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by MKillBill

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Dead Ops Arcade II Guide by MKillBillDonate directly to the author of this contribution

Version: 2.5 | Updated: 10/11/2020
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The Silverback Trail

This section gives a basic description of each arena and set of rounds. Things to watch out for, including new enemy types and hazards, will be discussed. It then lists a couple keys to winning the rounds in case you are having trouble. Some levels don't really require much while others require a bit of thinking. Also, various levels have both solo and team strategy listed.

NOTE: At various times throughout the game, you will run into what are known as SILVERBACK CHALLENGES.These are fun little mini-games which serve to provide successful players with extra armory, gems, etc. With the exception of Temple Fortress, it is NOT mandatory that you beat these mini-games to advance to the next true level, but you certainly want to do your best to get the maximum reward.

NOTE 2: The SILVERBACK CHALLENGES will be listed in a separate portion of the guide since some of them are encountered multiple times throughout the game. When one is encountered, I will refer you to the appropriate section via link.

Island (1-4)

Island Map

As with the original DOA, this is the starting point of the game. Nothing but slow moving zombies that come at you from all directions. You will also notice that some edges of the map are completely covered in water. Zombies that spawn from those sides of the map move at a sluggish pace until they hit land, at which point they will move much faster. If you die in these levels, either quit or start over. Bottom line - the strategy from the first game does not change here, as if you really need one.


Ensure you have a pulse. There is absolutely no excuse for losing lives in these levels. The zombies are slow enough that you should have no problem whatsoever.

NOTE: Unlike DOA1, you can fire your gun while in the water. Not a big deal here, but it will come into play on your second playthrough in rounds 65-68. Be careful about using land vehicles though! You will be removed from them immediately if you go too deep in the water.

Docks (5-8)

Docks Map

Nothing too serious in terms of level layout. The big thing here is that zombies can also spawn from the water right beside the docks. New zombies are introduced which carry around purple smoking, exploding vortex barrels (wrap your head around that for a minute.) When killed, the barrels explode or drop in place and remain there if you were too slow. WHen the barrels explode, they will kill anything nearby. Be warned - if you decide to leave the barrels untouched, they will suck all the items on screen, and treasure on the map into them. You will also run into your first shock towers in this arena. This arena introduces the first of many challenge rounds; the first being called "Dead Collectors." A bunch of vortex barrel zombies will come dashing at you.


For round 5 ("Dead Collectors,") you will need to take out the barrel zombies as quickly as possible to avoid losing out on treasure and weapon pickups. Try to kill them BEFORE they drop the barrels for a fast kill. Once the barrels are dropped, it will take quite a bit of firepower to blow them up. Be aware of the barrels they leave behind and use them to your advantage. Destroy a barrel when a large group gets close to you in order to thin out the crowd. Other than that, the arena is pretty straight forward.

Farm (9-12)

Farm Map

If you recall the Market arena from DOA1, you know what to expect here. This is a decent sized arena which introduces charging bulls in round 9, which is a Challenge Round ("Get Off of My Farm!") They are neutral enemies who kill both friendlies and zombies. A yellow shining bull will contain gems, so be sure to blast them on sight. You will also notice that the bulls are much faster than in DOA1, so you need to be on your toes.

Also, prepare for your very first SILVERBACK CHALLENGE - Redin's Rally.


Use the bulls to your advantage, especially in the Challenge Round, and take cover when possible. Let them do your dirty work, letting you escape vast hordes and collect items as they pop up. Do not be afraid to pass through the stampede if it is appropriate, but be very careful to judge the gaps to avoid getting killed. You may also want to consider avoiding the use of FPM here as bulls can still kill you in one hit regardless.

NOTE: In advanced round play (65+) you will NOT encounter any bulls in future playthroughs of this arena. It's not that big of a deal though, as it leaves a lot of wide open room to run around and train the zombies.

