Help unlocking Story Mode?

  1. I have completed the tutorial in story mode but the next part isn't unlocking for me to play and I cant hover over it to see how to do it.... I know it seems like a dumb question but I cant figure it out for the life of me! Please someone help....

    User Info: BlueDragon169

    BlueDragon169 - 8 years ago

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  1. It's a bit confusing at first, but here's what you do. This pattern will be repeated throughout the game, at least until all of Story Mode is unlocked.

    1. Once you've finished your current Story chapter, go to Survival mode. Look for the markers on the map that look like USB sticks - there should be either three or four of them, depending on how many Story chapters you've completed.

    2. Collect them all - they'll look like the usual presents, but with a marker above them when you get close - then continue as far as you can, or just let yourself die (I suggest advancing as far as possible, for more breeding stats and Survival Points.)

    3. After the Survival Mode ends, and you return to the main menu, you'll see a message stating that a new Story chapter is unlocked. You -must- beat the current Story chapter before any new USB sticks will appear. Beat this Story chapter, then return to Survival Mode for the next set of USB sticks, and so on.

    Note that you can still continue to play more runs of Survival Mode without going back to the Story Mode, unlocking more animals and equipment to make later Survival runs easier.

    User Info: Spazticus

    Spazticus - 8 years ago 6   1

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