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by Krystal109

Table of Contents

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Guide and Walkthrough by Krystal109

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 01/15/2013
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Table of Contents

  1. Tales of Graces f - FAQ/Walkthrough
  2. Introduction
  3. Gameplay
    1. Controls
    2. Battle
    3. Artes Menu
    4. Titles Menu
    5. Mixer Menu
    6. Library Menu
    7. Requests
    8. Dualizing
  4. Walkthrough
  5. Chapter 1: Childhood
  6. Chapter 2: Adulthood (Part I)
  7. Chapter 3: Adulthood (Part II)
  8. Chapter 4: Adulthood (Part III)
  9. Optional Sidequests
  10. Chapter 5: Adulthood (Part IV)
  11. Chapter 6: Adulthood (Part V)
  12. Chapter 7: Adulthood (Part VI)
  13. Chapter 8: Adulthood (Part VII)
  14. Optional Sidequests
    1. Beach Resort
    2. Swimsuit Gathering
    3. Sandshroud Ruins
    4. Oswell Family Vault
    5. Shuttle Crash Site
    6. Barona / Turtlez HQ
  15. Chapter 8: Continued
  16. Lineage and Legacies
    1. Last Chance for 100%
  17. Zhonecage
    1. 1st Floor
    2. 2nd Floor
    3. 3rd Floor
    4. 4th Floor
    5. 5th Floor
    6. 6th Floor
    7. 7th Floor
    8. 8th Floor
    9. 9th Floor
    10. 10th Floor
  18. New Game +
    1. Grade Shop
  19. Riot Peak Trials
    1. Normal Class
    2. Master Class
    3. Lineage & Legacies
  20. Skits & Sidequests
    1. Skits Checklist
    2. Sidequest Checklist
  21. Requests Checklist
    1. Lhant Requests
    2. Barona Requests
    3. Gralesyde Requests
    4. Oul Raye Requests
    5. Sable Izolle Requests
    6. Yu Liberte Requests
    7. Warrior's Roost Requests
    8. Velanik Requests
    9. Zavhert Requests
    10. Amarcian Enclave Requests
    11. Telso Astue Requests
    12. Katz Korner Requests
  22. Dualizing Equipment/Gems & Polishing
    1. The Basics
    2. Qualities
  23. Shop List
    1. Turtlez Merchants
    2. Lhant
    3. Barona
    4. Gralesyde
    5. Oul Raye
    6. Sable Izolle
    7. Yu Liberte
    8. Velanik
    9. Zavhert
    10. Amarcian Enclave
    11. Telos Astue
    12. Katz Korner
  24. Dualizing Recipes
    1. Combine
    2. Cook
    3. Convert
    4. Merge
  25. Library Checklist
    1. Consumables
    2. Dishes
    3. Materials
    4. Weapons
    5. Armor
    6. Unique Equipment
    7. Gems
    8. Valuables
    9. Discoveries
    10. Enemy Book Checklist
  26. Titles Checklist
    1. Asbel's Titles
    2. Asbel's Titles (In-Depth)
    3. Sophie's Titles
    4. Hubert's Titles
    5. Cheria's Titles
    6. Malik's Titles
    7. Pascal's Titles
    8. Richard's Titles
  27. Artes (In-Depth)
    1. Asbel's A-Artes
    2. Asbel's B-Artes
  28. Contact
  29. Version History and Updates
  30. Copyright & Disclaimer

Lineage and Legacies (Continued)

Last Chance for 100%

There are some last minute things we should check before we go to the final boss fight.

Firstly, make sure to get 6 of each figure to get the titles from the humanoid on the 2F of Telos Astue:

Jade Figure (Asbel)Everlight + Corrupted Edge
Silver Figure (Sophie)Mythical Scale + Giant's Shield
Seablue Figure (Hubert)Killer Fang + Godwood
Amber Figure (Cheria)Needle of Extinction + Alluring Feather
Abyssal Figure (Malik)Meteorite + Arcane Gear
Scarlet Figure (Pascal)Fantabulous Fur + Classified Seed
Golden Figure (Richard)Demon's Claw + Incredible Bone

If you want a better chance at getting drops, get the Book of Gathering from Lhant Stamps.

