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Penance FAQ by BeeTheGoddess

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/26/2005




Author: Sophie Ellis
Username: Beatrix the Goddess
Email: intradance@hotmail.com
Version: 1.0

This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
and a violation of copyright.

Copyright 2005 Sophie Ellis


 1.0 Introduction
     1.1 Who Is Penance And Why Bother Fighting Him?
     1.2 What's In This FAQ?

 2.0 General  
     2.1 Whilst You Are Playing The Game
         2.1.1  Besaid
         2.1.2  S.S. Liki
         2.1.3  Kilika
         2.1.4  S.S. Winno
         2.1.5  Mi'ihen Highroad
         2.1.6  Djose
         2.1.7  Thunder Plains
         2.1.8  Macalania
         2.1.9  Bikanel
         2.1.10 Bevelle
         2.1.11 Calm Lands
         2.1.12 Cavern of the Stolen Fayth
         2.1.13 Mt.Gagazet
         2.1.14 Zanarkand
     2.2 Before You Start...

 3.0 Monster Arena Creations
     3.1 Monsters You Will Need To Breed
         3.1.1 Area Conquest
         3.1.2 Species Conquest
         3.1.3 Original
         3.1.4 Summary Table of Fiends to Capture
         3.1.5 Summary Table of Items

 4.0 Celestial Weapons
     4.1 Activating The Weapons
     4.2 Tidus
     4.3 Wakka
         4.3.1 Blitzball
     The Players
     The Rules
     The 18 Situations Of Blitzball
     Your Team
     Basic Tactics
     4.4 Rikku

 5.0 A Steady Income

 6.0 Covering The Sphere Grid
     6.1 The Weapons
     6.2 The Strategy
     6.3 Key Spheres
     6.4 Other Spheres
     6.5 Vital Abilities
     6.6 The Goal

 7.0 Temporary Armour

 8.0 Maxing Stats
      8.1 General Points
      8.2 Magic Defence
      8.3 Evasion
      8.4 Accuracy
      8.5 Agility
      8.6 Defence
      8.7 Strength
      8.8 Magic
      8.9 Luck
     8.10 HP

 9.0 Final Armour
     9.1 Beating Dark Yojimbo
     9.2 Customising
     9.3 Here We Go...

10.0 The Dark Aeons
     10.1 Dark Valefor
     10.2 Dark Ifrit
     10.3 Dark Ixion
     10.4 Dark Shiva
     10.5 Dark Bahamut
     10.6 Dark Yojimbo
     10.7 Dark Anima
     10.8 Dark Magus Sisters

11.0 What You Will Need To Do Before Fighting Penance
     11.1 The Ideal Setup

12.0 Penance Strategy
     12.1 The First Form
     12.2 The Second Form

13.0 Credits

To navigate this FAQ look at the section number of the section you want to 
refer to, then go to the Edit menu and select "Find". Type in the section
number and keep pressing Enter until you find it.

1.0 Introduction

Well, this is the first ever FAQ I've written, so I'll start off by apologising
for what I'm sure is going to be only amateur quality of this guide. Feel free 
to email me if you spot any glaring errors that annoy you or if I haven't made 
something clear. I hope this will help people with  what is, in my opinion, the
most difficult boss that Squaresoft has ever produced.

I decided to have a go at writing this because when I was busy trying to beat 
Penance, I couldn't find a single strategy that was detailed enough for my 
liking; most were vague and missed out a lot of important information. Who 
knows- maybe it's because everyone else doesn't need a strategy, or maybe I'm 
too stupid to make use of basic ones but anyway; I decided to fill a gap with 
what I hope will be a detailed and realistic strategy for beating Penance.

1.1 Who Is Penance And Why Bother Fighting Him?

I'd generally assume that you've come to this FAQ because you've been 
repeatedly defeated by Penance and so you know exactly who he is, but just in 
case you don't, I'll give a brief description:

Penance will appear above the Calm Lands in a brief scene, once you have 
defeated all the Dark Aeons and hangs around waiting to crush anyone who dares 
challenge him. Presumably his name is a play on words: he is Tidus & Co.'s 
"penance" for daring to reject Yevon. In order to fight Penance you must select
him from the list of destinations on the airship, and your party will fight him
whilst standing on the deck. He consists of a main body and two arms; all
of which have their own attack patterns. His stats are as follows:


HP: 12,000,000 (12 million). Overkill: 99,999.
Strength: 255
Defence: 240
Magic: 255
Magic Def.: 200
Agility: 255
Luck: 10
Evasion: 0
Accuracy: 255

Elements: Absorbs all.
Status Effects: Immune to all except the positive ones. 
Zanmato: Lv. 4
Steal: Elixir x 1 (Normal) Megalixir x 1 (Rare)
Drops: Master Sphere x 3 (Normal & Rare)
Bribe: No.
Ability Slots: 3-4
Abilities Attached: 1-2
Weapon Abilties: Break Damage Limit
Armour Abilities: Break HP Limit, Ribbon


HP: 500,000. Overkill: 99,999.
Strength: 200
Defence: 200
Magic: 150
Magic Def.: 200
Agility: 150
Luck: 10
Evasion: 120
Accuracy: 255

Elements: Absorb all.
Status Effects: Immune to all except the positive ones.
Zanmato: Lv. 4
Steal: Dark Matter x 1 (Normal) Master Sphere x 1 (Rare)
Drops: Dark Matter x 1 (Normal) Master Sphere x 1 (Rare)

Bear in mind that you will be killing the arms repeatedly and will get an item 
for each time you do. I got 80 Dark Matters at the end of the battle. 

He's not as powered up as you will be when you fight him, but he packs a punch 
where it counts, and that's what you'll be facing. But what exactly is the 
point? You might as well know now that you won't get an extra scene once you've
beaten him; it cuts right back to the airship. The characters standing around 
don't even say anything different; it's like he never existed. The spoils of 
battle will basically be Dark Matters, Master Spheres and (hopefully) an armour
with Ribbon. But by the time you fight Penance you'll have already beaten all 
the bosses who you'll need Ribbon for, and you won't need Master Spheres 
because you'll be maxed out. And one more point; my game clock stood at 150 
hours 42 minutes after I'd beaten him. And you thought it took ages to level up
to fight Ruby and Emerald Weapon in FFVII? Start thinking bigger. So what's the

Well as far as I'm concerned; the point of beating him is because he's there to
be beaten. I've beaten every adversary that Final Fantasy has ever faced me 
with, I've never come up against anything that could best me. And when I came 
across this bruiser, there was no way I was going to stand defeated. Defeat 
Penance and you can truly call yourself the Final Fantasy King/Queen. There's 
no doubt that Penance is the toughest superboss ever, and that's not just 
because he can do more damage either. Just because FFVIII's Omega Weapon 
couldn't do more than 9,999 damage didn't make him a pushover. Judging by the 
18 months I've spent trying to beat Penance, he is proportionally the toughest 
superboss; even if you scaled him down he'd still be the toughest. What I'm 
saying is that Penance is there for those of you who consider yourself Final 
Fantasy champions, for those of you that can't leave a superboss untouched.
He is the ultimate challenge.

1.2 What's In This FAQ?

This FAQ may appear to be quite large for just a single boss, but personally I 
get annoyed with in-depth guides that say: "Right you've got to do this- other 
guides on this site will tell you how. Ok now that you've done it.." And you 
have to go off & search for another FAQ which will be out of sync because it's 
not related to your actual goal, you have to print bits off here there & 
everywhere, etc. The aim of this FAQ is to walk you through a Penance centred 
game, i.e. you start a new file with the objective of beating Penance from the
beginning. So for example when I tell you to get the Celestial Weapons, I won't
just tell you- I'll tell you exactly how, so hopefully you'll only need this 
one guide for the whole time. I'm not in any way trying to be derrogatory to 
other people who have written detailed guides on other parts of the game; I'm 
sure they are far better than mine will be, but I'm eager for this walkthrough 
to be comprehensive and a convenient reference for everything that relates to
beating Penance.  

What's NOT in this guide is a basic walkthrough for the game. This guide is 
aimed at players who have played the game at least twice before and are 
competent with it's mechanics; the battle system, customising etc. However if 
there is something that you're having a problem with, feel free to email me. 
I'm a new FAQ writer so I haven't got tired & irritated with constant emails 

2.0 General 

Specific focus on Penance will not start until you have reached the final Save 
Sphere in the game, so relax and enjoy it until then. However these are just a 
few things you MUST do during the game in order to beat Penance. I've divided 
the game into sections and detailed what you need to do in each. This is not a 
complete walkthrough- you shouldn't need one- it only mentions the tasks 
related to Penance. 

But first, here are several things you should bear in mind generally 
throughout the course of the game:

- It does not matter which Sphere Grid you use.

- If you're not hot on levelling up, then concentrate on Tidus, Wakka & Rikku.
  PENANCE. If you don't usually bother giving all your characters a turn each 
  battle & so on, always give these three priority. 

- From now on, for conveneience I'll be referring to these three characters 
  as TWR, whenever I'm talking about them collectively. 

- Leave Blitzball well alone until stated otherwise. You want all players free
  for when you start blitzing properly.

- Having said this; make sure you get the Jecht Shot on board the SS Winno, if
  you want to have any chance at Blitzball. Just keep resetting until you have.

- Teach Kimahri Steal at the earliest opportunity. He must be able to use it
  before you fight Biran and Yenke.

- Don't attempt any parts of this guide except 2.0 until you have reached the 
  Save Sphere named Sin- Tower of the Dead. Once you are here your full range 
  of options within the game are available.

2.1 Whilst You Are Playing The Game

Here are the tasks you need to complete in each section of the game, few of 
them are essential; they just concern getting items that will make your life 
easier later. 

2.1.1 Besaid

Nothing vital here, just proceed with the story. 

2.1.2 S. S. Liki

Head to the back of the boat and down the stairs. You'll find a  merchant named
O'aka here. Talk to him and eventually you'll get the option of giving him some
Gil. Think of this as an investment and do so whenever you find him in any 
other location. You don't have to give him vast amounts- 100 Gil is fine. This 
ensures that his brother Wantz will sell you the essential four slot armour 
later in the game.

2.1.3 Kilika

Nothing vital here.

2.1.4 S. S. Winno

O'aka will be in the same place that he was on the S. S. Liki. Lend him some 
Gil again.

Once night falls, save your game (very important) and go up on deck. Approach 
the blitzball and follow the instructions in order to obtain the Jecht Shot. If
you can't get it the first time, reset and try again. It is imperative that you
get this, otherwise you're unlikely to have any success with blitzball. 

2.1.5 Mi'ihen Highroad

As you travel up the Highroad look out for a chest containing a Lv.1 Key Sphere
in the screen before the Agency. Also, talk to the person standing in front of 
the counter in the Agency to obtain a second one. Finally; hire a Chocobo and 
ride it down the Oldroad, examining the two chocobo feathers you find. The 
second one (final screen of the Oldroad on the right hand side in a little 
niche) will lead you to a Fortune Sphere which will be useful at a much later

2.1.6 Djose

Nothing important here.

2.1.7 Thunder Plains

In order to make fiends named Quactuars appear here, you must activate at least
one Quactuar stone. Activating two will make them appear in groups of two and 
activating three will make them appear in groups of three. Considering that 
you'll be wanting to capture five at at later point, activating three stones 
will save time later.

To activate a stone, stand in front of it until it starts glowing, then press 
Square. Tidus will perform the prayer and the stone will glow.

1st Stone: Hug the left wall as soon as you enter the Plains and you'll come to
2nd Stone: Cross over to the right after the first stone and hug the right 
           wall. The second stone is in a niche which is obvious on your map. 
3rd Stone: Hug the left wall in the North section of the Plains.

2.1.8 Macalania
Several treasures to be had here; all in the latter half of Macalania; i.e. 
beyond the woods. There is a Lv1 Key Sphere in the screen with a Save Sphere. 
Run forward and take the right-hand path over the crevasse to find it. However 
it only appears after the battle against Crawler.

It's not necessary to get Anima for a Penance orientated game, but it is worth 
getting the Destruction Sphere treasure in Macalania- a Luck Sphere- since they
are few and far between. Here's how to get it:

- Your aim is to rebuild the ice bridge.

- Go down the ramp and push the pedastal into the ice formation on the right.

- Remove the Macalania Sphere from the right-hand wall.

- Insert it into the pedastal and then push it into the remaining ice 

- Remove the Glypth Sphere from the central pillar and follow the pedastal down
  the ramp.

- Push the pedastal to the right to re-form one section of the ice bridge.

- Go back up the ramp and head to the left. Insert the Glyph Sphere into the 
  recess you find. This will cause a block containing a Macalania Sphere to 
  rise from the floor.

- Remove the Macalaniia Sphere you just made appear and insert it into the 
  central pillar on the lower level (down the ramp). This will re-make another 
  section of the bridge.

- Go back up the ramp and remove the Macalania Sphere from the top of it. 
  Insert this into the pillar on this level that you got the Glyph Sphere from.
  This fully restores the bridge and makes a pedastal teleporter switch appear 
  at the top of the ramp you originally came down. 

- Go back to the central pillar (where you got the Glyph Sphere from), and 
  remove the Macalania Sphere. Go to the right and insert it into the wall.

- Now go up to the top level and step on the glowing switch. This
  will make the pedastal appear beside you. Take out the Macalania
  Sphere then push it down the ramp.

- The pedastal will crash to a halt in a pillar with ice, and will now contain 
  the Destruction Sphere.

- Walk down and insert the Macalania Sphere into the recess by the other ramp.

- Find the glowing switch on the level you are currently on (bottom left of the
  screen) to get the pedastal.

- Remove the Destruction Sphere and push the pedastal onto the lower levels, 
  using the ice formations like you did before.

- Follow it down & insert the Destruction Sphere into the recess to the left of
  the bottom of the ramp. 

- Take the Luck Sphere from the chest that appears.

- Go back up to the middle level and take the Macalania Sphere from the right 
  hand wall. Then go back down and insert it into the pedastal. Push the 
  pedastal into the pillar on the right again.

- Go back up & remove the Macalania Sphere from the recess next to the ramp and
  insert it into the central pillar.

- The bridge will be fully restored again and you can escape. DON'T step on the
  glowing switch again or you will destroy it.

When you've sunk to the bottom of the lake you'll find a Lv 2 Key Sphere in the
corner of the area where Kimahri is guarding Yuna.

2.1.9 Bikanel

The order of screens from where Tidus starts in Bikanel is Oasis, East, 
Central, West.

In Sanubia Desert- Central, head in a North-West direction and you will come to
a Save Point. Head to the left into a large dell where stronger fiends lurk. 
You'll find a pair of chest in the middle among the ruins, one of which 
contains a Lv 2 Key Sphere.

There is also an extremely important item here. Hug the left wall of Sanubia 
Desert- West. In the first niche that you come to is a chest containing the 
Mercury Crest, a vital item for activating Rikku's Celestial Weapon. I also 
mention this later but you might as well get it while you're here.

In the Al Bhed Home, take the left hand passage just before the second save 
point. After the scene, explore the edges of the room to find a Lv 2 Key Sphere
& a Lv 4 Key Sphere.

2.1.10 Bevelle

Nothing special here, apart from the fact that the Highbridge is an excellent 
place to level up. The robot fiends give great EXP and you have O'aka & a Save 
Point for all your healing needs. Don't miss this oportunity to power up TWR.

2.1.11 Calm Lands

There's a Lv 2 Key Sphere on the hill just behind the Travel Agency.

If you feel strong enough to fight without any enhancing abilities on your 
weapons, visit the Monster Arena to buy Capture weapons. You may as well get 
ahead on your capturing.

2.1.12 Cavern of the Stolen Fayth

Take the downward path to the right of the bridge as you exit the
Calm Lands to reach this area.

At the end of the third right hand turn you reach, there is a Lv 2
Key Sphere. 

At the second four-way junction go straight across to find a Fortune

2.1.13 Mt. Gagazet

There's a great opportunity to get Lv 3 Key Spheres here; Biran & Yenke Ronso 
will yield two or three per steal (I mentioned that you should have Kimahri 
learn Steal by this point). Try stealing at least six or eight times from
both of them.

In the third screen of the Mountain Trail there's a tiny twisting path just 
after you enter, at the end of which is a Lv 4 Key Sphere.

After completing the first Trial of Gagazet (Wakka & the ball) you'll see a 
chest containing a Lv 1 Key Sphere. 

Similarly, after the second Trial (swimming through the different coloured 
holes) you'll see a chest containing a Fortune Sphere.

2.1.14 Zanarkand

A little way along the path, to the left, is a Fortune Sphere.

After seeing the vision of Seymour you'll cross a narrow bridge. If you look 
carefully there is a small ramp leading downwards from it, at the end of which 
is a Lv 3 Key Sphere.

In the screen after the vision of Seymour there is a Luck Sphere on the right.

VERY VERY IMPORTANT- Immediately after fighting Yunalesca, take the downward 
staircase at the top of the screen. You will emerge on the left hand side of 
the same screen. A chest will have appeared at the "top" of the staircase 
containing the Sun Crest. You MUST get this now otherwise you'll have to fight 
your way through Dark Bahamut.

2.2 Before You Start...

Be prepared for a lot of this to be very boring and tedious. Covering the 
Sphere Grid & maxing your stats mean doing a lot of the same thing, so you'll 
need something that helps you grit your teeth and carry on. My personal method 
is to switch the sound off and stick on an audiobook- it gives you something 
interesting to concentrate on, whilst your subconscious reflexes are doing the 
work for you. Otherwise you could put on some of your own music, & I even know
someone who reads- book in one hand & controller in the other. Just find 

Turbo controllers are a no. All your serious levelling up will be in the 
Monster Arena & will need to be done manually unless you want to be permanently
fighting a Dingo from Besaid.

I've listed the tasks in what I believe to be the optimum order, and this 
should be followed as accurately as possible. However it is a bit of a strain
on any person's sanity to play all the Blitzball you need to in one go, so its
perfectly alright to intersperse this with covering the Sphere Grid. You should
have done it all by the time you start maxing your stats though. 

