• Trophies

    A Reckless Idiot But With Good SenseClear "Remember Kuadoran" Mission on HardBronze
    A Skilled NoviceClear "Universal Bunny" Mission on HardBronze
    Galactic FairyClear All Missions with SS RankGold
    Ghost SpiritClear "Web Of Vajra" MissionBronze
    Juda System LilithClear "Live Fire Maneuvers" Mission on HardBronze
    KabukimonoClear "Tornado" MissionBronze
    Last StandClear "Web Of Vajra" Mission on HardBronze
    Pine CakeClear "Tornado" Mission on HardBronze
    S of FrontierClear "Skull Squadron" Mission on Hard with SS RankSilver
    S.M.S EnlistmentClear "Live Fire Maneuvers" MissionBronze
    Skull LeaderClear "Universal Bunny" MissionBronze
    SniperClear "Remember Kuadoran" MissionBronze
    Super Dimensional CinderallaClear All MissionsSilver
    V-type InfectionClear "Skull Squadron" MissionBronze

    Contributed By: Azharra.

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