Check all lists for 100%:

There are a few things you should note going forward:

  • When you beat Lineage & Legacies, you get to save a clear data that actually saves at Ghardia Shaft: Depths before the Richard fight. This means you can continue from this save and complete anything you previously had access to in the game, but was cut off from anything in Lineage & Legacies.
  • You will not have access to the dungeons from Lineage & Legacies.
  • You will have access to the new area called Zhonecage.

Note that you can carry over all of your supplies into the clear save from Lineage & Legacies, but NOT NG+. NG+ requires that you to have enough points in the Grade Shop to carry stuff over. Save before you decide to go for the final fight, in case you don't have enough points and need to get more.


Fodra's Core

Boss: No. 196: Fodra Queen

Fodra Queen has two different attack styles that she switched between after each quarter of her life is lost.

Flower Queen:

The flower actually creates a field around her that makes her a ranged target no matter what you do. This means that some close quarters skills will be useless on her. Most of her attacks also center around the flower, meaning any characters in close will take the brunt of the damage. I suggest using spellcasters or ranged attackers, if you want an easier fight, since this form is weak to B-Artes.

Deflowered Queen:

Opposite of the flowered version, this one is weak to A-Artes and also uses fast A-Artes on your team. Her attacks can barrage your characters and cause massive damage, especially if they are bunched up together.

Both forms can use Mystic Artes and she has two of them. The first one, Aquarius Sphere, is used during an Eleth Break and attacks the whole field for almost all of their life (because it can't actually kill you). Afterward, your characters will probably only have 1HP. Make sure to back off and let your healers get some AOE's out there (Cheria is the best at this). When she gets low health, she will start to use Dual the Sol. This works exactly the same way as Aquarius Sphere, except it's much more powerful, and she doesn't need Eleth Break to use it.

X/O inputs for Asain/JP consoles will be reversed

There is actually a counter to Dual the Sol and it goes as follows:

  • During Dual the Sol, hold the LEFT ANALOG LEFT + O to have her continue into Aquarius Sphere.
  • During Aquarius Sphere, hold the X to have her continue into Prism Stars.
  • During Prism Stars, hold TRIANGLE to have her continue into Shining Gate.
  • During Shining Gate, hold SQUARE to have her continue into Nova Explosion.
  • During Nova Explosion, hold TRIANGLE + O to have her continue into Maxwell Minimus.
  • During Maxwell Minimus, hold SQUARE + X + O to have her continue into Dimensional Material.
  • During Dimensional Material, hold SQUARE + TRIANGLE + X + O to counter with Blue Earth, which should end the battle.

Doing this gets you a boost of EXP, SP and Gald at the end of the battle.

You have beat the Lineage & Legacies extra content. Enjoy the scenes and then you can play New Game +, if you wish. There are some new things you can do there, so take a look at the new sections.



Skits[_] No. 368: Errand BoysEnemies
[_] No. 150: Trotzig
[_] No. 101: Shulmpfaut

If you decide to load up you save instead of doing a New Game +, you will start at the save in Ghardia Shaft. There, you can watch the skit Errand Boys. Now, head to Lhant Manor and check the star for a scene and fight. Once you win, you can now shuttle to the new dungeon.

How Zhonecage works:

  • In order to participate you will need "bet" an item on the pedestal. The higher the items resell value, the deeper floor you will challenge (to challenge floor 10 the item will need to be worth 200k).
  • If you clear a floor you will get your item back, if not, you lose it.
  • You need to complete Sidequests No. 64 and floors 1-9 to access level 10, but you can do the others in any order.

About the floors:

  • Each floor has a enemy difficulty counter in the upper right corner that starts at 125% with a min of 100 and a max of 200.
  • You can lower this by fighting (-10%), or activating the yellow devices (-25%).
  • The blue devices spawn a random thing: treasure chest, merchant, or a monster.
  • Each floor consists of 2 different levels.
  • Each floor has a theme, whether it characters or crystals.
  • Each room on a floor has a chest that's contents vary based on your settings difficulty.

Because chests are based on game difficulty, you want to generate the floor with a high difficulty. This does not mean you have to play the floor OR the boss at this difficulty (since the chests are generated with the difficulty in mind and will not change, even if you change your difficulty). This means you can enter the Zhonecage on Chaos, but then switch to easy to get higher items, without worrying about death. When you warp to the second layer of the Zhonecage floor, you will want to put the difficulty up again BEFORE taking the warp.

All items below are listed in the LOWEST difficulty I got them. This does not mean they may not be gotten on a higher difficulty or easier to get on a higher difficulty.


