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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by TheArchVillain

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Guide and Walkthrough by TheArchVillain

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 03/29/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: April 2017


View the opening cutscene (which you can skip by pressing X twice, if you wish). You will now find yourself outside a sawmill, where your adventure in "Anna" begins.

NOTE: This walkthrough will take you through the game to achieve the ending titled "The Truth". See the Endings section for info on the other potential endings.

Outside the Sawmill

After the dialogue ends, a book icon will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen. This icon indicates there is a new note to read. Access the Notebook by pressing Triangle at any time. There are already a number of entries you can read through to learn some backstory about the protagonist.

Now, let's look at the Inventory by pressing R2. Here is the list of items in your possession as you begin the game:


NOTE: Going forward, Inventory items will be presented in this walkthrough in orange text and all-caps.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the inventory system and the player character, it is time to delve into the game!

On the ground nearby is a PEBBLE. Press X to pick it up. A backpack icon will flash in the upper right corner of the screen. Any time you acquire an item that is added to the Inventory, this icon will appear.

Directly behind you and near the fence is a small area where some flowers are growing. First, hover the cursor over the FLAT PEBBLE. When the cursor changes to a hand, you can drag it away from the pile of rocks by moving the left analog stick while holding X. Once it has been moved, you will find a DIRTY OBJECT. Press X to pick it up. Now press X on the pile of Maple Leaves on the ground in front of the rocks to take one. Press Square to examine them. A flashing eye icon will appear on the right side of the screen, indicating you have received an Intuition.

To view Intuitions, press the L2 button. Select the Intuition you wish to view (you currently only have one, "Maple Leaves") and press Square to view what the player character's thoughts about that particular subject.

Next, turn to your left. Walk over to the nearby Brook and press R2 to view the Inventory again. The DIRTY OBJECT should be on the second page of items, so press R1. Now select it by pressing X and then exit the Inventory. You can now press X to interact with the Brook and wash it in the water. It is now a GEAR. While here, you can also select the EMPTY CANTEEN and interact with the Brook to fill it with water.

Turn around and look at the large dead tree. Walk past it and you will find a white WOODEN BRANCH on the ground. Pick it up.

Now go back to the Main Door and view the Eye-Shaped Notch (pictured above). Select the PEBBLE from your Inventory and throw it through the glass. There is a GEAR PIECE inside. You can't reach it with your hands, so use the WOODEN BRANCH to grab it.

Walk under the overhang to the left of the Main Door. Under the stairs is a Little Door. Press the R1 button to crouch for a better view. If you hover the cursor over the handles, you will find a LITTLE STRING. You need to find a way to remove it, so cut it with your HUNTING KNIFE. The string will be added to your inventory.

Open the door to discover a cracked wall. Smash it with the WOODEN BRANCH. Inside is a dark corner in which you can not see, and a dry tree branch. Use the LIGHTER to light the branch on fire to find a mechanism that is missing a gear.

Combine the two GEAR PIECES in the Inventory. If you examine the completed BROKEN GEAR by pressing Square, you will learn that you still need to find a way to hold it together. Combine it with the LITTLE STRING to make a REPAIRED GEAR. Now use it on the mechanism.

You can now enter the sawmill. Go back to the Main Door and press the Little Boulder to the left. The door unlocks and you can go inside.

TROPHY: "It's Dark Here"

The trophy unlocks automatically upon entering the sawmill

Unlocking the Workshop

You begin in the Main Room. Look at the small table to your right. You will find an Old Handkerchief. If you attempt to pick it up, you will learn it is too brittle, so examine it with the Square button. This is your first hint to what you need to do to progress the story.

There is a bookcase to the left. Pick up the LAMP on the top shelf. Now turn to the left and look down at the floor. You will find a hatch to a Warehouse that is locked with a sturdy Padlock. Remember this location for later. Walk over to the broken table against the left wall. In the middle of the table is a Sharp Fragment. Use the WOODEN BRANCH to knock it loose, then pick up the KNIFE BLADE. Also note there is a Drawer on the underside of the table. If you examine it, you will find it is stuck and a tool is needed to open it.

There is a Broken Door here, but skip it for now and continue exploring this room. Turn to your right and walk to the opposite corner. To the left is the Stockroom Door, which is locked. Your objective is to get inside, but the seal (the etching with eyes) must be removed first. On a chair near the door is the first book you will find, titled "Lucien and Margherita". Pick it up. You can read it, and any other books you find, from the Documents menu within the Inventory.

