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Walkthrough by Split Infinity

Version: Cross | Updated: 12/31/2011
FAQ of the Month Winner: December 2011

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Name of game:   Ratchet & Clank All 4 One
Type of guide:  Complete Walkthrough / FAQ
Platform:       PS3
Version:        Final, released on 31st December 2011
Authors:        Damir Kolar (Split Infinity) <lifearmor(at)gmail(dot)com>
Copyrighted to: (c) Damir Kolar (Split Infinity) - All rights reserved
Made in:        MS Word, Courier New, Font Size 10, Chrs/Line 79
Best viewed:    MS Word, Courier New, Font Size 10, Chrs/Line 79
01.)                         LATEST UPDATES - G0100

- Version Final (31st October 2011)
# Contains complete walkthru from start to finish.

                               TABLE OF CONTENTS

If you need to find something quickly, press and hold CTRL (Control), then
press F button. This will bring up 'Find and Replace' box. In it type the
word you're looking for and you should be taken to it immediately. This is
much faster than scrolling through entire guide.

For your convenience I've inserted special search codes near every section to
help you easily hop on to that section by using search code provided. Each
search code will appear only twice in whole guide - thus getting stray hits
will be impossible.

01.) Latest Updates       | G0100  | Read what was added in last update.
02.) Walkthrough          | G0200  | Guide from start to finish.
                          | WLK01  | Chapter 1: Luminopolis
                          | WLK02  | Chapter 2: Aldaros Plains
                          | WLK03  | Chapter 3: The Deadgrove
                          | WLK04  | Chapter 4: N.E.S.T.
                          | WLK05  | Chapter 5: Octonok Cay
                          | WLK06  | Chapter 6: Terawatt Forest
                          | WLK07  | Chapter 7: Phonica Moon
                          | WLK08  | Chapter 8: Polar Sea
                          | WLK09  | Chapter 9: Uzo City
03.) Credits              | G0300  | Credits to certain people.

02.)                          WALKTHROUGH - G0200

- This will be a walkthrough for single player only, using Ratchet. Clank is
  controlled by AI, and is usually put on Ratchet's back.
- The entire game is very straightfoward with regards on where you need to go.

WLK01 =================================================================== WLK01
WLK01 =================================================================== WLK01

Rooftop Amphitheatre

When shall we get rid of Nefarious? Har har. Anyway, after Qwark's initial
stupidity (as always) t'is time to hunt down Z'Grute.

Follow the onscreen instruction for moving and go right, smashing crates, bots
and various stuff as you go. Pressing L3 gives you a short burst of speed,
which needs to recharge afterwards.

When you get to swingshot target in the air, market with triangle, Clank jumps
off and hooks onto the target. While he swings to and fro, press and hold
triangle to hook onto Clank so that both him and you are swinging to and from.
When you swing right as far as you can, let go of triangle, then press and hold
it again to hook onto next swingshot target. Clank follows by hooking onto
Ratchet and then drops off to the platform on the right. Do so for Ratchet as

Pass the checkpoint and cross the bridge. Larger crates can be broken by slam
attack - jump and then press Square to deliver a punishing blow. Jump over
cracks in the road and beware of exploding crates. These explode when attacked,
or detonate with a short delay if you get too close to them.

Z'Grute now detaches a conduit and causes several Lumenoids to attack our
heroes. Dispose of them with melee and carry on. Pressing R2 and Square at the
same causes Ratchet to throw his wrench at the distance and can be used for
both attacking and breaking crates.

Doublejump over the big crack in the road and press L2 to call Clank over to
you. Climb some stairs to encounter a red bot with green panel as a hat - I'll
refer to these as sombreros. Slam attack it and quickly do the same for other
red bot in order to extend the bridge. Kill more Lumenoids and then press
Triangle to hook onto hookshot target.

White crates have nanotech which restores heroes' health. At the bell press R2
+ Square to ring it - when Clank does the same, air taxi arrives. While on the
taxi, shift positions to avoid incoming obstacles and traffic until Z'Grute
destroys the taxi.

Cool, grindrails! Avoid the dangers, and at the end slam three sombreros to
open the door. Cleaner Minion gets introduced - there's five to take care of.

Step into the weapon kiosk that appears and buy Combuster, which is free of
charge. When you exit the vendor, Qwark's instruction on using the weapons
plays and some target dummies appear. At the end of presentation both you and
Clank must focus firing at the same target - doing so causes a ring to appear
around the target which grows bigger. At the end you perform overload, which
causes the target to explode (this is very useful for tougher and bigger
enemies, usually bosses).

Anyway, defeat some Cleaners and step on ammo pad to refill your weapon/s. Kill
off Scout Minion and some Cleaners and continue to the door which can be
unlocked by overloading two nearby power sources. Bolt Grabber crate allows
whomever breaks it to get double amount of bolts from cracking the crates (it
also causes explosive crates not to harm the user during that time).

Kill two Scouts, some Lumenoids, ascend the elevator, vaporize some Cleaners
and one Scout, and more Cleaners with two Scouts... *catches breath* Open the
door by overloading two power sources. Outside hook onto the heli-orb that will
fly you over tp where Z'Grute is.

To begin with, stay away from Z'Grute to avoid its swipes. Z'Grute also sends
out waves of electrified panels in three directions - from left to right, from
right to left, and from up to down - you need to jump over these. In addition,
some panels will get electrified for a short period of time, so stay away from

Now, overload Z'Grute's big yapping hole a few times until it grabs the
generator on the right, sucking out its power and restoring health. Quickly
overload the conduit to finish off Z'Grute for now. Sprint to the left to
escape from collapsing bridge and step on spring pad for a short grindrail

Avoid Z'Grute's attacks, shoot up some Cleaners and there's next Apogee pad -
you can now buy Plasmabomb Launcher. To the right are some more Cleaners and
two Scouts - latter get destroyed by Z'Grute. This bad boy is now at half

It needs to be taught another lesson, much the same way you did back at the
first point of encounter. Afterwards hop onto the elevator, at the top rip
through a squadron of Cleaners and Scouts and get read to pound four sombreros.

Board the fusion turrets - L1 shoots rockets, R1 shoots bullets. Use the
rockets to overload four generators in the distance, and then use bullets to
shoot down energy balls Z'Grute is sending at you. When four generators are
destroyed, aim at the energy ball in front of Z'Grute and overload that as
well. For finishing touches use slam attack on Z'Grute's hands and it's down
for the count, as well as end of first chapter.

WLK02 =================================================================== WLK02
WLK02 =================================================================== WLK02

This calls for a change of walkthrough layout. I will also cease to mention
kill this and that enemy for every occassion you encounter some, except if new
enemy is introduced, or it's somehow pertinent to enabling you to continue.

