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Reviewed: 10/10/12

Resident Evil 6: Most Polarized Game of All Time!

Resident Evil 6 is very similar to Resident Evil 5. If you played Resident Evil 5 and liked it, then you will most likely enjoy Resident Evil 6. While some might say Resident Evil 5 is slightly more polished, Resident Evil 6 is easily twice as long with double the content. Resident Evil 6 has some improved gameplay mechanics, like moving while shooting, as well as full melee combos that can be performed at the players prerogative. The level of action and horror is also very similar to 5 as well as the QTEs (quick time events). I would say Resident Evil 6 might seem slightly more action oriented over 5, but it's mostly the new mechanics that make it feel more fast paced. Same with the QTEs. There may be a slightly higher ratio of QTEs, but not by much in comparison to 5.

If you have never played a Resident Evil game before, Resident Evil 6 will be a great place to start. Story wise, you won't get the same impact as someone who has been a long time player of the series, but the story is basic enough; Zombies and mutated creatures everywhere and you have to survive. Gameplay is fun and broken up nicely by cut-scenes and QTEs. There are three campaigns to choose from at the start and one other after completing the first three. So, four campaigns altogether, each ranging from five to ten hours apiece. This game is easily over thirty hours with just the campaigns alone, not including the online modes.

Online modes include; Mercenaries, which is a timed online co-op or not mode where you kill as many creatures as possible within the time limit for points and high score. Agent hunt mode allows you to enter another players world as a random monster, giving you a chance to kill the player. Also, you can cooperatively play the main campaigns online. Aside from Agent hunt mode, all of these modes are available in split-screen as well, for couch co-op with a friend.

Okay, now that I've given you the basic gist of the game, it's time to breakdown the different aspects on a scale from one to ten.

-Graphics- 8.5 out of 10. The graphics are great. Sometimes they're down right beautiful. But, compared to some of the games on the market today, I wouldn't say they're the best this generation has to offer. However, the high production value and level of detail is obvious. The graphics will not disappoint.

-Sound Design- 10 out of 10. The sound and music for this game is out standing, simply some of the best on the market today. Great gun shot sounds, intense context sensitive music, spot on sound effects, etc etc. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about the sound design.

-Gameplay- 9 out of 10. This game is fun. Extremely fun. If it's not the awesome dodge roll, it's the aiming while prone and subsequent roll away to safety. Fun melee and edge-of-your-seat QTEs round out the action as well as some driving sequences.

-Controls- 9 out of 10. The controls are smooth and responsive. They may take some getting used to but once properly acclimated, they are easy and intuitive. Some people have complained about the cover mechanic, but it's rarely even needed on normal difficulties and even then, it's easy to get the hang of and use effectively.

-Story- 8.5 out of 10. While the story can be a bit convoluted and even "campy" at times, it's still very entertaining and fits into the series lore quite nicely. Long time players of the series will undoubtedly get more out of the story, but there's enough here to make even new comers smile.

-Replayability- 9 out of 10. While past games of the series had slightly more to unlock, Resident Evil 6 is still extremely replayable. With certain extras, like infinite ammo and expensive skills, you'll be coming back again and again for those skills points, which is what you need to purchase the various skills and unlocks. You won't be running out of things to do, or re-do, anytime soon with this game.

-Overall- 10 out of 10. This is a game where I feel the full package adds up to quite a bit more than the sum of its parts. There's just so much to do and see, it's a game that keeps giving and giving. Multiple single player campaigns, cooperative options across the board, nail-biting online modes, the game is just huge. With so much to do, this game manages to shirk away any flaws and steps up to 10 out of 10 status.

---Final Verdict---
10 out of 10 --Masterpiece--

Anyone who doesn't get a chance to play this game, is missing out on one of the most fun experiences to come out in years. Amazing game.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Resident Evil 6 (US, 10/02/12)

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