There is a door to the right of the Stockroom. This door is also locked, and you must find the key to enter. On the floor between the Old Saw and the bookcases are some Decrepit Boards. Hold the X button to drag them away to find another book titled "About Seals and Their Usage" underneath. Read it to learn about the ritual required to remove the seals from the Stockroom door.

Now go to the burning stove in the corner of the room. Examine it, then hover over the door and open it. If you examine the fire within, you will see there is something inside. Use your FULL CANTEEN to extinguish the flames, and a cutscene will play in which the stove breaks. Reach inside the stove to pick up the KEY. Use it on the locked door next to the Stockroom. Go through to enter the Workshop.

NOTE: If you did not fill the canteen with water outside the sawmill, you can do it now. See the next section for details.


You can leave the sawmill through the Front Door. If you do, the game will end. See the Endings section for more details.

Performing the Ritual

There are a number of items to pick up in the Workshop. Turn to the right and take the HOOK and the TOOL hanging on the wall. Take the HOOKED BLADE resting on a wood block to your left, and the AXE from the tree stump. Walk over to the shelves on the opposite wall. There is a book on the right shelf titled "Far Away and Nearby Fairy Tales". On the left side of the other shelf is a BONE HILT. Take it, then combine it with the KNIFE BLADE in your inventory to assemble the RITUAL KNIFE.

TROPHY: "Once Upon a Time"

The trophy unlocks if you have read both "Lucien and Margherita" and "Far Away and Nearby Fairy Tales" in the same playthrough

Now go to the woodworking table. Notice the Clamp to the left, you will need it later. There is a Drawer to the right side that can be opened. Inside you will find another book, "Alchemy and Thaumaturgy". Take it and read it to learn how to purify water. Some ELECTRUM DUST will fall from the book and will be added to the Inventory automatically.

Return to the Main Room and go back to the Broken Table. Use the TOOL on the Drawer to open it. Take the PIERCED WOODEN BOX and the HEAP OF TIED LEAVES. Select this item in your inventory, and combine with the HUNTING KNIFE to untie them. You now have five individual leaves of different colors.

Now go through the Broken Door to the right. Examine the large Puddle in the middle of the room. NOTE: You can use the EMPTY CANTEEN on the Puddle to fill it with water if you failed to do so outside the sawmill. Move around the left to find some Soft Roots. Use the AXE to cut them down (you will keep some in the Inventory). On the wall behind you is a recess. Find the Chain hanging down and attach the HOOK to the end. Now attach the LAMP to the hook. Use the ELECTRUM DUST on the Lamp, then light it with the LIGHTER. Use the Wheel on the wall to the left of the assembly to lower the Lamp.

The water has now been purified, and you can perform the ritual. Stand where the Soft Roots were and combine the RITUAL KNIFE and LIGHTER to create an INCANDESCENT RITUAL DAGGER. Now use it on yourself. The water glows red and you will receive an Intuition, "Woods". Examine it from the Intuitions menu to learn more background about the protagonist.

Unlocking the Stockroom

If you go back out to the Main Room, you will find that three paintings have appeared on the wall next to the Workshop door. There is nothing you can do with these yet. Notice there are two smudges above the eye at the top of the center painting.

Return to the room with the Puddle and go to the glowing hole in the wall at the far end. Examine the slot to find it is emitting a weak ray of light. Use the PIERCED WOODEN BOX on the slot, then examine it. You will see an image of two mountains. Exit, and you will see two faces have appeared on the wall above the box.

Return to the center painting in the Main Room and you will see the smudges have cleared to reveal the same two faces. Activate the painting to prompt a cutscene. This causes several changes in the sawmill. There is some writing on the wall above the stove. Read it to reveal a hint as to what you need to do next.

Heading back toward the Broken Door, notice the glowing Ceiling Hatch above you. You cannot reach it yet. In the room with the puddle you will find two more paintings have appeared. You need to place leaves on all five paintings based on the passage on the wall, which refers to the five colors.

Place the leaves as follows (sequencing order does not matter):

  1. Use the WHITE LEAF on the left painting in the Main Room. This painting depicts an angry mob of people watching as a young girl tends to a man lying on the ground.
  2. Use the GOLDEN LEAF on the middle painting, depicting a group of happy people.
  3. Use the BRONZE LEAF on the right painting in the Main Room. This painting depicts a girl running through the woods, fleeing from pitchforks and torches
  4. Now go back to the room with the Puddle. Use the BLACK LEAF on the painting to the left (next to the alcove where you lowered the LAMP). This painting depicts the girl being burned at the stake. This will unlock an Intuition, "Stake", which offers some insight into the meaning behind the paintings.
  5. Use the SILVER LEAF on the fifth and final painting, on the other side of the Puddle. This painting depicts the girl walking toward a house that looks much like the sawmill, as hands reach out toward her. You will receive another Intuition, "Anna doesn't want that".

