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by Krystal109

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Guide and Walkthrough by Krystal109

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 01/15/2013
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Table of Contents

  1. Tales of Graces f - FAQ/Walkthrough
  2. Introduction
  3. Gameplay
    1. Controls
    2. Battle
    3. Artes Menu
    4. Titles Menu
    5. Mixer Menu
    6. Library Menu
    7. Requests
    8. Dualizing
  4. Walkthrough
  5. Chapter 1: Childhood
  6. Chapter 2: Adulthood (Part I)
  7. Chapter 3: Adulthood (Part II)
  8. Chapter 4: Adulthood (Part III)
  9. Optional Sidequests
  10. Chapter 5: Adulthood (Part IV)
  11. Chapter 6: Adulthood (Part V)
  12. Chapter 7: Adulthood (Part VI)
  13. Chapter 8: Adulthood (Part VII)
  14. Optional Sidequests
    1. Beach Resort
    2. Swimsuit Gathering
    3. Sandshroud Ruins
    4. Oswell Family Vault
    5. Shuttle Crash Site
    6. Barona / Turtlez HQ
  15. Chapter 8: Continued
  16. Lineage and Legacies
    1. Last Chance for 100%
  17. Zhonecage
    1. 1st Floor
    2. 2nd Floor
    3. 3rd Floor
    4. 4th Floor
    5. 5th Floor
    6. 6th Floor
    7. 7th Floor
    8. 8th Floor
    9. 9th Floor
    10. 10th Floor
  18. New Game +
    1. Grade Shop
  19. Riot Peak Trials
    1. Normal Class
    2. Master Class
    3. Lineage & Legacies
  20. Skits & Sidequests
    1. Skits Checklist
    2. Sidequest Checklist
  21. Requests Checklist
    1. Lhant Requests
    2. Barona Requests
    3. Gralesyde Requests
    4. Oul Raye Requests
    5. Sable Izolle Requests
    6. Yu Liberte Requests
    7. Warrior's Roost Requests
    8. Velanik Requests
    9. Zavhert Requests
    10. Amarcian Enclave Requests
    11. Telso Astue Requests
    12. Katz Korner Requests
  22. Dualizing Equipment/Gems & Polishing
    1. The Basics
    2. Qualities
  23. Shop List
    1. Turtlez Merchants
    2. Lhant
    3. Barona
    4. Gralesyde
    5. Oul Raye
    6. Sable Izolle
    7. Yu Liberte
    8. Velanik
    9. Zavhert
    10. Amarcian Enclave
    11. Telos Astue
    12. Katz Korner
  24. Dualizing Recipes
    1. Combine
    2. Cook
    3. Convert
    4. Merge
  25. Library Checklist
    1. Consumables
    2. Dishes
    3. Materials
    4. Weapons
    5. Armor
    6. Unique Equipment
    7. Gems
    8. Valuables
    9. Discoveries
    10. Enemy Book Checklist
  26. Titles Checklist
    1. Asbel's Titles
    2. Asbel's Titles (In-Depth)
    3. Sophie's Titles
    4. Hubert's Titles
    5. Cheria's Titles
    6. Malik's Titles
    7. Pascal's Titles
    8. Richard's Titles
  27. Artes (In-Depth)
    1. Asbel's A-Artes
    2. Asbel's B-Artes
  28. Contact
  29. Version History and Updates
  30. Copyright & Disclaimer

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Version 2.0 - Jan 15, 2013

  • Fixed layout erros, typos, and missing data that was lost when moving Gaess' Seal


Author: Krystal K. - krystalnexus [at] yahoo [dot] com

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For this guide, I will write it as a step-by-step guide, leading you to the all the locations. If you are simply looking for an item location, check the checklists at the end of the guide to find the item you are looking for and the easiest location to get that item.

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This game's controls are fairly similar to most other JRPG's with free control combat (most notably Star Ocean 4).

Skip DialogueO (Hold)
Character MovementLeft Analog
Navigation HintL1
Navigate through menusLeft AnalogDirectional Pad
Open MenuTriangle
Display World MapR3
Activate SkitSelect
Inside Main Menu
Change Character/CategoryL1R2
Navigate through menusLeft AnalogDirectional Pad
Remove Equipment/SettingTriangle
Discard Item (Item Menu Only)Triangle
Set Leader (Status Menu Only)Triangle
Auto-Equip (Titles Menu Only)Triangle
Switch Books (Library Menu Only)TriangleSquare
Switch Description InformationSquare
Quick ScrollL2R2
Set Arte Shortcuts (Artes Menu Only)Start
Insert Items (Mixer Menu)Start
Swap Items (Mixer Menu)Select
In Battle
Character MovementLeft Analog
Switch controlled characterDirectional Pad
Open Battle MenuTriangle
Display Enemy InformationR1
Change TargetHold R1 and move Left Analog
Switch Control Method (Manual/Auto/Semi)Select
B-Arte (while pressing the Left Analog)O
A-Arte (while pressing the Left Analog)X
Activate Mystic ArteX (while pressing O)
Activate Mystic Arte (during combo)L1
Activate Accel Mode (Lineage & Legacies)R2



Like other JRPG's today, Tales of Graces f has gone away with the random encounter system. This means that you can avoid battles by simply avoiding touching the 3d avatar on screen. On a side note, the in-game tutorials give you a lot of information on the battle system. Make sure to read these as well as my notes if you are having trouble with battles.


Battle Basics

The battle has some basic info that it will give you throughout the first chapter, but I will cover some tips here:
      • You can open the battle menu by hitting Triangle. This allows you to manual use items, change equipment, and even change your artes.
      • Hold R1 to view enemy info and change targets
      • Use the directional pad to change your active character

Moving the Character

Characters move in a straight line toward or away from their target at zero CC cost. This is different than previous Tales games. The good news is that you can hold down L2 and move freely around the area, the bad news is that this takes up your valuable CC. Luckily, for a happy medium we have the side-step. If you hold down the Square button and hit the Left Analog, your character will side-step around your targeted enemy.

See Chain Capacity (CC) for more information.

HP Gauge

Like all RPG's, your characters have a certain amount of Hit Points. When this reaches zero they are rendered unconscious.

