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by optimusmart

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Platinum Speedrun by optimusmart

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 10/27/16

Platinum Speedrun Guide


Welcome to another guide in the Platinum Speedrun series, this guide will direct you to Platinum in the fastest time, while trying to keep the game as easy as possible, so is ideal for any skill level.

There are not many trophies in this game, and the majority of them involve doing something in the game that you would or would likely have done anyway. The only real problem comes from a speedrun Challenge that each Chapter has. This speedrun requires you to complete a Chapter within a certain amount of days and if you fail, it means replaying the whole Chapter again which could take hours. The good thing is, following a guide, this is easy to achieve on your 1st playthrough, along with the other Challenges.

The difficulty of the game is not especially hard, you begin weak on each Chapter as nothing transfers between Chapters but the enemies begin weak as well. As you progress in each Chapter, you will gain better equipment, become stronger so each Chapter does slowly get easier, but it's easy enough anyway.

Throughout the Chapters, the game does explain to you all the mechanics so I won't be explaining exactly how to do absolutely everything as there is no need. I will be instructing however where to go, what to do next, what materials to collect on your current Quest, when to craft a particular item etc. I will only step in and tell you 'how' to do something when it isn't that obvious within the game, but these moments are rare. BUT, make sure you read the basics before you begin, as there is some very useful information there.

Using this guide should save you a lot of frustration and will help you to complete the game quicker, which will then unlock all recipes and Chapter locations in Terra Incognita mode (free mode). If you are serious about building in this game, I strongly advise flying through the game because during the Chapters, you are restricted to that particular Chapters items/materials. Completing a Chapter will unlock it's recipes and islands in the free mode, so eventually you can use everything in free mode with no restrictions and this is where you want to take time building.

This guide will apply to both the VITA and PS4 versions, I have played both and there identical apart from the controls/graphics. I haven't played PS3, but since the VITA and PS4 versions are the same, im sure the PS3 version is as well.

All in all, this is a fun game and to be honest, the road to Platinum isn't great but that road will allow you to unlock extra items for free mode. You don't have to be insanely fast on the speedruns, you can still take your time so just follow the guide at your own pace and enjoy yourself.


Firstly, thanks to everyone who takes the time to read this. If you find yourself using my guide and found it to be handy, please consider sending a donation to support the time and effort I have put forth, to create such a in depth guide.

If you DO wish to donate anything:

  • Send a GIFT through Paypal to mclarke261(at)btinternet(dot)com
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You in no way should feel obligated to donate, your support via emails is always appreciated though.



Very basic in this game, you will soon get to grips with it, however, the controls are a pain. All the enemies have a cooldown after a attack which will normally last a few seconds, this is the time when you attack. You only have one attack (another is unlocked later, but is mainly used for mining) so it does get repititive, but the Bossfights are quite fun and they cahnge it up a bit.

Whenever a enemy attacks, move/jump away then move in straight after and begin attacking while they are cooling down, then after a few secs, dodge again then move back in and repeat. Some enemies will have a few attacks and the enemies that do, the attacks seem to alternate rather than be random. You will get to learn enemies attacks over time, and the timing in which they attack and cooldown. If your unsure, just bait an enemy to begin until you have learned their attacks.

Due to the enemy cooldown, the combat is actually really easy if you just play it safe. Equipment does play into it, but the guide rarely takes you into a fight your under-equipped for.


Throughout the guide, I will be telling you to acquire a certain amount of materials while in a certain area or on track to a certain QM (Quest Marker). You don't have to acquire the exact number I state, but you want close to this number, a lot of stuff I state more than you need anyway just to be safe.

When looting plants for there materials, do not break every single one just in case you may need some more later, possibly acquired by a SHOVEL. Not unless I state anyway.

Until your acquire your COLOSSAL COFFER (a giant storage chest), try to acquire only what I say because space is limited at this point. The COLOSSAL COFFER is always the priority initially, and I will always instruct you to craft this at the earliest possible opportunity, you can't craft it any earlier.

Another small tip about the COLOSSAL COFFER, when you do acquire it, you will likely have a lot of items already in chests. Rather than take the contents out and transfer them to your COFFER individually, just destroy the chest so all the items drop, then pick them up and they will go straight into your COFFER. Then just place the chest back.

Don't unnecessarily waste any items/materials, if it appears I have asked you to acquire a stupid amount, it's likely because there needed later on in the Chapter. If you must use anything while not instructed in the guide, always try to leave a few of that material or even more if you had a large number initially just to be safe.

When exploring buildings, you may find a lot of useful furniture, if you have the COLOSSAL COFFER collect as much furniture as possible as these can easily be used to increase your points in your base. Especially SCONCES as these are all over castles, they take up only 1 block of space and give 100pts.

Food/Hunger meter

A lot of the items I instruct to collect are often used later so it's difficult to say exactly what to use for food.

Once you learn about the room types, I'd advise to always create a CRUDE KITCHEN as early as possible. This is because your Town residents will use it to craft food for you so you won't even have to craft much food because your residents will do it for you.

When you do have to craft food to fill your hunger meter, craft something that uses a material that is easy to come by, a material that I have instructed you to collect a high number of. And only craft what you need at the time, don't craft a whole bunch of food just in case you need them materials for something else, and you may be acquiring some food soon anyway.


Your weapons won't degrade fast, but your axes/hammers will, so always have a few of your current type on you just in case.

Your Base

The base is very important, and levelling this is required for Challenges. Not all enemies can destroy your base, but during battles, just plan to keep all enemies away to be safe.

The most important instruction I can give is when your base advances a level, stop for a moment whatever your doing if possible. Now remove all your doors and once all are removed, place them all back. This may sound daft, but the game has a strange base levelling system, and this will cause you to acquire a lot of free points, you will see for yourself. You must apply this always in all Chapters whenever you advance a level, honestly, this is really important, will save a lot of time.

Everything must be placed in your base, otherwise you won't receive points for it. You will learn in Chapter 2 how to farm, but in regards to Trees, you will acquire tree seedling whenever you break a tree stump. Plant these seedling on brown earth blocks (no grass on them) in our base and they will grow into trees within a few days. That way you can chop them down for then plant the seedling again for a renewable source of WOOD.


The game has separate saves for each Chapter, however, the game has a profile save as well where it seems most your statistics are saved. For example, you could load up a saved game, create a new room (which will add it to your room list), then quit the game without saving. Now load the game back up and that room you just created will now be in your room list!

Always save regularly, if you make a big mistake, you can then reload your previous save and try again. Make sure you save before you head to the beacon at the end of a Chapter, that way if you need to come back, you can do so right at the end of the Chapter with all that same gear.


There are 5 Challenges for each Chapter, but the only missable Challenge is the Speedrun. I have given rough time stamps throughout the guide so you have an idea about how many days you should have spent so far. If you ever seem really far off my advised timings, reload a save and try for a better time.