Upon doing placing all five leaves on the correct paintings, you will hear a woman's voice tell you to "leave this place" and also the sound of a door unlocking.

TROPHY: "First Take"

The trophy unlocks if you place all five leaves on the correct paintings without making any mistakes

Accessing the Second Floor

Return to the Stockroom Door to find the seals are gone. Go inside to find a Woman-shaped Mannequin and a Dark Barrier that will not allow you to proceed further into the room. Notice the Ring on one of the Mannequin's hands. Use the HUNTING KNIFE to cut it off. The RING is now in your inventory, and you also received another Intuition.

Now turn to the left and pick up the PESTLE and MORTAR from the table. Walk further into the room and you will find a can of OIL on the floor. Take it.

Hanging from the ceiling near the Mannequin is an Oil Lamp. Examine it to learn it has no oil. Use the OIL on it, then light it with the LIGHTER. The Dark Barrier remains, as the light is not strong enough... or perhaps not "pure" enough.

You need some more Electrum. You learned from "Alchemy and Thaumaturgy" that Electrum is a combination of gold and silver. Return to the paintings and retrieve the GOLDEN LEAF and SILVER LEAF. Now combine each with the MORTAR in your inventory, then use the PESTLE to grind them to dust. Use your newly- created ELECTRUM DUST on the already lit Oil Lamp, and the Dark Barrier will dissipate.

NOTE: If you have not yet seen the "Fade to Black [Downstairs]" event (see the Events section for more details), you can not progress further until you do. Kill time walking around the Main Room interacting with/examining items until the event occurs.


There is a Door in the far corner of the Stockroom that disappears once the "Fade to Black [Downstairs]" event occurs. If the Door is available, you can use it to leave the sawmill and end the game. See the Endings section for more details.

Walk to the far end of the room to find another mannequin. As you approach it, you will hear the sound of a heartbeat. Examine the Heart to find it is throbbing as if alive. Take the PULSATING HEART, and also the IRON BAR in the wall next to the mannequin.

Your new goal is to destroy the heart. Return to the Warehouse door in the floor of the Main Room. Use the IRON BAR to smash the Padlock. The door will open, allowing you to remove the SPARE PARTS FOR THE STOVE. Use them on the Broken Stove to repair it. Place both the PULSATING HEART and the SOFT ROOTS in the Stove, then use the LIGHTER to set them on fire.

A cutscene will play in which a woman screams as the sawmill trembles and glows with a purple light. The Ceiling Hatch will cave in and a ladder falls to the ground. Use it to go upstairs.

The Sabot Maker's Room

You now find yourself in the Attic. Turn around and look at the floor to see a Trapdoor, which you can use to return to the first floor at any time. On the table next to you is a book, "Rituals of Our Lady". Turn around to find a Chair. If you examine it, you will find it is meant for clothing. Examine the Symbol of the Goddess on the wall beyond the Chair.


At any point, you can leave the sawmill through the Door to the right of the Symbol of the Goddess. If you do, the game will end. See the Endings section for more details.

As you move around the attic, you will hear flashbacks from the protagonist's past. You will also notice the Woman-shaped Mannequin from the Stockroom appears in various spots around the attic. NOTE: If you spend time in close proximity to the Mannequin, you may incur damage to your Sanity level.

There are two masks hanging on the wall directly across from where you began the level. Take the MASK OF THE ASSASSIN and FACE OF TRUTH from the wall. Keep walking around until you come to a door with a chair on the ground in front of it. Turn to the left. You will notice a bookcase against the far wall and a dirty Mirror hanging near it. Open the bookcase to find another book, "About Masks".

Now you need to wait for a second event to trigger. After you have heard Anna tell you she can not "save you" anymore, walk around until the "Fade to Black [Upstairs]" event occurs. Seeing one of the other two supernatural events that can occur in the Attic ("Pile of Rocks" or "Floating Mask") or to having your sanity drained by the Woman-shaped Mannequin can help to trigger this event. See the Events section for more details.

Once this event has triggered, the appearance of the second floor changes. You can now proceed through the door near the bookcase, which leads to the Living Quarters.

