Any working ARMAX codes ?

  1. Any working ARMAX codes ?

    User Info: dimyok

    dimyok - 11 years ago
  2. If anyone have code for all monster in condemonium?

    User Info: NekoIndra

    NekoIndra - 11 years ago
  3. If anyone have code for all summons and all items? please.

    User Info: NekoIndra

    NekoIndra - 11 years ago
  4. What Is The Master Code ??? If I Insert This

    (M)Must be On

    It will say an error occured so what is the master code i must insert ???

    User Info: BumbleAdi

    BumbleAdi - 11 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. I found this when I search at Codemaster-project
    It use the same Master code as listed above:

    Gain 100 Loyalty

    All Crystals (Dummy items not removed)

    All Gems (Fixed with Turquoise at 99)

    Inf Magic

    Characters Next EXP Level

    Gain ???? EXP per Battle (Demons)

    Thanks for Lee4 at Codemaster-Project.
    Hope It helps...

    User Info: jasratplasa

    jasratplasa - 11 years ago 3   0


  1. So far, there are no codes for the game yet

    User Info: TerrorPain

    TerrorPain - 11 years ago 2   0
  2. I found this codes on a other cheat site and it's for CODEBREAKER,I tried it already works really good..

    Enable Code(Must Be On)
    9040EDD8 0C103B1E

    Joker Address

    Fusion Count mod
    20F9A214 ????????

    Freeze Game Time
    00121838 00000000
    0012183C 00000000

    Low Game Time
    00121842 00000060
    00121848 00000060

    Have 20 Tubes Open
    00F92546 00000014

    Have All Business Card
    40F9654C 00060001
    FFFFFFFF 00000000
    10F96564 0000FFFF
    00F96566 00000001

    INF Ammo (ASM)
    202D6490 00000000

    Buy Items Get ??
    20394688 2403????

    First Time Buyer Bonus (When Items Are At 0 Gain Max When u buy 1 Item)
    2039467c 00000000
    20394680 94c40530

    Inf Item Usage (Battle/Out of Battle)
    20124CF8 00000000
    202D6410 00000000

    Loyalty Items Max Out Loyalty
    202DD3E4 24020064
    202DD3F4 00000064

    Always Able To buy Demons
    203AA078 0000102A
    203AA610 00000000

    No Random Encounters
    202CD1B8 AC8048F4

    Normal Random Encounters
    202CD1B8 AC8348F4

    Instant Random Encounters
    202CD1B8 AC8948F4

    Alt No Random Encounters
    00F92BF4 00000000

    Alt Instant Random Encounters
    10F92BF4 000002B0

    Max Money
    20F902C8 05F5E0FF

    Inf Money When Buying
    201A9500 00401023

    Gain Money When Buying
    201A9500 00431021

    Gamblers Moon
    001C4868 00000001

    Each Step Changes Moon
    001C486E 00000041

    Freeze moon
    201C38F8 00000000
    201B83E4 00000000

    Moon Mod (if useing Use on its own)
    201C38F4 240400??

    In Battle Codes

    In Battle Codes Activator
    200A0000 A60205DE
    200A0008 8E0A01FC
    200A000C 11400004
    200A001C 080ADF31
    200A002C 080ADF31
    200A0030 00711823
    202B7CC0 08028000
    202B7CC4 00000000

    Inf HP (Only Your Team)
    200A0014 00601823

    On Hit Kills (Works On Enemy)
    200A0028 2411270F

    Inf Magic
    202d6384 8d27078C
    202d638c Ad270788
    After Battle Codes

    Gain 100 Loyalty
    202DFCD8 24030064

    Gain ???? EXP per Battle (Demons)
    203C5884 2408????

    Main Character Codes

    Character Mag Current
    10F902C0 0000270F

    Character Mag Max
    10F902C4 0000270F

    Character Level
    00F902DC 00000064

    Character Total Loyalty
    20F902E0 869F0001

    Characters Next EXP Level
    20F902E8 05F5E0FF

    Character HP current
    10F902EC 0000270F

    Character HP Max
    10F902F0 0000270F

    Character ST
    10F902FC 0000270F
    10F90314 0000270F

    Character Vi
    10F90300 0000270F
    10F90314 0000270F

    Character Ma
    10F90304 0000270F
    10F90314 0000270F

    Character Lu
    10F90308 0000270F
    10F90314 0000270F

    Characters Weapon Mod
    00F9044E 000000??

    Characters weapon Attack power
    10F90450 0000????

    Condenced Item Codes

    All Gems
    10F904FE 00000063
    40F90500 00030001
    00630063 00000000
    10F9050C 00000063
    20F90510 00630063
    10F90514 00000063

    Moon Mod Digits
    00 = New
    01 = 1
    02 = 2
    03 = 3
    04 = Half (From new)
    05 = 5
    06 = 6
    07 = 7
    08 = Full
    09 = 7
    0A = 6
    0B = 5
    0C = Half (From Full)
    0D = 3
    0E = 2
    0F = 1

    User Info: nhe517

    nhe517 - 11 years ago 2   0
  3. Forgot about master code:

    (M)Must be On

    Also, raw code for infinite money:

    20F902C8 05F5E0FF

    Credit for the code goes to user Mzeroz22 who posted this code at the gamefaqs message board.

    User Info: Erecrurrence

    Erecrurrence - 11 years ago 1   0
  4. Infinite hp please

    User Info: gtskulblaka

    gtskulblaka - 11 years ago 1   0
  5. What is the master code?

    User Info: farizdarmawan

    farizdarmawan - 11 years ago 1   0
  6. @above me

    duh. read the post

    (M)Must be On

    User Info: Fd3s_keisuke

    Fd3s_keisuke - 11 years ago 1   0

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