Guarding & Auras

When guarding by holding Square you not only get decreased damage, but you get aura effects around your character that give bonuses.
      • Blue - Critical Gauge Increase
      • Green - Enemies cannot stagger you when you start to attack (Iron Stance)
      • Red - Break through enemy guard when you attack

Critical Gauge

This gauge is located under the characters HP. When full, characters will perform a critical hit and Chain Capacity (CC) will increase by one. This can be done multiple times to increase your Max CC in battle, allowing you to do more chains. Note that getting hit will lower the gauge as well.

Eleth Gauge/Eleth Burst

During the games progression you will gain access to the Eleth Gauge, a bar on the left side of your battle screen. It is divided into two colors (blue for your party and red for the enemies). The player can increase the blue bar by performing actions such as attacking, guarding, sidestep, or defeating enemies. When the bar is full, the Eleth Burst will occur, granting unlimited Chain Capacity (CC) and immunity to knockback for a limited time. Your party will also have all critical hits negated, but any damage taken while guarding will do normal damage. On the flip side, the enemies receive a similar bonus called Eleth Break when their gauge fills.

See Mystic Artes for more information.

Chain Capacity (CC)

Each character has a set value of CC based on their current equipment and level. This number donates how many actions outside of basic movement and defense that each character can perform. Each action requires 1 CC, but can cost more (see Artes). You can refill your CC by standing still/guarding or performing specific actions during battle. You can increase your maximum CC by changing equipment, gaining levels or by filling your Critical Gauge. Conversely, your maximum can go down by taking too many hits and depleting the same bar.
      • Note that back-attacking an enemy on the field will give you extra CC at the start of battle.

Combo Counter

The number in the upper right corner of your battle screen represents the number of attacks that have been chained together. Attacking an enemy's weakness will increase the damage output you do within a combo chain. Hitting all of an enemy's weaknesses will multiply your damage output even further.


There are two kinds of artes in Tales of Graces f: Assault and Burst. The major difference between the two is that A-Artes are your physical attacks and B-Artes are generally magical. Other differences are that A-Artes have a smaller range than B-Artes, but are quicker and A-Artes use Physical Attack, while B-Artes use Cryas Attack power.
      • A-Artes are set up like a tree chain. You start with a 1 CC cost skill and work your way up to a 4 CC cost skill. This means that a full chain costs you 10 CC (1 CC + 2 CC + 3 CC + 4 CC = 10 CC). You start with only a few A-Artes, but can learn more through titles or levels.


      • B-Artes are accessed in adulthood and can be unleashed by using O instead of X to attack.
        • There is a lot of hidden info when it comes to Asbel's unsheath and sheathing his sword. Make sure to read the tips on this in your library.
        • Some B-Artes require you to charge them by holding O. You can continue to hold O even once ready to add an attribute or unleash it when you want.
        • Note that many spells cast time can be lowered by using A-Artes and then a B-Arte at the end. The more A-Artes you chain to a B-Arte, the lower the cast time.

Mystic Artes

When the Eleth Burst occurs there is an added bonus, other than just unlimited CC, called Mystic Artes. Mystic Artes are learned from titles you get through story events or sidequests. This adds a new gauge on the left hand side of the screen during an Eleth Burst that tracks your Mystic Arts' ability to go off. As long as it is 1 or higher you can unleash a Mystic Arte by pressing L1, unleashing a devastating combo.
      • The number on the Mystic Artes gauge determines which Mystic Arte you'll use if you have more than 1.


Artes Menu

This is where you can view the artes learned by your characters and turn them off and on (for more control over what the AI does). See Artes for more info.

Titles Menu

Think of titles as a leveling system. What I mean, is that as you equip titles and master them, you will unlock Artes, gain stat bonuses, and upgrade your already learnt skills. These can be equipped to your character and then learned through collecting SP from battles or Requests. Once learned, you can unequip the titles and you will still have the skills, but lose the equip bonus from the title. Note that lower ranked skills are easier to learn than higher ones, but are less useful. It is a good idea to constantly swap titles to learn new skills or set auto equip by pressing Triangle in the Titles Menu. If you choose to keep a title on long enough, after learning all abilities, you can master it. This gives you added bonuses.

See Titles Checklist for more information.

Mixer Menu

The Eleth Mixer will be given to you in adulthood. This gives you access to equip items into the Mixer via the Mixer Menu. There are three major things you can do:
      • Dishes - Allows you to automatically cook (duplicate) food in or after battle for bonuses and healing.
      • Consumables and Materials - Duplicate your items as you walk around the field. You do NOT need 1 to duplicate it, but you have to have the item entry in your library. Note that some items have a higher chance of receiving than others. The rarer the item, the longer it takes to duplicate (if at all).
      • Book - Books use the Eleth in the Mixer to give you some bonuses. These can be battle bonuses, field bonuses, or even Mixer bonuses (like a 2 item return for each duplication of an item).
Your Eleth Mixer starts at a low level state with only a few slots and a low maximum Eleth storable. To increase the slots you will need to duplicate items. To increase the maximum Eleth, you need to cook dishes. I suggest you have at least 1-2 food that goes off after every battle to increase the maximum eleth, while still duplicating items to give you more slots for when you start getting books. See the Library for Item duplicating probability and Dish effects.

Note that your Eleth Mixer works in the following way:

After a certain number of steps the mixer checks the list of items from top to bottom until it successfully makes an item (or doesn't and resets the counter). This means that if you have a 99.9% item at the top, you will likely almost never produce anything under this. For this reason it is best to list them from lowest to highest when putting items in the mixer's list. See below for an example.

The scripting works like this:

Item 1FoodFalse
Item 2BookFalse
Item 399.9True
Item 401.0-
  • As soon as the script reads "True" (based on the probability) it resets the counter for another few steps.

To make the chance of getting the Item 4, you should put it like this:

Item 1FoodFalse
Item 2FoodFalse
Item 401.0False
Item 399.9True
  • Although the script ran its probability and it came up "False", the difference is that the item was checked (unlike above). 1.0% is > than none in this case.

Library Menu

The Library is a place with books that tell you all the information you've learned from the game. These books will keep track of every item in the game to all the information you learn through gameplay and tutorials. Think of it as an information center.

See Library Checklist for more info.



Through the game you will unlock Inn Requests. These can be anything from consumables to gear to valuables you find in sidequests. Check each town inn for their own unique list. This will update over time and can be very annoying. Your best bet is to leave and fight some battles and come back for the updated list.