Frederic isn't much of a threat until he gets low HP and starts using his heavy attacks... frequently. The major thing you have to watch out for is his Mystic Arte, which WILL one-shot any character. He also likes to ranged attack your healers at critical times when your party needs heals. Your best bet is to have two healers so that if one gets attacked the other can heal.

After beating him, you'll get Cheria's Jet Black Antennae accessory, which you can equip for the the skit Accessorizing with Cheria.


2nd Floor

Rune DualbladeMythril Dualblade[_] - [_] No. 120: Cursed Swordsman
Simple FramesGoggles[_] - [_] No. 121: Cursed Bowman
Plain GlassesHardPasta Carbonara[_] - [_] No. 122: Cursed Pikeman
NormalRice OmeletteRare Dualblade[_] - [_] No. 123: Cursed Soldier
Platinum DualbladeMonocle
Silver FramesEvil-Other Stuff
Fancy GlassesChaos-[_] No. 041: Nerdy Glasses
Gold Frames[_] No. 319: Acessorizing with Hubert
Gold Glasses
Platinum Frames
Platinum Glasses
Scholar's Monocle

Rare Item: No. 031: Triasphere (Normal +)

Boss: No. 109: Cedric 2.0

This fight is extremely similar to the first time you fought him, except that he uses stronger attacks. Watch you HP and watch out for the Mystic Arte.

After beaing him, you'll get Hubert's Nerdy Glasses accessory, which you can equip for the skit Accessorizing with Hubert.


Amber's major difficulty is her long combos that can get your characters in all sorts of trouble. Back your AI characters away if they get in trouble and make sure to heal. When she gets low, try and keep her from starting long chains and watch out for her Mystic Arte.

For winning, you get the Book of Partnership. She also drops Magic Carta No. 64 at a (25%) rate. This is worth getting if you want the full set, but will require you to beat her multiple times.


4th Floor

EasyLife BottleModerateMythril BlouseEnemies
BlouseSeal Charm[_] - [_] No. 029: Uridimmu
Silk BlouseCurse Charm[_] - [_] No. 085: Garuda
Paralysis CharmHardRare Blouse[_] - [_] No. 154: Nuparikor
NormalElixir[_] - [_] No. 184: Hildisvini
White BlouseEvil-[_] - [_] No. 268: Mokkurkalfe
Rune Blouse
Black BlouseChaos-Other Stuff
Warlock's Garb[_] No. 041: Nerdy Glasses
Poison Charm[_] No. 319: Acessorizing with Hubert
Burn Charm
Freeze Charm
Stone Charm
Slow Charm
Weak Charm

Rare Item: No. 097: Purebright Cloth (Normal +)

Boss: No. 112: Dark Turtlez

Oh... yea, he looks so innocent until you enter combat. This guy can hit hard and his Mystic Arte can destroy any character it targets on Easy.

When he gets low HP he will start to use stomp and spin attacks that do massive damage. I suggest playing the healer and revive/healing until he finally dies. Since he's so slow, you can run to a corner and cast before he reaches the healer, even if she is the last one in the battle alive.

For winning, you get the Book of Awakening. He also drops the Turtlez Togz at a (5%) chance.

The added bonus of winning is that you can return to the Turtlez HQ for the Turtlez Flute, finally.


Another previous boss, she fights almost the same, but with better stats. Watch out for her Killing Field and try to used ranged skills so you don't take damage for trying to walk into her aura field.

For winning, you get the Fairy Scabbard.


6th Floor

EasyLife BottleModerateEleth Bottle CEnemies
Iron TunicPlatinum Tunic[_] - [_] No. 050: Squawkit
Steel TunicHardMastery Tonic C[_] - [_] No. 061: Screechee
Poison CharmMythril Tunic[_] - [_] No. 079: Cosmic Star
Paralysis CharmEvil-[_] - [_] No. 199: Bedwang
NormalElixirRare Tunic
Rune TunicChaos-Other Stuff
Battle Tunic[_] No. 018: Grilled Chicken Bowl
Burn Charm[_] No. 180: Magic Carta No. 64
Slow Charm
Stone Charm
Weak Charm

Rare Item: No. 095: Dragon's Blood (Normal +)

Boss: No. 182: Peepit? x25

While not individually strong, the sheer numbers will easily overwhelm your party by not allowing your casters to finish any spells. The trick is to use AOE skills that can damage multiple foes at once and protect your casters.