Graveyard (13-16)

Graveyard Map

This is a smaller, circular gated arena resembling a spooky garden. Openings on all 4 edges, plus there is another looming threat...from below. Round 13 is the Challenge Round "Dirt Nap Disturbed." It introduces what I refer to as the Dirtnappers. They rise from the ground and make a beeline for the players. Not much else to the map.


Round 13 is the biggest threat with the constant waves of Dirtnappers. They will spawn close to the outside edge of the map. The recommended approach is to wait for them to spawn and then cut a line to the outside and circle around the outside while killing them all. Collect the items in between waves or when you have a safe opening. As long as you stay on the outside edge of the map in round 13, you cannot be killed. Once you get to rounds 14-16, you'll need to play normally since zombies will spawn from the four different gate points. Stick with the outside edge of the map as often as you can and you should be able to slip past the arena with little effort.

Temple Grounds (17-20)

Temple Grounds Map

A regular 4-walled map with a lion statue in the middle. Reminiscent of the Courtyard arena from DOA1, only much harder due to the arrival of a new threat. The Shadow Zombie will debut in round 17, which is the Challenge Round "Shadow Boogie." Crows will begin to fly into the arena with a bluish glow. When they land, a dark zombie will appear and chase you. It is unaffected by Monkey Bombs.

You will also experience your next SILVERBACK CHALLENGE - Temple Fortress.


Just a public disclaimer, most people end up dying here in their first playthrough. Why? Because they try to camp in a corner and wind up getting overwhelmed. Staying toward the middle of the map is your best bet for success. Keep a sharp eye on those crows and blue flashes. The shadow zombies are obviously the biggest threat here. Keep in mind that once you kill one of them, they will disintegrate and re-spawn elsewhere on the map, indicated by the blue ghost that moves across the screen. Be aware that you must kill the shadow zombies 2-3 times to fully defeat them. As the saying goes, Keep Calm and Shadow Boogie.

Marketplace (21-24)

Marketplace Map

This is easily the smallest arena in the entire game. A small and confined area with multiple openings on each side for zombies to enter into. The only good news here is that there is no Challenge Round or new enemies to complicate things. Just regular zombies and a few shadow zombies to keep you on your toes.


You will get overwhelmed fast if you try to stand your ground in the middle. If you are playing solo, train as many zombies as possible then circle around the horde and take them out one by one so as not to get overwhelmed. If playing with a team, the easiest way to handle this arena is to have your team bunch up in one of the corners of the map and fire away. Even if you choose to play traditionally and run amuck, you can still do fine because of the abundance of power-ups and firepower in such close quarters. Not much else to say here.

NOTE: In advanced round play (65+) you will be pleased to learn that there are no shock towers in this arena. This is a very good thing, considering you are already working in closet space.

Bloodpool (25-28)

Bloodpool Map

Don't adjust the tint on your screen. You've entered into a HUGE mud-red lake surrounded by snowy mountains. Probably one of the coolest maps in the history of Dead Ops. It is also one of the most significant, because for the first time ever, you will be facing TWO separate Challenge Rounds. The first one, Red and Dead, introduces blood zombies which camouflage into the background. The second, dubbed Meatball Soup, introduces killer meatball enemies which travel around like the R.A.P.S. vehicle. The only difference is that when you destroy one, it explodes into a few "meatball-minions."

NOTE: In Round 25, if you go to the western side of the map, you can climb out of the lake. Up the hill, there is a R.A.P.S. item pickup (sometimes it won't be there.) Get yourself an FPM power-up so you can see the items on the hill, then boost yourself up the hill to pick it up along with a mini stash of 2-3 nukes.

NOTE 2: In that same level, you will find FIDO the Siege Chicken floating above the map along one of the outside edges. In order to get him, you need to turn to your right immediately after boosting up the hill and getting the nukes. Once positioned correctly, boost in the air and you will nab FIDO. This power-up, while awesome to have, comes at a cost of 2 speed boosts to obtain, so keep that in mind.

Watch this video I created for a better idea...