See Requests Checklist for more information.



Dualize is Grace f's version of synthesis from other JRPG's with the same mechanics. By going to any shop or Turtlez merchant you can select Dualize. This allows you to combine two items to make a new one. This can be anything from materials to equipment and produces things like consumables, dishes, new gear, and even items that are just to sell and make money. In adulthood, you can also use this to upgrade your weapons with shards to add effects and make them stronger.

See Dualizing Equipment/Gems & Polishing for more info on Dualizing Gems, Tempering, and Polishing. See Dualizing Recipes for a list of all recipes.



On start-up, you will need to check your game settings and confirm that you like them. You can change these at any time in the Options menu, so you can leave the default for now if you want.


Chapter 1: Childhood

From now on, all headings for new areas will have a checklist at the top. This will include all items, equipment (including items obtained through new characters' initial equipment), valuables, skits, titles, and enemies.

All items will be marked with an entry number and checkbox, in case you have printed out the library checklist and wish to mark them off as you find/make every item.

Note that enemies have 2 checkboxes: one for an entry and another for the Soul Orbs. I will only be listing enemies for an area the first time you go there or if there is a new addition to the area.

To try and save spoilers, a lot of times I will not include the info on a new character the minute they join and instead add it in the following section.

Weapons[_] No. 001: Aston's SwordValuables[_] No. 001: User's Guide
[_] No. 047: Lefty & Righty[_] No. 002: Collector's Book
Armor[_] No. 001: Casual ParkaTitles[_] Asbel: Little Rascal
[_] No. 002: Casual Jacket[_] Hubert: Prudent Sibling


Lhant Hill / North Lhant Road

Consumables[_] No. 001: Apple Gel x3Enemies
[_] No. 007: Life Bottle[_] - [_] No. 030: Wooly Boar
Weapons[_] No. 025: Gauntlets[_] - [_] No. 118: Wolf Pup
Armor[_] No. 026: Misty Blouse[_] - [_] No. 178: Giant Bee
Valuables[_] No. 010: Glassphere[_] - [_] No. 181: Peepit
[_] No. 013: Plucked Flower[_] - [_] No. 210: Filifolia Bud
[_] No. 010: Glassphere[_] - [_] No. 252: Mandragora Sprout
Skits[_] No. 001: Wellspring of Deceit
[_] No. 002: Rebel Without a Cause
[_] No. 369: Seek the Sparkles!
Titles[_] ???: Amnesiac

As soon as you gain control, follow the path and on the left is a treasure chest with Apple Gel x3. Continue on and encounter your first monster and the first battle tutorial. This will teach you the basics of combat.

You will encounter many tutorials throughout your first couple battles. Pay attention to them.

After the battle, continue forward to the small waterfall area and you will learn about skits and watch the Wellspring of Deceit skit. Now, head east at the split to another treasure with a Glassphere inside. You can now go north and encounter your first save point. Directly east of this is a treasure with a Life Bottle. Now, continue to the next screen for a scene.

After the scene, you will need to head back to Lhant. But first, drop by the save for the skit Rebel Without a Cause.

Soul Orbs

Dropped from enemies that you have killed numerous times. You can only get one per enemy type and then a star will appear in the Enemy Book next to their name.

Instead of heading east to Lhant, head west past the guards to a shining spot on the ground.

These sparkling points randomly appear, meaning sometimes they are there and other times they are not. The item they drop is always random, therefore, I will not list every item that you can get. I suggest you always check these anytime you see one for free (possibly rare) items.

Continue northwest for a treasure chest with another Glassphere. You can now head east to the save for the skit Seek the Sparkles! and then go south to reach Lhant.


Lhant / West Lhant Road

Others[_] 100 GaldSkits[_] No. 003: Poor Choice of Words
Consumables[_] No. 001: Apple Gel[_] No. 005: Family Ties
Materials[_] No. 228: Pickled Plum[_] No. 004: Rash Justice
[_] No. 205: Pork x2[_] No. 006: The Fruit of Ignorance
[_] No. 200: Apple x3[_] No. 007: Full of Hot Air
[_] No. 106: Gel Seed x3[_] No. 008: Age Is Just a Number
[_] No. 218: Rice x5[_] No. 009: Boys and Boats
Valuables[_] No. 004: Enemy Book[_] No. 010: Not for Human Consumption
[_] No. 003: Discovery Book[_] No. 011: Abracadabra
[_] No. 007: Manual Manual
[_] No. 010: Glassphere
[_] No. 119: Magic Carta No. 3
Disc.[_] No. 01: Apple TreesEnemies
[_] No. 02: Lord Windegarde[_] - [_] No. 030: Wooly Boar
[_] No. 03: Family Portrait[_] - [_] No. 181: Peepit
[_] No. 04: Gel Seeds[_] - [_] No. 252: Mandragora Sprout

After the scene, Cheria will join your party and snag your flower. You can now freely roam the town and talk to whoever you want, including the chicken.

I suggest you talk to everyone in every town at least once. Not only is this great info, but you need to do this to gain a title for a character later.

We can't go to Cheria's house in the northeast of town, but we can explore everywhere else. Head to the house just south of the town's windmill and talk to the dog to receive an Apple Gel. You can also speak to the Elderly Woman for a Pickled Plum and check the closet for some Pork x2.

Continue down the stairs and head to the center of the bridge for the skit Poor Choice of Words. Now, follow the wall to Asbel's house (the dude has a town in his families name... of course he has a mansion). After a scene, you can head inside and view the skit Family Ties at the save point. You can take a nap by talking to the maid here and Frederic for information. Head upstairs to the right and enter the kids' room. If you check by Asbels' desk you can get the skit called Rash Justice and the Enemy Book.

You should now head outside and back to town. Cross the bridge and make sure to talk to the guard on the bridge to open up the west exit of town. On the other side, head west for a scene that nets you the Discovery Book. You can now check the tree for Apple x3, the Apple Trees discovery, and the skit The Fruit of Ignorance. Now, talk to the guard who gave you the apples and say "We're not little kids!" to answer his questions for 100 Gald. The answers are: Wolf Pup, Wooly Boar, and Giant Bee.

Note that discoveries give anywhere from 1-3 items. I will always write x3, but this does not mean you will always get three.