The Chapters all allow at least a few days to spare if following this guide so you should be safe, but I will state at the start of each Chapter, how many days you must complete it in so you know. You can check how many days have passed in the Misc option on the menu.


Whenever your away from base, the quickest way back is to warp using CHIMAERA WINGS. This will all be explained by me or in-game, but you should always have some of these on you as long as you don't use them sparingly and only when I say.

If you have a NPC with you, make sure they are with you and not stuck behind a rock or unable to reach you (you can jump gaps but they won't) before warping. If they are not with you, they will stay behind and you will have to make your way back to collect them.

Time Penalties

If you die or warp using the option in the menu, the game will advance a day, so try not to die. This may sound like a problem, but you can always spare a few deaths, just if you die to many times, a save reload may be the best option.

Sleeping also advances the day obviously, so never sleep unless I say to.


Throughout the Chapters, you will have to create some rooms for the story and you will learn the majority of the room recipes here. The game will explain the room creation process to you so I won't go to much into that. Room can be crafted and registered i Terra Incognita mode.

If a room isn't registering and you are sure that everything is correct, check your walls. The game counts the blocks in the corners, you cannot skip a corner so make sure all the corner blocks are present. There may also be a block missing somewhere along the wall that you cannot see, make sure you check the walls thoroughly if any problems occur.

For the rooms, you will have to add certain items to create the targeted room, but in some cases there will be a few different types of this item that you can use. This is the list of what will count as a certain item within a room;

  • LIGHT SOURCE; Torch, Bonfire, Cookfire, all fancy light sources
  • FANCY LIGHT SOURCES; Brick Barbecue, Sconce, Lantern, Brazier, Naughty Night Light, Candlestick, Fireplace, Stove
  • BED; Straw Mattress, all fancy beds
  • FANCY BED; Simple Bed, King-Sized Bed, Princess Sized-Bed
  • TABLE; Stone Table, Small Table, Big Table, Round Table, Dining Table, Extravagant Table, Bar Counter
  • CHAIR; Wooden Stool, Stone Stool, Comfy Stool, Chic Chair, Throne, Dragonlord's Throne
  • DECORATIVE FOOD; Bread Basket, Crockery, Fish Dish, Meat Feast, Salad Plater, Tea Service
  • SMITHING STATION; Forge, Furnace RESIDENT'S SIGN; Gentleman Sign, Lady Sign
  • CROP; Butterbean Sprout, Heartfruit Seed, Holyhock Seed, Potato Sprout, Sugar, Cane Seedling, Wheat Seed
  • FLOWER; Freezia, Milkblossom, Coralily, Daffodaisy, Holyhock, Tingleweed, Bigonia, Pongsetta, Pot Plant
  • PLANT; Grass, Fibrous Fern, Bogwort, Sandwort, Witchgrass, Lemongrass, Stalwort, Frogstool, Cotton Plant, Medicinal Shrub
  • CACTUS; Cactus Trunk, Cactus Crown, Prickly Peach Cactus
  • TREES; (Seedling also count as Trees) Plumberry, Palm, Cedar, Cherry Blossom
  • STONE; Small Stones, Pumice, Big Rock
  • EVIL ITEM; Huge Horn, Chains, Vile Tile, Vile Visage, Draconic Column, Evil Idol, Dragonlord's Throne, Dragon Bones
  • BLIGHTED ITEM; Broken Barricade, Broken Brickwork, Shadowgrass, Infernal Ivy, Septic Shrub, Dilapidated Crate, Bones, Tattered Standard, Frogstool, Tainted Tree, Dead Tree, Twisted Tree Trunk, Tattered Tent
  • DISPLAY STAND; Equipment Display Stand, Item Display Stand
  • MEMORIAL; Wooden Cross, Gravestone, Metal Memorial
  • TELEPORTAL; Blue Teleportal, Green Teleportal, Red Teleportal
  • TRACK; Curved Track, Sloped Track, Straight Track You will likely be coming back to this list a lot, anything not mentioned here doesn't fall into any category and if needed for a room, it's specific name will be given.

By the way, make sure you don't confuse a CHEST with TREASURE CHEST. [TREASURE CHEST] is the red type that you find items in throughout the world and [CHEST] is the brown type you craft at a crafting station.

Final Words

That's pretty much all the important info I believe, anything else which is Chapter specific, I will mention at the start of each Chapter. Just remember everything said above, otherwise you may create problems.


Misc Trophies

The following four Trophies are cumulative with large numbers involved so it's hard to predict exactly when these will pop. However, you should easily pop these while following the guide, none should require farming endgame.

  • Handy Crafter (Use a crafting Station 500 times)
  • Monster Masher (Defeat 2000 monsters)
  • Super Smasher (Smash 3000 objects)
  • Superior Decorator (Place 3000 objects)


The Ravaged Realm

(20 day time limit for this Chapter)

Once you resume control, you will be taken through a brief tutorial. Complete each step of the tutorial by following the onscreen commands but stop when you reach the part where you must place the blocks within the red highlighted areas.

Before you place the blocks, break the remaining white flowers here to gain some more WHITE PETALS and then create more HEALING CREAM. Once done, carry on as instructed and once you escape the initial area, you will receive the Trophy;

Escape Artist

Now head to the beam of light in front, select the BANNER OF HOPE and use it on the base of the light, you use this flag to save and this is your base. Shortly after a NPC will arrive, talk with Pippa. Complete the first Quest she gives you that is to repair the walls of a room. Once done, talk to Pippa to hand the quest in and receive WHITE PETALS x 3.

Talk to her again to receive the next Quest to craft a TORCH, complete that then hand the Quest in to Pippa to receive BROKEN BRANCH x 1.

Talk to Pippa again to acquire the next Quest. Once you have placed the Torch and created a room, you will receive the Trophy

Beginner Builder

Now hand the Quest in to Pippa to receive a SEED OF LIFE (do not use this, try to save it for the Boss). Talk to Pippa again afterwards to receive the next Quest where she will advise you to gather some materials to create a STRAW MATRESS.

Now, rather than collect only the materials required, we are going to gather slightly more. DO NOT complete the current Quest until you have done as I instruct here. Once you complete this Quest, time will begin, so we will do what we can now in order to save time later.

Scattered around the perimeter of the base, you will see some grassy plants that don't reward anything when broken. There are also slightly bigger grassy plants that reward GRASSY LEAVES when chopped. You will also see small branches sticking out of the ground with a few leaves on them, when these are broken you will receive a BROKEN BRANCH. Some of the larger trees you come across that you currently cannot damage, have some PLUMBERRIES (red apples sort of) on the floor beneath them. The Blue Slime enemies that are jumping around nearby sometimes drop BLUE GOO when killed. In the lower parts, you will come across some mushrooms, destroy these to acquire MARSHROOMS.