Oh. by the way, you're about to meet your next SILVERBACK CHALLENGE - Chicken Bowl.


Round 25 (Red and Dead) can catch you off guard if you aren't prepared. Fortunately the map is large enough that you can evade most everything pretty easily. Stick to the outside edges and pick off the Blood Zombies as you run around. For Round 26 (Meatball Soup), move backwards away from the meatballs while occasionally changing directions and continuously firing at the targets. Remember, you need to kill the smaller meat nuggets to completely destroy the enemy. Same as before, stick to the outside when possible. You can also use those shock towers as defense if you are getting overwhelmed.

If playing with a team, AVOID THE WIDE RANGE CAMERA AND STICK TOGETHER!! I cannot state this enough, and here is why. The size of the map is so large that the camera has a difficult time following all players without spasming all over the screen. If the team is spread out and you play with a wide camera view, your life will be hell for these next few rounds. Not to mention, it is incredibly difficult to pick out the red zombies from that far away in the sky.

NOTE: Meatball minions are unaffected by almost all item pickups. Take out the meatballs ASAP.

Margwa Cave (29-32)

Margwa Lair Map

This arena looks like a mini-canyon of sort and it's pretty small. Before you have a chance to do much looking around, you will enter into your very first...


No, this is not the final boss. It is the very first of two sub-boss battles you will undertake. While on the subject, also take note that this boss has a health bar at the top of the screen; making it a lot easier to tell how much longer you have to keep pounding on it before it dies.

As for the actual battle, round 29 starts you off fighting this thing that looks like a cross between a Marlboro from Final Fantasy and a 3-headed octopus of sorts. It has two major attacks. The first is a melee ground stomp that will kill any players in its immediate vicinity. The second occurs when the boss loses one of its heads. He will spawn a series of parasites that fly toward you. The parasites will not kill you, but will shoot mucus that slows the player down. As if that were not enough, you need to fend off the usual cast of zombies while taking him down.

Obviously, you will want to try and keep your distance from this beast if possible in order to avoid the ground pound. As for the parasites, when they are summoned, take a brief hiatus from shooting the boss and focus on bringing them down first as they will be a major nuisance otherwise. If you have multiple players, concentrate all of your firepower on the Margwa to take him down as quickly as possible. Also, you will be gifted a bunch of Zombie Hearts throughout this battle to aid in taking down this monstrosity. They will not hurt the boss (or the parasites,) but will destroy everything else on screen. Just keep pelting him and eventually he will go down.

Your prize is a shiitake load of treasure, gems, and skulls. Pick them up and advance to round 30.

...now, as I was saying, this is a canyon-like arena with high entry points for zombies to drop in from the sides. No new zombie types or Challenge Rounds in this arena, mainly due to the Underboss Battle. That said, you will be getting a LOT of great drops here; most notably the Zombie Hearts.


Once you finish off the Margwa and face the remaining three rounds, you need to focus on staying in the mid-sections of the map. The zombies will pour out of the entry points far too quickly to stand near them. The center area has a big boulder which you can use as a temporary blockade against large swarms. You will also have a few shock towers at your disposal here. Use them strategically to your advantage as per usual. Also, pick up any sentry guns, SAM Turrets or Cerberus AGR's you may run across to make life in this cramped space more breathable.

Chinese Garden (33-36)

Also known as China Town, this is your next gut check in terms of difficulty. In terms of new things, round 33 is your next Challenge Round, called "Package Delivery." You now have zombies that run around dropping a new hazard: the landmine. When dropped the landmine stays in play until either a player walks over or shoots it. When that occurs, take a guess what happens... Yep, splattered entrails. Also, you will notice there are red lanterns floating above the level in certain areas. They are easily confused with skulls and shock towers - so keep your eyes open and pay attention.


