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by TheArchVillain

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Guide and Walkthrough by TheArchVillain

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 03/29/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: April 2017



For: Sony PlayStation3®

Version 2.0
Completed: April 4, 2017
Updated to HTML: March 28, 2020

By: Daniel Kingsland
Contact me: daniel.kingsland@gmail.com / dkingsland967 (PSN)

Anna - Extended Edition is a fairly short atmospheric puzzle game for the PS3. While there are several endings that can be unlocked in 10-20 minutes, achieving 100% completion requires multiple playthroughs and a lot of extra time and effort. At the time I began working on this guide, there were no FAQs or Walkthroughs available on GameFAQs.com. Also, the Extended Edition version of the game is substantially different from the original PC/Mac version. When this game was recently released for free to PSPlus subscribers, I believed the need for a guide would likely become widespread enough to warrant creating this. I hope you find the information contained here to be useful, and that it helps you to enjoy the game!

*** This guide may not be reproduced or modified for any purpose other than personal use.

*** This guide was prepared by me for GameFAQs.com. This guide may not be posted on any other third-party website without my expressed permission. Please notify me if you have found this guide posted on any other website.


Following is a list of controls for Anna when moving around the game world. Inventory-related functions are described in the Inventory section below.

Left stickMove forward / back
Right stickChange the camera angle
TriangleView the notebook
SquareExamine items
CircleCancel / Exit
L1Center the camera
L2Open the Intuitions menu
R2Open the Inventory
StartOpen the Main Menu
SelectDisplay a hint (see Help System for info)

Help System

The Help System can be controlled by selecting "Help & Options" from the main menu. The first time you play the game, hints are turned off by default. Turn them on by pressing X when "Help System" is highlighted.

There are three sub-options under Help System:

  • Activation: This can be set to "Button" or "Time". When "Button" is selected, you must press Select to receive a hint. If you select "Time", the game will provide you a hint based on time intervals.
  • Time: This setting controls the intervals in which hints are given. The timer will reset if you do something in the game that contributes toward your current goal, such as unlocking a door or picking up a key item.
  • Help Level: This controls the amount of detail you receive from in-game hints.
    • Here is an example of a hint under the "Simple" setting "Anna is not here. I must look for clues."
    • Here is the same hint under the "Complete" setting: "Anna is not here. I must look for clues. Perhaps I could find some clues in the room near the attic?"


Open the Inventory at any time with the R2 button. The Inventory is shown in "pages" of 8 items, arranged in a circle as shown in the screenshot above. The following list illustrates the functions of the inventory screen:

  • Use the left stick to navigate around the Inventory and highlight various items. You must hold the stick in position, if you release it whatever item you want to examine/select will no longer be highlighted.
  • Cycle between pages of items with the R1 and L1 buttons.
  • Press Square to examine any item you are highlighting.
  • To use an item, press X to select it. Use the R2 button to exit the inventory (pressing Circle will de-select the item). The cursor will become an icon of the item you are holding. Hover the cursor over what you want to interact with and press X again.
  • Combine items by selecting one with X, then finding the other and pressing X again.
  • Use an item on yourself by selecting it, then combining it with the black figure of yourself that is found at the top of the first page of items (see screenshot).
  • There is also a separate Inventory category on the first page called "Documents". Press X to open the folder, where you can read the various books you find throughout the game here. It is empty at present.


If you have already started a game (or just saw the Inventory screenshot above) and are curious about red bar on the side of the menu with the eyeball, that bar represents your Sanity level.

If you see a flashing red icon that looks like that eye in the middle of the screen, your Sanity level has been damaged. This is most often caused by the various supernatural events that occur in the sawmill. If you see a similar white eye icon appear in the middle of the screen, some of your Sanity has been replenished. This usually happens when you complete a major goal in progressing through the game.

Watch out! There are repercussions for allowing your sanity level to become fully depleted. If you find your Sanity level is low, save your game frequently and try to keep a safe distance from supernatural events as they occur.