Like, dwarven commoner, city elf, etc? Can anyone tell me their ages if you know please?

    User Info: LiveAndLove1989

    LiveAndLove1989 - 1 year ago

Accepted Answer

  1. It never once mentions the Wardens age in any of the detailed information provided by the game. All we can gather is in the Mage origin, Dalish Elf origin and the Human Lord origin, is that you are young, and most around you treat you as a child. In the City Elf origin, you are young but able to be married legally so we can deduce you are of age at least (which typically in those times was 16). The dwarven origins portray you as a little more older. Early to mid twenties I'd say.

    For the most part though, the Wardens age is not a canon piece of knowledge. It is a Role Playing game that is inspired by Dungeons and Dragons in many ways. As such, I'm sure the developers/writers left this bit of information unsaid simply to add more to the Role playing aspect. So really, their age is more whatever age you want them to be, within reason of course. Simply use the information you are given for each origin and just create your own age for your character.

    User Info: JohnathanHyde

    JohnathanHyde - 1 year ago 1   0

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