A word of warning - without a plan of attack, MANY players will have their game ended here when playing on solo. If playing solo, try your best to train the zombies just like you did in the marketplace arena and pick them off little by little. While you do this, try your best to stay out of the area with the bridges as you will be cutoff, overrun, and forced to use armory to survive. The only time you should be going to the bridge areas is when you are confident the zombie train is high enough that you will not get cut off from the other side. If you manage to get an FPM pickup, GRAB IT. This is one of the few levels where FPM is almost mandatory to win without losing a life if playing solo, simply because you can see the zombies coming from the doorways much quicker than with the overhead view.

If playing with a team, you will notice that there is one section of the map in the corner with two bridges leading to it. Use that as your primary chokepoint and have most of your team camp out there; forcing the enemies to come to you. This way another player can run around bunching up the zombies and making your life easier.

The Donut (37-40)

You can breathe a little easier for now. You won't have another hair pulling arena like the Chinese Garden for awhile. This next one is a circular arena with a giant hole in the middle, hence my naming it after the baked good. However, there is nothing good in the middle of this ring of death. If you wander into the hole, you die. So yeah, don't do that. Interesting to note though, is that if you fall into the hole while invincible, you will not die, but instead immediately re-spawn outside the hole (no lives lost.) Similar to the Graveyard arena, your main enemy type will be the Dirtnappers which spawn from random points in the ground. Additionally, you face a new challenge round on round 37 called "Eight Before Fate." You will have to face an onslaught of 8-legged zombie spiders which fire webs that lock the player in place!

NOTE: You can actually boost yourself across the giant hole if you get in a pinch. I wouldn't recommend it though, as you can still fall inside if the distance is not judged properly.

If you survive round 37, you will then encounter the Stone Guardian and Room of Judgement.

...after completing the Room of Judgement, you aren't out of the woods yet! In round 40, you still have a Challenge Round to complete, called "Sanguisuge," which is Latin for "blood sucker" or "leech." Aptly named, as you will find out. Remember the parasites from the Margwa Underboss Battle? Well they're back, except they will be rising from the giant hole in the middle of the map to get you. The difference here is that these parasites are purple in color and shoot a red mucus at you. The difference is far more than just a color, though. Get hit by a red beam and your skull power will be completely wiped out! It also destroys any defensive items you may be using (barrels, saws, teddy bears, etc.) Not to mention, the usual cast of zombies will be coming after you.


For the challenge round with the spiders, it works similar to Dead Collectors round. Try to take out the zombies holding the eggs BEFORE they get dropped to prevent the spider from even hatching. If you must face the spiders, constantly move around and blast at them while being careful not to get hit by their webs. Rounds 38-39 are standard rounds of zombies. Just play it smart and circle around the hole while being careful not to fall in or get zapped by a shock tower. With all three of these rounds, try to stay in the sunlit areas of the map as the Dirtnappers that come out of the ground are rather difficult to see in the shade. Lastly, the Challenge Round (40). Continue to circle strafe around the circle, and stick near the outer edge of the wall as you do it. The enemies do not swarm you nearly hard enough to worry about it. The parasites will usually stay near the middle of the map, making the outside the obvious safer route to go. As long as you run n' gun and remember to train around the donut hole, you can breeze through these levels.


You are pitted against a stone statue with a bunch of chicken eggs rotating around it. In each corner of the room are four statues, representing the four fates. All you have to do is destroy the eggs first and then the center statue. The statue itself will not attack, so you might think you can stand pat and fire all day long. Sorry, it's not going to be that easy. Instead you need to be cautious of the other enemies trying to kill you. You have the usual onslaught of zombies, and most important to watch out for are the meatball monsters which were introduced in the Bloodpool arena. The rotating eggs always contain one meatball which, if shot, will cause it to detach from the group. It is not advised to do this as they cause no extra damage to the boss and they simply get in the way and increase your risk of death.