You can now go east to the shops. I suggest you buy the Manual Manual from the Item Shop (sell some random drops you got if needed). Now head back to the windmill for the Lord Windegarde discovery. Make sure to climb up and get the Full of Hot Air skit. Now go to Asbel's house for the Family Portrait discovery and the Age Is Just a Number skit.

When you're ready, leave town to West Lhant Road by the apple tree.

Head to the save point and watch the Boys and Boats skit. Continue up the road a little for a possible sparkle and then continue onward. In the tall grass to the northeast of the person by the tree you can find another sparkle. Make sure to check the tree the traveler is looking at to discover the Gel Seeds, netting you Gel Seed x3 and the skit Not for Human Consumption. The treasure chest here contains a Glassphere.

Continue along the path and there will be a bend west. You should see a sparkle near the tree here. Continue along the path to the beach and talk to Turtlez who teaches you about Dualizing, or rather, Synthesis. To the west of this is the Traveling Beastmaster where you get to watch a scene for more info on the unknown girl. Afterward, head to the save for the Abracadabra skit. Now, head southwest on the beach is a treasure with Rice x5 and another sparkle point. There is also another sparkling point on the beach.

On your way back to Lhant, you can talk to the Gel Seeds again for more items. These respawn just like the sparkle points when you leave a zone for any reason.

Note that the rare Magic Carta No. 3 from the sparkle points here is not the only one of these. Many areas will have rare items such as this. You do not NEED to get them, but they do offer some exclusive unlockables if you get them. Keep a close eye on the item checklists. If you see something that you do not get from the treasure as you clear an area, it means that it is likely a rare drop from one of the sparkling points.



Consumables[_] No. 001: Apple Gel
Skits[_] No. 012: Chronic Uncertainty
Titles[_] Asbel: Lord's Heir
[_] Sophie: Named After a Flower

Note that the apple tree has respawned more apples for you since you zoned. Many discovery points that give items will do this throughout the game.

Head to the manor for a scene, but do not go inside. Instead, go to Cheria's house and talk to her for an interesting scene. Afterward, talk to her again to get an Apple Gel.

Now, head to the manor and inside the west room on the first floor to meet Asbel's dad. Afterward, you will get the Lord's Heir title. Now, head upstairs to the west room to overhear a conversation. You should head out of the manor now for a scene that eventually gets you the Named after a Flower title. Now head back to Asbel's room/desk for the skit Chronic Uncertainty.

You can now leave town from the exit near the shops.


East Lhant Highroad / Lhant

Consumables[_] No. 001: Apple Gel x2Disc.[_] No. 05: Cryas ShardsEnemies
Valuables[_] No. 117: Magic Carta No. 1Skits[_] No. 013: A Cheeky Retort[_] - [_] No. 181: Peepit
[_] No. 014: Little Treasures[_] - [_] No. 220: Bear
[_] No. 015: A Wild Seed Takes Root[_] - [_] No. 252: Mandragora Sprout
[_] No. 016: A Wild Seed Bears Fruit[_] No. 214: Prairie Eagle

Head directly to the save point for the skit A Cheeky Retort. You will want to head north, down to the river, to get the treasure with Apple Gel x2. If you walk through the blue rocks in the riverbed you can discover the Cryas Shards and watch the Little Treasures skit. In this same area, in the northeast corner by the downed tree, is a rare sparkle point. You should now continue along the path east for a scene and a fight.

There is nothing else to do, so head to Lhant. Make sure to get the A Wild Seed Takes Root skit at the save point.

Make sure you get the rare Magic Carta No. 1 from a sparkling point before you leave. You can actually get this later when you have more points accessible; if it is giving you trouble.

Head for the Lhant manor, but instead of entering the front doors go east to the side of the building (by walking right up to the front door and going behind the pillar). Enter the building for a scene. You will need to head to the front of the manor for the fight.

Your party setup will change to just Sophie and Asbel in your fighting party, as Richard does not fight. Head toward the bridge for the skit A Wild Seed Bears Fruit and then leave for Lhant Hill.


North Lhant Road / Lhant Hill

Consumables[_] No. 001: Apple GelDisc.[_] No. 06: Spring of Healing
Valuables[_] No. 120: Magic Carta No. 4

We've already cleared out this area, but you may not have gotten the Magic Carta No. 4 from the sparkling points on your last visit. Make sure to talk to the two guards near Lhant Hill to get an Apple Gel, before entering Lhant Hill.

You can now discover the Spring of Healing that you have probably used multiple times. When ready, head for the meadow where we met Sophie. I knew Bryce was a douchebag, but seriously?

Boss: No. 176: Bryce

Bryce is actually a push-over considering how much of a show he put on back at the manor. This does not mean you can destroy him, so be careful. Use your guarding effectively and combo your attacks with Sophie. If you're lucky, he won't use any of his Artes. Note that Sophie can heal, so if you get thrashed a little, back off and give her a chance to heal you.

Defeating Bryce in 60 seconds will net you a trophy.


Lhant Hill Cliffs

Consumables[_] No. 007: Life Bottle x2Titles[_] Richard: Prince of Windor
Materials[_] No. 228: Pickled Plum x3[_] Asbel: Pact Maker
Valuables[_] No. 010: Glassphere[_] Sophie: Pact Maker
Disc.[_] No. 07: Abandoned Nest[_] Richard: Pact Maker
[_] No. 08: Friendship Tree
Skits[_] No. 018: Face TimeEnemies
[_] No. 020: A Brother's Pride[_] - [_] No. 118: Wolf Pup
[_] No. 019: About Face[_] - [_] No. 178: Giant Bee
[_] No. 022: The Meaning of Friendship[_] - [_] No. 210: Filifolia Bud
[_] No. 021: The Facts on Pacts[_] No. 223: Bear Hellion
[_] No. 017: Fight or Fright

Richard has finally decided to contribute something to the party, which is nice of him. Before you even take one step up the ramp, grab the treasure with the Pickled Plum x3. You should also be able to get the skit Face Time in the beach area. Head up the ramp and you will likely run into the first of many events that require you to tap X quickly to avoid falling. You can avoid these by holding O to walk.

Falling takes you back to the beach area.