First acquire BRANCHES X 10 and WHITE PETALS x 30, then head back to your MASON'S WORKSTATION and craft OAKEN CLUB x 5 and HEALING CREAM x 10. Now equip the OAKEN CLUBS, then level out the floor of your base by destroying blocks so your base floor is all at the same level as the room you recently made. Don't destroy any walls in the process, leave them as they are, just level out the ground. Once all level, fill in the small area that is 1 block below ground level to bring that to the correct level as well. Now quickly go around your base and complete only any unfinished walls so they are 3 blocks high. Make sure the corners are filled as well as they can be hard to miss, and make sure you leave a 2 block horizontal by 2 block vertical space along the walls for doors. Along the west wall, leave space to be able to exit through here. By the way, place the MASON'S WORKSTATION down again after you break it and destroy any rocks in your base. In the large room that you will end up with in the SW corner, divide this into 2 rooms, by placing walls along the middle of 3 blocks high, don't forget to leave a 2 block wide by 2 block high space for doors in each room.

Once done, go and gather the some materials, but don't venture to far, keep the base in view. Be careful around the Dracky's (blue round flying bat enemies) as these can soon drain your health and definitely avoid the Chimaera's (the larger winged enemies with beaks, they can spit fireballs) for the time being. Discard (drop) anything in your base if you run out of space and DO NOT destroy any pink flowers you come across. Collect the following (rough amount);

  • BRANCHES x 99
  • BLUE GOO x 30

Once collected, discard everything into your base except for EARTH x 30+ and your HEALING CREAM (make sure you still have a few). Now head to the NE corner of the map, do not collect anything along the way. Once in the far NE corner, you will reach a BONFIRE and a CRATE, destroy these to acquire them then head SE from here. You will soon reach a room with a door. Break the contents here to acquire a STRAW MATTRESS, STRAW DOOR, DILIPATED CRATE, BONFIRE and a NOTE, then keep heading SE following the coastline.

You will soon come to a square block of earth where you will see a speech bubble appear from inside, grab the TORCH from behind then smash the earth and talk to the NPC trapped inside (Rollo). Once he joins your party, climb the mountain just W of you, make sure you don't jump any big gaps as you climb otherwise Rollo won't follow you up. Once at the top, traverse the mountains and kill the Chimaera's up here until you have acquired CHIMAERA FEATHER x 20. Once acquired, head back to your base and talk to Rollo once the prompt appears.

Now carry on with your Quest from Pippa, place the STRAW MATTRESS that you found and create another to place. While your there, place the 2 CRATES and the NOTE that you found in the same room as well. Once you have created the BASIC BEDROOM, talk to Pippa to complete the Quest at which point time will begin and you will acquire BROKEN BRANCH x 2.

Talk to Pippa again straight after and give her PLUMBERRY x 5 which you already have or will be on the floor in your base, this Quest will reward you with PLUMBERRY x 3 once completed and your hunger meter will appear.

Talk to Pippa again for the next Quest, then create a CHEST and talk to her again to complete the Quest and acquire BROKEN BRANCH x 2. Talk to her after for the next Quest and to acquire the PIPPA'S PICTURE BLUEPRINT. Now complete the blueprint, make sure you keep it within your base and place it somewhere where it will not waste space. Now complete the blueprint, you should have the materials already on you or on the floor in your base. Make sure the walls are 3 blocks high then once done, talk to Pippa to complete the Quest and acquire COARSE CLOTH x 1. Talk to her again straight after and keep talking to automatically complete the next Quest (you have already rescued Rollo), and acquire a SEED OF LIFE.

Now create CHIMAERA WINGS x 9 using the MASON'S WORKSTATION, then place everything in the CHEST except for the PLUMBERRIES, CHIMAERA WINGS and the HEALING CREAM. Grab anything on the floor you may have left and place that in the CHEST as well, then talk to Rollo to receive the next Quest and keep talking to complete it straight away and acquire BROKEN BRANCH x4.

Now talk to Pippa for the next Quest, then create a COOKFIRE, CHEST and a STRAW DOOR. Now head to one of the small incomplete rooms and place the Quest items Pippa mentions in it (COOKFIRE, CHEST, STRAW DOOR) to create a CRUDE KITCHEN, Talk to Pippa after to complete the Quest and acquire PLUMBERRY x 2. Now create SHROOMS-ON-A-STICK x3 using the COOKFIRE then talk to Rollo to begin the next Quest, then give him the food you just made to complete the Quest and acquire SHROOMS-ON-A-STICK x1.

Now talk to Rollo to begin the next Quest which is to raise your base to level 2. Now create POTS x 5, a chest and a STRAW DOOR, take the TORCHES out of your chest and head to a small empty room. Now place the POTS x 5, the CHEST, the TORCHES and the STRAW DOOR to create a POT CHAMBER. This should also raise your base level to 2. Once your base is at level 2, break all the doors, remove a piece off wall on the 1st room you made (you can't break the door), then once all rooms are destroyed, replace the materials back for some easy points.

Speak to Rollo now to complete the Quest and acquire a SEED OF LIFE. Rollo should now have duel swords above his head, indicating the next Quest is a battle. Now place everything in a chest apart from the TORCHES, PLUMBERRIES, HEALING CREAMS (make sure you have a few at least) and CHIMAERA WINGS, then save your game and talk to Rollo to begin the battle, the enemies will attack from the W.

After the battle, you will receive the BLUE TABLET FRAGMENTS. Talk to Rollo once back in your base to learn how to craft the BLUE TELEPORTAL. Now talk to the new NPC (Larouche) that has appeared near your FLAG. Now craft the BLUE TELEPORTAL and then talk to Rollo to complete the Quest and acquire COARSE CLOTH x 1. Afterwards, create a STRAW DOOR, then head to a slightly larger room (not the biggest) and place the STRAW DOOR, a TORCH and the BLUE TELEPORTAL inside to create a TELEPORTARIUM. Now talk to Rollo for the next Quest details then save your game.

Check your status and hopefully, at this point, you are still on day 0 (or 1 at the worse) so you are very good for time.

Hammerhood Heights

Now put everything in chests apart for the PLUMBERRIES, HEALING CREAM x8 (at least), CHIMAERA WINGS and BROKEN BRANCHES x9 then enter the blue teleportal.

As soon as you resume control, open the chest beside the teleportal and grab the BLUE NAVIGLOBE, place this somewhere next to the teleporter so it appears on your compass. Now stand on the W side of the portal and look straight W, from here, head out at a 11 '0' clock angle and you will very shortly come to a small structure made from earth which has a signpost outside and a bonfire burning inside. Head to this and talk to the NPC inside, you will acquire a SIGNPOST and learn directions to Clobberina.

Now exit this hideout and turn and face straight W, then carry on at 11 'o' clock again. Straight away, you should see a tall earth structure with a bonfire on top slightly in the distance, head to this collect IVY x30 by destroying some of the ivy growing up the structure. Once you have 30, climb the outer stairs and talk to Clobberina inside the room in the centre.