Try to avoid using special items that appear in the "Use" menu; most are 
infinitely more useful for customising- in some cases they are essential. The 
only example I can think of offhand that are ok to use are Al Bhed Potions,
and also Shadow Gems for enemies you are finding difficult to capture. 

Hoard Lv.1/Lv.2 Key Spheres since you will eventually need a combined total of

Don't get disheartened. It really doesn't take as long as it looks to do all

3.0 Monster Arena Creations

The Monster Arena is central to your strategy; you can find it through an 
opening on the right hand side of the Calm Lands. The Airship doesn't list it 
as a destination but you can get to it easily by selecting the Calm Lands, 
running south, talking to the Chocobo woman & riding a chocobo over, but you 
need to be able to ride one: 

When you first arrive at the Calm Lands, head up to the  North-West ridge 
(careful of those Malboros), where you'll find a woman on a Chocobo. Talk to 
her and say that you want to train one. She'll then lead you to the training 
ground where you'll have to complete four challenges. To ride a Chocobo 
whenever you want to you'll only have to complete the first challenge, but 
you'll need to complete all four before you can get Tidus's Celestial Weapon 
and Sigil, so you might as well do it now.

1. Wobbly Chocobo

"Simply" guide the chocobo over the finish line within the time limit. Actually
it's not simple at all since the chocobo is very disobedient. Teach it some 
discipline & just yank it sharply every time it veers to the side.

2. Dodger Chocobo

Your chocobo will now behave, but you'll have to dodge balls that are hurled 
down the track at you. Chocobos are not built to dodge swiftly so the best 
tactic to adopt is a gradual weaving motion. The balls go straight so start 
moving to one side or the other as soon as one comes into sight and you should 
be ok.

3. Hyper Dodger Chocobo

Same as before except you are now also divebombed by some birds. Again- 
weave; don't rely on quick manouvres. 

4. Catcher Chocobo

This is a race between you & the trainer, but the winner is not merely 
determined by who crosses the finish line first. Balloons are distributed along
the track and, as in the previous challenge, birds will fly at you. Popping a 
balloon (by running into it) will take three seconds off your time, and getting
hit by a bird will add three seconds, as well as delaying you by about 1.5 
seconds. At the end your time & the trainer's will be calculated and the one 
with the lowest total wins. As before: slow weaving not quick dodging. Also; 
the chocobo runs by itself without holding forward so leave it alone. Sometimes
holding forward can affect your direction. When weaving, TAP left & right 
rather than holding them down- this is really the key to mastering this. The 
challenge does get easier with practice, and you'll be getting a lot of that.

Now that you can ride a chocobo whenever you want; you'll find the woman 
standing just South of the Travel Agency. 

Before the arena will open the owner wants you to catch one example of every 
monster in the Calm Lands. Buy the special Capture weapons for TWR, and get out
there & do it. These are what you're looking for & where to find them. 
The monster listed in brackets is the one that this particular fiend will 
contribute to breeding in the Species Conquest. You'll eventually need to 
capture the number listed in the brackets so you might as well do it now. 

        Skoll: Very common- they're everywhere. *(Fenrir - Capture 3)

      Nebiros: Common *(Hornet - Capture 4)

   Flame Flan: Common *(Jumbo Flan - Capture 3)

        Shred: Uncommon. I found the most just by the entrance to the Monster 
               Arena. *(Tanket - Capture 3)

   Anacondaur: Uncommon, but not too difficult to find. Try around the centre.

         Ogre: Uncommon. Best place is the hill behind the Travel Agency.

       Couerl: Rare. North-West area.

Chimera Brain: Rare. North- West area.

      Malboro: Rare. North-West area. 

Once that's done the Arena will open for business. The chest containing Yuna's 
Celestial Weapon will also appear, but that's not directly related to Penance 
so I won't cover it here. The basic concept of the arena is this: you capture 
monsters with special weapons; any monsters you capture will be available for 
you to fight (for a fee) at the Arena, arranged into location headings. 
Fulfilling certain criteria will breed new more powerful enemies (all bosses),
that will be listed under the Area Conquest, Species Conquest and Original 
headings. You can also fight these for a fee. You may fight any monster in the 
arena- including ones you have bred- as many times as you like, providing you 
pay each time. You will receive a reward every time you breed a new monster, as
well as the Mars Sigil when you have bred a combined total of ten monsters in
the Area & Species Conquests, but this isn't important as it relates to Auron.
Some of the prizes are once-in-a-game opportunities so you MUST leave them
strictly alone until the guide tells you to use them, unless otherwise stated.
Refer to the summary table further on if you want to check exactly which items
you can/cannot use. 

Oh and one last thing: captured monsters are extremely useful because they are 
there for you to fight whenever you want and you don't have to roam areas for 
ages looking for them. If at any point in this FAQ I tell you to go and get 
something from a certain monster go and fight it at the Arena if you can.

3.1. Monsters You Will Need To Breed

For this section, I could just state that you need to capture five of each 
fiend (except Iron Men & Geminis, of which you need to capture ten each), which
will breed all the monsters you need. However, it's better to leave breeding 
Vorban (Area Conquest - Omega Dungeon), Bomb King (Species Conquest) and Ultima
Buster (Original - five of every fiend) until you are covering the Sphere Grid,
since capturing the necessary fiends is a useful way of replenishing your 
Spheres until you are powerful enough to defeat Kottos easily. Below I've set 
out the necessary monsters in their correct sections together with what you 
need to capture to breed them. 

Note: It is an extremely good idea to either keep a list on paper of your 
monster totals, or frequently check them at the arena. At the end of the 
Monster Arena section is a summary table which you can print off and fill in.

3.1.1 Area Conquest

Monsters in this section are bred when you capture one of each monster from a 
certain area. Capturing more of certain fiends will also result in monsters 
being bred for the Species Conquest. When this applies, I've listed in brackets
which Species Conquest creation this fiend will contribute to, and how many 
you'll need to capture to breed it. Completing some of the Species Conquest at 
the same time as the Area Conquest will save you time, but isn't compulsory. 

You need to breed the following:


Capture one of every monster from Mi'ihen Highroad. Specifically:

Mi'ihen Fang [New Road] *(Fenrir - Capture 3)
Ipiria [Old Road]
Floating Eye [New Road] *(One-Eye - Capture 4)
White Element [New Road]
Raldo [New Road] *(Tanket - Capture 3)
Vouivre [Old Road] *(Fafnir - Capture 4)
Bomb [New Road] *(Bomb King - Capture 5)
Dual Horn [New Road] *(Juggernaut - Capture 5)

You'll also find Thunder Flans here, but they are listed under Mushroom Rock 

             Reward: 99 Soul Springs (may use).
Reason for Breeding: At later stages Kottos is very useful for replenishing 
                     your Sphere supply.


Capture one of every monster on Mushroom Rock Road. Save before you go there, 
in case you run into the Dark Magus Sisters. Just try and sidle past the woman 
and the boy in the middle of the road. You will need to capture:

Thunder Flan *(Jumbo Flan - Capture 3)
Red Element
Lamashtu *(Fafnir - Capture 4)
Garuda- you are most likely to find one of these round the Save Sphere at the 
Command Centre, so be prepared for a trek.

             Reward: 99 Candles of Life (may use).
Reason for Breeding: An optional way of gathering Dark Matter. 


Capture one of every monster on the Thunder Plains. Do this in the South to 
avoid Dark Ixion. You'll need:

Buer *(One-Eye - Capture 4)
Gold Element
Kusariqqu *(Fafnir - Capture 4)
Iron Giant- you'll have to creep into the North for these, but don't go far. 
*(Ironclad - Capture 10)

             Reward: 99 Chocobo Wings (do not use).
Reason for Breeding: The Chocobo Wings are vital for customising Auto-Haste.


Capture one of every monster in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth.

Dark Element
Nidhogg [also on Mt. Gagazet] *(Fafnir - Capture 4)
Valaha- these can sometimes be awkward; try the far North chamber,
BUT: when you want to leave use the teleporter, otherwise you'll be trapped by 
Dark Yojimbo. *(Juggernaut - Capture 5)

Epaaj- you'll find more of these just outside the entrance, near the save 

Tonberry- very rare; don't bother looking anywhere except the far North chamber
and around the chest where you found the Lv 2 Key Sphere, and again- teleport 
out unless you want an abrupt end.

             Reward: 40 Silver Hourglasses (may use).
Reason for Breeding: You will use the Don to cover the Sphere Grid. 


Capture one of every monster from Inside Sin. All fiends appear in both areas, 
but are mostly common in one and rare in the other. The area listed in square 
brackets is where you will find that particular fiend more often. If there are 
no brackets then the fiend populates both areas equally.

Exoray [Sea of Sorrow]
Wraith [City of Dying Dreams]
Gemini *(Ironclad - Capture 10)
Gemini - although the two Geminis that appear look the same, they are actually 
separate fiends, so you will need to capture one/ten of each. *(Ironclad - 
Capture 10)

Demonolith [City of Dying Dreams]
Great Malboro [City of Dying Dreams]
Barbatos [City of Dying Dreams]
Behemoth King 

Just to clarify- Sea of Sorrow is the bit before Seymour and City of Dying 
Dreams is the bit after. 

It can sometimes be easier to find Demonoliths. Great Malboros and Adamantoises
in Omega Ruins. Use the Search option in the airship to find it, but be 
prepared for tough fights. The co-ordinates are X: 69 - 75, Y: 33 - 38.

             Reward: 99 Lunar Curtains (do not use).
Rrason for Breeding: The Lunar Curtains are vital for customising Auto-Shell.

3.1.2 Species Conquest

To breed monsters in this section you will need to capture monsters that are 
all of a similar type. For example the eyeballs or the flans. Once done you'll
get a super version of that particular species. If you've followed my advice 
above you should have already bred a good many of these:


Fenrir is one of the dog species- the ones that Tidus is best at killing. 
You'll need THREE of each of the following. You should have already captured 
those from Mi'ihen Highroad and the Calm Lands.

Dingo (Besaid)
Mi-ihen Fang (Mi'ihen Highroad- New Road)
Garm (Djose Road)
Snow Wolf (Macalania- Outside Travel Agency)
Sand Wolf (Bikanel)
Skoll (Calm Lands)
Bandersnatch (Mt. Gagazet- Mountain Path)

             Reward: 99 Chocobo Feathers (do not use).
Reason for Breeding: Used for maxing Agility, and you may be using the Chocobo 
                     Feathers for a while when you're covering the Sphere Grid.


Pteryx is a bird- the small kind that are Wakka's speciality. You'll need FOUR 
of each of the following. 

Condor (Besaid)
Simurgh (Djose Road- near the place where you found the Al Bhed Primer; will 
take a while to encounter)

Alcyone (Bikanel)

             Reward: 99 Mega Phoenixes (do not use).
Reason for Breeding: Used for maxing Evasion and the Mega Phoenixes are vital 
                     for customising Auto-Phoenix. 


Hornet is, surprisingly, one of those flying insects. You'll need FOUR of each 
of the following. You should have already captured the ones from the Calm 

Killer Bee (Kilika)
Bite Bug (Djose Road)
Wasp (Nacalania- Woods)
Nebiros (Calm Lands)

             Reward: 60 Mana Tonics (may use).
Reason for Breeding: Used for maxing Accuracy. 


The ultimate eyeball. You'll need FOUR of each of the following. You should 
have already captured those from Mi'ihen Highroad.

Floating Eye (Mi'ihen Highroad- New Road)
Buer (Thunder Plains)
Evil Eye (Macalania- Outside Travel Agency)
Ahriman (Mt. Gagazet- Cave)
Floating Death (Omega Dungeon)

             Reward: 60 Stamina Tablets (may use).
Reason for Breeding: Used for maxing Magic Defence & for gaining
                     weapons for covering the Sphere Grid.


Exactly what the name implies- a gigantic wobbly flan type. You'll need THREE 
of each of the following. You should have already captured those from  
Mushroom Rock Road and the Calm Lands.

Water Flan (Besaid)
Thunder Flan (Mushroom Rock Road)
Snow Flan (Djose Road)
Ice Flan (Macalania- Outside Travel Agency)
Flame Flan (Calm Lands)
Dark Flan (Mt. Gagazet- Cave)- it may be easier to find these in the first area
of Zanarkand that you get random encounters in.

             Reward: 60 Twin Stars (may use).
Reason for Breeding: Used for maxing Magic.


One of those shelled creatures that you need Piercing for. You'll need THREE of
each of the following. You should have already captured those from Mi'ihen 
Highroad and the Calm Lands.

Raldo (Mi'ihen Highroad- New Road)
Bunyip (Djose Road)
Murussu (Macalania- Woods)
Mafdet (Macalania- Outside Travel Agency)
Shred (Calm Lands)
Halma (Omega Ruins)

             Reward: 99 Golden Hourglasses (may use).
Reason for Breeding: Used for maxing Defence.


A souped up version of the armoured dragon-like creature. You'll need FOUR of 
each of the following. You should have already captured those from Mi'ihen 
Highroad, Mushroom Rock Road and Cavern of the Stolen Fayth.

Vouivre (Mi'ihen Highroad- Old Road)
Lamashtu (Mushroom Rock Road)
Kusariqqu (Thunder Plains)
Mushussu (Bikanel)
Nidhogg (Cavern of the Stolen Fayth)

             Reward: 99 Purifying Salts (do not use).
Reason for Breeding: Fafnir is useful for gaining extra Light Curtains for 
                     Auto-Protect and you may be using the Purifying Salts 
                     against Penance, as well as possibly using them to
                     customise No Encounters.


Need I explain? You'll need FIVE of each of the following. You should have 
already captured the basic Bombs, but it would be wise to leave off breeding 
the King until you're much stronger, otherwise you'll find it exceptionally 
difficult to capture Puroboroses (Purobori?!). I started capturing them once 
Wakka's Strength reaches 85. Don't forget you should only start gathering the
necessary fiends if you're low on Spheres. 

Bomb (Mi'ihen Highroad- New Road)
Grenade (Mt. Gagazet- Mountain Path)
Puroburos (Omega Ruins)

             Reward: 60 Turbo Ethers (do not use).
Reason for Breeding: You'll be using the Turbo Ethers against the Dark Aeons. 


I'm not sure how you describe the species, but you'll recognise it. You'll need
FIVE of each of the following. You should have already captures those from 
Mi'ihen Highroad and Cavern of the Stolen Fayth.

Dual Horn (Mi'ihen Highroad- New Road)
Valaha (Cavern of the Stolen Fayth)
Grendel (Mt. Gagazet- Cave)

             Reward: 99 Light Curtains (do not use).
Reason for Breeding: The Light Curtains are for customising Auto-Protect. Also
                     Juggernaut is used for maxing Strength.  


A formidable Iron Giant/Man. You'll need TEN of each of the following, although
you should already have them all:

Iron Giant (Thunder Plains- North)
Gemini (Inside Sin)
Gemini (Inside Sin)

Remember you'll need one of EACH type of Gemini.

             Reward: 60 Mana Tablets (may use).
Reason for Breeding: Used for maxing HP.  

3.1.3 Original

These monsters are more powerful than previous ones, and have varying criteria.
You'll have inadvertently bred many of them already.


You'll need to have bred two monsters in the Area Conquest in order to breed 
Earth Eater; you've already done this.

             Reward: 60 Three Stars (may use).
Reason for Breeding: Used for raising Luck.   


Breed two monsters in the Species Conquest. Again; you've done it.

             Reward: 60 Supreme Gems (may use).
Reason for Breeding: Used for raising Luck. 


Breed six monsters in the Area Conquest. Done.

             Reward: 99 Doors to Tomorrow (do not use).
Reason for Breeding: The Doors to Tomorrow will be used in customising 
                     Overdrive --> AP.  


Here comes the tedious bit. To breed Neslug you'll have to capture one of EVERY
SINGLE monster in the world. Below are the lists for the areas not yet covered,
although you should have gained many through the Species Conquest - check your 


Water Flan


Killer Bee
Yellow Element

Djose Road:

Simirgh (Quite rare- try round where you found the Al Bhed primer)
Bite Bug
Snow Flan
Ochu (Road to Moonflow only)


Snow Wolf (Outside Travel Agency)
Iguion (Woods)
Wasp (Woods)
Evil Eye (Outside Travel Agency)
Ice Flan (Outside Travel Agency)
Blue Element (Woods)
Murussu (Woods)
Mafdet (Outside Travel Agency)
Xiphos (Woods)
Chimera (Woods)


Sand Wolf
Zu (In the area full of ruins next to Sanubia Desert- Central)
Sand Worm (As above)
Cactuar (Rare until you open the Valley of the Cactuars- see section on Rikku's
Celestial Weapon. It's perfectly ok to leave off capturing Cactuars until 
you've done this). Cactuars will be hard to capture because they are so hard to
hit, and run away most of the time. However, it's not impossible. The best way 
to capture them is to start the Valley of the Cactuars sidequest. This way the 
risk of them running away is eliminated. Refer to section 4.4 and capture
the first five Cactuars listed, using Aim on Wakka, who's the only one with any
chance of hitting them at the moment. Beforehand, have Rikku use a couple of 
Shadow Gems so that Wakka's first hit will capture the Cactuar.   

Mt. Gagazet:

Bandersnatch (Mountain Path)
Ahriman (Cave)
Dark Flan (Cave)
Grenade (Mountain Path)
Grendel (Cave)
Bashura (Mountain Path)
Mandragora (Cave)
Behemoth (Cave)
Splasher (Cave- Water)
Achelous (Cave- Water)
Maelspike (Cave- Water)

Omega Ruins (co-ordinates: X: 69-75, Y: 33-38):

You'll find all these monsters right near the Save Sphere, so stay there. But 
again; you may want to leave it until when covering the Sphere Grid.

Floating Death
Black Element
Master Couerl
Master Tonberry (don't give up- they are there somewhere)

Reward (for breeding Neslug): 99 Winning Formulas (do not use).
         Reason for Breeding: The Winning Formulas are used for customising 
                              Triple Overdrive.

You'll also receive rewards for the extra creatures you've bred in the Area 
Conquest, all of which you can use:

99 Poison Fangs 
99 Petrify Grenades 
60 Shining Gems 
99 Shadow Gems 
Blossom Crown 
60 Designer Wallets


Capture FIVE of every monster in the world. Off you go. Best to leave until 
when covering the Sphere Grid.

