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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by Krystal109

Table of Contents

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Guide and Walkthrough by Krystal109

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 01/15/2013
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Table of Contents

  1. Tales of Graces f - FAQ/Walkthrough
  2. Introduction
  3. Gameplay
    1. Controls
    2. Battle
    3. Artes Menu
    4. Titles Menu
    5. Mixer Menu
    6. Library Menu
    7. Requests
    8. Dualizing
  4. Walkthrough
  5. Chapter 1: Childhood
  6. Chapter 2: Adulthood (Part I)
  7. Chapter 3: Adulthood (Part II)
  8. Chapter 4: Adulthood (Part III)
  9. Optional Sidequests
  10. Chapter 5: Adulthood (Part IV)
  11. Chapter 6: Adulthood (Part V)
  12. Chapter 7: Adulthood (Part VI)
  13. Chapter 8: Adulthood (Part VII)
  14. Optional Sidequests
    1. Beach Resort
    2. Swimsuit Gathering
    3. Sandshroud Ruins
    4. Oswell Family Vault
    5. Shuttle Crash Site
    6. Barona / Turtlez HQ
  15. Chapter 8: Continued
  16. Lineage and Legacies
    1. Last Chance for 100%
  17. Zhonecage
    1. 1st Floor
    2. 2nd Floor
    3. 3rd Floor
    4. 4th Floor
    5. 5th Floor
    6. 6th Floor
    7. 7th Floor
    8. 8th Floor
    9. 9th Floor
    10. 10th Floor
  18. New Game +
    1. Grade Shop
  19. Riot Peak Trials
    1. Normal Class
    2. Master Class
    3. Lineage & Legacies
  20. Skits & Sidequests
    1. Skits Checklist
    2. Sidequest Checklist
  21. Requests Checklist
    1. Lhant Requests
    2. Barona Requests
    3. Gralesyde Requests
    4. Oul Raye Requests
    5. Sable Izolle Requests
    6. Yu Liberte Requests
    7. Warrior's Roost Requests
    8. Velanik Requests
    9. Zavhert Requests
    10. Amarcian Enclave Requests
    11. Telso Astue Requests
    12. Katz Korner Requests
  22. Dualizing Equipment/Gems & Polishing
    1. The Basics
    2. Qualities
  23. Shop List
    1. Turtlez Merchants
    2. Lhant
    3. Barona
    4. Gralesyde
    5. Oul Raye
    6. Sable Izolle
    7. Yu Liberte
    8. Velanik
    9. Zavhert
    10. Amarcian Enclave
    11. Telos Astue
    12. Katz Korner
  24. Dualizing Recipes
    1. Combine
    2. Cook
    3. Convert
    4. Merge
  25. Library Checklist
    1. Consumables
    2. Dishes
    3. Materials
    4. Weapons
    5. Armor
    6. Unique Equipment
    7. Gems
    8. Valuables
    9. Discoveries
    10. Enemy Book Checklist
  26. Titles Checklist
    1. Asbel's Titles
    2. Asbel's Titles (In-Depth)
    3. Sophie's Titles
    4. Hubert's Titles
    5. Cheria's Titles
    6. Malik's Titles
    7. Pascal's Titles
    8. Richard's Titles
  27. Artes (In-Depth)
    1. Asbel's A-Artes
    2. Asbel's B-Artes
  28. Contact
  29. Version History and Updates
  30. Copyright & Disclaimer

Library Checklist (Continued)

Fatal Attraction

  • Treasure: Ghardia Shaft

Vermillion Tunic

  • Dualize: Iron Tunic + Dragon's Blood

Katz Klothez

  • Treasure: Cat-Crazy Coot's House


Note that almost all unique equipment are dropped on the Zhonecage floor related to each character.

[_]No. 001Bronze Scabbard
[_]No. 002Polished Bronze Scabbard
[_]No. 003Iron Scabbard
[_]No. 004Steel Scabbard
[_]No. 005Hardened Steel Scabbard
[_]No. 006Titanium Scabbard
[_]No. 007Fine Titanium Scabbard
[_]No. 008Silver Scabbard
[_]No. 009Gold Scabbard
[_]No. 010Platinum Scabbard
[_]No. 011Hyper Scabbard
[_]No. 012Rare Scabbard
[_]No. 013Battle Scabbard
[_]No. 014Grimm Scabbard
[_]No. 015Fairy Scabbard
[_]No. 016Anklet
[_]No. 017Pretty Anklet
[_]No. 018Cute Anklet
[_]No. 019Floral Anklet
[_]No. 020Fancy Floral Anklet
[_]No. 021Titanium Anklet
[_]No. 022Moon Anklet
[_]No. 023Lunar Anklet
[_]No. 024Star Anklet
[_]No. 025Rune Anklet
[_]No. 026Misty Anklet
[_]No. 027Mythril Anklet
[_]No. 028Grimm Anklet
[_]No. 029Ancient Donut
[_]No. 030Simple Frames
[_]No. 031Plain Glasses
[_]No. 032Silver Frames
[_]No. 033Fancy Glasses
[_]No. 034Gold Frames
[_]No. 035Gold Glasses
[_]No. 036Platinum Frames
[_]No. 037Platinum Glasses
[_]No. 038Goggles
[_]No. 039Monocle
[_]No. 040Scholar's Monocle
[_]No. 041Nerdy Glasses
[_]No. 042Ribbon
[_]No. 043Pretty Ribbon
[_]No. 044Lovely Ribbon
[_]No. 045Red Ribbon
[_]No. 046Freshblood Ribbon
[_]No. 047Blue Ribbon
[_]No. 048Orange Ribbon
[_]No. 049Green Ribbon
[_]No. 050Elemental Ribbon
[_]No. 051Magical Ribbon
[_]No. 052Ancient Cloth
[_]No. 053Weird Ribbon
[_]No. 054Jet Black Antennae
[_]No. 055Natural Scent
[_]No. 056Scarlet Aroma
[_]No. 057Rose's Whisper
[_]No. 058Mariner's Musk
[_]No. 059Citrus Wind
[_]No. 060Leafy Balm
[_]No. 061Magic for Men
[_]No. 062Mystical Allure
[_]No. 063Tiger's Essence
[_]No. 064Debonaire Dandy
[_]No. 065Chivalrous Night
[_]No. 066Eau de Peau
[_]No. 067Long Scarf
[_]No. 068Pretty Scarf
[_]No. 069Beautiful Scarf
[_]No. 070Red Scarf
[_]No. 071Hot-Blooded Scarf
[_]No. 072Blue Scarf
[_]No. 073Orange Scarf
[_]No. 074Mandarin Scarf
[_]No. 075Green Scarf
[_]No. 076Nature's Scarf
[_]No. 077Magical Scarf
[_]No. 078Fluffy Muffler
[_]No. 079Fluffi Muffler
[_]No. 080Fox...Scarf?
[_]No. 081Royal Cloak
[_]No. 082Elven Cloak
[_]No. 083Undine Cloak
[_]No. 084Gnome Cloak
[_]No. 085Sylph Cloak
[_]No. 086Efreet Cloak


Bronze Scabbard

  • Initial Equipment (adulthood)
  • Shops: Barona (After Hubert Takes Lhant)