Your plan of attack should involve circle strafing around the statue and unloading on to the eggs as they rotate around. Remember not to take your eyes off any nearby meatball minions if they should be rolling your way. If you find yourself in a jam, keep in mind that you can also navigate around the four statues in the corners of the rooms. Dropping a nuke is not a bad play here either. The chicken eggs are very susceptible to nuke drops and will, again, make this fight a lot quicker. I wouldn't LOOK to drop nukes as you need to conserve armory, but if you use one then be sure to blast away at the statue until the zombies and eggs re-spawn. It is also critical that you do not stand still in one place for the entire battle because, on occasion, extra life drops will spawn on the map every few minutes. Obviously you will want to pick these up (and you will probably be hurting for them in a bad way after China Town.)

If playing with a team, you will want to focus all of your power on the statue and ignore everything else when possible. This ensures a greater chance of getting your fate upgraded in the Room of Judgement.

NOTE: If you are sure about which person is going to upgrade their fate however, let that person ONLY shoot the statue until a sizeable chunk of damage has been done (about half the lifebar) while everyone else focuses on killing the enemies.

NOTE 2: You can make this battle a lot easier by exploiting a glitch on the eggs at the very start. If you drop a nuke during the black screen transition heading into the Stone Guardian battle, virtually all but a few of the eggs will disappear for the entire battle. This includes the meatballs! Take advantage of this and make the battle and your safety much easier.

Your hard work is rewarded with a trip to the Room of Judgement (not Room of Fate) for a chance at gaining even more power.

Evac (41-44)

Evac Map

Modeled after the multiplayer map, this is honestly a pretty straight-forward series of rounds. No bosses or Challenge Rounds to speak of. You just have an onslaught of zombies and a pretty bland layout with a square building in the middle. Zombie hordes can become a problem if they are not dealt with quickly, due to the relatively small running space you will have.


Simplistic in design and rather simplistic in approach. There are no defined camping or chokepoints to use, so you will need to constantly be on the move, like most arenas in this game. Since it is relatively easy to evade swarms here, try to lure the enemy to a corner then circle out and around. It works pretty well here because the spawn points are generous to the player. Circle around the middle building if you need to dodge an incoming swarm and hopefully your team can cover for you. You will also have quite a few shock towers at your disposal in this arena, so feel free to use them to your advantage. On solo mode, the usual train method works wonders.

Combine (45-48)

Combine Map

Another map taken directly from Multiplayer, this arena is designed like a hi-tech facility (looks awesome in FPM.) The unique thing about this level is the bridge placed right in the middle which allows both players and enemies to pass underneath. More importantly, players can jump off the sides of the bridge to avoid an attack if they become overwhelmed, whereas the zombies cannot. Round 45 is your next Challenge Round, entitled "Fritz Blitz." It introduces kamikaze robot zombies into the fray, which are more powerful, FASTER, and most importantly they will kill you in one hit while in FPM due to their explosions. Do not take these guys lightly!

Once you complete round 47, you will be taken to your fourth SILVERBACK CHALLENGE - TANK VAULT HEIST.


Whether solo or a team, the strategy for this arena is heavily reliant on the bridge in the middle of the map. Have your team camp on the middle of the bridge when possible. If you get overwhelmed, fear not. Jump off either side and move toward the shock towers for assistance if needed. BEWARE OF GOING UNDER THE BRIDGE. Unless you are in FPM, you are taking a risk going under as the bridge obstructs your view of any potential zombies. The Robots take #1 priority here given their speed. Don't be afraid to use a nuke or boost if needed.

Metro Station (49-52)

Metro Map

Another uniquely designed arena here, once again taken from Multiplayer mode. You have a stairway in the middle, and a bridge overpass on the far end of one side of the map. Round 49, the next Challenge Round entitled "More Down Pour," will bring back the zombie types that fall down from the sky like rain. They drop at completely random points, making staying in one spot very difficult. The good thing is that you can usually get out of the way in time because, like the meatball minions, you will see their spawn point signified by a red targeting reticle.