After talking, head to the top to sort out her problem. Create 1 lot of CORD (which is x10), then create 1 lot of STRAW FLOOR (which is x10). Place the STRAW FLOOR blocks inside the 3 holes in Clobberina's roof, then head back and talk to her. Head back to the MASON'S WORKSTATION on the roof and craft GIANT MALLET x3 and equip one of them.

Now head back to the ground and collect FUR x10 by killing the Hammerhoods or Brownies (giant mallet enemies with brown or purple coats), keep an eye out for the bigger Brownies and try to kill 2 of these for LEATHER SACK x2. Also, kill the Orange Slimes to acquire ORANGE GOO x15 and destroy big rocks you come across till you acquire STONES x40.

Once you have acquired these, use a CHIMAERA WING to warp back to base and report your success to Rollo to complete the Quest and acquire CHIMAERA WING x2. Keep talking to Rollo to acquire the next Quest to build a COLOSSAL COFFER.

Now head SE from the base slightly down the small hill and destroy the trees down here until you acquire PLUMBERRY LUMBER x30, then head back to the base. Place your items in a chest apart for the usual, then create a POT, all the WOOD that you can and then create a COLOSSAL COFFER. Talk to Rollo afterwards to complete the Quest and acquire BLUE GOO x5. Now place the COLOSSAL COFFER in the a room, and give it a door and light source to create a room. Now speak to Larouche to acquire the next quest.

Now create STONE SWORD x2, WAYFARER'S CLOTHES x1, a LEATHER SHIELD, equip these, then head back through the portal. Collect BUTTERBEANS x15 (at least, there the slightly taller of the green plants) from nearby then head W to the QM.

Once you drop down the cliff onto a grassy area, turn around and you will see parts of the earth wall that has orange and black stones in it, this is COPPER and COAL. Smash a lot of these blocks until you have at least COAL x50 and COPPER x30. Once you have the amounts I advise, warp back to base.

Back at base, create a FORGE, then place this in your last remaining room, and also give it a door and light source. Now place the FORGE and create a batch of COPPER INGOT, then create COPPER SWORD x2. Now head back to the MASON'S WORKSTATION and create a few HEALING CREAMS if your getting low and create a LEATHER ARMOUR and equip it. Now save your game and then head back through the blue teleporter, you should now be on approx 2-4 days.

Now head W straight to the QM, once you reach the QM, first break the green bushes around the perimeter of the hideout to acquire approx MEDICINAL LEAFS x10, also collect any WHITE PETALS from the white plants you find here. Then talk to the NPC and defeat the 2 skeletons that spawn, then talk to him again. Once the NPC (Kenelm) is following you, head outside and warp back to base, then back at base, talk to Kenelm again. Now talk to Larouche to hand in the Quest and receive a SEED OF LIFE. Now, make sure you have a few HEALING CREAMS, then talk to Rollo to enter the next battle, enemies will always attack your base from the W side in this chapter during battles.

Stay outside along the W wall During the battle, and as soon as the leader appears, head straight to him and keep him away from your base as he will damage it. Once the battle is complete, you will acquire a SEED OF LIFE. Afterwards, talk to the 3 townsfolk for the Quests they are offering, we will complete Pippa's first.

Head to the COOKFIRE first and create a batch of MAGIC DYE, then head to the MASON'S WORKSTATION and create a POT and a LADY SIGN. Now head over to the first room you built with the 2 STRAW MATTRESSES inside, then place the LADY SIGN and POT inhere to create a PRIVATE BEDROOM. Now talk to Pippa to complete the Quest and acquire CHIMAERA WING x2, then talk to Pippa to acquire the next Quest.

Now ignore Pippa's next Quest and head through the portal and head SW to the QMs, kill any Skeletons you encounter along the way, to hopefully acquire some COARSE CLOTH. Shortly after descending the mountain when your reach the nearest QM, you will see a small area with damaged blocks around the outside where the QM leads to. Head inside here and some stronger Chimaera's and a large silver Scorpion will spawn. Try to lure the Chimaera's away and kill them first, then focus on the large Scorpion. Once all are dead, collect the nearby crates, then climb the W mountain and head to the next QM.

On top of the mountain on your way to the QM, you will find some plain earth blocks (no grass on the top, just brown) that has Wheat growing on them. Make sure you acquire at least WHEAT x30 before you descend the mountain towards the QM at the Castle. Once you have the WHEAT and make your way to the Castle, first talk to the NPC standing on the wall outside the E of the Castle. Complete the tasks he ask with the materials he gives you by filling in the blanks on the Stone Barricade, then defeat the monsters. Talk to the NPC afterwards then destroy the SPIKE TRAPS and STONE BLOCKS to collect them then head inside the castle and report to Ranulph at the QM.

After talking to Ranulph, before heading up the top to meet him, destroy and collect and nearby furniture/decorations. You should find the following on the ground floor;

  • STONE STEPS x6 (the steps that led up to Ranulph)
  • KING SIZE BED CANDELABRUM x5 at least (the candles on the walls)
  • BARRELS x2
  • VARIOUS STOOLS (wooden, stone and comfy variants)
  • CHIC CHAIR (the chair that was behind Ranulph
  • COLUMN x4 (small pillars next to the centre)
  • BOLD BANNER x10 (the red banners hanging atop the Castle pillars)
  • BIG BOLD BANNER x2 (A bigger type of the above)
  • DECORATIVE SHIELD x2 (a large silver emblem, 1 is above the entrance, the other high above the centre area. You can acquire the Shield high above the central area once you make your way up to the top)

Now head to the base of the stairs where Ranulph was, and make your way up to the top of the Castle, by jumping and placing earth blocks beneath you at the same time. Grab the DECORATIVE SHIELD on the way up, be careful you don't fall down or destroy a block your standing on. Once at the top, report to Ranulph on the NW spire, then grab the Quest item from the nearby chest then destroy the TREASURE CHEST and collect it. Now carefully make your way across the roof to the SW spire and grab the CHIMAERA WINGS from the chest, then destroy and collect this TREASURE CHEST as well, then warp back to base.

Hand your Quests in to Larouche and Rollo to acquire STONE x3, HEALING CREAM x5 and to learn the SPINING SLICE technique. Talk to Rollo afterwards to begin his next Quest, place the STONE STOCKADE BLUEPRINT he gives you just outside base on the W side. Use what STONE BLOCKS and SPIKE TRAPS you collected earlier, and create any remaining that you need using the FORGE. Once completed, talk to Rollo to acquire FUR x3, then talk to Larouche to begin his next Quest.

