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by MKillBill

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Dead Ops Arcade II Guide by MKillBillDonate directly to the author of this contribution

Version: 2.5 | Updated: 10/11/2020
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The Rooms of Fate & Judgement

The section details all information regarding both the Room of Fate and the Room of Judgment. It discusses how to pick the desired fates and ensure you get the upgrades.

Room of Fate

Room of Fate

After round 19, you will encounter the Temple Fortress Silverback Challenge. Upon making it to the top and falling down the center, you will arrive at the Room of Fate (ROF). It is a standard room which drops 4 different stones in the corners of the room at random that will grant the player one of four permanent enhancements for the rest of the game. In order to receive one of these gifts,the player must walk over to a stone and wait until the power-up drops down from the sky. If they do not do this, the opportunity to receive that power-up is lost.

The fates are as follows:

  1. Fortune Smiles Upon You

    Doubles the duration of all weapons and items picked up. Also ensures that the player has no less than a 2x multiplier at all times.
  2. The Power of Destruction is Yours

    Grants the death machine as a base weapon. The player can still pick up other weapons, but as they expire the gun will default back to the death machine. In addition, you are ensured a minimum RED skull power for the death machine and any other weapon you pick up.
  3. You Will Know Eternal Companionship

    Grants a permanent chicken that will always follow the player around. It uses the same gun as the one the player is carrying (exception is the flamethrower. Chickens will shoot a rocket launcher in order to avoid game crashes.) In addition, your default LMG is maxed up to PURPLE skull power at all times. This is huge because if you recall, purple skull power grants a slight increase to foot speed!
    NOTE: The player with this perk should pick up all chickens as they will last longer.
  4. You Are Swift Like the Wind

    Grants the player a permanent boost of speed. Also grants a minimum of two speed boosts (lightning bolts) at the start of each round. This is a slight downgrade from DOA1 where you were guaranteed three at the start of each round.
    NOTE: The player with this perk should try to leave all speed boosts and turbo boots for other players since the booster automatically gets a bunch of their own every round after going through the Room of Judgement.

ROF - Determining Your Fate

Each of the 4 stones that drops in this room is shaped slightly different than the rest. If you can memorize or, at least, remember the vague characteristics of each stone, you can determine your fate in the room every single time. Below, you will find four different tables of each of the four different Fate stones. Each table shows a view of the stone in one of the four possible corners of the Room of Fate. By using this table, you can quickly determine which stone is assigned to which fate. You may notice that I have brightened up some shots of the stones. This is to assist in identifying the correct fate as the ROF is rather dark.

NOTE: If you are playing with good players (which of course, you should be) then you should make it a point to communicate to everyone which fate you would like ahead of time. This way, everyone doesn't make a mad dash for one stone. This also avoids the problem of someone randomly choosing a stone and messing up the game plan for the entire team.

  • Top Left Image = View of stone in top left corner of ROF
  • Top Right Image = View of stone in top right corner of ROF
  • Bottom Left = View of stone in bottom left corner of ROF
  • Bottom Right = View of stone in bottom right corner of ROF

Credit for the video in which I pulled the images in this section goes to XBL player "qp Derek qp."


Fortune Top LeftFortune TR
Fortune BLFortune BR


Feet TLFeet TR
Feet BLFeet BR


Gun TLGun TR
Gun BLGun BR


Bird TLBird TR
Bird BLBird BR

Room of Judgement

Yes, you read that right. Unlike DOA1, there are two rooms of fate. This second one, the Room of Judgement (ROJ,) appears in the Donut arena after defeating the Stone Guardian Underboss. There is a slight difference with this room though. One of two things can happen here. It is all dependent on whether or not you are found "worthy" to receive the reward. Here is what can happen if you upgrade your fate...

Not Worthy

You receive a small trinket of gems and an extra life.


Depending on what you got in the Room of Fate, your power is multiplied as follows below:

  1. Fury

    Death Machine is permanently upgraded to purple skull power. This is important to note because purple skull weapons grant a slight increase to foot speed. If you end a round with zero nukes, you will now enter the next round with a minimum of one. All other weapon pickups grant a minimum red skull power. Also, you can kill normal zombie types with just three hits.
  2. Force

    Receives a minimum of FOUR (4) boosts at the start of a new round. If that wasn't enough, each time you boost it will leave a powerful fire trail which can burn enemies with power equal to that of a purple powered flamethrower. The flame lasts about 10 seconds.
  3. Favor

    You gain a golden chicken which cycles through purple powered weapons (LMG, Death Machine, Shotgun, and Blackcell.) You also gain a second, normal-sized, permanent chicken. Longer chicken chains will speed up growth of the Golden Chicken until eventually it will lay 2-6 eggs (some golden) after completing its ceremonial dance. Upon hatching, you will receive extra lives.
  4. Fortune

    In addition to the 2x multiplier, you will start most rounds with a magnet to aid in pulling treasure to you. You also have a max of 10 bombs, nukes, lives, and multiplier! Finally, your respawn timer will be reduced to 50 seconds instead of 60.

Important Notes about the Room of Judgement

  • Only ONE person can upgrade their fate in the Room of Judgement. If you are playing as a team, keep this in mind and play to the strength of the person who manages to upgrade their fate. If you are playing solo, obviously this is irrelevant.
  • If you are playing with a team, your teammates can also upgrade their fates. The catch? You need to make it to round 101. All players who have not upgraded their fates the first time through will now automatically upgrade their fates at the same time. Making it to round 101 while playing on solo will still take you back to the Room of Judgement again, but you will only receive trinkets.

Now for the part everyone has been waiting for...

ROJ - Determining Your Fate

There is a definite way to determine who gets the upgraded fate in the ROJ. This word comes directly from David King, creator of DOA.

If Playing Solo

There is nothing to worry about. You are guaranteed to receive the upgraded fate in the Room of Judgement.

If Playing Multiplayer

It has nothing to do with luck of the draw or choosing the correct rock. Instead, there are two factors at play which determine who will receive the fate upgrade.

  1. Damage dealt to the Stone Guardian
  2. Karma points earned by reviving fallen players

Whichever player has the highest combination of these two factors at the time of entering the ROJ will be the lucky player to upgrade their fate. All other players will receive trinkets.

NOTE: If playing with a team, if you are absolutely sure about which person is receiving the upgrade, that person should pick last and allow all others to get their trinkets and extra lives. Once judgement has been passed, all other statues will disappear, potentially screwing players out of some free lives.

NOTE2: Many people have asked about the actual numeric formula used to determine this outcome. Through conversation with David King, the exact percentage of Stone Guardian damage VS Karma Points is heavily favored toward the Stone Guardian. This doesn't mean that Karma Points are meaningless, but by focusing on blasting the Stone Guardian you will have the highest probability of getting the upgraded fate.