Note that Cheria's Innocent Garden can end the battle if it kills all enemies at once, so you may want to turn off everyone's Mystic Arte but this.

For winning you get a Grilled Chicken Bowl.


7th Floor

EasySea BreamModeratePaellaEnemies
Steel BladerangMythril Bladerang[_] - [_] No. 239: Polong*
Natural ScentTiger's Essence
Scarlet AromaDebonaire DandyOther Stuff
NormalSea Bream PorridgeChivalrous Night[_] No. 066: Eau de Peau
Rune BladerangHardRare Bladerang[_] No. 321: Accessorizing with the Captain
Battle BladerangEvil-
Platinum BladerangChaos-
Rose's Whisper
Mariner's Musk
Citrus Wind
Leafy Balm
Magic for Men
Mystical Allure
  • The Polong has the ability to summon any of the other floor's monsters into combat.

Rare Item: No. 033: Pentasphere (Moderate +)

Boss: No. 097: GentleEel

This guy can hit hard and the hop into the air where it can't be hit, except by magic. Luckily, its attacks are slow and you can side-step it's headbutt attack easily. When it gets low HP it will swim across the floor and cause massive damage. Be prepared with a quick magic spell or healing. Keep moving in and out of range and keep your parties HP full. You should probably play Cheria and spam Reviatlize when it gets low HP and starts to destroy your party. Watch out for Freeze and Paralysis or use charms.

For winning you get the Eau de Peau, which you can equip for the skit Accessorizing with the Captain.


Note the rare find Fluffi Muffler can be equipped for the skit Accessorizing with Pascal.

Boss: No. 189: Fourier, No. 219: Proto Veres

Proto Veres is the weaker of the two and I suggest taking it out first, because the small reprieve will help you keep up with healing. Afterward, you can focus your attacks on Fourier.

Fourier, fights similar to Pascal and even uses her Mystic Artes. She likes to stay ranged, which means if you can get in close and send a barrage of attacks her way she will fall quickly.

For winning you get the Fox...Scarf?.


9th Floor

GauntletsPlatinum Gauntlets[_] - [_] No. 005: Agathion
Iron GauntletsFancy Floral Anklet[_] - [_] No. 265: Melande Shelt
AnkletTitanium Anklet[_] - [_] No. 169: Balor
NormalCrablettesMoon Anklet[_] - [_] No. 243: Mastema
Steel GauntletsLunar Anklet
Rune GauntletsHerd-Other Stuff
Battle GauntletsEvil-[_] No. 029: Ancient Donut
Pretty AnkletChaos-[_] No. 141: Magic Carta No. 25
Cute Anklet[_] No. 318: Accessorizing with Sophie
Floral Anklet
Grimm Anklet

Rare Item: No. 030: Diosphere (Moderate +)

Note the rare find Grimm Anklet can be equipped for the skit Accessorizing with Sophie.

Boss: No. 279: Reala

This fight is similar to Amber, except this Mystic Arte will hit the whole party and hurt like hell. The good news is that she doesn't block too much, allowing decent combos. That being said, she is still pretty strong and it will take some time to dwindle her HP down. When you finally do, you have to deal with her long combos and multi-target attacks.

If you're lucky she will spend most of her Eleth Burst in another spell and avoid her Mystic Arte except maybe once.

For winning you get the Ancient Donut. She also drops the Magic Carta No. 25 at a (25%) chance.


10th Floor

Before you try this floor, you should defeat Lambda Angelus in 60 seconds for the trophy. Why? Because if you don't, and you beat Solomus, Lamba will be upgraded to No. 277: Lambda Theos and you will no longer be able to get the trophy without New Game +.

EasyParalysis CharmEnemies
Leather Guard[_] - [_] No. 016: Intulo
Normal-[_] - [_] No. 058: Canhel
Moderate-[_] - [_] No. 071: Crom Cruach
Evil-Other Stuff
Chaos-[_] No. 114: Book of Glory

Rare Item: No. 096: Darkened Ore

Boss: No. 113: Solomus

Solomus uses mostly physical type attacks which means he has to be near a character to do damage. This means that your healers can get spells off if you back them up and out of the way. The most dangerous part of this fight is when Solomus splits into multiple versions of himself. Luckily, you do not have to defeat each one in order to make their be only 1 left, as they will eventually fuse back and vanish. You're best bet is to make sure everyone stays healed during this time, especially since each version can use his killer Mystic Arte.