Now create a SHOP SIGN and SCONCE, you should already have acquired a LEATHER SACK from a Brownie or Hammerhood. Once you have all 3, place them on the wall in the STONEMASON'S WORKSHOP to create a STONEMASON'S STUDIO, then talk to Larouche again to complete the Quest and acquire WOOD x3. Now break the FORGE and place it in the STONEMASON'S STUDIO to create a BLACKSMITH'S STUDIO, you can fit it all in, you can place the LEATHER SACK, INN SIGN and SCONE on the 2nd level if needed.

Now you need to finish Pippa's Quest by crafting a ARMOIRE and placing it in her room. Hopefully you have 3 COARSE CLOTH to craft this, if not you will need to head through the teleporter and defeat some Skeletons until you acquire 3, it's not a common drop so could take you a few mins. Once able to, craft the ARMOIRE, then place it in Pippa's room along with any STOOLS x2 that you acquired from the Castle. Talk to Pippa once you have created the DRESSING ROOM to acquire FRIED EGG x3, talk to Rollo next to begin the next Quest.

If your base is not currently at level 3, place the TREASURE CHESTS x2 and the BOLD BANNERS x2 that you collected from the Castle, and a CHEST x1 (standard chests that you craft) inside the room with the COLOSSAL COFFER to create a TREASURE ROOM and which should give you enough points to reach level 3. Now at level 3, remove all the doors, then once all are removed, place them all back down. Now talk to Rollo to complete the Quest and acquire a SEED OF LIFE.

Now talk to Rollo again to begin the next battle. Once it begins, just stand behind the STONE STOCKADE you made, and the enemies will walk to it and take some damage, some may eventually reach you though. Once all enemies are defeated, you will acquire the RED TELEPORTAL.

Talk to the new NPC that appears (Sheridon), and then talk to Pippa and Rollo to receive their new Quests. Now place the RED TELEPORTAL inside the TELEPORTARIUM ROOM to create a TWIN TELEPORTARIUM.

Now save your game, you should be on approximately, 6-8 days.

The Damdara Desert

Make sure you have the usual items, and make sure you have a few GIANT MALLETS and COPPER SWORDS, then head through the RED TELEPORTAL. Take the RED NAVIGLOBE from the nearby chest, then break the empty TREASURE CHEST and collect it,

Now head to the QM following the N coastline W. Along the way, kill any of the rabbits (Bunicorns) you find until you acquire a few MEAT drops from them. While your following the N coastline thats headed W, eventually the coastline will bend around right and head N, at this point, look W and you should see a small grassy area ahead. Go to this grassy area and talk to the old lady NPC here, then kill the enemies that spawn. After defeating the enemies, talk to the old lady again to learn the BRICK BARBECUE recipe. Then smash the table that was in front of her to acquire a MEAT FEAST and a DINING TABLE.

Now continue to the QM but now begin collecting IRON ORE along your way as well, IRON ORE are the blocks amongst the sandy sandstone blocks with the dark gray smaller rocks inside. Sandy sandstone is the stripy blocks with a lighter colored surface. While your following the coastline N as you head to the QM, once it bends to the right again and heads E, if you carry on N, you will reach the the mountain in your front, and you should see two caves at the base.

You will find plenty of ore inside here. Once you have IRON ORE x50, leave it as that will be plenty, and head straight to the QM.

Once you talk to the fake NPC at the QM, kill the Knight Aberrant afterwards and loot its KEY, then use it to free the man (Magnus) from the cell nearby. Once he is free, take him with you, but before you head back to base, head NE to the corner of the island. From here, you should see a small island in the distance to the N. Follow the shallow water to the island and talk to the Brownie NPC in the centre to learn how to make GRAVESTONES. Now warp back to base with Magnus.

Once back at base, talk to Magnus to acquire some new recipes, then hand the Quest in to Rollo to acquire a SEED OF LIFE. Talk to Rollo again to acquire his next Quest then create 3 batches of IRON INGOT and craft the following;


Equip these and then create a BRICK BARBECUE, you may have to craft a few other items to create this, but you should have the required materials to do so anyway. Place the BRICK BARBECUE in a empty room, and then create a BUNICORN STEAK and a batch of BREAD. Now use the BUNICORN and BREAD to create a BUNNY BURGER, then give the BUNNY BURGER to Pippa to receive FRUIT SALAD x2. Now head through the RED PORTAL and head W straight to the pyramid at the QM.

Once at the pyramid, before you enter, kill the silver scorpions around it's perimeter until you have SCORPION HORN x3 total (hopefully you already have 1 or 2). It's a uncommon drop similar to the COARSE CLOTH from the Skeletons so may take a few mins to acquire, but you should also acquire some HEALING CREAMS from them as well. Once you have 3, enter the pyramid, and follow the corridors, BUT keep a close eye on the walls you pass. After a few turns, you will reach a corner of a turn in the corridor where the wall is made from earth. Smash this wall and follow the secret corridor behind it. Keep following the corridor and you should find some FEATHERFALL FOOTWEAR within a chest up some ivy, and a FIREPLACE in a chest at the end of the corridor. Smash the TREASURE CHESTS afterwards and collect them, and also grab SCONCES x40 (lights) off the walls along the way.

Now equip the FEATHERFALL FOOTWEAR (no fall damage) and head back to the original corridor and carry along the intended route. Once you head up the stairs into the centre of the pyramid, first destroy and collect the BRAZIERS x6 (the small stands with the fires burning), careful you don't step in front of an EVIL IDOL statue though. Now destroy and collect the EVIL IDOLS x2 statues, then quickly escape. Don't try to attack any enemies as you can't defeat them, once outside, warp back to the base.

Now hand the Quest in to Rollo and keep talking to him afterwards to begin the next battle, assuming your ready. Defend the base, stay behind the STONE STOCKADE if you wish and let this deal a lot of damage to the enemies. Get ready for when the Leader appears as he will be able to damage your base so you want to keep him away. After winning the battle, you will receive a SEED OF LIFE.

Talk to Magnus and Kenelm afterwards to receive their Quests. First head over to the FORGE and craft the ORNAMENTAL SWORDS and ORNAMENTAL ARMOUR, then place this in the DRESSING ROOM to create a ARMOURY, next talk to Kenelm to complete the Quest and acquire MEDICINAL HERB x3. Next, head over to the BLACKSMITH'S STUDIO and create a FURNACE then hand the Quest in to Magnus to receive COAL x5.

Now head over to Larouche and grab the Quest off him, place the WATCHTOWER blueprint down somewhere and then create the blueprint. Once completed, talk to Larouche to acquire IRON INGOT x3, then talk to Rollo to receive his Quest and the STEEL STOCKADE blueprint. Now destroy the STEEL STOCKADE you created earlier and collect the materials. Now place the FURNACE in a room that you have space in, then craft 4 batches of STEEL INGOTS and then craft the following;

  • STONE WALLS (craft enough so you have at least 78 total)
  • SPIKE TRAPS (craft enough so you have at least 24 total)

Now equip the STEEL equipment you just crafted, then place the STEEL STOCKADE blueprint where the STONE variant used to be and then complete it. You will have to remove a small part of the wall at the end in order to have the EVIL IDOLS facing the direction in the blueprint, then place the blocks back afterwards. Talk to Rollo once done to complete the Quest and acquire a SEED OF LIFE. Keep talking to Rollo to acquire the next Quest which is to get your base to level 4, you may still be a few thousand points off this, but it won't be hard since you have been looting a lot of furniture/decorations.

