Why the combo doesn't chain together?

  1. I watched video of archer's combo on youtube.It's just when he uses 623+A then Reflect guard followed by blade dance (22 C) I can't connect my combo again....I have tried using 228 C but it still doesn't connect....please tell me why......T_T

    User Info: nutxy12_345

    nutxy12_345 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Hmm thats really the thing I hate the un-chained combos well I notice in the game that when doing combos,
    the number of combos colors. there are two colors, yellowred and blue
    well I tell you about combos that made by myself
    controls: D=Down, U=Up, L=Left, R=Right. A=square B=Triangle C=Circle R=Reflect or X
    RD= Right Down. DR=Down Right. LD=Left Right. DL=Down Left
    two types:

    Timing combo and Late combo

    Timing combos (yellowred colored numbers)
    Timing combos are really hard to continue so let your fingers be a fast tapping player
    well speaking of timing. The combo need to be continues.
    Example: Archers combo- B+DB+RB+C+RDA Then R+B+DB+RB+C+RDB then U+A+B+C thats a 19HITS!(YELLOWRED combo)

    Late combo (Blue colored numkbers)

    Late combos is not counted in a combo even its numbers of hits increase
    for example: B+DB then wait for 0.50 or 1 second until the 2HITS! in the upper screen turn yellowred to blue then B+DB, that's a 4HITS!(BLUE combo)

    so you need to be more faster on tapping a button well trained harder so that your fingers shall be faster.

    well this is my first time to tell a secret and 2 weeks experience player on the game.
    well I'm not bragging for I played for it for 2 weeks

    User Info: allankill124

    allankill124 - 8 years ago 0 0

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