For winning, you get the Book of Glory and complete the sidequest for the lapcomp.


Grade Shop

The New Game + works differently than most games. Instead of having a set amount of things that carry over into New Game +, you must PURCHASE what you'd like to carry over.

There are certain things that will automatically carry over:

  • Your Collection Books and any data you gained in them (like enemy data/book).
  • Soul Orbs

The following is a list of how to gain Grade and what you can purchase with the Grade you earn.

Grade NameObtained ByAmount Earnable
Clear BonusA bonus based on the number of times you completed the game.100 - 900
Title BonusA bonus based on the number of titles you acquired during play.Min - 1012
Skill BonusA bonus based on the number of skills you learned during play.0 - 337
Arte Usage BonusA bonus received for any artes used 9999 times during play.0 - 300
Book Completion BonusA bonus based on the number of books you completely filled during play.0 - 1200
Side Quest BonusA bonus based on the number of side quests you completed during play.0 - 415
Combo BonusA bonus that corresponds to the largest combo you pulled off during play.0 - 999
Technical BonusA bonus based on the number of combat tech bonuses you earned during play.0 - 256
EX Dungeon BonusA bonus based on how far you managed to progress in the Zhonecage.0 - 999
Speed BonusA bonus based on how many hours it took you to complete the game.0 - 100
Unyielding BonusA bonus earned for completing the game without anyone ever getting KO'd.0 - 100
Exterminator BonusA bonus based on the number of Soul Orbs you acquired during play.0 - 194
Save the Gels BonusA bonus earned for completing the game without ever using a gel in combat.0 - 100
Enhancement BonusA bonus based on the number of armaments you enhanced to their maximum level.0 - 99
  • Speed Bonus is for beating the game quickly, which will limit your other bonuses heavily.
Inherit TitlesInherit all of your titles into the adult portion of the story. Master every possibility!30
Inherit SkillsInherit all of the skills you've learned. Your accumulated progress will make a big impact.2500
Inherit Eleth MixerInherit the current eleth and item capacity of the Eleth Mixer, and have access to it from the start.70
Inherit GaldInherit half of your current gald. Imagine having disposable income during your childhood!270
Inherit StampsInherit all of the stamps you've received. Perhaps you've shopped here before?30
Inherit Arte UsageInherit the number of times you've used each arte.50
Inherit BooksInherit the data from all of your books. This'll come in handy for your Eleth Mixer!10
Inherit Battle ItemsInherit all of your combat-use items. You could use an hourglass in your very first fight!60
Inherit ShardsInherit all of your unused shards. Can you just inherit them forever without using them?90
Inherit Herb BonusesSo you didn't use all those herbs in vain! Right? You could end up pretty buff right off the bat!70
Trade EXP for GaldExchange all of your EXP for half a glad each. For brave souls who want to win with skill alone.50
Double ExperienceEarn twice the usual EXP in battle. You'll feel like you're making great progress!90
5x ExperienceEarn five times the usual EXP in battle. Get this and Double Experience and you'll really soar.400
Half ExperienceEarn half the usual EXP in battle. In case you want to clear the game at a fairly low level.10
Double SPEarn twice the usual SP in battle. For those who like learning skills.200
Triple SPEarn triple the usual SP in battle. For those who LOVE learning skills.1000
Mastery BonusEarn twice the usual SP for titles you mastered on your previous playthrough. A good value!20
Double Item DropsDoubles the chances of receiving dropped items from enemies. For all you packrats out there.120
Dualize DiscountReduces dualizing fees to 25% of their usual cost. But watch out: This makes it hard to earn stamps.100
Upgrade Eleth MixerIncreases the odds that your Eleth Mixer will generate consumable items.50
Expand InventoryAllows you to carry up to 30 of each consumable item.100
Maximum SpeedMaximize your field movement speed. But be ready for certain dishes to cook faster as well...50
Chain Capacity +1Adds 1 CC to your base Chain Capacity. Not flashy, but certainly useful.30
Chain Capacity +2Adds 2 CC to your base Chain Capacity. That'll come in mighty handy.250
Double CriticalDoubles the critical rate of friends and foes alike. For those who like to live dangerously.30
Double DamageDoubles damage dealt by friends and foes alike. For those who prefer speedier battles.30
5x DamageQuintuples damage dealt by friends and foes alike. For those who want things over in a flash.150
Double GaldEarn twice the usual amount of gald. For all the late-bloomers out there.70
Unlock QualitiesAllows for new qualities that weren't previously possible. This one's for old-school Tales fans.50
Maximum Eleth +500Increases the maximum eleth capacity of the Eleth Mixer by 500.100
Maximum HP +1000Begin the game with your maximum HP boosted by 1,000.150
Skip ChildhoodJump ahead to the adult portion of the story. Ideal for those planning multiple playthroughs.10
Inherit Carta CardsInherit all of the Magic Carta cards you've collected. Carter will be in for a shock!200
  • If you Inherit Titles and Inherit Skills, they come with the amount of EXP you already had on them. If you only Inherit Titles, you will have ZERO progression on them.
  • The Mastery Bonus is best used if you plan to NOT inherit your skills.
  • The Double Experience and 5x Experience do stack, same with the Chain Capacity Bonuses.


