How do you get through level 1 new orleans?

  1. I run through and press square and kick the machine and nothing happens.

    User Info: jlongiv

    jlongiv - 11 years ago
  2. Ok i get the vat to move and then i run to the control box until a prompt displaying the square button comes up. Only once did i get the prompt for the right analog stick to come up. Every other time nothing. So i end up having to start the level all over again.

    User Info: sabrestryke

    sabrestryke - 10 years ago


  1. The first part after the first room is a search-for part of the game. you have to search for panels to operate machinary. You also have to stand infront of 2 giant latch covers and open them. After all of that a machine will place chemicals into the area that you opened. There is a box you jump on and then I think you Loung. The rest of the level is easy. You have to do a lot of Lounging when you get outside. Both fire and Electrical Mutants are easy. Just use Loung attack. on them. There is an area when Gambit drops boxes on you... keep pressing X to slash the boxes in front of you. When facing Gambit...keep him somewhat close or he will throw cards at you. When you climbs to the top evade the cards being thrown. Repeat and then follow finishing sequences.

    User Info: loyal2usa

    loyal2usa - 11 years ago 0   0

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