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  1. Please help me

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    Febz - 10 years ago

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  1. Renbu means "chain dance" and is the combo system in use for this game. You have a renbu bar on the lower left-hand side of the screen; it fills up as you chain hits together (note that this only applies to weapon strikes, and not to trampling enemies on horseback or Specials like Fire/Rockfall), and it empties if you get hit by charge attacks or combos, or if you go a long time without hitting any enemies. When the renbu bar fills up completely, you reach the next rank of renbu, which lengthens your attack chain (and gives you access to new animations at the back end of your lengthened attack chain), as well as provide additional benefits specific to the type of weapon you're using. There are four ranks of renbu: 1, 2, 3 and Infinite, and you must research the requisite skills before gaining permanent access (as opposed to temporary access granted by an item) to ranks 3 and Infinite. As for weapon types, Skill weapons will increase in attack speed as your renbu rank increases, Standard weapons will increase in weapon range (note that there are some characters whose weapons can't make use of this bonus) as your renbu rank increases, and Strength weapons will increase their probabilities of unleashing a guard-breaking hit with a Square-chain attack (which is not normally capable of breaking guard) as your renbu rank increases, as well as increasing the rate at which your renbu bar fills up.

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  1. Well I don't have my instruction manual on me so I can't see what it says there about what Renbu is. The Higher your renbu the longer range your standard weapons will have. Your Skill Weapons will attack faster. And the Strong Weapons will do more damage. After getting 3rd rebu and Infinitie renbu from your skill tree you will notice it. Also with higher renbu your mash square button combo will get better. The Element on your weapon will go off more offten too.

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  2. Renbu is a program for making a combo.
    The higher the renbu, the powerful/faster/longer combo.
    It depends on the weapon you use............

    User Info: GloryHalleluya

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