             Reward: 99 Dark Matter (do not use). 
Reason for Breeding: The Dark Matter is used to customise Ribbon.


Capture TWO of each of the underwater monsters in Mt. Gagazet's cave.
These are:


             Reward: 30 Megalixirs (do not use).
Reason for Breeding: Shinryu drops Wings to Discovery, which you'll use for 
                     customising Break HP Limit.

3.1.4 Summary Table of Fiends to Capture

Print this table off & use it to tally up the fiends you've captured so far, to
avoid wasting time running back & forth to the Arena. On the left is the name 
of the fiend and the number you need to capture to breed the necessary 
creations for Penance. You'll need to refer to previous parts of the guide for 
extra notes about each fiend.

|                          BESAID                                  |
| Fiend (#)          | No. Captured.                               |
| Dingo (5)          |                                             |
| Condor (5)         |                                             |
| Water Flan (5)     |                                             |

|                          KILIKA                                  |
| Fiend (#)          | No. Captured.                               |
| Dinonix (5)        |                                             |
| Killer Bee (5)     |                                             |
| Yellow Element (5) |                                             |
| Ragora (5)         |                                             |

|                       MI'IHEN HIGHROAD                           |
| Fiend (#)          | No. Captured.                               |
| Mi'ihen Fang (5)   |                                             |
| Ipiria (5)         |                                             |
| Floating Eye (5)   |                                             |
| White Element (5)  |                                             |
| Raldo (5)          |                                             |
| Vouivre (5)        |                                             |
| Bomb (5)           |                                             |
| Dual Horn (5)      |                                             |

|                       MUSHROOM ROCK ROAD                         |
| Fiend (#)          | No. Captured.                               |
| Raptor (5)         |                                             |
| Ganderewa (5)      |                                             |
| Thunder Flan (5)   |                                             |
| Red Element (5)    |                                             |
| Lamashtu (5)       |                                             |
| Funguar (5)        |                                             |
| Garuda (5)         |                                             |

|                            DJOSE ROAD                            |
| Fiend (#)          | No. Captured.                               |
| Garm (5)           |                                             |
| Simurgh (5)        |                                             |
| Bite Bug (5)       |                                             |
| Snow Flan (5)      |                                             |
| Bynyip (5)         |                                             |
| Basilisk (5)       |                                             |
| Ochu (5)           |                                             |

|                           THUNDER PLAINS                         |
| Fiend (#)          | No. Captured.                               |
| Melusine (5)       |                                             |
| Aerouge (5)        |                                             |
| Buer (5)           |                                             |
| Gold Element (5)   |                                             |
| Kusariqqu (5)      |                                             |
| Larva (5)          |                                             |
| Iron Giant (10)    |                                             |
| Quactuar (5)       |                                             |

|                              MACALANIA                           |
| Fiend (#)          | No. Captured.                               |
| Snow Wolf (5)      |                                             |
| Iguion (5)         |                                             |
| Wasp (5)           |                                             |
| Evil Eye (5)       |                                             |
| Ice Flan (5)       |                                             |
| Blue Element (5)   |                                             |
| Murussu (5)        |                                             |
| Mafdet (5)         |                                             |
| Xiphos (5)         |                                             |
| Chimera (5)        |                                             |

|                                BIKANEL                           |
| Fiend (#)          | No. Captured.                               |
| Sand Wolf (5)      |                                             |
| Alcyone (5)        |                                             |
| Mushussu (5)       |                                             |
| Zu (5)             |                                             |
| Sand Worm (5)      |                                             |
| Cactuar (5)        |                                             |

|                            CALM LANDS                            |
| Fiend (#)          | No. Captured.                               |
| Skoll (5)          |                                             |
| Nebiros (5)        |                                             |
| Flame Flan (5)     |                                             |
| Shred (5)          |                                             |
| Anacondaur (5)     |                                             |
| Ogre (5)           |                                             |
| Couerl (5)         |                                             |
| Chimera Brain (5)  |                                             |
| Malboro (5)        |                                             |

|                   CAVERN OF THE STOLEN FAYTH                     |
| Fiend (#)          | No. Captured.                               |
| Yowie (5)          |                                             |
| Imp (5)            |                                             |
| Dark Element (5)   |                                             |
| Nidhogg (5)        |                                             |
| Thorn (5)          |                                             |
| Valaha (5)         |                                             |
| Epaaj (5)          |                                             |
| Ghost (5)          |                                             |
| Tonberry (5)       |                                             |

|                            MT. GAGAZET                           |
| Fiend (#)          | No. Captured.                               |
| Bandersnatch (5)   |                                             |
| Ahriman (5)        |                                             |
| Dark Flan (5)      |                                             |
| Grenade (5)        |                                             |
| Grat (5)           |                                             |
| Grendel (5)        |                                             |
| Bashura (5)        |                                             |
| Mandragora (5)     |                                             |
| Behemoth (5)       |                                             |
| Splasher (5)       |                                             |
| Achelous (5)       |                                             |
| Maelspike (5)      |                                             |

|                          INSIDE SIN                              |
| Fiend (#)          | No. Captured.                               |
| Exoray (5)         |                                             |
| Wraith (5)         |                                             |
| Gemini (10)        |                                             |
| Gemini (10)        |                                             |
| Demonolith (5)     |                                             |
| Great Malboro (5)  |                                             |
| Barbatos (5)       |                                             |
| Adamantoise (5)    |                                             |
| Behemoth King (5)  |                                             |

|                          OMEGA DUNGEON                           |
| Fiend (#)          | No. Captured.                               |
| Zaurus (5)         |                                             |
| Floating Death (5) |                                             |
| Black Element (5)  |                                             |
| Halma (5)          |                                             |
| Puroboros (5)      |                                             |
| Spirit (5)         |                                             |
| Machea (5)         |                                             |
| Master Couerl (5)  |                                             |
| Mstr. Tonberry (5) |                                             |
| Varuna (5)         |                                             |

3.1.5 Summary Table of Items

Print off this table too, and refer to it whenever you feel like using an item 
you've gained through the Arena. It will tell you whether the item is needed 
for Penance- if it is then don't use it until stated in the guide.

| Item                         | Useable?                          |
| Stamina Tonic x 99           | Yes                               |
|                              |                                   |
| Poison Fang x 99             | Yes.                              |
| Soul Spring x 99             | Yes.                              |
| Candle of Life x 99          | Yes.                              |
| Petrify Grenade x 99         | Yes.                              |
| Chocobo Wing x 99            | No.                               |
| Shining Gem x 60             | Yes.                              |
| Shadow Gem x 99              | Yes. Pick them up as soon as      |
|                              | possible since they will make     |
|                              | certain battles easier (Cactuars).|
| Farplane Wind x 60           | Yes.                              |
| Silver Hourglass x 40        | Yes.                              |
| Blossom Crown                | Yes.                              |
| Lunar Curtain x 99           | No.                               |
| Designer Wallet x 60         | Yes.                              |
| Chocobo Feather x 99         | No.                               |
| Stamina Spring x 99          | Yes.                              |
| Mega Phoenix x 99            | No.                               |
| Mana Tonic x 60              | Yes.                              |
| Mana Spring x 99             | Yes.                              |
| Stamina Tablet x 60          | Yes.                              |
| Twin Stars x 60              | Yes.                              |
| Star Curtain x 60            | Yes.                              |
| Golden Hourglass x 99        | Yes.                              |
| Purifying Salt x 99          | No.                               |
| Healing Spring x 99          | Yes.                              |
| Turbo Ether x 60             | No.                               |
| Light Curtain x 99           | No.                               |
| Mana Tablet x 60             | Yes.                              |
| Three Stars x 60             | Yes.                              |
| Supreme Gem x 60             | Yes.                              |
| Door to Tomorrow x 99        | No.                               |
| Gamblers Spirit x 99         | Yes.                              |
| Winning Formula x 99         | No.                               |
| Dark Matter x 99             | No.                               |
| Megalixr x 30                | No.                               |

4.0 Celestial Weapons

For some reason Squaresoft decided to change "Ultimate" Weapons to "Celestial" 
Weapons, but they are essentially the same thing. None of the tasks involved 
are related to your prowness in battle, so it makes sense to get them now since
you're probably sick of battling for the moment.

4.1 Activating The Weapons 

To fully activate a Celestial Weapon you will need three things:

1. The Weapon itself, which until activated will only have the "No AP" ability.

2. The Weapon's Crest. Each character has a planet related to them which are 
reflected in the names of the Crests & Sigils (see next object), for example 
Rikku's is the Mercury Crest, Lulu's is the Venus Crest & so on. Using a Crest 
on the right weapon will merely give it the Double Overdrive ability without 
getting rid of No AP, however you need to use the Crest before you can use the 

3. The Weapon's Sigil. Again, these have planet names that relate to the 
characters. They are usually the hardest part of the weapon to obtain. Using 
them on the weapon will remove No AP and Double Overdrive and replace them with
four much better abilities, which vary between characters.

Celestial Weapons do what normal weapons with Piercing do, except that Piercing
is not listed as an ability. This is what makes them superior to ordinary 
weapons that have identical abilties customised on them. It's no good using 
weapons of this kind against Penance; only Celestial ones will suffice.

You cannot activate the weapons merely be selecting the Crests/Sigils from the 
menu- in fact you can't even get the weapons themselves without completing a 
short sidequest detailed below:

Get on your Chocobo and run up the ridge to the South (where you initially 
entered the Calm Lands) and go right to the Eastern end. Here you will find a 
chocobo feather on the ground. Examine it and the Chocobo will fly down to a 
spit of land that you couldn't get to previously. Through here is Remiem Temple
where you can do several things but the one we're interested in lies to your 
left after you have crossed the bridge. Examine the Sphere here for 
instructions, then mount the Chocobo on the other side. You understand what to 
do? Open the chests, avoid the rods & get to the middle first. You want to aim 
to open four chests, but don't expect to do it first time. This is one of the 
best ways to complete this:

When you start off, hug the right hand wall until you get to a chest and let 
the chocobo jump. Now run up the slope on your right, go right around the rod 
(like an about turn) and get another chest. The chocobo will jump again and 
from there go up the slope again except this time carry straight on to get the 
third chest. From your landing position hug the right wall again to get the 
fourth chest, then all your concerned with is finishing, but it can be a bit 
tricky from this position. Run forward and down the slope, straight past the
first rod. When you come to the second rod, go right around it (another about 
turn), then quickly do another about turn round the next rod on your right. 
When you come to the fork take the left and you're done. If you got all 4 
chests you will receive:

Cloudy Mirror
30 Wings To Discovery
30 Pendulums. 

However the catch is that you can only get one prize per race, so you'll have 
to win a total of five times, getting a different number of chests each time. 
Spend the first race concentrating on getting to the middle first so that you 
get the Cloudy Mirror, then use the strategy above, making towards the middle 
once you have one, two, three or four chests. 

The Wings to Discovery and Pendulums will be very important later, but right 
now we're concerned with the Cloudy Mirror. Board the airship and go to 
Macalania. Go right down to the last area of the Woods (the one that connects 
to the Thunder Plains) and you'll see a woman and a boy there. Talk to them, 
then go and find the woman's husband. You'll find him if you head right into 
the next screen, then right again, then upwards. Basically he's where you 
camped before going to the Calm Lands. Talk to him then head back to his 
family. Badger them until they finally notice that their son has run away. Head
up the twinkly crystal path to your left (no random battles, yay) and go up the
first turnoff. Examine what you find up there and the Cloudy Mirror will turn 
into the Celestial Mirror. This will be used each time you find a chest with a 
Celestial Weapon in it. Also, each time you wish to use a Crest or Sigil on a 
weapon you must do it at this spot. A faster way to get there is to enter the 
Woods at the North end, then if you look on the map you'll see there are four 
paths shown. Take the one on the bottom right and you can get to the place from
the other side.

Now that you have everything necessary to starting gathering the weapons, lets 
go and do it. You can get them in any order you like; if you want to start off 
with an easy challenge, get Rikku's first. Alternatively if you want to get the
hardest part over and done with, start with Tidus's.

4.2 Tidus

     Weapon: Caladbolg
Crest/Sigil: Sun
  Abilities: Break Damage Limit
             Triple Overdrive
             Evade & Counter
             Magic Counter


At the very back of the Calm Lands there is a guard blocking access to a 
downward slope. However he will leave his post every time you win a Catcher 
Chocobo race, so visit it right after you have done so. You'll find a glyph on 
the wall; touch it to reveal the chest containing the Caladbolg.


I emphasized earlier on that you should get this right after fighting 
Yunalesca, so you should already have it. If not, leave this for now and get 
the other two, then when you are fighting Dark Bahamut use Tidus for healing 


I won't lie to you; this is a nightmare. You have to win a Catcher Chocobo race
in under 0.00 seconds. Now it's not impossible; all you have to do is pop 
enough balloons and avoid birds, but it does demand a bit of skill. However 
that skill WILL come through practice, so don't give up if you think you're not
doing well. I'd estimate that it takes about an hour. Just remember the tips 
from the previous Chocobo training: don't hold forward, only tap left/right, 
and do long weaves, not quick dodges.

Now take all three to the place in Macalania, if you want to do that now.

4.3 Wakka

     Weapon: World Champion
Crest/Sigil: Jupiter
  Abilities: Break Damage Limit
             Triple Overdrive
             Double AP
             Evade & Counter

Getting Wakka's stuff involves getting heavily into Blitzball, which again may 
seem nightmarish at first, and that all the odds are set against you. However 
all it takes is some getting used to, and with the right team you will start 
surviving tackles, blocking passes & scoring goals. The initial game that you 
first played in Luca really isn't any indication of how difficult Blitzball is-
that parricular match is by far the hardest gae you'll ever play. Once you get
the right team it becomes much easier. To access the Blitzball menu, select
"Play Blizball" when you touch a Save Sphere. You will be given the choice of
League, Tournament or Exhibition matches, plus the option to view your players.
Never EVER select "Reset Data" since this will eliminate everything you have
previously done. After completing a Tournament you can only participate in
another one of the Blitzball menu has been opened six times, so just continue
opening and closing the menu until the Tournament option becomes available
again. To close the menu and return to the Save Sphere location just press


You should start the quest for the Jupiter Sigil before you can get this. Go 
into Luca Cafe and talk to the person behind the counter. If you have gained at
least third place in a League or Tournament (of course you have), they will 
give you Wakka's weapon. 


Go into the Locker Room at the Blitzball Stadium and you'll find the Jupiter 
Crest in a locker.


Your precise tasks for the Jupiter Sigil are:

1. Win a Tournament in which the Attacks Reels are offered as first prize.

2. Complete two Leagues and finish the second one in first place, for which 
   you'll earn the Status Reels. 

3. Win another Tournament in which the Aurochs Reels are offered as first 

4. There is a 50% chance that the Jupiter Sigil will be offered as first prize 
   in the NEXT League season. Hence what you must do is play the first nine 
   matches in the first League (each Leagues has ten matches), save your game, 
   play the last match then check the prizes for the next League. If the 
   Jupiter Sigil isn't there, reset, play the final match again and take 
   another look. 

Incidentally Step 2 won't trigger unless you have fought at least 250 battles 
during the course of the game, and Step 3 won't trigger unless you have fought 
450. You should have done this by miles but if you find that some Reels aren't 
being offered, go and fight in Besaid where you can win lots of battles 

4.3.1 Blitzball

Before you start playing any matches, you'll need the right people on your 
team. After signing three players you'll have to start discarding some. The 
discard option will appear if you try and recruit a new team member when you 
already have eight others. You won't be using any of the original Besaid team 
except Tidus & Keepa, so sack anyone else from that team. You can try 
recruiting someone by pressing Square. Don't try playing any games before 
recruiting your team, otherwise you run the risk of people you want being 
recruited by other teams. If you leave Blitzball playing strictly alone until
you've recruited everyone you want, you won't have a problem.
These are the players you'll need:

==================== The Players

Location: Outside the Stadium in Luca (on the higher platform). Make sure you
hire Wedge and not Biggs, since they look very similar. 

Location: Kilika Port- Docks. Run left from where the airship drops you off and
then take the first junction towards the screen. Tatts will be sitting at the 

Location: Mi'ihen Highroad Travel Agency (behind the counter).

Location: Luca Theatre, sitting on the wall just outside.

In addition to Tidus & Keepa this makes a full team, and the only team you'll 
ever need. This is how they should be set out:

Left Forward: Tidus
Right Forward: Wedge
Midfielder: Tatts
Left Defence: Ropp
Right Defence: Zalitz
Goalkeeper: Keepa

It's very important to keep Tidus and Ropp in the Left positions and Wedge and 
Zalitz in the Right positions, because for some reason the players on the Left 
side always seem to get more action. Participating in game actions earns the 
players EXP and Tidus and Ropp are the superior players so you want them more 
beefed up. Not that Wedge and Zalitz aren't any good: they're brilliant players
and will serve you well, but Tidus and Ropp have just that bit extra. 

================== The Rules

The rules of blitzball as described in the in-game tutorial are hideously 
complicated, so I'll try and simplify them down here.

- Each game is ten minutes long, split into two five minute halves, however 
  each time a confrontation between players takes place the clock will stop, 
  so it's actually nearer 15 minutes.

- The object of the game is to score more goals than the other team. Not 
  exactly a difficult concept.

- Your team is made up of two forwards (who score goals), a midfielder (who 
  passes the ball to the forwards), two defenders (who stop the other team's 
  forwards from scoring goals), and a goalkeeper (duh). At the start of play, 
  they are arranged like a five on a dice, and the goalkeeper in goal. Before 
  play, when you are asked who you want on your team, the order will be 
  forwards, midfielder, defenders, goalkeeper, hence why you must follow the
  order listed above. 

- At the beginning of a half, and after a goal is scored, the ball is thrown 
  upwards and each midfielder has a 50% chance of catching it.

- The default Blitzball mode is Auto, which means that you can't control where 
  your characters swim. The only times you can control them are

a) when they are confronted by another player
b) if you press Square, which will stop them in their tracks and give you a 
   list of possible actions.