You will notice that shock towers start to show up in abundance from this point forward. Use them to your advantage! If tackling this as a team, the best approach is to have all team members stand near the top of the middle stairway and control that zone. This way you can get items as they spawn nearby. The Challenge Round can be made easier by not shooting the Downpour Zombies unless they are nearby. Let them walk slowly and only fire at them when you are sure nothing else is around. Otherwise, just stick near and lead zombies into the shock towers since there are so many of them. Be aware that you can jump down from higher levels to quickly escape hordes, much like in the Combine arena.

If you are running it solo, fear not. You can train the zombies fairly easily on this arena. Bunch up as many as you can in the central stairway, then trek along the sides, up the overpass, then down and around, and repeat. Pick up the items you see along the way. You should be able to come out of these rounds with a good stash of armory if played smart.

Forest (53-56)

This arena has a similar circular layout to the Graveyard, but is much harder to navigate due to the small bridge and massive number of shock towers. By this point you are probably ready for anything, right? Well if you played DOA1, get ready to get reacquainted with your worst nightmare... Round 53 is the next Challenge Round, entitled "The Zander Wolf." Take a wild guess what that means... Yep, hellhounds. The fastest enemies in the game which can only be outrun by a player holding turbo boots or the Fate of Feet.

NOTE: Unlike DOA1, you will die in only TWO bites from the dogs in this game. The first bite causing an ear-ringing sound and the second does you in.


Round 53 is arguably the toughest non-boss round in the game. For this round, you need to pick a section of the map that has good shock tower coverage and camp it out until the round ends. If playing as a team, it is simply too dangerous to attempt to split up and expect to make it through unscathed by the dogs. Have your team head for the bottom left-hand corner and fight near the bridge. It’s more wide open with less visual obstruction from the shock poles. Do not be afraid to use your armory here. Survive round 53 and from then on you will be dealing with hellhounds as regular enemies; just in lesser numbers. After completing round 53, you still have three rounds of hell in a small arena to deal with. Be very cautious of the outside edges of the map as you can find yourself running into shock towers by accident even though it appears you have a ton of room to navigate. Stay near the middle of the map whenever possible.

If you are attempting to tackle this level on solo, have your head on a swivel. The dogs will overwhelm you quickly unless you have the Fate of Swiftness or boots, and even then it's no guarantee you will get out of the challenge round unscathed. If....sorry...When you are getting swarmed by dogs, a good tactic that works for me is to waggle the joy stick left and right in front of the enemies frantically. The spread fire takes them out much quicker than focusing on one dog at a time. This should save you from having to use a ton of armory, but obviously use your armory as necessary. Of course, grab any and all power-ups you can find. You will also have a very high abundance of shock towers in this level, so use them to your defensive advantage when dealing with the dogs.

NOTE: You can gain the upper hand on hellhounds by picking up first person mode here. Believe it or not, you can take SIX dog bites while in FPM during this round only. Not sure if this was intentional, but it's a thing and you should absolutely take advantage of the fact. On top of this, if you have already taken one dog bite prior to picking up FPM, that bite is reset and you start with zero dog bites. FPM is huge for this battle!

Rooftops (57-60)

Rooftops Map

As the name implies, your team finds itself on the top of a couple of buildings. Level layout basically amounts to a square with a hole in the middle. There are a LOT of spawn points for the zombies and not one clear point to stick to, although you can drop between a building... unfortunately so can the zombies! You have a Challenge Round at the end of this arena in Round 60, called "Fury Below Zero." What's the challenge you say? Get this... A new type of zombie which I will call the "Shock Zombie" will appear here and cause poles to magically rise from the ground! Not to mention, they still kill you in one hit while in FPM!


The corners of the map nearest to the stairs provide some room to move around comfortably, as will the one adjacent to the high point. Use those corners to maneuver around the zombies. Keep in mind that you can always drop from the highest to the lowest point of the map if necessary - just don't stop running because they will keep following you! If you are going to drop from the high building, be careful not to drop onto another zombie as it will spell instant death unless in FPM. For the Challenge Round, you can choose to shoot the Shock Zombies as they appear, or let them spawn the shock towers and then go for the kill. The more towers, the more problematic, but it also spells trouble for the zombies on the map as well. Choose your strategy wisely.

