How do I get past level 1 with the warehouses and chainlink fences?

  1. I have been stuck in this one area for 3 days now. there are chain link fences all around, I beat up the dudes, jump from roof to roof, run the paremeter of the fence, use the xray/night vision.. and i cannot get out of here. please help!!

    User Info: swilson1971

    swilson1971 - 11 years ago

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  1. Line up with the forklift and run straight up. Get on the roof. Lunge to the next one and jump to the Other!! side of the fence and kick the forklift through the fence. go to the roofs again and instead of jumping to the other side, jump on the bundle of stuff on the forklift and then to the next roof. woohoo!

    User Info: darthmaul1995

    darthmaul1995 - 11 years ago 2   0


  1. darthmaul is correct... though he explained it horribly.

    "Then, go behind the largest building, jump/climb on the lumber and pallats, jump over to the small utility shed, then climp up to the main building's roof. Once up here, press L2, and when prompted press L>, and L> again. Jump down from this roof to the area behind with a forklift. Approach it from behind and kick it a few times to get through. Now go around, jump up to the first roof, then the second, again. This time, jump from that roof, onto the forklift, and then onto the roof on the other side. Jump up to the next higher ledge for a checkpoint."

    From the Walkthrough I'm writing.

    User Info: Justeazy

    Justeazy (FAQ Author) - 10 years ago 0   0

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