Iron Scabbard

  • Treasure: East Lhant Highroad
  • Shops: Lhant (Chapter 2+)

Steel Scabbard

  • Treasure: Seaside Cavern
  • Shops: Gralesyde

Titanium Scabbard

  • Treasure: Wallbridge
  • Shops: Oul Raye

Silver Scabbard

  • Treasure: Strahta Desert (West)
  • Shops: Turtlez Marchants (Chapter 5 only)

Gold Scabbard

  • Treasure: Fendel Highlands
  • Shops: Zavhert

Platinum Scabbard

  • Treasure: Fendel Research Labratory

Hyper Scabbard

  • Treasure: Untrodden Snowfield
  • Shops: Telos Astue

Rare Scabbard

  • Treasure: Humanoid Research Center
  • Shops: Katz Korner

Battle Scabbard

Grimm Scabbard

Fairy Scabbard


  • Initial Equipment (adulthood)

Pretty Anklet

  • Treasure: Lhant Hill Cliffs (adulthood)
  • Shops: Lhant (Chapter 2+)

Floral Anklet

  • Treasure: Wallbridge Ruins
  • Shops: Gralesyde

Titanium Anklet

  • Treasure: Strahta Craglands
  • Shops: Sable Izolle

Moon Anklet

  • Treasure: Strahta Desert (North)
  • Shops: Turtlez Marchants (Chapter 5 only)

Star Anklet

  • Treasure: Fendel Research Labratory
  • Shops: Amarcian Enclave (Lineage & Legacies)

Rune Anklet

  • Treasure: Untrodden Snowfield
  • Shops: Telos Astue

Misty Anklet

  • Treasure: Humanoid Research Center
  • Shops: Katz Korner

Grimm Anklet

Ancient Donut

Simple Frames

  • Initial Equipment (adulthood)
  • Shops: Yu Liberte

Silver Frames

  • Treasure: Strahta Desert (North)
  • Shops: Turtlez Marchants (Chapter 5 only)

Gold Frames

  • Treasure: Mt. Zavhert
  • Shops: Amarcian Enclave

Platinum Frames

  • Treasure: Fendel Tower
  • Shops: Amarcian Enclave (Lineage & Legacies)


  • Treasure: Snowshroud Ruins
  • Shops: Telos Astue


  • Treasure: Bathus Citadel
  • Shops: Katz Korner

Nerdy Glasses


  • Initial Equipment (adulthood)
  • Shops: Barona (Chapter 2+)

Pretty Ribbon

  • Treasure: North Lhant Road
  • Shops: Lhant (Chapter 2+)

Red Ribbon

  • Treasure: South Barona Highroad
  • Shops: Gralesyde

Blue Ribbon

  • Treasure: Inside the Rockgagong
  • Shops: Yu Liberte

Orange Ribbon

  • Treasure: Strahta Desert (West)
  • Shops: Turtlez Marchants (Chapter 5 only)

Green Ribbon

  • Treasure: Fendel Borderlands
  • Shops: Zavhert

Elemental Ribbon

  • Treasure: Fendel Glacier Ruins
  • Shops: Zavhert (After the Lab)

Magical Ribbon

  • Treasure: Snowshround Ruins
  • Shops: Telos Astue

Ancient Cloth

  • Treasure: Region 66
  • Shops: Katz Korner

Jet Black Antennae

Natural Scent

  • Initial Equipment (adulthood)
  • shops: Barona (After Hubert Takes Lhant)

Scarlet Aroma

  • Treasure: Wallbridge Ruins
  • Shops: Gralesyde

Mariner's Musk

  • Treasure: Old Gralesyde Highroad
  • Shops: Oul Raye

Citrus Wind

  • Shops: Turtlez Marchants (Chapter 5 only), Velanik, Zavhert

Leafy Balm

  • Treasure: Fendel Mountain Pass
  • Shops: Zavhert

Magic for Men

  • Treasure: Fendel Glacier Ruins
  • Shops: Zavhert (After the Lab)

Tiger's Essence

  • Treasure: Snowshroud Ruins
  • Shops: Telos Astue

Debonaire Dandy

  • Treasure: Bathus Citadel
  • Shops: Katz Korner

Chivalrous Night

Eau de Peau

Long Scarf

  • Initial Equipment (adulthood)
  • Shops: Gralesyde

Pretty Scarf

  • Treasure: Strahta Craglands
  • Shops: Sable Izolle

Red Scarf

  • Treasure: Strahta Desert Ruins
  • Shops: Turtlez Marchants (Chapter 5 only)

Blue Scarf

  • Treasure: Mt. Zavhert
  • Shops: Amarcian Enclave

Orange Scarf

  • Treasure: Fendel Research Labratory
  • Shops: Amarcian Enclave (Lineage & Legacies)

Green Scarf

  • Treasure: Untrodden Snowfield
  • Shops: Telos Astue

Nature's Scarf

  • Reward: Beat the Magic Carta game on Hard

Magical Scarf

  • Treasure: Region 13
  • Shops: Katz Korner

Fluffy Muffler

Fluffi Muffler


Royal Cloak

  • Initial Equipment (adulthood)

Elven Cloak

  • Treasure: Wallbridge

Undine Cloak

  • Treasure: Strahta Desert Ruins (Lineage & Legacies)

Gnome Cloak

  • Treasure: Barona Catacombs (Lineage & Legacies)

Sylph Cloak

  • Treasure: Gustworks Ruins (Lineage & Legacies)

Efreet Cloak

  • Treasure: Fendel Glacier Ruins (Lineage & Legacies)



[_]No. 001A-Gem
[_]No. 002B-Gem
[_]No. 003C-Gem
[_]No. 004D-Gem
[_]No. 005E-Gem
[_]No. 006F-Gem
[_]No. 007G-Gem
[_]No. 008H-Gem
[_]No. 009I-Gem
[_]No. 010J-Gem
[_]No. 011K-Gem
[_]No. 012L-Gem
[_]No. 013M-Gem
[_]No. 014N-Gem
[_]No. 015O-Gem
[_]No. 016P-Gem
[_]No. 017Q-Gem
[_]No. 018R-Gem
[_]No. 019S-Gem
[_]No. 020Poison Charm
[_]No. 021Paralysis Charm
[_]No. 022Freeze Charm
[_]No. 023Burn Charm
[_]No. 024Stone Charm
[_]No. 025Slow Charm
[_]No. 026Seal Charm
[_]No. 027Curse Charm
[_]No. 028Weak Charm
[_]No. 029Poison-Paralysis Charm
[_]No. 030Poison-Freeze Charm
[_]No. 031Poison-Burn Charm
[_]No. 032Poison-Stone Charm
[_]No. 033Poison-Slow Charm
[_]No. 034Poison-Seal Charm
[_]No. 035Poison-Curse Charm
[_]No. 036Poison-Weak Charm
[_]No. 037Paralysis-Freeze Charm
[_]No. 038Paralysis-Burn Charm
[_]No. 039Paralysis-Stone Charm
[_]No. 040Paralysis-Slow Charm
[_]No. 041Paralysis-Seal Charm
[_]No. 042Paralysis-Curse Charm
[_]No. 043Paralysis-Weak Charm
[_]No. 044Freeze-Burn Charm
[_]No. 045Freeze-Stone Charm
[_]No. 046Freeze-Slow Charm
[_]No. 047Freeze-Seal Charm
[_]No. 048Freeze-Curse Charm
[_]No. 049Freeze-Weak Charm
[_]No. 050Burn-Stone Charm
[_]No. 051Burn-Slow Charm
[_]No. 052Burn-Seal Charm
[_]No. 053Burn-Curse Charm
[_]No. 054Burn-Weak Charm
[_]No. 055Stone-Slow Charm
[_]No. 056Stone-Seal Charm
[_]No. 057Stone-Curse Charm
[_]No. 058Stone-Weak Charm
[_]No. 059Slow-Seal Charm
[_]No. 060Slow-Curse Charm
[_]No. 061Slow-Weak Charm
[_]No. 062Seal-Curse Charm
[_]No. 063Seal-Weak Charm
[_]No. 064Curse-Weak Charm