Riot Peak Trials

Unique Enemies[_] No. 015 Illusionist[_] No. 161 Carbinista
[_] No. 022 Veigue[_] No. 166 Sabreista
[_] No. 023 Veigue (2)[_] No. 173 Stilettoista
[_] No. 040 Artillerista[_] No. 231 Poisson
[_] No. 048 Scimitarista[_] No. 259 Riflista
[_] No. 052 Paddlista[_] No. 267 Shamshirista
[_] No. 081 Amber (2)[_] No. 280 Reala (2)
[_] No. 110 Daggerista[_] No. 295 Scepterista
[_] No. 128 Clawista


Note that turning the Hand-Drawn Map in to the Yu Liberte Reqests gets you a skit called What Goes Thump In the Night at the save point.

For beating Veigue you get access to the Warrior's Roost Requests - Requiem and the skit Cry Babies at the receptionist.


Master Class

This is the exact same fights as before, but differences are that you get no items and you have to use one character for each set of 5 floors, except the 31st which you use the whole party. Also note that if you lose, you will not be able to start from a certain floor, but from the beginning.

Floor #OpponentsFloor CostPrimary/Secondary Rewards
1Forest Goblin x61000Battle Scabbard/Collar Frills
Chirpee x7, Granitoise
Filifolia Cactus x3
Boar x6, Wyvern
Forest Goblin x7
6Lizard x7Eleth Bottle G/Arcane Bottle
Crimson Scorpion x4
Knight Eagle x5, Paddlista
Highland Goblin x4, Goblin Warchief
Harpy x3, Scepterista
11Stinger Bee x8, Scrapper Bear, Stag Beetle x5All-Divide/Gear Puzzle
Automatillery, Shamshirista
Stinger Bee x2, Nail Spider x2, Scrapper Bear, Stag Beetle x2
Taunting Helmite, Automatillery
16Mammoth Specter x6Chivalrous Night/Eleth Bottle C
Fire Elemental x4, Dusk Shade x4
Cave Roper x2, Sabreista
Mammoth Specter x2, Hoarscale Dragon
Wolf x6, Scimitarista
21Red Slime x9Mastery Tonic G/Expensive Desk
Sapphire Weapon x4, Braying Golem
Carbinista, Clawista
Filifolia x7, Treant
26Vampire BatJet Black Bodysuit/Mastery Tonic C
Vampire Bat x5, Riflista
Stormheart Dragon x2
Stilettoista, Fissure Lizard x3, Mega Star x3, Lance Beak x3, Mandragora Xerophyte x3
Stilettoista, Riflista
31Veigue (2), Amber (2), Reala (2)Conqueror's Badge/Mastery Tonic G
  • Until you beat Amber and Reala in the the Zhonecage and turn in the Warrior's Roost's Requests for the Lost Anklet and Hero Staff, you will only fight Veigue alone (based on who is the 1st player in your formation)
  • Once you beat all three once, you will have to fight them solo from then on.

For beating the three you get the skit The Party Spokesman at the receptionist and Asbel's Ultimate Warrior title.



She isn't that hard to deal with until she gets low health and starts casting a rain of hammers. The ones that fall from the sky can Freeze your characters and then she can also throw a bunch of hammers to 1 shot your team. I suggest controlling your healer in a corner and spamming heal and revive spells, while your teammates do the damage. If you don't the AI will fail to cast spells due to constantly blocking the raining hammers.


Skits & Sidequests

Skits can only be checked by going to Katz Korner. Sidequest can be checked by looking at your User's Guide > Sidequests.