Continue around the corner, hugging the wall and across the small bridge that leads to a treasure with Life Bottle x2. If you approach the nest just a little further up the path you can discover the Abandoned Nest and get the skit A Brother's Pride. Now continue for a scene just past the save point. After the fight, you can get the skit About Face. You can now go east to grab the Glassphere and then climb up the roots. After the scene, you will get the Pact Maker title and the skit The Meaning of Friendship. Make sure to examine the tree to discover the Friendship Tree and watch The Facts on Pacts skit.

You now need to head back to Lhant, but get the skit Fight or Fright at the spring first.


Lhant / East Lhant Highroad

Others [_] 100 Gald or Manual ManualDisc.[_] No. 09: Windor Cows
[_] 300 GaldSkits[_] No. 023: You Can't Force It
Materials[_] No. 226: Milk x3[_] No. 024: Weird Is Weird
Valuables[_] No. 014: Richard's Ring[_] No. 025: Stick and Mooove
[_] No. 117: Magic Carta No. 1
[_] No. 010: Glassphere

Back in Lhant you will get a striking scene with Aston... This dude is MEAN! After some scenes, you will get Richard's Ring. After some funny scenes, you will be on your way to East Lhant Highroad.

If you didn't get the Magic Carta No. 1 before, you will likely get it now. Try to get it before you leave the area and continue through the game. The best place to do this is to exit and enter the cottage and grab the nearby point until you get it.

At the save point, you will be able to see the You Can't Force It skit. Head east to where you fought the Pairie Eagle and then go east across the stone bridge to a sparkle point. South of this is a treasure with a Glassphere. Follow the path until you get a funny scene. Afterward, head to the save to access the skit Weird Is Weird. Inside the cottage, grab the 100 Gald or Manual Manual if you didn't buy it already. Back outside, grab the sparkling point to the southeast before heading up the hill.

Follow the path until you reach a split. On the cliff, facing over the cows, there should be a sparkling point. South (compass south) of this is a treasure with 300 Gald. Head down the path and examine the odd colored cow to discover the Windor Cows and get Milk x1 as well as the Stick and Mooove skit. Now head down the northern path toward the port.


Port to Barona / Barona

Materials[_] No. 218: RiceDisc.[_] No. 10: Gloandi
[_] No. 219: Bread x2Skits[_] No. 026: Through the Ringer
[_] No. 191: Lettuce x2[_] No. 028: Everything Worth Knowing
[_] No. 229: Dried Seaweed[_] No. 027: To Be a Knight
[_] No. 043: Feather[_] No. 029: Pact Attack
[_] No. 190: Tomato
[_] No. 229: Dried Seaweed x3
[_] No. 221: Pie Sheet x2
[_] No. 225: Egg x2

In the port, talk to the kid hanging outside the shop full of chairs and tables to receive Rice and then head into the building. Check the cabinets here for Bread x2 and Lettuce x2. Back outside, talk to the traveler next to the Turtlez for Dried Seaweed. When ready, board the ship for Barona.

Every town has a cat that you can feed fish to. If you see one, talk to it and feed it. I will go over this in more detail much later in the game, but you can make a mental note to look for the cats now. Note, you will not be able to do this in childhood, so don't assume there isn't a cat in a town just because it isn't there in childhood arc.

Head into town for a scene and a surprising familiar face. When you can, head up the steps and talk to the Elderly Woman on the bench for a Feather. Continue down the steps to talk to a guard and get a Tomato. The building to the east is the Inn. At the save you can view the Through the Ringer skit. Upstairs, you can enter a room that has a closet full of Dried Seaweed x3. Now exit and head north past the shops to the Castle District.

Head east straight away and enter the house to examine the cabinets for Pie Sheet x2 and Egg x2. Exit and head all the way west now. When you see the two women chatting, veer up the steps to the northeast and talk to the left guard for a scene. The two women have moved, so go to where they were.

After the hilarious scene, examine the valkines cryas to get the discovery Gloandi and the skit Everything Worth Knowing. Instead of heading to the northern gate, head back down to the lower city and back to the Inn to see the skit To Be a Knight and Pact Attack at the save point. You can now head east of the Inn for a scene. Now, leave Barona to the north, but you can get a fun scene by talking to the Equipment Shop owner on your way out.


North Barona Road

Materials[_] No. 206: Beef x2Enemies
Weapons[_] No. 120: Short Rapier[_] - [_] No. 181: Peepit
Armor[_] No. 003: Haute Couture[_] - [_] No. 220: Bear
Valuables[_] No. 010: Glassphere[_] - [_] No. 252: Mandragora Sprout
[_] No. 118: Magic Carta No. 2

You actually get Richard's gear in your library the first time he joins, but I didn't add it then. Oh, well.

Head west at the split to find a treasure with a Glassphere inside. Now, head back and north to a sparkling point that may yield the rare Magic Carta No. 2. Continue north to a treasure with Beef x2 inside. Past the cabin, up the hill, you will get a scene. On the way back down, you may find a sparkling point in the flowers. I suggest you head into the cabin, even though there is nothing there, to respawn the sparkling points as you head back to town.


Barona / Barona Catacombs

Others[_] 500 GaldSkits[_] No. 030: The Boy Who Knew Everything
Consumables[_] No. 001: Apple Gel x3[_] No. 370: Revenge Will Be Mine!
[_] No. 007: Life Bottle[_] No. 031: Sticky Situation
Materials[_] No. 218: Rice x3Titles[_] Hubert: Second-Born Son
[_] No. 099: Water of Absolution x3Enemies
Valuables[_] No. 010: Glassphere[_] - [_] No. 163: Bat
Disc.[_] No. 11: Water of Absolution (Dis)[_] - [_] No. 274: Rat Specter

Head back to the Inn for a scene... okay, what happened to him? After the scene, you will get the Second-Born Son title for Hubert, who rejoins the party. You can now speak to the Innkeeper to rest until nightfall. When you have control, enter the previously locked room next door and grab the Rice x3 from the closet. Exit the inn and head to the Castle District and then go east all the way for a scene.

Once on the inside, examine the shining water to discover the Water of Absolution (Discovery) and obtain Water of Absolution x3 and the skit The Boy Who Knew Everything. You can check the other side of the altar to enter the catacombs.

Note that the enemies here will change in adulthood causing issues or hours of work to get the Soul Orbs. I suggest you take the time to do it now and save yourself the trouble later.