  • Obtained: Dualizing & Gem Polishing


  • Obtained: Dualizing & Gem Polishing


  • Obtained: Dualizing & Gem Polishing


  • Obtained: Dualizing & Gem Polishing


  • Obtained: Dualizing & Gem Polishing


  • Obtained: Dualizing & Gem Polishing


  • Obtained: Dualizing & Gem Polishing


  • Obtained: Dualizing & Gem Polishing


  • Obtained: Dualizing & Gem Polishing


  • Obtained: Dualizing & Gem Polishing


  • Obtained: Dualizing & Gem Polishing


  • Obtained: Dualizing & Gem Polishing


  • Obtained: Dualizing & Gem Polishing


  • Obtained: Dualizing & Gem Polishing


  • Obtained: Dualizing & Gem Polishing


  • Obtained: Dualizing & Gem Polishing


  • Obtained: Dualizing & Gem Polishing


  • Obtained: Dualizing & Gem Polishing


  • Obtained: Dualizing & Gem Polishing

Poison Charm

Paralysis Charm

Freeze Charm

Burn Charm

Stone Charm

Slow Charm

Seal Charm

Curse Charm

  • Treasure: Snowshroud Ruins
  • Reward: Telos Astue Requests - Working Gear x3
  • Shops: Telos Astue

