How to survive as a grazer?

  1. I am having trouble being a grazer, Sometimes I die before I reach 1 year. Does anyone has any good grazer surviving tips?

    User Info: Doryna2100

    Doryna2100 - 3 years ago


  1. For a while I was only focusing on unlocking the grazers, so there are a few tricks.

    1. Pay attention to your challenges and work toward them.
    2. Always, alllways use the long grasses especially when it's dark so you can kind of stake out the area.
    3. When it's light, travel at the bottom of your screen so you can see predators/plants, ect at a distance.
    4. Eat toxic plants if you have a lot of herd members or if you have medicine to boost your rank.
    5. Don't eat all of the plants at once! Leave a few so you can come back if you don't find any further on.
    6. With that in mind: If you know there are a lot of plants, eat them all, Boss rank gets you... 5 or 6 herd members (lives) if you hook up with a prime mate.
    7. Always try to go for at least average mates.
    8. If you get chased by a hunter, use triangle to sacrifice one of your buddies, it sucks, but you'll live another day hopefully.
    9. If you get chased and you can see cover in the distance, try to evade your way toward it and hide, sometimes they get confused and will leave you alone.

    Hope that's helpful!

    User Info: JonsieMcJones

    JonsieMcJones - 3 years ago 0 0
  2. I'd also add:

    10.Remember the water and white gifts locations since they never change. Drink from puddles when you can. If it's toxic (purple color) just relocate to other parts of the city. Remember that gifts tend to show up randomly but always have same locations.
    11.Take advantage of your double jump when you're playing as smaller grazier. For example: Yamanote Line is full of empty trains. Usually they don't have predators on their roofs so it's a good and safety path to jump on them.
    12.If the predator is in your way and it's smaller or the same size as your grazier try to make a Clean Kill (R1 when the red jaws icon shows up). Use it only if you're sure that there's no other predators in sight and if you have time.
    13.If there's possibility - grab a friend and play multiplayer. It should be easier because you both have three revive pills.
    14.If you're being chased by a predator, use right analog stick for quick dashes. Use stamina jerky if you're in big trouble. They can be found in the white gifts.
    15.Check the amount of food in various parts of the city by using your map. Planning where to go is the essence of survival in this game.
    16.Use Sewers to get away from toxicity or for shortcuts.

    User Info: LukeInside

    LukeInside - 2 years ago 0 0

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