Both the above apply only to the player that has the ball. It is possible to 
switch to Manual, where you can use the Analogue Stick to control their 
direction, but Auto mode is absolutely fine and less hassle to play with, so 
just leave it as it is. Your players aren't stupid- they'll swim where you want
them to go.

-Each time you stop or are confronted, you'll get a choice of Pass, Shoot or 
Dribble. Once you select, the stats and actions relevant to that situation will
appear. Any players you are in a conflict with will have their stats displayed 
under yours.

- Every player has stats, just like in battle, and these are used to determine 
the outcome when two players are pitted against each other. So basically the 
player who has the higher stat will normally win the conflict. There is a small
random factor involved, but if there is at least 3 points difference betwen 
the two stats, the player with the higher stat can be sure of winning. If 
you're confronting a player on the opposite team who has a higher stat than 
you, but only by 1 or 2 points, it's worth taking them on because you might 
still win. Rather than go through each stat individually, which can be very
confusing, I'll go through each situation where stats are compared, and tell 
you what you need to look at. You can see your stats in the top right hand 
corner. It might be worth printing off this part to refer to whilst you're 
actually playing and refer to the relevant situation that you are in. If you 
don't understand this explanation then refer to the short stat summary at the 

======================================= The 18 Situations Of Blitzball


In this situation you are concerned with your player's Shooting Accuracy (SH in
your screen) and the goalkeeper's Catching (CA). You want your SH to be higher 
than the goalkeeper's CA to have any chance of scoring a goal. The further you 
are away from the goal, the bigger the difference between the two stats will 
need to be, since the SH figure will gradually decrease as the ball travels, 
due to water resistance. For this reason; try to get as close to the goal as 
possible before stopping to shoot (remember you can stop by pressing Square).


In this situation the only stat you are concerned with is your player's Passing
Accuracy (PA). This will gradually reduce as the ball travels between players 
(again; water resistance). If the stat is reduced to 0 before it reaches the 
player you have passed to, that player will fumble the catch and drop the ball.
Hence if your PA is low (1-12), don't make long passes from one end of the 
sphere to the other. If your player's PA is low then make a chain; pass to 
another player closer to you, who can then pass to the player that you want to 
have the ball. 


As soon as any player challenges you, you will get "Break" options. Don't worry
about Breaking now, we'll come to that later. This situation describes what 
will happen if you should select "No Break".

The stats you are concerned with here are your player's Passing Accuracy (PA) 
and the opposing player's Blocking (BL). Once you pass, your opponent will 
attempt to intercept the ball. As usual; the player with the higher stat will 
triumph. However, if you take this option your PA must be considerably higher 
than your opponent's BL. If there is only a slight difference then there is a 
chance that your opponent will "get a hand" on the ball, which will reduce your
PA even though he won't actually get the ball. If you remember from the last 
situation; your PA is gradually reduced by water resistance anyway, an extra 
decrease may mean that your PA reaches 0 before the ball gets to the intended 
player. Hence you must be pretty certain that your PA is high enough to survive


This works in a similar way to the above situation, except you are concerned 
with your player's SH instead of their PA. The opposing player will attempt to
intercept the ball. If he gets a hand on it your SH will be reduced. Bear in 
mind that as well as water resistance, you also have to still overcome the 


Again this is if you select "No Break". Lets say there are two players opposing
you. You are still concerned with your player's PA figure and your opponents' 
BL figures. Since both players are trying to stop you, your PA must be above 
their TOTAL BL figure. I.e. if one player has a BL figure of 6 and the other 
has a BL figure of 8, your PA must be higher than 14 (6 + 8).


Same as above, except this time you are concerned with your SH figure. This 
must be higher than the total figure made by combining your opponents BL 
figures AND the goalkeeper's CA figure. 


Now we come to breaking. This starts the same way as the previous four 
situations, except this time you choose to break. Breaking is essentially the 
Spiran word for tackling (because bones usually get broken?). If you have the 
ball, the Break menu comes up and you select "Break to [opposing player's 
name]", you are essentially agreeing to let them tackle you and try to grab the
ball. Why do this? Because if you survive the tackle then there is no-one else 
in your way to stop you taking whatever action you want (except the goalkeeper 
if you are shooting). Once a tackle situation is arranged, the stats you are 
concerned with are your player's Endurance (EN) and the opposing player's 
Attack (AT). Highest stat will normally win. You will now be free to carry out
whatever action you chose. 


If there is one than one person challenging you, you get a choice of how many 
you want to break to. For now lets say that you are opposed to three players. 
The Break menu will look like this:

No Break
Break to [Player 1]
Break to [Player 2]
Break to [Player 3]

If you wish to only break to one person, you must select ONLY break to Player 
1. You can't choose which single player you wish to break to after analyzing 
their stats. Similarly, if you wish to break to two players, you must select 
Player 2, and select Player 3 if you wish to break to three. As you can see; 
breaking is done in the order of the players listed, because that's how they're
lined up in front of you. So if Player one has an AT stat of 15 and Players 2
& 3 only have AT stats of 3 and 4, you can't choose to skip Player 1 because he
has a higher AT stat; if you only want to break to one person it must be him.

Lets assume you wish to break to all three players (allow them all to tackle 
you). Which stats are we concerned with? Like in single tackles; it's your 
player's EN and the opposing players' AT. To have any chance your EN figure 
must be more than the COMBINED AT figures of your opponents. For example if 
Player 1's AT figures is 5, Player 2's is 8 and Player 3's is 3, you are 
looking at a total AT figure of 16 (5 + 8 + 3), which your EN figure must beat!


In earlier games it's very unlikely you'll be able to break to three players 
and still hang on to the ball. So lets say your EN figure is only high enough 
to break to two players. Your EN figure will be pitted against their combined
AT figures. If you get through them, this leaves Player 3 still hanging around
(incidentally you can't select Dribble if your path is still blocked). From 
here, play will be similar to the No Break situations described above. If your 
are passing, it is your PA figure against Player 3's BL figure. If you are 
shooting it is your SH figure against the sum of Player 3's BL figure and 
the goalkeeper's CA figure. 


Now we come to situations where your opponent has the ball. This won't need any
of your input. The opponent's PA figure will determine whether the ball reaches
his chosen team mate.


The important stats here are the opposing player's SH and YOUR goalkeeper's CA 
figure. Incidentally, there are two things that can happen if a goalkeeper's CA
figure wins. If there is a substantial difference between the two stats, the 
goalkeeper will catch the ball and throw it to a team mate (but you can't 
choose who it is). If there is only a slight difference the goalkeeper will 
knock the ball away from the goal and the nearest player (regardless of the 
team they are on), will pick it up.


In this one your opponent has chosen not to break. He is pitting HIS PA figure 
against YOUR player's BL figure. This will happen automatically without any 
input from you, but it's best to understand what's going on. Again, the highest
stat will normally win. 


The important stats here are the opposing player's SH, and the sum of your 
player's BL and your goalkeeper's CA. Again; no input here.


Opponent's PA against the sum of all your player's BL figures. No input.


Opponent's SH against the sum of all your player's BL figures and the 
goalkeeper's CA. No input.


You can have input here, but only if your player has a special tackling tech 
(we'll cover techs later), otherwise they will do a normal tackle 
automatically. You should know the drill by now: the opposing player's EN 
against your player's AT.


Each of your players will either do a special tackle you have selected, or a 
normal tackle. The opposing player's EN against the sum of your players' AT.


In the first half of this situation, the opposing player's EN is pitted against
the total AT of the ONLY THE PLAYERS THAT ARE TACKLING. If he still has the 
ball after all the tackles are performed, it is now either his PA figure 
against the total BL figure of your remaining players, or his SH figure against
the total BL figure of your remaining players plus the CA of your goalkeeper.

And that concludes the list of all situations you will ever encounter during a 
Blitzball game. Here's a brief summary all stats, including the ones not 
specifically mentioned in the above situations:

AT: Attack. Determines the strength of tackles. Is always compared to 
    opposing players' EN.
BL: Blocking. Determines the likelihood of blocking attempted passes/shots. Is
    always compared to opposing player's PA (for passing) or SH (for shooting).
CA: Catching. Determines the likelihood of blocking goals when playing as
    goalkeeper. Isd always compared to opposing player's SH.
EN: Endurance. Determines the likelihood of keeping the ball after being
    tackled. Is always compared to opposing player's AT.
HP: Hit Points. Are used up when player in possession performs any action.
    A player cannot perform any actions of their HP is at 0. HP is regenerated
    when a player is not in possession of the ball.
PA: Passing. Determines how far a player can pass the ball and the likelihood 
    of it surviving attempted blocks. Is always compared to opposing player's 
SH: Shooting. Dtermines the success of attempted shots. Is always compared to
    opposing goalkeeper's CA and opposing player's BL, if they are present.

There is also Speed, which determines how fast a player swims, but there's no
need to worry too much about that.

============== Techs

Nothing in life is ever simple is it? An added factor in passing, shooting and 
tackling (and various other aspects), is that players can learn and equip 
special techniques that can be used in a game. All players come with some techs
learnt, but most you will learn during your Blitzball quest. Techs are learnt 
by marking (observing) players on the other team. Before play you will get a 
succession of three menus:

1. Selecting Team Members
2. Equipping Techs.
3. Marking Opposing Players.

During the third menu, select one of your players, then scroll down the list of
opposing players and you can see lists of their equipped techs. Techs 
highlighted in blue are ones your player can learn. Select the appropriate 
opposing player and repeat for all the rest of your team. More than one of your
players can mark the same opposing player.

Using Techs in the game will use up HP, as will normal Passing and Shooting. HP
is regenerated whilst the player is not in possession of the ball.

During play, if an opposing player that one of your team has marked, uses a 
tech that your player can learn, the word "TECHCOPY!" will flash in the top 
left corner. Bash X as soon as you see it and you'll get a message stating 
whether your player has learnt it or not. Your player will not learn the tech 
if their level is too low or if you didn't press X at the right moment.

I'm not going to list every tech available, but in the next section I'll detail
useful techs for each individual player. Also; each player has something called
Key Techniques (just to make things difficult)- three of them. Basically 
learning Key Techs enables players to learn a wider range of techniques. For 
example; Level 1 Techs can only be learned if that player has learnt one of 
their Key Techs. They can learn Level 2 Techs if they've learnt two key ones,
and so on. The other two kinds of tech are Starting Techs (techs which players 
have already learnt when you recruit them) and Normal Techs (techs you can 
learnt without previously learning any of the key ones. I'll detail exactly how
to learn each tech that I reccommend for your players.

================== Your Team 

Position: Forward.
Tidus is your main goal scorer. ~You should always try to get the ball to him 
and only try to score with Wedge if he HAPPENS to get the ball. Tidus should 
have the Jecht Shot, which will be your only way of scoring goals at first. 
There are two things the Jecht Shot does:

1. Gives a substantial boost to Tidus's SH figure.
2. Removes two defenders without affecting any of Tidus's stats.

Because of the last function, you should never break if you are being 
challenged by only 1 or 2 players. Let the Jecht Shot do it for you. If you're 
being chalenged by more than 2 players, break until there are only two left in 
your way.

Always try and get as close to the goal as possible before shooting. If Tidus 
is challenged before he is close enough to the goal, always choose to break to 
everyone and then dribble. It won't always work, but his EN stat is much higher
than his PA stat (which is just plain awful), so take the more hopeful option.

Tidus won't need any other shooting techs like Wither Shot or Drain Shot. 
However the one shooting-related thing that will be useful is Spin Ball. This 
tech makes the ball spin during a shot, which apparently put the goalkeeper 
off. There is never a visible change in the goalkeeper's stats, but the tech 
certainly seems to improve your chances of scoring, so have Tidus mark a player
with this as soon as you see someone with it. 

Tackle Slip is another important tech for Tidus; it grants a chance of the 
tackling player missing him completely, hence not affecting his EN. This is 
useful if you're being challenged by four players near the goal. There is also
Tackle Slip 2 but I've never seen any player equipped with this so don't hold 
out much hope.

At the beginning of the game, if the opposing team's midfielder gets the ball 
(happens more often than not), your forwards and midfielder find themselves 
defending. Since your ultimate goal in any game is to get the ball to Tidus, it
helps if he has some strong tackling techniques so he can get the ball early 
on. I've always favoured Wither Tackles for Tidus, but any tackle that raises 
his AT is fine.

Talking of Wither, it is important for Tidus to learn Anti-Wither (and 
eventually Anti-Wither 2), since it can be disastrous if his SH is affected. To
learn any Anti techniques one of your players must use a relevant Tech on the 
one equipped with the Anti technique. For example; if the opposing team's 
midfielder has Anti Wither, try to have Tidus use a Wither Tackle on them.

You won't need much for Tidus beyond these techs; especially not passing techs 
since he should always be receiving passes, not throwing them.

Key Techniques:
Anti-Venom 2
Drain Tackle 2
Venom Tackle

Techniques Tidus Should Learn:
Jecht Shot: Starting Tech if you learnt it on board the S.S. Winno. 
Spin Ball:  Level 1 Tech.
Tackle Slip: Level 1 Tech.
Wither Tackle: Normal Tech.
Wither Tackle 2: Level 1 Tech.
Wither Tackle 3: Level 3 Tech.
Anti- Wither: Normal Tech.
Anti-Wither 2: Level 2 Tech.

Position: Forward

Although Tidus is the better forward, Wedge is still pretty good, so if he 
happens to get the ball, have him try to shoot rather than passing to Tidus. 
Give him lots of status related Shot techniques, so even if he doesn't score 
(although he quite often will) he can inflict the goalkeeper with something, to
clear the way for Tidus. Wedge also starts off with quite a good AT stat, so 
exploit this with tackling Techs. After all, it's better for you to gain 
possession at the end nearest the opposing goal, rather than letting an 
opposing player get near your goal before getting the ball. And again; Tackle
Slip is always good for a forward. Finally; you should allot him one passing
tech, which will up his PA enough to take advantage of the passing trick
described at the end of this section.

Key Techniques:
Anti-Venom 2
Nap Tackle
Wither Tackle

Techniques Wedge Shoulld Learn:
Venom Shot: Starting Tech.
Venom Shot 2: Normal Tech,
Venom Shot 3: Level 2 Tech.
Wither Shot: Starting Tech.
Wither Shot 2: Normal Tech.
Wither Shot 3: Level 3 Tech.
Nap Shot: Normal Tech.
Nap Shot 2: Level 1 Tech.
Nap Shot 3: Level 3 Tech.
Venom Tackle: Normal Tech.
Venom Tackle 2: Level 2 Tech.
Wither Tackle: Level 1 Tech.
Wither Tackle 2: Level 3 Tech.
Nap Tackle: Normal Tech.
Tackle Slip: Normal Tech.

Position: Midfielder

Tatts is perhaps the most integral player on your team, apart from Tidus. If 
he catches the ball first after it is released (unfortunately this is based 
entirely on luck so don't count on it) and passes it immediately to Tidus, half
your work is already done. Even if he doesn't, he will almost always be the 
player that is responsible for getting the ball to Tidus, because the defenders
PA isn't nearly enough to get the ball to him from where they are, so they pass
to Tatts who is capable of making long passes right across the sphere. 

Tatts's EN is ok, but not brilliant, but after you've played a league his PA 
should rocket, meaning that it is usually better not to break, but to pit his 
PA against the opposing player's BL. Because of this, his most important techs 
are passing techs. The ultimate one you should aim to get him is Nap Pass 3, 
which can sometimes put two or three players to sleep. Otherwise, try to get 
him Anti Wither, because again it's disaster if his PA is affected. One or two 
tackling techs would be nice, since he is often involved in tackles at both 
ends of the sphere, but always favour Passing techs. Another vital tech for 
Tatts is Golden Arm, which halves the water resistance on the ball whenever he 
passes (or shoots, but he won't be doing that). This makes him capable of 
passing to practically anyone anywhere in the sphere. 

Key Techniques:
Nap Tackle
Nap Tackle 2
Venom Tackle

Golden Arm: Starting Tech.
Nap Pass: Starting Tech.
Nap Pass 2: Normal Tech.
Nap Pass 3: Normal Tech.
Wither Pass: Level 3 Tech.
Wither Pass 2: Level 3 Tech.
Wither Pass 3: Level 3 Tech.
Venom Pass: Normal Tech.
Venom Pass 2: Level 2 Tech.
Venom Pass 3: Level 3 Tech.
Nap Tackle: Normal Tech.
Nap Tackle 2: Level 2 Tech.
Nap Tackle 3: Level 2 Tech.
Venom Tackle: Level 1 Tech.
Venom Tackle 2: Level 2 Tech.
Venom Tackle 3: Level 3 Tech.
Drain Tackle: Starting Tech.
Drain Tackle 2: Normal Tech.
Drain Tackle 3: Level 3 Tech.

Position: Defender

A problem with defenders can be that if your forwards and midfielders are good,
there will never be any action for your defenders to take part in, meaning they
won't get much EXP. So if occasionally an opposing forward does get to your 
defenders, they won't be a match for them. A way to reduce this is to use the
passing trick outlined later - don't forget to use it. This way Zalitz will get
at least a little EXP. Obviouslty being a defender his most important techs are
tackles; pile him up with them. He'll also need some pass techs since often 
once he gets the ball from a tackle, he'll be challenged as soon as he tries to
pass to Tatts. His EN isn't brilliant at first, so load up his PA with passing
techs- Venom is by far the best to go for with both tackles and passes, since 
it will stop the opposing forwards using shooting techs. Specific defending 
Techs that he should learn are Elite Defence and Brawler, both of which enable 
him to take part in more tackles. 

Key Techniques: 
Tackle Slip
Venom Pass

Venom Tackle: Normal Tech.
Venom Tackle 2: Normal Tech.
Venom Tackle 3: Normal Tech.
Venom Pass: Level 1 Tech.
Venom Pass 2: Level 3 Tech.
Elite Defence: Starting Tech.
Brawler: Level 1 Tech.