Weak Charm

Poison-Paralysis Charm

  • Dualize: Poison Charm + Paralysis Charm

Poison-Freeze Charm

  • Dualize: Poison Charm + Freeze Charm

Poison-Burn Charm

  • Dualize: Poison Charm + Burn Charm

Poison-Stone Charm

  • Dualize: Poison Charm + Stone Charm

Poison-Slow Charm

  • Dualize: Poison Charm + Slow Charm

Poison-Seal Charm

  • Dualize: Poison Charm + Seal Charm

Poison-Curse Charm

  • Dualize: Poison Charm + Curse Charm

Poison-Weak Charm

  • Dualize: Poison Charm + Weak Charm

Paralysis-Freeze Charm

  • Dualize: Paralysis Charm + Freeze Charm

Paralysis-Burn Charm

  • Dualize: Paralysis Charm + Burn Charm

Paralysis-Stone Charm

  • Dualize: Paralysis Charm + Stone Charm

Paralysis-Slow Charm

  • Dualize: Paralysis Charm + Slow Charm

Paralysis-Seal Charm

  • Dualize: Paralysis Charm + Seal Charm

Paralysis-Curse Charm

  • Dualize: Paralysis Charm + Curse Charm

Paralysis-Weak Charm

  • Dualize: Paralysis Charm + Weak Charm

Freeze-Burn Charm

  • Dualize: Freeze Charm + Burn Charm

Freeze-Stone Charm

  • Dualize: Freeze Charm + Stone Charm

Freeze-Slow Charm

  • Dualize: Freeze Charm + Slow Charm

Freeze-Seal Charm

  • Dualize: Freeze Charm + Seal Charm

Freeze-Curse Charm

  • Dualize: Freeze Charm + Curse Charm

Freeze-Weak Charm

  • Dualize: Freeze Charm + Weak Charm

Burn-Stone Charm

  • Dualize: Burn Charm + Stone Charm

Burn-Slow Charm

  • Dualize: Burn Charm + Slow Charm

Burn-Seal Charm

  • Dualize: Burn Charm + Seal Charm

Burn-Curse Charm

  • Dualize: Burn Charm + Curse Charm

Burn-Weak Charm

  • Dualize: Burn Charm + Weak Charm

Stone-Slow Charm

  • Dualize: Stone Charm + Slow Charm

Stone-Seal Charm

  • Dualize: Stone Charm + Seal Charm

Stone-Curse Charm

  • Dualize: Stone Charm + Curse Charm

Stone-Weak Charm

  • Dualize: Stone Charm + Weak Charm

Slow-Seal Charm

  • Dualize: Slow Charm + Seal Charm

Slow-Curse Charm

  • Dualize: Slow Charm + Curse Charm

Slow-Weak Charm

  • Dualize: Slow Charm + Weak Charm

Seal-Curse Charm

  • Dualize: Seal Charm + Curse Charm

Seal-Weak Charm

  • Dualize: Seal Charm + Weak Charm

Curse-Weak Charm

  • Dualize: Curse Charm + Weak Charm



[_]No. 001User's Guide
[_]No. 002Collector's Book
[_]NO. 003Discovery Book
[_]No. 004Enemy Book
[_]No. 005World Map
[_]No. 006Stamp Card Case
[_]No. 007Manual Manual
[_]No. 008Eleth Mixer
[_]No. 009Soul Orb
[_]No. 010Glassphere
[_]No. 011Trash
[_]No. 012Arithmos Core
[_]No. 013Plucked Flower
[_]No. 014Richard's Ring
[_]No. 015Letter from Mom
[_]No. 016Fortress Key
[_]No. 017Pressed Sopheria
[_]No. 018Letter to the President
[_]No. 019Good-Luck Charm
[_]No. 020Rockgagong Flute
[_]No. 021Pascal's Diagram
[_]No. 022ID Card
[_]No. 023Spy's Letter
[_]No. 024Old Military Credentials
[_]No. 025Elevator Key
[_]No. 026Security Pass
[_]No. 027Chancellor's Letter
[_]No. 028Archive of Wisdom Key
[_]No. 029Pigeon Communicator
[_]No. 030Derris Bit
[_]No. 031Derris Rings
[_]No. 032Sopheria Seeds
[_]No. 033Night Lily Seeds
[_]No. 034Canola Seeds
[_]No. 035Amaryllis Seeds
[_]No. 036Gerbera Seeds
[_]No. 037Lassamble Seeds
[_]No. 038Daphne Seeds
[_]No. 039Niferum Seeds
[_]No. 040Bloody Rose Seeds
[_]No. 041Jack-in-the-Pulpit Seeds
[_]No. 042Nameless Flower Seeds
[_]No. 043Cat Pine Seeds
[_]No. 044Turtlez Tot's Note
[_]No. 045Katz Plushie
[_]No. 046Estelle Plushie
[_]No. 047Prince Plushie
[_]No. 048Ba'ul Plushie
[_]No. 049Bush Baby Plushie
[_]No. 050Imp Plushie
[_]No. 051Noko Plushie
[_]No. 052Moji-kun Plushie
[_]No. 053Mizu-chan Plushie
[_]No. 054Lara's Medal
[_]No. 055Best Princess Stories
[_]No. 056Victor's Badge
[_]No. 057Conqueror's Badge
[_]No. 058Amarcian Key
[_]No. 059Memory Core
[_]No. 060Requiem
[_]No. 061Lost Anklet
[_]No. 062Hero Staff
[_]No. 063Argo Iris
[_]No. 064Turtlez Flute
[_]No. 065Katz Dekoder
[_]No. 066Gloandrake's Cryas
[_]No. 067Duplewyrm's Cryas
[_]No. 068Forbrawyvern's Cryas
[_]No. 069Letter from Richard
[_]No. 070Gas Control Lever
[_]No. 071Memory Data
[_]No. 072Red Liquid
[_]No. 073Purple Liquid
[_]No. 074Yellow Liquid
[_]No. 075Green Liquid
[_]No. 076Grey Liquid
[_]No. 077Book of Perfection
[_]No. 078Book of Maintenance
[_]No. 079Book of Wealth
[_]No. 080Book of Dissolution
[_]No. 081Book of Talent
[_]No. 082Book of Precedence
[_]No. 083Book of Suppression
[_]No. 084Book of Sustenance
[_]No. 085Book of Restraint
[_]No. 086Book of Potential
[_]No. 087Book of Preemption
[_]No. 088Book of Gathering
[_]No. 089Book of Acquisition
[_]No. 090Book of Duplication
[_]No. 091Book of Swiftness
[_]No. 092Book of Metabolism
[_]No. 093Book of Finesse
[_]No. 094Book of Satiation
[_]No. 095Book of Serendipity
[_]No. 096Book of Cuisine
[_]No. 097Book of Valor
[_]No. 098Book of Holy Water
[_]No. 099Book of Solitude
[_]No. 100Book of Deduction
[_]No. 101Book of Exchanging
[_]No. 102Book of Enthusiasm
[_]No. 103Book of Fortune
[_]No. 104Book of Passion
[_]No. 105Book of Striking
[_]No. 106Book of Restriction
[_]No. 107Book of Growth
[_]No. 108Book of Expansion
[_]No. 109Book of Smithery
[_]No. 110Book of Audacity
[_]No. 111Book of Friendship
[_]No. 112Book of Fortitude
[_]No. 113Book of Partnership
[_]No. 114Book of Glory
[_]No. 115Book of Awakening
[_]No. 116Book of Frugality
[_]No. 117Magic Carta No. 1
[_]No. 118Magic Carta No. 2
[_]No. 119Magic Carta No. 3
[_]No. 120Magic Carta No. 4
[_]No. 121Magic Carta No. 5
[_]No. 122Magic Carta No. 6
[_]No. 123Magic Carta No. 7
[_]No. 124Magic Carta No. 8
[_]No. 125Magic Carta No. 9
[_]No. 126Magic Carta No. 10
[_]No. 127Magic Carta No. 11
[_]No. 128Magic Carta No. 12
[_]No. 129Magic Carta No. 13
[_]No. 130Magic Carta No. 14
[_]No. 131Magic Carta No. 15
[_]No. 132Magic Carta No. 16
[_]No. 133Magic Carta No. 17
[_]No. 134Magic Carta No. 18
[_]No. 135Magic Carta No. 19
[_]No. 136Magic Carta No. 20
[_]No. 137Magic Carta No. 21
[_]No. 138Magic Carta No. 22
[_]No. 139Magic Carta No. 23
[_]No. 140Magic Carta No. 24
[_]No. 141Magic Carta No. 25
[_]No. 142Magic Carta No. 26
[_]No. 143Magic Carta No. 27
[_]No. 144Magic Carta No. 28
[_]No. 145Magic Carta No. 29
[_]No. 146Magic Carta No. 30
[_]No. 147Magic Carta No. 31
[_]No. 148Magic Carta No. 32
[_]No. 149Magic Carta No. 33
[_]No. 150Magic Carta No. 34
[_]No. 151Magic Carta No. 35
[_]No. 152Magic Carta No. 36
[_]No. 153Magic Carta No. 37
[_]No. 154Magic Carta No. 38
[_]No. 155Magic Carta No. 39
[_]No. 156Magic Carta No. 40
[_]No. 157Magic Carta No. 41
[_]No. 158Magic Carta No. 42
[_]No. 159Magic Carta No. 43
[_]No. 160Magic Carta No. 44
[_]No. 161Magic Carta No. 45
[_]No. 162Magic Carta No. 46
[_]No. 163Magic Carta No. 47
[_]No. 164Magic Carta No. 48
[_]No. 165Magic Carta No. 49
[_]No. 166Magic Carta No. 50
[_]No. 167Magic Carta No. 51
[_]No. 168Magic Carta No. 52
[_]No. 169Magic Carta No. 53
[_]No. 170Magic Carta No. 54
[_]No. 171Magic Carta No. 55
[_]No. 172Magic Carta No. 56
[_]No. 173Magic Carta No. 57
[_]No. 174Magic Carta No. 58
[_]No. 175Magic Carta No. 59
[_]No. 176Magic Carta No. 60
[_]No. 177Magic Carta No. 61
[_]No. 178Magic Carta No. 62
[_]No. 179Magic Carta No. 63
[_]No. 180Magic Carta No. 64
[_]No. 181Magic Carta No. 65
[_]No. 182Magic Carta No. 66
[_]No. 183Magic Carta No. 67
[_]No. 184Magic Carta No. 68
[_]No. 185Magic Carta No. 69
[_]No. 186Magic Carta No. 70
[_]No. 187Magic Carta No. 71
[_]No. 188Magic Carta No. 72
[_]No. 189Magic Carta No. 73
[_]No. 190Magic Carta No. 74
[_]No. 191Magic Carta No. 75
[_]No. 192Magic Carta No. 76
[_]No. 193Magic Carta No. 77
[_]No. 194Magic Carta No. 78
[_]No. 195Magic Carta No. 79
[_]No. 196Magic Carta No. 80
[_]No. 197Magic Carta No. 81
[_]No. 198Magic Carta No. 82
[_]No. 199Magic Carta No. 83
[_]No. 200Magic Carta No. 84
[_]No. 201Magic Carta No. 85
[_]No. 202Magic Carta No. 86
[_]No. 203Magic Carta No. 87
[_]No. 204Magic Carta No. 88
[_]No. 205Magic Carta No. 89
[_]No. 206Magic Carta No. 90
[_]No. 207Assorted Flowers
[_]No. 208Anonymous Letter
[_]No. 209Beloved Handkerchief
[_]No. 210Ship Model
[_]No. 211Royal Knights' Documents
[_]No. 212Windor's Military History
[_]No. 213Windor Crest
[_]No. 214Tuning Fork
[_]No. 215Green Cryas
[_]No. 216Wallbridge Evidence
[_]No. 217Businezz Application
[_]No. 218Book of Rare Creatures
[_]No. 219Trade Permit
[_]No. 220Sunken Cargo
[_]No. 221Abandoned Cargo
[_]No. 222Blue Cryas
[_]No. 223Investigation Report
[_]No. 224Treasured Picture
[_]No. 225Proof of Another World
[_]No. 226Polishing Tools
[_]No. 227Cherished Locket
[_]No. 228Hand-Drawn Map
[_]No. 229Seablue Statue
[_]No. 230Daily Medicine
[_]No. 231Spoon
[_]No. 232Spade
[_]No. 233Drill
[_]No. 234Raw Materials
[_]No. 235Rockgagong Fur
[_]No. 236Strahta Ratchet
[_]No. 237Evidence of Espionage
[_]No. 238Research Sample
[_]No. 239Gauss's Seal
[_]No. 240Kurt's Pendant
[_]No. 241Replacement Part
[_]No. 242Drive Unit
[_]No. 243Broken Brooch
[_]No. 244Data Recorder
[_]No. 245Winner's Trophy
[_]No. 246Liquisilk Fabric
[_]No. 247Pearl Windthread
[_]No. 248Shark Fin