Detention Cell

- Hop onto spring pad.
- Go down with the elevator. Ratchet manages to convince the computer that
they're under her employment, hehe.
- Swing over to right side. Susie opens a door leading further, but soon gets
detected by Steward (ship's computer).
- Swingshot to the right side, then hookshot across the chasm.
- Receive Vac-U weapon. Pressing Circle will prompt Ratchet to suck in air,
which can be used for six purposes - suck in a small object/enemy and then
shoot it at another enemy, or anywhere else you desire (preferably into endless
pit); activate power plunger; revive dead teammates; breaking the crates for
bolts; suck in your teammate and launch it over to next platform or designated
target; suck in your teammate and launch it at the enemy for Mortar Slam
- Step onto warp pad.
- Suck in six balls and launch them into incinerator.
- Observe the tutorial for power plunger nodes and use that to unlock next
- Suck in four critters, which are used in order to access RYNO labs.
- Suck in three balls and launch them into incinerator. When two glass tubes
raise, suck in 1ST HERO BOLT, then step into warp pad.
- Suck in your teammate and launch him at target pad to the right, then press
Triangle to hookshot onto him. Also, this is the one and only time I shall
mention that - any time in the future you see a target pad ahead, suck in your
teammate, launch it at target pad, and hookshot it to get yourself across.
- Activate power plunger and launch across.
- Suck in your teammate and shoot him at wall-sombrero.
- Ratchet gets knocked out, but Clank soon revives him using Vac-U.
- Collect 2ND HERO BOLT.
- Get on the platform and Susie rescues you from celebratory probing. It's do
or die time!
- Rift-Jumper Minion is introduced. Their numbers is the only threat, and just
about everything kills them in one shot.
- Mortar Toss two wall-sombreros.
- Blade Minion is introduced. Perform mortar toss for instakill.
- Plow thru Blades and Rifters, and then either kill three Scouts or squish
them by activating two power plungers.
- Scanner Minion is introduced. Not technically an enemy, this guy shows your
performance in collecting bolts, enemy killcount, and critter count.

Outside Receiving Station

- You can now buy Arc Lasher from the vendor. Unlike previous games, you no
longer level up weapons by using them. Instead, you're offered three upgrades -
ammo count, power up, and elite version. For example, fully upgraded Combustor
has 150 ammo and shoots three stronger pellets at once.
- Move from rock platform to next rock platform by jumping, or shooting your
teammates across.
- Kill two Scouts and activate power plunger to call down four hookshot
targets. Hookshot on one of these to be propelled further.
- Enter RYNO lab 1 (you need 12 Critters).
- Activate power plunger to release the critter and raise the bridge to the
- Cross it and on other side activate both power plungers for critter to reach
its destination. RYNO part obtained!
- On next rock platform parts of it are unstable. As soon you step on unstable
part, it'll fall down after a short delay. Collect 3RD HERO BOLT.
- Activate power plunger to call down hookshot ring. Once hooked, rotate left
stick to wind up the momentum.
- Watch out for explosive crates on lava rocks. If a crate explodes, it takes
down portions of lava rocks very quickly!
- Pyromite enemy is introduced. These guys spawn en-masse from a wall
generator, and then explode when in close proximity of target. Destroy the wall
generator to stop Pyromites for good. On the good side, they're destroyed just
as quickly as Rifters.
- Collect 4TH HERO BOLT on an unstable piece of ground to the left of first
Pyromite generator.
- Walk up the bridge using gravity boots and jump off at the end.
- Gravity will go haywire for a bit, allowing you to jump higher and further.
- Gravity Minion is introduced. It hurls rocks at you in quick succession,
which can be dodged. Pump it full of lead while it gets ready for next launch.


- Restock at Apogee Pod.
- Use hookshot ring, then kill two Scouts for next hookshot ring to appear.
- Hookshot on heli-orb.
- Jump on spring pad, and then go right using sets of spring-platforms.
- Suck in Voltergeist and shoot it into the power socket.
- Gravoid is introduced. While not dangerous in direct combat, it will latch
onto a portion of lava rock and attempt to remove it, causing large portion of
the floor to fall as well. Shoot it up before it can do so.
- Cross to next rock platforms, shooting Gravoids as you go.
- Activate power plunger to call down four hookshot targets.
- Wind up hookshot ring to land on lava rocks, surrounded by five explosive
crates. Go right and kill Pyromite generator, then activate two power plungers
to collect 5TH HERO BOLT. This unlocks a skin.
- Going left leads to Voltergeist. Activate the power plunger, Clank sucks in
Voltergeist and then shoots it into power socket.
- Battle thru Cleaners and Scouts, then activate power plunger (PP from now on,
I'm tired of typing this, hehe) to reel in a platform with another Scout. Kill
the Scout, and deliver Voltergeist into power socket.
- Upon using next spring pad, there is a zipline ahead. But before using it
look behind you to collect 6TH HERO BOLT.
- Kill two Pyromite generators.
- Gravoid Brute is introduced. Basically, keep moving to avoid its rockets.
- Activate PP, and Clank activates other PP to pull in rock island with cluster
cannon on it.
- Wind up the cluster cannon and off you go.

Village Entrance

- Depending on who you're playing as, you can buy new weapons. For Ratchet you
can get Dopplebanger, Clank you get Zoni Blaster, for Qwark you get Quantum
Deflector, and for Nefarious you get Cloaker.
- Strange plate with blobs on it cannot be activated yet.
- From the campfire go right across the bridge.
- Before crossing next bridge, go right and nab 7TH HERO BOLT.
- Activate PP to reel in next rock platform.
- On next island a lot of Rifters appear along with two Gravoids. Kill Gravoids
first in order to have land to stand on.
- Use PP to reel in next rock platform and collect Glob Lobber. Use it on
nearby rock platform with the strange plate in order to lower the platform so
you can jump on it.
- Kill Gravoid Brute by quickly closing on its position, otherwise its rockets
will collapse the entire lava rocks formation, preventing you from reaching it.
- Activate PP to raise glass tube over Voltergeist, then quickly launch Clank
over there. He will suck in Voltergeist and launch it to you - prepare to catch
it by sucking it in and then shoot it into power socket.
- Get ready for arena battle. In this type of situation, out heroes get covered
in an energy dome, and enemies keep pouring in. Defeat all the enemies to
dissipate the dome. A lot of Rifters, then two Scouts, and Gravoid Brute for

Village Outskirts

- Collect 8TH HERO BOLT to the right.
- After using Glob Lobber on a rock platform, go right to find RYNO lab 2 (you
need 36 critters).
- Use Glob Lobber on the panel to lower the glass tube. Keep shooting globs
until the critter passes thru the relevant. Meanwhile Clank activates first PP.
As soon as critter is past the tube lowered by the panel, activate second PP to
raise a bridge. Cross it and activate third PP to lower a platform. Clank jumps
on it, then follow with Ratchet by hooking onto Clank. Further to the right
launch Clank over the pit, then hook onto him to get Ratchet across as well.
Use Glob Lobber on two panels to get the critter to safety. RYNO part obtained!
- Go left and use PP to reel in next rock platform.
- After using a set of hookshot targets to be propelled up you land on ground
mixed up with lava rocks and unstable earth. Shoot up two Gravoids, then
collect 9TH HERO BOLT.
- When jumping across platforms to the right, be cautious as they collapse
after a short delay.
- Use PP and destroy Pyromite generator.
- After passing second set of unstable raising platforms, run for it and
hookshot a target at the end.
- This part is littered with lava rocks, explosive crates and Pyromites.
Destroy Pyromite generator, hookshot higher up, kill two Gravoids.
- Eventually you get to several swingshot targets, followed up by two rounds of
hookshot rings. While you're flying from first hookshot ring to second, press
Triangle in time to latch onto the ring.
- After Commander Spog complains about his duties, he drops off something
resembling an octopus...
- Prepare for battle against Octomoth. Parts of the ground light up as a
warning that a tentacle will pop out in that spot. You need to shoot up that
tentacle quickly, otherwise it will tear down that portion of the ground,
reducing your moving space. After shooting up enough tentacles, Octomoth's
mouth opens... overload it for some mega damage. When it closes, repeat
shooting up the tentacles and then its mouth.
- Hook onto heli-orb to be brought back to campfire, but this time use Glob
Lobber on the panel to bring down the bridge.