Position: Defender

Ropp, given a short period of time, will be an absolute powerhouse, but again- 
remember to get him EXP by using the passing trick. You want to pile Ropp up 
with tackling Techs, so that he will almost always get the ball. Also try to 
get him Tackle Slip for when he gets confronted. His EN is pretty good, but 
it's worth giving it that extra boost. Also, Elite Defence and Brawler since 
he's a defender. You'll want him here there & everywhere because he's so good. 
Favour Wither type tackles for Ropp, since Zalitz specialises in Venom. Ropp
is superior to Zalitz so is unlikely to need passing techs. Also; Ropp starts 
with Drain Tackles, so use those until you get some more powerful Wither ones.

Key Techniques:
Anti-Venom 2
Nap Tackle
Venom Pass 3

Wither Tackle: Starting Tech.
Wither Tackle 2: Normal Tech.
Wither Tackle 3: Level 1 Tech.
Elite Defence: Normal Tech.
Brawler: Starting Tech.
Tackle Slip: Normal Tech.

Position: Goalkeeper.
Many people try to get the Al Bhed Psyches goalkeeper on their team, but I've 
found that Keepa is a pretty good goalkeeper himself. He's never let in any 
goals unless the odds were hopelesly against him, which isn't often. There are 
relatively few techs he needs to learn. He'll need the two special goal techs: 
Super Goalie and Grip Gloves, but you should learn these pretty quickly from 
other goalkeepers. Otherwise, he should learn all the Anti techniques, to 
prevent him being affected by shooting techs with status effects.

Key Techniques:
Super Goalie
Volley Shot

Super Goalie: Normal Tech.
Grip Gloves: Level 1 Tech.
Anti-Venom: Normal Tech.
Anti-Venom 2: Normal Tech.
Anti-Wither: Level 2 Tech.
Anti-Nap: Level 3 Tech.

====================== Basic Tactics 

I've listed previously what you need to do to get the Jupiter Sigil, so just 
follow that, but here are a few things to bear in mind generally:

- Save before every game, but ESPECIALLY save before playing the Al Bhed 
  Psyches, because at first, and for quite a while, they will give you trouble.
  They are by far the hardest team to play. Not only do they have strong 
  forwards, but their intitial goalkeeper is a genius. Get Tidus as close to 
  the goal as you possibly can before attempting to shoot. Ideally you should 
  reset if you ever lose a game just so you can be sure of winning a League, 
  and obviously in Tournaments you have to win the two or three games you play.

- In every game you should always be thinking about getting the ball to Tidus,
  and in the early games getting it to him via Tatts. This should always be 
  your strategy. However as I've said before; if Wedge does happen to get the 
  ball then leave it with him because he might score.

- Use the passing trick. Once your team is fairly strong and you're playing a
  weak team (e.g. the Kilika Beasts), score a couple of goals to win you the
  game, then pass in a circle from Tatts, to Tidus, to Wedge, to Tatts (Wedge's
  PA is too low for him to accurately pass to Zalitz), to Zalitz, to Ropp.
  Repeat this until the half ends or the other team gets the ball and you'll
  have earnt lots of EXP for all your players. 

- Don't worry about the new team formations you learn as you progress, there's
  no need to touch them. 

- Don't get disheartened if you find your first few games difficult; they will
  get much easier as your team levels up. 

4.3 Rikku

Weapon: Godhand
Crest/Sigil: Mercury
Abilties: Break Damage Limit
          Triple Overdrive
          Double AP

Before you do anything, find any one piece of armour that has a blank slot and 
customise No Encounters onto it using 30 Purifying Salts. You should have got 
99 from the Arena- go and pick them up if you haven't already done so. This 
will make the following quest much easier.  


At the airship menu, go to the Passwords section and enter GODHAND (all 
capitals) and you'll be dropped off in a crevasse at Mushroom Rock Road, where 
you'll find the Godhand in a chest.


Head to Sanubia Desert- West and check all along the left hand side (don't take
the path to Central, though); the Crest will be in one of the chests you find. 
DON'T go & talk to the lone woman you see in the North, otherwise you'll find 
yourself in a battle with Dark Ifrit.


This isn't difficult, just rather long. Head to Sanubia Desert- West. You've 
probably already discovered the valley that is cut off by a sandstorm. Just 
South of that is a stone with a Cactuar on it. Your task is to find ten 
Cactuars that are hiding throughout the desert, win Spheres from them, and 
bring them back to put in the stone. What makes this so time consuming is that 
each time you find a Cactuar and get his Sphere you have to run ALL the way 
back to the stone and put the Sphere in before the next one will appear, but 
you've got to have perseverance before even considering fighting Penance, so 
here we go. Incidentally; if you're having trouble capturing Cactuars, as I 
mentioned earlier, they won't run away in any of these special battles, so use 
the opportunity to capture five of them. 

Each time you find a Cactuar, it'll want to play a little game with you. Ever 
played Hot Chocolate/Grandmother's Footsteps in primary school? Well it's that.
The Cactuar will turn away from you and you must run towards it. When it turns 
round you must stop dead. If it sees you move or if you don't reach it within 
the time limit you lose. You get three attempts at this, but don't worry if you
mess up all three because you'll still get a Sphere, just a different kind. You
can still get the Mercury Sigil without winning the game once; the only 
difference winning makes is that it affects the extra prize you get once you've
completed the quest, but that isn't the aim here so it doesn't matter. 
Certainly don't bother resetting if you lose. The locations of the Cactuars are
as follows:

1. Oasis- Next to the Save Sphere.
2. Sanubia Desert East- In the North West, beside the chest that contained four
   Hi-Potions (last chest in the area).
3. Sanubia Desert West- Examine the sign stating 20% off all goods to the South
   of the chest containing eight Hi-Potions, which is just East of where the 
   Mercury Crest was.
4. Sanubia Desert Central- Two Cactuars are running around West of the chest 
   that contained 10,000 Gil (in the areas full of ruins).
5. See above.
6. Sanubia Desert East- Examine the Save Sphere in the tent.
7. Sanubia Desert Central- In the South West, examine the chest that contained 
   two Mega-Potions (hug the left wall as soon as you enter the area from 
   Sanubia Desert East). The Cactuar is inside it.
8. Sanubia Desert Central- Hang around in the Sanubia Desert Central for two or
   three minutes, then examine the quicksand pit thing where the chest 
   containing three Megalixirs was.
9. Oasis/Airship Deck- You'll see the Cactuar next to the Oasis Save Sphere, 
   from which he will teleport himself onto the airship (cheeky sod!). You'll 
   then find him on the roof of the airship (where you fought Evrae), right at 
   the end. 
10.Sanubia Desert West- While you're examining the Cactuar stone, the final 
   Cactuar will appear behind you. 

Open Sesame; you can now get into the valley and find the chest with the 
Mercury Sigil in it. The other chest's contents will vary according to how many
games you won, but none of the prizes are very exciting.

Take any weapons you haven't activated yet to the secret place in Macalania and
deal with them. Congratulations! Your Penance weapons are ready for action.

5.0 A Steady Income

The drawback of doing all your powering up in the Monster Arena is that you 
have to pay for each and every battle, which can drain your finances very 
quickly. This can be very bothersome at the start of your training, but don't 
be disheartened because eventually you will fall into a pattern that gives you 
a regular income. When you start maxing your stats you'll be fighting some very
powerful adversaries, who subsequently drop some very powerful equipment, which
you should sell regularly. Only keep what is absolutely necessary. The only
weapons you'll ever need are your Celestial Weapons and your levelling up ones 
which we'll cover in the next section, so sell any others. As for armour, I'd 
suggest keeping the following for Tidus/Wakka/Rikku:

Couerlregina/Fenrir: any armour that has three or four "[Status]proof" 

Jumbo Flan/Fafnir: any armour that has three "[Element] Eater" abilties on it, 
and one spare slot (you'll never get one with four "[Element] Eater abilities).
Customise the missing one onto it.

You'll be customising all your other armour from scratch, so sell everything 

However, this regular income won't happen for a while, due to the fact that 
when you're covering the Sphere Grid you won't actually be defeating any 
monsters (all will become clear later), so you won't get any equipment to sell.
Also, despite selling equipment later, it is best to have a solid amount of 
capital to begin with, to cover any one-off expenses (e.g. Tetra armour at 
100,000 Gil a piece, or bribing). For these two reasons, you're off to Omega 
Ruins. Come back here every time you're running low on Gil. 

As I mentioned previously, use the Search option on the airship on the Eastern 
side of the map to find Omega Ruins. This dungeon is quite expansive and 
contains Ultima and Omega Weapon, but for Penance, it's not necessary to go 
more than three steps beyond the Save Point, so I'm not going to cover it here.

In Omega Ruins you'll find yourself fairly frequently in battle with one Zaurus
(lizardy type thing) and a chest. Use Steal on the chest-NOT Mug- and hopefully
instead of just getting an item, which can sometimes happen, you'll get a 
message saying "Nothing to steal" or something to that effect. Then a special 
monster called a Mimic will pop out. There are various kinds of Mimics; the 
general rule is the bigger they are the nastier they are. Why are these 
monsters so special? Because if you strike them with a weapon that has 
Gillionaire (how convenient- Rikku's Celestial Weapon has it), it will very 
kindly drop 100,000 Gil. Keep fighting here until you have accumulated about 
1,200,000 Gil, which means 12 Mimics if you're starting from scratch, but you 
shouldn't be. This gives you a nice base of capital to keep you going. If at 
any point during covering the Sphere Grid you find yourself running on lower 
than 500,000 Gil go and fight a few more Mimics. 

When fighting Mimics, it is vital to hit them with Rikku at some point in the 
battle- it doesn't necessarily have to be the killing blow, but the weapon with
Gillionaire must make contact with the Mimic. There are several types of Mimic,
and the general rule is the bigger they are: the tougher they are. You will not
be able to make any impression at all on the toughest Mimic (the one that 
causes the screen perspective to change) except with anyone equipped with their
Celestial Weapon, but you should have all of them by now, or at least Tidus & 
Rikku's. It's forgivable if you don't play all your Blitzball in one go. Be 
prepared to use lots of Phoenix Downs & make regular use of Hastega. Mimics 
don't pose any serious threat since they can only attack one character at a 
time, but you can still expect regular KO of one party member. Mimic's HP 
varies, but all will take a little time to kill at first. However you'll notice
a difference every time you come back to replenish whilst covering the Sphere 

I strongly suggest you run away from other fiends in the Ruins, since many will
be too tough for you at the moment. If you're finding the whole thing too 
tough, including the Mimics, sell what equipment you can and go on to the next 
section. Come back to this once you have powered up a bit more.

6.0 Covering The Sphere Grid

Now you can get down to business and start on your way to uber-powerfulness. 
This is the "fun" part. TWR have got to cover the entire Sphere Grid, lighting
up every node, EXCEPT LUCK NODES WHICH ARE LESS THAN + 4 and empty nodes which
you needn't worry about at the moment. Sound like a Herculanean task? Don't 
worry; you'll be levelling up a lot faster than you ever have before. You can 
expect to be earning between 10 and 99 Sphere Levels per battle.

Note: You shouldn't activate Luck nodes because Fortune Spheres are very hard 
to come by and should not be spent on anything except Luck + 4 nodes. If you
come across a Luck + 4 node and you don't have any Fortune Spheres, just leave
it and come back to it when you are specifically increasing your Luck.


6.1 The Weapons

To make this strategy work, you'll need to put together some weapons. The 
abilities you need are:

Overdrive --> AP
Triple Overdrive
Triple AP. 

There are a number of ways you could do this, but I think the one I favour is 
the quickest and least painful.

In your current state, it's next to impossible to give your characters weapons 
that have all three of these abilities, but luckily the only ability that is 
essential to the strategy is Overdrive --> AP. So for now, just customise 
Overdrive --> AP (10 Doors to Tomorrow) onto any of TWR's weapons (all of them
must have it) that have a blank slot available, EXCEPT your Capture weapons, 
then refer to the strategy below after reading the rest of this section. With 
these weapons you can expect between 10 & 30 Sphere Levels per battle. 

Although not essential, the abilities Triple Overdrive and Triple AP will 
greatly enhance the effects of this strategy, giving your characters between 80
and 99 Sphere Levels per battle, making covering the Grid a breeze. The easiest
way to get weapons with all three abilities is to fight One-Eye in the Species 
Conquest. One-Eye will sometimes drop weapons with the Triple AP ability and 
two spare slots, onto which you can customise Triple Overdrive and Overdrive
--> AP using items you already have. Customising a weapon with these three 
abilities from scratch isn't a viable option so don't try it - One-Eye is by 
far your best bet. Obviously he won't always drop what you want - sometimes 
he'll drop armour, stuff for the other characters or Triple AP weapons that 
don't have enough blank slots; you'll probably fight him about twenty times 
before getting all that you want. Hence you need to be able to defeat him 
easily before attempting this. No point have twenty epic boss battles and using
up all your healing items. In order to assess whether you're ready to take him 
on, initiate a battle with him every now & then and try out Attack Reels. Once 
a perfect Attack Reels from Wakka does 9,999 or more damage per hit and Rikku 
has learnt Entrust (have her head towards it on the Sphere Grid as soon as 
possible), you're ready. The battle should run like this (after first filing
Wakka and Rikku's Overdrives):

Tidus: Hastega.
Wakka: Perfect Attack Reels.
Rikku: Switch to Yuna.
Yuna: Summon any aeon (to bear the brunt of One-Eye's attack).
One-Eye: Kills the aeon.
Tidus or Yuna: Switch to Rikku.
Rikku: Entrust Overdrive to Wakka.
Wakka: Perfect Attack Reels.
One-Eye dies.

Repeat this until you have three weapons with Triple AP & two blank slots for 
Tidus, Wakka & Rikku. Then customise Overdrive --> AP and Triple Overdrive onto
them and get lots more Sphere Levels.

6.2 The Strategy

Ok, equip those weapons and I'll explain what to do and how the strategy works.

To gain AP to cover the Sphere Grid, you'll be fighting Don Tonberry, in the 
Area Conquest, but never actually defeating him. The reason for using Don 
Tonberry is that he does a counter-attack which deals damage based on how many 
enemies the character in question has defeated, which is massive damage. The 
Overdrive --> AP ability will convert this damage into AP, and in combination 
with Triple AP and Triple Overdrive this leads to earning huge amounts of AP 
per battle.

First of all you must choose the character who you think has killed the most 
enemies during the course of the game. 99.9% of the time this will be Tidus, so
put him in the middle with the other two either side (no reason- it just looks 
nice :-p). Set his Overdrive mode to Stoic, and the other characters' to 
Comrade. This ensures that each character receives AP. Even if the character
who has killed the most is not Tidus, you should make him the Stoic character
anyway because then you can give Wakka Auto-Phoenix on a blank armour which 
becomes the start of his final armour. This helps greatly when you are
maxing your stats since Wakka is your best offensive character.

Now you need to customise Auto-Phoenix onto an armour for Wakka. Not just any 
armour though; because you need to be economical with your Mega Phoenixes. Go 
to the Southernmost part of Macalania Woods and buy a Tetra armour from Wantz 
for Wakka, and customise Auto-Phoenix onto it. Then buy 99 Phoenix Downs.

Save your game, then enter into a battle with Don Tonberry. The Don will not 
attack you (apart from the counter attack), until he has walked forward four 
times. Keep a strict count and use Flee as soon as he's moved for the fourth 
time. There's no point staying any longer because he'll start attacking and 
stop counterattacking, making the trick invalid. 

Each time Tidus dies, whoever has Auto-Phoenix will revive him, saving you a 
turn which you will need to cast Haste on him, if you want. Use Chocobo 
Feathers if none of them have learnt it yet. This way you will give Tidus as 
many turns as possible (hence more AP), before your time is up. Your need for 
Haste will decrease as your Agility gets higher. 

6.3 Key Spheres 

To unlock many areas of the Sphere Grid you'll need the various levels of Key 
Spheres. Also, before fighting Penance you'll need a combined total of 99 Lv 1
and Lv 2 Key Spheres so start accumulating them now.


You should have plenty of these already, but if you need some more (not 
including ones dropped from bosses and found in chests throughout the game):

- Rare Steal from Earth Eater (Original section). Buy a blank armour for Rikku 
  and customise it with Master Thief (the 30 Pendulums you won at Remiem 

- Bribe an Imp (Cavern of the Stolen Fayth) for 22,000 Gil.

- Dropped by Master Couerl (Omega Ruins).


Again, you should have plenty, but eventually you'll need many:

- Rare Steal from Catastrophe (Original section). Master Thief.

- Bribe a Behemoth (Mt. Gagazet Cave) for 575,000 Gil.

- Dropped by Defender Z (Zanarkand Ruins- Last Area). This is the best way to 
  accummulate these, since in the area just outside the Cloister of Trials 
  you'll meet Defender Z's in almost every battle.


Many forms of Seymour and Sin drop these, as well as Yunalesca and Ultima 
Weapon. You don't need that many of these on the grid, but just in case:

- Rare Steal from Ultima Buster (Original section). Master Thief.

- Bribe a Demonolith for 1,125,000 Gil. 

- Dropped as a Rare Item by Defender Zs, Demonoliths and Behemoth Kings.

LV 4 Key Spheres

Dropped by a few of the later bosses, but you'll be needing quite a
lot, so:

- Venture into Omega Ruins, hugging the right wall until you come to an alcove 
  containing three chests. Open any one of them. If you get a battle, reset. 
  Hopefully you should get a Lv 4 Key Sphere. I thought I'd include this since 
  Omega Ruins isn't a compulsory area of the game, so you're unlikely to have 
  opened any chests there.

- Bribe a Chinmera for 230,000 Gil. This will be your main method of gaining 
  these spheres, and the rate is actually very reasonable, when you compare it 
  to the bribe rate of a Demonolith (1,125,000 Gil) for Lv 3 Key Spheres. Reset
  if you only get one sphere for money; you should be getting three.