Follow the path until you reach a stone door where you can view the Revenge Will Be Mine! skit. Continue on and up the bridge to open the chest with 500 Gald inside before going along the west path. You will want to head down the path first to get the Apple Gel x3 before going up the path and continuing on. Eventually, you will come to a chest with a Glassphere inside, grab it and continue north. At the next split, go up the path to get a Life Bottle before taking the lower path to a save and the skit Sticky Situation.

Boss: No. 170: Monarch Bat

Overall and easy fight. Kill it and enjoy the cutscenes and say goodbye to your childhood.


Chapter 2: Adulthood (Part I)


Orlen Woods

Others[_] 800 GaldUnique Equ.[_] No. 001: Bronze ScabbardEnemies
Consumables[_] No. 007: Life Bottle x2[_] No. 055: Natural Scent[_] No. 008: Axe Beak
[_] No. 001: Apple Gel x3Valuables[_] No. 008: Eleth Mixer[_] - [_] No. 031: Wolf
[_] No. 001: Apple Gel x3Disc.[_] No. 12: Morino Flowers[_] - [_] No. 200: Filifolia
Materials[_] No. 083: Wood ChunkSkits[_] No. 032: Walking the Point[_] - [_] No. 210: Filifolia Bud
[_] No. 100: Morino Flower x3[_] No. 033: Flower Power
[_] No. 087: Chipped Claw[_] No. 034: Hidden Talents
Weapons[_] No. 003: Long SwordTitles[_] Asbel: Aspiring Knight
[_] No. 084: Steel Bladerang[_] Malik: Knight Academy Instructor
Armor[_] No. 004: Leather Guard x2[_] Malik: Acquainted with Royalty
[_] No. 049: Iron Tunic[_] Malik: Paragon of Knighthood
[_] Asbel: Wielder of Light

From now on you will gain shards from battles. These are used to upgrade your weapons and add stats to them. Note that this is expensive at this point in the game and you will likely buy new weapons faster than you can upgrade ones to make them better. For this reason, I suggest you wait until mid/late game to focus on this.

You will automatically start the next chapter in battle to learn about B-Artes. Asbel sure has grown up pretty well with Malik as his mentor. After the scene, talk to Malik to gain access to the Eleth Mixer. You should use this right away to start increasing the max energy and max capacity. You can learn more by viewing the information on the Mixer Menu. Also note that you have new gear and new titles (some of which depend on hours played and battles fought).

As soon as you have control, head to the save for the Walking the Point skit. Head on the linear path and at the split, head north to a chest with 800 Gald. Head around the bend, but at the river take the vine south to find a Life Bottle x2. Now continue and you should come to a chest with a Wood Chunk inside. Continue north until you reach the chest with an Iron Tunic and then head back to Turtlez. East of Turtlez is the Morino Flowers discovery, Morino Flower item, and the Flower Power skit.

Head east across the bridge and then south to a boulder that you can push to create a shortcut. Head east now and grab the chest with Apple Gel x3. You can now go northeast to the chest with a Chipped Claw before heading west to a save and on further for a scene. When you have control, talk to Malik to receive Apple Gel x3. Now, head to the west side of the town for a scene and then head to the area east of Malik for another scene. Finally, head back to the west side of town for a fight.

Boss: No. 111: Nova Wolf

Right off the bat, you will be unable to damage the Nova Wolf. After a short time, you will get a scene that lets you assign a new B-Arte to your list that can damage Nova barriers. Assign it to any direction you want, and then continue the battle. The key to this battle is side-stepping, so make sure to use it and save you a lot of agony.

You receive the Wielder of Light title.

With Malik back in your party, you can head to the save for the skit Hidden Talents.


North Barona Road / Barona

Others[_] 360 GaldValuables[_] No. 005: World MapEnemies
Consumables[_] No. 001: Apple Gel x2[_] No. 146: Magic Carta No. 30[_] - [_] No. 030: Wooly Boar
[_] No. 008: Elixir[_] No. 006: Stamp Card Case[_] - [_] No. 013: Eagle
[_] No. 035: Ice Pop[_] No. 033: Night Lily Seeds[_] - [_] No. 127: Chirpee
[_] No. 010: Hourglass[_] No. 055: Best Princess Stories[_] - [_] No. 181: Peepit
Dishes[_] No. 001: Rice Ball[_] No. 052: Moji-kun Plushie[_] - [_] No. 194: Forest Goblin
Materials[_] No. 205: Pork x2[_] No. 211: Royal Knights' Documents[_] - [_] No. 230: Boar
[_] No. 234: Tea Leaves x3[_] No. 005: Letter from Mom
[_] No. 220: Pasta x2Disc.[_] No. 13: Tea Fields
[_] No. 221: Pie Sheet x3[_] No. 14: Ice Pops
[_] No. 115: Win Stick[_] No. 15: Headmaster's Bust
[_] No. 116: Lose StickSkits[_] No. 035: That Certain Something
[_] No. 221: Pie Sheet x2[_] No. 036: Out of the Clouds
[_] No. 225: Egg x2[_] No. 038: The Win Stick
[_] No. 221: Pie Sheet x3[_] No. 037: Final Exam
[_] No. 221: Pie Sheet x3[_] No. 371: Stamp Collectors
[_] No. 229: Dried Seaweed x3[_] No. 039: Time Out of Mind
[_] No. 261: Exceed Shard

Almost as soon as you enter, there will be a scene in which you obtain the World Map. Head west and you should see a chest with Pork x2 inside. If you head south of this, to the sign, you can discover the Tea Fields, gain Tea Leaves x3, and get the That Certain Something skit. Head west and you may see a sparkling point. Now head south at the split for another sparkling point and Pasta x2. Now head west to a familiar road and a scene.

After the scene, view the Out of the Clouds skit. Although the cottage was useless before, it now contains a chest with Pie Sheet x3. Head toward town, grabbing the restocked chests with Apple Gel x2 and 360 Gald.

As soon as you head into town you should notice the new stand with the jumping girl inside. Examine it to discover the Ice Pops and The Win Stick skit.

As Malik hints, eating the Ice Pops may get you a Win Stick or Lose Stick. These are the only way to get these unless you have one and Dualize it into the other.