WLK03 =================================================================== WLK03
WLK03 =================================================================== WLK03

Orthani Gorge

- You can now buy Warmonger.
- Dreadgrub enemy is introduced. Basically it's the same as Lumenoid -
dangerous in numbers only, and can be squished with anything.
- Shortly before getting to jump pads, Grove Beetle enemy is introduced. Wait
for the beetle to charge you, and double jump over it for the beetle to hit the
wall. This exposes its weak underbelly, so blow it to kingdom come.
- Upon crossing the gap to the right of next jump pad another Grove Beetle
charges at you.
- Proton Turret enemy is introduced. One of the heroes poses as target, and the
other gets behind turret's back to smack it some.
- Collect Quakehammer - this gadget is only used in the Deadgrove and then
never again. With Quakehammer you can break down rocks for bolts. Also,
whenever you see red X on the ground, Quakehammer it for something to happen.
- Stand on red X ahead and start drilling - this causes Clank to drill as well
and then both heroes break through the ground.
- Upon getting on spring pad, avoid the charge of next Grove Beetle.
- Upon sliding down the vine and before fighting two Proton Turrets ahead, get
ready for arena battle. Rifters, Cleaners, Scouts, Gravoid Brute, in that
- After killing two Proton Turrets, use the spring pad to be launched on ledge
ahead. Check to your right for 10TH HERO BOLT (unlocks a skin).

Root Cavern

- This whole section is played sideways-scrolling-type. You'll need to use
Quakehammer a lot to punch through brittle ground.
- Upon breaking through first brittle ground, suck in Blast Bulb, a fruit with
red spots on it. This acts as an explosive and can be used to break down
barriers to the left and right of your current position.
- Upon breaking thru second brittle ground, our heroes jump down some
mushrooms. Don't move - suck in Clank and launch him on the mushroom in upper
right corner, then immediately hook onto Clank to land on a ledge with 11TH
HERO BOLT. This may take a few tries.
- Quakehammer designated spot on ground to cause Blast Bulb to fall down in
order to blast your way to third brittle ground.
- Upon breaking thru third brittle ground, kill Grove Beetle, then launch Clank
to the right, and Quakehammer the Blast Bulb. Launch that at Clank, who catches
it and blasts the way to the right.
- Kill Proton Turret by one hero posing as target, and other gets behind
Turret's back to kick its ass.
- Proton Turret on upper ledge, and Grove Beetle on lower - get rid of Beetle
first, and then Turret.
- After swinging across and making friends with wigwump, run to the right to
escape the collapsing bridge.
- Suck in Blast Bulb and launch it over the gap to Clank (who swung there via
swingshot target), and Clank blasts the barrier.
- Break thru fourth brittle ground to be launched up. Shoot Clank over to the
left and hook him to get access to 12TH HERO BOLT.
- Break thru fifth brittle ground after killing Proton Turret guarding it.

Access Shaft

- After breaking thru brittle ground, you get access to Jetpack. Use X to
thrust yourself up, and pres R1 or L1 for Wall Slam. This attacks enemies and
shatters glass containers on the sides of the shaft.
- When you descend down, there's a variety of obstacles you have to be careful
of. They mostly consist of spinning sawblades and fire exhausts.
- Eventually you descend to the glassed off portion of the shaft with a hero
bolt inside. Use Wall Slam on the glass to break it and collect 13TH HERO BOLT.
- Proton Excavator enemy is introduced. It's a stationary enemy which shoots
out continuous laser sweeping up and down in 90degree arc. Two Wall Slams are
needed to destroy it.
- When your descent is blocked by sawblades, break thru the glass on the right
and go down to be able to continue.
- Shortly afterwards that same sawblades which barred your progress will
descend down as well, so be careful to not let them catch up.
- When you see a sawblade wall on left side of the screen, break thru the glass
on the right and continue jetpacking past the obstacles.
- Break thru last brittle ground for the last hurrah.

Mining Camp

- Blitzer is available for purchase.
- Go past the spring pad to enter RYNO lab 3 (you need 48 critters). Just
before the entrance is 14TH HERO BOLT.
- Launch Clank to the right, and he activates PP. Slam attack the sombrero and
Clank does the same for another - now hook to Clank and use Mortar Toss on
wall-sombrero. This extends a bridge, so dash over it and use Mortar Toss on
another wall-sombrero, then swingshot to the right to latch onto hookshot ring.
Slam attack three sombreros to obtain another RYNO part.
- Use the spring pad to continue.
- Mortar Minion is introduced. This gus lobs grenades from a safe distance to
your general location. A target appears on the ground at the spot where the
grenade will land, so just stay away from there.
- Arena battle consists of these waves: Mortars, Rifters, Cleaners, Scouts.


- Wigwump is introduced. It chews away the railway tracks and forces the team
to drop down into the abyss.
- There are four ways to avoid Wigwump's assaults before you can take it on.
Its first attack is popping from left or right side, spewing its bile - in this
instance you have to Wall Slam it a couple of times. Its second attack is
biting at you from either a hole in the background or from holes on left and
right - this is easily telegraphed by its eyes lighting up the hole from which
it shall attack. It's third attack is simply traversing the abyss from left to
right. And lastly, when you're almost done, it'll chase you down the abyss -
all you can do at this point is not allow it to catch up as it's insta-KO.
- Here's the general agenda of Wigwump - bilespit from the left hole,
traversing from left to right, bilespit from right hole and then biting
- When Cronk radios in about seismic activity, Wigwump will begin to chase you.
Be careful not to left it catch up! Shortly after touching down break thru the
glass on the right and it's time for boss battle.

Wigwump uses several attacks and here they are:
- It spews bile to light a portion of the ground on fire (it can be left,
middle or right part). When low on health, its bile will light two portions of
the ground on fire.
- Summons some dreadgrubs for assistance.

To defeat Wigwump, overload its mouth first a few times. At this point two
spring pads appear on left and right of the screen (as well as several
Dreadgrubs), so use either one to be launched into the air and engage jetpack.
Wall Slam the Wigwump's head a couple of times to stun it and the overload its
ugly mug for major damage. Repeat as necessary to defeat it.

WLK04 =================================================================== WLK04
      CHAPTER 4: N.E.S.T.
WLK04 =================================================================== WLK04

Elerox Pass

- Critter Strike, Mr. Zurkon, and Pyro Blaster weapons are available. BUY
CRITTER STRIKE and upgrade it ASAP. Critter Strike transforms most enemies into
harmless pigs. However, the elite version of the weapon transforms most enemies
into fire-breathing warthogs that help you attack other enemies. In addition
these pigs act as decoy, causing other enemies to target them instead of you.
- Use Glob Lobber on the panel to lower the bridge.
- Use Glob Lobber on two panels to open the door.
- Use Glob Lobber on the panel to have a target show up. Use R2 and Square to
melee toss the target and thus release the rock.
- On the bridge use Glob Lobber on the panel to have a target show up. Use R2
and Square to melee toss the target and thus release the rock. Quickly get
outta the way.
- If you get trapped in weevoid toxin, you won't be able to move. Partner has
to melee you in order to set you free.
- Use Glob Lobber on the panel to have a target show up. Use R2 and Square to
melee toss the target and thus release the spring pad.
- Weevoid enemy is introduced. It's invulnerable while in its shell. Avoid the
toxin it spits when outta its shell. The best course of action is Critter
- Hunter Minion is introduced. This airborne enemy will shoot a focused laser
beam to your position, and has no other attacks. Usually appears in packs.
- A different kind of elevator is introduced for this part of the game. Upon
boarding it, rotate left stick to raise up. At the top collect 15TH HERO BOLT.