6.4 Other Spheres

Since so you will be activating almost all the nodes on the Sphere Grid and not
earning any battle plunder, eventually you will run out of Power/Mana/Speed/
Ability Spheres. However, this can be remedied. Kottos (Area Conquest) usually
drops 40 Healing Springs after an Overkill (15,000 damage). However, if you use
the ability Extract Power/Mana/Speed/Ability he will instead drop 40 of the 
Sphere of your choice. He can be a headache to defeat at first, even though he
only does one move- a very powerful physical attack. The problem lies in the 
fact that he counterattacks anything you do to him, killing the character in 
question, until you're more powerful. To prevent this battle being too 
protracted, aim for big damage in few turns. What does this mean? Attack 
Reels, whenever you can. Set all Overdrive modes to Comrade to keep them 
filled, and use Enrtrust with Rikku if necessary. DON'T forget to use the 
relevant Extract command. If the battle is taking a long time, use the ability
again because the effect wears off after a while. Rely on Auto-Phoenix for 
revival, and if the character with this ability gets KO'ed, revive them 

However when you first start covering the Grid defeating Kottos will not be 
economical, hence why you left breeding the Bomb King, Vorban and Ultima Buster
until now. You'll be stronger and capable of capturing the tougher fiends, and 
at the same time you'll replenish your stocks of Spheres. Stop your capturing 
once you have 99 of each Sphere and carry it on when you need some again, until
you're strong enough to defeat Kottos easily.

6.5 Vital Abilties 

Frankly, to even think about taking on Penance, you should be the kind of 
player that doesn't bat an eyelid at the thought of getting every ability for 
every character, but in case you're not, these are the abilities that it is 
absolutely necessary for all three characters to learn:

Left hand side of the Standard Sphere Grid, at the end of Tidus's section. 
Bottom left corner of the Expert Grid.


Centre of Standard Grid, near Auron's starting point. Just above the centre on 
the Expert Grid.


Centre of Standard Grid. Centre of Expert Grid.


North of centre on Standard Grid. North of centre on Expert Grid.


Just South-East of centre on Standard Grid. Centre of Expert Grid.


Just South-West of centre on the Standard Grid. Centre of Expert Grid.


South-West of the centre of the Standard Grid, where Rikku starts off. Centre 
of the Expert Grid.


Extreme top centre of the Standard Grid. Bottom-left on the Expert Grid, just 
above Quick Hit.


North of centre on Standard Grid. North of centre on Expert Grid.


Extreme South-West corner of the Standard Grid. Extreme North on the Expert 


South-West corner of the Standard Grid. North- East corner of the Expert Grid.


South edge of the Standard Grid. North edge of the Expert Grid.


North-West section of the Standard Grid. North edge of the Expert Grid. 

6.6 The Goal      

Even if you don't want to activate all abilities, you MUST activate all stat 
nodes (except Luck) with the three characters, so carry on with this strategy 
until you have achieved this. All stats except Luck should be well into the 
hundreds, making you considerably more powerful.

7.0 Temporary Armour

Now you're almost ready to move on to maximising your stats, but the monsters 
you'll be fighting are very tough, so you're going to need some decent armour. 
You can't make all your Penance armour yet because you need to be considerably 
more powerful, but you still need something decent. You CAN make one set of 
Penance armour since you have all the relevant items, so this will start you 
off. The character whom you gave Auto-Phoenix to is the lucky receiver of
this, and it should be Wakka. Add the following to it:

Break HP Limit: 30 Wings to Discovery which you won at the Chocobo Race at 
                Remiem Temple.

        Ribbon: 99 Dark Matters which you got for breeding Ultima Buster.

    Auto-Haste: 80 Chocobo Wings. You got 99 for breeding the Cactuar King.

  Auto-Phoenix: 20 Mega Phoenixes. Already customised.

That makes your chosen character kitted out for Penance. However the others 
aren't so lucky. Buy blank armour for the two remaining characters and carry 
out the following:


Auto-Protect: 70 Light Curtains. You got 99 for breeding Juggernaut.

  Auto-Shell: 80 Lunar Curtains. You got 99 for breeding Abaddon.

Auto-Phoenix: 20 Mega Phoenixes. You should have 79 left.

    Auto-Med: 20 Remedies. You can buy these from Rin on the Airship.


Auto-Protect: 70 Light Curtains. You should have 29 left, but you need 41 more.
              Since you've got two characters all armoured up, have a go at 
              defeating Fafnir (Species Conquest) who will drop 20 Light 
              Curtains, or 40 for an Overkill (13,000 damage). Do this twice 
              and steal the odd one from an Iron Giant (Thunder Plains). If you
              cast Hastega, Fafnir will only get one turn before you're done, 
              and that won't kill you. His elemental attack will do about 300 
              damage to each character and the Triple Attack will do 1000-3000
              to one character.

 Auto- Shell: 80 Lunar Curtains. You should have 19 left but you need 61 more. 
              Unfortunately there is no Fafnir equivalent, but there are a 
              variety of things you can steal them from:
              Defender Z (Zanarkand Dome). Two per steal.
              Gemini (Inside Sin). One per steal.
              Larva (Thunder Plains). One per steal.
              One- Eye (Species Conquest). Three per steal.
              Jumbo Flan (Species Conquest). Four per steal.
              Tanket (Species Conquest). Master Thief. Four per steal
              Juggernaut (Species Conquest). Four per steal. 

              I would personally go for Jumbo Flan, who won't pose much of a 
              threat. Rikku should have an armour with Master Thief on it.

Auto-Phoenix: 20 Mega Phoenixes. You should have 59 left.

    Auto-Med: 20 Remedies. Buy them from Rin on the Airship.

This set of armour should be enough to let you survive the Arena.


8.0 Maxing Stats 

Getting your stats maxed out involves filling empty nodes with Spheres for 
different stats (Strength Spheres, Defence Spheres etc.). All these will make 
[Stat] + 4, which is more than most of the nodes that are already there, so 
your stats will rise quite quickly. To be economical you should get all three 
characters to the same point on the Sphere Grid; it doesn't matter where, just 
get them together using Friend Spheres, Teleport Spheres or whatever. If you 
haven't got anything that will do this then fight Chimergeist for Return 
Spheres, which should get you into the general vicinity. Use spare Sphere 
Levels to get them all to the same node. Now fight Don Tonberry one last time 
(if you can bear to :-p ), so that you have plenty of sphere levels for moving 

8.1 General Points

I'm going to list the stats in what I feel to be the optimum order for maxing- 
i.e. maxing one stat will give you a better chance against the monster you'll 
be fighting to max the next stat. However if you wish to commence in a 
different order or are finding a particular monster difficult then go ahead. 
The one stat you WON'T be maxing is MP, because it will go up to 999 just from 
covering the Sphere Grid, and you certainly don't want to waste an armour slot 
on Break MP Limit. I've never found myself running low on MP once it's at 999, 
so it's perfectly sufficient.

From now onwards money should not be a problem. Sort your equipment so there 
are no gaps. Now any new equipment will list itself neatly at the bottom. All 
arena creations drop decent equipment which sells well, and you'll be getting 
loads of it. Sell all the stuff that you gain to the Arena guy and you'll soon 
be rolling in money. Keep anything you particularly like of course, but you 
should be selling the majority.

Sometimes, instead of dropping the stat Sphere that you want, an Arena creation
may drop Dark Matter. Don't moan that it's not what you want- it's precisely 
what you'll be very thankful for later on. Don't do anything with it and 
certainly never use them.

In some cases it may be more economical to teleport to another area full of 
empty nodes rather than travel there manually using up your valuable sphere 
levels. To do this, continue to fight Chimerageist for Return Spheres. 

8.2 Magic Defence 

The only reason I'm listing this first is because, if you've followed my 
reccommendations, you should have a nice supply of Magic Def Spheres from 
One-Eye to use up. If these don't make all of their Magic Def stats 255 then 
fight him for some more. This is also first because One-Eye is one of the 
easiest stat maxing monsters.

8.3 Evasion

Having max Evasion will make life a lot easier in later battles, since many 
potentially fatal physical attacks will miss you entirely, allowing you 
dedicate much more time to attacking. You'll be fighting Pteryx for Evasion 
Spheres. Pteryx isn't too tough - his Beak of Woe attack will do about 2,500 
damage and inflict Curse and his regular attack will do around 4,000. Your 
Accuracy stat should allow you to hit Pteryx two times out of three, but if 
you're having problems just use Attack Reels.

8.4 Accuracy

Maxed Accuracy will also make your life easier since you will no longer have to
resort to Overdrives all the time in order to hit various foes. However, 
Hornet, who you'll be getting Accuracy Spheres from, is even nastier than 
Pteryx. His regular attack inflicts Death, and if that doesn't work you'll 
still be stuck with Silence and Blind. Venomous Stab inflicts Poison. Hornet 
has more HP than Pteryx but is much easier to hit. Use Hastega, keep attacking 
and Auto-Med & Auto-Phoenix will see to the rest. Hornet can cast Curaga but
he will only do it occasionally and it won't inhibit you much.

8.5 Agility

Agility is vital in this game, and because of the CTB having maxed Agility 
allows more tactical planning since you will have many turns to play with. 
You'll be fighting Fenrir for Agility Spheres. Fenrir, appropriately, is very 
fast. However you will almost always evade Fangs of Hell, so that's not a 
problem. You're less likely to evade Fangs of Chaos, which will inflict Confuse
and about 4000 damage, but a quick Esuna will sort that out. Cast Hastega to 
make things easier. Fenrir has quite a lot of HP but now your Accuracy stat is 
maxed you can hit him easily and just use Overdrives when they happen to be 
full. He is tougher than those you have fought so far because of Confuse, but 
not impossibly so. 

8.6 Defence

This is important to max next because with maxed Defence and Magic Defence 
you're not as likely to be killed by anything a monster does to you, allowing 
battles to proceed faster and more smoothly. You'll be fighting Tanket to get 
Defence Spheres. He has considerably more HP but he's also quite slow, which 
means you'll get lots of turns. You'll need them because you cannot inflict 
maximum damage. Tanket can only attack one character at a time, and will 
inflict 4000 damage and Berserk. Use Esuna. Be vigiliant in reviving because 
Tanket will get very excited if only one character is left alive. So  just be 

8.7 Strength

All your defensive stats except HP are now maxed, so you shouldn't have much 
problem with Juggernaut, who will drop Strength Spheres. One of his attacks: 
Salvo; is elemental but is not a problem. Mostly you will be able to kill 
Juggernaut before he has a turn, if you use Hastega. 

8.8 Magic

You think this has been boring so far? Then stop following this guide now. 
Magic is an absolute headache to max because you'll be fighting Jumbo Flan. 
This monster has three characteristics that will give you migraine:

1. He absorbs all elements.
2. He has Auto-Reflect.
3. He is IMMUNE to physical attacks!

However, he can be beaten in under ten minutes. Set everyone's Overdrive mode 
to Ally. You can kill Jumbo Flan with Doublecast and Ultima, but this won't 
give you an Overkill, so you must use Attack Reels. Use Hastega and defend 
until all three Overdrive gauges are full, then get Wakka to use all three by 
using Entrust. Doing this twice more will kill the Flan.

8.9 Luck

This will take the longest because you have to fight for Fortune Spheres to 
activate Luck nodes, as well as Luck Spheres to make them in the first place. 
Any existing Luck nodes that are less than Luck + 4 should be cleared and 
refilled, in order to conserve space on the grid. You do not need to max out 
your Luck to 255- there isn't enough space anyway. You are aiming for 130. To 
gain Clear Spheres, defeat Ultima Buster once. This will not be a problem at 
your current level. Use one Attack Reels to kill the arms and the head, then 
just keep hacking away at the body with physical attacks. You only need to do 
this once, then the Arena guy will sell them under Items at 10,000 Gil each. 
Whenever you come across a Luck node that is less than Luck + 4, clear it & 
refill it as below:

To gain Fortune Spheres you'll be fighting the Earth Eater in the Original 
section. After you hit him once he'll counter and kill one character, but 
Auto-Phoenix will take care of that. Another hit will push him onto his back, 
similar to the Chocobo Eater, and from now on he'll only counter with a weak 
Flare. Use the Ally Overdrive mode and defend to fill your gauges quickly. You 
can either kill the Earth Eater with two rounds of Attack Reels or one round 
plus six regular hits, it's up to you.

To gain Luck Spheres you'll be fighting Greater Sphere in the Original section,
who is rather annoying since he counters Overdrives with Hydraulic Press which 
will do 2,500 damage to Tidus and Rikku but much more to Wakka who doesn't have
Auto-Shell. There is no need to cast Auto-Life so long as your HP is at maximum
though. The real problem lies in the fact that he counters anything else with 
Ultima which doesn't do that much damage but is a long sequence. The best 
strategy is to use the Ally mode + Attack Reels trick again. Either two rounds 
of Attack Reels or one round and four regular hits will kill him. 

An interesting point about Greater Sphere is that he will sometimes drop armour
with Auto-Phoenix and three blank slots. If you are lucky enough to get one of 
these for Tidus or Rikku, hang onto it since they can form the basis of their 
final armour. 

The best pattern to adopt when raising Luck is to fight Great Sphere once and 
Earth Eater three times. This gives you two Luck Spheres and six Fortune 
Spheres which is enough to raise each character's Luck by eight.


8.10 HP

I left this until last since only Wakka actually has Break HP Limit at the 
moment so it didn't really make a difference, but obviously when you're 
fighting Penance you'll need a lot more. You can keep track of how much HP your
characters without Break HP Limit have by looking at Wakka's - his will be 
about the same as the others. The actual amount of HP gained is something that
doesn't appear to be set in stone. More testing needs to be done in order to
determine an average, but obviously not a lot of people will work their way up
to this level, so evidence is fairly sparse. One fact is certain though: it is
perfectly possible to get sufficient HP to beat Penance with either of the 
Sphere Grids. From all the Penance games I've seen and heard about, the lowest
total reached was about 25,000, and a friend of mine reached the highest, which
was 37,000. In the particular test game for this guide, I reached 31,000 on the
Standard Grid, which is what this guide is based on. However Penance can be
beaten with much less than this. The minimum levels are 25,520 for Tidus, 
25,618 for Wakka and 25,360 for Rikku. But if there are still any empty nodes
on the Grid, carry on until you have filled them all, since the higher your
HP is, the safer you will be.

If by any chance you run out of empty nodes and have not reached the minimum
levels, you will need to use Clear Spheres again. Clear HP + 200 nodes and fill
them to make them HP + 300 (hence your characters bebefit by 100). But you 
don't need to bother with this unless your characters haven't reached the 
minimum levels by the time all the empty nodes are filled. 

To gain HP Spheres you'll be fighting Ironclad in the Species Conquest section.
Ironclad has a lot of HP but Attack Reels is actually rather weak against him, 
so it's quicker to just cast Hastega and keep attacking. He'll counter every 
attack with Repageki but you'll always evade it. He's not too fast but when he 
does attack, Bushinzan will do 800 damage to both HP and MP on all characters, 
and Shinryudan will do 700 damage to a single character. Neither of these is 
anything to worry about.


9.0 Final Armour

Now that you're close to fighting the Dark Aeons, your temporary armour is no 
longer much good. Your aim is to get everyone armour like Wakka (Break HP 
Limit, Ribbon, Auto-Haste & Auto-Phoenix), to fully kit them out for Penance. 
The two main methods are customising and beating Dark Yojimbo. There are two 
realistic combinations you can choose according to your preference:

1. Getting both armours from Dark Yojimbo.
2. Getting one armour from Dark Yojimbo and customising the other.

If you choose the second combination you MUST get the armour from Dark Yojimbo 
first, purely for reasons of logic and probability. If you want armour for both
Rikku and Tidus, you have a 2 in 7 chance of getting an armour you want, 
whereas if you only need armour for one of them you only have a 1 in 7 chance 
of getting it. In reality the chances are actually less than that since he also
drops weapons and armour with Curseproof, but its the same principle.

9.1 Beating Dark Yojimbo

Why Dark Yojimbo? Have you even got a chance of beating him? Actually yes, you 
have, and there are several reasons why it has to be Dark Yojimbo.

1. Financial reasons. Dark Yojimbo is slightly different to the other Dark 
   Aeons, because to beat him properly you must beat him five consecutive times
   without saving. This means that if you beat him once you can save, reset, 
   and beat him again whilst still retaining the items/equipment that you won 
   from your first victory. Hence you can fight him as many times as you like 
   whilst accumuating a nice stock of equipment to sell and Dark Matter for
   customising (if you want to). You can also use him for getting more than one

2. For reasons unknown, Dark Yojimbo is more likely to drop armour with the 
   combination of abilities you want (Break HP Limit, Ribbon and two blank 
   slots), than any of the other Dark Aeons. Each Dark Aeon has an ability 
   specific to them - for example Dark Valefor's is Auto-Regen and Dark Ifrit's
   is Fire Eater - and these are more likely to turn up on armour together with
   EITHER Break HP Limit OR Ribbon. But for some reason Dark Yojimbo will often
   drop armour with both these and two blank slots, rather than one of them 
   with his special ability: Curseproof. Hence you will get the right armour 
   more quickly if you fight him. 

Before doing anything, a little bit of preparation is needed. If you haven't 
already got a Return Sphere, fight Chimerageist to get one. Now customise First
Strike onto a weapon that belongs to any character except TWR. Equip the weapon
and replace Wakka with that character. The reason for this is that Dark Yojimbo
always ambushes you, and if he first move is Wakizashi, you're dead. Also, set
all your Overdrive modes to Comrade. That's all the prep you need, apart from 
checking that you have sufficient Phoenix Downs, but you should always be doing

You can find Dark Yojimbo in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. Go into the 
farthest chamber, run up to the teleporter and then back towards where you came
in. A rather angry summoner will appear and set Dark Yojimbo on you.

