Where can I find Bann Loren's lands?

  1. at what point does the icon for Bann Loren's land appear?

    im about halfway through a second playing of the game, completed a couple of main quests and DLC quests (ive recruited the Mages and the Humans, in the process of the Dwarves and then its the Dalish) , gotten loads of upgrades and whatnot already, but even after speaking to EA games to make sure i *have* downloaded it thanks to the code they gave, i cant see the icon appear.

    is it because ive gone past a point of no return?

    does it only appear when Lothering is still active?

    i dont want to have to restart the entire game, but i will if i have to as ive made a couple of clangers in this one that i *could* rectify i suppose.......

    User Info: andrew180977

    andrew180977 - 8 years ago


  1. Finally I found someone with the same problem! Why did I write this to answers?

    User Info: Lasutron

    Lasutron - 7 years ago 0   0

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