Open the door to the right of the chained bookcase and go into the bedroom. You will find a mannequin with a mask on its head. Examine it to learn it is stuck, so use the AXE to chop the head off. Pick it up from the floor. On the floor next to where the head lands are a BASIN you need to pick up and some CINDERS you can also grab but do not need. On the bed is another book, "Of Love and Connected Rituals". Pick it up and read it, and take note of the shape in the illustration on the second page. The last thing you need in this room is a HANGER inside the wardrobe. After picking it up, go into your inventory and interact with it by pressing X. You will unbend it into an iron wire.

Exit the bedroom and go down the hallway. There is another locked door to the left. Your goal is to enter this room. If you examine the door, you will find a key stuck in the keyhole. Attempt to pull it out by using the HANGER on the Lock. The protagonist mentions that he may lose the key if he does this now. You need to find something to catch it.

Move into the Greatroom at the end of the hallway. Look at the cradle to the right. Examine the MAPLE LEAVES on the floor to receive an Intuition. Look closely inside the cradle and you will find a CHILD'S BONNET. Take it, then go into the inventory to examine it to find CHILD'S HAIR. Pick up the RED CANDLE on the shelves against the wall.

Go to the table in the center of the room. Take the LETTER, and read it from the inventory (it does not go into the Documents folder). You will learn some backstory about the Sabot Maker, and receive another Intuition. On the floor in front of the fireplace is a Rug. Interact with it to reveal a Hatch. Open the Hatch to reveal a symbol you may recognize from the Notebook. There is also a fire in the fireplace that you will need to return to later.

You have what you need to enter the locked room now. Return to the door and use the LETTER on it. Now use the HANGER on the Lock. Look down at the floor and pull the LETTER out from under the door. You will acquire the 2ND ROOM KEY, which you can use on the Lock to open the door.

Entering the Temple

Go inside the Sabot Maker's Room and look inside the chest at the foot of the bed. Take the SEED BAG lying in the center, and then pick up the book "The Beauty She Shines Of". Reading it will unlock two more Intuitions. On the table to the left is a WHETSTONE to be picked up. There is a JUG on the end table next to the bed, but you do not need it. Open the wardrobe and take the BLACK DRESS. Take the book "The Invisible World" from the bookcase, and note the glowing door in the corner of the room. It is locked, and you need a key.

You now need to return to the first floor. Go back to the Attic and proceed through the Trapdoor near the chair.

The Main Room has changed dramatically since you were previously here. The first thing you need to do is return to the Puddle and throw the SEED BAG into the water. A giant tree will sprout out of it and crash through the ceiling. Notice there are hands sticking out of the walls where each of the five paintings were earlier in the game. Each of these hands holds a TABLET with a different shape. You only need one of these: the one that matches the shape found in the book "Of Love and Connected Rituals". This particular one is found in the hand next to the door to the Workshop. You can also take ASHES OF THE HEART from the Stove, but this item has no purpose.

Next, go into the Stockroom. There is a bookcase to the right with two items of interest, a book titled "History of Pagan Religions" and a PREHISTORIC VENUS item. Take both. If you look to the left you will see a glowing symbol on the floor surrounded by outstretched hands, but there is something else you need to do before interacting with it.

TROPHY: "Anna Fhtagn"

The trophy unlocks if you have read the books "Rituals of Our Lady", "The Beauty She Shines Of", "Of Love and Connected Rituals", and "History of Pagan Religions" in the same playthrough.

Enter the Workshop and return to the Clamp on the table that was mentioned earlier. First, interact with it to open the vise. Now place the PREHISTORIC VENUS inside. Use the TOOL on it to break it open and reveal a PEARL. Take it, then use the WHETSTONE on the Clamp. Use the HOOKED BLADE on the stone to sharpen it. Go back to the wood block where you first found the HOOKED BLADE and return it, then use the MASK ON WOODEN HEAD. The blade will chop the mask off and it will fall to the floor. Pick up the MASK OF THE DIVINE. You can attempt to put it on, but you are unable to wear it.

Return to the glowing white symbol on the floor in the Stockroom. Place the RED CANDLE in the center and use the LIGHTER to light it. After a moment, red wax will cover the floor around the candle. Once you can interact with it, use the PEARL on it to cover it in wax.

There are two more steps to complete before you can enter the Temple. Return to the Attic, to the bookcase near the mirror. There is a Deformed Sapling where the top of the tree from the Puddle below has come through the ceiling. There are LEAVES on it. Take them, and then go to the Mirror. There are two Hooks underneath. Place the BASIN on the Hooks, then place the OIL, CHILD'S HAIR and the LEAVES inside. Use the LIGHTER to light it and view an eerie cutscene. An Intuition is unlocked. Take the CINDERS from the basin.

