What is the best strategy for claiming boars territory?

  1. I have unlocked the axis deer and I am trying to unlock the boar but the problem is that I always get killed before I mark the whole territory. Is there a good strategy to claim the boar's territory without dying or getting spotted or getting into fights?

    User Info: Doryna2100

    Doryna2100 - 3 years ago


  1. For future players seeking the answer:

    Take some preparation before claiming territories in this game. First of all would be leveling up by eating food and getting AT LEAST average female. This way you should have three siblings (desperate will bring you 1 or 2). If you still have problems take some time to get and find the prime one to get maximum of the litter. After you mate, try to get to Veteran (Boss would be best) do be stronger. Check every white gift if you happen to see one. They often contain some valuable items like magazine or medicines. These will obviously help with the task.

    As for the strategies of taking territory:
    1.Always try to get a clean kill if the animal doesn't see you. Seek for those animals which are separated on the map and leave packs for the end.
    2.If the crowd is too big for your animal pack and it's attacking you -> back up and try to seperate enemies to have bigger chances.
    3.If there's possibility, try to stay out of the confrontation and quickly mark the spot without being seen (right stick for quick movement).
    4.Watch out for the ram attack of the boars. Try to quickly evade it with the right stick. Before a boar will do that attack it will stay and get ready for the charge.

    User Info: LukeInside

    LukeInside - 2 years ago 0 0

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