Why does the game not let me use either button to play the game?

  1. So, when I boot up the game, a blue box with Japanese text shows up. I can't remember anymore how to read Japanese, but the English words make me assume that it is asking for a save of some sort. The English words/able to understand words are: "45KB, Options (Japanese character) Save/Load".

    I can't select the option on the left, even when I try to highlight it. I can't press on the option that IS highlighted either. I'm using both O and X to select it, but nothing is working.

    I can't seem to find anyone who is having the same problem as me. The closest one I could find was a couple people with games that allowed them to continue to another screen, but they get sent back to the original a few seconds afterward.

    User Info: Ardyin

    Ardyin - 2 years ago
  2. This is asking for help on fixing it using PCSX2 emulator, by the way.

    User Info: Ardyin

    Ardyin - 2 years ago


  1. I so wish I could answer your question That screen in the beginning is indeed about saving, it tells you it doesn't find a game save on the memory card in slot 1 and thus asks you if you'd like to create one. You need 45 kB free space or more. The pre-selected option on the right, iie, means no and will take you nowhere as you'll be presented with this screen anew. (So, maybe your emulated game does accept the input but you can't see it as indeed nothing happens.)

    The left option, hai, does the job but you state you cannot even select that option. Can it be the (gamepad) setting of the emulator? If you're using the latest version, can you try an older one? The compatibility check on PSCX2's website states FateUnlimited Codes i compatible since version 0.9.8; and sometimes things work better with older versions than with the latest ones. Just my thoughts

    User Info: Atsushi

    Atsushi - 2 years ago 0   0

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