User's Guide

  • Automatically

Collector's Book

  • Automatically

Discovery Book

  • Lhant - Talk to the guard by the Apple Tree

Enemy Book

  • Lhant - Check Asbel's desk

World Map

  • Automatically at the start of adulthood

Stamp Card Case

  • Visit a shop at the start of adulthood

Manual Manual

  • Treasures: East Lhant Highroad
  • Shops: Lhant

Eleth Mixer

  • Automatically at the start of adulthood

Soul Orb

  • Kill any enemy enough times to obtain (you can hold more than 15)


  • Treasures (all childhood): Lhant Hill, North Lhant Road, West Lhant Road, Lhant Hill Cliffs, East Lhant Highroad, North Barona Road, Barona Catacombs
  • Shops: Katz Korner (Stamp 3)


  • Randomly obtained from sparkling points

Arithmos Core

  • Treasure: Ghardia Shaft x6

Plucked Flower

  • Story-related

Richard's Ring

  • Story-related

Letter from Mom

  • Story-related

Fortress Key

  • Story-related

Pressed Sopheria

  • Story-related

Good-Luck Charm

  • Story-related

Rockgagong Flute

  • Story-related

Pascal's Diagram

  • Story-related

ID Card

  • Story-related

Spy's Letter

  • Story-related

Elevator Key

  • Story-related

Security Pass

  • Story-related

Chancellor's Letter

  • Story-related

Archive of Wisdom Key

  • Story-related

Pigeon Communicator

  • Story-related

Derris Bit

  • Story-related

Derris Rings

  • Story-related

Sopheria Seeds

  • Story-related

Night Lily Seeds

  • Barona - sparkling point near the bench by the bar

Canola Seeds

  • Gralesyde - sparkling point north of the square

Amaryllis Seeds

  • Oul Raye - sparkling point near the Inn

Gerbera Seeds

  • Sable Izolle - sparkling point behind the Item Shop

Lassamble Seeds

  • Yu Liberte - sparkling point by the Oswell Manor

Daphne Seeds

  • Warrior's Roost - sparkling point on the lower level

Niferum Seeds

  • Velanik - sparkling point behind the stage inside the Inn

Bloody Rose Seeds

  • Zavhert - inside the 2nd room inside the Zavhert Inn

Jack-in-the-Pulpit Seeds

  • Amarcian Enclave - sparkling point behind the pillar inside the Oracle Chamber

Nameless Flower Seeds

  • Telos Astue - sparkling point by the shuttle bay on B1

Cat Pine Seeds

  • Katz Korner - sparkling point on the west side of the area

Turtlez Tot's Note

  • Reward: Oul Raye - Rescue the young Turtlez by the docks

Katz Plushie

  • Reward: Zavhert - purchase from the kid in the katz outfit

Estelle Plushie

  • Dualize: Stuffed Doll + Imperial Crest

Prince Plushie

  • Dualize: Stuffed Doll + Bizarre Clump

Ba'ul Plushie

  • Treasure: Yu Liberte - chest by the north gate docks

Bush Baby Plushie

  • Treasure: Velanik - chest inside the house next to the Inn

Imp Plushie

  • Treasure: Gralesyde - chest hidden in the alcove northwest of the square

Noko Plushie

  • Treasure: Lhant - chest near the windmill

Moji-kun Plushie

  • Treasure: Barona - chest by the bar

Mizu-chan Plushie

  • Dualize: Stuffed Doll + Toxic Fluid

Lara's Medal

Best Princess Stories

  • Treasures: Barona - Inn closet, Lhant - bookshelf in Aston's study, Gralesyde - box in the Inn's backroom, Velanik - blue box behind the stage, Zavhert - dresser in an upstairs house

Victor's Badge

Conqueror's Badge

Amarcian Key

  • Treasure: Bathus Citadel

Memory Core


Lost Anklet

  • Reward: Have at least 40 Carta Cards and visit the Carta King at Zavhert Port

Hero Staff

  • Treasure: Sandshroud Ruins

Argo Iris

Turtlez Flute

Katz Dekoder

  • Treasure: Cat-Crazy Coot's House (search X Axis: 332 and Y Axis: -392 on the map with the shuttle)

Gloandrake's Cryas

Duplewyrm's Cryas

Letter from Richard

  • Story-related (Lineage & Legacies)

Gas Control Lever

  • Treasure: Eleth Research Labratory (Lineage & Legacies)

Memory Data

  • Story-related (Lineage & Legacies)

Red Liquid

  • Reward: Fight the correct Golem in the Lastalia Depths

Purple Liquid

  • Reward: Fight the correct Golem in the Lastalia Depths

Yellow Liquid

  • Reward: Fight the correct Golem in the Lastalia Depths

Green Liquid

  • Reward: Fight the correct Golem in the Lastalia Depths

Grey Liquid

  • Reward: Fight the correct Golem in the Lastalia Depths

Book of Perfection

  • Treasure: Barona Catacombs

Book of Maintenance

  • Treasure: Wallbridge Ruins

Book of Wealth

  • Treasure: Gralesyde - chest in Duke Dalen's Manor (password: 4)

Book of Dissolution

  • Reward: Purchase from the black market man in Gralesyde for 3,000 gald

Book of Talent

  • Treasure: Wallbridge

Book of Precedence

  • Treasure: Wallbridge Ruins

Book of Suppression

  • Treasure: Barona Castle

Book of Sustenance

  • Treasure: Oul Raye (password: turtlez)

Book of Restraint

  • Treasure: Sable Izolle (password: rockgagong)

Book of Preemption

  • Treasure: Inside the Rockgagong

Book of Gathering

  • Shops: Lhant (Stamp 9)

Book of Acquisition

  • Treasure: Amarcian Enclave

Book of Duplication

  • Treasure: Strahta Desert Ruins

Book of Swiftness

  • Shops: Turtlez Merchants (Stamp 2)

Book of Metabolism

  • Treasure: Warrior's Roost (password: riot peak)

Book of Finesse

  • Treasure: Zavhert (password: ironspike)