Next, return to the fireplace in the Living Quarters. Pick up the CHIMNEY SHOVEL in the corner to the left. Combine the TABLET and RING in your inventory, and place the TABLET in the Fire. Once the ring has melted, use the CHIMNEY SHOVEL to remove it. It will land on the floor and is still too hot to pick up. Use the FULL CANTEEN to cool it off, then take it. You will have a newly-shaped RING in your inventory. Make sure the shape matches the symbol found in "Of Love and Connected Rituals".

Return to the Workshop downstairs. Once inside, put on the FACE OF TRUTH. You will see an odd growth coming out of the far wall with two hands and a face. Place the RED PEARL in the right hand. Place the RING in the left hand. Place the CINDERS on the stone head. Flames will erupt from the wall and a door will appear. You have discovered the entrance to the Temple!

Finding Anna

Once inside the Temple, remove the FACE OF TRUTH for better visibility. Go forward and examine the Maple Leaves on the ground for another Intuition. To your right is a wooden bench with a book on it titled "Legends". Read it for a second Intuition.

On the altar in the center of the room is a GROLLA, but it is entwined in roots. Turn around and look to the right of the stairs that lead back to the Workshop. There is a Lever on the wall that will open a hatch above the tree and altar. Go back to the altar and use the FACE OF TRUTH again. The roots around the GROLLA will release their grip so you can take it.

Before leaving the Temple, go to the stone marker in the back left corner. There is a "Priest's Letter" that you can take and read from the Documents folder. Doing so will unlock an Intuition.

Now you have everything you need to "resurrect" Anna. Return to the Attic. Go to the Chair, and combine the BLACK DRESS and MASK OF THE DIVINE in your inventory. Place the newly combined MOURNING DRESS on the Chair and an Intuition is unlocked. Interact with the dress to find you need "holy sap". Go to the sapling in the corner. Find the RITUAL DAGGER from early in the game and use the LIGHTER on it again. Use the heated dagger on the sapling. Now put on the MASK OF THE ASSASSIN and you will see blood pouring out of the top. Collect some in the GROLLA, then take it to the Chair and use it on the dress.

The Symbol of the Goddess on the wall behind the chair will begin to glow red and the room will tremble. Interact with it, and then turn around. The Woman-shaped Mannequin will be standing behind you holding out a key. Take ANNA'S KEY from its hand.

NOTE: There are two ways to access the next area of the game. If you wish to complete the steps for the "Way of the Sabot Maker" Trophy, return to the Living Quarters. See the Trophies section for more details.

Go to the glowing Door in the floor and use ANNA'S KEY to unlock it. You will find yourself in an underground grotto surrounded by mannequins. Your goal is to make all three mannequins facing the "Celebrant" bow to the floor (see picture below). You can manipulate their positions by pressing the buttons on the three mannequins standing against the wall. To progress forward, press the buttons in this order: Center, Left, Center, Right, Right, Right.

You will hear a loud cracking sound as the MASK OF THE GODDESS falls off the head of the center mannequin. Take it, and place it on the Celebrant. A light bridge will appear, allowing you to walk across the chasm. Proceed forward and watch a quick cutscene.


You can attempt to wear the MASK OF THE GODDESS. If you do, the game will end. See the Endings section for more details.

Move down the winding stone path to a fork. On the floor are three candles surrounding a note titled "Contract". Pick it up and read it. Turn to the left and walk until you can split again. Go to the left. Walk past the stove similar to the one in the sawmill and approach the mannequins. Interact with the "Assassin" mannequin to see that it needs a weapon. Use the AXE. Go back the way you came, listening to Anna's comments as you walk. Now go to the left where a large boulder rests. A brief cutscene will play. The rock will disappear, leaving a shelf of Venus statues.

Now return back to the original fork where you found the "Contract". Go past the candles toward the light. As you go around the bend and "Anna" finally comes into view, look to the ground. There is a "Newspaper Page" on the floor that you can pick up and read.

TROPHY: "Bookworm"

The trophy unlocks if you have read every book listed in this walkthrough (14 total), as well as the Notebook and the LETTER found in the Living Quarters.

Walk toward the statue Anna, and the final cutscenes will play. Congratulations, you have completed the game... and found one very disturbing ending.

TROPHY: "Anna, My Love"

The trophy unlocks automatically upon finishing the game.