First, place one more TREASURE CHEST (the red chests) in your COLOSSAL COFFER room so now you should have the following inside;

  • TREASURE CHEST x3 (the red variant found outside)
  • CHEST (brown variant that you can craft)

These will create a TREASURY, awarding you some more points. Now place the FIREPLACE you collected earlier in a room, and then just keep placing the SCONCES on the bottom and 2nd level in rooms until, you progress to level 4. Once you are level 4, remove all the doors, and once all are removed, place them all back down. Then talk to Rollo to receive STEEL INGOT x3, then keep talking to him to begin the next battle assuming your ready.

Defeat the enemies as per normal, trying to keep the Leader away from your base when he appears. After the battle, talk to Sheridon to learn how to create WRECKING BALLS, then place the FREEN TELEPORTAL inside the TWIN TELEPRTARIUM to create a TRIPLE TELEPORTARIUM. Now talk to the new NPC (Carla) that has appeared near the BANNER. Now make sure you have at least IRON INGOT x2 and CORD x2, create them if not, then destroy the MASON'S WORKSTATION and take it with you, create some SHROOMS-ON-A-STICK if your getting short on PLUMBERRIES (or check the chest in the crude kitchen), then save the game.

You should now be on approx 10 days.

Rockbomb Ravine

Head through the GREEN TELEPORTAL, open the standard nearby chest and place the GREEN NAVIGLOBE from inside on the floor nearby. Now follow the left path through the mountains in front, taking a note off any large deposits of ORICHALCUM (the blocks with yellow stones inside that you will see along the walls of the mountains) you pass. Be sure you obtain MEDICINAL LEAFS from the green bushes you pass until you have at least 20 and also grab some FINEST FUR x2 along the way by killing the Purple Bunicorns.

Your main task here is actually to kill any Rockbombs you encounter in order to aqcuire ROCKBOMB SHARDS. When you are attacking the Rockbombs, when their health drops quite low, they will begin to glow purple, you must quickly kill them at this point before they explode, they won't attack or move during this phase so you can just stand next to them and repeatedly attack.

Once you have acquired ROCKBOMB SHARDS x6, place the MASON'S WORKSTATION and craft WRECKING BALLS x20. Now go back and destroy any ORICHALCUM you spotted with the WRECKING BALLS until you have obtained at least ORICHALCUM x30. You should acquire quite a lot of OBSIDIAN during this as well this is the dark blocks the mountains are made of. Try not to use too many WRECKING BALLS though, you need to save about 12, and don't stay to close when you place them as they have a large blast radius and will kill you. Once you have the advised amount, warp back to base and talk to Sheridon to acquire a SEED OF LIFE.

Now talk to Pippa to acquire her Quest, now create some MEDICINAL HERBS until you have at least 5, then give them to Pippa to complete the Quest and obtain MEDICINAL HERBS x7 in return. Now talk to Rollo to receive the next Quest, and talk to him afterwards to learn some extra details about it. You already have the ORICHALCUM, so we now need to head through the RED TELEPORTER, but before heading through, craft a FULL PLATE ARMOUR, equip it, then smash a EVIL IDOL and grab it, and then head through the Red Portal.

You should now be on approx 12 days.

Once through the RED TELEPORTER, just head NW and keep an eye out for any Stone Golems, you will always find a larger Golem with 2 smaller Golems. Kill the smaller Golems with your Sword, then let the larger Golem attack you, as he begins his attack animation, place a WRECKING BALL at its feet, then run away letting the WRECKING BALL destroy it.

Loot it's body afterwards for the GOLEMITE. You only need GOLEMITE x3, so kill 1 or 2 large Golems until you acquire the 3. Once done, keep heading NW and you will eventually find a large Dragon asleep in the centre of a large flat area, look at your overhead view from time to time to make sure you haven't gone past it.

Once at the Dragon, place the EVIL IDOL beside it, facing it, not to close though but close enough so the flames reach, the Dragon doesn't actually move, just rotates. Now you can either attack it yourself, or move to a safe distance and let the EVIL IDOL kill it. Either way, once it's dead, grab the EVIL IDOL, loot the DRAGON SCALE from it's body, equip it, then warp back to base. Now head to the FURNACE, craft the CANTLIN SHIELD then report back to Rollo to acquire IRON INGOT x5.

Now before you do anything else, craft GRAVESTONE x2 then head through the BLUE TELEPORTAL. Head SW, and shortly after passing Clobberina's hideout, you will come to a small pit with a square graveyard at the bottom. Head down here and talk to the Hammerhood NPC, then remove the 2 misplaced stones, and place the 2 GRAVESTONES in there place. Once done, talk to the NPC, then grab the SEED OF LIFE from the Chest.

Once done, exit the pit and keep heading SW, past where you fought the large Scorpion, up the mountains and all the way to the far SW coast. Once you reach the coast cliff edge, follow the coast West and then North as it begins to head that way. You will pass behind the Castle and shortly after following the cliff edge N, you should come to a Large Dragon so keep an eye out for it. Kill this Dragon the same as before, then loot it for a FIREPLACE, grab your EVIL IDOL back and warp back to base.

Back at base, craft a SHOVEL then head SW until you reach the last of the three Dragons, but use the SHOVEL to dig up at least ANY FLOWER x10 and ANY PLANT x5 along the way, the SHOVEL keeps the PLANTS/FLOWERS in one piece. Once at the Dragon, kill it, then loot it for a COMFY SOFA, grab the EVIL IDOL and as long as you have the PLANTS/FLOWERS I advised, then warp back to base.

  • An example of a FLOWER would be a MILKBLOSSOM (the flower that you acquire WHITE PETALS from)
  • An example of a PLANT would be a STALWORT (the PLANT that you acquire GRASSY LEAVES from)

You should be on about 13-15 days now.

Now craft some HEALING CREAMS so you have at least 10 and then place a 2 block high OBSIDIAN wall along the W side of your base, place it so that it extends past the base slightly and leave a few blocks inside so that you can climb out.

Then craft 1 batch of BUTTERMILK at the BIRCK BARBECUE and then craft CREAM OF MUSHROOM SOUP x5, consume one of these per battle to increase your Defence slightly. Now save your game and then begin the next battle by talking to Larouche. After the battle you will receive a SEED OF LIFE.

Talk to Larouche again afterwards to begin the next battle. After this battle, you will gain another SEED OF LIFE, talk to Larouche again to complete the 3rd battle. After this battle, you will receive another SEED OF LIFE.