Book of Serendipity

  • Treasure: Fendel Research Labratory

Book of Cuisine

  • Reward: Complete the Magic Carta Card Game on Normal without missing any cards

Book of Valor

  • Treasure: Fendel Glacier Ruins

Book of Solitude

  • Treasure: Sandshroud Ruins

Book of Deduction

  • Treasure: Velanik (password: strahteme)

Book of Exchanging

  • Treasure: Humanoid Research Center

Book of Enthusiasm

  • Treasure: (password: ephinea)

Book of Fortune

  • Treasure: Bathus Citadel

Book of Striking

  • Shops: Turtlez Merchants (Stamp 9)

Book of Restriction

  • Treasure: Yu Liberte (password: duplemar)

Book of Growth

  • Treasure: Snowshround Ruins

Book of Expansion

  • Treasure: Fendel Tower (basement area open after reaching Ghardia Shaft Depths)

Book of Smithery

  • Treasure: World's Eye

Book of Audacity

  • Treasure: World's Eye (new area open after reaching Ghardia Shaft Depths)

Book of Fortitude

  • Treasure: Ghardia Shaft

Book of Partnership

Book of Glory

Book of Awakening

Note that I only have descriptions for cards that you will likely have when you do the Magic Carta Card Game. I will add more later, possibly, but this is also something that you can do yourself with the cards you have.

Magic Carta No. 1

DescriptionCard Appearance
Stahn's carta. Th-The sword spoke!Yellow spiked hair guy, looking left
  • Treasure: Random reward from sparkling points on East Lhant Highroad

Magic Carta No. 2

DescriptionCard Appearance
Rutee's carta. Hey, Atwight? I have something to ask you.Black haired girl, large black collar
  • Treasure: Random reward from sparkling points on North Barona Road

Magic Carta No. 3

DescriptionCard Appearance
Philia's carta. L-Look out!Green haired girl, looking right
  • Treasure: Random reward from sparkling points on West Lhant Road

Magic Carta No. 4

DescriptionCard Appearance
Garr's carta. Allow me to disengage my limiter!Light blue, long haired man
  • Treasure: Random reward from sparkling points on North Lhant Road

Magic Carta No. 5

DescriptionCard Appearance
Leon's carta. I hail from the Kingdom of Seinegald...Black haired guy, looking left in profile
  • Treasure: Random reward from sparkling points on South Barona Highroad

Magic Carta No. 6

DescriptionCard Appearance
Chelsea's carta. No way, I'm not lost!Pink haired girl in pink shirt
  • Treasure: Random reward from sparkling points on Gralesyde Highroad

Magic Carta No. 7

DescriptionCard Appearance
Mary's carta. I'm alive, Dalis.Red haired girl in green and gold shirt
  • Treasure: Random reward from sparkling points on Old Gralesyde Highroad

Magic Carta No. 8

DescriptionCard Appearance
Karyl's carta. People call me "Blue Lightning".Blonde haired guy, looking left in profile
  • Treasure: Random reward from sparkling points on Strahta Craglands

Magic Carta No. 9

DescriptionCard Appearance
Bruiser's carta. I am the champion!Bald man looking left in profile
  • Treasure: Random reward from sparkling points on Strahta Desert (East)

Magic Carta No. 10

DescriptionCard Appearance
Lilith's carta. A ladle in my right hand, and a frying pan in my left!Blone girl holding a ladle
  • Treasure: Random reward from sparkling points on Strahta Desert (West)

Magic Carta No. 11

DescriptionCard Appearance
Dymlo's carta. It's all right, Stahn...Dark blue haired guy
  • Treasure: Random reward from sparkling points on Strahta Desert (North)

Magic Carta No. 12

  • Treasure: Random reward from sparkling points on Fendel Borderlands

Magic Carta No. 13

  • Treasure: Random reward from sparkling points on Fendel Mountain Pass

Magic Carta No. 14

  • Treasure: Random reward from sparkling points on Fendel Highlands

Magic Carta No. 15

  • Treasure: Random reward from sparkling points on Mt. Zavhert

Magic Carta No. 16

DescriptionCard Appearance
Yuri's carta. Intend to?Long dark purple haird guy
  • Reward: Talk to the researcher near the Research Tower in Sable Izolle

Magic Carta No. 17

  • Treasure: Random reward from sparkling points on Glacier Road

Magic Carta No. 18

  • Treasure: Random reward from sparkling points on Untrodden Snowfield

Magic Carta No. 19

DescriptionCard Appearance
Rita's carta. You thought you could win?Girl with goggles on her head.
  • Reward: Talk to the researcher near the Research Tower in Sable Izolle

Magic Carta No. 20

DescriptionCard Appearance
Raven's carta. So this is the end, huh?Short light brown haired guy, facing right in profile and looking left
  • Treasure: Random reward from sparkling points on Uncharted Sandstretch

Magic Carta No. 21

  • Treasure: Random reward from sparkling points on Region 13

Magic Carta No. 22

DescriptionCard Appearance
Kyle's carta. I want to be just like my dad!Blonde haired guy, looking left
  • Reward: Talk to the girl outside Duke Dalen's Manor near the beach

Magic Carta No. 23

DescriptionCard Appearance
Loni's carta. Don't attack when your spirit is low!White haired guy facing right, looking left
  • Reward: Talk to the girl outside Duke Dalen's Manor near the beach

Magic Carta No. 26

DescriptionCard Appearance
Nanaly's carta. I understood Lou better than anyone.Red haired girl looking "sexy"
  • Reward: Talk to the girl outside Duke Dalen's Manor near the beach

Magic Carta No. 27

DescriptionCard Appearance
Harold's carta. Always keep your rocket launder ready to fire.Short pink haired girl looking left
  • Reward: Talk to the girl outside Duke Dalen's Manor near the beach

Magic Carta No. 28

  • Treasure: Random reward from sparkling points on Region 66

Magic Carta No. 29

DescriptionCard Appearance
Mint's carta. I'm sure I heard my mother's voice!Long blonde haired girl with white cap
  • Treasure: Lhant

Magic Carta No. 30

DescriptionCard Appearance
Arche's carta. Hmph! Chester...Light pink haired girl in green shirt
  • Treasure: Barona

Magic Carta No. 31

DescriptionCard Appearance
Claus's carta. Defeat Dhaos? Are you... serious?Guy in a brown hat
  • Treasure: Gralesyde

Magic Carta No. 32

DescriptionCard Appearance
Suzu's carta. I'm not going to cry.Light brown haired girl in red shirt
  • Treasure: Oul Raye

Magic Carta No. 33

DescriptionCard Appearance
Chester's carta. Cress... Did you know?Grey haired guy with thin eyes
  • Treasure: Sable Izolle

Magic Carta No. 34

DescriptionCard Appearance
Lloyd's carta. How can we go on a quest to regenerate the world...Short brown haired guy in a red shirt
  • Treasure: Yu Liberte

Magic Carta No. 35

DescriptionCard Appearance
Colette's carta. Hehe... thanks.Blonde haired girl looking left
  • Treasure: Warrior's Roost

Magic Carta No. 36

  • Treasure: Velanik

Magic Carta No. 37

  • Treasure: Zavhert

Magic Carta No. 38

  • Treasure: Amarcian Enclave

Magic Carta No. 39

  • Treasure: Telos Astue

Magic Carta No. 40

  • Treasure: Katz Korner

Magic Carta No. 41

DescriptionCard Appearance
Presea's carta. Thank you for assisting me with my daddy's burial.Pink haired girl with a ponytail
  • Shops: Lhant (Stamp 6)

