How do I solve case file 10?

  1. Please give me hint for case file 10 about pixie with megidolaon and quest from yatagarasu

    User Info: need_informatio

    need_informatio - 11 years ago


  1. One way to do this quest would be :
    Make a Metatron (lvl 73 wind)
    Level the metatron twice so it learns the megidolaon skill
    Fuse the metatron with another wind demon to make an aeros (make sure it learns megidolaon)
    Fuse the aeros with the megidolaon spell to a Tam Lin (lvl 11 skill) to make a pixie (again, make sure it learns megidolaon)

    The easiest way to make the metatron would be with rank up fusions. Use flaemis, aeros or sylphs on wind demons.

    User Info: Blaargv131

    Blaargv131 - 11 years ago 0   0

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