Moktor Outpost

- For this part of the game, you'll have to plow thru hordes of various Minion
types, mostly Scouts and Mortars.
- When you're faced with three Mortars and four Scouts, use Glob Lobber in
nearby panel to topple a pillar which kills all seven Minions and opens path
- Cross the collapsing bridge for an 'arena'-type battle, per se. Two waves of
Rifters and Hunters, then two Gravoid Brutes.
- After raising second 'wind-up' elevator collect 16TH HERO BOLT (unlocks a
- For the finale you have a simple grindrail section with a few jumps needed to
avoid dangers. And a jump from one grindrail to the next to avoid falling to
death, hehe.

Vertigus Cliffs

- Suck in Voltergeist and shoot it into power socket to extend the bridge.
- When you find next Voltergeist, launch Clank to its location. Clank sucks in
Voltergeist and shoots it over to Ratchet's location, so catch it with Vac-U
and shoot it into power socket to raise a platform, which also acts as an
- Bouncer Minion is introduced. It has several attacks at its disposal: single
or double ground pound, it can curl into a ball and swing around damaging
everything in close proximity, and it can also emit an electricity field
damaging all who touch it. Best cure is Critter Strike.
- After defeating a wave of Hunters and Bouncers, slam attack three sombreros.
- After using first cluster cannon, the bridge you land on will collapse, so
quickly run to next cluster cannon, and repeat once more.
- Turret Minion is introduced. Really simple - wait for it to launch six shots,
then it spins around released a cluster of shots around itself, and then a
sombrero appears on top. Use Mortar Toss three times to defeat it.

N.E.S.T. Entrance

- At this point you should be able to upgrade Critter Strike to the max. If you
don't have enough bolts, revisit earlier stages and get some.
- Activate PP, and Clank sucks in Voltergeist which he then shoots into power
socket on the door.
- Sentry Minion is introduced. If it spots you and manages to shoot you, it's
OHKO, so be careful how you tread.
- First Sentry can easily be flanked from the left. Second Sentry can also be
flanked from the left. For third and fourth Sentries wait until their beams are
apart and then shoot Clank over to their location. He'll kill them all.
- Tank Minion is introduced. This hulking machine has several attacks: it emits
circular shockwave from its location, has a sweeping laser attack, and can
launch mortars on your position (look for targets on the ground).
- When the platform gets diverted to rehabitation centre, keep it steady to
avoid falling off. Jump over platforms to the elevator in upper left corner.
- Upon killing off waves of Rifters wait for suits of robot armor to be pulled
up and then jump over the platforms.
- Using the next elevator will prompt Spog to send our heroes plummeting to the
death. But fortunately the wind turbines at the bottom have different mindset,
hehe. Move Ratchet close to Clank so that they hold hands and also move above
the wind turbine currently blowing in order to gain height. Eventually you're
out the wind tunnel on safe ground again.
- Look to the left of wind tunnel and grab 17TH HERO BOLT.
- When four Sentries are scrap, use Vac-U on the turbine to get the elevator
going, then press Triangle next to the handle.
- Stand behind the blue wall to avoid Sentry's beams, and lob grenades to kill
- Kill three Bouncers, and then Mr. Perkins shows up.

Perkins is basically an upgraded Tank Minion, and it also has a shield around
its head protecting it from damage. Use Mortar Toss on two sombreros to lower
the shield and stun Perkins, while watching out for its sweeping laser beam.
Perkins now launches several mortars, but is otherwise unable to attack for a
short while. Instead of wailing on it with weapons, just use Critter Strike to
piggify it.

Rehabitation Centre

- Darkstar Fission Tether is now available.
- Battle thru a wave of Cleaners, then Bouncers and lastly Hunters to cause PP
to appear. Also look to the right of PP to collect 18TH HERO BOLT.
- Activate PP and Clank runs over to other PP.
- Activate next PP and Clank slam attacks the sombrero.
- Defeat two Mortars to cause a PP to appear. Activate it, and Clank then
activates other PP. This stops the production line and allows you to go ahead.
- After you wind up hookshot ring, you're propelled thru the window on a
lengthy grindrail. Jump over electricity ring, jump on left grindrail, avoid a
set of mines, jump over two electricity rings, avoid a set of mines, jump over
two electricity rings, jump to left grindrail, jump to right grindrail, avoid
Spog's sawblades, jump to left grindrail, jump over five electricity rings, end
of grindrail.
- Shoot two Voltergeists into power sockets to raise the elevator. During the
ascent Spog will drop in several waves of enemies - three Weevoids, two
Bouncers, Gravoid Brute.

Spog presents a lengthy battle, but a fun one nevertheless.
- It can produce a laser beam, which sweeps over battlefield two times. Later
when it's hurt, it can produce two laser beams.
- It can transform its arms into gigantic hammers and slams the battlefield on
left, middle or right side of the screen.
- It can deploy seesaws along the ground with a small homing ability.
- It can deploy bombs on the battlefield which explode after short delay. The
bombs can be sucked in and launched back at Spog to breach its armor.
- It can call reinforcements in forms of Bouncers.

Overload its mug a couple of times so that it deploys bombs. Pick up few of
them and launch them into boss' face to break its armor and cause it to switch
positions. After avoiding dual-laser sweep Spog retreats for a while and some
Bouncers show up. Critter Strike them immediately, and Spog returns. Overload
it some more, pick up bombs and toss it at boss' face for more damage. Spog
switches location for second and final time. When it retreats, three Bouncers
show up so get rid of them, and then finish off Spog.

- Use the elevator to go down, and collect 19TH HERO BOLT among crates on the

WLK05 =================================================================== WLK05
WLK05 =================================================================== WLK05


- Omegatech Frost Cannon is available.
- Flabberfish enemy is introduced. Danger in numbers, disposed of quickly.
- Whenever you encounter sonic pylon, use R2 and Square to melee attack it.
This will call tortemoth, raise a crate or do other funny things.
- After using first set of swingshot targets, look for 20TH HERO BOLT on the
wooden dock you land on.
- Slorg enemy in introduced. Shooting Slorg causes it to bounce off walls and
other Slorgs - your aim is to have it slide into water for insta-KO.
- After killing third Slorg you will spot a fishing line. Use Vac-U on one set
of reels and Clank will use Vac-U on other set of reels to raise whatever was
caught. It can be bolts or a critter.
- After using second set of swingshot targets, look for 21ST HERO BOLT on the
wooden dock you land on.
- Jump on the white platform and use sonic pylon.
- Armored Slorg is introduced. First you need to remove all of its armor,
before you can send it off the edge. Critter Strike weapon instantly removes
all armor!
- Use another white platform and sonic pylon to be moved to a lenghty set of
piers, littered with Armored Slorgs and Slorgs. Every so often a tentacle
appears and slams away a portion of the pier, so move carefully.
- When you get to an area with four Slorgs and one Armored Slorg, there's a
hole at far end of the area. You need to keep sending Slorgs into the hole to
power up PP which opens the door when activated. Critter Strike is a
recommended weapon.
- Repeat the procedure, but this time the hole is on left side of the area.
- And one more Slorg pinball with hole in the middle of the area.
- Bomber Minion is intruced. It sends out a volley of bullets at your current
location. Critter Strike, again, a recommended weapon of disposal.
- A couple of conveyor belts takes you to one more Slorg pinball area, which is
literally littered with Armored Slorgs. Before stepping off the conveyor, try
to Critter Strike as many Armored bastards as you can, as well as sending three
or four Slorgs in the hole in the middle.
- Cross lengthy pier leading left, avoiding tentacle strikes making spaghetti
outta the pier, and then use sonic pylons to call and direct tortemoths.
- Arena battle summons six Bouncers.
- After talking to the Tharpod, use swingshot targets to reach the island which
triggers the battle against Sepiad.

