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Short Track is where it all begins!

Strap yourself in and burn up the track in 7 ruthless vehicle classes. Trade paint and do whatever it takes to cross the finish line first. Do you have the nerves of steel to become a champion?

Grab the Checkered Flag!
Show them what you got and trade paint on the I-10 Lucas Oil or the Peace State Speedway.

Test your Driving Mettle!
Prove your worth and move up in the ranks in 3 different game modes-Rookie, Veteran and Pro.

Tuning and Customization!
Fine tune every part of your car from the tire pressure to the steering ratio.

Race to the Finish Line!
Prove your skills on 20 tracks and 7 different vehicle classes including Stock Car, 3/4 Midgets, Modified, Wingless Sprint, Late Model, Hobby Stock or Truck.

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