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  1. I want to get the most powerful and fastest horse,,,?anyone know?

    User Info: awakeningsolder

    awakeningsolder - 9 years ago
  2. Clarification Request:
    Hey Guys,,,
    I got Strange Horse
    Named : I'm Forgot It
    Skill : Only 1 ( Find Saddle Or weapon )
    How It can Be ??

    User Info: UdinKoreng

    UdinKoreng - 6 years ago

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  1. Its pure luck based,the name of tne horse dont't matter,whats important to a horse to turn into a rare horse is only his color and this exactly description that says:his eyes consider the wordl and he has a heavenly physique".You just need to farm it like you farm the weapons.Try to get a normal horse with find saddle ability,get into a stage that you know where you can find another crate with a horse,use a character with ladyluck ability,put it on chaos dificulty ,beat the stage and keeptrying.Remenber:the name of the horse don't matter,just keep and eye on his description.A white horse with this description will turn into greyking at max level(Liu Bei horse),a black horse into shadow runner at max level(Cao Cao Horse),and a red horse with the description will turn into RED HARE at max level(Lu Bu bad-ass -motherf#@king -gun blasting-tooth breaking horse).

    User Info: TwistedDarkKane

    TwistedDarkKane - 4 years ago 1 0


  1. Outside of using time tricks, getting rare horses is a matter of pure luck. Your chances improve if you play a quick stage (typically one that contains a saddle box) at a high difficulty setting (Master or Chaos, preferably Chaos), but there's nothing that ensures you'll get a rare horse -- that's up to luck.

    If you do want to try your hand at time tricks, there's a sticky topic on the message board that explains what they are and how to do them.

    User Info: Kamatari47

    Kamatari47 (Expert) - 9 years ago 0 0
  2. This may help u

    User Info: darkbusterRiku

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  3. It is 100% random as to how to obtain rare horses. For the best chance, try using any character with the "Lady Luck" skill and has reached Level 50. (I used Lui Bei) Most say use higher difficulties, but I got my horse on normal difficulty. Also all levels have a box that has a saddle in it. There is also a general that usually drops one if you kill him. Some say use 2 players, but I got mine on 1 player. My favorite board to use to obtain saddles is Battle of Chang Ban - Cao Cao's side. The box is located on the west side of the board. If you run from your starting position to where Lui Qi is located, then run south from there, a box should be located right around this area. I'm not sure of which general gave me a saddle, but I know when I finished the board, I had found 3 horses, and one of them had the message. It would also help to equip a horse with the "Find Saddle" skill.

    Criteria for obtaining and leveling up any special horses

    1. Horse must have the message: "His eyes consider the world and he has a heavenly physique"
    2. Equip this horse and use any character that has the "horsemanship" skill and is Level 50. ( I used Lu Bu)
    3. Choose - Battle of Guan Du - Cao Cao's side (might be possible to choose any level and difficulty - I did it on normal difficulty)
    4. Kill 50 people while on the horse, then immediately jump off the horse and kill Yuan Shao
    5. Repeat this until your horse has reached level 5.
    6. If all four attributes have reached at least 485 or more, you will have a special horse.

    Example: I obtained a horse called Dun Emperor

    Here are his final stats:

    Element: Fire
    Attack: 500
    Speed: 494
    Jump: 495
    Destruction: 495
    Title: Shadow Runner King
    Skills: Arrow Dance, Find Saddle, Musou Spirit, Stone Spirit

    There is a high chance that you will not have the same attributes OR the same element

    After observing the horse, i noticed that after reaching level 5, it's the SAME horse that Lui Bei rides.

    User Info: CoRn003

    CoRn003 - 9 years ago 1 0
  4. Try to obtain a horse called roan leapord, it may not be a rare horse but is darn near close to one and i used cao pi to train the horse, the stats i got was attack 483 speed 480 jump 485 destruction 490

    User Info: materialblade

    materialblade - 9 years ago 0 0
  5. Corn003 is Right, but I believe that You should try training each Horse you have with the character you're currently using or a low level character until it learns Find Saddle, its also good if it learns renbu dance, which stops your renbu gauge from dropping while your on your horse

    User Info: Hellfirecage

    Hellfirecage - 8 years ago 1 0
  6. You have to be really good at the game and kick chinese butt

    User Info: Zhang_Fei_26

    Zhang_Fei_26 - 8 years ago 0 0
  7. On a horse

    User Info: Zhang_Fei_26

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  8. I just obtained a Dapple King. The horse's name is Eastern Sprinter (it has C.H.)

    His stats are:

    Attack: 498
    Speed: 488
    Jump: 500
    Destruction: 495
    Skills: Arrow Dance, Find Saddle, Musou Spirit, Winged Hoof

    I got it on easy with Liu Bei (on easy difficulty) and developed it with Zhang Liao (normal difficulty)

    User Info: mass_cheater

    mass_cheater - 7 years ago 0 0
  9. Neither Liu Bei or Zhang Liao was on level 50

    User Info: mass_cheater

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  10. It's random if you lucky you can get a rare horses and there is no trick,
    I get my rare horses at battle of he fei castle in chaos difficulty,it's name is
    giger shadow it's tile is ebon king it's stat is,
    atack 500
    speed 500
    jump 500
    destruction 500
    skill:find saddle,musou spirit,karmiric spirit,arrow dance.

    User Info: Alexsonder

    Alexsonder - 5 years ago 1 0

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