Now, as long as you have a few days left still, save the game. Now craft a BENCH and then head to the NE corner of the base, from here, head out the of base very slightly NE down the hill just ahead and to the small patch of water that you will see amongst the trees.

Now look at the nearby trees, you will see that there are 3 sizes, a small, medium and large. Place a 2 block high wall from ground level around the medium tree closest to the water (just destroy any other sizes if there in the way), so that the wall has at least 8 blocks of water inside and about 25 free blocks of land inside. This is just an approximate, it can be slightly larger if you wish. Creating this wall will use up perhaps a full stack of earth, so make sure you have some handy which you should, dig some up if not and bring it back here.

The 8+ blocks of water are obviously 1 block below ground level, make sure the water has a wall all the way around, not just the 2 block high wall, make sure the bottom part of the wall is filled in as well. Essentially, the top of the wall is level all the way around, but because you have water, you must make sure the ground level blocks are all filled in as well around the wall otherwise the room won't register.

Once the wall is created, you should have a medium size tree inside, at least 8 blocks of water and at least 25 free blocks of flooring to play with at ground level (The water is 1 block below ground level). Now place the FLOWERS x10 and PLANTS x5 that you acquired earlier, on the floor. Next place a BRAZIER and a BENCH, and lastly, knock a few blocks out of the wall at ground level (not next to the water), and place the DOOR. If done correctly, you should now receive a notification that you have just created a CANTLIN GARDEN. If not, you have made a mistake somewhere, as long as you have a medium sized tree, all the items I mentioned to place inside and the 8 blocks of water, then the problem will be your wall. Look at it again and make sure there isn't a hidden block missing at ground level or in the corner or something.

Here are 2 pictures of a Cantlin Garden;
This Cantlin Garden is complete, the 10 Flowers, 5 Plants, Plumberry Tree, Brazier, Bench, 8 Water Blocks and the Wall is complete with no missing blocks. No blocks can be missing from the top wall all the way down to the bottom base wall blocks where the water level is, the wall is actually 3 blocks high due to the water.

DQB Cantlin Garden

This Cantlin Garden is incomplete, as you can see, it has 2 blocks missing on the bottom right of the visible wall. You must make sure all wall blocks are filled in including corners, even the bottom base blocks at water level.

DQB Cantlin Garden incomplete

Once you have created the CANTLIN GARDEN, head back to base. Now quickly get your base to level 5, you shouldn't need much points so the quickest way is to knock some doors down to your rooms. Then dig 2 blocks below the doorway, then place a door in the hole you dug and another door on top. Because you have been making your walls 3 blocks high, the top of the top door will be in line with the top of the wall. This will double your room points assuming no wall blocks are missing at ground level.

Do this for 1 room at a time until you reach level 5, once you have, knock any stacked doors down, replace the 2 blocks and then place the single door back.

Now save your game, you should now be on about 15-17 days or less. Before you do anything else, head out N slightly and find a flat part of land about 50 blocks from your base. Now dig a hole 2 blocks deep, and 3 x 3 in shape, then climb out by breaking some blocks on the wall, then replace the wall blocks once your out, leaving the hole empty. Now locate nearby Blue Slimes and touch them to get their attention and lure them into the hole. You need to lure 8 enemies into the hole, you will perhaps find about 6 Slimes, and the other 2 will likely have to be Dracky's that you will find in a nearby foresty area. Don't venture to far from the hole or the enemies trapped inside will despawn, you can get away with approx 100 blocks away.

Once you have 8 enemies trapped inside, place a WRECKING BALL inside by placing it below ground level. Hold R1 and place it so that it sticks to the side of the wall below inside the hole, then quickly move away. Assuming the WRECKING BALL has killed all 8 enemies, you will acquire the Trophy;

Enemy Miner

If this didn't pop for any reason, exit and reload the last save you made and retry, it should work though as long as you don't place more than 8 enemies inside. I found if you placed to many enemies inside the hole, some would survive the blast somehow. Once your finished, exit and reload your recent save to get the time spent and WRECKING BALL back, then continue on with the guide.

Now make sure you have your SEEDS OF LIFE on you (You should have quite a lot now), at least 6 WRECKING BALLS, a CREAM OF MUSHROOM SOUP and the CANTLIN SHIELD. Equip the WAYFARER'S ARMOUR as this slightly increases movement speed then talk to Rollo to begin the BOSS BATTLE.


A fairly straight forward BOSS, but it can destroy your base. Basically, use your CREAM OF MUSHROOM SOUP straight away to improve your defence, then head straight to the W side where the GOLEM 1st attacks from. Place the CANTLIN SHIELD inbetween the GOLEM and your base as he is charging up, and he will throw a boulder which will hit your shield and break. If you don't place your CANTLKIN SHIEDL in time, the boulder will roll straight through your base damaging it.

After you have stopped the 1st boulder, quickly grab the CANTLIN SHIELD and run to where the GOLEM is going to throw his next boulder and place the CANTLIN SHIELD in the way again. Repeat this and after stopping the boulders 3 times, the GOLEM will attempt a spin attack. Place the CANTLIN SHIELD again at this point to stop him and he will eventually become dazed.

At this point, place a WRECKING BALL by the outside of his left foot then move away. This will knock the GOLEM down, now place a WRECKING BALL just beneath his stomach beside his knees and move to safety. After you have damaged him, he will summon some minions and keep jumping around. Destroying the Hammerhoods, but make sure your health is always full because if the GOLEM lands on you he will take a lot health of you.

Once the enemies are dead, he will begin rolling the boulders again. Repeat the previous process until you damage him again with the WRECKING BALL, at which point he will spawn more minions than last time. Defeat the Hammerhoods again, and now he will begin his spin attack first thing, quickly get round to him and place that CANTLIN SHIELD to daze him first time and finish him off. Once defeated, you will acquire the TARNISHED TOKEN.

Talk to Rollo when you resume control, then head to the FURNACE and craft the ANCIENT EMBLEM. Now take the ANCIENT EMBLEM to the BANNER OF HOPE and use it. Keep talking to Rollo after the cutscene to complete the current Quest and acquire MEDICINAL HERB x10. Now head NW to the beam of light in the distance, a marker for it would have appeared on the compass. Enter the beam of light once you reach it at the beacon to complete the Chapter.

Upon completing the Chapter with all 5 challenges complete you will acquire the following Trophies;

Custodian of Cantlin,

Conqueror of Cantlin


The Swamps of Sickness

(30 day time limit)

This Chapter is very different to the first, here you will have poison lakes, and also a lot of sick residents. Once residents have been cured (each require different items), it will take a day until they recover or are ready for the next item. Because of this, a NPC may not appear to talk to when I state, if this happens, carry on with the next step and keep a look out for the NPC where I instructed. Or if you are unable to progress and there is nothing left to do, then you can sleep to advance the day which will cause the NPC to wake up or advance to the next sickness level. It should all fall into place how I state because of the timings with what I instruct, but bear this in mind just in case.

