• Trophies

    There are 31 Trophies: 1 Platinum, 5 Gold, 15 Silver, and 10 Bronze.

    Angel of DeathKill 1000 enemies.Silver
    BreacherDestroy 20 doors with a Chainfist.Bronze
    Bronze Medal For The Emperor and Saguinius!Finish the “Sin of damnation” campaign on easy.Bronze
    Exemplar of the Codex AstartesComplete a mission without using a single Command Point.Gold
    ExterminatorKill 10 Genestealers during one turn in the “Exterminate” mission.Silver
    Forged in battleGet all the mission specific trophies.Gold
    Gold Medal For The Emperor and Saguinius!Finish the “Sin of damnation” campaign on hard.Gold
    Grant us the strength to prevailWin close assault against Broodlord.Gold
    Honor Your WargearUnjam a bolter 40 times.Silver
    Honour is my shieldMission 8 - Calistarius must survive.Silver
    Light in the darknessEscape with at least two Terminators before the end of the tenth turn in "Pitfall" mission.Silver
    Our duty is doneMission 5 - Escape with eight or more marines.Bronze
    Power of the warpKill 6 Genestealers with one psychic storm.Silver
    PyroclastKill 6 Genestealers in one shot with the flamer.Silver
    Red ThirstHave a terminator kill 3 Genestealers in melee during one turn.Silver
    Relic BearerMission 7 - The marine that picks up the artefact must be the one exiting the map with it.Silver
    Savior of MankindHaving Achieved The Highest Honors in Battle.Platinum
    Sever the head and the beast will dieMission 11 - Kill the broodlord.Silver
    Silver Medal For The Emperor and Saguinius!Finish the “Sin of damnation” campaign on normal.Silver
    Slayer of MonstersKill 5 Broodlords.Silver
    Stand against the tideLet no terminators die during "Defend" mission.Silver
    Stand together or fall aloneExit the map with at least 7 marines in the "Regroup" mission, but not before all have been put into play.Bronze
    Storm of IronKill 30 Genestealers with the assault cannon.Bronze
    Sword of RetributionKill 20 Genestealers with the power sword.Bronze
    The Emperor protectsSurvive 15 close combat encounters.Bronze
    The Emperors FinestCustomize your banner.Bronze
    The purging flameMission 4 - Cleanse both rooms during the same turn.Silver
    There is only war!Kill 40 000 enemies.Gold
    Unbowed and UnbrokenMission 6 - Wake all unconscious Marines and take no casualties.Silver
    Victory is nothing more than survivalSurvive “Suicide Mission” without any casualties.Bronze
    Watch the clawsMission 3 - Pass the C.A.T. between at least three terminators.Bronze

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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