• Unlock some features and characters

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    2nd CostumeRaise character level to 25
    Cao CaoClear Musou mode with 3 characters of Wei
    Cao RenClear Target 2 (take all bases) Battle of Fan Castle, Lu Bu side
    Diao ChanClear Musou mode with 1 character each from Shu,Wei,Wu
    Difficult : ChaosClear Musou mode with 1 character each from Shu,Other,Wei,Wu
    Difficult : MasterClear Musou mode with 1 any character
    Dong ZhuoClear Target 1 (defeat Liu Bei,Sun Quan,Dong Zhuo,Yuan Shao,Zhang Jiao in 15 min) Battle of Hu Lao Gate, Lu Bu side
    Full Movie GalleryClear his/her Musou mode
    Guan PingClear Target 2 (Guan Ping does not withdraw) Battle of Fan Castle, Shu Forces side
    Huang GaiClear Target 3 (none of your units withdraw) Battle of Chi Bi, Allied Forces side
    Huang ZhongClear Target 1 (defeat Huang Zhong and Xiahou Yuan survives) Battle of Mt, Ding Jun, Wei Forces side
    Liu BeiClear Musou mode with 3 characters of Shu
    Lu BuClear Musou mode with Cao Cao,Diao Chan,Liu Bei,Sun Jian
    Lu MengClear Target 2 (defeat Lu Meng and Sun Quan in 20 min) Battle of He Fei, Wei Forces side
    Pang TongClear all Targets on Pacification of Cheng Du, Liu Bei side
    Sun CeClear Target 1 (Sun Ce,Shun Quan,Zhou Yu do not withdraw) Battle of Xia Pi, Sun Jian side
    Sun JianClear Musou mode with 3 characters of Wu
    Sun QuanClear Target 1 (defeat Cao Cao and Sun Quan in 10 min) Battle of Chi Bi, Lu Bu side
    Voice GalleryRaise character level to 50
    Weapon with 4 or 5 skillsStart Battle with Master or Chaos difficult, you can do it at easy difficult but you need a Grey King (karmic spirit)
    Wei YanClear Target 2 (Wei Yan does not withdraw) Battle of Wu Zhang Plains, Shu Forces side
    Xiahou YuanClear Target 1 (defeat Xiahou Yuan and Huang Zhong survives) Battle of Mt. Ding Jun, Shu Forces side
    Xiao QiaoClear Target 3 (At least 7 of your units including Xiao Qiao survive until victory) Battle of Shi Ting, Wu Forces side
    Xu HuangClear Target 2 (Xu Huang does not withdraw) Battle of Fan Castle, Allied Forces side
    Xu ZhuClear Target 1 (defeat Cao Ren and Xu Zhu in 10 min) Battle of He Fei, Wu Forces side
    Yuan ShaoClear all Target on Battle of Guan Du and take Wu Chao, Cao Cao side
    Zhang JiaoClear all Targets on The Yellow Turban Rebellion, Han Forces side
    Zhen JiClear Target 1 (defeat Xu Zhu,Cao Pi,Zhen Ji,Cao Ren in 15 min) Invasion of Xu Chang, Lu Bu side
    Zhou TaiClear all Targets on Battle of Yi Ling, Shu Forces side
    Zhuge LiangClear Musou mode with 1 character of Shu

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