Sepiad fella will slam its tentacles either in middle of the screen, or start
at the left side and sistematically slam them from left to right. It can also
start slamming from right to left. When you overload it a few times, it
retreats into the water and sonic pylon appears. Activate it to bring out a
bait for Sepiad. While it is eating the fish, it is vulnerable to your barrage.
Repeat as necessary to win. It is also possible to Critter Strike the foe!

- Use sonic pylons to reach cluster cannon.


- Thundersmack weapon is now available.
- Use cluster cannon to reach W.A.S.P.
- Critter Strike is the best weapon to use until end of game.
- Watch out for the fans when they blow, or you may get blown off.
- Check behind first wind fan to collect 22ND HERO BOLT.
- Pass the next three wind fans by using wallplate as a cover.
- When the big fan isn't blowing air, slam attack four sombreros.
- When you reach first charging station, kill off Rifters and Bouncers. On the
station itself two panels are revealed. Use Glob Lobber on a panel to lower it
and thus uncover a target. Use R2 and Square to throw your wrench and break it.
Repeat for other target and first charging station is history.
- Steer clear of black conductor panels, which attract electricity.
- Activate PP to cause wallpanel to shift left. Clank will now position himself
behind the panel, safe from wind fans. Activate PP again to cause wallpanel to
move right, and Clank follows along. At the end hook onto Clank to safety.
- Jump over four platforms, steering clear of wind fan, which blows down along
left side.
- When you reach second charging station, kill off Rifters and Bouncers. On the
station itself two panels are revealed. Use Glob Lobber on a panel to lower it
and thus uncover a target. Use R2 and Square to throw your wrench and break it.
Repeat for other target and second charging station is history. While you're
doing all that, stay away from conductor panels.
- Missile Minion is introduced. It shoots out a barrage of six rockets. I don't
know what is wrong with first Missile, but it never ever shot me, even when I
stood in its path.
- Slam attack two sombreros to gain 11 seconds time limit to Mortar Slam two
wall-sombreros in the windy tunnel.
- Further in the tunnel slam attack two sombreros to gain 14 seconds time limit
to Mortar Slam two wall-sombreros in the windy tunnel. This time you have to
jump over blue barriers (they don't hurt you, though).
- Get over on the platform with sombrero, and shoot Clank on platform with
bullseye. Slam attack the sombrero to have Clank suck in Voltergeist which gets
shot in power socket, opening the door. Hookshot target also appears for easy
- Further in the tunnel attack two sombreros to gain 30 seconds time limit.
Jump over some conductor panels to reach a set of three platforms. Left and
right platform have sombreros. Stand on middle platform and shoot Clank to
either left or right platform. When Clank slam attacks the sombrero,
Voltergeist will pop out in front of middle platform. Suck it in and launch it
to either left or right power socket. Wait for second Voltergeist and launch it
into other power socket to gain another 30 seconds time limit. Advance towards
the wind fan (avoid conductor panels) and Mortar Slam two wall sombreros.
- When you reach second charging station, kill off Rifters and Bouncers. On the
station itself two panels are revealed. Use Glob Lobber on a panel to lower it
and thus uncover a target. Use R2 and Square to throw your wrench and break it.
Repeat for other target and last charging station is history. While you're
doing all that, stay away from conductor panels.
- Shoot down two Missiles to extend the bridge, then get into the raft.

Reef Shallows

- Use the four turbines on the sides to move the raft in desired direction.
- As you go up and before making a right turn, collect 23RD HERO BOLT from one
of the islands in the corner.
- Take the right and then left turn. You'll be greeted with sea mines littering
the waters. Your raft can take a few collisions before it sinks, so stay away
from mines.
- Your path is blocked by tortemoth with spikes on its back - use nearby sonic
pylon to remove tortemoth from equation.
- Shoot the sea mines with blinking lights to destroy them, then follow the
tortemoth to RYNO lab 4 (need 120 critters).
- Activate PP to have Clank slam attack the sombrero. Voltergeist pops out, so
suck it in and shoot it in power socket to extend the bridge. Shoot Clank over
the gap and hook onto him. Slam attack next sombrero, suck in Voltergeist that
appears and shoot it in power socket, while Clank does the same on other side
of the wall - this extends another bridge. Hop into cluster cannon, then launch
Clank over the gap. Slam attack the sombrero to cause Voltergeist to appear on
Clank's side. He'll suck in the Voltergeist and shoot it over to Ratchet, so
catch it and finally shoot it in power socket, then hook onto Clank. Activate
PP, then kill some Rifters. Slam attack final two sombreros in order to shoot
two Voltergeists into two power sockets. RYNO part obtained!
- Carry on, turn right and then left.
- Now be careful of underwater machinery sending your raft into mines or
tortemoths - aim your path in such that you avoid getting spiked.
- Shoot sonic pylon to remove another tortemoth blocking your way, then shoot
up some mines with lights to destroy them, and carefully navigate thru
tortemoths crossing the water.
- You are attacked by four Bombers - Critter Strike them.
- Finally land at the dock. Cross the short pier section, using sonic pylons
and tortemoths in the end to reach second raft.
- Bombers you encounter during this section will drop bombs into the raft if
you happen to go below them. You can suck in these bombs and shoot them outta
the raft.
- The underwater machinery will speed up your raft and then launch it in the
air. You'll land close to another pier, where you can get off the raft.
- After crossing the ship graveyard, hop into cluster cannon.

Octonok Lighthouse

- Keep going along the piers until King Sepiad shows up. That Tharpod from
before also shows up in his boat, so our heroas latch onto the boat for some
water skiing.
- During the sequence you can break crates for bolts, jump over mines, and
avoid King's attacks whenever the camera shows him chasing you.
- When it first chases you, King will slam left side of the screen and then
sweep its tentacle along the water to the right. Then it slams right side, and
sweeps to the left. Then it just slams on left side.
- Pay attention to Tharpod saying something about manual activation. Press
Triangle when near shock tower and then rotate left stick to power up the
tower, which in turn shocks the King.
- Avoid electric barriers and tortemoths getting in your way.
- For the second chase, King will slam right side of the screen and then sweep
its tentacle along the water to the left. Then it slams left side, and sweeps
to the right. Then it dives and tries to eat you - watch for bubbles to appear
and jump away accordingly.
- Use second shock tower.
- Avoid electric barriers, mines and tortemoths getting in your way.
- And for final chase, King will slam right side of the screen, and then
submerge for two attempts to eat you.
- Use final shock tower to get rid of King.
- You have to use the next ramp in order to jump on the pier leading to the

Top of Lighthouse

- Get to the lighthouse and King shows up again.
- Quickly run up the lighthouse to avoid falling into water as King breaks down
the pier.
- Activate both PPs to shift plates into position allowing you to go further
up. Be vary of King's tentacles slamming on portions of lighthouse as you
- On top of lighthouse we get to take care of the King.