You'll get the first turn regardless of the ambush. Swap that character for 
Wakka who should cast Auto-Life on himself. If his first move is anything but 
Wakizashi, use your next three turns for Hastega and Auto-Life. If he does use 
Wakizashi, immediately recast Auto-Life with Wakka (DON'T try to revive the 
other two) and continue to do so until he does Daigoro, which will only do 
about 6,000 damage and Wakka is protected from Petrify by Ribbon so he'll
survive. Then proceed to revive, cast Auto-Life, cast Hastega, & heal, in that 
order. Incidentally Auto-Life is always more important than healing. I know 
that sounds like a lot, but your maxed Agility gives you lots of turns. However
he won't always open with Wakizashi so don't worry about it. Once everyone has 
Auto-Life & Haste you can start attacking. Use physical attacks which will do 
maximum damage, until you have three full Overdrives, then use Attack Reels. 
Four lots of Attack Reels and two regular hits will kill him. His attacks are 
respectable but nothing you can't handle. Daigoro does about 6,000 damage to a 
single character and will cast Petrify in Tidus and Rikku, but Esuna will 
quickly cure that; just remember to recast Auto-Life. It does have the 
potential to shatter the character in question, but this is a rare occurrence. 
Kozuka will do about 6,500 damage and cast Full Break. Ironically, it is better
not to get rid of this by using Dispel because the next attack to that 
character will do maximum damage, filling up the Overdrive gauges of the other
two instantly. The victim won't come to much harm because they are protected by
Auto-Life which you just have to recast. A regular pattern of attacking, Attack
Reels + Entrust and healing with Curaga will have you beating him easily. Its 
better to use Curaga every time someone gets hit rather than wasting items. 
With your maxed Magic stat it will heal about 13,000 HP. The only sticky point
is when he does Wakizashi. Auto-Life will revive you and you'll have exactly 
three turns to recast it. The trouble is that Yojimbo is fond of doing 
Wakizashi three or four times in a row, but you'll always get three turns 
afterwards to recast Auto-Life. Just wait until the chain breaks. You may want
to use a Megalixir after this happens, since Auto-Life costs 97 MP a go. You 
got 30 from breeding Shinryu.

I know this sounds long, but the above strategy involves solutions for every 
possible scenario. In actuality you can easily beat Dark Yojimbo in about three
minutes, since your Overdrive guages will fill up very quickly even without 
Wakizashi. Incidentally; use Attack Reels every time you can, since you want to
avoid his Overdrive filling - it does maximum damage and dispels Auto-Life so
there's nothing you can do. But 99% of the time this will never fill before you
kill him. 

The armour you're looking for is the Sanctuary for Tidus and/or the Impervious 
for Rikku. Just double check it has Break HP Limit as well as Ribbon and the 
right number of blank slots.

Personally, it only took me five tries to get the Sanctuary but its taken me up
to twenty-five times before, so don't be surprised if it takes a while to turn 

9.2 Customising 

If you're absolutely sick of fighting Dark Yojimbo by now you can customise the
third armour. If you got an armour for that person with Auto-Phoenix and three 
blank slots from Greater Sphere then use that, otherwise buy a blank one from 
Wantz. Then customise the following IN THE STATED ORDER:

AUTO-PHOENIX (20 Mega Phoenixes)

You may already have this on the armour, or if not, you have enough Mega 
Phoenixes left to customise it.

AUTO-HASTE (80 Chocobo Wings)

You'll need to get some more of these by bribing a Machea (Omega Ruins). 
600,000 Gil should get you between 70 and 80, which is more than enough since 
you should still have 19 spare. 

BREAK HP LIMIT (30 Wings to Discovery)

It is very important that you get these before trying for Ribbon, because 
you'll be fighting Shrinryu, who drops Wings to Discovery (two for an Overkill)
as his common item and Dark Matters for his rare item. The more Dark Matters 
you collect without meaning to, the less hassle you'll have trying to gather 
the remaining number later. Shinryu is in the Original section. He's not too 
difficult; he counters, but only with a very weak physical attack that will 
barely tickle you. Shining is a multi hitter, but at 38 damage per hit its
another tickler. The only dangerous attack is Eraser which will shatter one 
character without fail; even those with Ribbon. But you'll have killed him 
before he has time to shatter more than one of them. Two rounds of Attack Reels
will kill him, so use the Ally/Defend/Entrust trick to fill your gauges 
quickly. Or physical attacks work too. 

RIBBON (99 Dark Matters)

This is the big daddy of abilities; 99 of the rarest item in the game. The good
news is that you should have gathered between 60 and 70 from since you started 
maxing your stats. The bad news is that 20 or 30 are still hard to get. To 
obtain them, you can fight any Arena Creation since they all drop Dark Matter 
as their rare item, but I'd reccommend Couerlregina in the Area Conquest. She 
goes down in four hits and doesn't counter, meaning you can win battles quickly
and hence accumulate more Dark Matter. You'll find that once you get into your 
stride you'll be getting it about once every six battles. Another possibility 
is Chimerageist who goes down in two hits, but for some reason I found he was 
less likely to drop Dark Matter than Couerlregina, but there's no logical 
reason why this should happen. If you find Couerlregina isn't working for you 
then feel free to experiment; you just need a monster that goes down quickly.

9.3 Here We Go...

WHEW, well that was a marathon - and not just for you; I beta tested the whole 
thing, its not just from memory. Before you go on to the whole point of this 
guide, you should check that your characters (TWR) meet the following criteria,
just in case you've missed anything. If you have, then refer to the section 
listed before continuing:

- TWR's Celestial Weapons fully activated and equipped (Section 4.0).

- All TWR's stats except Luck should be at 255. Luck should be at least 130 
  (Section 3.0, 6.0, 8.0).

- TWR's HP should be at least 25,520, 25,618 and 25,360 respectively. The 
  higher the better. 31,620, 31,718 and 31,460 is preferable and perfectly 
  possible on the Standard Grid (Section 3.0, 6.0, 8.0). 

- TWR should each have armour with Ribbon, Break HP Limit, Auto-Haste and 
  Auto-Phoenix on it, and have them equipped (Section 9.0).

- You should have at least 2,000,000 (two million) Gil (Section 5.0).

- You should have retained the 30 Megalixirs that you got for breeding Shinryu
  and the 60 Turbo Ethers you got for breeding the Bomb King (Section 3.0).

This is just the checklist for the Dark Aeons; there will be another more 
comprehensive one before you face Penance.

You're ready. Good luck. 

10.0 The Dark Aeons

The Dark Aeons are basically "evil" versions of all Yuna's aeons.  They look 
the same except they're mostly black and grey, and a lot tougher than Yuna's 
aeons could ever be. They have many similar moves but with some nasty extras 
added such as Mega-Graviton which hits you for 7/16 of you maximum HP. There 
are many theories about their existence in relation to the storyline, but in 
reality there isn't much relation at all since they were put in the European 
version to make the game harder. Judging from the small scenes that you see
before and after each battle, I'd say that they're merely the aeons of devout 
Yevon summoners who are trying to kill Yuna because she's an infidel. But if 
they're there, they have to beaten, right?

Before you go anywhere, equip your No Encounters armour. Incidentally, 
at this point Attack Reels becomes slightly less useful; you won't be relying 
on it so heavily now. This is because although it does a lot of damage it 
pushes Wakka right down the CTB bar and out of action for a while. Considering 
that you can now do 99,999 damage per hit, it is far better to have Wakka do 
many hits and also be available for healing, rather than sacrifice all that for
one Attack Reels. Since this is the case, I won't be expecting you to fill your
Overdrives before each battle. There are a couple of exceptions to this, but 
I'll indicate when this is the case. Finally; you should now set your Overdrive
mode to Comrade rather than Ally. 

10.1 Dark Valefor

You can find Dark Valefor at the entrance to Besaid Village. Unfortunately the 
airship drops you off at the other end of the island so you have to trek across
it first. Save at the top of the hill leading down to the village in case you 
die, but that's very unlikely. Walk into the village to initiate the battle.

This Dark Aeon is an absolute piece of cake. You have exactly the right number 
of turns before her to kill her off. Just keep physically attacking - there's 
no need to even bother with Auto-Life. If you happen to be unlucky (probably 
about a 0.000001% chance) and she evades one of your hits, she'll use her first
turn to do either a physical attack, Sonic Wings or Energy Ray if her Overdrive
is full. None of these are a worry to you; just keep on attacking and she'll go
down before her second turn. Bu don't be lulled into a false sense of security;
she is the easiest of the Dark Aeons.

10.2 Dark Ifrit

Fill your Overdrives before this one.

To find Dark Ifrit, head to Sanubia Desert - West. Make sure you visit the Save
Point in Central first. At the end of the screen you'll see a woman. Go over 
and talk to her & select "Yes" when prompted. After the scene, run forwards 
towards the cliff to initiate battle.

Dark Ifrit is a much tougher cookie than Dark Valefor, mainly because he'll 
counter anything you do with a physical attack which does about 9,000 damage 
and you can't evade it. This slows you down considerably, so the best way to go
about it is simply two rounds of Attack Reels (use Entrust for the second, 
obviously), which should kill him. If not then a third one definitely will. A 
very easy battle.

10.3 Dark Ixion 

To find Dark Ixion, go to Thunder Plains - North and run straight ahead. You'll
see a Yevon soldier standing under one of the towers. Talk to him, and battle 
will begin after a brief scene.

Like Dark Ifrit, Dark Ixion will counter but you will always evade it. 
Otherwise, Thundaja will do about 4,500 damage to a single character and his 
Overdrive will do 12,300 damage to all. You still get frequent turns in this 
battle, but you'll probably be hit with two Overdrives before you defeat him. 
Incidentally I think there's a game glitch here, since he does Aerospark for 
his Overdrive rather than Thor's Hammer. As long as you keep using Curaga 
there's no need for Auto-Life and the battle should be over quickly. Just keep 
using physical attacks since Attack Reels is pretty weak against him and pushes
Wakka down the CTB bar. 

However, things aren't over yet. After you get back to the field screen, dash 
to the Save Point on the right. Then wait for Dark Ixion to reappear as the 
lightning strikes; just run into him to start the second battle. This is even 
easier since he has lost his ability to counter, meaning you can defeat him 
more speedily. Just keep physically attacking and keeping up the Curagas. He'll
probably only get one turn and he certainly won't get to use his Overdrive. 
Again; an easy battle.

10.4 Dark Shiva

From now on the difficulty level increases: Dark Shiva can actually kill you, 
so be prepared for a tougher battle. You can simplify it with Attack Reels, but
personally at this point I was beginning to feel that Attack Reels was almost 
as bad as Zanmato, so there are two strategies here: one with Attack Reels, one
without. Its up to you how much you want to prove your prowness.

To find Dark Shiva simply try to enter Macalania Temple and she'll be set on 
you by the Guado.


Fill at least one person's Overdrive before battle. Use one round of Attack 
Reels and one physical attack. Ba-boom. You're done.


Only for the hardcore :p Start the battle with casting Auto-Life on everyone, 
since her Overdrive (Diamond Dust) can kill you. But we'll worry about that 
later. For now; her physical attack will do 4,500 damage and dispel Auto-Life. 
Make sure you recast it immediately. Heavenly Strike is instant death for one 
character, regardless of Ribbon. Recast Auto-Life then heal the character 
immediately. Auto-Life is ALWAYS more important than healing in this battle. 
You should manage ok until she lets loose a Diamond Dust. After Auto-Life 
revives you you'll get precisely three turns. Use it to recast Auto-Life. 
After her move, recast Auto-Life on the character who no longer has it. Your 
number of turns will decrease sharply here since you've taken a battering, but 
you mustn't get bogged fown in healing otherwise you're at a stalemate and 
won't beat her. Your two priorities are to keep everyone Auto-Life'd and above 
5,000 HP so that her physical hits can't kill you. I suggest that when you have
Auto-Life'd everyone after Diamond Dust you simply use a Megalixir, then 
concentrate on attacking. This will also restore your MP which is swiftly 
depleted by continuous Auto-Life. Unless your two priorities aren't fulfilled, 
you should be attacking at least once every round. Keep this up and you'll 
eventually overcome her; she doesn't actually have that much HP.

You'll be chased by Guado after the battle, but this stops once you exit the 
temple area.

10.5 Dark Bahamut

After some thought, I've decided that you should fill your Overdrives before 
this battle. It is possible to beat him without Attack Reels, but even with it 
this is a long and arduous battle. If I had to say which Dark Aeon was the most
difficult, I'd say Dark Bahamut.

To find him, go to Zanarkand and head to the area where you fought Yunalesca. 
Dark Bahamut lies in wait for you.

First of all I'll explain why Dark Bahamut is difficult without Attack Reels. 
It is because he counters with Impulse, and although he doesn't counter every 
time (about 1 in 4 times), when he does Impulse does 6,800 damage to all and 
casts Full Break, so anything after that will kill you. This means that you 
have to cast three Curagas and three Dispels: six turns altogether. On the 
whole you don't tend to get much more than six turns between his attacks, so
you barely ever get a chance to really go on the offensive. However with Attack
Reels, you can do more damage per hit, and you'll have plenty of time to devote
to healing while you're waiting for your gauges to fill up. You'll still have 
to get rid of Full Break occasionally, but don't worry: it won't dispel 

So, start the battle with Auto-Life as always. Dark Bahamut's physical attack 
will do 13,100 damage but one shot of Curaga deals with that. Impulse, when he 
uses it, will do 6,800 damage apiece and Full Break. You should devote six 
turns to remedying this and save your Megalixirs for real emergencies. Keep 
using Attack Reels with Wakka and have the other characters use Entrust, 
Curaga and Dispel. Don't forget that you'll also be doing damage through 
counterattacks with Tidus and Wakka. Ironically, your best chance to go on the 
offensive is when his Overdrive gauge is full. Mega Flare will kill you even if
you are on maximum HP, so just forget about healing and attack; although make 
sure each character is above 7,000 HP so that Impulse doesn't kill you before 
Mega Flare. Once he's done Mega Flare and Auto-Life has revived you, 
unfortunately you'll only get two turns before his next attack. Nevertheless 
you should use them to recast Auto-Life on two characters. Its not too much of 
a problem since even if his next physical targets the non Auto-Life'd 
character, Auto-Phoenix will revive them. Get Auto-Life recast on everyone and 
then use a Megalixir, to get you back on track more quickly. The good news is 
that all three Overdrive gauges should be full afterwards, so you can get your 
revenge with three rounds of Attack Reels. Keep to this pattern, paying 
specific attention to Auto-Life and you'll eventually beat him, although it
takes a long time. It took me twelve rounds of Attack Reels and nine
counterattacks before he fell. 

10.6 Dark Yojimbo

Lets face it, you've already decked this guy several times. He's not a problem.
You know where to find him. Just remember that although you may touch a Save 
Sphere to heal, you mustn't save. Once you've defeated him in the first round, 
keep running back through the cave and his summoner will ambush you at four 
more intervals. However it can be easy to miss one of these. The second attack
will be at the first four-way junction. At the second four-way junction you
should run to the right into the passageway where the chest containing a Lv 2
Key Sphere was, instead of South towards the exit. Keep heading out of the cave
after this encounter and the fourth attack will take place in the middle of the
next large cavern. Keep running out and the final attack takes place in the
entrance cavern. This one looks like an ambush but it isn't.

Remember that you must put in a character with First Strike for the first 
battle, but none of the subsequent ones are ambushes. Cast Auto-Life and then 
get cracking. Don't bother with Attack Reels; its easier just to hit him. 
Things will actually be easier this time. Although Kozuka will now do 12,000 
damage to one character (no Auto-Protect anymore), Wakizashi will do around 
26,000 damage, so if you are vigilant about keeping your HP at maximum (i.e. 
using Curaga after Daigoro and Kozuka) you should never die. After a Wakizashi
use one Megalixir and three rounds of Curaga; you've got more than enough turns
to do so. Go back and touch the Save Point after each battle to heal yourself.
DON'T let his Overdrive fill up - use Attack Reels if it get more than three
quarters full. 

10.7 Dark Anima

Dark Anima is another toughie, but not so difficult as Dark Bahamut. Even so, 
this battle will be very protracted.

To make Dark Anima appear you must return to the Gagazet Mountain Cave and 
complete the trial where Wakka must throw a ball at a target. Unfortunately 
each time he misses you must fight a battle so be careful with your aims. Once 
you have succeeded Dark Anima will appear at the base of Mt. Gagazet. Teleport 
back there, save and run towards her. 

Again, don't bother with Attack Reels, jusy start the battle with Auto-Life and
attack her physically. None of her attacks are devastating apart from her 
Overdrive: Oblivion. Her physical attacks are relatively weak; doing only 3,200
damage, but they will also inflict Curse. However you're not using any 
Overdrives so don't waste time getting rid of it. Pain is like Heavenly Strike 
- instant death for one character, no escape. Simply revive and cast Auto-Life.
What is vitally important in this battle is keeping your HP at maximum. Always 
attend to this before attacking. This is because Dark Anima's third move is the
infamous Mega-Graviton which hits you for 7/16 of your maximum HP. This results
in about 13,000 damage to all. Admittedly you have 31,000 but if you're on any 
less than maximum it will take six rounds of Curaga to bring you up to speed,
whereas three will suffice if you were on maximum when she did it. So the order
of priority in this battle is Auto-Life, healing, attacking. Oblivion is 
devastating and rather annoying. It will kill you even if you are on maximum HP
(so adopt the same tactics as with Dark Bahamut - forget about healing when her
Ovedrive is full), but it will also reduce your MP to 0. Hence although you 
have three turns when you are revived, you have no MP to cast Auto-Life. The 
best thing you can do is use a Megalixir and then two rounds of Auto-Life. If 
she does Pain or a physical attack afterwards then its easy enough to get back 
on track but if she does Mega-Graviton you'll have to cast two rounds of 
Auto-Life again and wait until she does something you can deal with. If you are
unlucky enough to get Mega-Graviton straight after Oblivion then use Megalixirs
for healing. Keep to this pattern and you'll be fine, although this particular 
battle can sap your endurance more than the others because Dark Anima doesn't 
"droop" once she's lost half her HP, unlike the other Aeons. Well actually she 
does but its impossible to tell. Hence you have no way of telling how far 
you've got to go before killing her and the battle really drags out. But hey, 
she's not there to be beaten by just anyone. 

