1. Mitsuaki Madono Japanese Voice: Tenshinhan
  2. Hironobu Kageyama Opening Song "Hikari no sasu mirai e" performed by
  3. Akira Toriyama Original Author
  4. Kyle Hebert Voice Actor For Gohan
  5. Sean Schemmel Voice Actor For Goku
  6. Stephanie Nadolny Voice Actor For Kid Gohan
  7. Sonny Strait Voice Actor For Krillin
  8. Christopher Robin Sabat Voice Actor For Piccolo
  9. Stephanie Nadolny Voice Actor For Teen Gohan
  10. John Burgmeier Voice Actor For Tien
  11. Eric Vale Voice Actor For Trunks
  12. Christopher Robin Sabat Voice Actor For Vegeta
  13. Christopher Robin Sabat Voice Actor For Yamcha
  14. Jeremy Inman Voice of Android 16
  15. Vic Mignogna Voice of Broly
  16. Tiffany Vollmer Voice of Bulma
  17. Dameon Clarke Voice of Cell
  18. Linda Young Voice of Frieza
  19. Sonny Strait Voice of Giru
  20. Stephanie Nadolny Voice of Goku (GT)
  21. Kara Edwards Voice of Goten, Videl, and Great Saiyaman 2
  22. Chris Rager Voice of Hercule and King Yemma
  23. Jim Forunda Voice of Janemba
  24. Laura Bailey Voice of Kid Trunks and Kid Dende
  25. Sean Schemmel Voice of King Kai
  26. Phil Parsons Voice of Nappa
  27. Christopher Robin Sabat Voice of Omega Shenron, Shenron, Bubbles, Kami, and Porunga
  28. Elise Baughman Voice of Pan
  29. Kyle Hebert Voice of Pikkon, Gohan (Adolescent), and Great Saiyaman
  30. Justin Cook Voice of Raditz and Dende (Adolescent)
  31. Chuck Huber Voice of Super Android 17
  32. Mike McFarland Voice of Super Baby 2
  33. Josh Martin Voice of Supreme Commander Red, Majin Buu, and Kid Buu


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