A shielded dome prevents King from reaching you, but it can still slam the
ground with its tentacles, so just stay away from those spots. Eventually
Slorgs will come up thru the tubes and start pinballing around. Shoot three
Slorgs into the power core in middle of the platform to expose the versa-crank.
Use it to stun the King, and then get close to its head and press Circle to
suck in some type of lamp hanging from its mouth. Sucking in the lamp opens
King's mouth, prompting it for eating Slorgs. Shoot three Slorgs down its
throat to shock it.

For next part number of Slorgs spinning around increases. Shoot three more
Slorgs in the power core to expose next versa-crank, but King blocks access to
it with a tentacle. Shoot up the tentacle for King to let go, then activate he
crank to stun the King. Suck in the lamp, and shoot three last Slorgs down its
throat. For finale overload its ugly mug a couple of times.

- Take the elevator down, and nab 24TH HERO BOLT next to King.

WLK06 =================================================================== WLK06
WLK06 =================================================================== WLK06

Kaleero Trail

- Anthropod enemy is introduced. Strength in numbers, can be killed quickly.
- Orbomatic allows you to become a metal ball, able to conduct electricity. Hop
into orbomatic to become a ball, and then roll into side of metal plating in
the ground near tesla towers. Clank will roll into other side, thus completing
the circuit.
- Shard Beast is introduced. Stay away from it to avoid electric charges, and
destroy the blue electrified rocks it generates in order to cause the Beast to
shrink, making it vulnerable. You can also use Critter Strike for quick
- Kill another Shard Beast to be able to move on.
- Arena battle with waves of: Cleaners, Bombers, Bouncers, Missile.
- Check to the left of arena battle for 25TH HERO BOLT.
- Use the orbomatic to complete the circuit.
- Use the spring pad, and then press Square to bounce off towers.
- Use PP for introduction of Guardians. Be careful not to get caught in
Guardian's tractor beam, as it spells certain doom.
- Croid Bot is introduced. A very dangerous enemy with three types of attacks.
It can grab and then toss you at teammates, it can shoot six slow moving
projectiles from right arm, or it can shoot a very quick straight beam using
both arms.
- After killing Croid Bot, go towards the screen and sniff along right wall for
26TH HERO BOLT (unlocks a skin).
- Razormoth is introduced. This guy attempts to grab a teammate and carry him
off to locations unknown. Press Square to free yourself, and use Fission Tether
for quick death.
- Collect 27TH HERO BOLT from under tractor beam of second Guardian.
- Defeat the Croid Bot to lower the barriers.
- Activate PP to receive 6 seconds of time to use orbomatic and complete
another circuit.
- Caerufully avoid third Guardian's tractor beam while powering up PP for
swingshot set to appear.
- Kill Anthropods, followed by Shard Beast to be able to continue.
- Kill another Croid Bot to lower the barrier.
- Slam attack three sombreros while avoiding tractor beam of fourth Guardian.

Rossa Fields

- Hop on the trolley and ready Fission Tether to fight off waves of Razormoths.
- When off the trolley, use Vac-U on the energy shard's ring and drag it to the
energy repository, which will charge it up to 100%.
- Ahead are venixx plants which insta-KO you when you get too close. However,
by dragging along the energized shard, venixx hide into the ground, allowing
you to get past them.
- Every so often a band of Razormoths will attack you, stealing parts of the
shard and reducing its overall charge level. Keep Fission Tether handy to kill
- Scattered about are smaller pieces of the comet, which you can suck up and
shoot into the shard to increase its overall charge level.
- From first repository go up, and turn right to second repository.
- From second repository go right, up, left, up, right, up, and you'll spot
third repository.
- Before letting go of the shard to charge it up, go hard left for camera to
switch and show you 28TH HERO BOLT. After grabbing it, go back to third
- From third repository go up to fourth repository.
- From fourth repository go up/left across the bridge to fifth repository.
- From fifth repository go right and then up to locate a platform on which you
leave the shard to be grabbed by a crane.
- The camera will switch now, showing venixx hiding in the ground as the light
shines upon them. Follow the light up the ledges, and equip Fission Tether to
kill some Anthropods next to orbomatic, then quickly complete the circuit to
raise three platforms, allowing you to go on.
- Some more Anthropods show up before the comet shard is dropped off. Traverse
further up with comet shard in tow, but now along Anthropods will be attacking
along with Razormoths.
- Drag the shard over the final bridge to complete these shenanigans.

Gorthon Crater

- Drag the shard over to spot near the Guardian and then press Triangle to grab
the handle. Push down on left stick to activate the Guardian.
- Man the cannons! L1 shoots rockets, and R1 shoots bullets.
- At first barrier shoot two yellow panels to destroy them, and then shoot off
all plates.
- Waves of Razormoths, Bombers and Croid Bots will be attacking you while you
travel on back of the Guardian. Guardian's health gauge is displayed in upper
left of the screen.
- Fusion Cannons should be destroyed by overloading them with rocket barrage.
- At second barrier shoot down some Croid Bots, two Fusion Cannons, then two
yellow panels, and finally the plates.
- At third barrier shoot down some Croid Bots, four Fusion Cannons, then two
yellow panels, and finally the plates.
- When your Guardian is attacked by another Guardian, watch for attacker's arm
to power up on left side of the screen - quickly overload it. Then you will
have to overload attacker's core in its chest.
- While climbing, another Guardian attacks from the right side - overload its
arm on right side of the screen. Yet another Guardian leaps onto yours from
left side - overload its chest core. And fourth Guardian attacks from right
side - overload its left arm, and then its chest core.

Eploratorium Power Station

- After using the first spring pad, latch onto ion conduit and drag it to power
socket, then use Vac-U on the fan to power up the elevator. Grab the handle and
down you go.
- Pull ion conduit into left power socket, and power director into right power
socket, making sure that its arrows on the sides are aligned with power cords.
Use Vac-U on the propeller.
- Go around to the propeller and use Vac-U on it. Quickly shoot Clank over to
the left and he activates PP which raises a platform with ion conduit. Drag it
into power socket and use Vac-U on the propeller again.
- Kill four Croid Bots and then Mortar Slam wall-sombrero.
- Use Vac-U on a versa-plug while Clank does the same with other one. Connect
them together to form a link, then activate PP.
- Grab ion conduit and drag it into power socket, then use Vac-U on nearby
propeller, and activate PP. This will move the sliding doors on top of nearby
tower, and Clank will activate Vac-U for you to jump in. Clank will shoot
Ratchet on top of the tower where you can grab power director and drag it off
the tower into another power socket. Align it properly to raise the cable
- Fire the first of three cable cannons.
- For the next puzzle use Vac-U on the propeller to raise glass tubes aroudn
tesla towers, and then use orbomatic to complete the circle.
- Grab power director and align it properly when dropped into power socket.
Slam attack three sombreros to reveal second versa plug. Connect them together
to raise the cable cannon.
- Fire the second of three cable cannons.
- For next puzzle first use orbomatic to complete the circuit, which causes a
propeller to show up. Grab power director, pull it into power socket and align
it in such a way that its arrows point left and right. Use Vac-U on the
propeller, and Clank will now activate PP on the left. Doing this will cause
ion conduit to appear in upper right corner. Now align power director in such a
way that its arrows point up and down. Use Vac-U on the propeller, and Clank
will activate the other PP to complete the puzzle.
- Connect both pairs of versa-plug and then drag ion conduit from left to right
power socket.
- Activate PP to reel in the platform, then connect both versa-plugs to raise
final cable cannon.
- Fire the last cable cannon.
- Kill three Croid Bots and then check out corners of this very platform for
- Slamm attack four sombreros and get ready for 'arena'-type challenge.
Pyromites, two Bouncers, three Missiles, two Scouts, and a boltload of

Hall of Paradoxology

- Nothing complicated, just press on.