Smash/grab the SCONCE and the PRETTY PILLARS x2 just beside the spawn point, then head to the base marker and destroy branches or dead trees along the way to acquire BRANCHES. Place your BANNER OF HOPE at the base beacon once you reach it, then talk to Elle when she appears. Keep talking to her to receive her Quest. Now craft a CHEST using the nearby CARPENTER'S WORKSTATION, then place it and put your items inside.

By the way, don't build any rooms near the patch of water in the NW corner of your base, we will need this for later. Also, don't place any blocks along the W row within your base boundaries (the last column of your base on the W side, travelling from N to S). This also applies for the last row on the E side of your base as well.

Now head E slightly to the base of the mountain, then climb the N mountain. Try to collect the following from the grassy area on top of the mountain;

  • IVY x15 BUTTERBEANS x10 (the tall green plants)
  • COTTON x10 (the green plants with the 2 white stems sticking out the top)
  • ORANGE OIL x5 (orange slimes)
  • PINK PETALS x8 (pink flowers)

Be careful acquiring these due to having no health items, and don't destroy anymore than listed above as you may need to SHOVEL some up later. Once you have roughly acquired the above, head back to base and place them in the CHEST. Then create some HEALING CREAM and give one to Elle to complete the Quest and acquire BROKEN BRANCH x10.

Now head back E, but this time don't climb the mountain, instead kill the Snails here, the Blue Slimes, destroy the branches/dead trees, and destroy the some of then purple plants, the plan is to acquire the following approx amount of these materials;

  • BLUE GOO x30 (blue slimes)
  • STICKY LIQUID x10 (snails)
  • STRONG STALKS x30 (from the purple plants)
  • EARTH x99

Once you have these approx amounts, head S slightly along the coastline and grab any furniture from the incomplete Hut you soon reach, then get back to the base, plant your new items in the CHEST, then save your game. Now craft a COOKFIRE and place it in the already existing room with the 2 beds, craft BOILED BUTTERBEANS x15 (3 batches) so that you have something to refill your hunger.

Now begin completing the blueprint, once completed talk to Elle to acquire BROKEN BRANCH x10. Keep talking to acquire the next Quest where you must rescue somebody. Make sure you have at least 50 blocks in your inventory, then head to the W of the base and build a bridge across the poison lake straight towards the QM, build the bridge at water level, that way you can ump back on if you fall off. Once at the QM, grab the BONFIRE next to him, then talk to him and carry him back to base. Back at base, place him on a bed in the INFIRMARY then report to Elle to receive STRONG STALKS x5.

Keep talking to Elle to acquire the next Quest.

Now craft a MEDICINAL HERB, then use it on the patient, make sure you are standing next to the patient and that the word USE is highlighted, otherwise you may use it yourself. Once done, talk to Elle to acquire BROKEN BRANCH x10 and the next Quest. Once you have the next Quest, place your items in the CHEST, but keep CORD x1 on you, then craft another GIANT MALLET and OAKEN CLUB.

Now smash the CARPENTER'S WORKSTATION and take it with you then make sure you have at least 50 blocks again. Make a bridge S straight across the poison lake towards the QM. Climb the mountain nearby that has a grass area on the top, and make your way to the QM from up here. But try to collect a bit more of the following along the way;

  • COTTON x5

Once at the QM, talk to the old man to learn how to make a WOODEN MEMORIAL, then place your CARPENTER'S WORKSTATION and craft a WOODEN MEMORIAL. Place the WOODEN MEMORIAL in the empty spot on his wall, then talk to him again to recruit him. Now grab the CHIMAERA WING x3 from the RED CHEST behind him, then grab the RED CHEST, BONFIRE and CRATES if you have space, then warp back to base. Back at base, talk to the old man (Gerontius) to learn how to make a HERBALIST'S CAULDRON then hand the Quest in to Elle to acquire WHITE PETAL x5.

Talk to Elle and Gerontius to acquire their new Quests, and talk to Nosh at the BANNER to welcome him who should now be better if night has passed, this will earn you a SEED OF LIFE. Now place the CARPENTER'S WORKSHOP back in your base, eat some of the BOILED BUTTERBEANS you made earlier to refill your hunger meter, then place everything in a CHEST apart from some HEALING CREAM, the SEED OF LIFE and the CHIMAERA WINGS.

Now head across the S bridge and grab CHIMAERA FEATHERS from the Chimaeras just past the bridge. Then continue to the QM, but along your way, collect FROGSTOOL x20 from the pink mushrooms, CLAY x50 and keep a look out for any caves, you should walk past a cave in the side of the W mountain you climbed earlier. Be sure you collect YELLOW PETALS x20 from the yellow plants in the cave before you reach the QM. Once at the QM, collect all the furniture/lighting from inside the room, then talk to the NPC and carry him back to base.

Back at base, place the NPC on a bed, then give her some BOILED BUTTERBEANS. Now complete the HERBALISTS WORKSHOP blueprint, you should have all materials, and once done talk to Gerontius to acquire BLUE GOO x15. Talk to Gerontius again afterwards to acquire the next Quest.

Once acquired, head across the S bridge again and grab CHIMAERA FEATHERS again from the immediate Chimaera's, then continue to the QM. Once your close to the QM, you will see a huge Snail appear that will launch orbs that will poison you if they hit. To avoid these, just run straight to the small island that the huge Snail is on, don't waste time making a bridge or you will get hit. Then once on the island, just kill the Snail by attacking and running around when it begins to attack to avoid then begin attacking again and repeat. Once dead, grab the HEART OF DARKNESS then warp back to base and report to Gerontius, give him the item to acquire MEDICINAL HERB x5 (don't use these as you will need them later).

Now craft a batch of ANTIDOTAL HERBS, then give one to the sick girl on the bed, then talk to Elle to acquire CHIMAERA WINGS x5. Bow talk to Gerontius to acquire the next Quest which is to get your base to level 2. Craft SIMPLE BEDS x4 and place these in the SICKROOM to create a INFIRMARY (you will need these beds later. Then complete the already existing room where you placed the COOKFIRE to create a CRUDE KITCHEN and this should be enough to reach level 2. Once done, talk to Gerontius to acquire a SEED OF LIFE.

You should be on approx 5 days by now.

Now save your game, then prepare for a battle then talk to Elle to begin the battle. The monsters will attack from the E. Once defeated you will acquire the BLUE TELEPORTAL then talk to Gerontius for the next Quest. Now build a room big enough to fit at least 3 teleporters inside and then place the BLUE TELEPORTAL inside. Now talk to the 2 new NPCs that appear near the BANNER, Kean and Edsel. Carry them to and place them both on a bed when they drop ill. Give the Edsel a ANTIDOTAL HERB as indicated then speak with Elle to acquire her Quest.