You can now buy Ice Pop's for 60 Gald each here. Head east into the house which has restocked its cabinets with Pie Sheet x2 and Egg x2. You can also talk to the Mother for Pie Sheet x3. Continue east and give the poor cat one of your Salmon. Now head all the way west to the valkines cryas and as you enter/exit you can see a chest in the lower right corner of this area that contains the Magic Carta No. 30. Now head to the Lower City.

At the shops you can find new items. I suggest you buy the Paralysis Charm, which should automatically net you the Stamp Card Case. You might as well buy any equipment you don't have as well (since you have tons of money, most likely).

Stamps will be introduced when you make a purchase, sell an item, or dualize. Most shops are linked when it comes to stamps, per town, but the Turtlez have their own stamping cards.

Head south and then west to the old man on the bench for a sparkling point that gets you Night Lily Seeds. If you head to the Barona Port and along the long pier, you can get a chest with Pie Sheet x3. Now head to the Inn to the east of the central area of Lower City and check the upstairs rooms' closets for Dried Seaweed x3 and Best Princess Stories. Make sure to also use the save for the skit Final Exam and Stamp Collectors.

All Inn's now take Requests. Check often, as there are a total of 21 per town. You can see the list of requests and items at the Requests Checklist.

Head to the Knight Academy now, and talk to the man on the left for a Rice Ball. Now, head west into a room with a chest that requires a password. Enter treasure to get the Elixir. To the right of this, in the corner, is an Ice Pop. We can finally go to the bar by taking the steps to the right of the old man on the bench.

Before actually entering the bar, go around the side for a chest with a Moji-kun Plushie inside. Inside the bar, watch the scene. Afterward, grab the Royal Knights' Documents from the bottom right corner of the bar. Now head back toward the Academy for a scene. You will receive the Letter from Mom and have to head to Lhant.

With Cheria in your party, check out the huge statue of the buff headmaster to discover the Headmaster's Bust and the skit Time Out of Mind. Instead of going to the docks, head to castle for a conversation with the knight who you previously showed Richard's Ring to as a kid for a quick scene. You can also stop by the valkines cryas and talk to the knight for an Exceed Shard. Now head for the port, but instead of entering it go east to the pile of boxes. You can grab onto and move the boxes to gain access to a chest with an Hourglass. You can now head to Lhant via the boat (which doesn't give you a kids discount anymore).


East Lhant Highroad / Lhant

Others[_] 540 GaldUnique Equ.[_] No. 042: RibbonEnemies
Consumables[_] No. 009: All-DivideValuables[_] No. 055: Best Princess Stories[_] - [_] No. 013: Eagle
Materials[_] No. 226: Milk x3[_] No. 051: Noko Plushie[_] - [_] No. 030: Wooly Boar
[_] No. 043: Feather[_] No. 145: Magic Carta No. 29[_] - [_] No. 127: Chirpee
[_] No. 067: Decaying FangSkits[_] No. 040: An Unseasonable Chill[_] - [_] No. 194: Forest Goblin
[_] No. 219: Bread x3Titles[_] Cheria: Sickly Child[_] - [_] No. 230: Boar
[_] No. 205: Pork x2[_] Cheria: Un-believable Child
Weapons[_] No. 064: Throwing Knives[_] Cheria: An Old Friend, Matured
Armor[_] No. 027: Blouse[_] Cheria: Radiant Healer
[_] No. 003: Iron Scabbard

Everything has reset on the Highroad, so make sure to grab the Milk x3 from the Windor Cow and the Feather nearby. When you reach the cottage you will be forced into a fight with an interesting outcome in the aftermath. At the cottage, grab the Decaying Fang, Bread x3 and watch the An Unseasonable Chill skit at the save. Now continue to Lhant, grabbing the 540 Gald and Iron Scabbard on the way.

After checking out the shops, head for Lhant Manor and talk to the maid to learn about Requests. Now, enter Aston's room and enter the code Aston in the chest to receive the All-Divide. Now check the bookcases for the Best Princess Stories.

In case you were wondering, the note in the upstairs west wing room gives you the clue for the chest in Aston's room.

Head toward the windmill and grab the easy-to-see treasure for a Noko Plushie before entering the house. Inside the closet you get more Pork x2 before leaving to climb the windmill and claiming the Magic Carta No. 29. While we can finally enter Cheria's house, there is nothing inside.


North Lhant Road / Lhant Hill

Others[_] 1000 GaldUnique Equ.[_] No. 043: Pretty RibbonEnemies
[_] 180 Unit(s) of Eleth[_] No. 017: Pretty Anklet[_] - [_] No. 104: Stag Beetle
Consumables[_] No. 007: Life Bottle x2Gems[_] No. 020: Poison Charm[_] - [_] No. 157: Nail Spider
[_] No. 005: Panacea Bottle x2Valuables[_] No. 032: Sopheria Seeds[_] - [_] No. 220: Bear
[_] No. 032: Eleth Bottle CSkits[_] No. 041: Frozen in Time[_] - [_] No. 225: Scuffler Bear
Materials[_] No. 047: Nameless Seed[_] No. 042: Sophie's Sacrifice[_] - [_] No. 299: Stinger Bee
[_] No. 075: Poison NeedleTitles[_] Sophie: Dead Ringer[_] No. 202: Foot Soldier
[_] No. 241: Rifleman
[_] No. 003: Helmcrusher

Head west and grab the first chest with a Pretty Ribbon. Now head toward Lhant Hill's path to find the Frozen in Time skit on the right side of the road. Continue west for a treasure with 1000 Gald and when ready, leave to the Border Fortress via the west path. You will be forced into a fight. After the scene, you will be unable to attack the Helmcrusher dead on, so head to Lhant Hill.

Head inside, grabbing the chests with the 180 Unit(s) of Eleth, Nameless Seed, Life Bottle x2, and Poison Needle. When ready, save and head for the meadow. Enjoy the cutscene and a familiar addition to your party before taking the Helmcrusher head on.

After the scene, head down the cliffside to gather the restocked treasures with a Poison Charm, Panacea Bottle x2, Pretty Anklet, and an Eleth Bottle C. You can now head out, but make sure to get the skit Sophie's Sacrifice at Lhant Hill's save point.