WLK07 =================================================================== WLK07
WLK07 =================================================================== WLK07

Ornithopter Ascent

- Use left stick to rotate the thrusters and press X for slight boost of
direction. Avoid crashing into asteroids and collect fuel tanks to replenish
your fuel.

Phonica Craters

- After landing, go right and collect 30TH HERO BOLT.
- Craterpede is introduced. Fire grenades at its tail to reduce number of
Craterpede's segments until it's defeated. Thundersmack is also a good weapon
of choice.
- Defeat two Craterpedes to lower the barrier.
- Lurker is introduced. It hides in an acidic pool and shows its eyes
telegraphing where exactly it'll pop out. Then it spots three salvos of goo at
you before hiding again. Shoot it up some to remove the barrier.
- Defeat a very long Craterpede teamed up with Anthropods, and on next island
there's a duo of Lurkers to kill.
- Defeat two Croid bots to collect Reflector gadget.
- Ion Turret is introduced. A stationary enemy, which fires a continuous ion
beam in wide range. Ion beams can be blocked by Reflector. Get behind Turret's
back to damage it, or lob a grenade over its shield.
- Defeat the horde of Anthropods accompanied by Lurker to remove the barrier.
- Hop on the first moving platform to reach a platform with 31ST HERO BOLT.
- Hop on second moving platform and as soon as you're on the leftmost side,
suck in Clank and shoot it over the gap then quickly hook onto him to get
Ratchet across as well.
- Use Reflector to reflect the beam onto four power cores to have an elevator
show up.
- Or so I think... using the jetpacks, ram two power cores on the side, then
avoid Ion Turrets shooting at you from background as you descend further down.
- Ram two power cores to descend further. This time, Ion Turrets are also
shooting from sides of the tunnel, so wait for pause in their attacks.
- Ram four power cores to descend yet further.

Security Tunnels

- Lob grenade at Ion Turrets on the sides of pathway.
- Activate PP and Clank will stand next to Ratchet deploying Reflector to
shield both of them from another Ion Turret. Go right afterwards.
- Lob few grenades on Ion Turret next to first rotation platform to grab 32ND
HERO BOLT (unlocks a skin).
- Use your Reflector to bounce off a beam onto six power cores.
- At next puzzle Clank will stand in middle of the path deflecting the beam
left or right. Position Ratchet accordingly and deflect the beam at two power
- For third puzzle kill Croid Bot and activate either PP to have a glass
rotate. At this point Clank will stand in path of the beam and reflect it off
the glass (once it's in appropriate position) to destroy power cores. Position
the other glass as well until all three power cores are history.
- For final puzzle... There are two beam generators which have a glass wall
blocking beam's path. Activate left PP to lower the left glass wall, and Clank
will deflect the beam to the left. Hop on left platform and deflect the beam
upwards to destroy two power cores. Do the same for right side.
- Before you go in the obvious direction, go towards the screen to find RYNO
lab 5 (need 250 critters).
- Activate PP and go right. Launch Clank over the gap and hook onto him. While
Clank kills Rifters, activate next PP. Shoot Clank over the next gap, and then
slam attack the first of four sombreros. While Clanks slam attacks the next
one, hook onto him and shaft all four sombreros. Wait until critter gets into
the running-wheel tube to have two platforms show up. Mortar Slam the wall
sombrero and jump up. Slam attack another sombrero for Voltergeist to show up.
While you suck it in, Clank will use Glob Lobber on the panel until power
socket for Voltergeist appears, so shoot it in. Quickly wind up the hookshot
ring and complete the course by Mortar Slamming three wall-sombreros. Another
RYNO part obtained.
- Get on the platform to activate another jetpack segment, but this time going
up. Buzzsaws are accompanied by a couple of Proton Excavators until you can
break thru the glass to the right.
- Quickly rise up as the burning floor is after you. Eventually you can smash
thru the glass to the left.
- Quickly rise up as the burning floor is after you here as well. Stalactites
will be falling from ceiling, and it is possible to find just the right spot
not to be harmed. Smash thru the glass to the right.
- Quickly rise up yet again, smash four power cores and go up a bit more to end
this insanity.
- After you raise the elevator with the levers, go towards the screen to find
- Use Glob Lobber on glass panels to lower them, meanwhile Clank deflects the
beam into power cores within glass tubes to destroy them.
- After using next elevator with the levers, destroy three Croid Bots. Clank
will now run into the path of on beams and deploy Reflector. Suck in
Voltergeist and shoot it into power socket to kill all four Ion Turrets.

Dr. Croid's Secret Lab

- Some scenes, and then hop into the space shuttle.

WLK08 =================================================================== WLK08
WLK08 =================================================================== WLK08

Middle of Nowhere

- Go towards the screen to grab 34TH HERO BOLT.
- Use the spring pad for a slide down an icy slope. Avoid the mines.
- Arena battle with these waves: Rifters, Bouncers, Missiles, Tank.
- Use the spring pad for another slide - jump over three gaps, then avoid the
snowballs and it's grindrail time. Avoid fire exhausts, jump on left grindrail,
avoid fire exhausts, jump on left grindrail, jump on right grindrail, avoid
fire exhausts, jump on right grindrail, fin.
- Groundpounder is introduced - it will use its hammer-arms to slam one of
three ice blocks you can stand on. You will know which because a crosshair will
appear on such block, so jump away in time. Critter Strike the sucker to end
its existence.
- Use next spring pad for final icy slope descent - avoid the mines and
- At the end collect 35TH HERO BOLT on right side.

Polar Ice Floes

- Scorch Minion is introduced. It is protected by a wall of flame preventing
you from meleeing it. First it shoots several slow moving fire projectiles, and
then lays down the law with two continuous streams of fire moving left and
right. Stay between the fire streams to avoid getting damaged. Critter Strike
this bozo as well.
- Jump over the ice floes and kill Scout on the very left, then another Scout
straight ahead. As soon as you get to where second Scout was, a myriad of
enemies will swarm you. Flabberfish, Bouncers, Bombers, Mortars, and Missile
for the end.
- Jump on the ice floe to travel to next ice formation, and again on next ice
floe to travel to next ice formation.
- Jump over next few ice platforms and prepare for several tough battles in a
- First you have Rifters, two Scouts in distance, Bombers, four Mortars in
distance, and finish up with two Missiles.
- Then you have Hunters, Rifters, Hunters, Rifters... for a while... four
Mortars in distance, four Scouts in distance, two Mortars in distance, and
finish up with two Missiles.
- After getting on next ice formation, you can pick up 36TH HERO BOLT from the
ice, which breaks after stepped on, so be quick.
- Smash up a Scorch for path ahead.
- And now the most annoying part - step on ice raft and be ready to get swarmed
by a lot of Pyromites. Pyro Blaster seems to work well in getting rid of these
pests, as does Fission Tether.
- From bad to worse - you have to defeat four Grungoths in a row. Critter
Strike is the fastest way to win. Grungoth employs a variety of punches, and
can slam attack you (look for its shadow to know where it will land).

Valley Floor

- Nothing of importance, just get to the trolley.