Magic Carta No. 42

  • Shops: Barona (Stamp 8)

Magic Carta No. 43

  • Shops: Gralesyde (Stamp 5)

Magic Carta No. 44

  • Shops: Oul Raye (Stamp 6)

Magic Carta No. 45

  • Shops: Sable Izolle (Stamp 9)

Magic Carta No. 46

  • Shops: Yu Liberte (Stamp 8)

Magic Carta No. 47

  • Shops: Velanik (Stamp 5)

Magic Carta No. 48

  • Shops: Zavhert (Stamp 9)

Magic Carta No. 49

  • Shops: Amarcian Enclave (Stamp 1)

Magic Carta No. 50

  • Shops: Telos Astue (Stamp 4)

Magic Carta No. 51

  • Treasure: Lastalia Shaft (Lineage & Legacies)

Magic Carta No. 52

  • Treasure: Lastalia Shaft - Depths (Lineage & Legacies)

Magic Carta No. 53

  • Treasure: Lastalia Shaft - Depths (Lineage & Legacies)

Magic Carta No. 54

  • Treasure: Lastalia Shaft - Depths (Lineage & Legacies)

Magic Carta No. 55

  • Treasure: Fodra's Core (Lineage & Legacies)

Magic Carta No. 56

  • Treasure: Fodra's Core (Lineage & Legacies)

Magic Carta No. 57

  • Treasure: Strahta Desert Ruins (Lineage & Legacies)

Magic Carta No. 58

  • Treasure: Oul Raye - shining spot near the Inn (after reaching Fodra's Core - Lineage & Legacies)

Magic Carta No. 59

  • Treasure: Strahta Desert Ruins (Lineage & Legacies)

Magic Carta No. 60

  • Treasure: Fendel Glacier Ruins (Lineage & Legacies)

Magic Carta No. 61

  • Treasure: Fendel Glacier Ruins (Lineage & Legacies)

Magic Carta No. 62

  • Treasure: Fendel Glacier Ruins (Lineage & Legacies)

Magic Carta No. 63

DescriptionCard Appearance
Shing's carta. A guy who can't even make the girl in front of him smile?Short brown haired guy in red and white shirt

Magic Carta No. 66

DescriptionCard Appearance
Beryl's carta. Shut up! Just shut up!Blonde haired girl in brown hat

Magic Carta No. 67

DescriptionCard Appearance
Innes's carta. Oh? A well-endowed beauty, you say?A well-endowed white haired woman

Magic Carta No. 68

DescriptionCard Appearance
Kunzite's carta. The unique identification code my master assigned me is...Blue armored guy

Magic Carta No. 70

  • Treasure: Gustworks Ruins (Lineage & Legacies)

Magic Carta No. 71

  • Treasure: Gustworks Ruins (Lineage & Legacies)

Magic Carta No. 72

  • Treasure: Gustworks Ruins (Lineage & Legacies)

Magic Carta No. 73

  • Reward: Have at least 80 Carta Cards and visit the Carta King at Zavhert Port (Lineage & Legacies)

Magic Carta No. 74

  • Treasure: Gustworks Ruins (once you have Pascal in Lineage & Legacies)

Magic Carta No. 75

  • Treasure: Eleth Research Labratory (Lineage & Legacies)

Magic Carta No. 76

  • Treasure: Eleth Research Labratory (Lineage & Legacies)

Magic Carta No. 77

  • Treasure: Eleth Research Labratory (Return after completing the story events here in Lineage & Legacies)

Magic Carta No. 78

  • Treasure: Eleth Research Labratory (Lineage & Legacies)

Magic Carta No. 79

  • Treasure: Arcadia Garden (Lineage & Legacies)

Magic Carta No. 80

  • Treasure: Arcadia Garden (Lineage & Legacies)

Magic Carta No. 81

  • Treasure: Arcadia Garden (Lineage & Legacies)

Magic Carta No. 82

  • Treasure: Arcadia Garden (Lineage & Legacies)

Magic Carta No. 88

Assorted Flowers

Anonymous Letter

Ship Model

  • Reward: Sidequest No. 017 Her Husbands Keepsake

Windor's Military History

Windor Crest

Tuning Fork

Green Cryas

Wallbridge Evidence

Businezz Application

Trade Permit

Sunken Cargo

  • Reward: Sidequest No. 027 Abel's Strange Hobby

Abandoned Cargo

Blue Cryas

  • Reward: Sidequest No. 029 The Vanishing Town

Investigation Report

Treasured Picture

Proof of Another World

  • Reward: Sidequest No. 032 Lamda's Remains

Polishing Tools

Cherished Locket

Hand-Drawn Map

Seablue Statue

Daily Medicine




Raw Materials

Rockgagong Fur

Strahta Ratchet

Evidence of Espionage

Research Sample

Gauss's Seal

Kurt's Pendant

Replacement Part

Drive Unit

Broken Brooch

  • Reward: Sidequest No. 050 Like a Human

Data Recorder

Winner's Trophy

Liquisilk Fabric

Pearl Windthread

Shark Fin



#Discovery Name
[_]No. 01Apple Trees
[_]No. 02Lord Windegarde
[_]No. 03Family Portrait
[_]No. 04Gel Seeds
[_]No. 05Cryas Shards
[_]No. 06Spring of Healing
[_]No. 07Abandoned Nest
[_]No. 08Friendship Tree
[_]No. 09Windor Cows
[_]No. 10Gloandi
[_]No. 11Water of Absolution (Dis)
[_]No. 12Morino Flowers
[_]No. 13Tea Fields
[_]No. 14Ice Pops
[_]No. 15Headmaster's Bust
[_]No. 16Glintsoul Colony
[_]No. 17Deathglow Algae (Dis)
[_]No. 18Vestiges of War
[_]No. 19Massive Skeleton
[_]No. 20Puffpetal Down (Dis)
[_]No. 21Projection Device
[_]No. 22Silent Stone
[_]No. 23Potatoes
[_]No. 24Bells of Glory
[_]No. 25Message in a Bottle
[_]No. 26Carrots
[_]No. 27300 Year-Old Barrel
[_]No. 28Graves of the Unsung
[_]No. 29Twin Vases
[_]No. 30First Flag
[_]No. 31Stone of Truth
[_]No. 32Strahtan Cacti
[_]No. 33Daunting Book
[_]No. 34Somnosphere
[_]No. 35Golden Smile
[_]No. 36Enormous Egg
[_]No. 37Desert Bananas
[_]No. 38No-Sweet Snowman
[_]No. 39Great Fountain
[_]No. 40Sand People
[_]No. 41Ancient Embers
[_]No. 42Duplemar
[_]No. 43Dried-Up Well
[_]No. 44Annals of Victory
[_]No. 45Peach Tree
[_]No. 46Kaigar's Script (Dis)
[_]No. 47Frozen Tree
[_]No. 48Cabbages
[_]No. 49Bottomless Pipes
[_]No. 50Doll-Within-A-Doll
[_]No. 51Radishes
[_]No. 52Pumpkins
[_]No. 53Chocolate Fountain
[_]No. 54Robo-Pet
[_]No. 55Eleth Recharger
[_]No. 56Profane Creation
[_]No. 57Frozen Nest
[_]No. 58Treasure Trove
[_]No. 59Rainbow Icicle Pillar
[_]No. 60Forbrannir
[_]No. 61Icedrop Flowers
[_]No. 62Yearning for Home
[_]No. 63Mechanical Scrapyard
[_]No. 64Tempus Aeturnum
[_]No. 65Emerald Hope
[_]No. 66Giant Tub
[_]No. 67Old Toy Blocks
[_]No. 68Tarlow-X
[_]No. 69Secret Fort
[_]No. 70Unsettling Garden
[_]No. 71Military Insignia
[_]No. 72Amarcian Key (Dis)
[_]No. 73Heart of Stone
[_]No. 74Gigantic Drill
[_]No. 75The Forgotten Ones
[_]No. 76Heat Ray Cannon B
[_]No. 77Sunscreen Rangers
[_]No. 78Catnip
[_]No. 79Lord's Memorial
[_]No. 80Eloquent Stone
[_]No. 81Gustworks Core
[_]No. 82Core-Sample Log
[_]No. 83Eradication Bloom
[_]No. 84Mining Samples
[_]No. 85Data Transmitter


