How do I find case file 2-8, 2-9, 2-10?

  1. I dont know how to get it..
    please help me..

    User Info: farizdarmawan

    farizdarmawan - 11 years ago


  1. 2-8 and 2-9 are avalable through talking to the Herald at the Nameless Shrine I can't place offhand where 2-10 is.

    It is always good to make sure to stop in at the Soda Joint, and the Nameless Shrine each Chapter that you can, they seem to always have a case file or so to give you.

    User Info: Nakari_Andrell

    Nakari_Andrell (Expert) - 11 years ago 0   0
  2. 2-8 and 2-9 are from the Herald at Shinoda's Nameless Shrine.

    2-10 is from the trainer in Kasmuidai.

    User Info: Blaargv131

    Blaargv131 - 11 years ago 0   0

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