WLK09 =================================================================== WLK09
WLK09 =================================================================== WLK09

City Ruins

- On first set of platforms Clank will slam attack the sombrero for Voltergeist
to appear. Shoot it in the power socket to extend the bridge.
- Before crossing the bridge, collect 37TH HERO BOLT on the extreme right.
- Swarm Beacon is introduced. This piece of metal continuously calls in
reinforcements. In order to disarm it, get close and use Vac-U to destroy it.
- Dismantle Sentry to the right and start hopping further right over the series
of jump panels.
- Before third Sentry you can collect 38TH HERO BOLT.
- After using hookshot ring, you land near platform with a sombrero. Clank will
use Glob Lobber on the panel, while you slam attack the sombrero for
Voltergeist to appear. Shoot it in the power socket for another hookshot ring
to lower.
- After a combination of hookshot rings, swingshot set and hookshot targets you
land on firm ground. Check in lower right corner for 39TH HERO BOLT.
- Mortar Toss the wall-sombrero and prepare for gauntlet against Scouts,
Mortars, Sentries and Bouncers. Swarm Beacon also gets delivered, so destroy
everything. A Missile shows up for the end.
- Two PP appear. Clank will activate right one which lowers two jump panels
with a sombrero on left panel. Slam attack it and capture a Voltergeist that
appears. Clank will now activate left PP for a power socket - shoot the
Voltergeist in it. Another power socket appears to the right of right PP, so
simply repeat what you already did to extend a bridge.
- Another gauntlet awaits with a Turret and two Pyromite generators. Get rid of
latter first and then focus on Turret.
- Look in upper left corner to grab 40TH HERO BOLT (unlocks a skin).
- Turn right, smash two Scouth, and turn left.
- Kill off several Hunters and carpet bomb two Sentries ahead. Swarm Beacon is
deployed along with two Mortars. Destroy everything for Scorch to show up...
dismantle it as well.


- Follow Clank as he deploys Reflector to shield you from Ion Turret, and
carpet bomb two Sentries on the side, then kill Ion Turret as well.
- Raise the platform for next gauntlet against Mortar and several Blades. To
the lower right of this plateau you can collect 41ST HERO BOLT.
- On the left side you can find RYNO lab 6 (need 280 critters).
- Activate PP, while Clank uses orbomatic to complete the circuit. Use the
spring pad and press Square to bounce off. On next platform grab power director
and drag it into power socket (align it properly), while Clank uses Vac-U on
the propeller to complete the circuit - now quickly use Mortar Toss on wall-
sombrero. Path to the left splits into two now, and Clank will hookshot to
upper level. Have Ratchet use Vac-U on the propeller, thus enabling Clank to
use orbomatic to complete the circuit. Use the spring panel to join up with
Clank and then use spring pad, bouncing off with Square. For the last stretch,
leave Clank to take right side and you take left side. Both of you use
orbomatic and then sistematically move up to create ledges for the partner by
utilizing tesla towers. Complete final tesla circuit at the end and use final
spring pad, bouncing off with Square. Mortar Toss the wall-sombrero to complete
this test.
- You have obtained final RYNO part and RYNO IV Protosuit is now yours. Test
drive it against a horde of Bouncers.
- Okay! When you're out, Mortar Slam the wall-sombrero and kill Scout that
appears. With the help of Reflector make your way along winding path to upper
left. Wait for leftmost Ion Turret to stop shooting, and then load Clank into
Vac-U and shoot it on wall-sombrero at left wall.
- Cross the bridge for gauntlet against Mortar, Bouncers, Scouts, Hunters,
Bouncers and Missiles.
- Hop over train trolleys to hookshot ring to complete the trek.

Vilerog Plateau

- Use the spring pad for final grindrail sequence. Avoid the pipes, jump to
right grindrail, avoid red pipes, jump to left grindrail, avoid three sets of
red pipes, jump to left grindrail, avoid red pipes, jump to right grindrail,
jump to left grindrail, fin.
- Destroy two Pyromite generators and slam attack three sombreros.
- Piggify next Scorch.
- Destroy Pyromite generator and Mortar, then slam attack three sombreros.
- Kill off two Bouncers, who are followed by five Scouts. Near the barrier in
the back Swarm Beacon will be deployed along with Mortar. Destroy everything to
cause more Bouncers and two Missiles to show. After everything's dead, slam
attack two sombreros.
- A red laser beam will be shot at your location - deflect it with Reflector
and sweep around to destroy both power cores behind the laser.
- Jump into the capsule that Spog brought.


- This is the final stage.
- Use the Reflector to destroy two power cores behind the lasers.
- Collect 42ND HERO BOLT (unlocks a skin) in plain view.
- To avoid spoilers, I shan't mention the names of two final bosses.


It has two attacks only - first is shooting missiles that emit circular
shockwave upon impact, and the other is releasing a red laser (which can be
deflected with Reflector).

Kill all Bouncers and Scouts that drop in on the party, before the boss decides
it would be a good idea if he takes care of you personally. He starts by
shooting you with a missile, so avoid it and then jump over the shockwave it
creates. When he emits the red laser beam, engage Reflector and overload the
boss for him to become vulnerable. Remove about 50% of its health and it
retreats, summoning a lot of Bouncers and some Missiles at the end.

When you clear all helpers, boss returns to harassing you with missiles and
shooting red laser, but this time Rifters will periodically spawn on the
platform. Remove further 30% or so of its health, and there's more
reinforcements - two Mortars, two Missiles and two Tanks. Finish them off and
this battle is done.


Okay, this gigantic monstrosity has only one attack for now, and that is
sweeping one of its tentacles across the ground from left to right, or vice
versa. Keep overloading its ugly face - after you remove about 25% of health,
the boss switched position to the left, wheer it devours a Wigwump. It can now
call Dreadgrubs into battle.

Remove half of its health to have the boss switch position back to the right.
It can now slam its tentacle into the ground and emit shockwaves. Its tentacle
can be overloaded when boss does this attack.

Remove about 70% of its health and boss switches position further to the right.
Boss now gains the ability to breathe a continuous stream of fire, with which
it sweeps across battlefield a couple of time, so jump to avoid it.

Remove about 85% of its health to have the boss switch position back to the
left. Keep at it until the boss collapses... kill two Grungoths that enter the
fight, and then boss devours Z'Grute to completely recover its health.

And now the crappy part of the battle - boss will forever keep shooting balls
of light with small homing properties, and it's really a chore to avoid them.
While you're doing so, keep shooting the boss until it loses 33% of its health
again. And yet again the boss recovers all health!!!

Let's do this again - avoid boss balls of light and overload it with Warmonger
until it keels over at about 33% health gone. A generator appears in middle of
the platform, from which the boss will regenerate... yet again??? But this time
overload the generator to stun the boss! Two wall-sombreros appear, one on each
side of the boss. Perform Mortar Toss on wall-sombreros to pin down boss'
tentacles. Then a third wall-sombrero appears to the right of boss' head -
Mortar Toss that guy as well to pin down boss' head! While you're doing that,
boss emits a continuous stream of light sweeping across the platform. Fourth
wall-sombrero appears to the left of boss' head, so you know what to do.

While the boss' spirit is being extracted, get close, then press and hold
Circle to extract the real culprit...


Okay, first of all, don't step in the electricity which is closing in from left
and right. Stand in the middle and ready your Warmonger or Plasmabomb Launcher,
then let it rip against the black shadow. If you run out of ammo and it still
isn't dead, use Combustor to finish it off.

Congratulations, you have beaten the game.

03.)                            CREDITS - G0300


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