Apple Trees

  • Lhant - near the West Lhant Road exit

Lord Windegarde

  • Lhant - the windmill on the upper level

Family Portrait

  • Lhant - Lhant Manor

Gel Seeds

  • West Lhant Road - near the Lhant entrance

Cryas Shards

  • East Lhant Highroad - in the riverbed near Lhant

Spring of Healing

  • Lhant Hill - south of the save point

Abandoned Nest

  • Lhant Hill Cliffs - halfway up the area

Friendship Tree

  • Lhant Hill - huge tree in the meadow

Windor Cows

  • East Lhant Highroad - on the hillside near the Port to Barona


  • Barona - the valkines in the west exit in the upper district

Water of Absolution (Dis)

  • Barona - inside the Royal Sanctuary

Morino Flowers

  • Orlen Woods - next to the Turtlez merchant

Tea Fields

  • North Barona Road - near the Orlen Woods entrance

Ice Pops

  • Barona - near the North Barona Road exit

Headmaster's Bust

  • Barona - near the statue outside the Knight Academy

Glintsoul Colony

  • Seaside Cavern

Deathglow Algae (Dis)

  • Seaside Cavern - near the save just before the Queen Slime

Vestiges of War

  • North Lhant Road - near the tents at the Border Fortress

Massive Skeleton

  • Barona Catacombs - past the stone door, near the South Barona Highroad exit

Puffpetal Down (Dis)

  • South Barona Highroad - north of the Barona Catacombs entrance towards Barona

Projection Device

  • Wallbridge Ruins

Silent Stone

  • Wallbridge Ruins


  • Gralesyde Highroad - patch of brown with people around it

Bells of Glory

  • Gralesyde - in the alley behind the Inn

Message in a Bottle

  • Gralesyde - on the beach behind Duke Dalen's estate


  • Old Gralesyde Highroad - patch of orange with a man nearby

300 Year-Old Barrel

  • Wallbridge - basement of one of the towers

Graves of the Unsung

  • Barona Catacombs - behind the stone wall near the Barona Castle entrance

Twin Vases

  • Barona Castle - in the area between Barona Catacombs and the Castle Interior

First Flag

  • Castle Interior - At the save point just before Victoria

Stone of Truth

  • Oul Raye - near the Strahta Craglands exit

Strahtan Cacti

  • Strahta Craglands - large cactus with people standing nearby

Daunting Book

  • Sable Izolle - to the right of the Research Tower


  • Sable Izolle - swirling tornado inside the Research Tower

Golden Smile

  • Inside the Rockgagong - west of the southern-most save

Enormous Egg

  • Inside the Rockgagong - east of the northern-most save

Desert Bananas

  • Strahta Desert (East) - west of the cottage

No-Sweet Snowman

  • Yu LIbrete Inn - to the left of the save

Great Fountain

  • Yu Liberte - Outside the Presidential Palace in the Governmental District

Sand People

  • Strahta Desert (West) - next to the Turtlez

Ancient Embers

  • Strahta Desert Ruins - indicated by torch blazers


  • Strahta Desert Ruins - the valkines

Dried-Up Well

  • Strahta Desert (North) - impossible to miss

Annals of Victory

  • Warrior's Roost - plaque on the right of the steps up to Riot Peak

Peach Tree

  • Fendel Borderlands - east of South Velanik Port

Kaigar's Script (Dis)

  • Velanik - behind the stage

Frozen Tree

  • Fendel Mountain Pass


  • Fendel Highlands - north at the first road split

Bottomless Pipes

  • Zavhert - west of the main entrance


  • Zavhert - inside Fourmat's House to the north of the Bottomless Pipes


  • Mt. Zavhert - in the direction of Fendel Research Laboratory


  • Mt. Zavhert - at the 4-way split

Chocolate Fountain

  • Amarcian Enclave - near the Inn


  • Amarcian Enclave - inside Pascal's House

Eleth Recharger

  • Fendel Research Laboratory

Profane Creation

  • Fendel Research Laboratory

Frozen Nest

  • Fendel Tower

Treasure Trove

  • Fendel Tower

Rainbow Icicle Pillar

  • Fendel Glacier Ruins - icicle in the 2nd room that you have to break icicles in


  • Fendel Glacier Ruins - the valkines

Icedrop Flowers

  • Untrodden Snowfield - east of the Snowshroud Ruins

Yearning for Home

  • Snowshroud Ruins - east room on the 1st floor

Mechanical Scrapyard

  • Snowshroud Ruins - western path where the power splits into two paths

Tempus Aeturnum

  • Telos Astue - large moving machine on the 1st floor

Emerald Hope

  • Telos Astue - main building on the 2nd floor

Giant Tub

  • Telos Astue - east building on the 1st floor

Old Toy Blocks

  • Humanoid Research Center


  • Humanoid Research Center

Secret Fort

  • Region 13 - south path near the Region 66 exit

Unsettling Garden

  • Region 66 - southeast path near Bathus Citadel

Military Insignia

  • Bathus Citadel

Amarcian Key (Dis)

  • Bathus Citadel

Heart of Stone

  • World's Eye

Gigantic Drill

  • Ghardia Shaft

The Forgotten Ones

  • Ghardia Shaft

Heat Ray Cannon B

  • Sandshroud Ruins - northern path in the room where the power splits

Sunscreen Rangers

  • Beach Resort - east side of the lobby


  • Katz Korner - in front of the merry-go-round

Lords' Memorial

  • Lineage & Legaices - Lhant - grave that you start near

Eloquent Stone

  • Lineage & Legaices - Gustworks Ruins

Gustworks Core

  • Lineage & Legacies - Gustworks Ruins

Core-Sample Log

  • Lineage & Legaices - Eleth Research Laboratory

Eradication Bloom

  • Lineage & Legacies - Arcadia Garden

Mining Samples

  • Lineage & Legacies - Lastalia Shaft