Cyber's Lair (61-64)

Cyber Lair Map

Congrats on making it this far, you've earned it for sure. The first obvious thing you will notice is the giant egg at the top or bottom of the screen. Don't bother shooting it - it will come into play later on. As you would expect, this level throws everything at you but the kitchen sink. All of the zombie types you have encountered throughout the game combine forces in one final attempt to take you down. Zombie spawn points from multiple areas on the map.

Also, be aware that you will have to take down the Margwa again anywhere from 1-3 more times in this arena. It is random as to when you will encounter the three-headed beast, but most times it is rounds 61 & 62. It will not have a boss lifebar this time around, so just keep pounding away at him until he goes down.


Stay away from the spawn points and nearer to the middle. The middle of the map is very wide open and it's not very difficult to train at all, not that you should need to. If you have to face the Margwa at any given time, obviously take him down ASAP. Other than that, it is simply a test of skill and keeping your eyes on multiple targets. I would advise against using FPM here due to the high grass which obstructs your view. If you use the FPM powerup, consider cancelling out of it after the 5-second invincibility wears off. Keep an eye on an escape point as you are plowing through the enemies and know exactly where you want to go next. Pickup any weapon and item power-ups you may see and get ready for the final showdown with your favorite monkey...

NOTE: Unlike in round 29, when you kill the Margwa in this arena the supporting zombies will NOT automatically keel over and die. Be sure to stay on guard and take down all remaining threats until the round complete sign appears.

BOSS BATTLE (The Cyber Silverback)

Round 64 is a BOSS ROUND, and of course, it's the final boss. The Cyber Silverback you have seen sporadically throughout the game will chase you down and charge at you with speed boosts. To make things worse, you need to kill him while fighting off an entire horde of zombies. Oh yeah one more thing... it is very possible you'll have to face the Margwa again, AT THE SAME TIME.

Just as with DOA1, run and gun. If you stand still for any length of time, you may as well kiss yourself goodbye. Try to snake your way around and constantly change directions. If you see the ape go down in a charging stance, he is preparing either to speed boost in your direction or jump into the air and land on your head. Also, be VERY aware of the fact that he will be tossing explosive banana bombs your way as well! They will detonate into pockets of yellow fog which slow down the player to a snails pace; forcing you to burn a speed boost or get run down by the big hairy ape. One other thing to keep in mind is that he will pickup any nearby treasure, weapons, and items and claim them for himself if you are not fast enough (he won't use them against you, thankfully.)

Also, I STRONGLY suggest you stay away from first person mode in this battle. The high grass combined with the darkness of night will make this battle even more difficult than usual, despite the added perks of FPM.

Your armory, more specifically your speed boosts, will be a key factor in coming out of this battle as the victor. Nukes are great for tight spots against the regular zombies, but WILL NOT damage the boss! The Cyberback is faster than you and unless you have the Fate of Swiftness or a pair of boots, you will eventually get run down and killed. Use your boosts liberally here and hope that you brought a large arsenal of them with you.

NOTE: Similar to the battle with the Stone Guardian, zombies will stop spawning after about 5 minutes. If you can manage to go the distance with the ape and are holding the Swiftness perk, you can circle around the beast and easily wear him down for the kill. If you are using a different fate, pray you still have some boosts left.


After defeating the monkey, you will need to turn your attention to the large egg you noticed prior to the round start. After a few seconds, a large number of gems will spew forth along with Fido, the chicken that the Silverback kidnapped at the start of the game. Feel free to pick them all up. Once finished, enter the portal to exit the arena and, seemingly, beat the game. A cutscene plays showing you victorious, standing next to the chicken you saved. From nowhere, the Cyberback reappears and knocks you all the way back to the beginning island, much like in DOA1.