Lhant / North Lhant Road

Consumables[_] No. 007: Life Bottle x2Skits[_] No. 043: Holding the Line
Valuables[_] No. 207: Assorted Flowers

Watch the scene when you return to town and then head to the Lhant manor for a scene. After the scene, grab the Assorted Flowers from the sparkling spot in the manor gardens. Now head to Asbel's room and take a nap for a scene, as well as two scenes on the way there. Now head to the study. After the scenes, you can head toward the Border Fortress.

Before you leave make sure each of your characters has some protection from Poison.

If you Dualize the Common Metal and Water of Absolution you create Moist Crystal. This can then be dualized with a Iron Sword to make the much more powerful Katana. Common Metal, as you will find out, is in multiple recipes. Either way, I suggest you use at least 1 mixer slot to duplicate this item.

By now you probably also have a ton of Shard's. You should start to experiment with these. They all add bonus' to your gear somehow and are replaceable, so there is no need to worry about screwing something up.

Follow the path until you get a scene and then head back to Lhant Hill's entrance for the Holding the Line skit. Now continue toward the new area of North Lhant Road where the Turtlez waits and a sparkling point on the beach. There is also a chest with Life Bottle x2 in the corner.


Seaside Cavern

Others[_] 1500 GaldMaterials[_] No. 101: Deathglow Algae x3Enemies
[_] 1125 GaldUnique Equ.[_] No. 004: Steel Scabbard[_] - [_] No. 026: Water Elemental
[_] 210 Unit(s) of ElethDisc.[_] No. 16: Glintsoul Colony[_] - [_] No. 057: Local Star
Consumables[_] No. 001: Apple Gel x3[_] No. 17: Deathglow Algae (Dis)[_] - [_] No. 070: Green Slime
[_] No. 032: Eleth Bottle CSkits[_] No. 044: Everything is Intact
[_] No. 006: Syrup Bottle x2[_] No. 372: Diving In
[_] No. 007: Life Bottle x3[_] No. 045: Remembering the Past
[_] No. 014: Dark Bottle x2[_] No. 324: Enough With the Water
[_] No. 013: Holy Bottle x2[_] No. 046: Just a Bite
[_] No. 029: Mastery Tonic C[_] No. 047: The Only One

As soon as you have control, open the chest with 1500 Gald inside. Continue, grabbing the Apple Gel x3, and continuing for the Everything is Intact skit. There's nowhere else to go so jump in the water.

On the other side, enjoy the scene and then watch the Diving In skit. Hang a left to a cavern area with a Eleth Bottle C and Syrup Bottle x2. Head back to the water area and hug the right wall until you can jump in the water again. This leads to a Steel Scabbard that you should grab before returning the way you came. Now head north. As you head around the outer area, check behind the pillars to get Life Bottle x3 before reaching the end and diving in.

Follow the path, grabbing the 1125 Gald, and then jumping in the water. Hang a left and hop in the water to reach a new area with Dark Bottle x2, 210 Unit(s) of Eleth, the Glintsoul Colony discovery, and Remembering the Past skit. Now, jump back in the water and continue north for Holy Bottle x2. Jump into the water between these two area until you get the Enough With the Water skit. Now continue onward.

In the huge open area, you should find a Mastery Tonic C in the water, the Deathglow Algae (Dis) discovery, Deathglow Algae x3, and Just a Bite skit. When you're ready, save and jump into the water.

Boss: No. 064: Queen Slime

Hopefully, you have Poison Charms, or Poison-Paralysis Charms.

This boss can be difficult because slimes like to divide. Focus your attacks on the Queen and let Sophie and Cheria handle the babies. Shockwave Slash is great here, as you can almost take out the babies as they spawn around the Queen. When you attack, go for combos, especially as its health gets lower. If you can take out the Queen before she split, this will be a quick fight.

Note that if you defeat the Queen Slime in a minute you can get a trophy.

When you have control again, walk toward the exit to get The Only One skit.


North Lhant Road / Lhant

Consumables[_] 720 GaldArmor[_] No. 007: Rune Guard
Material[_] No. 039: FurUnique Equ.[_] No. 030: Simple Frames
[_] No. 059: Shattered BoneDisc.[_] No. 18: Vestiges of War
[_] No. 228: Pickled Plum x3Skits[_] No. 048: A Hopeless Cause
[_] No. 220: Pasta x3[_] No. 049: All That Remains
Weapons[_] No. 049: Rune Dualblade

Instead of going north, hang a right toward the beach to grab a sparkling point and 720 Gald. Now, follow the path for a scene. After the scene, head north to the encampment and grab the Fur, the Vestiges of War discovery, and A Hopeless Cause skit. Follow the path south and grab the Shattered Bone on your way back to Lhant. Don't forget to stop by the Lhant Hill entrance for another skit All That Remains. Now continue to Lhant.

You will automatically be forced into a battle. I suggest you de-equip your new ally's Rune Guard for your own greedy needs. Enjoy the easy fight, with a fun ally, and then watch the scenes. Instead of heading inside, go to the house next to the windmill and talk to the Elderly Woman for Pickled Plum x3. Now head to the manor and enter the lower right room for Pasta x3 from the maid. You can now head to the study for a fight that you can't win (despite being able to make a dent).


Barona / Barona Catacombs

Weapons[_] No. 121: Royal RapierEnemies
Armor[_] No. 005: Iron Guard[_] - [_] No. 046: Elder Bat
Unique Equ.[_] No. 081: Royal Cloak[_] - [_] No. 119: Dusk Shade
Disc.[_] No. 20: Massive Skeleton[_] - [_] No. 164: Bat Specter
Skits[_] No. 050: Where All Was Lost[_] - [_] No. 185: Royal Soldier
[_] No. 373: Sweet Revenge[_] No. 143: Royal Manhunter
[_] No. 051: Time and Tide
Titles[_] Richard: Benevolent Prince
[_] Richard: Long-Lost Friend

On your way to Barona, stop by the cottage on East Lhant Highroad for a scene. Afterward, continue on to Barona.

There's not much to do here, so head to the Barona Catacombs via the Royal Sanctuary.

Sophie will impress you once again with her entering technique and then you can enter the catacombs. As soon as you enter, watch the Where All Was Lost skit. Head forward for a familiar ally will join your party. Afterward, continue on getting Sweet Revenge on that damned door. Check it to continue on.

When you reach the large skeleton, examine its head for the Massive Skeleton discovery and Time and Tide skit.