Anyone know how to get to the Shibuya Station Parking Lot?

  1. Several times during Survival the Challenge has come up to "Find the hidden entrance to the Shibuya Station Parking Lot." In Shibuya Station, there is a hole on the map that looks like it could be the place, but when I get there, it's just a dent in the pavement. That place looks like it could be broken through, but I have no idea how to break it. Anyone have any clues?

    User Info: kunoichizero

    kunoichizero - 5 years ago

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  1. That hole you found leads from the sewers, but you have to open it from below in every game. I should add it's a very useful shortcut when the area is heavily polluted.

    The Parking Lot is actually one of the buildings east of the Shibuya Station nest. From there, stay near the top edge of the screen, and run east. Keep going past the bent street sign, and you'll get the credit.

    User Info: Spazticus

    Spazticus - 5 years ago 2 0

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