10.8 The Magus Sisters  

Fill your Overdrives before this battle, and make sure you have enough Phoenix 

After very many tries, I've concluded that it is next to impossible to beat the
Dark Magus Sisters. The fact that there's three of them gives you fewer turns 
and Delta Attack does over 99,999 damage to all and dispels Auto-Life. What can
you do? Well of course you can do something! You couldn't get Penance to 
appear unless there was a way. Go to Mi'ihen Highroad and ride a Chocobo 
northwards. Save at the top of the Highroad and head into Mushroom Rock Road. 
Talk to the two summoners there and allow yourself to be chased down the left 
hand path. Resist the urge to use the Save Sphere here because if you die & 
restart from it, you won't find the Sisters. Take the platform upwards and 
start running. The summoners will follow you and a mini-game will commence. Its
not a difficult concept; all you have to do is run down the road as fast as you
can. If you get far enough you will lose one pursuer, meaning that you will 
only have to fight two of the three Sisters. If you can lose two pursuers then
hats off to you; I couldn't, so this strategy is based on fighting Sandy & 
Mindy, and then fighting Cindy separately. You shouldn't need a strategy for 
beating Sandy/Mindy separately. Be warned this mini game may take a bit of 
practice; Mushroom Rock Road is deliberately set out awkwardly. Reset if they 
catch you before you lose one pursuer.

Start the battle with Sandy & Mindy by casting Auto-Life. For some completely 
illogical reason it is impossible to hit Mindy with normal physical attacks, 
therefore you must use Attack Reels whenever you can and concentrate normal 
hits on Sandy. Without their third, the Sisters aren't that dangerous since 
they cannot do Delta Attack. To compensate for this they will wait until both 
their Overdrives are full and unleash two consecutive rounds of Mega-Graviton. 
You will only survive this if you are on full HP, hence healing is again a 
bigger priority. Afterwards, use two Megalixirs and Curaga to get back on 
track. As far as other attacks are concerned, Passado does instant death on one
character so make sure you recast Auto-Life and heal to maximum. Razzia will do
99,999 damage to a single character AND dispel Auto-Life; hence why you need a 
sufficient number of Phoenix Downs. Auto-Phoenix will handle the reviving, but 
you must again heal to maximum. Both Sandy and Mindy's physical attacks will do
around 12,000 damage which isn't a problem. Just keep Auto-Life'd and 
completely healed, then use Entrust and Attack Reels where possible, otherwise 
just use physical atacks on Sandy. Life will be much easier once one Sister is 
dead. The only other attack you have to watch out for is Calamity, which Mindy 
will cast occasionally. This doesn't do any damage but inflicts Full Break. Use
Dispel to get rid of this (it won't dispel Auto-Life).  

After this battle, run back the way you came until you run into Cindy. She 
isn't a problem; you'll get loads of turns. She does Mega-Graviton as her 
Overdrive but only one round so its not so serious. But err on the side of 
caution and keep Auto-Life'd with HP at maximum. Her physical attack will do 
12,000 damage and also dispel Auto-Life, so be vigilant about recasting it. 
Camisade will do 99,999 damage and 999 MP damage to a single character. Recast
Auto-Life, use Curaga and then use a Turbo Ether after this. It won't be long 
before she dies.

Congratulations! You've just beaten ten of the toughest superbosses Square has 
ever produced. A scene will trigger and you can view the arrival of your 
ultimate adversary...

11.0 What You Will Need to Do Before Fighting Penance

Now although Penance has appeared; you can't just go rushing in head first. 
There's some preparation to be done. The "ideal" situation takes a while to set
up, and I'll admit that I didn't fulfill every single item criteria. The ideal 
situation merely means that during that battle you are absolutely 100% safe as 
far as items are concerned. You can get away with less, but if the battle goes 
badly you may run out of certain things and be in big trouble. Its your call 
how much prep you do. I'll list what you ideally need as far as items are 
concerned, and then list how many I started and ended with in my battle; to 
give you a guide. I'd say the battle I had was about medium - things can get 
much worse. But its up to you how well you prepare.

11.1 The Ideal Setup

The ideal setup before the battle includes:

    - TWR's Celestial Weapons fully activated and equipped (Section 4.0).

    - All TWR's stats except Luck should be at 255. Luck should be at least 130
      (Section 3.0, 6.0, 8.0).

    - TWR's HP should be at least 25,520, 25,618 and 25,360 respectively. The 
      higher the better. 31,620, 31,718 and 31,460 is preferable and perfectly 
      possible on the Standard Grid (Section 3.0, 6.0, 8.0).

    - TWR should each have armour with Ribbon, Break HP Limit, Auto-Haste and 
      Auto-Phoenix on it, and have them equipped (Section 9.0). 

    - Rikku's Overdrive mode should be set to Comrade.

    - Rikku's Overdrive gauge should be full before the battle.

    - You should have 99 Phoenix Downs. [I had 99 and had 17 left]
    - You should have 99 Hi-Potions. [I had 99 and had 42 left].

    - You should have 99 Lv 1/Lv 2 Key Spheres [I had 99 and had 42 left]

This doesn't mean that you should have 99 of each; but the combined total 
should be 99 or more. For example you could have 63 Lv 1 Key Spheres and 36 Lv 
2 Key Spheres. You can get Lv 1 Key Spheres by bribing Imps (Cavern of the 
Stolen Fayth). 300,000 Gil will get you 20. Do the maths and alter the amount 
if you want more. You can get Lv 2 Key Spheres by bribing a Behemoth (Mt. 
Gagazet). 800,000 Gil will get you 40. 

     - You should have 69 Purifying Salts. [I had 69 and had 68 left]

You don't really need 69 of these but you already have them from breeding 

     - You should have 99 Healing Waters. [I had 63 and had 22 left]

This is where gaining the items gets harder. To get these you can bribe 
Anacondaurs (Calm Lands). One million Gil will net you 60. You should have 
amassed about 5 million Gil by this time so you could get 99, but read the next
item criteria first. If you choose just to get 60 you could steal maybe an 
extra 15 from Adamantoises (Inside Sin) who yield one per steal, giving you 75.

     - You should have 99 Megalixirs. [I had 86 and had 14 left]

The Megalixirs are crucial during Penance's second form (yes he has one of 
those), but they are very expensive to get. You should have 15-20 left over 
after fighting the Dark Aeons which is a good start. To gain more you'll have 
to bribe a Varuna (Omega Ruins). Three million Gil will get you 30; they don't 
come cheap. Try to spend at least six million Gil on them, even if you have to 
go back and fight some more Mimics for the money. Also; sell any superfluous 
equipment. All you need are the Celestial Weapons, your final armour, your 
Capture weapons, your sphere levelling weapons and one weapon/armour apiece for
each other character. Sell absolutely everything else. Even so, your funds will
be completely cleared out, but its not as if you'll be using them for anything 
else. If you have delusions of making all seven characters powerful then that's
your problem. If you get 60 Megalixirs from bribing and have 15 left that gives
you 75 which is cutting it very fine. Try to have at least 85, if you can't be 
bothered to get 99. 

That's it. After you've done all that, you're ready. Board the airship and 
save. Then talk to Cid and select Penance as your destination in order to enter

12.0 Penance Strategy

Before proceeding to the blow-by-blow strategy I'll outline some general 

Somewhat ironically; you won't be using Attack Reels in this battle, nor 
Entrust. The only Overdrive you'll be using is Rikku's Mix. Commit this 
combination to memory:

Final Elixir = Hi-Potion + Lv 1 Key Sphere/Lv 2 Key Sphere.

This is the only combination you'll be  using, simply because it's the only 
move in the game that will heal more than 9,999 HP in one round for all 
characters. You won't have the time to be messing around with Curaga like 
before. Also, you will no longer be using the "Attack" command. Whenever 
physical attacks are referred to during the strategy, it means using Quick Hit 
in the Skill menu. DO NOT FORGET THIS. 

The key to beating Penance is not simply being powerful; it's the way you use 
your turns and making efficient use of your time. If you learn how to use them 
correctly you can have almost perfect control throughout the battle; and that 
includes predicting Penance's attacks. This is greater control than you had in
any of the Dark Aeon battles, however it has a flipside; make one wrong move 
and you'll be dead before long. That's why this battle requires sustained 
concentration for over an hour. Don't try to do it when people are talking to 
you or you're having to get up and down, because you'll lose your concentration
and forget what stage you're at. Also; be prepared for the battle to take a 
very long time; much longer than any other superboss you've ever faced. 

Finally; a summary of exactly what you'll be facing. Penance is made up of 
three parts: the body and two arms. In the CTB bar the body is represented by 
the normal Boss symbol, the right arm is Boss 1 and the left arm is Boss 2. It
is vital to kill off the arms before paying attention to the body since 
otherwise they will combine to perform Judgement Day - an attack that will kill
you regardless. The arms have three attacks apiece. The Left Arm does a 
physical attack, Slowga and Mega-Graviton and the Right Arm does a physical
attack, Calamity or Mighty Guard. Mega-Graviton is the most deadly attack here,
therefore the Left Arm is a greater danger. The body only has two attacks - 
Obliteration (26,000 damage to all) in his first form and Imoliation (29,000-
99,999 damage + 999 MP damage to a single character) in his second form. None 
of these attacks are deadly by themselves; in fact the only reason that Penance
is so difficult is because he has three parts. In a way he is actually easier 
than the Dark Magus Sisters when you fight them together. The only other thing 
that makes the battle so difficult is that you get NO RESPITE from Obliteration
or Imoliation; the body will use each one on every single turn. Whereas 
although Dark Yojimbo's Wakizashi did more damage than Obliteration, he 
wouldn't do it every time. Oh and Obliteration also casts all status effects 
that Ribbon protects against (so everything except Death, Curse & Full Break), 
so if you've been made enough not to give one character Ribbon, your good luck 
ends here. If all three have Ribbon then all you need to worry about is the 

I've decided that the best way to demonstrate that the strategy for this battle
is to outline the first few moves that will happen and that will establish your
regular pattern of movements. Remember that you MUST use Quick Hits instead of 
regular attacks, and the combination for Rikku's Final Elixir Overdrive. You 
must use Quick Hits even if they don't make any difference in the visible part 
of the CTB bar, because they will still make a difference further down. 

12.1 The First Form

At the beginning of the battle you will have exactly six turns before Penance. 
This is convenient since it takes exactly six hits to kill one arm (remember 
this for future reference). There is no need to cast Auto-Life in this battle 
since you shouldn't ever die. Get straight in there with six Quick Hits to the 
Left Arm. Remember that the Left Arm is more deadly than the Right Arm. You 
should have three turns left over to begin attacking the Right Arm. Penance
will now do Obliteration, reducing you to critical HP. DON'T panic and use 
Rikku's Overdrive as soon as she gets a turn; remember that the arms will never
get a chance to attack you so you don't need to heal until Rikku's last turn 
before Penance's next attack. Simply land three more hits on the Right Arm to 
kill it. You will now get a few spare turns to attack the body (remember that 
the ONLY time you can attack the body is when neither of the arms are present 
and it isn't Rikku's last turn before Penance). When you get to Rikku's last 
turn before Penance this time, test whether a Quick Hit will squeeze her in 
another turn before him. If it will then do a Quick Hit now and use her 
Overdrive on the extra turn. This way you are maximising the number of turns 
you can use to attack the body. Now you'll be hit by another Obliteration and 
the Left Arm will regenerate. Kill it off, by which time the Right Arm will 
also have regenerated. Attack it until you have TWO TURNS left before the next
Obliteration. You may have noticed that the last one didn't quite fill Rikku's 
Overdrive gauge. Hence you must use the two turns to use two Healing Waters; 
healing everyone by 19,998 HP. It doesn't get you up to maximum but its enough 
to survive on. Why not use Entrust? Because Entrust pushes a character further 
down the CTB bar than Use. Again; it's all about economic use of turns. Now its
another Obliteration. Finish killing off the Right Arm, hit the body if you can
(you will not always get a chance), start again on the Left Arm, and when you 
need to heal you'll find that the last Obliteration filled up Rikku's Overdrive
ready for you to use.

This strategy forms itself into a basic pattern of attacking and healing that 
will repeat itself until Penance changes to his second form (after you've taken
off three million HP). If you use it correctly, the arms will never get a turn.
For reference, here is a summary of what you need to do and the points you need
to bear in mind:

 - Kill the arms first (at the beginning of the battle start with the Left 
   Arm). They must be killed before they get a turn. You MUST attack the arms 
   if a) they are present and b) you are not on Rikku's last turn/the last two 
   turns before Obliteration.

 - You must alternate between Final Elixir and two Healing Waters for healing. 
   Only use these on Rikku's last turn/the last two turns before Obliteration. 

 - ONLY attack the body if a) neither of the arms is present and b) you are not
   in one of the two situations where you must heal.

 - This is somewhat obvious but don't start attacking one arm then change your 
   mind and attack the other.

 - Keep a constant eye on the CTB bar. Turn calculation is a vital part of 

 - ALWAYS use Quick Hits to attack.

12.2 The Second Form 

After you've taken off three million HP, the part of Penance that does 
Obliteration will drop off (never will I forget my feelings when I thought this
meant I had beaten him). Since he still has three quarters of his HP this could
be considered as his main form. Unfortunately things start to get a bit more 
dodgy here. The strategy for the first form is absolutely 100% safe. I'd give 
this one about 98%.

The new & improved Penance will open with Immolation. The good news is that 
this only targets one character. The bad news is that about 75% of the time it 
will kill its victim, and will also rob them off all their MP, which 
complicates things somewhat. There seems to be no logic in how much damage the 
attack does. I've beaten Penance three times and overall the attack has varied 
between 29,000 and 99,999 damage. So whether the character dies is a question 
of luck. 

For this strategy I'll take the worst case scenario: the character does die. 
Auto-Phoenix will revive him/her, but he/she won't have any MP and hence will 
be unable to use Quick Hit and will be pushed down the CTB bar as a result of 
dying. In contrast to the strategy with the first form, you should heal as soon
as possible; i.e. the first turn after the character has been revived. You now 
have a new method of healing since Rikku's Overdrive will no longer fill at a
regular pace. You should now use Quick Pockets and one Megalixir. Why use it as
soon as possible? Because Quick Pockets will give you even more extra turns 
than Quick Hit. Why only one Megalixir? Given the damage that Immolation does, 
its not worth healing up to maximum HP only to be killed anyway. You only need 
MP for Quick Hit so theoretically you could just use a Turbo Ether, however 
this would mean that Immolation would definitely kill one character per round, 
which puts strain on your stock of Phoenix Downs. Using a Megalixir has a 
gradual Regen effect on the whole party; leaving some of them on full HP and 
standing a small chance of not dying by Immolation. For example take this 
scenario below:

Tidus was hit by Imolation this round. He is on 9,999 HP.
Wakka was hit by Imolation last round. He was healed by a Megalixir and is now 
on 19,998 HP.
Rikku is on full HP.

Using a Megalixir to heal Tidus will result in the following:

Tidus: 19,998 HP.
Wakka: 29,997 HP.
Rikku: Full HP.

Wakka's HP has increased enough to give him a chance of surviving the next 
Immolation - a very small chance admittedly, but still a chance. 

So yeah; you should now use Quick Pockets + a Megalixir the turn after 
Immolation, even if the target character doesn't die. 

Once you've done this, resume the normal pattern of killing the arms then 
attacking the body; only heal on the turn after Imolation, although sometimes 
you will have to adjust this now. If using that particular turn is not going to
leave you enough turns to kill the arm you are currently attacking, then don't 
heal until you have killed that arm. It is still just as important that the 
arms don't get a turn. 

That's it: just keep this pattern up until he dies. Never let your attention 
wander away from the pattern; you should always know exactly what stage you are
at (e.g. how many hits you have landed on an arm). 

Provisional Note:

There is a small chance that during the transitional period between the first 
form and the second form, the Right Arm may unavoidably sneak in one turn. This
will either by Calamity, a physical attack or Mighty Guard. You can only allow 
one turn to deal with whatever it does, and that turn should come AFTER you've 
killed it. If the Left Arm regenerates as soon as you've killed the Right Arm 
then check in the CTB bar that you've got eight turns (six to kill the arm 
before its turn, one to use a Megalixir before Immolation and one extra to deal
with what the Right Arm did). If it did a physical attack then you only need 
the normal seven turns, so all you need to do to remedy this is a Megalixir as 
normal. If it did Calamity you should use the extra turn for Dispel on the 
affected character. If it did Mighty Guard you should use the extra turn to use
a Purifying Salt on Penance. If you haven't got that extra turn then just keep 
going as normal until you have. Sacrifice a turn you would normally use to hit 
the body if necessary. 

And if all this goes right, then congratulations!! You've just beaten the 
toughest superboss Square has ever come up with. You can now look forward to 
absolutely no extra scenes and generally nothing being different to how it was 
before. It was so worth it, wasn't it?

Well, you have the pride. 

If there is anything in this FAQ that you're having trouble with or don't 
understand then please don't hesitate to email me at intradance@hotmail.com 
I'm eager for all feedback on this since its my first ever FAQ. I hope that its
been useful to you. ^_^

13.0 Credits 

Inanimate objects before people: the most credit goes to the  European Final 
Fantasy X strategy guide, published by Piggyback, for providing me with 
countless bits of information that are essential to this FAQ. And I'd also like
to thank them for writing a Penance strategy that was no use to anybody, since 
it gave me the chance to write a decent one ^_^. This strat guide really is an 
invaluable reference book for anyone attempting this FAQ; I'd definitely
reccommend it. You can buy it for about £9.99 on Amazon now, I think.

Somewhat obviously; many thanks also go to Squaresoft for creating such an 
utterly brilliant game with far more diversity and challenge than any other 
Final Fantasy to date. 

Next, many many thanks to my partner Dominic for his neverrending patience with
my obsession for this challenge, also for encouragement when I thought 
everything was going to fall apart, and for preventing several controller 
breakages. I love you sweetheart ^_^ 

Also I'd like to say a big thanks to my good friend Karl (or Ozma Omega) for 
being my patient and determined beta tester which provided a lot of feedback 
that improved this FAQ. And also thanks for listening to my ramblings on minor 
strategy points which I'm sure weren't interesting to anyone but me. You've 
been a real help, Karl.

Finally, many thanks to the people on the forums at the UFF Site 
(www.uffsite.net) for endlessly interesting Final Fantasy conversation that 
encouraged me to write such an in-depth FAQ; you guys are all great.


Final Fantasy X is a trademark and copyright of Squaresoft 

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